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Shaykh Muhammad West discusses the heritage of South African muslims

He takes us on a journey that began in 1492 an important date for Muslims to remember.

What’s interesting is the fact that it all began with spices!

Do take the time to listen to this talk that sets the tone for the rest of the talks on how Islam arrived in South Africa. You’ll be surprised.

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About Muhammad West

Shaykh Muhammad West spent most of is youth growing up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Muhammad West went on to complete a degree in Islamic theology and dawa at the Islamic University of Madina while studying a degree in accounting science through the University of South Africa via correspondence concurrently.

Muhammad West returned to Cape Town in 2011 where he qualified as a chartered accountant of South Africa.

Muhammad West is a married father of 3, the resident imam of the Boorhaanol Islam mosque and senior accountant at one of the world’s largest clothing retailers.

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