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The title of Islam uses "has" in relation to the title of the book, and the use of "has" in relation to the title is discussed. The use of "has" in relation to the title is also discussed, as well as the use of "has" in relation to the title. The importance of taking a vow to avoid unnecessary harm is emphasized, along with the use of "by" in the Arabic language to signal a promise. The use of "by" in the title is also discussed, and the discussion touches on the confusion surrounding Iran's actions and the potential consequences of not following the messenger's advice. Iran's President is believed to be a mercy upon creation, and the conversation ends with a brief advertisement for Iran's new President.

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Our lifecycle regimes will emerge from reliable alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali or savage My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Islamic law

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and family law for joining us tonight number seven of this year's Ramadan Subhan Allah almost one week is completed of this year and my lovelies, as you know we've done so far and grant the rest of the month we attained the full benefits including the night of liberal quadrate army and also just a word of advice from my side from for myself first and for all of us. Usually when we're performing our role in the masjid and now my grant is to return soon. We find that towards the end of the first week in the middle part of Ramadan maybe the middle 10 days. This is when the machines are the least for and people don't the novelty of Ramadan has worn off and they become a little bit you know, we

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become a little bit lazy, and then only towards the end of Ramadan again the last 10 nights that we wake up perhaps the taste for us this year to make this Ramadan the best is to make sure we fulfill every single evening and make every night of Ramadan special. We don't know which night either Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to forgive us which might almost be to grant us that access to gender. So the land leaders continue and not let the novelty of Ramadan we have 100 relapse. Today a candlelight vigil is seen and we're going to begin with I've set up a scene in sha Allah to make it easy for us to understand, we will divide it up into basically we could say six sections, six

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chunks, and each section has a discussion on its own and revolves around a central message tonight, section number one, we will do it over one night or two nights to discuss issue number one from verse number one to verse number 12. This is really the introductory section. And in reality this section speaks about all the major themes of the surah and it gives the the message of surah Yaseen and the rest of the surah comes to back it up. So Allah subhanaw taala will mention certain things in this introductory verses these first dozen verses and in the rest of the surah is almost evidences for it and backing it up and enforcing the meaning. So without further ado, I will be

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Man Rahim Allah begins with ya seen as we know the word Yes, he is one of the Hulu from the ad meaning the disconnected letters is similar to Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam raw Harmon these are letters that are decided individually it's not a word. You know, we don't say use this. Yes, each letter is separate like an acronym. For example, we could say ANC BBC. These are words that are disconnected with separate letters. The letters are Macaca they are disconnected. And just some backstory to these letters 29 out of 114 sutras begin with these Macaca you will not find any later you will not find a word like this in the middle of a swirl at the end of the song. You know, you want to decide

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in the middle of the surah in a Serato Muskoka. I mean clearly, you know it won't happen like that. It's always at the beginning. There's only one chapter in the entire Quran that has to kata is the first and the second for the rest the other 28 to us it is only the first ayah that has a Macaca later in the show, that will be a quiz question for all of you to find that surah which surah has to is Macaca. And if we look at the macaque that four of the chapters are actually named after the hero from that, and this is an example of before Yes, he was named of the scene. And baja is another example. Assad and off these two sources also they give the name to the chapter and some sources

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they begin with common Metallica mean, you will find appears six times in the Quran Alif Lam raw five times the Quran Han mean seven times in the Quran. But he has seen for example, only the surah there's no other place in the Quran, where you find the word he has seen. And now what what do these letters mean? What is the purpose of them? First with regards to Surah Yaseen. These are very, very weak narration or opinion or observations in relation to the opinion of some facility that there was a time called the tea type the type of tea, and they had a statement where they would say, Listen up, or are you a way of cooling you instead of saying yes, in some people, they would say yes. And

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so some scholars have said perhaps this is a way taken from the stripe, a lot of saying, oh, inside here in sand, pay attention. But this is a very, very strange and a very, very, very weak opinion. In fact, many of the scholars reject this opinion, because it would mean that the Quran is using language not from the Quran and using a dialect not from the same dialect that it is revealed in and this Allah subhanaw taala would not do, you will not take from another dialect and put it inside the Quran. And so rather than just a coincidence that the tribe has the word he has seen, which means Oh people, and it's found the answer is seen also if we were to say this is the case, if this was the

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case, then what about the other group of Macaca What about

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those who are not found in any other language or any other dialect, and so rather, we would rather assume that they all have a similar meaning behind them. And muscle, some engineer a very important side note. It is because of this

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interpretation that he has seen means Oh people, oh man, that some have incorrectly use the name yacine to mean the name of them, they would say yes, he means Oh, man, oh man, and the most perfect man being a prophet of Allah. So they would say it's as if the Allah is calling Oh Mohammed, but calling him yacine. And so there are some people who have incorrectly assumed one of the names of navy seals on them is yacine. And this is of course, completely not correct. So what does he mean? He has seen like the other macatawa letters like Alif Lam Meem like Hamid ultimately there is no answer. We don't know what it means. I'm not even knew what it means and therefore it was not

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conveyed to us. It is something which was placed in the Quran. It has meaning because I'm not exactly Jewish in the Quran. But it's one of those things which Allah says the meanings belong to Him alone. Like when it came to certain things Allah subhanho wa Taala put me for a reason, but did not give us the knowledge of it. We do know though we do know that there is a link between the Hulu dot and the next of us. Almost always, the next verse will speak directly about the Quran who mentioned the Quran or it will mention indirectly something to do with the Quran. So for example, Alif Lam Meem Surah Baqarah Valley can pick up this book or that book a lot is talking about the

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current year again Yes, in one Quran in Hakeem Allah mentions the Quran in the next verse. So there is a link between these 29 Kuru kata, and something miraculous about the Quran. That is something that we can know for sure, and allow it anything beyond that this is purely speculation, and it is best not to speculate with regards to the ground. The second verse or losses will occur and in hockey in the wall. The wall year is a world of custom, it is the world of taking a vow, like we say well llahi By Allah, Allah by the Quran, Allah is as we see, in fact it almost sunbathing by the Quran. And we know that there are other ways in which we can make a costume there are three lasers

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we can use, we can say, one lie, or build on line three, while back into these three liters when you add it, it means you stick an oath right? So Allah says, I swear when he says I'm swinging by the Quran, the miraculous Quran, Al Hakim, Hakeem, what does hacking mean? hacking means wise. So someone was hacking, he has wisdom. It gives advice. It gives correct instructions. Also, hacking is a judge. You go to Muslim land, if you say I'm going to the court, you go to the maxima. So a hokum is a judgment, and so all liquid and it's not just wise but it is authoritative. It gives the final verdict when the Quran says something, there is no debate in it, there is no further discussion

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about it. The Quran is the final arbitrator in all those things. So Allah is taking a vow, I always say I swayed by the wise authoritative Quran, I mean, something will follow something on powers again. We see although as we know the Quran, he takes vows with many many, many, many things I lost with while I sorted by time. All this is why shrimps by the sun by the moon by the day, Allah takes a vow by any of his creations. Sometimes he even takes a vow by himself. Allah say by by your Lord, Allah vows by himself. For us as people we know it is haram. It is an act of shake is an act of disbelief to take a vow by anyone else besides Allah we can only say by allow me constantly, I swear

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on my mother, I can swear by the messages. In fact, even a boss was making the offer and someone said to another person, I swear by the character, so even if I said to them, don't swear by the Kaaba or all this way by Robin carrabba, the Lord of the cargo. As for the Quran, very interestingly, we are allowed to take a vow with the Quran we can say I swear by the Quran here in South Africa, they have a thing that so unlike so much river Allah thing basin quarantine 1000 times by liquid and so there's some truth to the matter, rather than sway like that there's no need to sway like that's a strike we shouldn't take an oath for unnecessary reasons. But Allah subhanho wa

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Taala As we can see, the Quran is see not as a creation of Allah. That is why you can take a vow with the Quran I swear by the Quran and you can ask by prediction through the Quran, I will be calling Mattila I seek protection with the Quran. So the Quran is not a creation, another creature of the creations of Allah, it is the speech of Allah and may for an attribute of Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore you may may take a vow with it. So Allah is saying now usually we take about Eisley that I saw now obviously what follows is something very important. So if Allah says I, Suma I swear I take a vow, I swear by the the wise authoritative Quran that that what the next I in nikka

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laminal, mousseline, that in a minute, we're sorry that faily indeed the inika is to give infant I swear that indeed, you are from amongst those who have been sent with a message you are of those messengers of the perfect translation. Yeah, but we could say for our understanding, I swear by the Quran, that you are amongst the messages that have been that have been sent. And so the this verse is an answer to the previous verse. And as I said, there are number of emphasis in akella that if we look at the the world

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This if we don't speak like this in English, indeed, really, I will be going to the shop no one speaks like that anymore. But in Arabic And of course the Quranic Arabic we have a lot of these things who will allow us to emphasize a meaning. And so by him saying this, Allah is putting as much emphasis as you could possibly grammatically put in there, that visually, surely indeed, without any doubt, you are a messenger, you are those who have been saved. Now, what's interesting in this ayah, Allah is speaking in the second person to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam I was not meaning this is not being addressed to the Father saying that he is a messenger, I swear he's a messenger, Allah

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standing with me Salah You are a messenger, why would Allah say this to them? As we said at the beginning of the show, what are the themes of this, when this all came down, then evisa salam was really in a low point in his prophethood his message was not moving forward. And every day he's been told you're a liar, you're a madman, you are on look at you your messaging going forward, no one follows you except a very few weeks slaves. So with time This begins to weigh you down, and it's psychologically hurt and abused. And we know him to be a very strong, positive, optimistic person, but through the constant abuse he was receiving, he was actually even doubting His Messenger when he

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wasn't doubting Allah. He was doubting himself, am I? Am I a failure, he began blaming himself, maybe I'm the problem, I'm not giving the dollar as I should. And so Allah the first message allow us to give in the surah is really to the resource on them. But of course to ask as well, that indeed you are a messenger, that this is a validation from Allah subhana wa tada that Allah is keeping frenemies from them. It also teaches us the power of abuse that you know, when people call you names enough times, even in missing Java like personal almost speaks to where they received the Quran, can get broken down and worn down that old nursery rhymes, sticks and stones can break my bones, but

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names will never hurt me is completely wrong. Names can really hurt someone. And if you give names constantly, even though something he knows to be true, someone can be beautiful, but you constantly say to her, you're ugly, and you don't look pretty. Eventually that person will begin to feel insecure. And so they're a resource alum. He's also going through this level of emotional breakdown, and who better and that shows you his mom shows you his status that alone will reveal versus saying that you you don't need anyone's validation I'm telling you from the Lord of the seven of the universe, from above the arch, you are of the of the messengers also I could have said you are a

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messenger, but he Allah Subhana Allah said, You are a part of messengers, you're one of many why to show you're not alone. He feels he's alone. But to say You're not the first to go through this. You're also part of eternity a group of messengers, you are not the first to experience this kind of thing. And it will see a little actually talk about a number of these messengers went through what nobody says on them is coming through. It also shows that what he is being seen with the thing which is being causing him is the grief he's getting a lot of he was very loved by his people before he came with the Quran. Now that he's reading the Quran, that is when these people are rejecting Him

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and cursing him. Allah is telling us simply to deliver a message and is not you that they hate rather is the message. So Allah says again, we continue in the K laminal morsani, Allah sirata, Muscatine, when we did the seer of Surah Fatiha, we should Siracusa him Is that clear big highway, the straight path The path which has no ambiguity in it, it is the it is the thing that is the path that will lead you to success. So Allah is saying you are a pond, a straight path this a lot doesn't say who it is upon a straight path. It could refer to the Moodysson in all of them, all of them is a straight path or mean and of course, it means that a visa Salam as well, he is on a straight path.

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Do you know sometimes if you're going the wrong way in the road, and you see people driving on the other side and it will tell you when you're going the wrong way, eventually you'll feel some doubt you'll be like even if you've driven this road 100 times you might feel maybe I've made a mistake here unless confirming that me some do and keep doing what you're doing. You are on the straight path. What you're doing is right Don't worry about the results that is in the hands of Allah and this is something that all of us can take that when we are doing that which Allah has commanded us sometimes to mean we on the outside at work, we are the outsider with amongst our friends, you know

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for young people, your friends might tell you you are you going the wrong way and rather join our way even if it means you are on the outside so long as you are on the straight path you are going in the right direction. It also shows you that an abyssal sanctum as we know he lived a perfect life all I sing the Quran is Hakeem it is perfect is authoritative. It is wise, it's full of rich of wisdom. And you have a messenger who is on the straight path. But he is what he does is always right. And we know that there is no person in history whose life has been so documented and we know from his life, every aspect of it has been has been perfect. So both the messenger and the message

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are perfect that even the non believers knew this even the Quran even the worst of opponents, they knew that he was on some kind of righteousness that his moral compass was Supreme. And so you know in Surah Fatiha we asked him in a circle Mr. Kim, Allah, guide us to the safe path guide us to the safe path. We gave an example of someone who's lost in the city and he's looking for a way and so we asked him to like show me we

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The highway that will take me to success. Allah is saying yo NaVi is Allah sallallahu Stocki Mohamed Salah Salam is on that path, he's walking that path. You don't have to search for it, you just have to follow Him and you will be guided. So if you lost in the URL you have to look through the GPS, you don't have to wonder about you find the guy who says you know what I will take you do what you need to know and that is the job of the Navy. So most of them and for us it just means following in his footsteps and will be unnecessary path all the time. Allah Siracusa team, so a lot of spoke so far he hasn't mentioned himself. He mentioned the Quran. He mentioned the Prophet. Now Allah says

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who sent down the Quran, and who is the one you are missing? From whom 10 00 am this is a very powerful I Alice's revelation almost if you could use an exclamation mark and exclamation mark at the end of this ayah This is a revelation of blessing from Allah Aziz Rahim. Al Aziz and Rahim two names of Allah. And as easy is perhaps the most one of the most powerful Names of Allah. It means the one who is filled with his or his or means might empower. So Allah say, a revelation from the most mighty that the Almighty and the Most Merciful, that you are sent and the Quran is being sent, not by anyone else except by the most powerful and the All Merciful Allah answering. If you were to

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read the Quran blind, you didn't know who it was, we sealings revelation and who is sending this messenger It is Allah subhana wa tada and Allah subhana wa tada uses these two words and these two names as we said before, when Allah joins two of his names together, he wants to give a combined meaning. So on the one hand, he uses the word Aziz, which is power and might and strength and honor and then he also uses the name or he meaning that He is merciful and kind that he does when he exercises his power is done with mercy. This goes to show that this could earn and this messenger of mighty and they are powerful, but they are being sent for a purpose of mercy. They're not coming

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here to harm anyone. This is Allah will speak about destruction. Allah will speak about punishments or other he's not here to bring about punishments, but it is to save people from the punishment in another way of looking at it. Allah is telling to the enemy so Sanam you are being backed by Aziz why you feeling worried and sad and alone. in your corner you have the all powerful and a is a also to the believers you're not alone the believers you have a lot on your side and for the disbelievers you're not going up against Mohammed sasakawa villain, you're going up against the Lord of all creations. And we know again, all our links with me so celeb Allah says Rahim that he is a mercy

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unto mankind. The fact that Allah sent this, this messenger is to bring about mercy for your own benefit. Why will you send Mohammed Salah? Why was the Quran revealed, Allah explained to the next ayah I am number six, between the rock home and Mountain View.

