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Ramadan 1441 Night 1 – Tafsir Surah Yasin

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regimes manga Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam Arash rafii mousseline, syedna Mohammed Ali Yasaka My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Allah has been to Allah subhanho wa Taala if you're listening to this then hamdulillah we have by the grace of Allah COVID each the month of Ramadan ramadan 1441 ramadan 2020 my Allah Subhana Allah bless us and grant us all the goodness of this month of Ramadan, I mean will hungry lamp, if ever we had a question with Allah subhanho wa Taala loves us and he has, you know, we are dear to him the fact that we are you're in this month in this very, very sacred holy month we

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we have an opportunity to get into gender, the fact that Allah has gifted us with this thing Surely, you know, I take comfort in that the same way, you know, the judge feel honored that Allah has invited me to come for pilgrimage. Remember, Allah has only selected a few of us to be at the month of Ramadan as believers and to keep uphold the month in fasting in sha Allah to get the full benefits of this. So this is really the most important event for us during the during the year and is unlike any other opportunity there's so many rewards in the month of Ramadan we spoke about this so many many times, there is an opportunity to get all our sins forgiven is an opportunity to get

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our place in general secured, there's an opportunity to get the highest levels of gender even the law that our do ask can be answered that everything in our life can be fixed during this month of Ramadan 30 days is all that we need even the law to you know level the scales or to bring the scales and heavy in the sight of righteousness and that Allah subhanho wa Taala at the end of the month can grant us the stock we're welcoming the lamp. Before I begin, we all know that this is a unique Ramadan usually I would be in the ministry that from the level we've just completed our thoroughly together. And so it is unfortunate because of how Allah has changed the situation. We hope for the

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best. But we are now of course experiencing Ramadan in the COVID-19 world. And just a point on that is a hadith I want to start off with strange Hadith got to do with the jail. Absolutely nothing to do with Ramadan and nothing to do with our topic. There's a Hadith of the Prophet Salaam speaks about the gem, and will any words that Alma about the digelar and he tells us a haba of the things that gel will do. And of the powers you would have by the grace of Allah would give it to him. And so of the things that Joe would do is that he would be able to play with time, we one day would be like a year and Sahaba and this shows you the thickly understanding the the focus that the questions

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that would have come to our mind would be many different kinds of questions. And we would ask different things from they might not be completely relevant. But the things which the prophets that were the Sahaba asked they asked the navy seals on them. How do we perform Salah when the gel is here and he plays with time they understood what is important even when the world is ending. And when the gel comes to release the world is ending. The important things are your solar, you're fasting you're on mobile on your dissertation. This is what counts on the day of the AMA. And so no matter where you find yourself this month of Ramadan how you find it. Remember what was important is

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that we continue with our our EBI, that to Allah subhanaw taala

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you know when we begin that I'm upon the beginning of an act of worship is very very important the Prophet is on tells us our deeds will be judged according to the way we begin that act and therefore the important part of the beginning as we enter the month of Ramadan is restocked Ramadan. What is important for us is to begin with a quick Nia Nia isn't just a way to I'm going to fast tomorrow that is not just the Nia Nia is the objective. What do you want to take out of this worship? Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what we should aspire for at the end of the month of Ramadan is that Allah that the Quran is hoped that perhaps hopefully that we will attain taqwa taqwa means we will

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have a relationship with Allah. And so the example of the one who does not have a proper near and objective sit at the beginning of the webinar is like the farmer who digs a hole and he waters the hole and he you know, expose it to the sunlight, but he forgets to put the seed in it no matter how much effort he puts in that hole, you will not get anything that will come out of it of benefit. And so the seed of must be planted that is the nia. And so as you begin, we ask Allah subhanaw taala allow us here Allah at the end of this month that we attain taqwa, we attain your forgiveness, we attain our place in general we attain a closeness with you taqwa is a relationship with Allah. So as

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we go through this month, we are going to be focused everything is for Allah Why am I fasting Why am I depriving myself of my food my drink, this is for the sake of because Allah wants us to do so is to please Him and we stand in Salah for his sake. And so inshallah we will continue to do that which is important of us in the month of Ramadan. Of course, the other important aspect of Ramadan a number of aspects so the most important aspect of Ramadan when Allah speaks about Ramadan in the Quran, Allah mentions what makes Ramadan special is the Quran itself and that is the Fall is a relation to having a bond with the Quran. So when Allah speaks about the month of Ramadan, Allah

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doesn't say shall Ramadan, the month of Ramadan is the month of fasting or is the month of of pm Elaine? No, Allah says it is the month of Quran and because the Quran came down in Ramadan, that is what makes Ramadan special and therefore we forced and we pray.

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Extra in the month of Ramadan and so naturally everything we do in the month of Ramadan every program we do should have a theme or should have a focus on on the Quran and so be in the lab our theme for this month will continue to give our lectures you know we want to continue doing the good in even though we in this new kind of Ramadan we at home, we will not allow because the machine is not available that we stopped doing our good deeds. In fact now we need to do even more good deeds. And so we'll continue sharing the lectures and learning for my second you're sick we benefit and so inshallah this month our theme is the heart of the Quran, the heart of the Quran meaning surah

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Yaseen, our our focus inshallah, this month will be the deaf seed of surah. As seen, in the last letter, we can become closer to the Quran, insha Allah. We'll talk more about that in a minute, some questions, and I encourage you to share your questions. People have asked how do we make sort out are we in the month of Ramadan when we are not able to go to the masjid and we gave a short q&a, I think on Thursday evening, and it's available if you haven't received it, on how to do certain certain rulings with regards to COVID-19. One, just one question on that, but always, that always has always been the essence of taraweeh. It was meant to be done at home and not in the masjid. And

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he was meant to be individual and not in a congregation. That's how the NaVi Salam did history. But it's also permissible and it is good to do in congregation if it encourages each other to pray together. So if you are at home and you want to perform your own power in your room Alhamdulillah that is fine. If you want to do it in a Jama as a family, that is also fine there are certainly prerequisites for example, the Imam has to be a couple of male the men will be in front and the sisters will be behind. If it's a mixture meaning men and women then unfortunately the sister cannot be the Imam. However, if you have a Gemma of just ladies, when yes one of the sisters can be can be

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the Imam and what do you decide during Malawi. You can recite anything of the Quran you can recite long you can recite short you can recite from memory, you can hold the most half in your hand if you wish to do so. And one of the reasons why we chose what is seen is that many people

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speaking to them, they would feel that the long surah that they have or that they are comfortable reciting is what I have seen this is something which they have been doing, you know, since they were young, they were used to reciting surah Yaseen and so maybe every evening they will decide to re are seen as part of the individual thoroughly. And therefore we wanted to make take the opportunity to teach us in sha Allah Surah Surah Yaseen, and that is our theme. As we said, the prophets of Solomon says everything is how do you continue me He says, everything has a heart a center and the heart the center of the Quran is Soraya seen easy as seen? And so, let us understand what makes the surah so

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special? Why is it that we recite it so frequently? And what are the rewards to suit I see and we'll talk about that inshallah during this month. And that is our theme will also not only be doing with FC as soon as seen Sorry, I seen Of course, as we know, is that a very long surah so we'll discuss other other issues of FC will do Surah Fatiha to begin with. And maybe if B in the life we are there, and Allah allows us will even branch off into some sort of Iraq as well. So let's begin in sha Allah and before I begin with the Tafseer it's certainly important to have certain introductory concepts with regard to the Quran. First thing, what is the Quran What does the word mean? What is

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it the Quran literally means the verbal, it is the recitation it means the recitation and it is the verbatim words of Allah it is the spoken word of Allah subhana wa Taala. himself. This is what the Quran is, and that is why nobody can add or subtract from it, nobody can truly translate it, nobody can fully comprehend it because this is, is an aspect of Allah subhanho wa Taala himself his his speech, and we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala at least all revealed or shared the Quran in two stages. One stage he sent the entire Quran down from his hidden knowledge to the library in the lower summer called Aloha, my fourth, the preserved tablet, and they it remained for a period of

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time. And then gibreel, the Angel gibreel brought pieces of the Quran down to the prophets of Salaam in the month of Ramadan, or other over a period of 2030 years beginning with Ramadan, when approximately reach the age of 40. And if we imagine, imagine a puzzle so you have a puzzle on the table. If you were to give one piece of the puzzle to somebody, this is how the Quran was revealed to the prophet SAW Selim, sometimes from the surah and then a piece from in the next surah. And then at the end of the Quran, and the beginning of the Quran, and this is how it was revealed, and every month or every year, in the month of Ramadan, gibreel and the province of Alam would revise the

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Quran together. So just as we will make an excellent effort in this month to read a little bit more code and whatever it might be to exceed and to go beyond what is normal. Even then a visa Salam went through this kind of kind of training, and it was all verbal. The Prophet Salam received the revelation verbally and he revised with gibreel in a verbal manner, and the Quran as we know is divided into chapters which are called sutras and inside the surah they are verses which are called ayat now

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Verse if you look at the dictionary the word AI does not mean reverse it means a sign or medical. And the reason why Allah calls the verses of the Quran his are yet meaning these are signs these are evidences, these are miracles for people to understand it to come back to Allah subhana wa Tada. The Quran has one for 114 chapters or sutras. And it has 6200 and some odd if there are some differences of opinion as to how many I will talk about why that is. It doesn't mean one Quran is longer than the other one. We'll talk about that as well in sha Allah, and then a B so someone passed away. So after 23 years, the Quran had now completely been revealed all the pieces had been given to him and

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then a visa Salaam and memorize it, and had taught it to his oma. Now the mission was done, the job was complete, and the professor lon passed away, when he passed away. There was no dispute amongst the Sahaba there was no question marks amongst the companions, what is inside the Quran and what should not be in the Quran? These are a single verse in the Quran, where there's a question mark, should this be? Or Shouldn't it be part of the Quran? Or is this some other verses that are omitted? We don't have any of this again, except for one verse there is one verse in the whole Quran, we there's a question mark, is this part of the Quran or not part of the Quran? We'll talk about that

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verse tomorrow as well insha Allah with me that this will become more clear tomorrow in sha Allah. So there's no question marks as to what are the verses of the Quran, and there is no dispute as to the way in which surah do these verses in which chapters do these ayat go in, for example, is idle courtesy in Surah Baqarah is it's in Surah Al Iran, should it be in Surah Fatiha, we decide to crucified, there's no dispute everyone knows, in this harbor knew exactly. And the Prophet Salam taught him in this way, that is exactly what it should be, and the order they knew, which is the beginning and which is in the middle and which was at the end, because if you change the order of

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the ayah it will change the meaning of the Quran. And so there's a hobble really sure about about that. Then the Prophet Solomon he passed away. And in the time of the companions, there was there were a number of Sahaba her father and they died during the the wars that happened afterwards. And so it was through an a discussion and agreement amongst the Sahaba to compile the whole Quran in a book. And this was done in enemies asylum, there are other bits and pieces were written down but not the whole Quran compiled into a book. And so they agreed to put together what is called a must have so brother even asked me today what what is the word must have must have is a Quran that is written

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down. And so the you know, usually in Cape Town will say bring me my Quran, the Quran is the on the shelf, the correct word is actually the most half the most half is the that is a Quran in a written form. And so we know that say no bucket or the Alon had commissioned and so the other the most half was compiled. And during the compile ation of the most half, there were some elements of each jihad, certain things which is Sahaba decided this was not from Allah, and not from this not from the prophets, Allah. This was an agreement amongst the Sahaba like this effect, where basically of the Sahaba of the things that they did, they added titles to the surah. So certain chapters, they didn't

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have names. Some chapters did have names Surah Baqarah, Surah Fatiha, they didn't have names, and others of them didn't have names or they had multiple names. And so you would find certain chapters of the Quran surah Surat, for example, is also called sort of bunny. So he would find certain mishaps of different namings. This was from the Sahaba also, which was come we in the Quran, the order of these 114 Sutras, this was also basically a element of each Jihad from the from the Sahaba element of decision making amongst the Sahaba. one surah should be here, and that one should be the, and this was from the understanding of the Quran. And then also we find and this is, gives you any

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reason why certain questions have more or less verses, where the verse begins and ends. So is it one long verse? And maybe if you can imagine a long sentence in English, it has a number of commerce, is it a full stop? Or is it a comma? The sentence is the same. But do we stop? Or do we just pause? And this is where the Sahaba certain if they are question marks with the ayah is one long Ayah? Or is it two is with it with a pause in the middle? And so that some of the actual questions and the Sahaba This is where they were, they use the HD at some Sahaba said no, we should stop Yoda knew if others say no to one long is the is the same though. But they just the pause is where the question is and

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that is something we will discuss more in detail. So this is with regards to the Quran. As we have seen, what does that mean? That means understanding the meaning behind the words understanding the meaning of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, that it is he who has sent down to you or Muhammad the book in it of verses which are clear and they are precise. These are the foundations of the Quran. So let's say in the Quran, the vast majority of the ayah are very clear and easy to understand. Then Allah says and the other is that all other verses that are unspecific or ambiguous, the meaning is not so clear. So as for those in whose hearts there is a disease, they

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will follow that which is unclear, they would constantly focus

