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The speaker discusses the issue of opinion and pride in the workplace, and how it affects everyone. They encourage people to stay away from sins and tober and not associate it with anything specific. The speaker also mentions the potential consequences of actions that lead to workplace malfeasance.

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This mean

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there is a saying they it's not over Swati Sato said and they said this later on he said no disease, especially epidemics comes in except because of the sins of the human beings.

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Manners Arabella on lobbyism Omar raffia Isla de Toba comes down and down by the sins of people and will be lifted by him during that will be lifted by repentance. Stay away from sins and Subhanallah how many of us these days with all the fears, with all the anxiety with all the unrest we are having, and how many of us with this together, we are staying away from sins or life is the same.

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Still reback by people will still look at Tom will still watch that this and that and still we dress and do.

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And when I am doing this, I'm doing it only for me. I'm doing it for the whole community, repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala now lots of its own sort of our own Warhol facade of a very well, we microserver tidiness, facade is is a big word is mischief. But a lot of what happens on this earth means things coming out, is because of what people does, what people human beings are doing. I'm not saying Muslims and non Muslims in general, the injustice we see on this earth, I'm not talking about only between people, even the injustice to the earth itself, the injustice to the near matter, the blessings of Allah, the waste we have, we all do. The War of running the food we don't like and we

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throw it in the garbage, the injustice with animals, the injustice with each other, the injustice in the road, all these Yanni. I look at it this way, when these things comes up, it's time to stop and go back and start thinking, what did I do that last pantalla allowed? And what should I do? So Allah remove it? You see, the point is not I'm not gonna say it's a punishment, but it's a it's a moment of thinking, I need to take a moment back and think about it. Think about it. And last pantalla said this twice in the Quran in a different way you have Allahu Nasser be more vulnerable. I'm sorry, you've only met him without your love Naseby, Marcus, if I lost hanworth, Allah will take people

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accountable by the injustice they are doing. That's in one verse, sorta. And the other one is shortfall Subbu if he takes them accountable by what they are doing, you know, what will the results be? No one will be moving on this matter carnauba humming dab, not a single moving thing. We'll be moving on this earth.

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Whenever you need a genymotion, he will, he is delaying them to a certain time.

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So don't look at other people on this. This is not for other people. This is for me, and for each one of us. With me and hearing us. I need to stop personally. Even if it is one. One plus one plus one plus one becomes millions.

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Stay away from sins, stay away from sins, and tober are unto Allah pantalla with repentance, with repentance and maybe that repentance. The sincere one I am doing all you are doing the whole thing will be lifted.

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No one will lift this except on loss pantalla