Zakir Naik – An Indian lady accepts Islam after I mention the status of Mother Mary in Islam

Zakir Naik
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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate. Good evening. I'm sorry Tommy Lee. I work in a private company as administration manager.

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And I wish to take up Islam

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it's one only because of two men in my life.

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That is, Oh, I wish to marry a Muslim man.

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And I see him every day.

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The way he talks to people and his simplicity and he is very religious. The second person will be Mr. Zakir.

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That is because I'm watching his speech.

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And it is very informative to know about all the region

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before I could take up his law. I have one query to clarify by your and that is how his mother Mary, that is Mary, mother of Jesus is described in Quran.

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masala sister is impressed with Islam

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by seeing a person whose religious and sigmetrics only query is that, How is mother Mary described in Islam and what is the status. If you compare what is mentioned about Mother Mary, may Allah be visited in the Quran, as well as the Bible. In the Quran, there is a full chapter, a full surah called as Maria on the name of the mother of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. Maria, if you read all the books in the Bible, the Old Testament or New Testament, but the 66 books of the Protestant or 73 books of the Catholics, there is not a single book, which is named after Mary.

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But there is a full chapter in the Quran called as Miriam mela visitor

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and if you refer

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and analyze the story of the birth of Jesus case peace be upon him mentioned in the Bible and mentioned the Quran.

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Both are different. Overall they're the same, but minute points if you note for example, if you read the Bible it says that when archangel gabriel comes and Mother Mary, that you shall have a son, so she replies How shall I have a son? Where I know it's not a man? No, it's not a man me sexually. Same thing in the Quran. If you read in the Quran,

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in Surah, lm Ron chapter number three, verse number 42 to 47. Where Mother Mary, my name is Salaam. She says that How shall I have a son man? No ministers me. So archangel gabriel replies, confirm when Allah degree the matter and faith to it be and it is. So in the Quran it says when Mother Mary questions that How shall I have a son?

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when no man has touched me, that mean no man has touched her sexually. So archangel gabriel replied, when Allah decree the matter, and says to it be and it is. In the Bible, archangel gabriel replies, that the Holy Spirit will come unto thee.

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So when a person has to think that what will the Holy Spirit come on to marry and do what? So it let your mind wander?

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It lets your mind wander what was the Holy Spirit come and do mother Marian do the meaning is the same. It means that without any male intervention, Jesus Christ peace be upon him was born. But the way the Quran describes is more Sublime is more divine, and is much more palatable as compared to the Bible. So if you read in the Quran, Allah says in Surah namebrand, chapter three, verse 42, Allah says that the angels came and told that Allah has chosen de, to Mother Mary, and chosen the above the woman of all nations. So the honor given to Maria mala Salam in the Quran, is that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that she is the chosen woman above the woman of all nations. Imagine the

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Quran is being revealed in Arabic to the Arabs and at that time, the Arabs and Jews did not get along well.

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The Quran faith a Jewish woman.

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The mother of Jesus gave peace be upon him Mother Mary has been honored as the woman chosen above all the other woman.

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Imagine masala solemn is giving the message to the Arabs. It is actually antagonizing them that the Jewish woman is chosen above the Arab woman. He did not say that his wife katha melibea pivoter was the chosen woman or his daughter Fatima mela will be with her the chosen woman he could not because Allah faith that the revelation from Allah to repeat it. He says in the Quran, that Mother Mary is the chosen woman above the woman of all nations. So the respect given in the Quran to Mother Mary is far superior even than the Bible. Hope that answers the question sister.

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First Hope that answers the question.

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are just liquids the earliest sister to ask the question. The sister was the earlier question about Mother Mary. gone and she's taking her oath already. Mashallah. This is the most welcome

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