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On IR which are but complicated, why seeking discord seeking fitna and seeking an interpretation which is suitable to them, putting in their own meanings into the Quran, whereas analysis and none nobody fully understands the interpretation except Allah only Allah understands the Quran completely. And as for those infirm knowledge or losses, they say, we believe in it, all of it is from Allah, all of it is from our Lord, and no one will be reminded except those of understanding. So there are elements in the Quran, which are not so clear. And there are some parts that nobody knows even the visa some doesn't know, for example, what does the flag mean mean? What does he has

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seen me? Nobody knows this is from a last panel data. So the FCA is the study of the interpretation, the meaning the understanding of the Quran is of course, a bit more academic and more of a study. And so we will go inshallah, this month, our job is to give the Tafseer and the meaning of surah. Yaseen, what are the themes? What are its messages? What is need to be learned? Are there any laws to be extracted? We'll talk about that in sha Allah, and how do we give tafsir tafsir? How do we who teaches us who gives where do I get my information from basically, sometimes Allah Himself gives Tafseer so in example, Allah subhana wa accomodated recorded what will make you understand what

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layer two quarter is what is the meaning of literal color label we'll call it Hiram and Fisher that might have led to color is better than 1000 months. So who gave the deaf seed the Quran itself gave the deaf See, Allah Himself gave the deaf See, the other verses we the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he gave the deaf See, he gave us the meaning. For example, the last verse of Surah Fatiha Lady mahmudullah him on a violin, Allah does not be of those who you are angry with, and those who have gone astray, who are these people that Allah is angry with and those who have gone astray. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself, he gives the interpretation of this, we'll talk about that

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inshallah, in the coming days, then, of course, you have seen the Sahaba, the Sahaba gave the interpretation, and of course, they are the best at giving Tafseer why, because number one, the Quran was revealed in the language, you must understand the language and the way it was spoken for you to understand the words it of course, the interpretation must agree with the words and the context. Remember, Sahaba they were they when the IR came down? Allah subhana wa Taala many times he would send a verse or a piece of the Quran down in response to a situation in fact, you have in the Quran some loseley ways aluna Can they ask you about the someone comes here Rasulullah Tell me what

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I must do in this situation. And before the prophet SAW someone could answer the man versus Allah Himself gave the answer as Quran And so, the Sahaba being in that context, they would know exactly what is the meaning of the what is the meaning of the verse and what is the understanding of it. And so inshallah This is how we will put forward out of seed of sorrow as in when it came down, why did it come down? What do the words mean? In sha Allah? Question, someone asked what is the difference between Deaf seed and translation, translation is taking the Quran and translating it from Arabic into English, no representing it into into English and it does not there is no pure translation of

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the Quran, the Quran cannot be fully transmitted in another language could and can only be in Arabic. And sometimes you take for example, the translation of use of Ali in May there will be bits and pieces of Tafseer but it's not a complete explanation of the Quran, it is only little bits of information that is added or all the it is just putting the Quran in, in an English format. And so for those of us who would like to have a book to read, we only have seen the best stuff seen in the English language that has been translated is that I've seen of even give you the summarized version of even caffeine if you'd like to for your own reading. You can download this for free. There are

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many books of stuff sitting in Arabic Of course, we have the deceit of many Sahaba with the deceit of many scholars Baba required to be called to be a great scholar from Cordova in in Spain. And then of course the most famous stuff seen is that of medieval scholar, even Akira Rahim Allah you don't think I've seen this stuff seed has been summarized and then translated into English. And that for that is available online and inshallah we'll be using these sticks in his books and I'll explain why I get these seeds from and you are more than welcome. And I was encouraged that all of us should actually go and read the Tafseer of the Quran to understand what is it that I'm reciting? When I

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read the Quran? What is it that I'm what is the meaning of it? Allah subhanho wa Taala lists a smell or make the fasting easy and grant us the full benefits of Allah grant us the full reward of the month of Ramadan. I like sipped our eBay diet outstanding, our dissertation, our charity, and May Allah grant us I would do as accepted and that we return very soon to the measures and made this calamity be removed with Mila Zack Hello. Hi, thank you so much. Any questions, concerns or comments with [email protected]? last note we will continue doing our quiz. So usually we do this at the masjid but we will not do this online and you will receive a link when you open that link. You will

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have a few Q and A's you answer them and then inshallah your email will be will be kept and then on a weekly basis we'll have a log to see who's was leading and the end of the week. The leader you know, we

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Done that was called the most correct answers. That person will inshallah get a prize and then we'll have a grand winner at the end of the month but even the logical end so much Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh