Mirza Yawar Baig – Akhlaaq of the Ummati #6

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of racism on everyone, including women who are not allowed to backbit their neighbors. They emphasize the importance of embracing Islam's rules and embracing rules to achieve peace in society. The segment also touches on the origins of the "meditation" movement, including its potential draw to closer and closer with each other, the potential consequences of racism and classifications of race, political events, and the use of race and sex in the context of political events. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including its use of "one oma" and "one brotherhood", and the importance of considering everyone and not just one thing.
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Mohammed rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even consider

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my brother, my dear brothers and sisters hamdulillah we have a beautiful religion,

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which came to teach us how to live our lives in this world in a way that will make us hugely successful in this life. And inshallah we'll get we'll get us gender in the next slide.

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This is the beauty of Islam, which does not

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promote a way of life which is,

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which is harsh or hard in this life, in order to get general. Allah subhanaw taala has made all halaal things permissible. And what Allah has made Haram, what Allah has made, impermissible are things which are intrinsically harmful, and they have us

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nothing harms or benefits Allah subhanaw taala. So what Allah has made impermissible are things which are intrinsically bad, and they harm us. And therefore, when we respect the boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala not only are we doing something which is good in religion, for which inshallah Allah will reward us and we ask Allah for his reward, but we are doing something which is good for us, and which will enable us to create a society, which is compassionate, which is just, which is

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where the weak are taken care of where the powerful are not allowed and not permitted to oppress others, and so on and so forth. I think this is the, the great beauty of Islam. Today, I want to talk to you about one of the biggest issues in this whole thing, which is the issue of racism,

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because it's so sad to see how something like this exists and has existed for centuries, you know, untold and counted.

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And it's something which is totally and completely and Islamic. Allah subhanaw taala gave us instructions in Surah to luzira.

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Which, sadly, these instructions are for the building and protection of the Muslim woman, these instructions of how to behave in terms of our o'clock and we have been talking about that in over the last few weeks. These are also things which are beneficial for us to practice in society at large. It's not only for the Muslim Ummah, for example, what we spoke about in terms of backbiting and Riba and so on, if it doesn't

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relate only to Muslims, we as Muslims are not allowed to backbite people who are not Muslim, that whoever backbiting itself is ehara. It's not haram only when applied to Muslims. It is not permissible to do it with people who are not Muslim. So it's very important to understand that all of these laws of Islam,

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which relate to hopefully bad, which led to the rights of the people, they apply uniformly to all people.

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They are not meant for

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Muslims alone.

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The rights of all humanity are the same and that and the punishments who are transgression against those rights are also the same. A Muslim is not permitted to cause harm to a non Muslim. So as a result of civil service, where he said he is not a believer is not a believer is not a believer. There has to be Ursula who is not a believer, he says the one from who stuck and hand his neighbor is not safe in another place in northern Russia. He said the one who's evil his neighbor fears. Now,

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the reason why Trump said he's not a believer is he's not pronouncing he is not saying the person has left Islam. But to emphasize the importance of this thing to say that a Muslim is is and must be somebody whose behavior is such that his neighbors love him, they respect him. They are the only anticipate good from that person. A famous story of Abdullah mubaraka holiday which I mentioned so many times before, where his neighbor, who was a Jewish person was selling his house. So he put it

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of the market. And he put a markup on that of 100%. Meaning that if the house was worth 100,000, dyrham, the man put on the market at 200,000. So people came, some people came to see the house and sold the house. And then they said to him, Look, the house is good, we want to buy it. But your market, your price is double the market price. Now, what's the justification for that? The man said, Do you know who my neighbor is?

