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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The Surah of healing is the highest level of revelation from the beginning of time until the end of time. The healing process is a do nothing thing, meaning that the healing process is not just a recitation of scripture, but a true focus on the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy. The transcript discusses the history of shamanism and the use of shamanic words in religion, as well as the importance of protecting from evil and the use of shamanic words in religion. The importance of reciting the Basma at the beginning of the Surah is discussed, and the importance of timing is emphasized. The transcript also provides information on the meaning of the bus buste in various Surah verses and emphasizes the importance of beginning every activity with the right timing and encouraging viewers to visit their website for prizes.
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spinarak man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali. He was a huge Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Chaka hi thank you so much for joining us this night number two of ramadan 1441 ramadan 2020 we'll be doing the seed of surah Yaseen Alhamdulillah today was the first day of fasting for us here in Cape Town, Allah subhanaw taala except from us and from the entire Muslim Ummah, and Allah grant us the only increase in blessings as this month continues, while hamdulillah tonight inshallah we will discuss the Tafseer will begin the introduction to the Tafseer of the holiest surah of the entire

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Quran the most blessed suit of the entire Quran, and that is of course none other than suitable Fatiha the first chapter of the Noble Quran. We begin with some of the names of the surah and usually as it is said, the more names and something is given. It shows you how blessed it is and how important it is of the names of Surah Fatiha Of course it is called Surah Fatiha, Fatiha meaning the opening because it is through that through the sword that the entire Quran is open. Also Fatiha means a victory. It means a release from all hardships. And so this surah is a great victory. It is a surah that in times of calamity brings about relief. It is a surah which brings about an opening

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in times of hardship. The other name which Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions for this chapter in the Quran, Allah calls it sutra muthoni the seven that are repeated the seven oft repeated verses and so we'll find this little fatty ham we'll talk about this it has seven to seven verses, Allah calls it the seven that are continuously being repeated. And so how do we think about it? There are over 1 billion Muslims on earth currently, and every single Salah Surah Fatiha has to be recited a number of times at least 17 times a day for the 17 rockers that are compulsory. And every way in the world right now you have Maverick or you have a shy or you will have five somewhere in the world The sun

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is rising, the sun is sitting and someone is performing solar and someone is reciting Surah Fatiha, the surah it's amazing that Allah says these these are the seven verses that will continuously be recited. Indeed there is no no other verse no anthem no song, no poem that is recited continuously billions and billions of times 17 billion times a day in sha Allah, this chapter is being recited continuously by the Muslims. So this is the seven of the repeated verses. It is also called multitap, the mother or the chief of the book being the Quran, it is the leader of the Quran, the most important surah within the Quran, and we find the Sahaba they had other names for it because

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what will happen why because it begins with Alhamdulillah of the praise praising of Allah, it is suited to Shiva, the surah of healing and we know Allah subhanaw taala says that in the Quran, he is healing and there is no sutra which has a greater form of healing. And so to Fatiha many a time we may his issue of spiritual affliction sort of Fatiha is recited over the patient and this brings relief one of the Sahaba earlier lon he came upon a woman whose child was possessed and by reciting Surah Fatiha on this child the jinn had left the shelter Surah Fatiha has a great healing in it. So it's some Sahaba called circle kaseya. The surah that is completed scarfie meaning complete whatever

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you ask and you need it will provide is a form of acceptance of the law. And it's what we asked for it in fact, the entire surah is a perfect way in which to is made when we talk about it I've seen the surah explains to us how we should make a dua and in it we asked for one thing and that is guidance. And it's the most important thing that we need. And it is We ask Allah 17 times a day at least for guidance to him. I mean, in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala references for the Hydra Baccarat, Allah says and certainly we have given you O Muhammad, the seven oft repeated verses and the great Quran It's amazing. Allah subhanaw taala is as if though he's saying I've given you two

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things, two blessings, one issue Fatiha on one side and the other is the entire Quran as well as if the rest of the Quran is following the script surah Amazing, amazing surah and again in Allah subhanaw taala refers to it as the seven repeated verses in a hadith look at listen to this hadith found in telemedia Abu hurayrah reports the prophets of Solomon said Should I not tell you have a surah a chapter unlike which you have it doesn't have an equal neither in the Torah which was sent to me Musa know the NGO which was sent to me Isa Islam. No there's a board which has seemed to let me

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know even in the Quran, which is of course an Elisa Domini, there is no surah equal to it. And it is the surah which we recite in the Salah is in the Surah Fatiha it is the seventh often repeated verses which Allah has given out. So this surah is the highest level of revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. It is the greatest revelation from the beginning of time until the end of time. This chapter sootel Fatiha is what Allah has revealed in another beautiful You know, Hadith which shows you the power and the blessings of God.

