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An exclusive interview with the far-right wing politician from Germany who accepted Islam Arthur Wagner.

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Thank you so much, brother. very delighted to have you on the program. I'm very excited

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, greetings of peace. You are watching the D show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. Have you heard of Arthur Wagner? Well, he's coming up next. This is the far right politician who accepted Islam. He's our guest. On the show. You want to know why? Well, you're gonna find out why. Why did he accept Islam? Someone who is working hard against Islam, a party that opposes Islam? And then he accepted Islam. What is Islam? You're gonna find that out also here on the D show, don't go anywhere.

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You guys have all heard of our brother who's on the show. He was with the political party from Germany. That was really working hard, spreading misinformation about Islam, and really many people who are not educated about Islam, but our brother Arthur, he got educated, he connected with some Muslims, and we want to hear his story. How you find you, you ended up I mean, is this true? You ended up accepting Islam.

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For her brother, I have converted to Islam and October

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2017 in Bashkiria, this is a small Republic, Muslim republic in Russia. And but I have a feeling for orien and Islam. Mine born, I like Islam, but I said, this is a wonderful thing. But not for me. This is for others. And two years ago, I was first time in mosque in material. And I asked the men there, what is Islam? And he sent me a please give this guy please read this books. Think about it. And two years later, in October 2017, I have decided as a Muslim now

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this wonderful life to be a Muslim. You are my brother, I hope one day to meet you. I'm so excited. How do you feel being embraced? You have over 1.7 billion family members?

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Do you feel the love

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is now in my Facebook, a lot of friends. And I understood what is to be Muslim. I understood a lot of things. And I am I like Allah, I have a feeling that he helped me. And I'm very very, I was new 73 years ago, and now I do not smoke, I don't drink. I make sport. And my wife is really happy. My daughter is happy. My father's happy.

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So you're Muslim. So your family they've they've respected your decision that you made? Yes. Because they saw how I've changed and changed positive. And I say if you are Muslim, you are positive guy.

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couple of years ago, now

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tell us how so people can understand because from what we know, educate us help us understand you are part or still are a part of this AfD that's the alternative for democracy and or something. What is AfD stands for Alternative for Germany. So what was the model? Is this correct that they the the party their their slogan was is Germany has no place for Islam or Islam has no place in Germany

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that Islam does not belong to them. Okay. I am a big fan from Islam.

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That people do not believe and do not trust to God.

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People do not trust to

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understand what is the Muslims and they say Islam belongs not to Germany.

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It's not not correct, because Islam cannot be belong or not belong. Islam is wonderful. Creating from Allah and for example to Turkey belong to Islam is correct. And I never said about this slogan. And I said, Okay, my party is some crazy in the state.

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But now, this is clear, this is a difficult to be a part of my party. But I believe because I am in this party, mine party with real thinking about it. What is Islam? Yes, very difficult for these peoples. They're not in Muslim to speak about Islam. And I can do it because I'm convinced this is very important to be the Convert men, because I can speak in the language which is understood as well for the people which are not Muslims. I will speak for Islam in my party. And Allah will say is correct or not. inshallah, maybe I have to change to give that knowledge about Islam to my party. I don't know. Do you think because when you say Allah, how do you say, God in German, the good in God

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in German, I say God,

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but not for me, is more more big pleasure to say Allah? Because I have a feeling so this Yes, yes. Yes, I say creator sometimes because you must explain the people which are not Muslims, about our great about Allah what he has done to all people in the world. Because many,

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because many people they have a misconception when you say Allah, this is just God, this is just the Almighty God the Creator. That's it. You're not worshiping. That's very, very interesting point. Because of the church in Germany, we have something crazy jobs that you won't get a church I have I was today in the organization and I create, I said to the to organization, I am not more than part of even get a church. I'm not more than part of church, I cannot be part of church. But my church, some people understand that God from youth, from Muslims, and from Chris is one God is Allah. And this is for me was incorrectly or we had one God, one guy, yeah, that

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he saw. And we have our Prophet Muhammad. And we have one book, but some people some

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Christians would say some military secrets. They say, No, no, no, no, we have only one vote.

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So now, did you I mean, do it. You know, when we talk about Jesus, many Christians, you know, they don't know that you still love Jesus, you just as a messenger, as a prophet. That's it? Yes. And do you feel many people I know, in my experience, when I talk to people, and I tell them this they shocked they you know, surprised because many people they already you know, believe that you know more with Islam, that he was a messenger of God like Abraham like Moses like Mohammed. Yes, this was for me a wonderful feeling. I read Quran since three months, I am now the surah six and I will say each word what I have wrought with Quran is correct.

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I wrote about

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and this is wonderful.

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This was wonderful, perfect and all what he spoke was correct.

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From your views before what made a difference was it you connecting with Muslims reading the Quran? All these things together? What made the biggest change? And what advice would you give for other people who are in your shoes as many people there's so many misconceptions, but when when you see people connect with Muslims, when they open up the Quran, when they don't go to you know islamophobes when they come to us, you know, they come and they sit with us, you know, then you know, the heart softens and their if their mind is open, so many good things can happen. What was it with you? What was it with you that had you you know, change this way?

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I have understood, I have really understood what kind of problem have the Muslims in German. I never thought about it. I never said what kind of problem have the Muslims in Europe. And because of this I create now the big organization which will have Islam in Europe. The second one I have understood what is wonderful feeling to

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too hard to be as

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nice to be. Nah, I do not know this walk in English pride to Allah to Allah which we have in Islam is very important for me. I understand God, creator, Allah, so like in Islam, and because of this, I'm now earlier sure in mine feeling to walk, to speak with people to meet my family. I have more more time for my family. And that's very important for me. Yeah. And I learned to speak truth. I cannot lie. This is new. Yes, because I understand if I lie, we have

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a problem. Yes. This is needed to be clean. My friend said to me

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slam gives your cleaning for your soul. Yes. And for your for your cup bad for your body. Yeah, I understood this is correct. You'll be

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Ahmed tell us do you feel now because the the party that you are with the Conservative Party, there is not much different. I mean, there are obviously you know, a lot of commonalities. Isn't there

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that okay, I agree. I agree. I'm 100% Sure. That conservative in all walks have understanding for Islam because they have similary thinking that Islam and conservative and national conservative

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Muslim German Muslims or PMO says I do not have any problem with conservative Muslims but conservative national conservative sometimes crazy they do not understand what Islam is. And I would like to explain this I will now write a lot of information to send this information and I will speak a lot to explain that national conservative what Islam is Islam is very good

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there's a something that you said it's very interesting that you You didn't change you know they changed in in one minute over 50 people started to hate you you know yes unbelievable

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my friends in one minutes said to me

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just like that in one minute they you all these friends in all your whole life that's it they just because of this decision to worship the creator not the creation that's what Islam is to worship the creator a law and not the creation that's the main message because you did this that's it.

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Yeah. And other people that didn't know that they are good people. They come to me

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I have small changes in my life but I'm really like

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very good. Wonderful. I have learned in the last two weeks a lot

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what is what what advice do you have for people who are in the same position as you in a conservative you know, far right party and they're working hard, you know, with this hate, you know, in their hearts. And now you came from that side? And now you're a Muslim? You accepted Islam? They're listening, what advice do you have for them? You will never be I really surprised I have a lot of emails from conservative and national conservative Muslims to me, they say

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you are wonderful guy. Thank you very much. We can now speak about it open that we are Muslims. For me is a very new feeling. We have we have a problem here. I never said that. We have that problem. I said we are in a free country. And we can open say.

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Now I would like to say Follow me. Please give me a chance to think about it. I need two or three weeks to think and I found the solution. I believe inshallah I found the solution. How to explain. The Conservative Muslim is a very good source. Sorry, my English is a bit sorry. No, no, no, it's good. Yeah. So thank you so much. We really appreciate it. We wanted to

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You know meet you inshallah God willing we can meet you in person one day. Congratulations. You know we wanted to also introduce our audience to you We are so happy elated you know that your decision and May Allah the creator continue to bless you and help you in your endeavors in your in your life.

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It was a pleasure to speak to you and I like America

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inshallah if you if Have you been to America have you been over here on the side? Either for me or

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for me inshallah we can have you inside the studio and we can meet in person inshallah. Thank you very much. Thank you. My brother. salaam aleikum. Hello, thank you. Did you see that I guys? Did you? Did you feel that the emotion that was behind? I mean, he made an intellectual decision. But now the emotions that encompass this man, the love that is encompassing him the piece that is encompassing him? Why, why is that? Ask yourself? You know, the hate that once filled a person's heart. Let's say now it's overcome with love. He wants to help other people connect more with Muslims. He wants to help to unify not to divide, what are you doing?

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If you're not a friend, but a foe? Why would you want to be a foe rather than a friend? Even if you chose not to accept Islam like he did? Why are you working hard against it? Why? This is an intellectual man, Arthur Ahmed, why he thought things through. He's your colleague, he was yesterday with you, you know what kind of individual he is. But you just can't help. If you see what God Almighty does. He looks in the hearts of the people. And if he sees good there, if he sees genuine good in your heart, and you're seeking to know the truth, then the Creator of the heavens and the earth, God, Allah will guide you to that truth. You got to be courageous enough, like Arthur, look

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at what he has to lose now a lot. But God replaced those 50 2030 friends with a family of over 1.7 billion. You might be lonely, you might be falling into despair. But don't despair, because there is a way of life God loves you. And this is Islam. It shows you the blueprint for life. That's why Arthur accepted it. It's a simple way of life to submit your will pay attention to the will of the Creator who made you? Do you love Jesus? Well, Islam shows you how to love Jesus, not as a god. Many people confused about that in a trinity, but he is absolutely one God and He sent Jesus as a messenger of God. Yes, that connected with Arthur also, Did someone die for your sins? No, you're

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responsible you for yourself, just as I'm responsible for myself. And everyone is born on original goodness. So the belief system of Islam is something that's rational, logical and makes sense that God Almighty Allah, the One who created you is a one, and alone worthy of worship. Can you dig that? Can you understand that it's simple to comprehend, and that connected with Arthur and it will connect with you. The only one that has to lose is you if you keep a closed mind. So now you've opened it, it's working, open your heart and look the same way. Arthur Wagner looked into Islam. Look at it. I'm giving you just a little taste test. the worship of the Creator, not the creation of

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God Almighty out of His love, he sent these messengers you know about them, Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, the list goes on Muhammad, just being peace be upon them all the last and final messenger. And they came with the same not contradictory messages. God doesn't do unwise foolish things. He sent the same persistent message since the beginning, submit your will, to the will of the Creator.

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Do what God wants you to do. And in one word, that's Islam, my friends and a Muslim, like what Arthur Wagner is now is one who submits themselves to the Creator, man or woman.

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And that's what Jesus did. Did he submit to himself? Did he worship himself? No, we love Jesus, he submitted to God, he prayed to God, same as Moses and Abraham and our messenger till the end of time, His Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them. And they came with this guidance, and we have it preserved, tamper free, tamper proof in the Quran, the verbatim Word of God and as you can see

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Arthur, he was very excited to dwell into the Quran. Now, depending how you come at it, if you come at it with a scandalous heart looking for trouble, what are you going to get? You only get to deceive yourself, but do what Arthur did. He had an open heart he connected with Muslims, genuinely looking for the truth. He believed in God. He believes in these, these values that were taught by all the messengers that God Almighty sent. There's a lot to talk about, but I'm sure if you're honest with yourself, the few things that I've sent of the teachings of Islam, if you can connect with these things, all of these other things are easy. Prayer fasting, charity, easy is easy.

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modesty, morals, well,

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good manners, ethics. Easy, easy, might be difficult, subduing your desires for some things, but with God's help, you can see the positive change that Arthur's made if you'd been part of his party, you know, in the men since yesterday, now know the updated new version of Arthur happy at peace because he connected with the owner of peace, the one who created him, the one who created you, now you can turn your back. What are you going to do that? So we're here to help. We're here to help. And we brought you this story. I hope you enjoy. Thank you very much. Tune in every week to the Dean's show. If you haven't subscribed, why haven't you right now do it. Thank you very much. I said

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I want to come Peace be with you.

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I'm your brother.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.