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The speakers discuss the history and challenges faced by the Islam community, including the loss of peace and conflict between Islam and the United States. They emphasize the importance of protecting Islam and negotiating peace without war. The speakers also express frustration with the lack of acceptance among Muslims and the upcoming conflict between them and the United States. They emphasize the need for forgiveness and the importance of learning the spiritual side of Islam. The speakers also mention upcoming events and events such as a one-off lecture on Amara and a discussion on the spiritual side of Islam.

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Mina shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah should have been more serene Sayidina Muhammad Ali was a big marine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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I trust all of you are well and hamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala once again bring us to the house of Allah subhana wa tada and we pray that in sha Allah what is done in said is for the pleasure and and the acceptance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and whatever is done is from myself and from shaitan and Allah protect us and grant that we are forgiven in this holy time of the walk of Juma.

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We continue in shall our discussion on the days of resent glory series, which we began a few months ago. And we speak about the times in which the oma Islam, the Omar Mohamed Salah, lo, it was seldom was at a moment of high when he was it means something to be a Muslim, when we walked, and we were the example and to mankind, and this is where we belong, very different to where we find ourselves today. Under the root of oppression, spec words, illiterate, this is not what it means to be a Muslim. This was not the case of the oma of the past, and the oma of Mohammed Al Salam insha Allah, that we remind ourselves of these days, not just only to sing our praises, but to remind ourselves

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how to get there. And inshallah we speaking about the turning point that we spoke about the establishment of the Islamic State, how in Ibiza Salam was able to form an Islamic State and what that state should look like, and very topical today, when a group claims to be the Islamic State Does, does the actions correspond to that of Mohammed Al Salam. And then we spoke about the Battle of better defending that state. And for many, many years, the state of Medina

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was under under threat of invasion, that for year after year, the enemies of Islam were all around the Muslim, they were weak as we are today. And the lands were being attacked as he was being as he's being attacked today. But Allah subhanho wa Taala would change the situation from weakness to strength. And how did that change come about? How was it that Islam became strong, after it became weak, and it occurred at the Treaty of today, BIA, this is what we are discussing now. The turning point from it's a turning point that Islam went through. And to summarize quickly what we spoke about these past few weeks, we mentioned that the Muslims were, of course, at war with Mecca, that

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Makkah was looking to invade Medina, time and time again. And then they'd be so seldom received a dream that he's going to Makkah and he's performing Amara

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and the dreams of the NBA, as we said, is true. And it is correct. When the mbse a dream that this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala It's a type of way. And again, I'm saying this again, the dreams of any person whether he is the greatest island in the world, the greatest Wally, those dreams do not apply to the Sharia, those dreams do not fulfill. There was another one from Allah messages from Allah Spano Tata, only the dreams of the MBA should I be so seldom so is performing Amara which means this is going to come through, we're going to perform Amara and there'll be so Sallam told Sahaba Allah has instructed us to perform Amara and we will perform Amara, so let us go. But the

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Qureshi said was icrs Muna la Salam in sha Allah. The Muslims did not know how the Qureshi would respond, because they had a policy that if anyone comes to Makkah with a purpose of worship, with a purpose of of worshipping the Kaaba worshiping at Mecca, this is permissible, and everyone is come freely. So the Muslims leave 1400 Sahaba was gonna be so solemn as the head, going towards Mecca, and not knowing what to expect, on the way we realize that the people of Macau have decided that they're going to stop the Muslims. They're not going to allow the Muslims to enter into Mecca, and therefore they dispatch an army to stop the Muslims. The Muslims have made the decision, and I've

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recently consulted the Sahaba What should we do? They don't want to return home, and they don't want to fight it. We are pogroms we don't want to fight. So what should we do? We take a different route. Let's try to avoid the crash. And we will show liquidation we mean, and we come in peace. And they camped outside Makkah at a place called de Bie. Yeah, this is with the treaty will be signed at this place outside of Makkah, the Muslims are not allowed to enter Makkah and they don't want to provoke the Qureshi into a war so they wait outside for the BIA Allah subhanaw taala commands the camel of no basal cell emphasis, meaning that you will wait here in Colombia, outside of Mecca and the

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Muslims outside the people of Croatia inside Mecca. And so negotiations begin and the Croatia adamant and they found that they will not allow the Muslims into Mecca and they are ready to fight war. They're ready to fight the Muslims and the Muslims are not ready

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ready to fight, they didn't come. You come into hygiene. You're not even allowed to weigh something on your head. What about a sword and a shield and come to fight war not prepared for a battle. So the negotiations continue back and forth. And no progress is made in the negotiations. So the net result seen as we said last week, he sends his own negotiator or command rhodiola into Makkah, and then he becomes delayed. And the Muslims believe that the Qureshi have killed Monrovia lon. And if so, this is the case, then they will be war. They killed Earth man, then we will fight. And there'll be so some asaba Are you ready? If tomorrow we have to fight the kurush in Iran? Are you ready to

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fight till the end? And one by one 1400. So how about we say, took the pledge to the Navy so solemn, took his hand and said we'll fight until the day and Allah subhanho wa Taala witness this pledge, and st is showing his pleasure saying that the Sahaba while they pitch Dr. Mohammed Al Salaam, it was the hand of a law that they pledged and that they took the pledge from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that he loved the Allah and whom Allah confirms I see what's in their heart. And I am pleased with all of that 1400 Sahaba and we said how with manual is included in the split. So once the Qureshi saw this, and they heard the followers of Mohammed Al Salam 1400, they are ready to die. And

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as we said, the negotiators came back and said, We have never seen people as committed as these people. Never Have we seen people so determined in what they want to do that if you want to fight with them, it's gonna be a bloody matter, it's going to be a difficult matter. So, right now, I have no choice and they find themselves in a tough situation. So they now decide, let us let us come to terms and now they send a negotiator, a member of the Parliament, the man who was called the Hakim, the orator of the man who used to be of the best speakers operation, and we said that this man, the senior man of courage, he was captured in the Battle of butter. And while the newbies also did not

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execute him, like the other senior members of Christ like a Pooja and Maja say number of the alonside latest remove this man's tongue. Right? When she gave so many speeches with a mitzvah, kill him, but at least stick his tongue out. It won't insult stuff again. No, we'll find each Allah goodness from this man one day, and it will come. Not even even today, but many years later, that this man has become a great hobby, and that, in the time often have been so solemn. He would give a great speech to encourage the people not to leave the deen, you will tell the people of Makkah, it's not in the notes, you will tell the people of Mecca, that old people of Makkah, you will have the

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last people to become Muslim. Right? They're not Muslim. So don't be the first to exit Islam after the death of Mohammed Salah. Don't add that this grace on your resume. And later on, he would see Bilal and the slaves getting preference and some of the leadership of the Qureshi would say, How can these people have more preference to us in the sight of Omar Abdullah, and he would again make a speech and he says, You were the people that called and they responded, Bill accepted Islam and it took you 20 years to accept took us 20 years to accept Islam. So we will never catch up to the greatness, the best you can do is try to emulate them to at least not be so far behind. This man

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becomes a great Sahabi. So he'll but at this point in the day BIA is one of the leadership operations and it's firmly against an abyssal Salaam. So he's been mandated to sign the treaty with NaVi Sol Salaam. And we said his son Abu jandal agenda, his son accepted Islam. And for three years he's been imprisoned in Makkah, they refuse to let them go to Medina and they tortured him and they will place them his own father was beating him and torturing him, forcing him to convert back to jelly. Yeah. So he'll and he comes with his arrogance. And he demands as we said last week, say nalli is the scribe. He's writing the terms. Now he saw Salomon, so he's negotiating and already at

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the beginning, so he says, remove Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, we don't know is a rough man. There's not a God that we recognize and remove Rasulullah we don't recognize you. Oh, Mohammed is a messenger, the son of Abdullah and maybe some accepts, accepts these things, even though say nalli is unable is I'm not able to write this. I will not scratch out Rasulullah sallallahu. It will tell them

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when they begin what is the first term and the first condition? Now vehcile salaam and this shows you and this is a lesson for us. This is a negotiation between Amazon sellers and the worst people on the dounia. It's like today we negotiate with design. The worst people on the dounia at that point in times the kurush and maybe sometimes negotiating and head Islam being a religion of violence, a religion that calls us to fighting war, the first people that that obviously should have fought was the kurush the new people they can be no no treaty with you

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But you are in the lowest place of jahannam that you people should be the first also maccha the carrabba we speak what munsieville saw today in the hands of our enemies, may Allah liberate Muslim Luxo in our lifetime. This is the caravan in the hands of the Kaaba.

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If such a thing that we should have fight war and Jihad for such a purpose, and we can never have peace, maybe someone would never have entered a peace contract with these people. But now we chose the minute that you fight us we will defend ourselves. But the minute you stop fighting and you sit down and say, let's come to terms and come that will be the first to accept we will be the first to lower our arms and negotiate even if you are Netanyahu. Even if you are Bush, even if you are Buddha when we sit down even if you have your own peace of Allah those who don't to fit around and speak to him a soft kind would say to McCain do it. Maybe this will soften his heart. So yeah, and avviso

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salaam says what so what do you want? Oh, Mohamed, Salah. abbyson tell Suhail, what do we want? We only want to perform Amara, let us come into Makkah and let us perform tomorrow and we're not going to do anything for you people. So So he said, you know, if we let you into maka it will be a disgrace for us. So, you can come into Makkah, but next year, we forbid you from coming into market this year. So, this is a point against the Muslims maybe so some contemplates and he says fine we accept the terms. So how can we be upset they came to perform overall they want to come to market. But so he is adamant to not be satisfied. We accept the condition will go back to Medina. Right all

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this coming to Medina. All this, you know is are we ready to fight and die tomorrow? Are we ready to die tomorrow? Now we need to go back to Medina without anything except except with the operation once we give them what they want. Number two, nobody saw some sense. Let us have peace for 10 years. And this shows you once again the attitude of navy seals on them and the example but no matter what the enemy and who the enemy is, if they want genuine peace, we will give them genuine peace. That this is an example to all those who say that Islam is a violent religion. The minute you you stop bombing our lands and killing our children, we will be at peace with you side by side no matter who

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you are, how bad you are, what your religion is. We accept in peace Islam, we accept and can live side by side and be some someone says 10 years, no violence between the people of Mecca the people of Christ. So I agree 100 in law. Now so hailstone to make a point, and you make such an unfair and unacceptable point that many of us are harbor say normalcy. had anyone besides Nabeel Salah made this point I would not have accepted no ruler on the face of the earth would we have accepted such a condition? So he makes an unreasonable and unjust conditioning. He says that if any person from Makkah becomes Muslim, and he goes to Medina, you must send him back. No Muslim is allowed to

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perform his job. But if any one of Medina wants to come back to my day becomes moutet, then you must allow him to go How is this thing? How can we negotiate like this? Right? So how

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will you accept this? Imagine, again, we sign a treaty, that with the enemies of Islam, that if any of our Muslim Brothers come as refugees, they the oppressor, they're killing the Muslims, and they come to our lands as refugees, we will send them back. But if any one of our people wants to go over to Makkah, and this never occurred, by the way, now visa was never escaped. But one of the Sahaba might go back, this never occurred. They were no more among Sahaba ever. But how do we say no to a refugee of the Muslim saying save me from oppression? And we'll send him back to the Zionist we send him back to Burma to be executed to be punished? How can we accept this era of Salaam and so seldom,

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he agrees but before they could write it down, Allah now tastes them how sincere Are you in this? Son of suhaila. This is where we stopped last week, Abu jandal the son of Swahili escapes motya, and he comes in change you know, before somebody said, I've escaped Take me with you to Medina. They've been torturing me for three years abou gender. Take me with Dr. rasulillah. Salam back to Medina save me. And so now we will see how true you are to the contract. This will be the first man that will apply this contract to either you give Abu jandal back to us. And it does do as we went with him, or this contract is null and void and we can have a war. So how about looking? And Abu jandal

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sees the discussions and the negotiations, not going in his favor. And he makes a beautiful speech and he cries out all Muslims. Will you send me back after I come to you? And the Sahaba the man who narrates this hadith as a hobby says we could see on his body the marks of the torture that they did to him, and they will turn me back to my religion. Will you let me go and explain Saba say Norma rhodiola and he can't stand this anymore. He stands up and he walks back and forth and tells Abu jandal

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points to the Saudis. You know I can't take my sword out and fight here. But you can take my sword and set yourself free and kill these people. And you know that's between you and the people of Mecca unit from us, which under which to your work will not be so, so lucky.

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What's he going to do? What's he going to? Is he going to accept with the crash? They came back. That's where we stopped last week right? What is the visa some do now visa Salaam seems to infer says to Suhail you know we haven't written the condition down yet Ali hasn't written the term down the contract isn't concluded. But it's well says no you accepted it. So you either give him over or no more contract. So now be salsa lamb and say stop we generally goes through and he says, Be patient and resign yourself to the will of Allah, Allah is going I promise you is going to provide for you a way and you're helpless companions, the other people in Makkah like you, Allah will give

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relief for you and a means of escape. We have already concluded and he says, We've already conclude a treaty with them, full of peace with them and we have done so in the name of Allah. I've done so in the name of Allah I've already given my word. We are therefore under no circumstances as Allah given us permission to break this contract that my word is my bond in Islam, and we put our word down whether it's against us or for us

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having some tells up agenda is nothing I can do and I wish any bigs and will lie in the Sierra if you do the stuff, you will never find the pieces on big two acre feet like he bakes here. He tells me give him as a gift to me. What else do you want? I'll give you any Just give me this man. Let it be let him be the exempting out of your kindness. Oh, Sohail so they agree, agenda will go back unconditioned, you don't do a minimum, don't torture, Abu jandal anymore, and the except gender goes back. The Prophet agrees to send agenda back to the kurush, unconditioned that he's not mistreated. And agenda, look at his email. He hadn't spent many years with nobody so so in fact, he probably

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never spent any time with navy seals. And we just heard about the navy seal. Salah is our soul. This is the Messenger of Allah. And now I fought my way to get to you. And you think, how can you be in his mind? I'm saying what kind of emotion must Abu jandal have? He said, I accept and I will keep my Eman. But I if this is your decision, yours was a solemn, I accept. So with these terms, the 50 is concluded. And the Croatia posts are very happy and proud because the three T's in their favor, and they have won politically. And the Muslims have to go back to Medina and except the conditions of the treaty.

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The Muslims in the Muslim camp, all of them including abyssal Salah, are very upset with the conclusion of the TP. They know, they know that this was unfair, and that they accepted a lower a bad deal, but they got the short end of the stick. So all the Sahaba are really in their hearts and their minds. They're not happy. But only one man of course has the guts and the courage to actually voice the dissatisfaction cannot be felt normal or the alarm shows us his relationship with Navy SEALs lm n he comes to the Navy SEALs lm and he asked the Navy some certain questions that are rhetorical and not mean as questions is you know, doubting. But this is he went beyond the limits of

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what is permissible? And he comes up and he says, Are you not the Messenger of Allah? from them? We are not the messenger. And are we not on the hook? And they are unbounded? Are we not the people of Allah Hezbollah and they are the followers of shavon. So how can we allow Islam and you and allowed to be humiliated like this? How is this possible? Maybe not some doesn't have an answer to say no but but he says to him, I am the Rasulullah saw Selim and you know, I will never ever dis obey a command of Allah whatever I do, is guided by Allah subhanho wa Taala and I put my faith and trust if Allah guided me through this, you will guide me through a way out of it, I can see the end I don't

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know the future, but Allah is pleased with this. So therefore I accept it and you must accept it. So normal doesn't really have a response to this. You are the source of salah and you won't do something against Allah then he tries a different tactic he says but wait you saw in your dream be performing Amara maybe there was a sign maybe there's a message maybe we forgot something that we supposed to go and perform. Gonna be something Yes, I have I believe we're going to perform Amara but Allah didn't tell me which year we're gonna perform. Amara maybe next year. Did I say which he'll be going to perform tomorrow but believe it will happen? I believe it even if you don't

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believe it.

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Satan say normally the lion is still not happy. So now he goes to a Baccarat deal and maybe you can talk some sense into the future. How can we accept this treaty? How can we accept it? Again a listen. Yeah.

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Maybe salsa allowed in Sahaba to discuss and involve them in discussions, the leadership of today the leaders of today in the Muslim ummah. They won't hear any second opinion if Rasulullah saw Salam in matters of the deen allow the Sahaba to consult him and took the opinions over his own when the meta was open for discussion. This is the two leadership of Islam that no one even though he saw Salaam yes his opinion when it comes to Deen is binding but other people

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Other people might have good suggestions that listen to it. It can be so subtle. I'm open to suggestions. And who are we to say that I am? The CEO? I'm the mom, I'm the chairman. And we can be no other discussion besides my discussion. This is not part of Islam, while we are and Islam allows, therefore we talk about freedom of speech, what greater freedom when you can speak to the rules of Solomon say, I don't really agree with this, this is my opinion.

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But a normal went beyond the limit. Why? Because the meta was decided, tonight goes to say, Now what can and he says yeah. And he says the same questions. Is he not the lawsuits are seldom Are we not on truth? Are they not on Barton? How can we accept this kind of condition? A worker of the alarm doesn't have the kind of patience, like nobody saw Solomon, we always pick trouble because the soft, humble nigma and he's like that 99% of the time, but when everyone's a man shakes, this is the man that is strong, and that's why he's number one on the list. You find when say, no matter when he falters, in these one or two instances, you will find a number like the death of NaVi salsola when

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he's a man shakes, then Abubakar is the man. And now he grabs a nonsense urogen meaning you is basically telling him what what are you saying? You realize what you are saying.

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Come to your senses know who you put yourself in place. This is Rasulullah saw Sam's decision is decided the matter? Are you still questioning the matter? I advise you go and put yourself at the feet of the camel of Nabeel Salaam and beg for forgiveness what you have done. It's a big thing you're saying. But something small that we saw made a decree and you're questioning the matter even further. Now see normal realizes what I'm doing. This is the decision of responses for me to question like this. I'm out of place. I'm out of place and now a bucket basically shake some sense into him. And this is a message for us today. While they've been so Selenium in the time of Nabhi

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folks Allah He allowed the Sahaba and he would open the floor for suggestion What should we do the enemies coming out? Should we fight Sal Mantis? Let's dig a ditch around Medina great idea. Selman we accept your opinion. But it may be so sudden decrease a matter. It is binding as if Allah had decreed the matter. That if nobody says this is haram for my own man, men, you cannot wait so you cannot wait go. Don't go and check in the Quran. But Allah didn't say so. This is your opinion, your sources Allah, that's your must have. I choose another matter.

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This is tantamount to poofer Allah says in the Quran, it is not for a believing man or believing woman when Allah and His Rasulullah have decided a matter that they should have they after have any choice in the affair. You don't have a choice anymore. If Allah says also says, do this, don't do that. You don't have a choice and who ever this obeys Allah and His Messenger, and certainly straight to clear error. Today we find a huge assault on the hubby. The student of nobodies also love people easy to say, but that's not in the Quran. We throw it away if nobody says so. But that's his opinion. Now the biller that this is tantamount but you're throwing away the can the decree of

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Nabeel Salam would he decree anything against the Quran? Wouldn't it be so seldom ever make a law that goes against Allah subhana wa Taala. And if you say we should be interpret the Quran we should think of the Quran in modern days times and it goes against the Sunnah. Are you saying your understanding is better than that of Allah so Salaam no understand who Nabina Salam was, and we need to create something. When he said this is haram. It says if the analysis is haram, if he says this is halal is halal. So this is, if you could, and this is with Sal another Sahabi says that many years later, when people were in confusion he says that if we I could have disobeyed even I on the

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day of put a BIA. I felt like if I could have disobeyed it, I would have disobeyed it. But in you isn't a piece of Salam icon disobeyed a command of Nagisa Salam because I couldn't see the wisdom in the long term. But I lived many years later. And I could see that the sun was right on that day. And we were on and enable he gives a lesson to all of us. If you find something in the Quran, or in the in the Hadith that doesn't agree with you, doesn't sit right. This doesn't make sense to me. The problem is with you and with me, not with the plan that our eyes We are looking wrong and that is showing the way if the Quran says that this is her arm, that alcohol is haram, but you should read

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the scarf. Homosexuality is haram and you feel in your heart. Why is this how long I don't agree something wrong with you and not with the Quran and the Sunnah. The messages have understood this, the problem lies with you that you need to come and come on to guidance. So how is it that we simply leave of Quran and Hadith? Because it doesn't agree to my desires? Who are you following them if you choose your own desires over that of the Quran and Hadith? So now Ahmed on the line realizes I went too far and he wants to go to make amines within the Bissell center. I want to see how bad damaging

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He comes to me. And he goes to diesel salon, and he wants to enter into a discussion and he says Salaam Alaikum, yada fulfill them. Maybe socialism doesn't look at him, doesn't respond Salaam to him. Send him why the second time, still nothing a third time. Let me so some doesn't respond and after three knocks off the three slams, the person doesn't respond to you. You walk away and say no more now says I'm ruined. My mother can begin crying for me. It says my mother can start crying to me. I'm basically dead, unfinished. I've ruined myself. And he goes and hide some way crying in the streets. Then someone calls me and says, Omar, maybe Salam wants to see you. And that cinema is a

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bit afraid.

