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Mr. Malik warahmatullah wabarakatuh smilla with hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while early he was happy he woman who Allah wa Marlin

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Marlin tena, innaka semiology will do our nominee Oh to become an MLA amfa I'll be live show on FC Latisha our do I use Mac or vanilla was Apollo when our bad is had a tenner, we'll have an amulet on karahan. In the counter we'll have probably shortly soldering Wessely only one of the terminal is any of our poly ceramide equal to one worker to jack ma hi for joining us again, Tuesday, seven o'clock, St. Louis time Central American time, this is our third part or third meeting or third gathering

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and learning about the keys in general. And we have the lesson is two parts, learning about the keys for john or the keys for goodness which leads to Agenda inshallah. Now today in sha Allah, by Allah, His grace, we're going to learn about the opposite, the keys, the keys, to the Hellfire,

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or the keys of evil. So there's a keys to goodness and there's keys to evil. And before I start, I want to remind you and and myself of the duar that I shared it twice inshallah, I will do it again today. What are Swati saw to sit on the meaning of in nomina nasci from among the people.

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My fatty Han,

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they are keys to goodness, Mahalia Bishop, they are locks to evil. What you know meanness and from among people, my audience, your higher, they are, are actually a fatty holy shop, they are keys to evil mavala they are locks to evil.

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And what did he want from you and me to be a key for good, and a lock for evil. And in our last, the Tuesday, the two parts we did we looked at what is good, and what is the key for the good. Now today what I want to do, inshallah is share with you evil, and some evil actions or trade, or you can call it diseases and the keys to it. We're going to cover only three today because they are, at least from what you read, and from what the scholar teaches us is one of the most three important evil character feeling attachment, human beings has an Imam ignore him in his book.

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How did you Labradoodle a frog, the guiding the soul to the abode of happiness in his book, he's talking about Jana in one page, he put all these keys just the name of the key What is it and what is the key and I'm going to share with you what he said about the evil and then I will cover the three Bismillah he said number one and if you if you learned only this Alhamdulillah Mustafa Cooley Shogun haba dunya the key for every evil, every evil, the key for love of dunya and what will ml and thinking we will live forever.

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The key for every evil Subhan Allah This is like the summary every even then I'll come to it. The key for every evil for any evil character trait human being has, is his humble dunya the love of dunya we're all human and thinking we will live long time we will not die We are here forever. And then he came and he gave names or what are these evil and the key and I will share with you these as points so at least we have an idea and I will cover three in the next week we will cover more. So he said miftah

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and now the key for each for hellfire. Remember we learned the key for Jenna law. The key you and me antigen they are by me by saying witnessing the word of Shahada, a shadow I bear witness no deity worthy of worship. let you die alone. no God but Allah, Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah, he sought to center His Messenger. That's the key for Jana. And then we went into details here. The key for the Hellfire number one is the opposite a ship, associating, associating God with a loss pantalla associating something that we worship. We love

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too, we want from we asked to give us from a last panel other than Allah spandana. So the key for the Hellfire is a sheikh associating partner with Allah keba arrogance which I'm going to go in detail in short lot today and

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rejecting or turning our back to what our Swati salatu salam brought. What he taught us basically, as soon as. And then he said a couple of keys of evil, every sin, every sin the key and he said, alcohol is the key for selling.

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Alcohol is a key for since

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looking at things without boundaries without limit. Without lowering the gaze is the key for wanting more.

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Just looking at everything without limit without control, or uncontrolled seeing and looking at things will open the door for wanting more

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laziness and living in too much comfort and and lazy and want to live in comfort and too much comfort is the key for disappointments.

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Because I want something but I don't want to work for it. I get disappointed because I'd love to be comfortable.

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Since since are the key for disbelief. As the old McDowell co for I now see this obedient this will be audiences are the key for Cofer rejecting getting out of the religion of Islam.

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And can you almost definitely felt that lying. Lying is the key for hypocrisy. We're going to cover lying also today three will recover and lying is the key of hypocrisy

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and a shuffle horse being miser being so attached to things and wanting things is the key for being more miser and cutting the ties of kinship

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and the last what he said and I'm just quoting an email and he said elbow anniversary sought to set up a merger or be here for Suarez Auto Center. staying away or turning your back or rejecting what was what is sought was brought and taught us is the key for Buddha is a key for innovation.