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As reported by him in a bus inside a Muslim, the prophet Salaam was sitting once with God

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So, longevity was in human form. And they were they were revising of the Quran. And suddenly both of them looked up into the sky, they heard a sound and they both looked up into the sky. And gibreel said, This sound is the sound of a gate we box, a treasure that has been opened in the heavens today. And it has never been opened before meaningful for all of eternity, this door was closed and today it has been open and out of this door out of the gate, and angel is coming out. And he is bringing with it with a pleasure. So rejoice in it, he brings with him two gifts, one of which is sort of at the heart. The other one is the last two verses or so to Baccarat the likes of which has

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never been revealed before. And gbl says you will never recite a word from them without being given the blessings they contain whatever recites them, they will receive a great blessing. And so Spangler shows us once again, the power sort of hard to have sort of idea in fact was revealed a number of times it wasn't only revealed at this point when this angel came down, but all the promises or number received revelations from Surah Fatiha very early in his in his mission. right at the beginning. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala taught the province on how to perform salah and in that was Surah Fatiha and it is said Allah Allah and this is the Vedic opinion, that Sudoku 31 it

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was not the very first revelation. Of course, the very first revelation was a corrupt Miss mirror because we know that and then Officer aliquots Yeah, you will miss Amelia. Even Buddha said, these were the earliest revelations. However, even in the surah Allah says Kumi, Laila Illa, Allah says, the prophets of Allah right at the beginning, that he should stand up in Salah. And so, it is assumed that Surah Fatiha was already revealed to him. And in fact, it is the, the first surah that is revealed from start to finish complete. So, so to Allah, for example, ecola was revealed the first one, but it wasn't completely revealed maybe only 10 years later, was the rest of the surah

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given to the other way as sort of it was revealed completely start to finish and the first sort of to be revealed like that. We know of the virtues of pseudo Fatiha that it is a pillar of Salah Hadith says whoever does not reset so to fit her in the rocker he has no solar so if you forget to recycle to fit her, then there is no solar for that Raka is incomplete. Now as we stand in Impala we have many of us are trying and struggling to decide as much as we can in our in our car we might decide a few is a microsite images, whatever it might be, understand that even reciting the Holy Quran is not equal to the blessings of social Fatiha when we stand in our locker because we can do

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without the risks in the locker but you cannot do without swear to Fatiha, as I mentioned before, so profanity is a protection from evil. Many a time in cases of spiritual harms and spiritual illness, psychological illness, pondering over sort of it, reciting sort of fighting over the patient will bring about cure and prediction and it is a doula as we had said. So before we begin with the actual Tafseer before we begin was certified Allah subhanaw taala advises us and instructs us in the Quran that before we recite the Quran, we need to do the STI the what is the other we need to ask him for protection protection from what so Allah says in Surah Surah number 16 verse number eight for

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inaccurate Al Quran that when you recite the Quran so when you begin your recitation of the Quran, first Isaiah Billa then ask Allah for his prediction, min ash shaytani r Rajim from the cursed and the rejected shaytaan the outcast shavon so a lot instructs us that before we ever begin reciting whether it is inside or whether it is we are out of Salah, before we decide before we begin reciting the Quran, we always begin with our Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim will also be asked a lot to protect us from shape on why the number of reasons shaytaan wants to cause us harm when we are reciting the Quran he wants to cause deviation he wants to cause us to miss understand, he wants us

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to be distracted so many times how you know we all know this, our minds are clear and blank we're not thinking of anything but the minute we begin Allahu Akbar, Allah and then all the you know, things you know what's happening in our life comes we think about the business we think about work about the kids, or you know, we I forgot my keys I didn't even realize in the minute I stopped drinking soda, I remember Oh, it's over the so this is shavon making his wish was trying to confuse us and that is why when we begin before we begin something Blizzard, when you move that which is rejected before you plant like the farmer, before he plants the seed, he first needs to remove the

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weeds and so that is the either seeking protection from Allah is from shavon is the beginning. Also some more points on the SDR there is many ways of saying it. The simplest way is to say I will be lying in the shade on the regime. So we say we are Allah, I would be law I seek protection with you Allah from the shaytani r rajim. And this word is an act of worship. It's an act of worship, meaning you cannot say are all to be anything else I seek protection. I seek refuge with the profit source on Amazon permissible I seek protection with the only and this is not permissible. This will be a form of shield. Only Allah is entitled to be a source of spiritual