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I said, Who's your neighbor? He said, My neighbor is Abdullah bin Mubarak. So I put up the price at 200,000. Because my house is worth 100,000. I know that, but the privilege of being the neighbor of Abdullah bin Mubarak is worth the same amount of money. Here, the Jewish man is saying that having a Muslim as your neighbor is a saleable marketable value, which sends up the stock of your,

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of your property observer worked out the law, he heard what he heard the story he came and met his neighbor, the Jewish man and told him Look, please don't sell your house, you are a beautiful neighbor, I love you very much stay here. And if you need money, I will give you the money as an interest free loan, you take it and then you angry when you are able to grieve me, but don't sell the house. Now the point is, that this is the kind of,

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of behavior and a flat that Islam promotes. And this is what our sort of asahina hamdulillah this is what they had. Now, unfortunately, we seem to have forgotten these instructions. And we have allowed nationalism and we have allowed racism to creep into our lives and to take over our lives. And as we can say, you know, the results are painfully clear. So let us look at the changes that we need to bring about in our attitudes and behavior and in our lifestyle and environment, which will help us to get out of this mess this morass that we are currently stuck in Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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yeah, you are nice enough Allah Kanako Min De Corinne was that where jalna come sure obong acaba de la Lita Otto in a kurama comin de la he kakum in the la hora de mon Javier, Allah said, which means all mankind, we have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is that person who has the most quiet, was most conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala, who loves love the most and who is most careful and concerned about not disobeying Allah Allah. Verily, Allah subhanaw taala is all knowing, all aware.

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I remind myself the new

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in silicon, the Alibaba knows all of this if

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they are as follows.

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Say, you've been abuzz with Ilan who says that this ad was revealed about savate being face when he made a remark about the man who did not make room for him to sit.

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so he called the man or name he said, What's the son of so and so? He referred to his mother, right? So like he said, Son of a black woman or something like this. Now Rasul Lazarus, Adam said who mentioned that woman who said that so savage Nephi stood up and he said, I did that. sola, sola, Sarah sort of said to him, look at the faces of these people. And when he looked, he asked him, What do you see? Seven minutes I said, I see white and red and black people also said you are not better than any of them. Unless it be through the good practice of your religion. And unless it be because of taqwa,

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you are the same you're just like anybody else. Allah subhanaw taala then revealed desire.

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mocha deals said on the day Makkah was conquered Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam ordered villa in Roboto. Delano to climb onto the roof of the Kaaba and call the event.

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tabin Asad commented on this and he said Praise be to Allah, that Allah has taken my father to him, he said, Thank God that my father is dead.

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So that he did not have to see this day when beloved rabbis calling you that from the top of the color. harmony, Sam, he said did not find any other color to prayer. Then this black Raven than this black crow now we'll save it.

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said Allah willing me, he will change the meaning. inshallah Moses Allah will change this mozzie you will not have this man, I was said, I'm not going to say anything, because I'm afraid that the rub in the heaven will divulge, he will tell most of what I see

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who came through sources and informed him about what they had said.

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Some of them and asked them about what they exit and they admitted it. Allah subhanaw taala then revealed is I warning them against boasting about the line ages, and the abundance of wealth. And against looking down on the poor.

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every ayat of the Quran is replete and filled with meaning, and lessons for those who reflect and whose hearts are pure and submitted to a loss manager.

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Sally, a lot of us wanted to remind us in this about two very critical matters, which are the cause of so much strife and conflict in the world. One is racism. And the other one is class struggle.

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Economic differences, and also how they lead told us how He created us, and who can be more knowledgeable than the one who created us. Allah divided us about the fact that not only did he create us from one man and one woman, our Father, Melissa,

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and our mother, Hawaii, sir, but that he geladeira lu is not bound by genetic codes, which decide heritage, because He is the creator of those genes. And he is the one who programmed those genes with those codes. So from the same man and woman, he gave rise to races from mogol. To Caucasian to Nubian to Arab. There used to be three main racial classifications. One was caucasoid. The second one was negroid. And the third one was bungle light, which, interestingly, had to do with facial features, and nothing to do with color. It's interesting to remember this because usually, the moment you say race, we think color, or race, the formal qualification had to do with the shape of

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your eyes and the nose and lips and so on facial features. Now by this classification, for example, India's people like me, are gonna slide

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right there.