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So look at these upsides quickly again, so we all remember key for the hell fire assured associating God last Pantanal and arrogance and and rejecting what Allah or does.

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Alcohol is the key for every sin.

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uncontrolled, looking at things will lead to wanting more.

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laziness, Cason and comfort will lead is the key to being disappointed. seeming disobedient is the key for Cofer for rejecting visiting. Lying is the key for hypocrisy.

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Assure miserliness wanting more holding attaching to things is the key to sever kinships.

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And the last what he said what he said, is rejecting whatever Swati has thought was brought is the key for WIDA for innovation.

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So I am going to come and cover today three things. Because again,

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three things, three things. And let's see what is the thing? First, the key to the Hellfire is Hubble dunya. Right? That is the key I'm sorry, the key for every evil is the love of this life. That's what he started by saying Mustapha

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key for evil. Why is that? I mean, this is a hard statement. Right? Or dunya we love with we're living here. It's nice. Allah gave us things that hamdulillah we are awaiting Allah. So what is wrong with loving the dunya

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and now I'm going to share with you a couple in some of the books, books of teskey books of purifying the heart, how they, of course, taking from the Quran and from the sooner how they look at dounia and how Allah taught us about the dunya and what are Swati salatu salam taught us about dunya this

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dunya Allah

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Tyler described in the Quran as parables. And in one verse as water to install it as a moron. He described everything we love in this life. And he said the following

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a las pantalla and he said it resorts earlier in Morocco, he said, and the verse is 14 and 15 he said Xena nasci how Boucher harati it has built it it became beautiful. And she beautified to people, the love of people love the following beautiful things. If you want to see it in an easier, simpler way. The following things have been they are beautiful, they are made beautiful and people love what do we love? Xena NASA the NASA human being hobo shower and he said the love of these desires shower desire inclination What is this? During the interview how Boucher hottie Minh and me say woman will bunny children were consulted in more compositing in a daddy will feel more and

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collecting heaps and stacks of gold and silver can author in more compound stacks while hiding was a woman and one kind of animal I have horses muscle woman has a mark on the forehead usually very expensive and unique. While healing was a woman well an army an army is actually cattle wealth. Well health health is basically crops. Basically it's you own things. So you have extras whether it is cords if you want to translate these these days, you have cars you have land, you have businesses work on all theory and move on from that Daddy will feed but gold and silver and special kind of horses, right?

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Well and animal health and cattles and crops and a lot look what he said afterward Valley come metalhead dunya This is the enjoyment of this life.

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So he didn't say it is not

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but then he followed we are still in the same verse 14 well wahoo endo hostel however, Allah has way better and he's going to come in the next verse, what is better we're loving the host and Allah has the best thing that you want to return to. Now compare this live and the and Allah has hosted on a beautiful thing to return for. And then a loss of configuring min daddy come to me to tell you something better than all these meaning woman children the money the gold, the the special kind of the

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the horses and the businesses. What is it? You're a law? firm owner? You're competing? metallicum do you want me to tell you better men that are better than this? What is it called on a being calm behaving daddy calmly Latina. tawanda obey Him for those who have Taqwa Allah have prepared for them. Hold on a bit can be faded mentality can lead Lydia taco and Darby Jeannette gardens happens to dream and tackle and how rivers flow under it and what has worked on Mata hora and purified in pure spouses. And then that's not at least our material. What are you blind on when Allah and the pleasure from Allah?

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Imagine if Allah gives me a lot is pleased with me. And Allah gives me an he tells me he's pleased with me and gives me because he's pleased with me and you and asked he gives us what he had one min Allah.

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Allah who was single and beloved, and Allah is aware of people. And then Allah gives the parable of the dunya this life

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in my mother we're here to do Nicola said, Listen, so choose command. Enza. Now Amina simmer, the paddleboard this life rain we send it from the sky in fact a lot of being in a battle of this rain mixed with the what's on the earth on the soil. In my opinion natural and normal what people eats and then had either forgotten or bozo hoffa house zillion it. Then because of this rain, the earth will become beautiful Zenit beautified hotter, hotter odors. hoffa was saying it showed there to beauty. Uh huh. What happened? Was hoffa was a it was

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an audio room and people felt him

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Very comfortable, and they own it. And they control it. Does that ring a bell? The scope? What did COVID taught us?

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We were very comfortable, we have control of everything. See what Allah says in Surah chaurasia or one on your own area, they have it. They have all control at our homeowner. Our own our order. Our decree came in for Jana hustling, we made it

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absolutely nothing, get lumped on a bill, as if it was never what it was.

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And then a lot into this verse, in the article I getting the call me letter for column and a law in this in this parable, that this life beautiful, comes in, but it is temporary. And at one point it will become nothing. If not the life will become nothing we will become nothing. And then any said in every dedicated at least call me at Safaricom. And this is in this valuable sign for those who reflect in the eye immediately after it's so amazing.

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And Allah invite you MI, da to sit down to the abode of peace. What is that Jana?

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This is life, the key. The key for every evil is the love of dunya the love of this life. And that was sort of and he sort of said many hobbies. For example, He said ma dunya Phil

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laka methylene my

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bow philia me but young will be my hood, the parable of this life, with all the beauty with everything we have and we enjoy whether human beings whether creation of a law, other creations of a law, or the money, the wealth, the health everything we have. And this is what he says the parable of this life, if you compare it with the Hereafter is nothing but the same as when one of you put his finger or her finger in the sea and bring the

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finger out. What is he going to come out with? How much water so basically what he's saying is the whole sea is an alpha and what somebody will come out with a finger is a dunia.

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What, what a comparison. How? And I'm speaking to myself before anybody else. How are we not aware of this fact that this is not only temporary, but even the old joy is in it and all the beauty in it is nothing but a drop. If you compare it with the Hereafter, and the key for every evil is the love of this domain. The key for every evil is the love of this life. And have a Swati salto Sarah says and this is had Ethan Hudson and he said Mama told me he said now kind of junior daddy when de la Jenna haba Massa Cafiero minha shorba Tama if this whole world a life worth in the sight of Allah, the wind of a mosquito, not the mosquito. Jenna haba although the wing of the mosquito, we can

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barely see the mosquito, let alone the wind. If this whole life and world that we disobey Allah for we cut our relationship for if it's worth in the sight of Allah, the wing of a mosquito, he will not Allah will not have given a sip of water is katha to the disbelievers. But a lot let the disbelievers live and enjoy because he does not see this slide as anything would lead them in June.

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And our Swati Salatu was Salam had it is not very strong but but this will teach me and you and least stress and re emphasize the point of that key to the Hellfire his love of dunya and he said the following that he saw to a sinner. He said man I have the dunya about what the Aphrodite whomsoever love this dunya and the love meaning that you get attached to it. Now we have to really learn that loving dunya doesn't mean doesn't or not loving dunya doesn't mean I don't want it or I want to be living in a completely alone and I don't want anything but the love of dunya mean I'm attached to it. I am all my focus is about this life. I don't think of the hereafter. I don't think

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what is going to happen to me when I go to my grave. I

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Don't spend time and I spend my energy preparing for my other home. No, everything is about here. So he said, Man, I have the dunya of our

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home so other love his dunya his life.

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This will hurt his

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woman Hubba Hirata about what we do here, and the one who loves his after

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it will affect his demeanor. It will harm his demeanor, what is he teaching you and me, they cannot come together.

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One has to be on the expense of the other. I love my Acura, my focus is on last pantalla I look and I see my place in Jana, I work for it. Like you know how we work for our life here. And I want to get this and when I become 30, I want to get this goal. And when I'm 35 I want this goal, and I want to be promoted. And I want that many children, we have goals.

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But if we focus only on these goals, and we forget the the alcohol suffering, the hereafter or suffer, it's only 24 hours a day. versus if I focus on my hero,

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it has to be on the expense of my dunya meaning the extras and the luxuries

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and this is what he the advice he said that he sought was for us to Maya up alum is no

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favor. What is everlasting? over what will perish and disappear.

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favor? What is everlasting? There over what will disappear? What will end and finish who lived a time on this slide who didn't die that we know and one day we all will be governed versus

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not anymore morphine well Lhasa button aka eternal bliss. So, the whole of dunia the love of dunya is the key for every evil. And for me and you to learn to not love dunya which is not easy. I need to know the reality of this dunya the reality of this life that I am here is a bridge for my hereafter. I cannot go to Ghana unless I live in dunya unless I struggle to please a loss pantalla look at the word I use struggle, because it's not easy. And

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in a couple of righteous people, he said they said one of them is man couldn't be No. He said beware of the magic of the magician. And he meant dunia. It is it is it's it's a fact. And it's it's brings its magic to the hearts of the scholars.

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What about us

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being aware of the one that will spread magic, meaning it will, it will change us to get attached to it. It's beautiful.

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And there's a say it was some related to say nalli. And he said a nasrani there are multiple

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people living in this world. In fact, they are sleeping.

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When they die, they will wake up.

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Meaning we are so busy running around, running around doing this doing that, that we don't we think this is going on forever. When do we wake up and know the reality when we die. And then when we go to the grave and we are alone. And we didn't take anything with us from what we have been working for, let alone disobeying a law for and a beautiful saying related to say now he says he said

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he saw this world is doomed here and came to him in the form of an ugly old lady.

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ugly old lady.

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But this ugly old lady basically

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wearing all the beautiful jewelleries

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and the dialog it says save now Isa asked her as this do ask this woman which is basically is a parable of this life. And he said how many you're married come there's a wash t how many you got married to? And she respond? I do not. I don't know the number. I can't count them. There are too many. And then he asked her all of them died or

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they divorced you. Don't he answered. He says no. I killed them.

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I killed them.

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See now he says said, Whoa, for all the other

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husbands, didn't they know that you killed the husbands before? How did they not learn? I hope you understand what I'm saying. Basically, we live every day and we see people dying, we pray for their janazah some of us may watch the body and we see the out of going is tuning I will not keep people living forever. But still, we fall in there see the same trap, the love of dunya and the love of jumia, meaning when we favor the dunya over our hero, when we favor the slide over the Hereafter, when I disobey Allah and the key for every evil is the love for, for this dunya so that's the one the first key I want to cover today is the hobbit dunya the key for evil is love. So what take home

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message, what do I learn, I need to live because Allah created me, and hamdulillah but as I knew, I need to know the reality boss, this temporary abode, this temporary home I'm sorry, this temporary home I'm living

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when I know the reality when I as as most of this callers advice that live in the morning, and teach yourself and remind yourself you're not going to be waking up, you're not going to be living to the evening. And in the evening when you go to bed remind yourself you may not wake up. So I live the moment knowing this is my last moment and it's a very good exercise to teach ourselves somebody asked you or asked me and somebody come and told me in one hour you will be dead in one hour what will I end up doing?

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So, the more we focus on the hero, my live my life or my living in this life will be exactly a bridge and this is also scholars say a Dunia ombar This life is a bridge that we cross it to the earth or it's a form where we plant and we take or we get the harvest in the hereafter.

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So the more I love it, the more I am attached to it the more I want the more my focus is only about this how much money I have the bank account my children my beauty, my wealth, my career from morning to evening, my arsenal of suffer the first thing suffers we all see our sled up how many times we miss our sled up, or do we do it just doing it? Because we are busy doing other things we're tired. And yes, there is things we have to do. But we have to remember our athletes. And the worst part is when I what Allah gave me in this dunya to enjoy. I use it for his disobedience and then this is the key for every evil or when I don't have things that I start disobeying a lot to have what other

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people have what I disobeyed Allah to be like everybody would do me the love of this life. And there's a lot also said in sort of gab, which many of us do every Friday a man will balloon Azuma to hire two children and wealth is the beauty of this life. So he did not deny it our last panel retired but then he reminded us about the other side slaughter had the everlasting good deeds in most scholars tells you that it's the care of a lot in general or subpanel law 100 lower that glorify a lot please law and declare there is no God. So the first key for evil in general public dunya The second key that I'm going to cover today the key of the hellfire.

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So we learned the key for john is that what is the key for the Hellfire and a lot of Cuba arrogance. Cuba arrogance never saw it last pantalla first he said so sorry for an IoT eliminator. kabuna will have to be really help. I am. Allah said this. And so what will our own before we start the IO? What is kibble? It's arrogance. And what is elegance? What is elegance? The best example that we learned easier, and actually very easy. And we can think and reflect is the example of Cuba of elegance is obese. Lana Homer the cursed, obese devil and why he is the example of Cuba of arrogance because when was Panama tala asked him to prostrate to say Eden Adam and this is the order of a wall. We do

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not try

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To understand why a loss of this or not, but that's what the police wanted to do. Why should I prostrate to him? I am better than him.

00:30:09--> 00:30:41

Hanukkah homerun locked and he may not he will Hakata whom you created me from fire and you created him from dust so I am better because I am better. I am not gonna prostrate. That's kibble. That's our organs. So, each one of us we need to look inside us, I look inside me. And anytime a thought comes to me to start with the thought, when I think I am better than this person or that person than I am acting like obese.

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When I think I am better because of the skin color, because of where I was born, because of my education, because of my wealth, because of the way I look, any of these, any of these I think because Allah subhanaw taala says what a chronicle and why a talk of the best among you in the sight of Allah is not Who are we are how do we look at what is my last name, what language I speak, I talk to the person that one she or he who has most stuck with or lost power.

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So Kiba is arrogance, basically thinking I am better than others.

00:31:25--> 00:31:46

And I lost pantalla sciton swatara. So also if one iottie levina Attica bottom level on the radio, I am going to assume I am going to make them move away from my signs. Those who is a cabal of law those who act with arrogance in this earth.

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Key to the Hellfire is keeper and I'm gonna bring a hadith of rasa to Asana where this is going to be very clear. The key to the Hellfire is arrogance. And arrogance will lead me to not see reality so compare it with the love of dunya conducted

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when I am arrogant, when anybody else is arrogant and again I always say odd because we don't want to think of other people. Let's Let's correct ourselves first. Let's look at what we have. And may Allah Subhana Allah make us better human beings. When I am looking at someone thinking I am better than that person. The result of this Allah we make me not see realities sauce with one IRT the signs that Allah brings for us or around us to make us things to make us think the right way. This will be not done. Because I am arrogant. Levine as a kabuna will have given you what your cooler IoT nightmare will be. And if they see every sign, they will not believe believe in it.

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Cuba and Allah Swati salatu salam said

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Hadees The following is an or basically what is Cuba and this is what what he said. He said I just want to sit down

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you're totally john McAfee I'll be he don't have to mean cable now connects the case. So we said the key for Jana. Is that

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the lock of Jenna

00:33:29--> 00:33:45

Lola quwata illa Allah for protectors, the lock of Jeanette Oregon's because he said lie to religion, nobody know the person who has an atomic weight of arrogance in his or her heart will not interrupt them.

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lie to religion, men cannot be called the myth or reality cable. They will not the person who has an autumn weight of arrogance in his or her heart will not antigen he said this. And then this is Hadith and Muslim. A man asked so how the companion said you're also alone. Or what do you hate what

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the human being likes to have dress well, and even shoes is well is so he was one he was thinking that dressing well. That may make me act or or look as if I am arrogant and honor.

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Are Swati sought to sit down. He said de la jemena your Hebrew Jamaat Some of us may know this Halle, Allah has beautiful loves beauty.

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So what is Cubism? What is this and he said a keyboard. Now he defined it and he saw to a certain elegance is two things. Both will help your humbleness, but will help rejecting the truth. Arguing

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I am arrogant

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When I when I argue about truth, rejecting it, I am arrogant. We're both

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humble about our openness. I'm sorry, humbleness is when I think people are less than me.

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These are two signs of arrogance. This is a good reminder for all of us, for all of us to think when people tells me something, when people tell me you're wrong, how do I react?

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And when I see other people, how do I feel? Then I can analyze myself? Am I arrogant? So when it's not about how do I dress, or I'm, or I, I'd love to dress well because that's what the Sahaba he said, said no, it is not that it is.

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But what will help you reject the truth and reject the truth these days we argue about the Quran or to argue about the sooner that even knowledge anything we argue and really jacked. And how many of us accept let's talk about myself except somebody looks at me says you're wrong. This is not the right way. You made a mistake. And should do I come and I say I made a mistake.

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And humbleness you look down and at people Kuba, arrogant and

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arrogant is the key for every evil or a bad character. So if you look at the worst character after Shrek after associating God who the last pantalla the worst diseases, kibble is arrogant.

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And how, what makes me arrogant. Again, as I said that to before, if I lost power, what Allah favored me was something he didn't give it to somebody else. And that's from a law and I need to be grateful to Allah that He gave me this and I need to I should be more humbled to Allah that he favored me with nothing special On the contrary, I go and I look down at people the key for Jana mala for the Hellfire is arrogance, lie atone engine mechanic you can determine Cuba the person he or she who has an autumn Wait, what is a term we cannot even see it at avoid of our guests they will not intelligent and that's why we need to ask Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Marina norsok motiva we are

00:37:43--> 00:38:08

Allah shows through this truth in guide us and help us to follow what your unbolted about the no words that much now, and show us force who this will also guide us and help us to stay away from it. Because I don't know this is a truth than I argue on even worse, I know it's truth. But I argue because I don't want to look like I don't know what I am doing. The key, the key for

00:38:10--> 00:38:20

the hellfire. So of course the opposite is true when people are humble. When people are humble.

00:38:21--> 00:38:32

The third key the third key to the hellfire. And this is a disease. This is a disease that is

00:38:34--> 00:38:35


00:38:36--> 00:38:43

Jani, almost pandemic, almost pandemic, it's not like COVID, but it is so

00:38:44--> 00:38:45


00:38:46--> 00:38:56

between people, human beings, Muslims or non Muslims, to the point that people don't look at it as something else. And that's a big deal anymore. And that is lying,

00:38:57--> 00:38:58


00:38:59--> 00:39:05

blind not seeing the truth, lying in general. And last panel Tyler said

00:39:07--> 00:39:23

many places in the audit and lying is a three category in general. And as we said, a COVID myth definitely fell off. Once the chasm, longing, not saying the truth is the key for hypocrisy. Well, I have to be

00:39:24--> 00:39:26

because I am going to be

00:39:27--> 00:39:30

acting in saying things that is not to me.

00:39:31--> 00:39:41

To show that I am different to show that I am better and gradually becomes normal to become a hypocrite. The key for hypocrisy is lying.

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

And there is a three level of linings here. I lie about our loss pantalla May Allah protect us. I lie about our Swati salatu salam, may Allah protect us and I like the with people and I live in my daily life. So let's take for

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

First, the first one Allah said this in the Quran among other among many tala like a diva who is more in just to himself or herself than those who if tala, why can they claim and they say, false hood lying about a lost animal Todd

00:40:21--> 00:40:23

who is worse than that?

00:40:24--> 00:41:02

And Allah repeated this a lying about Allah subhanho wa Taala saying things a lot that is say it's in the Alliance nothing, or it means this, it doesn't mean this. And of course, the worst things which are handed lambchop We are not Muslim people, right? And they say this is from the Iranians is not from the Quran, or Allah said this, and I didn't say this. So lying about the last Pantheon, second one, lying about awasu alayhi salatu salam, and there's a hadith of mortality. There's a hadith with a very strong chain and the meat that the Hadith is mankiller bayamo Tamil palatable what other human now

00:41:04--> 00:41:08

whosoever was swatting slaughter sentencings whosoever

00:41:09--> 00:41:12

intentionally and the word is intentional

00:41:13--> 00:41:21

lied about to me or Swati Santos and I'm saying this, let him or her look at their seat in the hellfire.

00:41:22--> 00:42:01

The key for hypocrisy is lining. And if I lie about our soil, so to sit on the key to the Hellfire also, because Swati sought to sit, I'm saying, let them look at their seat in the hellfire. And how do I lie there by total Swati santosa. And this is a lot of us, does it not intentionally, but it's something we really need to pay more attention is when I say pallava Swan is autosar. This is a headiness and especially in this day and age where we post things online, we share with everybody in the group and telegram and WhatsApp. And we forward and we really have to be careful.

00:42:02--> 00:42:06

Is this is really what he said that he said.

00:42:08--> 00:42:13

It is lateral center. And I remind myself and everybody is supposed to lock

00:42:15--> 00:42:19

is if you somebody says something about you, meaning she said that.

00:42:21--> 00:43:05

And you didn't say it or I didn't say it, we get very annoyed. Like I didn't say that at all. This is not me, and we get upset. So how about over soiree Software Center? And we come and see And who are we in Hawaiian? And we come and say he said that Mancha. bayamo 200 whomsoever, live intentionally, by about me, let them look at their seat in the hellfire. So when I again say that we're Swati Sato Salaam said or this is a hadith of a soiree slaughter. So be careful. And and I always remind myself and everybody is before you for word Hadith, check it and hamdulillah these days, you can check it easily. Check it is, this is a hadith of Ross Wallace.

00:43:06--> 00:43:34

lying about the law, Swati Sato, Sarah, the third one, which is the common lying to people lined, and why do we lie? Subhan Allah and this is a whole topic, but I'm just making it any clearer, because it is not just lying. It's a key for hypocrisy and hypocrisy. If we continue with it, it becomes hypocrisy in belief. That's when I have to be a disaster.

00:43:35--> 00:43:59

And why do we lie? And everybody? If you think of yourself, why do we lie? We lie either to show off, we lie to be like everybody else. We lie to cover our false. The common lie, the communist lie we all here is we we arrive late while you were late, there was traffic, there was no traffic, I left the house late.

00:44:00--> 00:44:18

So to cover our fall suit, to cover our shortcomings or to blog, to brag and to show off. And that's also from the root of it is arrogance, or to be like everybody else, or sometimes we like to make people laugh.

00:44:20--> 00:44:38

Or to lie to to be accepted. It's all about life and about dunya and about people. And that's a disease. That's a disease. It's a key for hypocrisy, or Swati salatu salam and I shared part of this with you in the beginning when we talked about the key to Goodness, goodness, and he said

00:44:40--> 00:44:40

he can

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

take, take or make sure you're truthful and take truthfulness as a character highly compensated. Why you're a soul fitness ideal bill. truthfulness will guide you key for Bill

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

for excellence for good manners, from generosity, fitness

00:45:07--> 00:45:28

and in ability and excellence in good manners. The key for Jana guides you to gender and the human being written overdue. The lie is the human being sure he continues to be truthful till they are written with a loss pantalla so deep, that's their character, always truthful.

00:45:29--> 00:45:33

Alhamdulillah The opposite is true. What Yakumo can

00:45:34--> 00:46:34

be aware of lying. That's what he said I saw Auto Center be where this hadith al Bukhari and Muslim whatever Kalani be aware of lying why Allah so Allah risotto center for English Can you but yeah the full joy can they lying lead to wickedness to evil to excessive in ob in disobedience to Allah yakang beware of flying, being aware of flying lying lead to for joy wickedness, ugliness, disobedience what you know foodora wickedness Yeah, yeah, ya know, and foodora yeah de la No, and wickedness will lead to the hellfire. The key another key to Hellfire wickedness and the key to wickedness is lining where individual ad lib and the human being continues to lie till they are

00:46:34--> 00:46:53

written in our laws in a lot until he is known to Allah subhanaw taala or he is written with a loss pantalla can dub can dub is hyperbole is continuously lawyer when you say this person is a lawyer that's it is not one time he always like she always like

00:46:54--> 00:46:56

when you're late to the

00:46:58--> 00:47:00

end the law he can double

00:47:01--> 00:47:57

or muzzle of all my his elbow Juliet and the human being continues to lie when it's 100 and he seek linings. She lies at the yoke the manga like Indaba, the key to Jana, to build the key to Jana is goodness and excellence and the key to goodness and excellence. truthfulness is the key to the Hellfire alejado Villa is lining his I'm sorry, his wickedness. His evilness is excessive disobedience to Allah. And the key to the dis radius and wickedness is lying. So everything has sequence. It's like a domino effect if you want to say one thing lead to the other. The good lead to good and good and Jana and the evil will lead to more evil and to the Hellfire will as a city in a

00:47:57--> 00:48:35

city called Allah subhanho wa Taala and the main Yanni the opposite of lying is being truthful to our last point and or the lining and this is a very good thing for for us to remember when we want to have more horseshoe and our so now more focus in our center is when we say Allahu Akbar we said a lot is the greatest or what is greater than anything else I just said and then I go to so now that I sought think of this and that and we all do the math a lot make it easy for us. I need to remind myself Don't be a lawyer. You just said a lot of work.

00:48:37--> 00:49:02

And then if you use this to our we're just too big I face my face. We love you football awesome. I walk you up to the one who created and opened the heavens and the earth Hanif and Muslim one and submitting to Allah. I just said it in my center. Let me show a lot. I'm truthful. Show me as we always say I live in a

00:49:03--> 00:49:51

state called Shawnee state it's St. Louis Missouri in the state show me and we always say to people show me like I love you What show me what is the proof? What is the actions so I need to show a lot. I know what I know when I say a lot about I'm truthful. When I say your Allahu Jetta YG I turn my face to you that I need to be truthful. So the keys that we covered today keys, the key number one for every evil is the love of this domain. And we need to remember what is this doing? What is this life, how long we will live? What is the oldest person lived in this life, one or four one or three. And that done. In this day and age, Satan and North lived more than a 1000s but then also he died.

00:49:53--> 00:49:59

Love of dunya The first key for for every evil and then we took to evil arrogance

00:50:00--> 00:50:51

And aligning our guess is the key of john of Jana. elegance is the key for the Hellfire versus the key for Jana. Is that without a shadow and dare I say it with my tongue. I asked Allah and Allah to make me say it from my heart, and then I live by it and I asked a loss pantalla to our old wickedness Kiba I see cough Eugenio that I act like arrogant or I think like arrogant person. And I act and say and feel like arrogant person. And arrogance. Now Allah subhanaw taala made me remember a beautiful statement, it's related to a lesser known bossley and it's it's beautiful reminder to all of us and I will end up with this inshallah. When he was I think it wasn't as cool for Allah

00:50:51--> 00:51:21

bustle, I don't recall. But he was in, in a town in Iraq, and he was sitting and the prince, the leader of that time, came in with his entourage. And he passed. And at that time and date, people stood up to dignitaries, and everybody stood up, and he didn't have some, mostly his that a man of a wasp pantalla. He used to be described when you see you see a law, or hearing I'm sorry, you remember a law?

00:51:22--> 00:51:25

I mean, if you read his his words.

00:51:26--> 00:51:38

So people looked at him, I'd actually the prince looked at him. And he said, You didn't get up. You don't know who I am an attractive woman and I don't you know who I am? And he said, Yeah, I know.

00:51:40--> 00:52:04

And look how he described the human being in general. And that is you and me. He said, Martin tinleigh, not fortune Maduro, you were basically spoiled water, sperm or egg. It's basically what was it a coup de facto audio, and you will end up as a dead corpse.

00:52:05--> 00:52:58

Well, Bina, Huma, definitely Luna and in between, you carry Please forgive me pieces. See how he looked at himself. These words doesn't come from a human being, unless you knows them, and he feel them. So when I think I'm better than people, when I get upset when people don't treat me the way I think I should be treated. Let me take a breath in a moment. And think the words of Hassan was when I was I was a sperm, or an egg in my father, or in my mother, right? And it is something literally nothing trivial, you can't even see it, you have to see the under the microscope. And however I am going to live, I am going to end up that corpse dzifa to cover in between human being whatever life

00:52:58--> 00:53:51

I am living, it's true. That's what he was reminding him definitely don't either you are carrying faeces, why he's saying this and this, I am reminding myself number one, because that's gonna make me not a water carrier. I am not going to be arrogant and this will lead me to understand the signs of a lot and every message in life comes to me I connected with a lot my focus will be the alpha. So this dunia will be my bridge to the healer, and then I will get the keys. I will have the locks to the evils because I understood what is this life. And I have the key for gender because I became humble. And I have the lock of Johanna of the Hellfire because I am not arrogant. And all this also

00:53:51--> 00:54:38

will lead me to be truthful because why do I lie? to please people? They're like me, who are they? Why do I lie to get more but get more? What is this? dunya? What is this life? I hope this will be clear, it's just we have to understand things easier and simpler. And just take a break from that we all call it the rat race the daily running around from morning to evening that we don't even have time to sit down and just think for a minute. And this is why it's good after Sora to sit two or three minutes and just think about these things. Where am I going? As also and Hassan Wesley said you have no other mentor let young human being your boss a few days. One day go. Part of you goes

00:54:38--> 00:54:38

with it.

00:54:41--> 00:54:59

Yeah, well we have days we're counting days. 6070 whatever Allah gives us from life, every day that goes away part of me is going so May Allah subhanho wa Taala and I want to end up with this your Allah Ya Allah in the kind of punishing career. May your ob make us all everybody that's hearing listening

00:55:00--> 00:55:28

To me your be all the Muslims every human being make us Matthew hold your keys for goodness and Glocks for evil. Y'all love y'all beat six weeks for a Milan almost six weeks total one meter slipped this year on the wall make us a key for goodness specifically in Ramadan and locks for evil specifically in Ramadan Yoruba ninjas akmola Hina panic a lot more behind the shadow.

00:55:29--> 00:56:02

Stuff eurocode two big sama onesie Nam Hamad one earlier he was habitus demon kathira I don't know if there was any question please forgive me I didn't look up. So if there is any question, I will try to see if I can see it and if not, please forgive me. And if if there is one that I will do my best to answer it may be at afterward agenda Institute's panic alarm or behind the shadow stockbroker stockbrokers to bully sallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, who was Harvey the Sleeman kathira salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh