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The importance of fasting during the holy month of Easter is discussed, as it is the rotating month and the holy month. The holy period is recognized as the 10th of booking the Rosol for Islam, and the importance of renewing one's faith and practicing becomes crucial for achieving completion. The Prophet Muhammad's teachings and his belief in the beginning of Islam are also discussed, as it is the basis of religious traditions. Rebuilding one's bodies and society is also emphasized, particularly during the pandemic and racism.

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Alhamdulillah Hurrah Bella I mean,

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while chawan La ilaha illallah wa Leah Salim

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wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo automaton BIA he will mursaleen la masala Selim, Allah hub de COVID a zuleika Mohammed while he was happy he edge my robot

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yeah about the law SQL monopoly bit Taku Allah azzawajal was somebody what

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are your poodle hawks Aparna? Yeah, are you Hello Dina Armando taco la que Kati wallet, Mouton. Illa, will enter Muslim moon.

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All praises are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. And surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners.

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And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is a servant and his last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family, his companions, all those who call to his way, all those who establish his son,

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to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows. I begin by reminding myself and you of the importance of the consciousness of God, taqwa Allah azzawajal

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the importance of surrounding ourselves with an understanding of the Creator,

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that Allah knows, Allah is with us with his knowledge, there is nothing we can do, there is no place that we can be that Allah azza wa jal does not know.

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Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the last book, the code and the final testament to humanity.

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He revealed it in the Arabic language in a way that could be completely understood by his companions,

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by the prophets, companions, and a way that could be completely understood by people who were aware

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and spent the time with the book to the Day of Judgment.

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Allah revealed in his glorious book,

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oh, you who believe.

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Fear Allah have the consciousness of Allah in the way he should be feared, and do not die, except in a state of Islam.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, in this oft repeated verse,

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has cautioned us of the importance of

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having that submission, having that fear and hope of the Creator in the proper way.

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It is not the fear of a wild animal.

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It is not the hope in the lottery.

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But it is a well founded, feeling and submission to the creator based on what we see around us what we understand and what Allah has put into our hearts. And then Allah said, try your best to leave this world as a Muslim.

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Meaning in a state of Islam is this lamp.

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And a Muslim is one who surrenders himself or herself to the will of the Creator,

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or Muslim is one who submits to the will of Allah.

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And so if Allah has given us five salaat, then a Muslim would implement the five salaat and not say that because I live far away from Mecca. Now I should do to

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a Muslim is one who submits

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Allah azza wa jal revealed fasting in the month of Ramadan, which is a rotating month on the lunar calendar. A Muslim is one who will fast regardless of whether it is in the winter or the summer.

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If the person submitted to their

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intelligence, their human intelligence, they might say, I would prefer to fast every year in December

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because it makes more sense in the northern country. It is the shortest time of the year the weather is cool

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and the fast thing can go away without any feeling at all.

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That person even though they may say the word Muslim, is not actually in a state of Islam because the is this lab is with the tongue and the heart and practice. It is a complete understanding that a believer has. And this message is so important to us today. In this world of confusion,

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this world of lies and deception.

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It is important for us constantly to go to the bottom line to the essence of our faith and to renew it, renew our submission and pray sincerely, that allow would allow us to leave this world

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as Muslims.

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Oh you who believe

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Alhamdulillah we are in the sacred month of Muharram. This is one of the four

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special months or baton horam the sacred months.

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And Muharram is an extremely important time.

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Many people underestimate the importance of the month of Mohammed

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Abdullah bin bass rhodiola. One Houma reported that he used to see the Prophet so seldom was really serious about fasting on the 10th

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of the month of Mahatma he never saw him more serious about fasting on a particular day than this day.

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It is also noted in our history,

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that the first obligatory fasts on the Muslims was not the month of Ramadan. The first obligatory fast in the first year after the agenda was the 10th of Muharram Ashura

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and so the concept of Ashura in the time of Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem was connected to the fast and it was connected to the sacredness of this very important month.

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It was later

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in the next year that Allah azza wa jal revealed in the second chapter of the Quran

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for men shy demean comitia failure Sumo, whoever, witnesses the month of Ramadan

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Okay, this is the oft repeated verse, Shadow Madonna lady Zilla fee in court and who then the NASS what they enacted Min alhuda well for con for men shahida min comitia failure somehow.

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So Allah said Ramadan is that blessing time when the Quran was revealed as a guidance to humanity and clear evidence from the guidance and that which separates truth from falsehood. So whoever amongst you witnesses this month, he must fast fell yamo and when the lamb This is called Llama Llama. When the lamb is used here in this verb, it means you must do it.

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So at that point, Ramadan became wajib fathered obligatory and the fasting in Muharram on the 10th of Muharram became so not recommended fast, a strongly recommended fast.

