Rejecting a woman because she doesn’t earn enough

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The speaker discusses the idea of rejecting a proposal from a man who may not be so wealthy and may not have a good character. They also mention the negative impact of rejecting a woman who is being looked at for marriage, and the importance of learning from their teacher. The speaker suggests that it is important to be guided by their teacher and not just to accept the proposal.

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Salam Alaikum, this one is going to be very interesting. So I delivered a short talk about how we should not reject a proposal that comes for our child, from a guy from a person from a boy or a man who perhaps might not be so wealthy. And maybe he might not be earning so much. But if he's responsible, and he has Dean and Aflac, he has a good level of connection with Allah and he has a good character and conduct and the two the boy and the girl wanted to happen. Let it happen. I received an email from a sister telling me, you've been unfair to single sisters who are rejected simply because they don't have jobs.

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It took me a moment to understand it. But that was so correct. There are people who reject a girl who is being looked at for marriage purposes. When her Deen is good, her character is good. She comes from a decent family simply because she doesn't have a degree or she doesn't earn that much, because they want the earnings or they want a 5050 setup, or they want some form of material gain from this particular system. What does Islam say about that? Well, you're totally wrong, you're actually making a wrong decision, you're pegging it on something wrong. So panela. And I do know that life is a struggle in many countries. But that doesn't mean you reject a brilliant person,

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simply because, oh, what amount of money are they going to bring into this home? La hawla wala quwata illa Billah. When in Islam, a male is supposed to be the breadwinner. And I do know that yes, a lot of women have to work and they help out Mashallah, all that is a bonus. But to make your mind up, and or should I say to reject a brilliant person, simply because they may not have that university degree or that qualification or that type of a job that brings about money that you feel your child or your son needs in the home or you need in the home. So hang on, I have the table's turned. So this is something that I felt I would just mention that I agree with the sister who sent

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me an email and told me I think you've been unfair because this is going on? Yes, it is. I've known of so many cases of people who've rejected girls whom their sons were looking at, or perhaps the, you know, a discussion pursued about a marriage between them, and they were really good. And ultimately, the decision was, well, you know, she doesn't really have a job. She doesn't really have a qualification. She doesn't earn that much what's going to happen, we're going to struggle and wow.

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If we follow the law and his Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we would have perhaps looked at it from a totally different perspective. May Allah grant us happiness, may we marry those who will be brilliant parents to the children that they will be having, by the will of Allah. A great man, is he going to be a good father for your kids? Yes. Mashallah. That will make a good husband? Is he going to be a good mother for your children? Yes, Mashallah. That's going to make a brilliant wife, inshallah. And you look at the deen and the character, you also look at the family and so on. And yes, indeed, if a person is uneducated, to the degree that they don't understand how to speak

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and what to do and what not to do and you're highly educated. There may be a discrepancy in communication, you look at that, but money Subhan Allah just because they are not earning, aren't we supposed to be the breadwinners? Aren't we supposed to be the ones who come in with that, that protection and so on? And yes, it goes two ways. I do agree but definitely the teachings of the professor center. You need to know what they are. And he told us, he guided us he told us what to look at and what not to look at. Allah be pleased with all of us and may we be rightly guided, may we be happy in our marriages aku lowpoly hada was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah