Should We Worship God Out Of Fear

Ammar Alshukry


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Should We Worship God Out of Fear? (Rhyme Reason) – Ammar Alshukry

This concept of taqwa. Should we fear Allah azawajal? Should we fear his hellfire? Isn’t that self-serving if we worship Allah azawajal out of fear?


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of fear and the importance of learning to be fearless. They use the examples of the book reassuring people to not fear and to trust God. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of learning to be fearless and staying away from one's prohibitions.
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You know, a lot of times you will get the question, you know, should we worship God out of fear? This concept of duck What should we fear allies or should we fear his Hellfire? Isn't that self serving if we worship him out of that emotion? And the answer is Allah hazard commands for us to fear him throughout the Quran, one of the most vivid examples of that a lot as it says, le homophobe to him Lula Lumina now women Tatem loaded vladika u haul with hula hoop he hit a vida. Yeah, very explicitly a lot as he describes the Hellfire he says they'll have canopies of fire above them, and they'll have canopies of fire below them. It is through that that Allah threatens his slaves. You

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wholly followed directly by that Allah inducing fear in his slaves with that threat. Yeah. All my slaves, so fear me. And so that's very explicit from Allah azza wa jal. And that doesn't mean that we should not have love of Eliza yet or that we shouldn't have hope and a lot as George said, there's a balance of nothing he says, about you know, the heart of a believer that it's like a bird, fear and hope are the wings and love is the heart. But the point is, is that we do not underestimate the the the corrupting nature of fear that when you fear a lot, as always yet, that is what will propel you to stay away from his prohibitions, as well as to do that which a lot as we did has

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obligated on you. And it is an important aspect of our worship, and we shouldn't neglect it and we should learn to be of the people of taqwa.