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And it was noted at that time

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that the Prophet Sal seldom was fasting in commemorates of the rescue of Musa alayhis salam from the federal.

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And so the fast of assura was not a type of punishment or pennants. It was a celebration.

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It was a submission to Allah subhanaw taala a remembrance of the will of Allah azza wa jal who saved his mighty messenger Musa alayhis salam from the terrible forces of the Federal that were out to destroy them.

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And so, the 10th of Muharram was important for the believers in this first generation

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because of the sacredness of the month, and because of the rescue of Musa alayhis salaam, and it was noted through the prophet Mohammed Salah salam, that it was on the 10th of Muharram that the Noah's Ark, nor alaihe salam, his Ark landed on Mount Judy on the 10th

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So it's a sacred, a sacred time.

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And the prophet SAW Selim, as we have learned, said, We are different than the yahood show a difference. We respect musala Islam, but we are the last oma. So if I live for the next year, I will fast the ninth and the 10th.

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He did not live

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for the next year.

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But Muslims continue the ninth and the 10th and if not, the 10th and the 11th. So, we are in this sacred time now, we are still within the sacred three days of the Ashura and it is crucial to remember that connection

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with the prophets. And remember, before anything happened, after the death of Prophet Muhammad, so Salaam Ashura was established,

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the fasting was established, the understanding was established. And in the day of arafah, in the last year of Prophet Muhammad so seldom, Allah subhanaw taala revealed and serve them either inside the long verse, verse three, l yoma, aka Mel to lecan Dina calm was meant to Aleikum Nia Mati what are the two lockable Islam Medina, Allah revealed, today

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I have completed your religion, I have perfected My blessings upon you.

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And I am pleased to give you Islam as your way of life.

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And so the three aspects crucial in this first,

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the kamaal the completion, that the basic fundamental practices of Islam, the foundations of the way we function, the way we think, the house of Islam were completed, the house is completed,

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the actions are perfected.

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So in other words, the actions of Ashura are perfected, to connect ourselves to musar Leyzaola to connect ourselves to know alehissalaam. Too fast in this time, and the prophets are seldom said the one would fast on the 10th that it would be an expiation for the sins of fara for the sins that came for the year that is gone, year that is gone.

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And so Allah completed it, perfected it,

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and was pleased chose it for us that this way of life should be the way of life for the believers, to the Day of Resurrection.

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It comes to us that amongst the companions, there were many who Allah blessed with with knowledge. And it is reported that on the day of autofire, when this verse was revealed, Omar a bottle hot tub rhodiola one, he began to cry.

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And when he was crying, the Prophet asked him what makes you cry?

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And Omar answered, what made me cry is that our religion is being perfected for us. Now, it is perfected, nothing is perfect, but it is bound to deteriorate.

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So almost said perfection when you reach the perfection, there is nothing left but knucks to now start going down

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to deteriorate. But the perfection is there at that time and the prophet SAW Selim said sadhak

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you have said the truth or Omar rhodiola one.

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And so the completion of the religion, what is the completion of this way of life?

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The completion is that a beautiful lifestyle has been developed for us, that we could use from the time of birth, all the way to the time of death. a lifestyle that gives us answers, for the problems we are facing, when we are in sadness, and when we are enjoying

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a lifestyle that gives us not only religious concepts of the Hereafter, but also business concepts.

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interpersonal relationships, how to run a family, how to run a society, a complete way of life.

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And that completed religion is connected to the great prophets. And this is important because you will see all the way through the life of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he is constantly referring to the messengers and the prophets.

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It is said that when the Prophet Sal seldom had left Mecca with the persecution of the code, he went up to Tov. He was stoned by the topic.

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And when he was

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rescuing himself, and leaving the area of triumph, and he ended up in a garden of the rebel family, and a servant man came to him Naima das

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and gave him some water,

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gave him grapes. The prophet SAW Selim cleaned themselves eight said Bismillah In the name of Allah, and he ate

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and adapt said

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in words, why do you say that?

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What is this that you say you are talking about one God.

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Then the prophet SAW Selim said, Who are you? Where are you from? And he said, I am a das and I am from Nineveh.

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I am from Iraq. The prophet SAW Selim said that is the place of my brother, Eunice Eben Mehta,

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la sala.

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So immediately the Prophet thinks about the Prophet Yunus, the prophet Jonah see the connection. So he's constantly connected to the prophets, and allows to pinata Allah. When the Prophet was in his difficulty told him was beer, karma sobre la raza Mina Rasul.

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Allah told him Have patience, like the most resolute of the prophets.

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And amongst them is nor alehissalaam Nigeria law. The confidence of Allah wa saved was Ibrahim Ali Salaam Halima law

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is the friend of Allah who Allah subhanaw taala saved from the fire amongst them is Musa a Salaam collembola, the one who spoke to Allah subhanaw taala and others saved him. Amongst them is Isa la salud Kelly moto LA, is the word of Allah breathed into the virgin Miriam.

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And so the older as the men are Rousseau, the connection with the prophets.

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This beautiful house of Islam, which is completed, is also connected to the generation of the prophets, Allah Salah.

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Because it is during his life, that the Quran was revealed. Over the 23 year period, Islam was completed.

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And the prophet SAW Selim was reported to have said, Pharaoh ness, cottony dama Latina yo Luna home, so Medina, yo, Luna, the best of people are in my generation, then the one that follows them, and then the one that follows them.

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And so the best generation lived in that time.

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And so

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if Muslims throughout history,

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were to submit completely to Allah subhanaw taala.

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To submit to the fact that Allah has said, the religion is complete,

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then the basis of our religious traditions would be from the prophets, down to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam with this beautiful generation, and then it stops.

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And from there, we implement Islam. We don't change it, but we have to practice it at different times in different environments. But the religion as Allah said, is complete.

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The practices are completed

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the way the Muslims related to each other, how they interacted, it was completed. If we follow this as a nation and it's not too late, there would be no place for deviations, there would be no place for sectarianism. One type of Muslim against another type of Muslim because we are all following the way of Allah subhanaw taala completed by the last prophet Muhammad

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Ali he after salatu wa teslin.

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How could we then

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After the Prophet peace be upon him spoke about the best generation, how could we curse the companions? The Prophet Sal sellers reported to have said that to subu us hobby,

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do not curse my companions. And one rewire he said, because if you were to give my offered in gold, you will never give what they gave.

00:20:26--> 00:20:28

Do not curse my companions.

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And so we recognize the weaknesses of human beings. We recognize the weaknesses, even of the companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah because they were human beings, but the religion is complete.

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And that is the beauty of Islam. It can continue on until the day of Judge judgment, it can be practiced in the desert, in the jungle, in the mountains in the snow.

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Because the principles are there, ready to be implemented by anybody in any part of the world?

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How could we, after the religion has become complete, take our teachers, our saints, our moms, and put them above the prophets.

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How could we do this?

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How could we look at the first generation in a negative way?

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That is submission submission is we accept the will of Allah azza wa jal

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in that completion and never forget these principles. The prophet SAW Selim said lad, da, da, da, da da.

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He said, Do not harm anybody and do not harm yourself.

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How then? Could we in the name of Islam destroy our own bodies? flagellate our bodies?

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suicide bombing? How can we be committing suicide in the name of Islam

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religion is completed is clear to us and clear to all those who will come afterwards. And so let us take this month of Muharram as a time to re pledge ourself to the book of Allah azza wa jal to pledge that we would read it. We would think about it, and we would implement it. Aloma Mel Tula calm Dina calm will attempt to La Colonia Mati what are the two local Islam Medina today I have completed my religion for you. I have perfected it.

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I have chosen for you al Islam.

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Let us also

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reconnect to the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed Sosa.

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If he was concerned with mojarra, doing righteous deeds and fast we should be concerned.

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Let us also try our best to unite with other Muslims try to look at people with what is the same and not what is different.

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And that has also reached out to good people of all faiths to find a unity and alliance of those who are standing for the earth. Those who are standing for justice, those who are standing against racism, against exploitation.

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Let us reconnect with the people of this planet who are standing for what is right. Let us show respect. For all of the companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW some rhodiola one home what to do.

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As Allah, Allah is pleased with them.

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They are pleased with him.

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And let us stand

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and repair ourselves. First look at ourselves, repair ourselves, try to repair the things that are around you in your family, in your society, in the world is law.

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This oma is in need of repair at this critical time, but it will be strange. You will feel strange repairing relationship even with somebody who shows you negativity, but you've tried to repair you will feel strange trying to repair a society even though it may say things against you. But I give you glad tidings for the strangers to feel strange in this time. is a great honor and privilege. Prophet Mohammed salsa

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was reported to have said in Islam or better or even worse a Yahoo do horiba for tubal hora.

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The Prophet said Islam began strange, and it will return to being strange, so glad tidings to the strangers. They asked them or messenger of Allah Who are the strange ones and he said, Allah Dena, your slave owner and the facade and ness. They are the ones who repair things

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when the people have become corrupted, so dakara Salalah alayhi salaatu wa Salaam. We have come in a time of corruption. May Allah make us of the Hookah Bar. May Allah make our children of the waterbar who stand for the Sunnah and stand for an alliance with all that is good and righteous. Aku Kali how the Woodstock Fulani welcome while he sadly Muslim minim and condemned been established federal in nahu over 40