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But if I go to premium, for example, when I try to convince British immigration, that are related to the queen, think about what that what happens. Now a little research, I did a little bit and this produced this gem, which said that the racial classifications of caucasoid negroid, and Mongoloid is an outdated classification. As our knowledge of genes grows, these morphological distinctions that used to be defined as risk actually turned out to be a very small proportion of the human genome, compared to the vast amount of the average, you know, between each geographic area and the populations around the Earth being 99.9% similar,

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right, think about that. 99.9% we are like every other person, whether that person is white, or black, or Chinese or Indian, or wherever we are 99.9% like them, and only point 01 percent we are,

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we are different.

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Interestingly, also, the current classification used where people are called Africa, America, Asia and European is not a racial classification at all. It refers to continents, it's a geographical, geographical

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classification. So also in our rather confused thinking, Jews, including European Jews, are called 70. Whereas European Jews are European, they are not Semitic, they are there they are caucasoid. Whereas Arabs, who come from exactly the same place and ancestry are not called summit where they are somebody, both Arabic and Hebrew, are Semitic languages, both Arabs and Semitic Jews are similar. Whereas European Jews are not symmetric. They are from a different race. It doesn't matter because we are all equal, we are all the same 99% of us, we're all the same. Allah subhanaw taala told us, that He created us from one pair, and divided us among different races and tribes, so that

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we may recognize his power and majesty of creation, and that we may draw a draw closer to one another, as each of us is an eye of Allah, each of us is a sign of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah who told us that our

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differences are actually something that should draw us closer to one another, and enable us to honor one another and love one another. Because we come from the same parents and have been created by the same creator. Yet we fall into the trap of shaitan and look down on one another because of racial differences, what it shaytan himself say mariebilly say when he was asked why he didn't obey Allah Subhana Allah tell us command to make sudo to other Malays Salaam unless Monica said Carla Monica let us do that Judah is our took. Carla Anna hi romelu Halekulani Mina

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Soto, Dara, Allah described that meeting, unless Rather, they said what prevented you or at least, that you did not make God when I commanded you? And he said, I am better than him

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than other You created me from fire, and you created him from clay. Now that is the primeval statement of racial discrimination, which landed a police in the Hellfire in general. So let us ask ourselves, whose lead we are following? When we are being racist? Are we following the lead of a police? If we follow the lead of a blaze of shatter? Where do you think that is going to take us Muslim societies sad to say our rampantly racist, I have innumerable examples of Muslims being racist in schools, in communities, even in massage? So whose example are we following? Let us ask ourselves before we are asked by a nurse manager,

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I remember I won't name the country and so on. So but I remember a school that I was I went to speaking to, and I found that in that place, the number of black students,

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african black students was miniscule if at all. So ask them I said, Well, how come we don't have black people, black children in the school? They said our children of other parents don't want a black child to sit next to them next to their child in the class. How horrible is that? So as I said, What do you think the cause the color of the children are above the law?

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So I said, if I just say take the name of Nemo Bilaal with raba, without seeing the alarm, if I just say below this below that you will rightfully criticize me for being disrespectful, but you will not allow a son or daughter of Bilal, to sit next to your son or daughter. Ilan said, what does that make you? Think about it. Now, think about what was the example of Rasulullah samsara many Sahaba

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entered Makkah as the Conqueror he

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cleaned the Kaaba from all the idols which have been placed in it. And then came the time to call you that Rasul Allah says Allah at that time when you entered the Kaaba, when you entered Makkah, he had an army of 10,000 Muslims, every single one of them would have given an arm and a leg to be chosen as the one to call the first other in the harem Sharif.

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There are also people who are in locker, like some of them I mentioned before who, who had newly cabbages lab,

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who maybe it would even have been, it can be argued that it would have been a politically

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you know, good decision to honor one of them by telling him to call the other because it would have sort of, you know, looked good, politically speaking, but who didn't know several centuries

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ago vaca, Rama Rama rally, including me with it was Ilana, Oregon was mine. All of these people.

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They were each each of them would have been more than happy, they would have been eager, they would have been usually honored to be chosen for solos, or have had the opportunity to choose any of them, he could have chosen any, from the aristocracy of Quraysh he could have chosen any from the

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names of the unset

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that he chose a former slave, a black man, after whose name we say of your love and who will fall in the river of a lot. Not only did he choose Saison Avila but he commanded him to climb on top of the roof of the covered call the other the same cover towards which we pray, the same cover where we feel that the soul of other words such that we will not light out or will not extend our feet to point towards the Hibler as a man as a mark of respect. Yet the same was beneath the feet of villalbilla delanco

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When he was calling together on the hokum on the order of

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Now, why did xlsm choose Villanova for these greatest honors

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of calling, not just the Iran but the first as an to be called in the Makkah in the harem sheriff in Makkah, was it because he was trying to establish racial equality alone, alone was best. But I believe that he did that, because believe in Robert Allen, who had paid his dues. He was among those

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of the Sahaba, who had suffered the most because of Islam, below the line, who was known for his piety and devotion to Islam, which he had proved beyond doubt, below the line, who was the one whose footsteps as well as others that have heard in the agenda.

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When he went on Islamic marriage Malala Delano was honored, not because he was black, but because he was a man of taqwa. And that is that the fear of the second part of this river, where Allah subhanaw taala said in an economic boom in the law, he at koco, yes, even a shadow era. Other law he said, one day or solo Sarah Sarah, passed by some of the marketplaces of Medina, and he saw a black slave, young young man standing while his seller was calling this lady is for sale. This is for sale who ever wants to offer more?

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The see and the slave kept on repeating, I have a condition for whoever wants to buy me. And they said, What's your condition? He said, I should. My master should not stop me from praying the five fonts on our behind Roseville lights Allison.

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So the man brought a one man bought him on this condition, rather than us to see him at each Salah. Until one day he did not see.

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So he asked his owner, he said, Where is that boy?

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The owner said jasola he has fever. As soon as that two is our solo solo, let us go and visit him. They went and visited him. And after a few days are Solo Solo Solo masters winner, how is the slave boy? The man said jasola the boys lip surf turn doc. We went to see him. He found him feverish, and the boy died in that state. As soon as He then took charge of his washing, he personally gave whistle to that slave boy, he washed him he personally put his scarf on. And then he prayed Salah janazah for him, and we sort of

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buried him with his own hands. Now, some of his Abba were quite horrified, and they became quite disturbed. The mohajir rule said, We left our homes and wealth and family but none of us has seen in this life. None of us have seen in his life, sickness or death, what this slave boy has

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ordered, honor this boy so much, even though we have done so much for the for the for the religion. The answer they said we received him there is a source of center in our homes, we helped him and supported him with our riches. But he preferred this Abyssinian slave over us. And us America then revealed this ayah

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the whole thing where he said that you are the children of one father and mother, and he showed them the merit of his taqwa by saying in Cracow in the light of

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my brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala taught us the basis on which to choose people, the basis on which people deserve honor and respect. And his messenger exemplified this in his life. In a world where we have become

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used to applying the standard of our own standard of wealth as our only criterion for determining who is to be honored and who it will do us and who not honored. It will do as well to remember that the standard of Allah subhanho wa Taala is different. In Islam, a person is not distinguished on the basis of his wealth or his race or nationality or his temporal authority. Of course, it is not even distinguished on the basis of his knowledge, he is distinguished only on the basis of his actions.

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Allah subhanaw taala is not visible. But taqwa which is the fear of event of displeasing Allah is visible in our actions. And with Allah subhanho data, that is the only thing which comes, a picture's worth 1000 words, a deed in action is worth a million. So watch those actions because they speak volumes.

