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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of Islam's role as recognized source of reference during history, emphasizing the community's actions and actions of individuals to build a better society. Consistent prayer and staying true to Islam are crucial for achieving spiritual well-being and being recognized as a valued person. The importance of fasting and learning to serve the Muslim community is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieve success. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of fasting and the importance of being mindful of one's actions.
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is heard one more hum Madden rasool Allah

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net hamdulillah Annamma do want to stay in who want to study who want to stop Pharaoh, when I will do belimbing Cerulean Fujinami sejati Medina Maja de la HuFa Rama Allahumma uguale Farahani Allah wa shadow Allah Allah Allahu wa the hula Shariq Allah wa Sharona Muhammad Abdul rasuluh Lucha masala wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Allahu Mehta Sleeman Kathira about or praise due to Allah His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has lost on

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final messenger.

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My brothers and sisters, as we, at the end of the Black History Month, I want to share with you something in relation to black history in America, I want to share with you a story of one of my heroes. He's part of this rich heritage that Americans celebrate and remember, and this should not be just a remembrance for the sake of making a group of people feel good or happy. But it's a recognition of people who participate through blood and sweat, and building this

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country that we live in today. And we enjoy him. And also it is something that for all of us to remember that what make any country in any civilizations in any society great is when the members of this of civilizations understand that they complement one another. And they are part of that society, that fabric that they build it together.

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Black History Month is not made by giants, who moved 1000s with their words, actions and knowledge. It's made by every day and every place by my brothers and sisters who make this world a better place. And one of the people that I come to know is one in one of my trips. His name is Abdul Latif.

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I was traveling into Louisiana,

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and a pass by pattern Rouge in Louisiana. And I come across the semester to call up the Rockies mustard mustard.

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And I was wondering, what does this name you know, it was a name after maybe a donor or somebody build the mustard or like the shave. Again, a lot of common name to hear, you know, for a message. So I was you know, I was told no, I'm interrupting is a convert African American brothers who converted to Islam.

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And he was in the community like a big older brother. Older

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Big Brother's for the rest of the community helps everyone take care of the people who need to be taken care of. And he will donate his time volunteer his service all the time to help the community. But he still was not convinced there must be more to the story than this. to name the masjid after him. They told me

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during the month of Ramadan, which is coming soon to be a memory

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commemorate his his legacy I guess we can say during the month of Ramadan and one of the days of Ramadan it was Bahara It was hot and you know, we are from Texas easy to relate hot and dry and humid. He came after Salado and he took a nap in the back of the must mistaking

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a man walk into the mustard this man is kind of homeless person and I'm rocking used to help him a lot gig and food long sometimes taking care of that person is mentally not stable. So he came in he kicked up the rock his feet Rocky was taking a nap therapy workups What do you want? This brought this man is not a Muslim he's as I said this person insane. He said a brother did he tell you did you say your shahada today,

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so don't use it. Come on. I want to go to sleep man. I'm fasting. I'm tired. I've been working. You know since federal slim Ilan. He said did you say a shout out? He said yeah. We Muslim said every day he said Say it.

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Say it. Then he said okay, just kidding. You want to get rid of him? He said okay, I shadow Allah Allah while he's saying it. The man pull a gun and he shot him six bullets.

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And that's just

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he killed him instantly in the mustard.

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Right in the back of the must

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during the month of Ramadan.

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What's interesting that the community they're saying, I'm going to give you almost known to be someone who always say yeah, Allah, let me live and die in the masjid.

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If there is any dua that people know some wish that this man always had, that he wants to hold his life, until death to be in the must. He was always praying for that. was always wanting that Allah subhanaw taala will allow them to continue to serve the message in the community until the day he died.

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And were expected to be that way.

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But just happen.

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And because of that, now I know why the mustard was named after him.

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And I'm glad they did. So his story you will not be forgotten. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on his soul, and all of our dead one.

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There's so many things I want to share with you about the story that I bring to bear it up today.

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Sincere art, with consistency will get you where you want to be. Doesn't matter how far your goal is a drought will bring it closer to you. And it means that it will bring it closer to you not even bringing you closer to your goal.

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Allah and he always asked Allah Subhana Allah to die as a shaheed.

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And people were wondering how Omar will ever die as a heat, murderer. I don't know the law and lives in Medina, there is no enemy there is no fight there is no Orissa Medina. And he was not going to be participating in battles because he's the Khalifa. They will not put his race, his life and risk to lead the army. So how how he will be able to go all the way to the place where the shahada is. And guess what Allah brought it all the way to him to Medina, brought one of the enemy one of the enemy of Islam to sneak in inside the Muslim state at that time, and to stay for a while in Medina acting as if he is a worker, and he killed her motto, the alarm and a tragic prayer of a Ludo Alma Jews.

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And the scholar said, that means that ALLAH SubhanA brought the shahada all the way to him to his place.

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When you're consistent, you're there. When your sincere in your Allah Subhana Allah get you what you want. He did not follow the law and knows that he's shaped

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Rama was with the prophets of Salaam in the mountain of when the mount or was shaking and in the base of Salem, hit the mountain with his feet and he said Earth Buddhahood stay still for in LA can be what's the deal washer he then

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on the top of you a profit and so deal

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truthful one and two Shaheed two murders who was with the prophets of salaam Abubaker. Where Omar worth man

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so he knew that a Sandeep is Abubaker. So he must be his gun, the Prophet, obviously. So he is one of the two shades, the two murderers. But yet he did never, ever give up under our

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he consistently asking Allah Subhana Allah for it, to grant him to be worthy of it, to get the best of it. And guess what?

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He did not just live and die, serving the community in the masjid. He died while he is

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saying his shahada while he is fasting, while he just finished a lot to look at maybe some of the lore too.

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I'm sure he used to pray for so many other things.

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Like so many of us, I'm sure he was praying for many things like was we pray for home, bigger home, better homes, better jobs, better income,

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you know, while

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good, better cars, you know, all these things we pray for I'm sure he prayed for for them too. But the focus of his prayers and the focus of our prayers should be on the thing that will value the most. That's why when me Habiba said, Yeah, Allah let me live long so I can enjoy the company of my brother and my father and my husband. The process of them said ask for something better than just you know living long while you entertaining yourself by the company of some individuals, no matter who they are even if it's your husband or your brother and your your your your father, say oh Allah grant me Jen Nam protect me from the Hellfire that should be the focus of your job.

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And that's what should be the focus of our prayers. Allah Subhana Allah said, feminine see my poor

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Tina dunya Hassan, some people always prayed for good things to happen them in the dunya

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why man are moving furor team in Atlanta but has nothing in the aka has nothing when the for the hereafter

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and contrary I mean who?

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Donna Tina dunya has

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awful ferati has an

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encounter other people said oh Allah grant us something good in this life and good in the next and protect us from the Hellfire hula eikelboom Nasi boom in Mecca Sabo Allah who said you're

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my brother and sisters,

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many people mix between celebrities and fame

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and heroes and greatness.

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Not every famous person is a legend.

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And not every great person is popular. Don't ever think that way.

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Your Greatness does not come from what you have received in this life. Rather it comes from how much you have contribute during your life.

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Mr. Debt again, your greatness does not come from how much that you have received and collected and you earned in this life. Your Greatness actually comes from how much you have given you contributed during your lifetime.

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In a time of TiC tock celebrities, and YouTubers, it is so important to remember not being famous doesn't mean that you're an important person.

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Being popular doesn't mean that you're important or a person of value.

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We see today celebrities and famous they call them even stars.

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And there is no real value for the existence of the system exists tomorrow, nothing will have changed in the world.

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Nothing would be missing.

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They don't add real value.

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I love it.

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Somebody said people are the value of people like zeros.

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You know the zeros when you add it to front of that numbers. It's add values to the number one to become 10 you add another zero 100,000 But some people are like zeros but from the other side.

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You know you put on

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100 zero before one it still one.

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It really depends on what where you stand and what you stand for.

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Where do you stand on the issues? Where you stand when it comes to the community to the live? What do you what are you adding? You're adding value or no value.

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So one of the things also that is so important to reflect upon, no one knows when death will come.

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No matter Kunal Qumulo, Twitter Quinton, people who do mache, no matter where you're at death will reach you.

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And nobody knows when they will die.

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No Saul tide I'm going to snow Saul knows when it will die, where it will die will have a little interlude.

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So what do you need to be always aware of?

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To meet that commitment that Allah asked you to have? Which is, while otter Mouton, Illa unto Muslim, Allah said do not die, except in the state of Islam.

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How can you guarantee that you don't die? Except in the state of Islam. This verse there's two interpretations or the scholars interpreted in many different unique ways. Some said to live upon Islam, so you will die upon it. If you live upon Islam, you will die upon. The also means continue to practice Islam until death. The stone the scholars continuously said generations after generations.

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Menashe Allah Shea Mata Ali, whoever lived upon something will die upon it.

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If you live upon goodness, you're gonna kill me Kathy Rahim Allah when I'm touching the ad that Allah Hill Karima and I had an Abba hobo hero about Anttila Tomori. To Monica Solovyov. He said, never heard of that someone's sincerely worship Allah all their lives.

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With sincerity, then the flipped in the end of the lives that's never had never heard of. If you see someone flipped that means inside he never was clean. There is hypocrisy there's something wrong.

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But someone inside truthful, someone really sincere. Never heard of somebody flip at the end of their life.

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What a great ending to die while you're fasting. If you missed the Ramadan in the visa con men met also in the Hello Jana, if you die in the state of Siyam intergender.

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One of the righteous woman

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say the Xena

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from the prophets are salaams family

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who lived in Egypt and died in Egypt by him Allah.

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She was fasting the day she died. And at the time, her daughter her family said drink some water break your fast it's hard. She said this is a day for the last 20 years I've been asking Allah that when I die or die instead of fasting while I'm fasting. You will need to break my fast now. I've been waiting for this day 20 years

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and she died before Mahabharata Rahim Allah Allah the

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master of the student of Asha, also die one is fasting. And it's interesting that also his daughter I should ask him to break his fast they said why would they do that?

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Then she said to him, yeah but Allah He man read to Becca in the left. We only want to make it easy on you. And he said Where I've Been Tahoe Lima What are you doing I

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said my daughter I also want to make it easy for me but not today in a day which is 50,000 years long.

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Just leave me and he died fasting right at the model the Allah and died while his fasting

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and he saw the process element his dream in that day. Telling him you will break your fast with us.

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Me and Walker on Omar

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all the Allahumma Germany

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we didn't Nabi SallAllahu Sallam also said

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it without Allah who behaved in the abdomen Hi Iran.

00:19:35--> 00:19:51

stamina, aroma stamina jasola Aliwal Fukuyama inside the American people who study when Allah Subhana Allah intend to run something good to happen to someone, Allah will guide that person to do something good and he will make him die upon that good thing.

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Die upon it.

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There is nothing we're going to take with us

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On our grave from all this dunya the good deeds that we have done and the good deeds that might continue to generate good deeds after we are long gone lucky those who stablished our community organization that will continue to educate the Muslim to defend the Muslim

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to serve the Muslims and to serve the world and the society at large.

00:20:28--> 00:20:30

May Allah accept from all of them

00:20:32--> 00:20:39

lucky those who invested in this dunya and what will generate for them good in the affair

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as Ramadan coming brothers and sisters soon

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Don't wait until Ramadan comes to start praying start fasting to start, you know, donating to start reading Quran start right now.

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Making to an all star right now so Ramadan comes you really hit you already you hit the ground running

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kind of Nabi SallAllahu Sallam encouraging people in the month of Chandon, which is in six days it will start the last month before Ramadan Ali Newson Dhaka Sharon, you have a fallenness Anabaena Raja Ramadan, that's a month that people don't pay much attention to it. It comes between Roger and Ramadan. People care about these two Shabbat people don't pay much attention to it. Then in the visa news too fast, especially in the beginning of Shabbat almost most every day in the beginning of Shabbat

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like to prepare himself SallAllahu Sallam for the month of Ramadan.

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So I asked Allah subhanaw taala to accept from all of us and to make us among those who will maximize the benefits of their life and maximize the benefits of Ramadan to 2022 I asked Allah Subhana Allah to forgive Abdur Rahim and to all of us and to our loved ones. Gautama Zomato Mostofa Romani. Welcome pistacchio.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Viva Hobart. My brothers and sisters.

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Great stories are not only in the books related to people who lived 1000s or hundreds of years ago.

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A lot of you know ordinary people, they look ordinary, but in reality, they are extraordinary people.

00:22:33--> 00:22:34

They're great people

00:22:35--> 00:22:42

do a lot of great things to, to their family, to the community, to their society, to their Akela

00:22:44--> 00:22:55

the end of the day, when people go and enter agenda and being the highest level and higher at high level agenda. That wasn't the people will say, you know, ask the real winning

00:22:56--> 00:23:08

fish to rob Bill kava, that's the real winning, keep your eyes on the real prize. And you will see that everything else becomes so easy, so simple, so insignificant,

00:23:09--> 00:23:12

compared to that big prize that you living for.

00:23:14--> 00:23:56

Hi ask Allah Subhana Allah by His names and attributes to forgive our sins, whatever we have done in public or secret or done in the past or what might do in the future. We asked him to help us to repent to Him a sincere repentance and to make a strong in our faith strong and our commitment and to make us among those who always say the truth and will always stand up for what is right. And among those who Allah subhanho wa Taala will shower them with his mercy and open the door of wealth and knowledge for them. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to shower this community with his mercy and to bring love among all of us. Longmans la Naramata golf Elena Denuvo and our for analysis for HANA in

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the current era for Rahimullah for Lila elantas of hurricane Akuna manabadi been referred Linda dem Norma Harnam adenoma Sorona to be Allah and Allah will be him in for me Nina Minato Muslimeen or Muslim out and Mohammed Ahmed Allah Minya said okay until only Karamja Yaga you and to earlier on Shahana Milan Turin and Fer Radek Rico chakra Krishna a biotic the pug been in the canta Semyon Ali Mattu Ballina in the cantata Weber Rahim also Lillahi wa Sallim wa Barik, ala Nabina Muhammad Allah and he also had the urge made my brothers and sisters before we stand up for Salah. I just want to say that so many times.

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I know it's a human nature, but one of the beautiful things about our religion, the Teach us to control desires to be in control, not to be controlled by some of the ignorance or the desires that is inside us. Let's develop

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

I mean our character. And sometimes there is a small things, but means a lot. Don't look at it as, as the incident itself, but look at what it means after that. So it's one of the good thing that usually people focus about themselves. Think about themselves, first and foremost. But you know what, it's also something important that when you think about yourself, you don't forget about your brothers, you don't forget about your sisters, you forget about the people around you. That's right. So for instance, if you're standing up here, and you want to do something for yourself, you want to stretch yourself doesn't mean that you hit me. That's right, that you have to be considerate of

00:25:40--> 00:26:01

that. So when you come to park your car, especially when there is a long line behind, you, wouldn't be nice for everybody on the line waiting for your Highness to stop the car, then you reverse then you go backwards to the parking just because you want to go out quickly.

00:26:03--> 00:26:44

I understand that, you know, that you want if you want to do that just come a little bit early, because there was a long line and you know what people you know, come here just on time. So please be more considerate of the people that are coming behind you and not to block the any delay and I'm not gonna I'm not going to talk about this again, because I 100% know that when the people do that they not 100% aware of how much traffic but if somebody doubts my talk, I'm not going to be angry or mad or anything like that. Just let me know if I don't think I hold the traffic. I'll just make a video of it and show it to you next month. Just to show you how long the line is. Because people

00:26:44--> 00:27:22

just don't think it is it is a long line. And it is a few seconds a matter of for a minute I want to come pray to God before you know it. My toe Rock has more important than you just working. Then second thing Shala I'll promise for my site to make it easy for you guys when you leave to make sure that there is you know, people on the street helping you to pull out from that place quickly. So also under turn because I know it's important for you to leave on. Fast. Thank you very much, you guys doing great but this is something been brought to my attention several times actually and I for a while I want to mention it. Thank you. Let's printshop