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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now dives straight into the topic of the Conquest of Mecca in immense detail.

After the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, the tribes of Banu Kuzaa (Muslims) and Banu Bakr (pagans sided by the Quraysh) had a sort of a raid and the Banu Bakr were assisted by Suhail ibn Amr, Safwan ibn Umayyah who gave them permission to venture outside of the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and commit this breach of trust.

The raid becomes a disastrous failure but the chieftain of Kuza'a, Amr ibn Salam al Kuzaee is angered beyond normal and he approaches the Prophet ﷺ and informs him of the breach of the treaty. The chieftain also asks help by giving three major points of consideration? What are they?

Abu Sufyan, the chieftain of the Quraysh, arrives at Madinah begging the Prophet ﷺ to annul the attack that has been planned by the Muslims for their breach of treaty. He receives no assistance from anyone in Madinah including his own daughter whom he had not met for 13 years, Umme Habiba RA.

The Prophet ﷺ makes an announcement that an expedition of large magnitude is going to be undertaken and that every male should be a part of it. The Sahabas were curious to know the destination but the Prophet ﷺ was adopting an approach of complete secrecy since he didn't want rumours to flare or even vital information to escape. He left Madinah on the 10th Ramadan, 8H to reach Mecca on the 19th of Ramadan.


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