Reflections from Bukhara – Never Fear, Allah is ar-Rahman

Yahya Ibrahim


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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the "opportunities" of the Prophet and their significance to the people, including the "opportunities" of the "opportunities" of the world and the "opportunities" of the world. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding people who are truly black and white to build a better society.
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Tao salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa sallam for that we're in the fabled city of Guadalajara. And so pandologic is an ancient city, as you've come to know, you know, 2000 plus years old. It's a place of learning, it's a place of trade, it's a place of commerce. But sadly, as well, it's also a place of war. And therefore, you find that this is something that humanity has always excelled at. We're always really good at building, but we're even better at destroying. And so Pamela, you could see this as one of the sooner of a loss of kinda want to add up. And that word, that's another law means a tradition that that has happened. It's a universal fact, that as human beings, we're really

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good at putting things together, erecting and being happy. And we're also equally probably better at bringing things apart and destroying things. And this, you know, the the landmarks that surround us are places where the ground here was so good luck. And you know, the Mongols when they entered into this area, it wasn't just simply

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an invasion, but rather it was an extermination. And that's where I want to begin with our first lesson, that this concept of extinguishing the light, and removing it is a statement of a law in the homeland where he says, we do not do more of like

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they seek to stamp out and to put up the light of God, the light of truth, even it's with their words with their mouth. But Allah has refused for this to happen. And therefore this place where the Imam was leading prayer in Genghis Khan entered as you heard from our dear brother Aziz, who was our tour guide, and he kicked people, he kicked the man, he's trying to get his attention, break your phone up on your body, and I'm the person you need to listen to. I'm the one who's your authority, and the man ignores it, infuriated, and Allah subhanho wa Taala. He describes these kinds of behaviors by saying that too lazy to believe that a person's self pride takes him to further

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tyranny. It's very similar to Pharaoh, where he sees that the magician's prostrate to Allah men Nebula Harun our Moosa, we believe in the Lord of Moses and Harun Pharaoh says, I'm going to show you who's, who's more, I shouldn't do either. And who's more significant in punishing who's who you should fear more me or this God, this invisible God of Moses, I'm going to

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confuse you enough, suddenly, when Nakamura crucify you in the in the highest parts of the palm trees.

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And that's Genghis Khan's methodology he orders every one day. And the well that is behind me, is the place where all of the bodies of every single person who was standing in prayer on that night was deposited. It's a powerful, powerful scene.

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It's a powerful scene, but that well is still there. And that measure that was ordered, destroyed is rebuilt. And people still come and Marvel not at the magnificence of Genghis Khan, but you and I come to marvel at the resilience of the human spirit, the one that claims faith, and so upon a lot of the very same people who brought death and destruction from their ends, from their ancestry from their children's children, were those who came in service and in worship in the same with the same people who came and re establish the community invited it and reinvigorated it. And so Pamela, I want you to understand how much bloodshed this area of you know, occurred. That, you know, this was

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an area where there were millions of people living between Salman Khan bahara, all this area tournament, all this area of nobility and knowledge and authority. There were nearly 2 million people that were put to death

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at tower like the tower that we have witnessed that was ordered to remain standing. And, you know, it was narrated to us that this tower wasn't destroyed, not just because of the folk tale that you know, Genghis Khan did bow down and take his hat off, his helmet fell off and when he looked at how high it was, because he was a military genius, he was a strategist and he wanted to see the dumpster forces four miles away coming up to, to to to regain this lost territory. But that remains standing and the verses that are attached to it. Why am seska model

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it really made my skin my hair stand on edge. That when I read that and I asked our brother Aziz just I love hair. I go up

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That those verses they were there before or after? Because no these verses were there before Genghis Khan, like the person who put those verses there has no idea that this is coming. But it is the we'll have a loss of how no tiada to give deliverance and patience to the people and that remains standing. So every the one that walks by still sees that standing and read that verse am siska love will be good for law seeks harm for you, no one can prevent it. Why am Cisco behind the law? The law who in the hood no one can take away the good that is meant for you except him Sopranos you'll see

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what do you want

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to add? So I want that to be something that you

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had to leave wasn't to visit you know, just to say

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goodbye by

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look at the past and apply it to your life. So I want it to be applicable to you today. I want you to see that wherever whatever dark space you are a friend or a family member has that there's always going to be the sun the sun will always rise my chair for Friday. He said to me Yeah, well, ah he The sun will rise even if it's rising from the west. So panela nine, nine will always come to an end. Even on the Day of Judgment, the sun will rise from the way it's still gonna rise. Light is still gonna come after that the gem light is still going after the Mongols like cave. And almost apparently wa Taala is the Turner of hearts. The key has never been for you and I to fear for Islam.

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It's the fear for ourselves and our children. It's the fear for the Muslim and what we want of our Deen and its practice. It's the same thing that the prophets of Allah fear. And therefore this is a sign within the law says upon the earth have left to signs. It's not just in its creation, but it's what it's been left behind. For people. When you visit the pyramids, you Marvel when we visit, you know, and you see this menorah of gohara. You Marvel. You are inspired by it. And when you saw that Minato that was near that the grave of

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that wasn't entirely destroyed by Genghis Khan, you Marvel you say so.

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It's a sign that there will be a resurgence. The second thing that I want you take away from this, and for being seated here is that so that is your beginning and your end?

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How lesson were those people? How? And you might say so Pamela, that's a shocking thing to say. They were killed by Genghis Khan. How blessed were those people who were thrown in that well returned to their Lord and obedience upon that what tada who returned to Allah subhanaw taala I didn't experience a feeling that greater than what they experienced. And sometimes we think that that is the final end. But you know, it's not he was a believer, you know, there's more to your life than what you lose and what

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endure. And therefore those who were martyred and placed behind me, are those who are not in our hearts. We make dua for them at this moment and forever onwards, that they are from a shahadat aside from the righteous head from the highest places above.

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May, Allah subhanaw taala wasn't allowed us to live through the difficulties they live, give us the reward of the patience that they had so that we can build better than what they have built in their conduct and in their habits and their needs. The third thing that I want you to marvel at is how, as Muslims, we had,

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in our buildings, in our architecture, in our businesses in our trading, like the Silk Road, it wasn't just by accident. It wasn't just something that you know, it was because there were people of honesty, there were people of trade, one of our sisters who have a lot she left your phone at a stand, right? She left her phones at a stand, we got on a bus and drove

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the faster we go back, and there's a phone Five minutes later, here's your phone. So Panama

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it's amazing that they're still hiding. They're still honestly we went and bought carpets, you know you're in you're in some of your like, you have nowhere you can't even exchange Ozzie dollars right and somehow you can exchange your own money and there's a brother in martial law

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to honor him.

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And you know, they buy a carpet and the guy goes Oh, you don't have the American dollar. Don't worry. Take the carpet and just wire me the money you know, pay me when you get home. A lot.

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It's just astounding.

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This is excellent. There is still high you

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In these people, it stems from this well,

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it's watered this land, when you've been persecuted when you've been under communist rule when there's, you know, people trying to change everything about you, yes, of course, there's things that will change and inshallah other things to improve. But there's still, there's still things that held families together, they're still, even if they stand and make your art and they don't entirely know what they're saying, they still turn to a law with their hearts. And perhaps that there are people who don't know the Quran as well as you, and who don't have the Islamic, the Islamic outwardness that you and I do, but they have a heart that may be more woke and awakened than yours, with a loss

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don't ever consider anyone else, even the people, you know, you think

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that that person is between them and a loss of power. But perhaps that person might lay their light for you, they would give you and hold it back from others somehow. So I want you to consider that. And that was a methodology of the Prophet. And that's why I said, never ever, ever judge people just on the outward, he went deeper, I mean, left people to a loss of power. So you and I don't ever go back home and look to others and say, Oh, this person, I'm gonna write him off this monument behind you is telling you don't ever write anyone off. There's always something to be revealed. And the goodness of our people, we build the structure. I'm not as impressed by the structure as I am about

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the people who put it back together.

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You imagine what it would take to come and put back the bricks that weren't destroyed? Or you know that people were thrown in a well, would you? You would say forget about this place. Let's just go somewhere else. So panela This place is it's not for us anymore. Now. The Dow will continue. The Dow will continue to in secret where your life was at the line if you prayed outwardly if people knew you were Muslim, okay, we're going to be Muslim in hiding. It's going to be in our home. At the time of Kahn and his children. We're not going to show it but the man is in the heart, that women will go home with a man except those who made that statement of disbelief, but in their heart is serenity

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and tranquility of faith. So Pamela, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us hearts that are more solid with faith more than outwardness than we seek to show and dramatize to each other along with me. And the very last thing, you know, I was speaking about Yes, and and, and the architecture and the precision and the geometry.

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We need this. Like we need more of this.

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tired of praying and moths that are warehouses.

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You know, the method is just a warehouse. It just looks barren and dark. It doesn't even have proper lighting, like the geometry of liquids. I would I you know, when we when I let saw that in

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Tomorrowland messaging, I said a law club and I didn't have a microphone, but I can hear my voice like it was a minor echo. Because the geometry was to radiate noise, beauty and to make the awning heard from wherever anyone wanted to hear it. It's, you know, it's something where we need to become better at those kind of things again, and therefore, as a final lesson that I'm taking for llahi, from me from this trip, is to just have more guests on, seek more

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beauty in what it is that we do, and to try to perfect rather than just throw things up. This was an attempt at making something perfect that it's going to last and it's not going to be weathered, and it's going to be there for people who will come there after. So May Allah subhana wa tada give us that success and give us that happiness,

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to allow us to do good for others, and for others to learn and to travel as we travel. And may Allah subhanaw taala bring many more Muslims to this place, so that people can see that we're here. Look at all these other people that have come.

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You know, look at martial law, look at all these people who have come and they come around astounded by what our ancestors have done. And it's a shame that we don't take as much pride in that we're still should we are shooting where where where, you know, so May Allah subhanaw taala hold in the hearts and May Allah give us strength and bring more and more people to these lands to increase their need of us and our need of them.