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Lisa wants to see me I'm in trouble. And he finds the next one smiling, beautiful, bright smile. And the reason tells him I didn't respond to you. Because at that time, I was receiving Why? At the time, Allah subhanaw taala was giving me a revelation to literally came down and allows it to me, really, we have given you a manifest victory, that this what you have signed, I promise you it will be a source of victory for you. And now I understand that this is from the hikma of Allah and nebby salsa lamp and that this is going to be good in the long term.

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Also important amarante alliances, that after that day, I tried to do a lot of good deeds, extra good deeds, why? Because I felt that this was a liability against my name, even on a visa so I didn't say anything against me. But I know we recorded and I said something to me salsa, I shouldn't have and this is again, we throw Hadith away so simply. But there's only one thing that is done in the Quran. So in our went against that, you know, he questioned him once. And he felt that this was a catastrophe for the rest of my life. And before he said I made extra fasting, extra charity whenever I would think what about that sandwich still sitting on my book, I need to do extra good

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deeds, the difference again, in our day and age, we commit sin This is part of in son you will always commit sin all of us are sinners, myself yourself. But the difference between MLA salatu salam and the police when Adam committed a sin he said, Robin Li committed a mistake, forgiving me and if you don't forgive me, I'm lost. What did he believe say? I will not ask for forgiveness and I will show you your Allah I will justify my son and I will continue on this. today. Sadly, we find people they want to live a certain life and they want to follow their own desires and they want to justify it in the Quran and the Hadith. They want to look for an answer in the Quran and the Hadith

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to justify the own whims and desire. This is this is again for the man who drinks and he says I've committed sin that's between him and Allah but the man who says I don't drink but I don't think that alcohol should be harems is backwards. This is Cooper. This goes against the Quran. This is unacceptable but Allah subhanho wa Taala so the listen for us commit sin when we come to our senses, except to own it. And only with Allah between men yeah life committed the sin and I submit myself to Allah subhanaw taala so then I'll be so seldom as I said not to say normal was upset the majority of the most all of them were upset all of them who upset only say number one, edit your team. But if

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this is from now before Salah, this is right, the others will still even say nalli even say now you're on the line. Right? Now no BS awesome says Well, we're going back to Medina, you're all in Iran, shave your hair cut up and slow to your animals and let's go and none of the Sahaba you never ever find this in the Sierra. And when libidinal usually makes a command who's going to take the sword everyone is jumping. I want to be first in line here. Every Sahabi stands back, no one comes forward. Nobody comes forward. We should shave out here but equally How long? Are we going to slow to the animals with O'Meara? It's like I'm gonna break my oma and we're gonna go is that it Yasuda

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luck, what the anticlimax and no one comes forward in abyssal Salaam, becomes a bit frustrated and he leaves and he goes into his team. And in between is one of our mothers in Salah rhodiola and the wife of an abyssal Salaam, and he discusses the matter. And again, he asked her what should I do?

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This is Rasulullah saw Salim asking his wife in a matter of Dean, what do you think I should do? So how about very upset and none of them wants to be the first to shave his head and to break his or her arm? So she says and advises him? Why didn't you be the first year Rasul Salah if they if you do it, then they will see that this is you know that you are the first and they're going to follow you. And just as she had said, When Debbie salsa lunches who's going to shave my head, everyone, I will do it yourself. And I'm going to slow to my animal who's going to slow to with me, even when she's yellow, some will slaughter with you. And they shave their hair and they execute her arm. And this

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

is a lesson for us if you perform Hi, john Mara, and the matter becomes too difficult for you to complete your hydrometer Allah has permitted you to execute Iran but this is a law that came down and that the animals were slaughtered and to show a show that the Muslims were a people of peace and justice.

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

Send the meat to the people of Makkah that we were supposed to slaughter for the people of Makkah, you go have the animals we brought for the poor people of Makkah and the Croatian accepted. And Muslims returned to Medina now six weeks later. They've been out of Medina for about two more than two months. And now the treaty is in effect. And not long after this. A new crisis would arise. A woman comes from Makkah, pleading for refuge. She comes to Medina, she says, I'm a Muslim, my husband's a non Muslim, and they torturing me abusing me hurting me. Take me and save me and let me live here in Medina. The treaty says we can send everybody back. What do we do? For a man it's one

00:30:41--> 00:31:16

thing but sending the sister back. It's a different kind of challenge. A visa some again, in a tough situation. What does he do? Does he fulfill the rules of the contract? Or does he say that our systems are different? We keep her and will keep us safe, we cannot send her back to the perfect. First of all, her marriage is not even acceptable. How can we send her back Sharla next week we discuss what nevison does in the situation when you continue for the baby. Just a few quick announcements. Once again, you can please email me contact me on my email. If you have any questions you would like the slides. You know, I can send that. Also an announcement that Sierra our class on

00:31:16--> 00:31:58

the biography of Naruto Salaam, happens every Tuesday evening, between between seven o'clock and eight o'clock. We discuss the life of NaVi solum and I mentioned last week that if you really want to listen to the best, literally the best English lecture and biographies are seldom shared yet not yet seen. Yes, your car the GPS encoded into three years releasing a video and audio every week for three years 100 lectures, the base biography of Navy SEALs and you would learn things that you never ever you'll find you'll have a relationship with mental Salah Have you listened to this? And about 100 lectures, you can find it on YouTube, we've been part of the Muslim Central audio and other very

00:31:58--> 00:32:38

excited to hamdullah from Brunel Islam, that on the 22nd of march on Sunday, the 22nd of March three weeks from now, we will be hosting a a a one off lecture on Amara, that from nine till 12 nine to one a series a discussion on Amara, many of us inshallah and we all have the opportunity to be going forward in the next month or two some of you have signed up already you're thinking but while we spent so many days or months learning the Hajj, usually Amara we just decide overnight and we don't know the rituals of ombre especially for those who never went through this one. So if you don't have to come three four times one day you come for a couple of hours and you get to learn the rituals of

00:32:38--> 00:33:18

Ramadan What must I do what mustn't I do you get to learn the inner dimensions of grace that is a spiritual side to it. You will learn a little bit of the history of Makkah and Medina and you know things to be recited and some advice in sha Allah who especially first timers, so it's the 22nd of March it will be at the Medina Institute in the icon building from nine o'clock the morning so to time, a slight reflation to this fee of 150 Rand course notes to be provided to be provided as well so if you want to come off the class please often jumar please you know speak to me we can take your email me on my email and we can register you and sign you sign you up. Lastly, another excellent

00:33:18--> 00:33:23

inshallah initiative on the 30th and the 31st of March right so a week after that

00:33:25--> 00:34:04

it's a Monday and Tuesday. It's we hope to inshallah we find that our high school kids they stopped going to madrasa we know this after primary school, no more madrasa. And in high school is really when you become McCullough, when you become a man or woman. When you get exposed to atheism when you get exposed to all the different groups and six, when you don't know up from down. Now is the time when you really need the guidance. That's when we don't give them guidance. So in sha Allah, the 30th the 30th of March to Monday, still school terms, we inshallah ourselves could handle Islam in conjunction with the UCT MSA will be hosting one day on Uppsala becoming Kala bahara the ins and

00:34:04--> 00:34:40

outs What must I know as a young Muslim to practice my Islam? We have been shaped Bilaal from Durban one of the top, you know scholars Alhamdulillah anyone who's been his lecture will know he's a master, you'll be coming to give in childhood and anyone it's not just for the younger people. It's primarily for them high school kids, foster kids, young adults, but anyone can come and say I'm going to learn Sala A to Z properly in depth, it's not madrasa level anymore. We need to take it up just below. We'll do that on Monday. On Tuesday, inshallah I'll be discussing the essence of Islam who is Allah? Why do we worship Allah? Do we? What about atheism? What do we do all these kind of

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

questions at the core of what is what it means to be a Muslim? So we look to address those discussions. It's Tuesday. So please, I know those are the last two days of the term. Those are the days that our kids usually stay absent from school, they don't go to school or they go to school. It's maybe open day. It's an excellent thing. Send your daughters, your sons to these lectures. You know, because they can't

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Go to the madrasa every day they come to every Saturday, one day, two days and you fundamental basis of your Islam is given to you. Again a small cost standard Rand per day 200 and for the whole course, lunch will be served as well and notes will be provided, please, inshallah, the time, the time will start at Hopkins at UCT. We'll give exactly the lecture venue once we confirm that, but it's half past eight, until about five o'clock the Austin office for the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday 30th 31st and if anybody in cello wants more details, if you're part of a school and you would like the whole school, we hope that the school Muslim schools especially will send us the

00:35:36--> 00:35:45

entire kids you know as outing with him come to that day and share all those two days. It's clay and Baraka, going future disciple affair. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.