Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 76 The Conquest of Makkah Part 1

Yasir Qadhi
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smilla Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine about.

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So, we are now resuming our sera class after last week's break, and inshallah Tada, we will begin talking about the actual incidents of the conquest of Makkah the actual incidents that occurred for the conquest of MCC. Now the Treaty of the day before going back to years, one of the clauses in the Treaty of the day BIA was that either side, the Irish and the Muslims, they had the permission to form alliances with any tribe, and that if those alliances were formed, the same conditions of data would apply to those tribes as well. And those conditions included no warfare. So any tribe could enter into an agreement with the origin any tribe could enter into agreement with the Muslims. So

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many tribes entered into agreements with either side. And the two tribes that concerned us here that eventually broke out into war, are the tribes of Hosea on the one side and the tribe of Banu Bucher on the other side, the tribal Hosea and the tribe have been bucha. Now, the tribe of Hosea is actually one of the famous and classical Arabic tribes. And actually, they have a lot of history. And they're going to bring this history up in front of the prophets of Salaam. So we need to talk about the husar because their conversation and their poetry will bring up the history of the Hosea. So who exactly are the who's our tribe, the Hosanna tribe, are in fact related to the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they also have a history with the Banu Hashim. The hazhar tribe is one of the legendary classical tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. And they were the ones who initially expelled the tribe of Judah home from Makkah, who can remind me who is God whom, who can remind him was your home?

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The in laws is my that is still a very good, that's right. The in laws of smiler his Salaam so what is my destiny? I'm settled in Makkah. Well, when Ibrahim left him in Makkah, and he grew up. Remember, there was a tribe that was that was wandering, and they saw the water and they asked permission to live. That is the tribe of Judah home. And the jewel home tribe was in charge of Mecca for a long period of time, maybe over 1000 years. We don't know. Obviously, we have no recorded history. And initially, they were righteous people. Over the course of time, they became very evil. They did a lot of crimes. They started stealing the money from the judge, and so they did not

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deserve to be the custodians of the Kava, and it was the tribe of Hosea that first fought them and kicked them out. So for over three 400 years, the tribe of Hosea was the tribe in charge of Makkah. That's a big honor. That's a big honor for the tribal cozaar and their chieftain was Ahmed Al husar. We talked about him, what is Amitabh noodlehead known for,

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for introducing Hoban for introducing the idolatry. He was the first person of the bunnies marine to introduce idolatry to the Arabs. And he did this when he went to the Amalekites the Armada of Syria, and he saw them worshipping gods and they were mighty and and powerful people and he felt a complex like wow, how come you and the amount of color were they say they were raised of giants? They're six seven foot tall people and they were mighty civilization whatnot. So they said this is because we worship these gods. So he said, Can you give me one of these gods, so they gifted him Hoban and Hubble remained the principal idol of the Quran in Makkah, it was the main idol of all of Arabia.

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And that's why the Battle of what did Abu so fancy.

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That hobo is succeeded, right and the Prophet system said Allahu Akbar, Allah is bigger than your Hoban, and so on and so forth. So this is I'm living in Ohio because I probably in around the year 300. See this occurs that the Hosea take charge of Mecca, maybe 200, something 250 something so we have no dates, but we're trying to piece it together. I would have known because I took over and we said because of his status and because of his prestige, and because he returned to the Arabs the cab, so they loved him. He was a generous man. He really was at least a generous man. He was a noble warrior, unfortunately, was also a pagan, right? So they accepted his leadership, and they accepted

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his paganism. And he was the one who introduced idolatry.

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To the Arabs and Hosea was in charge of the Kaaba for over 300 years. Until finally the aurash. took it over from the Hazara. And who can remind me who took it over from the Hosea. Now, this is a real trick question. All of this was basic stuff. Who can remind me? Which ancestor of the Prophet system and we mentioned this obviously, this is our second I think, Sierra or something. No, had none is no, no, I've done this before. Hosea and even I've done this before I've done is the 20th January, an ancestor of the processor

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closely to say I've been kidnapped. That's the process of them's great, great, great, great grandfather.

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That is the Profit System of his grandfather four times removed. The Sabin killer was the one who rested the cab back from the hands of Hosea. And then it went to the hands of the parish, and also you've been kidnapped,

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married, the chieftain of the daughter of Hosea. And when the chieftain died, that's when he broke out into a struggle and he managed to overtake the Kaaba. So this is where the Hosea blood is the blood of the Prophet system, per se, his wife I eat the process from his great great great grandmother is from the tribe of kusa, and believe it or not, the Hosanna will bring this up Subhanallah and we'll get back to this point like they, they knew their lineage, lineages and genealogy inside out. So per se had married the daughter of the chieftain of cozaar. And when the chieftain dies, we'll say managers, we talked about this one, we talked about it, he manages to

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basically kick the Hosea out and he becomes the next chieftain, but they still remained on Cordell terms, believe it or not, there wasn't like a massive civil war that he became the chieftain and the Hosea remained on good terms with the the kurush. And eventually, Abdulmutallab the grandfather of the prophets of the lahardee, who was setting them, he formed an alliance with the tribe of Hosea. And this alliance as well is brought up by the man who comes to the process and um, and again, that's why I have to tell you all of this stuff from now, so I've done multiple forms an alliance, and they call their alliances, health healthful food is one of them have a treaty. And this alliance

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is recorded in the classical books of Sierra such as Alberta, Alberta diaries and sap in its entirety. And it's in very poetic language in the classical ancient Arabic. And it forms a treaty with the tribe of Hosea that the truth two tribes shall be one. As long as you know, the sun is hot in the daytime and the sun rises on the tribe of Serbian and this they have the poetic language and one generation after another, we will always be together against anyone who causes either one of us distress or harm. So they formed the health that if anybody harms one tribe, the other tribe will come to their aid as well. And the agreement said, as long as the generations proceed, this will be

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a permanent health. And Jose, I will bring it up, your grandfather made this treaty with us. So they're going to bring all of these things up. Okay. This is the treat this is the tribe of cozaar.

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After the tuber who they they be Hosea, members of the Hosea had accepted Islam, maybe not all of them, but definitely a good amount of them had accepted Islam. And so they agreed to join the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Treaty of Abia. They will come on his site, and the other tribe was boubakeur. And the boubakeur were one of the few pagan tribes that were still around the Macan vicinity, and they joined the crash site. So you have the Hosanna. And you have the new bunker, the both of them physically are located close to Makkah outside of Mecca. So the both of them are in the outskirts, the perimeters of Makkah, and the Hosea are now Muslim, or at least they're on the side

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of the Muslims. As we said, maybe some of them were still pagan, but they have a lot of Converse. There's a lot of Muslims amongst them. As for the blue Bucher, they were all pagans. So the blue bucket is still worshipping idols, and so they sided with the Cornish. This was in the sixth year of the hedgerow. Two years go by, in the eighth year of the hijra, the Bernie Booker decided to engage in a night raid on the tribal cozaar. Now why there's a one main reason and then there's one secondary reason as for the main reason, the Hosea and w. Barker had had warfare for the last 100 years, just like the ocean the hazards on and off battles. So the Hosea and the blue bunker had had

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people killed, camels stolen and one death led to 10 other deaths. 10 deaths led to 100 deaths, so on and on. Then Islam came and they were forced to pause for a while, then the Treaty of Arabia came and they split sites. So there's still revenge in the minds of boubakeur. They still want revenge for the dead.

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They have the list of the names. These people were killed 10 years ago, 50 years ago, we haven't extracted revenge. And then the second reason is the law of the jungle, Archer say the law of the desert. In this case, there was no jungle, the law of the desert was that every tribe understands that they're under threat from attack from other tribes, and you will steal their property. Now they had a code of conduct, believe it or not, that the tribes would raid other tribes. And they will try their best not to kill anyone, and definitely women and children were spared. And it was, like, understood that every tribe has the risk of being attacked by another tribe. And then camels are

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stolen property is stolen, and they try their best not to kill. And if they kill, there will be those who are defending and they they don't touch the women and children. This was the law of the desert, if you like that survival of the fittest, basically, this was understood, not that it was legalized, but it's just a risk that you take, right, there's a risk that is understood. So the Hosea decided to undertake this type of sorry, not sorry, the bonobo decided to undertake this type of raid, and to resurrect the runes to get revenge from the past. But they knew they had an alliance, they knew the Hydra treaty. So what did they do? They sent their nobleman to the kurush.

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And they explained to them that look, we want revenge. And we know that we have agreed to the treaty, can you give us permission for just one rate, the kurush not only agreed to do this, but some amongst them such as suhaila been ama, and others. And so finally, Romania actually gave them weapons, most likely for a percentage of the booty, because there's no other reason that we give them weapons. They gave them weapons, and the books don't mention, but it's understood when you're giving you when you're giving them something, you will expect the rent on that. So they negotiate, okay, you take these weapons, you do this, and one of them remarks, don't worry. As long as you

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attack in the middle of the night, how will Mohammed ever find out. So they consciously knowingly approved of the raid, and this goes against the Treaty of Arabia. This is a very important point here. It's not as if the boubakeur did it and the whorish or innocent, the courage not only knew, not only approved, their elders actually gave weapons to the blue bucket. And so armed with both physical permission and spiritual spiritual permission and physical weaponry, they surprised attack the Hosea in the middle of the night at a small pond called awatea, which is outside of the harem area to hide on boundaries. It's outside of the boundaries, there's a small pond that would existed

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in the past called Albertine. The Hosea had camped over there for the night, and a surprise attack, the bluebook could come and they expected that everybody would be asleep. They'll get the camels, maybe kill one or two men and then go back. Lo and behold, the entire operation botched up. Somebody raised the alarm. All the men woke up, the woman and children began screaming. Now, everybody is basically awake, and they're fighting and defending, and a mini massacre ensues. A mini massacre ensues, more than 20 people were killed, including women and children. 20 is a huge number for a small tribe. 20 is a massive amount. Typically in these raids may be one person is wounded max like

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something happens, maybe he died. But 20 This is a massacre. And there is one particular incident that really proved to be very troublesome. And that is that when the hoes are attacked, one of them what struck when the blue bucket attacked one of the people of Gaza, he fled and ran away. And he was pursued by the boubakeur until finally he entered the home area. So he's thinking, let me just get into the how long I'll be safe. Now remember, even the jolly Arabs, they realize when you're in the bottom, you cannot fight right? So he's running, he's running, he finally gets to the bottom area. And he turns around and he says, I'm in the bottom and he mentioned the name of the person.

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Oh, so and so I'm in the harem. ilaha illa aka means fear your God fear your God. We're in the atom now. And the man from Bhanu Bucher utters of blasphemous statement and he says, There is no God today that was 11 and he goes and he kills him. So he kills him inside of the atom, after uttering this blasphemous statement that says there is no such thing as religion and God today, don't call anybody now and he kills the person from Hosea. So obviously this was not a part of the plan. And Allah azzawajal completely embarrassed and humiliated them that the new spread because it's not going to be kept hidden. And immediately the chieftain of Hosea with a delegation of 14 men left for

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Help war, the chieftain of Hosea goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his name was Amedeo Vanessa mill who's angry. And he recites a beautiful one page long poem, which is truly very, very eloquent, it is mentioned in his house and even his sham. Of course, Arabic poetry is not something we can mention in our theater class over here. And honestly, even this poetry, if if I were to recite it to you, I needed to translate it for myself, because it's classical. And none of the Arabs over here as well would have been able to help me because this is something that goes back to ancient Arabic and not modern Arabic, but it is beautiful poetry a page long. And in this, he

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mentions that both him and the process of him have a common ancestor. He reminds the process of his great great great grandmother, right that we both have the same ancestor, right. And it is truly amazing how the Arabs kept track of their genealogy. Although most of us don't even own the names of our grandparents, the full names of our grandmother and grandfather, we don't even know how long has gone, much less each one on both sides, much less to go back five generations and say we have a common, you know, woman, not even this isn't the melanesian says a woman's lineage, right. And we have a common female ancestor. So he reminds the process of this, then he reminds the Profit System

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of the Treaty of Abdulmutallab with his own grandfather, that the burnable Hashem and the tribe of cozaar. We had this treaty until the day that the essential number rises until generation after generation, he brings up that treaty, and Subhanallah, the arrows might have been illiterate. But Allah blessed them with a memory to memorize all of these facts of the past. They love their history. They love their genealogy. So he brings this up. And then he mentioned the Treaty of Arabia as well. In other words, three reasons. We have common lineage. Your grandfather, my grandfather, we had this treaty. And now we as well, we joined your site in the treaty with a BIA. And then he

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mentioned the details of the massacre, that they came to us even as we prostrate it, and we're in sajida, look and sujeto. He said, they came and they slaughtered us, nothing protected us, not even the house. So it was an Of course, this is how you do propaganda, whether positive or negative. This is how news spreads. This is CNN, this is Fox News, you write a poem, and it spreads like wildfire is spread and the better the poem, the more it will spread. So, he wrote a beautiful, probably just composed these are natural poets, you know, not that he sat down and wrote it, but it just came to him till he and haka. So, he gives his poetry and very strong and moving the Prophet system was

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moved when he heard the poetry and he said, that you shall be helped Yama diviner, Salim satune, saw you shall be helped. And then he said, may Allah never helped me, if I do not help the venue cap, this is an expression in Arabic, may Allah never give me anything, if I don't give you the help that you deserve as an expression in Arabic, that basically means I am going to help you or else, there's no question out of this, that you will be helped. So the processor was moved by this poetry, and he promised them they will be helped. And there was a cloud coming in the horizons. And the profitsystem said, this cloud is the sign of victory for the new backer. This is signaling the

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positive sign of victory for the blue bucket. So this incident before we move on, so it meant it shows us many things first and foremost already mentioned, it showed us the knowledge of the Arabs of genealogy and history, that how they bring up it also shows us they were a people who cared about lineage and connections, family ties, even a fifth cousin, they'll bring it up. And they'll say you are related to us as a fifth cousin, although we don't even know our second and third cousins has gone off the block, you know, but the Arabs had this knowledge and they cared about it. And we also learned from this, that the treaties that are enacted, even before Islam are binding. The treaties

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that are enacted even before Islam are binding, as long as the treaties themselves don't have any home conditions. And that is why hateful follow the Prophet system upheld it even in Islam. And this treaty that his grandfather did, he didn't even do it. But his grandfather Abdulmutallab did a treaty that said, our generations and your generations will be bound by this treaty. And therefore treaties done before Islam are valid. And this also shows us before we move on, that good omens are allowed and encouraged in Islam. And I have spoken about good omens many times that the Prophet system said, there's no such thing as bad omens, but I love alpha. And he was asked what is alpha?

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Well, he said, a good word or a good vision that somebody sees and alpha is optimism and optimism is a good omen, and a good omen is allowed with two conditions. The first condition is that you read in a positive sign. And the second condition you link it to Allah subhana wa Tada. These are the two conditions that a good omen is allowed. What is a good omen we see in this hadith right now that

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profitsystem saw the rain coming or a cloud coming, and clouds are good omens is going to rain. So he interpreted this this is the help of Allah, that Allah is going to help you because I see the cloud and our culture for example, something that will be more understandable to us. We make dua, we open our eyes, we see a rainbow outside. Okay, this isn't our culture rainbow has that type of, of positive image. If we say that, oh, Allah is showing me this rainbow to show me that this is going to be answered. There's nothing wrong with this at all. because number one, you have read in something positive, not negative. We don't believe in negative omens. We don't believe in black cats

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or Friday the 13th or anything like this. We don't believe in breaking glass or knocking on wood. This is all nothing to do with our religion and its superstitious stuff bordering on shit we don't believe in negative if you make dua and then you hear the thunder. This is not a lot telling you No Don't worry about it. Okay. There's no such thing as a negative Omen, but a positive Omen Yes, we believe in so a positive Omen we read in something positive, yes, our daughter will be answered Yes, they will be given victory and then we'll link it to Allah. We don't link it to have some medallion we're wearing or some good luck trauma stock photo that is also should so any type of good omen

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whether it's a good word, a good phrase, you hear somebody is, you know,

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making up or, or even in a tense situation. And then you hear two people, you just pass by them and one of them is happiness as at hamdulillah. I got the job now has nothing to do with you. But you say oh, this is a love showing me that I'll also find my my job or whatever your situation might be. You read in a positive Omen to something else. Okay, this is the process instead had it isn't Bahati your gibellini file. Okay, we now move on. So the process and promises the blue bucket, you will get helped. Sorry, the Hosanna? Why am I mixing up today's Mandala, the Hosea, he that you will get help. So don't sologne you will be helped and I will help you may Allah never helped me if I don't

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help you. That's a very harsh statement. But it is meant as an expression. It's not meant to be taken literally that I will help you for sure. So what did he do? Now? Here is the big question. Even as how he mentions that he began preparing an army, and then he eventually marched on Mecca. Now, this has led the majority of scholars of sera to interpret that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam took the attack against the Hosea as an automatic rich, and he did not negotiate at all with the brush. And he simply went on and marched and attacked. This is the majority interpretation. And this interpretation, there's nothing wrong with it, because he has every right because the

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operation knowingly broke the treaty, and the orange aided in breaking the treaty. So this interpretation is not wrong at all. There's nothing, you know, sinful of stuff for the law. And in this interpretation, however, there is a report that even Hajin and others mentioned, that actually suggests that he did try to negotiate and they refused, then he attacked. And this would make more sense. And it would give more, if you like logic or rationale to the attack of maca, not that the first version of events is anything wrong with it, because in the end, the orange did disobey. But the second version, or I should say the version that has this detail, it seems just tell the show

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the Profit System is even trying one last time. And there is no doubt that generally speaking, our profit system was always trying to avoid this type of

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bloodshed and problem. And this report mentions that the Quraysh were sent an ultimatum the process of them send them a message. Even hedger says that he is not as Muslim. So which basically means it's authentic to the Tabori. And there is a small link between the library and the report, there's a missing gap. But generally speaking, most of the zero goes back to February anyway. So in reality, this is really an authentic narration by and large, if you look at it from the perspective of the serum, and this meant that the profitsystem sent an ultimatum to the Irish, which actually is very reasonable. The process of them said to the kurush. In order to make up for this deed, you must cut

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off ties with the boubakeur and pay the blood money for the people they killed.

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And if you don't do this, then you have to face war. No honestly that is as reasonable as you can get. He tells the kurush cut off your ties with the boubakeur they are not worthy of this treatment aligned and they will face whatever they will face none of your business and you have to pay the blood money because at the end of the day, this is your ally and they're under you and you are ultimately responsible for their deeds. So you have to pay the blood money.

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When the orange got these demands, according to this report, they outright refused.

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On both accounts, number one the money what is there going to be the blood money for 20 dead people

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2000 camels 2000 camels is a fortune would have wiped the orange almost out. To give you an example, how many camels right but how many camels were not even not even a few 102,000 camels This is wiping out their fortune. There'll be left handed with hardly anything. That's a massive amount of camels and money. And then they said with in regards to the alliance with Ubuntu buckle, they said the bundle Bucher is the only tribe on our religion in the vicinity. And if we cut off with them, we'll be left alone. So this shows us that everybody else had converted now to Croatia pretty much alone. And the blue bucket is the only tribe that has no Muslims, all the other tribes in the hijab, at

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least in the Hejaz, they're either fully Muslim, or a good portion of them are Muslim. And it does appear by the way that the chieftain of was at the time was not a Muslim. It does appear that the chieftain was not a Muslim. And of the reasons that suggests this is that he does not mention Islam at all. But they were sympathetic to the Muslims and many of their tribes member were Muslim. And this was also proven in the poem that he mentioned, some of us were slaughtered Rukh Khan was to Jeddah, they killed us in recording studios, we tried to seek shelter, and they still killed us. So the point being that the Balu Barker, were the only pagan tribe left in the vicinity. And the array

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said No way, we're gonna break off with them, their only hope left in this area. And so they refuse to negotiate. They refuse to agree to this demand, then the prophets.

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The brubacher know the brubacher We're the only tribe that is pagan. That is the ripening. The brubacher is the only tribe that is pagan in the vicinity. So the chorus refused to budge. And they said these two conditions are not acceptable to us. And they literally said, if we were to give this money, we'll be left with nothing except the clothes in our back. 202,000 camels is not a joke. So when this was rejected, it is mentioned that Abu sufian wanted to try to find common ground, maybe get the money down, maybe do some other type of deal when one of the younger members of the college refused any ultimatum, any budging. Abu sufian, himself decided to try to go to Medina and negotiate

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the Treaty of Arabia all over again. And the kurush approved of him going and they get put him in charge that do whatever you can, so that the Treaty of Arabia is reaffirmed because they realize they have broken it. So they want to reaffirm the Treaty of Arabia, and they agree to set to send Abou soufiane to Medina. Now this is one of the most interesting episodes in the Sierra Abu sufian. The chieftain is now coming to Medina, begging the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to not attack. He has never entered Medina for the last decade, he has only come

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at boyhood as up as a military commander, he has only come to attack and other skirmishes as well, by the way, he has never come to Medina, to negotiate to speak to, and he wants to now come to beg and plead for the lies of the crush that don't attack us. Let's continue with the Treaty of Philadelphia. And so he goes on his way without any other person because he doesn't want to cause any, you know, problems and whatnot. He goes to Medina Now there are two versions mentioned in his hog matches one version and inside mentioned another version.

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And Allah knows best which one is right, honestly, I could not I read both of them. And I could not figure out which one would be the more authentic of the two. But

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the one version has it that the Prophet system was the first person who soufiane went to

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then he went to Abu Bakar, then no more than it.

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The second version has it. He went to Abu Bakar and then Omar, then Ali first, then he went to the Prophet Sosa.

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And Allahu Adam, but I would personally lean towards Urbanus house version, which mentions he went to the process of him first, because it would not make sense for him, not to try immediately with the processor. This to me seems the more logical version of events, but Alan knows best. So, in the version of him in his house, he goes to the profit, so I sell them and he attempts to renegotiate, but even has helped said Follow me on the process of did not respond to him at all.

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Which means whatever he demanded, the process of did not promise it nothing. Nothing was given. So I will soufiane felt

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panicked because he didn't get a verbal Yes. He was not answered at all. Are we still upon the treaty isn't no no information was given the Prophet system. However he did. We don't know the details. Maybe he averted maybe he was silent. But whatever he did, Abu sufian understood that the situation is perilous. So even as Hawk says, I will soufiane then found out his friend aboubaker friend means with the days of jelly, his friend aboubaker and abubaker told him flat out last year, I cannot help you at all. flat out he said, I cannot help you. So, he then sought out Omar who was his one time business partner in the days and the days of Julian, he sought out

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and he said, Can you go to the Prophet system and intercede on my behalf? Or Omar outright mocked Him?

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Do you think I will go for you in front of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam never Omar outright was sarcastic.

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So Abu Bakr and Omar are now turned down he goes to Ali. And Ali was, of course his closest relative and all of Medina. Because after all, Abu sufian, in the end of the day, he is of the

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second cousin, is the grandfather's, the cousin of the Prophet system, abou Sophia is a part of the brainwashing. And he goes to it. And he says to Allie, that Oh God, you are the closest person in this whole city. Jimmy, after the Prophet says, meaning and lineage and lineage, you are the closest city, the person to me, can and I need your help. So can you please go to the prophets, Allah send them and intercede on my behalf? Do not let me go back embarrassed and humiliated to my people. Don't let me go back empty handed. And he the book, the books or syllabus have mentioned when he visited Ali Ali, Ali was at his house. And Fatima was there and Fatima was taking care of his son

00:32:04 --> 00:32:32

and husband was playing around her. So he's begging God to go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he tells him that look, you are the closest man and lineage to or to me, and please go to the Prophet system. Don't send me back empty handed and will love you How amazing is this site. Holly is the child in his eyes. It is a child in his eyes. In his eyes, he has doubled the age of it. He has doubled the age of it.

00:32:33 --> 00:33:20

And yesterday, he is the one leading instigating budget leading ahead, commanding azab and barely few years have gone and now he's going door to door begging Abu Bakar pleading with Roma going to the youngest ID of them or the Allahu anhu and pleading with him that please go to the process of Don't let me go back empty handed and such as the color of Allah subhana wa tada to resume and Tisha to the lumen Tasha such as the other of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that yesterday he was who he was, and today, nobody is helping him out at all. And so Ali says to him, why Hakka Sophia, will you also Sophia will law when the Prophet system has decided to matter, we are not going to persuade him

00:33:20 --> 00:33:37

otherwise, meaning you don't understand. We don't go and interfere with the profit systems decision. Way back to you. Once he has made up his mind. Whatever it is, I don't know what it is. I'm not going to persuade him otherwise. So I will soufiane turns to Fatima

00:33:38 --> 00:33:57

and he says to her Yebin Natal Mohammed or daughter of Mohammed will lie he will look will lie at the humiliation of this man now. Can you go ask this little boy of yours? to go and seek protection on our behalf? Little boys who hasn't? How old? is he now?

00:34:00 --> 00:34:46

Five years old. He's five years old. Can you go ask this little boy the grandson to go to his grandfather and seek protection for us. And if he does, so he shall be respected until the Day of Judgment he shall be the savior that out up until the Day of Judgment Subhana Allah begging ID now begging Fatima now getting to hesson getting to the five year old boy and wanting him to go get protection for the Quran any pleading, and we'll let you see the fear now. The tables are not turning the tables have turned Carlos he knows that he sees the end in sight. He cannot do anything now. And Fatima and by the way, it's interesting here. He promises he will make hessen disabled out

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

of we don't care about your saved out of our school system has made him say you muslimeen He has made him the CEO of this oma had it isn't I Buhari we mentioned this when we talked about the the Karbala lecture in Ebony had the same

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Yet, this son of mine is the sacred and Abu sufian party could make him the state of a nation. He is the Savior of the oma. He is the Savior of the entire Muslim world. And He is the Savior of the Shabaab and agenda, as the Prophet solo said himself and our prophets are some already made him to say, We don't need Abu sufian to make him the sacred. So Fatima responded that my son has not even reached the age to grant us security. And no one can offer protection against the Profit System. We are not people to go against our processor who can come between us and our Profit System decree you don't understand basically, you don't understand how this works. Once he has decided something, we

00:35:38 --> 00:36:15

will obey and hear him. And so before he leaves, he again turns to it pleading with him. And he says, Yeah, about hesson Yeah, about hesson. You see my situation. You see how desperate I am? Give me no see how what should I do? He's almost crying by now. You can tell anything, just tell me what should I do? So it says, I don't know anything that will help you out now. But you are the savior of the bunny Kiana. The bunny kwinana was what they would call the orange koresh who is Polish? Who was Quraysh. Who was koresh who was koresh.

00:36:16 --> 00:36:57

That's good. It's one of the opinions is fair, yes. But the more common opinion is that it is another in Canada right now that even Canada. So sometimes they will call the Polish Bunny, Kenan, the broad, or I would call them the Bernacchi Nana, because not that is the son of Canada. So sometimes you'll say, by New Canaan, meaning the entire orange. So it says, I don't know anything that will help you. But until say you do, buddy kwinana. So Abu sufian is the single most prestigious and honorable person of the entire sub tribes have put together You are the savior of the rookie Nana, so why don't you just go to the masjid and announce in front of all of the people

00:36:57 --> 00:37:41

that anybody who can protect you just protect you just begged the entire population basically. And so Abu sufian went to the masjid, and made a public announcement begging, will law, what humiliation and Allah will guide him to Islam and Allah has forgiven him, but not after he had to pay a little bit at least for what he had done. And this is again the father of Allah, Allah allowed him to live and to repent and to accept Islam. And so he was forgiven Robbie Allahu anhu. But right now he is a pagan, and he will have to suffer in a manner that he will suffer. And that is the pride, he has to now go in front of the entire population. And he says you Hannah's Oh people, I am a Luciferian. Is

00:37:41 --> 00:37:50

there any who will give me protection? And this now what is this concept of protection. So one needs to understand this is how

00:37:51 --> 00:38:05

the Arab society worked is that a person would give you money, the Joker means I've given you my protection. So any tribe person, any member of a tribe could give protection on behalf of the tribe

00:38:06 --> 00:38:47

and say, okay, you are under my protection, nobody can harm you. And this ruling was adopted in Islam as well, that our Prophet says that I'm said, Every Muslim can give protection to anybody else. And that is why male, female, young and old, even even a young person who's not even bothered, by the way, the majority of scholars even say, a person is not even bothered can give protection to a person. And this is what our Prophet says and himself said in the authentic ad. So he's basically saying, the example of this one, the processor came back from thought if remember, nobody's given him protection, he has to go. One could say it's a visa, even though it's not exactly but you get

00:38:47 --> 00:39:08

the point. One could say it's a type of contract that, okay, now I am safe, nobody's going to harm me. So I will soufiane makes a general announcement that all people anybody who can give us protection, please give us protection. But obviously, who would dare stand up after the processor has not said anything who would do anything, and so I will soufiane

00:39:10 --> 00:39:23

had not a single hope have any protection from anybody. And before he left, he paid one more visit. And this was a visit to his own daughter,

00:39:24 --> 00:39:34

Omar Habiba Ramallah Binti, Abby, Sophia, and aranmula Binti Abu sufian. Of course, she had not seen her father for

00:39:36 --> 00:39:37


00:39:38 --> 00:39:43

1513 years, because she had emigrated to Abyssinia.

00:39:45 --> 00:39:55

She had emigrated to Abyssinia in the middle of the Mughal era. And her husband was one of the very, very few people who left Islam became more dead he died

00:39:57 --> 00:40:00

martyred and the Prophet says that she was all alone.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:07

She had nowhere to go back to her father's I was very lucky to go back to Makkah. And so the Prophet system proposed to her while she was in Abyssinia.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:57

And Naja, she was the one who threw the walima on behalf of the Prophet says and this is this is an omelet. This is that wife of the processor that the joshy through the festival and paid them out. And then she went back with Java. AWT Alec, and one day Java right back who can remind me hiber right at the day of the conquest of labor, right, Java returned the day that hybrid was conquered. And so the processor system had already the nigga had been done already. And so he took Omaha vivaz, his wife at the Battle of haber, and therefore she has not seen her father for probably 13 maybe 15 years. She has been gone Hollis. So now Abu sufian before he leaves, he has to see his daughter. And

00:40:57 --> 00:41:08

so he visits the house of oma Habiba. And as he comes in, and he wants to sit down on the Habiba covers the blanket and shows him the

00:41:09 --> 00:41:46

what are you going to call it the, the spine of the bed, right? Like the soft mattress, she covers it up quickly. And you know, the hard part of the bed, the whatever would be the the frame of the bed, of course, it's not a raised bed, you understand it's on the floor, the process of do not have a raised bed, but there is some type of mat of some type of framework that would be there. And she picked the the the the covering the soft covering. And he's gonna sit on this hard surface, right? So he looks at her and she says, and he says, I don't know, are you protecting me from the mattress? Or are you protecting the mattress from me?

00:41:47 --> 00:42:09

Meaning what are you trying to do here? Do you think that the mattress isn't good enough for me? So you're going to put another one, or you think I'm not good enough for the mattress? Which of the two is it, and so on. The Habiba says, No, this is the blanket of the prophets of the law, either he will send them this is the bed, the city of the prophets, I send them one to machinery contagious.

00:42:10 --> 00:42:19

And you are not going to sit on his bed solo while he was in. And SubhanAllah. What humiliation will law what humiliation

00:42:20 --> 00:42:59

one door after another shot in his face, not a single person going to help him. And now his own doctor says go sit on the floor and sit on the bed one time wish you could not just you're not going to sit on the blanket of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Even though of course, technically, from a film perspective, you can have a non Muslim, obviously touch a utensil, but this is out of order for the process. And this is extra respect for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so even he is turned away from his own daughter. And so he says to his daughter, yeah, yeah, Buddha, my my daughter, I don't know what Evil has touched you after you have left me. I don't know what how

00:42:59 --> 00:43:38

well, you've gone crazy, basically what is happening. And He then returned to the corporation. And he told the corporation in vivid detail all that had happened, that aboubaker refuse to help. That rumor mocked him. That alley, he said was the softest and the most cooperative of the group. But he could not really help me out except that he told me to stand in front of the gathering and say what I said, so they said, did you say that? And he said yes. So they said, You have been made a fool of basically this is you have been made a fool of right. This is a mockery. They're playing with you, right that you had to humiliate yourself in this manner. And it was so fun said there was nothing

00:43:38 --> 00:44:20

else I could do. That was the only thing that I could do. And truly will lie. This is one of the most, you know, bizarre instances of the CD. You see, I'm in bizarre meaning look at what has happened. Look at who Abu sufian was and now what has happened with him. And clearly the tide has changed. So Pamela, once the Prophet says Adam is asking for protection outside of muck, nobody will protect him. Barely nine years later, the chieftain of the college has to come back now begging for protection. And he is not worthy of getting that protection. And we also see over here, a little bit of a spectrum of response to Abu sufian, a little bit of a spectrum of response to Abu sufian that

00:44:20 --> 00:44:59

you have three responses. I will work on Omar and Ali. And each of them is slightly different. As for Roma, he is the harshest of the three he actually makes fun of him, he mocks him, and he says you You really think that I'm going to go to the process of on your behalf. You got to be kidding, basically like so you got to be kidding me. And in the middle was aboubaker was that neither was you sarcastic, nor was he harsh, nor was he gentle. He said I cannot help you. I can't do anything for you. And then you had Ollie who was generally speaking a little bit more softer, a little bit more cooperative had an entire conversation with him and even gave him a course of

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

That look, try, why don't you try a public gathering maybe that might help you. And Subhanallah we from this, we benefit that responses to such attacks and such people should be somewhat varied. It's good to have some people who are extra harsh. And it's good to have some people who are a little bit softer. Some spectrum, obviously, within a reasonable amount, right? Some, not everybody should react the exact same way. And this goes to any situation in the community, any politician, any issue that takes place, it's good for some people to be extra angry for others to reach out and say, Okay, well, you know, if you apologize, we can accept you back, there's a healthy amount of opportunity

00:45:43 --> 00:46:04

here. And you know, the cops have a technique they call the good cop, bad cop technique, right? They have that technique, they have it down to a science, okay. And the point is, even they realize that human psychology is good to exert pressure from one angle, and to be softer from another angle. And this is we find it in the three responses of a bunker and aroma, and Ollie, even in the body. Now,

00:46:06 --> 00:46:11

I've also found returns and nothing has been resolved. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

00:46:12 --> 00:46:49

announces that he is going to lead a very large expedition somewhere. And everybody must hearken to the call. Now, in Islamic Sharia, it is wajib when the leader calls the people buy for dining, and he says, Every one of you should come sorry, by individuals, that it becomes for dining for every capable male to answer that call. This is the general rule, especially when it is a profit system. So he said, every male that is able to go is gonna go.

00:46:51 --> 00:46:52

And he didn't say where.

00:46:53 --> 00:47:33

And therefore, you might have to give time, you have to give a week or so let the people prepare. They have businesses take care of their families to prepare for. So he gives them time and news spreads, that there's going to be a massive battle, but nobody knows where he didn't even tell his most trusted and closest confidants and that is abubaker Sadiq and his daughter, I shall be allowed to agana. It is mentioned in the Hadith that during this week long period, Abu Bakar visited Arusha. And he said, Did you hear the Prophet systems called? And she said, Yes, I am preparing his bags. I'm preparing what he needs to take all I'm doing that. Yes, I know. So he says, Where's he going?

00:47:34 --> 00:48:15

Abu Bakar is asking Ayesha. Where's he going? He says, Well, lahemaa entity? I have no idea. I don't know where he's going. I will lie. What is the show? It shows us that the Prophet system did not even tell the people that he genuinely trusted. Why? You possibly not there's no issue of trust. But as we all know, when you tell a secret to even one person, what happens? It spreads even in an innocent manner, even in an innocent manner. And this is the reality. This is the reality that somebody will say something to a trust. Oh, you promise you're not gonna tell anybody? Right? And then this and then this. And then the next thing you know, the whole community knows about it. So

00:48:15 --> 00:48:49

the profitsystem did not even tell aboubaker and Arusha what is going on. And such utmost secrecy is hardly parallel in the whole serum. So we clearly find how big of a deal this is that he does not want to give the plot away. Now, obviously, I'm kind of rushing things up here, realize that this didn't take place the day after Abu sufian left, a few weeks go by. And in fact, even inside mentions in his mahasi inside mentions that the Prophet system intentionally sent out a small expedition up north as a scouting party

00:48:50 --> 00:49:30

to give the impression that the massive army is gonna go up north towards Syria. And this is absolutely logical because he's already motors already taken place. motor has just taken place and people's minds are fresh with revenge. And that is why the next year he is going to go to book right. Next year he's going to go to a book so he gives the false impression he's going up north, maca is down south. He sends a scouting group you know the scouting group, they will look where should we camp and where's the water going to be? He sends a scouting group of eight men turns out complete tactic. There's no nothing going on up north, right. And everybody knows they're going to a

00:49:30 --> 00:49:37

certain Valley up north. And so the news spreads, okay, maybe he's going up north. And eventually, of course, the very.

00:49:38 --> 00:49:59

And the this this group of eight people, they went to an area the inside mentions is called bottom illum bottom illum. And this is up north. And eventually of course, the process of them has to tell them where he's going because they have to march towards Mecca. And so quite literally the day before the journey quite literally the 11th hour that is when he

00:50:00 --> 00:50:18

announces, actually, we're going to MACRA. And this shows us exactly the interpretation of what the profitsystem said, when he said, and how to hold on or how Buddha, that war is deceit. Now, this idea is misunderstood by

00:50:19 --> 00:51:03

some Muslims, and also by the far right, the islamophobes, that they say the processing of stuff or the law allowed people to lie. And therefore, you can't trust any Muslim and anything he says. And of course, you know, that islamophobes did they smear us in this manner? And they say everything is taqiyya, taqiyya cochlea, they say, and, and all of this stuff. So how about this incident demonstrates? What is a horrible cadet? Or a horrible, horrible throw out? What does it mean, the process of did not lie? You are never allowed to give an oath, or enact a treaty and you know, you're going to go against that author treaty, giving a custom giving an oath, signing a contract is

00:51:03 --> 00:51:50

never allowed. And you know that you're not going to fulfill that treaty and that contract. This is Leanna. And Liana is never allowed. Qaeda is deceit. deceit means you send eight people up north, people think you're going up north, you go south. Where is the treachery here, there's no treachery. Islam never allows treachery in any circumstance. You're never allowed to be treasonous and treacherous. You are every nation practices and horrible, by the way, every nation practices. One thing, you know, in war, you do this. That's why camouflage gear and this is not that's all a part of warfare. This is natural. There's nothing strange or illogical about the phrase of the process of

00:51:50 --> 00:52:41

that war is indeed deceit. So, by this time, not a single muhajir or unsought, remain behind every single muhajirs participated. And they have every right to this is their home now, and every one of the famous onsolve participated, and additionally, the outline tribes as well sent in their troops as well. The tribe of mosaica, sent in 1000, the tribe of the busua name sent in 1700, and so on and so forth, until eventually the Prophet sallallahu idea he was sending them gathered over 10,000 people under his banner, and SubhanAllah. Look again, at the wisdom of Allah. Barely seven years ago, barely six six years ago, there are 300 offered. And the Prophet says Adam begs and praise to

00:52:41 --> 00:53:25

Allah before the Battle of Allah, if we are destroyed for the better fill out, you will never be worshipped again, if we are destroyed in this battle, and here now seven years have gone look at the astronomical growth of Islam from barely 300. And even two years before this and one year before this what is happening, the Battle of a hub is just yesterday, when 10,000 people are on the other side of Medina. 10,000 is the same number of the zap 10,000 are on the outside of Medina. And once again the Prophet says it makes to Allah we cannot fight 10,000 Now look, after the Treaty of her debut what has happened 10,000 of the Sahaba are now marching to Mecca, and they arrive in the

00:53:25 --> 00:54:08

swiftest manner possible. The Prophet says I'm left Makkah in the 10th of Ramadan on the 10th of Ramadan, in the eighth year of the hedgerow, the 10th of Ramadan, the eighth year of the digital, and he arrived on the outskirts of Makkah, on the 19th of Ramadan in the eighth year of the hijra, and that is nine days. And that is an amazing time for 10,000 people, on average, on average, a small caravan will take seven days. So for 10,000 to take nine days, this is a miracle how quickly they went. And the Prophet system did not want to give any hint away. And that is why he announced it at the 11th hour right before they left by a day. He said we're actually going to Mecca just in

00:54:08 --> 00:54:56

case preparations need to be made and whatnot. And it was at this point in time that one of the famous Sahabi fell into the biggest error of his life. And that is as soon as you heard he wrote a top secret letter to the people of MCC and telling them take precautions the Profit System is coming, prepare yourselves you will be attacked and his name is how to urban Abbey belta and that is a long and beneficial story. And we will leave you at that cliffhanger in sha Allah and we will come back to the story of how to be Balta and why did he do what he did? And why did the prophecies eventually spare him? It's a story full of benefits and full of much wisdom and even much film and

00:54:56 --> 00:54:59

even much later all of this is there inshallah, that will be the beginning inshallah.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:06

Next Wednesday. And with that we have a few minutes for questions before we break for Sala.

00:55:36 --> 00:55:56

So, Dr. David just mentioned that this issue of giving protection still exists in some areas of the world. And yes, that is definitely the case. And those areas that you mentioned, and this is one of the benefits of having a civilization if you like, that you don't have to worry about every tribe is being at the mercy of every time.

00:55:57 --> 00:56:00

Any other questions before we break for those that are? Yes.

00:56:11 --> 00:56:57

So the question is, how did the marriage take place, you don't have to have the two parties in the same room for the nicca. And in particular, for the profits of the law while he was setting them. There is no need for a Wali for him because a Nebbiolo below minimum and forcing him the nebby in the Quran, it says our profit system is Allah will mean in a minute fulsome, he is more of a worry for the believers than themselves. So in particular, our Profit System did not who is going to be a worry for him, and therefore he proposed and Naja, she acted as a middleman, if you like, and he was the one who basically accepted and but this is all formalities. In fact, the profitsystem does not

00:56:57 --> 00:57:28

need any Woody's permission to get married. And therefore when Habiba agreed then the marriage took place in habersham, rb sr, and it was the joshy who paid the dowry and also had the festival he was the one who paid for the walima he had a massive volume in his court and the process wasn't there. So the one emos for the Sahaba in Avi Sr. And so the William was taken care of by the Joshua You don't have to be in the same and even in our time, you can have nikka over Skype.

00:57:30 --> 00:57:58

You can have Nick over Skype, not a problem. As long as the conditions are met. You have now we need what is we need two witnesses. So if you have the two witnesses, and you have the body and you have the bride and groom and they are you know one party is in here, one party is there and via Skype for I have basically said and this is modern photography, that if you can verify the the people that are involved, then inshallah it is a valid nikka

00:57:59 --> 00:58:02

with that inshallah I guess we will break for the Salah, and

00:58:03 --> 00:58:07

I will see you next Tuesday for the smell, law class, inshallah.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now dives straight into the topic of the Conquest of Mecca in immense detail.

After the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, the tribes of Banu Kuzaa (Muslims) and Banu Bakr (pagans sided by the Quraysh) had a sort of a raid and the Banu Bakr were assisted by Suhail ibn Amr, Safwan ibn Umayyah who gave them permission to venture outside of the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and commit this breach of trust.

The raid becomes a disastrous failure but the chieftain of Kuza’a, Amr ibn Salam al Kuzaee is angered beyond normal and he approaches the Prophet ﷺ and informs him of the breach of the treaty. The chieftain also asks help by giving three major points of consideration? What are they?

Abu Sufyan, the chieftain of the Quraysh, arrives at Madinah begging the Prophet ﷺ to annul the attack that has been planned by the Muslims for their breach of treaty. He receives no assistance from anyone in Madinah including his own daughter whom he had not met for 13 years, Umme Habiba RA.

The Prophet ﷺ makes an announcement that an expedition of large magnitude is going to be undertaken and that every male should be a part of it. The Sahabas were curious to know the destination but the Prophet ﷺ was adopting an approach of complete secrecy since he didn’t want rumours to flare or even vital information to escape. He left Madinah on the 10th Ramadan, 8H to reach Mecca on the 19th of Ramadan.


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