Everything Is In Allahs Hands

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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And the fact that Allah wrote down everything does not mean that we are forced to commit evil or commit good. This is the ultimate test of this life that we are free to choose what to do. And that's why the Prophet SAW Selim said said they do aim at the target and the target is Allah. The target is Jana, which means you are nearest to Allah, work Haribo. And if you don't hit the target, get as close as possible. That means try your best, or what Allah wants from you is that you truly want him That's it. That's what it boils down to. You just want Allah and that's what sincerity is. So you live this life knowing that your destiny is in the hands of Allah.

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And that's why a lot of Hatha probably Allahu Anhu used to say Allahumma inContact attend Iman and enough honey book to be added Jana or Allah, if you wrote me down in your books from the people of the Hellfire, scrape that off and write me down from the people of paradise knowing that you do not trust yourself even you try your best but you know, you cannot guarantee paradise. You don't know what your essence that's going to choose. ultimately choose Allah or choose something else. And you still have time You haven't left this world yet. And that's why the companions that are the Allahu Anhu we're not sure about themselves, not meaning that they just have they had the self doubt, but

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they realized things are in the hands of Allah. Things are not in your hands. Yes you choose but that's

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that's the irony.