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Now, as we have seen from the US babble news, all of this is there were many of the Quraysh, who hated the fact

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that not only did this black man, Robert Delano called the event, but that he was made to climb on top of the Kaaba to do that. But they remain silent for obvious reasons they didn't want to, you know, at that time, they were afraid to say anything about the incident rankled. After hatanaka rahsaan took his army to face dibben O'Keefe from dive who had gathered gathered to attack the Muslims. In this army, there were many young so called aristocrats of the Kurdish and other Moroccan tribes, who had recently

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accepted Islam, but they didn't have the benefit of the therapy of our soldiers don't sell them yet.

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Now along the way, when it was time for Salah

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hirsutism ordered the law of the land would recall the other some of the young men from the hood age they started laughing. And they started passing comments about his black men, calling people to Salah One of them was particularly vociferous and obnoxious about this. And his name was Abu Mohammed, Laura

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someone involved in the solar Solar System conserve some of those people. The young men were terrified because this was now serious. They were in the middle of the Muslim army. And they were being summoned by the commanding officer, because they had mocked is noisy. But they had no alternative but to go.

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So they arrived in the presence of sodas. So let's ask them, who was

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the one who was the leader? He stood up because that was

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he had no he had no alternative. What else could you do? So he stood up, he said,

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he said, I was the one who Arizona

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dreams had come come close. He came close. And voila, he what must have been going on in his mind, he probably thought that Nebuchadnezzar will know when to, you know, signal to somebody to take off his head. And to for this to serve as a as a warning to everybody else. He thought maybe it's a prelude to being beheaded as an example. But also Sam was smiling and he told him to sit down and come close to it. And then he said to him, would you like me to teach you how to call the other

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90 This is my Amazon seller. I mean, what kind of a teacher is this? What kind of a leader is this? What kind of leadership style is this? What kind of correcting style is this? You know, we talked about all these things? Man, Angela, we have the best examples. Lucha Canada, Kofi Rasulullah relay. Center live in Korea. Allah Allah Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said, The best example for you is the example of Miami mama sunset, for the one who looks forward to the meeting with Allah Subhana Allah on the Day of Judgment. So the system Do you want me to teach you how to call the other now he was astonished to hear he was he had been mocking

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say that I believe, who was the margin on Amazon seller and he richly deserved to be and he expected to be punished severely what is trouble? And here was a sort of asking him if you if he would like to learn the other from himself Solaris and so I said yes, yes una sola. Sir density repeat after me. And then Nebuchadnezzar from Georgia. He said where he said a lot.

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Repeat. I show the world.

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amadora repeated Hi.

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Got India and Amara repeated learn together. And then when we send us an unfinished Mandala said jasola I have a request below of your line Who is your margin in Medina? Make me your margin in Makkah, as soon as it assumes that you are my mother.

00:31:25 --> 00:31:30

They say that Allah Subhana Allah gave a Houma Dorado Delano long life

00:31:31 --> 00:31:41

until his last day, he used to come to the masjid to the Hara, and he would make the love and then he would call you that for every center.

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My brothers sisters, we would like to talk about Akita. Forget that to practice what Allah subhanaw taala ordered in our lives is a reflection of our Akita. Okay, that's not merely to recite the creed or to argue about the nature of Allah. And all of these things. aqeedah is to demonstrate our belief in practice, by living by that Allah. When ultramarathoner said that the only criterion of distinction between human beings is the level of their taqwa and to treat everyone as equal, and to wipe out all discrimination from our attitude, language and actions. And that is the, that is the description and demonstration of our feelings and actions. And this is what the Quran

00:32:32 --> 00:32:37

is about. And this proves that the Quran is the book that came to be obeyed.

00:32:38 --> 00:33:21

See this criterion also Allah subhanaw taala said the criterion is taqwa. Tell me who knows about taqwa except Allah. Because taqwa is a state of the heart. Even if you see my behavior, for example, you see me praying, and you see me standing in this very, very, you know, pious looking position. You don't know whether I am doing that, because of my associate of Allah, or whether I'm doing that to show you and impress you. Because if I'm doing that, to show you an empress who maybe I will be even more conscious of how I'm standing, then if I was doing it myself, but my action will be schilke. So Allah deliberately gave and set a standard, a criterion of deciding on somebodies

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superiority, or inferiority. Unless America gave taco as a standard, who's only he knows.

00:33:30 --> 00:33:57

We will know who is superior and who's not superior on the Day of Judgment, when that taco will become visible and wellness marathoner will will create people on the on that basis. So in this life, we consider and we should consider every single person to be actually better than us. Because we don't know that we do not know that that person will not better this is extremely important for us. To keep this in mind. very sadly, we have our societies a highly resist.

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we discriminate against each other, on the basis of color, on the basis of race on the basis of width. All of these are Haram in Islam, and they are indicators of the worst of all terminal illnesses, which is Cuba, which is arrogance, as well as monetary to save us from practicing all forms of racism, and to enable us to do our best to root out racism from our hearts and attitudes and actions and our societies. This is the secret of the unity of this oma and it is an oma that came together on the basis of faith, and it must be kept together only and only on that basis. The Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim, no matter his origin or glory. Only then will hearts be

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healed and brought closer and cemented together so that we all stand shoulder to shoulder as in Salah. Salah is the biggest reminder of that.

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asked Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to remember this as we stand before Him and to forgive our transgressions. The The sad thing to say is that may Allah protect us from ourselves. There are people who practice

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who practice this discrimination, even in Salah. I've seen people standing, you know, deliberately shifting and standing further away from their brothers, because the the brother is a poor man, maybe his clothes are not they don't look as nice as your own clothes, and so on and so forth. And so you stand further away from that person. You don't realize that you are angering Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing illustrata hits, people being racist, and Allah subhanaw taala did not create us for that. Allah created us as one oma and unless Mandela told us that we are lost in how the Moto moto wahida will honorable comb fabu see this beautiful ayat and in desireth came in two places in the Quran.

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the difference of only one word

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in the Moto Moto, wahida onera boo boo, and another place Allah said we're in the heavy moto moto weida one era buco for the whole So in the first place I was right I said you you're this oma of yours is one oma is brotherhood of yours is one brotherhood, and I am your soul worship me as it is how Allah honored the Muslims how Allah honored us by showing us that the reason we are one is because he is one the reason we are one is because we worship Him alone. Right? There are no there are no we don't have we don't worship several Gods we worship only one Allah because there is only one of us. So unless us has gave he associated or rather he showed himself as the reason why we are

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one because Allah is one and all of us worship Allah smelter and Nara boo boo, and a second I ultramarathon I mentioned taqwa and what is the core chakra is the way we live. That was the way we decide taqwa is the way we walk and talk and speak. This is the this is the beauty, Allah saying, that therefore have my meaning. That I am one, I am the only your only concern is to please me, your only concern is to worship me. So be one. And know that you are one because I am one and you worship only me and be one and know that I am one because you only

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because you only and make sure that you

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please only me, nobody else. And this is the beauty of our religion. ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to join hearts always. That's why I keep saying all the time. Do not listen to anybody who talks the language of division. Anyone who tries to talk to you against anyone else. Not only Muslim, but even non Muslim, somebody is talking the language of division. reject them outright. These people are not your friends. They are your enemies. They are going against Islam. They're going against Islamic character. They are going again and their actions and your actions also if you follow them will result in disgrace for you in this world and the displeasure of Atlanta the anger of Atlanta in

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the accident. We don't need that no one that we want to please Allah subhanho wa Taala we want to live a life which is full of grace and beauty in this world. And we want to be in a situation where Allah subhanaw taala will pleased with us when we meet him. In the next one. For some of our holiday will carry Murali he was IV admin. We're ama tvr hora hibino al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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