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said Mr. de como rahmatullah wa barakato

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah le he was so happy about. So this much has been said. Now we use of Allah salat wa salam as a dream. And he's telling his father about the dream. And the father sees an abusive, don't tell your brothers about the dream. And to touch on that. Now the use of Allah salat wa salam in his younger brother Binyamin. They were full brothers. So they shared the same father and mother, whereas the rest of the brothers, they were from a different mother, obviously from the same father. Now, what happens here is that as a question also came through, is, you know, are these brothers evil? And doesn't abeokuta think that they are evil?

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And the answer is no, they are not evil. No, doesn't abeokuta think of them as being evil, but what not we are cool has his insights from Allah subhanho wa Taala is God wisdom, or ambia, they have wisdom, right? And Dr. COVID knows that they have a quality that is very destructive, a quality that could potentially lead to something very terrible. And because he knows that they have this quality, therefore, he's cautioning, abusive, to not inform them of this dream. And this quality is jealousy. So we can learn from this incident here. And the reason I'm saying they're not evil is because at the end of the story, just like everybody else, they turn to Allah Subhana Allah in Toba, and they

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apologized and abusive Elisa was surrounded

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by jealousy, like arrogance, and anger. They are qualities that any person can have. Any human being can have these qualities, and they could potentially lead to something terrible. Which means that the moment we use someone did something wrong. As you know, spectators, we might judge them for that one wrong thing they did, and just categorize them as an evil person as evil people. When in actual fact, there are good people who made a very bad mistake. And the mistake wasn't just you know, something that came out of nowhere. The mistake is a combination of that bad quality that existed inside of them before like jealousy, or anger or cable, which all work hand in hand. So now we are

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good knew that they're going to be jealous of an abuse of Allah Serato Sam because he must have observed things. Now you might ask

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why would the brothers feel jealous of an abusive Elisa to Islam in the first place? Why do they think that never Yaqoob loves an abusive more than he loves them? Listen to the following Ayah that's number seven. And we continue with that Sorry, I am number six. And then we continue with unraveling this mystery of the villa administrator managing workaholic igtv carob book like that you load has chosen you Oh use of this is now an abeokuta speaking to use of a Serato setup while you are the mu come into a hadith and he's teaching you the interpretation of dreams. He's teaching you interpretation of dreams. Are you Timonium Mehta who are like Allah is going to complete his favor

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upon you. Meaning This is just the start of something. This is not it. This is just the opening of something but a little completed upon you were either early or too late is going to complete his favor upon the family of Yaqoob meaning not only this immediate family, but remember from this point onwards, all of the MBR who came after this was born from the lineage of NaVi iacobelli salat wa salam, except for NaVi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So let's add a favor them. Camerata mahana Berwick just as Allah completed his favor upon your parents. Min cobble from before Ibrahima is half from NaVi Brahim and his half in Arabic Allah moon Hakeem Will you load is all manageable

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and all wise Allah knows what he's doing. Now one thing that we can draw from this before we move on, is that look at how Allah Subhana Allah Allah favors generations later within the same family lineage because of the piety of those who came generations earlier. Now if Rahim, Allah salaatu wa Salaam, left a standing legacy that we all are aware of, and even up until now, our own is benefiting from that legacy. And similarly as the lessons in the Quran teaches us, that when we turn to Allah with righteousness and piety, it is not only ourselves in our immediate progeny, in other words, our children and our grandchildren who benefit by generations later,

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our forefathers could have left the legacy for us by making the adolescent behind them and out of that from my progeny. make someone who will be pious will be Muslim will be leading the oma who will be doing all the hate. We don't know which of the two eyes have been accepted that we are now expected to sit here in a list of 100 daddy's house. So our righteousness will benefit those who come after us as well. So that's a side note 11 Cs Lockwood again, if you use

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If I were a QWERTY he is to list in. Verily there is in the story of use of and his brothers, many, yet many signs Lisa Indian for those who ask for those who inquire I've heard so many different explanations of the surah of the farseer of the surah. And every single one of them was different. And every single one of them was beautiful, because there are in fact so many reasons. And I can promise you if you were to just do a simple Google search and find some of the renowned scholars who have given explanations of the surah you will definitely see what I'm talking about. We of course only have a few minutes to share each night, but inshallah tada we will derive from it as much

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benefit as we can. elevenses if called hula Yusuf who are who are Habu illa abena Minh, they say to the brothers on our speaking, use of and his brother are more beloved to our father than we are.

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Why not neurospora whilst we are a whole group, we are a strong group in Urbana Luffy abahlali mubin. Our father is certainly very much ramier he's in openness trainers here. So now we might ask, why did they believe that now the use of Allah citizen was more beloved and Binyamin? Why do they believe they will more beloved to NaVi aku?

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Is it because NaVi aku favorite never use of and his brother Binyamin more than the others? Now remember, NaVi aku is an AVI of Allah, he did not favor them, because it would be wrong to physically show displays of love in an unfair manner towards one's children. Or if one has multiple wives and towards one's wives. It's, it's absolutely haraam, and you will be taken to task by Allah subhanho wa Taala for that, even if it's the side bit of, of unfairness or injustice.

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So what are they referring to here, these two possibilities which exists, number one, which is the most likely is that this was all in the heads. This was all in the heads. And this is most of the time how jealousy comes about when there isn't really anything to be jealous of. But the mind and shape bond and the neffs plays with one's imagination and makes up reasons, you know, why are they like this? And why why did he say that? Why didn't he say that? Well, how come we need greeted them, they look that way. And when you greet them the other way, you know, small things like that, and automatically it turns into something bigger. So you find things that are not really the so they had

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no basis for which to be jealous in the first place. Second reason is that they might have known that subiaco beloved Nabil Yusuf alayhi salatu salam more than they did. Because he might have said, so. Now remember, loving someone is not something that we can be taken to task with. It is an affair of the heart. The heart loves who the heart loves, and to the extent at which the heart with love. The same applies of the prophets of Allah what it was in them, all of his wives knew that he loved it showed your love and had the most we know this for me serum. And when it came to the time of his death, Allah salat wa salam, they would give up the days for her so that he could be with him

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because they knew that in his heart, he wanted to be with it, but he would never say so. So what's the difference? The difference is the one his feelings, we cannot control our feelings necessarily, hello feelings. Of course, I cannot control them. But we can control our actions. Our actions must never show that we are unfaithful, even if our hearts want to favor one over the other. And this is the just the nature of the NBA or the hemos salat wa salam. So those are the two situations you're looking at. They say no, our Father is in openness today. Let's now look at the justification. Yousuf and his brother, they come from a different mother, they only do you shouldn't give them as

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much attention you should give us more attention, because we are a whole group and we are your children. So we look at ourselves as full brothers and sisters together, like us and love as more in this was the reasoning, no logical basis whatsoever. And this is how jealousy starts up from a pure sense of I am superior to you. And we see this from the very earliest case of jealousy, which was from none other than he believes. Now, we must not allow ourselves to fall into the same but fall into the same trap by allowing our feelings of jealousy to cause us to be unjust because it can make good people do bad things. Was he believes bad? Was he evil in his nature. He used to spend his days

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and nights with a melodica praising Allah worshipping Allah He knows a lot better than any of us know Allah. Did you know that?

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But it was jealousy that caused him to fall out of the quote of Allah subhanho wa Taala jealousy causes people to commit murder, as in the second case of jealousy that we know in our entire history habel and COVID we know that they were fine until the one became jealous of the other and murder was committed. So good people can do bad

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things but that also doesn't mean that they are condemned because good people can also come back from doing those bad things. Now, we are asking the question, What bad thing did this culminate into? It was a very bad thing. It wasn't murder, but it was just as evil just as bad the action itself, but we will only tell you about that tomorrow evening. Insha Allah sallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Hara banana