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prediction. There is one exception to the swan Allah Emmys it's the famous Dr. With the proficiencies are all the weekly Mattila heeta Mohammed Sharma Halak

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dua, he recited daily, he says, I seek protection with the perfect words of Allah meaning what the Quran from all the all the harms and all the evils which Allah himself has has created all that which is evil all that which is harmful this Coronavirus it comes from a loss of panel data. And so we say yeah Allah we seek protection with you and with your perfect words meaning the Quran because in the Quran in itself as we sort of Fatiha in particular, the is a shield that when we recite it, it is a shield that protects us. Many people complain about, you know, spiritual harms hazard and lizard, Gene and magic and all these kind of things. The only way to protect yourself from these

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viruses is through a spiritual immune system. One of them is of course, the seat prediction I was biller and it is to decide from the Quran particularly sort of it has sort of Baccarat

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major powers of of prediction in them. There are other times that from the sooner we realize we also find so we decide the st Allah we say are the Billa.

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regime. When do we say before we say But aside from the Quran, and if you had a period where you were reciting the Quran or reciting the Quran, you began by autobianchi regime, and then you got up and you did something or in Salah for example, you go down and you go and you come back up. Again when you read you know, a new session you will find out many times we get locked out you on the internet, so your session got locked out. When you want to restart a new session of recitation, you begin again I will be lying in the shade on the regime and in your sauna, you would say the softly Of course you will not say this out loud because it's not part of the of the Quran, the prophets of

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Salaam also teaches us that there are other times in which we can recite the East the other end seek protection with Allah in particular there are certain times when we are susceptible to hate on when he makes an effort to harm us we sit when we decide to do any act of Ebola when he goes on overdrive to distract us. Anytime we have we suas we have some doubts in our heart we have we have some fear, we have some kind of anxiety. It is part of shaytans methodology of causing mental anguish and so make use the other from from the shaytaan nightmares as we know from the movie so some nightmares come from the shape on and so if you're disturbed in the evening, you wake up in the middle of the

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night and you just say I would be lying straight on the regime and blow over your left shoulder three times and inshallah you will be fine. nightmares cannot harm you. They also there will be some circumstances at the swift procrastinating I will I will make Salah I will get up I will do it. Because we've been lethargic, procrastinating. And many of us have had Allah we struggle with this, the ease from the Shaitaan shaitaan wants to keep us away from being productive. And so when you find yourself feeling lethargic, say our Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim sigalas prediction that shaytan does not disturb you, and this inshallah once he's gone, then that monkey off your back and

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now you can go forward and you can do that which is good. Also we know that shaytaan causes us to forget of the ways in which he can harm us. He causes us forgetfulness. And so we set out to be lunch at our gym if we forget something, maybe you win the exam and you forgot something sell the Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim you know where you put the keys and Allah subhanaw taala will assist you in remembering when we become angry. One of the things we know that I've recently ever had either man became so angry became read. And the professor said if he only I know of a phrase, if you were to say this then his anger would disappear. So now you know in Ramadan it shouldn't be the

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case but we are we are hangry you're hungry and this brings up some anger we have a children frustrated of the things we should do is we should say are the lameness atonal Jim yes, some might say well isn't on all the shades been locked up some you know scholars have mentioned that it is the major the big shape horns that are locked up. Also, they are not only shaytans of people we know from the coroner Dr. Shelton immuno Jeannie one insula says that they are devils from people as well. A lot protect us there are some people they are so bad and so they bring out the worst in us that they are like a shape on. And so if someone is in your face someone is upsetting you. Someone

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says something to disturb you say all the layout of a particular shape on me from all kinds of shapes on and of course, you say Aloma InDesign, that InDesign you remind yourself and you remind this person, I am fasting, I am fasting, do not lose your cool, do not lose your temper. And so I will be lying in a shape on the regime is this powerful phrase that has so many benefits. And so we begin with with the st either and then afterwards, we know before we begin the surah we always begin with the bhasma Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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so it as if we say after we get rid of the evil after we've cleaned cleaned the field of any of its of its of its weeds. Now before we actually begin planting, we prepare the soil we prepare the heart for it to receive that which is good and there is nothing better than to begin with Bismillah by we begin with the name of Allah, the Most Merciful R Rahman r Rahim, Allah subhana wa tada as instructed when evil will begin

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Something good, something meritorious, even something which is something which is not evil when we eat when we sleep, we begin by saying the bus mala and this will bring Baraka it will bring goodness in it. And it's amazing that again in this phrase, when Allah introduces himself in the Quran, Allah says In the name of Allah Who is this Allah, He is a rock man or a man meaning the one who has his mercy is infinite. He has no limit to His mercy. And it's his mercy that encompasses everything aligned to uses himself as the one with an infinite capacity of mercy that everyone even the shell team, even the worst of the worst, even the biggest center will receive of His mercy. As R Rahman AR

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Rahim is even a more specific kind of Mr. Rahman is the one that has vastness in mercy. Rahim is the one who is be very special and specific meaning he gives his mercy to a special group of people. And these are the selected people which Allah loves. They receive the karma of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So much Tafseer we can say about the names of Allah. But when beautiful Hadith last parameter tells us himself that he named himself a Rahim why after the rhyme, rhyming means the uterus the womb. Why? Because the womb is perhaps the most loving place to a baby, it surrounds the baby interrupts the baby up in key and love and prediction. And so Allah says, I have derived my name, Rahim from

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the right from the uterus. Because I basically Allah sees as if he engulf sees his creation, and the believers in particular with love and care. Only like matter Allah, Allah cannot be made an analogy to anyone else. But like the mother, perhaps children in all that love Allah's mercy even more than that, and so Allah wants you to begin with this now, but have a technical question here. The bus mela in Surah Fatiha You must have seen that he will go to the masjid in Cape Town. The Imam says Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen rochman Rahim until the end of the surah you go to Mecca you put an ITV and you see shih tzu this and he says Allahu Akbar Al hamdu Lillahi

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Rabbil aalameen Why did you not say that out loud? The firstly everyone. This is the bosma each and every person whether they say it loud or soft, it's a different area. So why is the bus mela sometimes decided loud by some people and recycled soft in by others. Let us ask a question at the beginning of every chapter of the Quran except for Surah Tauba. At the beginning of every chapter you find Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Is this a verse is this verse number one of every surah Is this the verse of a verse or is it a title? Is it an introduction? What is this thing that was what is the Basma? So we know that you see I that would be nice, but that is not part of the Quran. And

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that's why you will not find it written in the Messiah. But the Basma is written me, but is this a verse? So let us go a bit into detail with regards to the Bussmann. Bismillah being a verse, the scholars are unanimously agreed everyone the Sahaba we are all agreed that the that the bus mela is a verse in certain EML in certain number of verses surah number 16 there is a verse Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah tells us that snobbishly man he sends a letter to the Queen of Sheba, and she opens the letter and she reads, and she says, indeed, it is a letter from a man and indeed this letter it reads Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. So the Michelin Man wrote a letter at the top of the

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letter was to him and so the Queen of Sheba, she reads it. This has been narrated to us in the Quran. So it is a verse inside the Quran Bismillah R. Rahman Rahim, everyone agrees to that. They also agree the scholars also agree that the best meta that we found we find on the top of the surah on the top of the chapter is not a verse, and every surah would begin with this introductory title is not a verse, and the only chapter that does not have the busman at the beginning is the ninth chapter Surah Surah Tauba so every single chapter in the Quran has has the Basma besides surah Toba and Surah Surah number, of course, would have been the Basma at the beginning. And inside of it, it

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will also have a similar meaning it has to be Smilla's. But these are not verses on top, rather they are sort of a You are the only debate. The only thing with the scholars disagree with is the best manner of Surah Fatiha. Yeah, there are a number of differences is the Basma a verse of Surah Fatiha is it not a verse a sort of idea. And this is a very you know if you really want to see this for yourself, if you have in your house, the moose half which you which we call the 15 line was half the green was half usually from is printed in Saudi, the one you find Muharram if you open that Quran, the most half and you look at Surah Fatiha, you will see that the Basma at the in the beginning sort

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of Fatiha manga him at the end of manga Rahim you will see a number one in the meaning this is verse number one, according to that must have then when you open the indo Pak Quran Mahabharata, the 13 line one as it is called sometimes you open that up you look at Surah Fatiha off the manga Rahim there's just a circle. There's no number one in the number one is often Alhamdulillah horrible and

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mean. So, according to this must have, the best manner is not a verse. So in summary, I won't go into too much technical detail, the Hanafi and Maliki mad hubs and the scholars of Basra really in this area, they have seen that the bus Mara in Surah Fatiha is like the bus mala in every other surah it is an introductory line, it is not a verse at all, it is just something that we recite, to bring Baraka to begin the surah as a way of introduction, and so, it is not different to the bus mela of coolala had the honor of insulting a Calcutta you say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, it is just an introductory phrase and therefore, you will find that the hanafis for example, they do not recite

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this verse aloud in the salon they will begin at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. So, this is the one opinion the other side of the the opposite of the Hanafi is in this regard are the Sharpies which we find here many of them in Katana in particular, they say you know Shafi said that the best mala for Surah Fatiha is a is a verse is a verse of Surah Fatiha and one of the reasons we'll get to this more in detail tomorrow in sha Allah because Surah Fatiha has seven verses. And he says one of those seven is the bus Mara and therefore you should recite the bus manner aloud and therefore you'll find in Cape Town that the anomaly sites Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah no difference no problem even

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recites it. With the software out it's fine. The humble ism is unique. The amount of the items, the hammer Limited is kind of in the middle of the two. They affirm that the Basma is a verse of Surah Fatiha and that's why you find in the plant in Saudi Arabia, which follows the humble method, they have number one, so they follow the chef is that it is a is a verse of the Quran, but they follow the Hanafi in that it should not be recited aloud even though it is a verse, it should be recited softly so this kind of an in between view and they base this on a hadith which you find in Bahati Imam or other Satan, unnecessarily Alonzo great Sahabi. He said that I prayed with the prophets of

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Salaam and Abu Bakr and Omar, and they did not begin to pray they began to pray rather with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen meaning they didn't start with Mr. Mandela him. They began with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. So is a very powerful addition to that, to that effect. And so Allah Allah and there is no harm whether you you recite it aloud, or softly. So long as you recite the Basma and in the Salah. You should you have to decide the Basma especially, especially as we say, the Salah is not complete without sacrifice. And if the Basma and we said this is a contentious issue is a verse of the Quran, then it is safer always to be cited and insha Allah so you have to recite it. And as I

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said, if you look at the two masahisa you will see the difference to conclude, besides reciting the plasma, the plasma is only cited at the beginning of the surah. So unlike the other if you were reciting the Quran and then you you lift and you come back and your session sort of timed out when you begin again, you will again say I would be like no Shakeology, but you don't begin with Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Bismillah is only at the beginning of the surah there are other times in which we recite the bus Mara not just when we recite the Quran, we decided whenever we do a good activity so anytime you do an act of worship you give charity some maybe you're doing EFT you

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handing over some money you know you want to pick up the phone and call your mother you begin with saying Bismillah R Rahman Rahim you begin the widow for example, but this manga he also any activity which in itself is not rewarded. So eating you don't get any reward for eating sleeping you don't get a reward for sleeping but the minute you begin with resupply or manga Rahim, you convert this normal activity into an act of worship, you're about to travel and inshallah SubhanAllah. We even miss the traffic now when the lockdown ends and we sit in traffic all the way to town and our when you get into the car on the taxi, you say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Now you being in the on the call

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on the road, this is an act of worship, you're actually getting rewarded for that. So it brings about Baraka and then it also one of the reasons why it is to show that we are first most important beginning point is I begin this activity in the name of Allah I beginning for the sake of Allah, it shows that a lot is my my priority. And it shows that we do this for the sake of Allah. Another way of thinking about this, if you cannot say the best manner so before you do what you think it'd be wrong for me to say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim and I'm going to come with a sin. You will never say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, the name of Allah. I'm not going to hit my brother In the name of Allah.

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I'm going to curse and pose fitna Of course no one does that. And this also shows you that this activity then if it cannot be done with abasement at the beginning, then it is an activity which is haram. It is haram. And so we incur by doing the bus mela, we put Baraka in, we make every action that we do an act of Kibera and we put Baraka and everything. So sometimes we do something you know, we make the pasta food, it might not taste that good, but the minute you say the best mother, it brings Baraka in the foot. That is why the oldest scholars have said that it's always best to eat the food of of the home cooked meals like we do now. Alhamdulillah our mothers whenever she puts the

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salt in whenever our wives and Allah bless them, whenever they put the sugar in whatever they do Bismillah Bismillah and so as the ingredients are going in the best manner and the Baraka of Allah subhanaw taala is going in that as well and the goodness of it comes out so say the Bismillah as much as you can

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Always beginning with the sake of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala grant us to begin in his name and in our days and in our life on his name, and in his worship in the land may put Baraka in all our face to sokola Hey, thank you so much just to remind inshallah to go online and you would find our quiz. The next five set of questions in sha Allah, you'll find it on our website where you can click on the link and you can go there and at the end of the weekend, at the end of the month, there will be prizes for the leaders in Charlotte and as Cosmo likes, it promises like Like I said, I want to come to LA when I get to

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