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halfway done, you were only sent a Mohammed Salah was lm Li tended to warn to to warn a people a comb a people whose forefathers were not warned. And so they are unaware. A lot is mentioning here the messenger, he has come as a mercy to his people and he society to save them from something now, people have confused and in many times they said although since the messengers and you think what comes and when he texts you and then if you don't follow, he's going to punish you. That's not the case. Last thing your society has reached a certain level with its own actions own doing will bring about its destruction. And we can see that in this world today. How we pollute the environment, how

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we treat each other. We if we continue on a certain path, we are on the path to our own destruction or it doesn't have to seem a calamity, we will cause our own downfall. And so the question was, similarly, at this point, the crash we're at such a low point in human history, they were the worst of the worst, they were killing their own children buying and selling the women's vinyl or they will have the worst people that you could find. And so Allah subhanaw taala, saying that they were on the verge of destruction, and only sending them as a mercy someone to warn him away, pull them off the ledge, and they are not even aware of that a lot was a sense that they are a people or doesn't even

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mention them by name. Remember, at this point, the question really would be very elegant Who are you? So I thought he was dignifying them with a name all I sent you to the crush and all that he sent you, eight people from amongst many, many people, in fact, amongst all the nations he has seen your perhaps of the most insignificant nation that there is no there is nothing in you that Allah subhana wa Taala has made special exhibit he has blessed you with the best of Gambia and the best of revelations really, to think what the question would have been if the Quran had not received Mohammed sauce on them and they don't receive the Quran. They would not even have been a footnote on

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society. No one in history would have known them they would have come and gone without any mention in history, yet Allah symptom, this revelation, and through that they became the greatest of nations, an empire with the follow following from this today we are still studying the Quran because how Allah has blessed them and taking them out of the darkness. A lot also mentions so Allah didn't only say he sent you to a people who have not received a warner so they are unaware Allah mentioned the forefathers them and the forefathers are who had not received any warning before. Why? Because the question

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took a lot of pride in boasting about the ancestry. And you find this with people that are very arrogant, usually ignorant and arrogant usually go hand in hand, or something they like to do is they like to belittle others, they use as a form of racism. They like to talk about the lineage, the pride, the culture, the customs, we are the beast, and they belittle others. And so Allah says, both you and your forefathers were unaware, both of them, we had no knowledge, and you just did things without any justification. So many times the Qureshi would say, should we leave the actions are our forefathers, this is our tradition, our custom. And Allah teaches us that if our customs, our

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culture, if it goes against the Sharia, then it is a misguided customer. Even if our grandparents, our parents did that. They were wrong. Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing you the right way. And in every culture and custom, you might find aspects that are not part of the Islamic tradition. And people tend to cling to that why this is the way our forefathers have always done it. Unless you and your forefathers almost guided or lost or confused or hoffler, in a state of carelessness. So let go of those things and come to guidance, some might say but injuries may not come to the courage before. Yes, he did. But this is many, many 1000s of years. In fact, there was no such thing as

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Qureshi back then he was in Makkah, but it is a completely different people in some ways. And so it is even though they never received a missing Jason's name. Somebody also asked, then a Beatles album, did he only come to the kurush? Or did he come to all of mankind as we will learn if we learn his history, then a resource on him first came to his own people. And this is the methodology of all the ambia you first see to your own family and your own neighbor, your own community, charity begins at home. So then Elisa first came to call his own people. And then he expanded to the rest of the world and told me that amazing Howdy. And he said that all the MBR of the things that made me

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special, Allah gave me five special things. One of them always made me and me to all of mankind. And of course, it makes sense that this is the final revelation that everyone is called to this message. And one of the also the beautiful things means no one can lay claim to it. He's not just an Arab Navy, or a mechanic, he is a bee to all of us even in South Africa we can claim he's our to be no one has the right to claim him rather we are part of his nation, he's also come to form a new nation we know that Allah says that the moment when they are equal, that we are a new people all together. Our affiliation of tribe and culture. You see the remains will always be some African will always be

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Zulu, of course has no no problem or Islam maintains that but you are part of a much bigger nation and that is the nation of the oma of Mohammed Salatu was Helen and so Allah Subhana Allah as a mercy has seen this in me to call all of mankind away from impending doom. What is it that's going to happen? What is going to save us from what is the consequences of not following this messenger and this warning, inshallah tomorrow, we can see that the life cycle of hate us and I want

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