Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L146E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the attacks on shaytan and the importance of shavons as a means to avoid attacks on individuals. They also touch on the challenges of living in a shutdown and the importance of honoring shavons and learning from them. The speakers stress the importance of listening to music for a small child and avoiding harming feelings during hip hop performances. They also mention the negative impact of listening to shapesh PD music on children and the importance of mindful listening to music for small children.
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So we see that shaytan uses various ways to attack human beings to lead them astray.

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Sometimes, he uses his voice.

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Sometimes he uses his yelling at people constantly is arousing them deliberately him. Sometimes he sends his forces against people.

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He comes in has a share in the wealth of people in the children of people. He promises them he threatens them.

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And in reality, what is he doing, leading people astray?

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Now, Shere Khan attacks, different different types of people. And depending on the person, he uses a different technique, because that is a way of being successful, that you recognize who you're talking to what you want out of them, and accordingly, you use your technique. It is up to Chitwan, he attacks scholars, they will limit how, by saying things such as you just need to do what will mouth and that is enough for your salvation. Don't do anything else. Don't stop people from wrong, just tell them about what they're supposed to do.

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And don't worry about yourself. You're telling people about so many good things,

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forget about yourself.

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But what do we learn that a person who is only telling people and he's not practicing what he's preaching, then he will suffer from a very severe punishment in the hereafter.

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Similarly, he tries to instill in them pride of knowledge

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that I know a lot, I know this, I know this, I know this, this person does not even know this, this person does not even know that I have learned for so many years, I have learned from these many teachers. So this pride of knowledge and the sense of I know everything and I can never be wrong, I can never make a mistake.

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Similarly, sometimes

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he instilled in them jealousy against two other knowledgeable ones, that then a person begins to compete.

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Instead of his focus being spreading the head, his focus becomes I should do more than this person. People should want to listen to me more than this person.

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he makes them show off their knowledge, how that for example, a person is teaching. And all of a sudden, he mentioned when I studied with such and such scholar, when I completed my study of the Sahara,

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when I completed my study of the six books, I mean, what's the point of saying that if you're mentioning a Hadees, if you're mentioning an incident, that's enough? Why do you have to mention that when I did this, and when I did that, and when I accomplish this, when I accomplished that? What's the objective of saying such a thing, showing up?

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Similarly, self piety that I'm so righteous, look at all these people who are changing because of me, this is what self piety that I'm so righteous allies making my tongue so noble, that I'm reciting the Quran to people and teaching them the Quran. Now, each and every one of us must reflect on ourselves as well. Because sometimes, when people begin to learn the deen as well, at that moment you thought attacks them, see you learn so much already. You know so much already. Look how you just read one verse after the other. Look how it keeps coming to your mind. shaitaan makes you like yourself. Yes, you should be happy about the fact that our hamdulillah you have gained a big

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treasure, but never feel arrogant about never at all, because this is a dual associaton. Because imagine if any of these things come, then all the reward is wasted. It's gone finished. Similarly, he attacks her for her who are the

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jurists. So he attacks them how, by making them focus on fewer key issues only.

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To the extent that a person gets entangled in them, and leads to endless debates on a particular issue.

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It completely removes their focus from what is important to what is unimportant. Similarly, the Mujahideen How does your counter attack them? Keep fighting, you'll be called a mage, I hate people who remember you as ahwazi as a major hit. So he makes him show off, he grabs his knee. There are between those who worship Allah, how does he attack them?

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How does the attacker like for example, if a person is fasting enough or fast, now somehow just mentioned to the other person that you're fasting today, and you're not really making up your missed fast This is enough of us.

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Making a person show off or making a person feel that because you are doing so much better. You don't need to do this particular kind of

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like for example, you read so many novel, the upside of it was a good study.

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Those people who do it who don't do better.

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This is how shaitaan makes people think that I pray so many enough. I recite the Quran even who says that studying the Quran understanding the Quran is important. It's not important at all. So he makes a person belittle other important deeds, because of the pride that he has in the rebar that he does.

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Similarly, he attacks the mobile living those people who are calling others to Allah who are doing Dawa.

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How that he causes them to dispute with others unnecessarily.

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He removes their focus from what is important to what is unimportant. Because many times when a person is doing Dawa, he starts off with the intention that I want to tell this person about.

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About the I want to save him from hellfire. But then later on, it becomes a personal debate that a person is trying to prove himself, right. And he's trying to prove the other person wrong.

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Similarly, does that mean that how would you translate that a person who abstains from the luxuries and the pleasures and the enjoyment of this world

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was very careful, does not indulge much? This was a hidden, so how does he attack him, that you're so pious, and other people look how they're wasting their time. Even if they're doing what they're wasting their time, you're much better than them.

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He attacks the Euro as well, the reciters is that you have such a lovely voice, you have such a beautiful voice. Look at how many people are crying cry, but more so that they can also cry.

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Similarly, innovators, those people who do with their children also attacked somehow, by telling them Oh, what you're doing is so important. Leave this on. That's what common people do, you're doing extra good.

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So this is also an attack of SharePoint. So we see that every single person no matter how righteous he is, to how unrighteous he is. shavon is busy trying to attack him. And we need to remember this, we need to wake up and realize this, that I am under the attack of Shelton.

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He wants to sit on me. And he wants me to run just like a horse runs in obedience to His master.

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I cannot give my reins to SharePoint, I cannot let them take a hold of that. Because if I do, I am doomed.

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In everybody, Allah subhanaw taala says, indeed My servants, laser aka you do not have or lay him upon them so far on any authority, my servants, you don't have any Sultan over them, meaning you cannot lead them astray. You can try many, many things. You can use your voice, you can overlay him. You can establish this, you can do anything that you wish but remember my servants, you cannot lead them astray. You cannot have any power to lead them astray. Why? Because they are my servants anybody, and who are the servants of Allah, those who seek protection with Allah, those who have a strong bond of friendship and reliance upon

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those who rely on Allah, not on themselves, those who constantly turn to Allah, in everybody, later, aka Allah himself on

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worker fabula our killer and definitely your Lord is sufficient as a Disposer of affairs, meaning your Lord, as a key is sufficient if a servant relies upon Allah subhanaw taala does the work called on working on Allah? Then that is enough for him? He does not need anything else for his protection.

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What do we see in this ayah?

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That Allah soprano data supports his believing servants? He guards them, he protects them. He saves them from the attacks of shaper. And this is the promise of Allah.

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Because Shere Khan is on his mission to attack to defeat every single human being.

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But their Illa Colleen and there are a few who will be saved, who are those few? Those were the servants of them. So what is the only way of fighting shavon successfully?

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What is the only way

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that a person becomes an object

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that a person really become the servants? that a person does those things that are last panel data lakes,

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that a person prays to Allah, He fortifies himself with the vicar of Allah. He holds on to the reservoir to

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see the fortress of the Muslim he fortifies himself. So such a person shavonne cannot attack him. He cannot defeat him.

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insalata National ID number 99 we learned in the who lays Allah who sadananda either Latina Amano where a lot of Bohemia

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Those who believe in those who trust upon Allah shaitan does not have any cell phone on him. His cell phone is on who in the muscle Tanya are the Latina, yetta willona, who, when Medina home de machico, those of the friendship on those who obey Shabbat, who listen to SharePoint, those are the ones who are defeated by SharePoint.

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And those who resist, they're the ones who are successful.

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our key

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a point that made me reflect was in regards to how we spend our money. And sometimes for many of us, we think that so long as our money is through other means, and it's earned through holiday means that we can do whatever we want with it. But it just goes to show how shutdowns always out to get you from every corner. And that even as Rob in wasting our money is also shutdown has always has a share in it exactly, not something that we consider. Because sometimes we just think that because I have earned it through huddle, I can spend wherever however, I wish. But we see that even when it comes to spending, it should be according to the teachings the most apparent art has given us.

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I sound like I was singing the part with regards to how sheath antics share in your children. How since like, from birth, until you grow up until you die, like every stage of your life, he's there. But whereas when mothers usually like nowadays, especially when you talk about giving an Islamic education to your children, you're like when they get older. But we don't realize that from a very young age, it's already coming to them, like shun is already coming to them. So why don't we bring them closer to like becoming an entrepreneur? Exactly. Many times parents are very strict in the way they raise their children, because they say that life is difficult. And if I don't train them from

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now, they won't be able to bear the challenges of life. But we see that one of the greatest challenges is that that comes from shaitaan. And we need to prepare our children from a very young age. So I will come back to verse two, where it says Allah honored the creation of Adam. Whereas whenever we follow shaitaan, we seek some sort of honor, whether it's impressing our friends, whether it's following zooms or whether it's following the commands of our parents, it's always towards honor which is which is very ironic, but it's never really honor, the real honor is with obeying the law as well. And that's very clear in that way. That words that were the creation of

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Adam and Allah tala basically honored Adam and all the way up until the very last person is going to be honored. But it's only which we choose ourselves to be honored in a very wrong way. And we delude ourselves, chiffon deceives us right? Do you think that if we will pay him will be honored. But the fact is that if we obey upon, we're like, like a DARPA that is being controlled by a person.

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That's like, I was just thinking about the part when you were talking about music. And I was thinking like, How common is it now, like, you walk into a store to buy clothes or groceries, and there's music in the background, and we don't think about the message that it's sending towards us. Like, sometimes you talk about just for example, dating, right? And, um, later, like, we become so common that we don't think it's wrong. So we really need to pay attention to what we hear. Very true.

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I'm still on the word, then it can. And I was thinking that if a person is limited by a button, it's not easy for the Chapin to to be successful in all his trades. But while a person if he is a limit in a hobby, certain, it's very easy for him to uproot us. So pretty much shattered into

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a slew her

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father or her.

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And on the other hand, would you recommend focal murder home in Colorado.

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So parallel really touched me but as it was resetting as the Alhamdulillah Allah gave me this chance to learn because this is a knowledge because if without knowledge, nobody would understand this idea. Before I used to hear she don't in turn, but today's panel Alhamdulillah really, you literally see shaytaan is your enemy, that someone who wants to control you and take your wealth and your children away from you. I mean, that's your enemy. Just adding to the point of shadow and having so much conviction but as a believer like we need to expand a lot it just noticed that we have to be like soldiers on this earth. Like we have to be really aren't like armed. And one of the things that

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we learned from this weekend we're taking class about it will claim he said that for a believer, they need to have two things, they need to have knowledge. And they also have to have lofty ambitions, like they have to have really high ambitions in order to go forward. And that's like the conviction that we have and what we aim for. That's what we're gonna get. If we aim high, then inshallah she don't attack us from because he can't because we're with Allah Subhana

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Tada akiza up our friend. So we really need to have lofty ambitions,

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cinema. And as 64 like it really amazes me to see how like, music is mentioned first, poetry is mentioned first. And if you look around us, like, the entire world, like music is number one, that's what that is the most, you're catching, or whatever it is be like it comes from the little kids, like you mentioned, to like the most old people you could even imagine. And the way it came to a point where the music industry has so much control that, like music singers are and rappers or whatever, they're openly saying that they, they sold their soul to the devil. And people in the concerts are still cheering. It's like they're so ignorant. It's like, that's how much control he

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had over us. And like soprano LA, like people are still still they're ignorant. They hear the stuff. And the lyrics is getting even worse. So open, not even hidden messages anymore. It just opened messages. And then people are still listening. I don't care. I like the way he writes. It's not fair. Oh, why can we listen to the Why is why is the best singers and the best rappers have to be haram or how to listen to? Like, it's just like, people just don't want to stop listen to music. There's so many other options.

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Like, do you want to be a slave of the shavon?

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Tell me about the music. I know somebody else is speaking to the two days ago. He's pretty young. He's like 24, and he's a singer. And just like, I don't know, a few months back, he was, you know, turned to towards Islam. So he quit everything again. But again, they got the after two months, he went back. And I was speaking to him just yesterday. And he goes to me, where you cannot deny the fact that Allah has given me the talent. And I'm like, Yeah, he did, but you're using in the wrong way. I'm like, you know, I'm not denying that. And then I was telling him, I was like, it's just you one person who thinks it but everybody, you know, who drives you to the concert, and everybody who

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comes all of them are getting the sin, sin of their sin. And I mean, I was like, and because of you, your parents, you know, they're not getting anything out of it. They're being gay. So he's like, okay, now I'm gonna think about it now selling it, because what do you recommend from him? Like, first, you have to change your company, because it's your company that starts off. So and I was just, I mean, we were at the match. When are you I was saying when high school during they were asking how to make it strong. And he was saying first is you are just company, and second excessive sticker. And that will bring you closer to last $1. It's to be able to see the end to be able to

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recognize the enemy, to be able to see that. Okay, this person, what they're telling me is actually from shavon. Because he comes through people, he comes through others. So the solution is in becoming an act of Allah doing the Kabbalah, making your friendship, your bond very strong with Allah, and then recognizing the enemies. Well,

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we might think that, oh, Shere Khan is so strong, he has such a big plan. And we might feel intimidated. But the fact is that our last panel, Todd is much, much greater than him. He's much more knowledgeable than him. And he is telling us about how Siobhan is going to come to us so that we can be on our guard, we can be careful that the resume of shaitaan is pretty amazing, because he has had the experience from the very beginning.

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And successful experience,

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I was thinking of the key to certain success is constancy. The thing is he doesn't give up, all we have to do is go one step ahead of it. If he comes 1000 times 1002 times we're going back to the same thing that Allah has asked us exactly. And if he's so constant, and we have to be constant as well.

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There is a lecture by Sheikh Mohammed actually, when wolves become shepherds, I recommend all of you to listen to them. Because he has explained in a lot of detail about the tactics of shaitaan how he approaches and it's very important for us to keep listening to it so that we can remind ourselves of this war that we're at constantly.

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I was just thinking, these days, it's all about fighting bullies and stuff like that in high schools and elementary schools and promoting going against bullies. But if you really think from a very young age, I remember in high school in elementary and public school all throughout, we were told them there was all these campaigns of fighting bullies. And if they use the same tactics, I honestly think that they would work like they always tell you, when a bully approaches you be confident who you are. Remember, remember that you have your own positives and you have your own qualities and same thing with the shaitaan remember that you're an observer law you have the Quran with you the

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biggest weapon that you can ever think of you're the wiser always with you. Your parents use every every little thing I suggest to said remember every little thing towards your own personal game not against him. Your parents use them to make make them happy. That's your word right there your friends guide them to the Quran. That's what every little step is towards guidance but it's just we keep going back we keep going back and he was pushing us to get up even the bullies are always hope they push you get back up and be confident so just remember that the little rules and stuff like that they gave you high school.

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So I was just thinking and reading

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In this back to an incident runner learning about muddy muddy when her mother was pregnant with her and how her relationship was with a loss.

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And it just keeps showing you that if you have that one on one connection with a mother, nothing can happen to you. And also the dryer that she made for a lot to protect, not just ammonium, but her progeny against the footsteps in the whisperings of Sheetal. And that's so important. That's something we have to do constantly. Whether you're a mother or whether you're not a mother, it's just thinking, Okay, what can we do, and that's a beautiful thing to keep remembering that we have to have that connection. If you don't have that one on one connection, then you're vulnerable.

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And one more thing when I was looking at it, that Japan while he was starting to Allah subhanaw taala was chatting zuri Yeti, especially, especially for the offspring use the words and today is the most of the concern of the parents. They are more worried about the kids. And you will if you look at it once I was just listening chef mama Sherry lecture and he was saying when people complain about their kids, that they don't listen them the most common complaint within the parents nowadays. They don't listen as parents that their parents are there to teach them and sometimes even most of the time the parents who are Mashallah very active and be there more than Trump. So they say they

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don't listen whatever we have, they're not taking it because they're continuously listening the south of shape

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this is the answer. Most of the time in the ears if we look up to our teens, they have all the all the time the thing in their mind in their ears and you're telling them and they ignoring you because they are listening somebody else. So this is

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their distinct where they're watching it. So obviously that's what they want to do.

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When listen to this station.

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What's the

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Gini coefficient?

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Come on,

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Banco Akilah

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you remember to clean

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Lisa Ricardo

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Walker fabula Baker worky relying upon Allah. But if a person disobeys Allah with a person distancing himself by objecting at the commands of Allah, refusing to follow them, that is he becoming an Abbot of alone ARB shavon

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shavon. Because Chetan objected at the command of Allah, he refused to accept it.

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So many times it happens that there are certain commands going back to the same team that we learned at the beginning of the incident, that there are some commands which we find difficult to accept.

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Sometimes they're corny, sometimes they're shuttering.

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But success isn't submission.

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Like, for example, the simple thing about music.

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For some people, it's very difficult to leave it. They love it, they enjoy it. They say that it's better than the Quran, they say that they enjoy it more than they enjoy the Quran, they will go to such an extent, because it's about where the heart is. It's about what the heart enjoys. But what is one thing that should be sufficient to make a person understand that I cannot listen to this anymore, I cannot like this anymore. I cannot enjoy this anymore. What is one thing that is sufficient that this is the voice of my enemy.

00:27:34 --> 00:27:41

This is the call of the one who wants me to burn in eternity in the hellfire.

00:27:42 --> 00:27:50

This is his core. And on the other end as a call of a loss of powder, who wants me to enjoy in paradise for eternity?

00:27:52 --> 00:28:00

So I have to choose? Which call Am I going to listen to? Am I going to respond to? Is it going to be the sound of music? Or is it going to be the sound of the equipment.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:21

Because music, poetry words, they are the gateway to your heart. They reach the heart, they affect the heart, they move the heart, they make a person, think a particular way act in a particular way behave in a particular way. So depending on what you're listening to, depending on what you're putting in your heart, that is how you behave.

00:28:23 --> 00:28:53

The sort of shape and it's offered to children even at a very young age, sometimes you were amazed at very innocent looking rattles, you know, which are given to children. And as they touch it as a movement as a bullet, it will begin to play music. And you know, the thing is that from a very young age, children begin listening to this. And it's not a big deal. They become so used to it. And then gradually, it's not a problem for them to listen to music. They don't see the harm in it. They don't think there's anything wrong in it.

00:28:54 --> 00:29:12

Children are kept away from music from a very young age. And if ever they do get exposed to it, they consider to be noise. They don't like it. They will put their fingers into their ears. They will say there's music please turn this off. I cannot go over here. I remember once I went with my niece to a mall, and we walked into a store and there was a lot of

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music here. And she was so confused. She's like, how can we go here? There's music here. And if ever there was a car that drove by, which had lasting music coming out of it, it wasn't her fitrah naturally, she would say, well, that's not good. That's not right. We should not listen to music.

00:29:32 --> 00:30:00

Many times children are so attached to certain TV programs or certain videos or certain songs you can say which are full of music, and they keep listening to them. They keep watching them every time they see a laptop every time they see on TV. They want the rich to be played. And you know we're the ones who are to blame. Because if you think of it, it's very easy to put a child in front of the TV so that he's watching it and you can just enjoy compared to spending some

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Time with the child reading a book to him.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:21

It's more difficult, it's more challenging, right? So it's about what you want to do. If you want that you should have the right to raise your child, then make sure as to what is going into the ears of the child what he's looking at. And if you don't care about that, the net in watch whatever that's in here, whatever that MC whatever.

00:30:23 --> 00:30:55

Many times, for example, video games are such games in which there's constantly music constantly. And what is involved in that game. killing, killing, killing. I mean, yes, archery is something that we should teach our children, you know, being able to hit the target. This is something very important, it's a very necessary skill. However, it can only be accomplished by killing someone brutally so that their head falls apart and the blood is oozing out of their body is that the only way you know take them out, make them attend an archery class or something that's much more important.

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Children just like sound, they like noise. Recently, somebody was mentioning as to how, whenever they want a break, they put their child on the highchair. And they have a busy window, there's a lot of cars going on at cars outside people outside to the make the child is the window, and the child is busy looking at one car or plane one thing after the other. And that gives him a break. And it's much better for them. They're looking at the whole cover, instead of looking at weird things that don't even exist.

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Children love company. So instead of putting them in front of the TV, putting some video on the computer, spend some time with them, play with them, put some toys for them, put some puzzles for them, some books for them. Whatever you give your child, that is what he will learn to love. Remember that

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anything you give to your child.

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But it's such a blessing, that sometimes for the sake of our children, we become more careful. Many times when the filter of children is destroyed by them being always being exposed to music, etc. Then when they grow up, and if they're exposed to the Quran. They don't want to listen to it, they get afraid.

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They listen to the plan and they become frightened. Why? Because their federal has been destroyed. So we have to be very careful about what we're listening to what our spouses are listening to what our children are listening to what our siblings are listening to what our parents are listening to, you have to be very careful. And especially this music, because the more it's present in your house, the more the voice of chatline is there in your house. If there's the voice of shavonda, tell me how will there be happiness? How will there be cooperation to do good? There won't be anything like that. So we have to be very careful, alert, conscious against all of these attacks.

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The thing is shaytan is there attacking you, but you have been given with alcohol you have been given with knowledge. This is how she had been attacked. So at the end, if something happens, yes, you're done is to blame but along with him, he or alternatively, because you knew as to what was supposed to be done and what was supposed to be avoided.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:21

If some eyes have been used to watch something that is obscene, then how can a person expect that with those eyes is going to look at the face of a loss of Canada in the hereafter?

00:33:22 --> 00:34:02

And if fears have been used to hear something that is vulgar, that is obscene, that is a voice of shape on? Then how can we expect that something good should also come from there? If a heart is filled with love for music, then how can we expect that that heart will be filled with love of the Quran? You know, many times people say that I'm not able to memorize the translation. Because unfortunately, we don't listen to the Quran as much. We're listening to other things. Listen to the Quran the whole day. And believe me, you will know the translation, you will be able to retain it, because then it will have some place in your heart. If your heart is filled with other things where

00:34:02 --> 00:34:03

we'll look at r&b.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:26

My dance people say that music is not what I'm telling me. And if that says explicitly that music is the voice of shape. And I told you that many scholars give this opinion from urban Arbus to CLT and many other scholars who say that the voice of shavonne is the sound of singing music. And you know, radio when it first came out. What did people say about that?

00:34:27 --> 00:34:28

The voice of the devil.

00:34:29 --> 00:34:41

It's very important for us to know what our weaknesses are, where we fall. What is it that we like? Because shavon is going to use that to approach us to defeat us to attack us.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:52

So Chronicle la mubychem deca, Michelle de la ilaha illa and Mr. Crocker wanted to relate Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Al-Isra 61-65 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 65

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