Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 147A Translation Bani Israil 78-93

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who went to Saudi Arabia or Sunni Hills Karim Amma beret Ferodo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim.

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Rubbish Riley Saudi were Sidley Emery wash LuLaRoe the term melissani of Kahu. Kohli, Robyn ozhiganov

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Lesson number 148 sootel Israa is number 78 to 93.

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Establish a solid, the solid, legal looking at decline. assurance of the Sun ILA to recently darkening a lady of the night and or an

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alpha of the fudge of the dawn in the indeed, Quran Quran Alfred of the dawn, Ghana it was my shoulder, one that is witnessed women and from a lady the night further ahead than you awaken to pray. Be with a nasty Latin and additional

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an optional Leca for you. Asa perhaps on that ye Bertha. He will raise you rob Booker, you're more common. A station, much smoother one that is praiseworthy.

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Will call and say Rob be oh my Rob, I became me. admit me. You make me enter mode holler. And entrance or a place of entrance. Mode Hall and entrance or a place of entrance. Super clean off truth. What and originally you take me out. You exit me. Walk Roger. And exit. Or a place of exit. slippin of truth. What y'all and you make leave for me, men from Laguna near you. So far, none and authority mislead or supporting? One that helps,

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will call and say Gera it came as a shock to the truth and zecha it departed. It disappeared. About when the falsehood in indeed l baffling the falsehood. Ghana it is ever the who are bound to depart. War and newness Zulu We sent down men from Al Quran the Quran, ma what? Hua it is Shiva a healing a cure

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and for Ramadan immersi Lal movement in for the believers Wallah and not yours either it increases Awali Mina the wrongdoers in there except herself or in loss. What either and when an Amna we restored Allah upon an insert the human being are available he turned away well and he became far or he distanced

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be journey be with his side. Were either and when Messiah who it touched him a shovel the evil Ghana he is ever your Oh sir. One greatly despairing, greatly hopeless.

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Say Kanaan all yarmulke he does Allah upon Shakeela t his manner follow up Bukom so your alarm is more snowing. The man of who? Whoever he is more guided sebelah in way

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worse Aluna and they ask you about a rule the rule on say a rule the rule men from Emory command matter rugby of Myra warmer and not eau de Tom you were given men from an intimate knowledge in law except a Lila a little

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while in and surely if shit now we will learn at the Habana surely we will definitely take away Bella the with that which Oh Hanaa we revealed in Acre to you so much then law not that you do you find lucky for yourself. Be with it our Lena upon us we're Keela a trustee

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Illa except Ramadan a mercy men from Rebecca Europe in the indeed for the who His favor his bounty, Ghana it was our Laker upon you to be wrong great all say let him surely if edge Dima it gathered, l ensue the mankind the human being, while jinn and the jinn either upon and that you

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yet do they come with the wet light? Heather this and Quran the Quran land not yet tuna they will come the Miss Lee with it's like Willow and even if Ghana was bow to home some of them the bobbin for others will Hira assistant helper

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Wanaka occurred and certainly so rough now. We have diversified we have mentioned in different ways. Lin NASCI for the people fee in Heather this Al Quran the Quran, men from Cali every methylene example

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forever, but he refused axonal most anass of the people except Kouvola disbelief in gratitude

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are low and they said learn never nope Mina we will believe Luca for you had the until death Jura you break open you Gosh for Lana for us men from an RV the earth Jambu a spring

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Oh or the corner it is NACA for you, Jana to a garden men from mesothelin de pommes WA and arenas in grapevines, but to find your so that you Gosh for Al and how the rivers see ladder her between among deaf JIRA a gushing forth Oh or to split you cause to fall a summer the sky comma just as Xander you claimed Elena upon us kisser fun as a fragment for as fragments.

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Oh or that deer EUCOM Billahi with Allah while Mala Iike and the angels Kabila as a group in front o or your corner it is laka for you by two and a house men from Zack Ruffin gold o or darker you ascend, fee in a summer the sky will learn and never nope minute we will believe lyrically you can do your ascending Hepta until tuna Zilla you gradually bring down our Lena upon us kita been a book necro who we read it wholesale super Hana. glorified. Rugby is my hands

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are not going to I was Illa except Verschuren a human being Rasul Allah a messenger

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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I'll be Miss Danny dude okay Shamsi. Isla wasn't in navy welcome

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Miss muda

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Wamena Layli JV Hina

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Muqaam up on muda will be added to the

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view module

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can sue for lacing your

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how cool was

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for one plus zero means

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metro meaning I wanna as he does Lottie mean

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why either?

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Vijay nev what he does several shops

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will call Louis marijuana Shanky that he

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well yes YSL.

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Rules or mean? A B or

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D to mean a nine. Paulina Wala? Is she

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ready hyena?

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love bigger in LA who

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can kill me you're

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is wondering

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do we meet me

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tonight we need to

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Nik Laya Joe levy meet Willy Wonka and about

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what others have worked

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if he hadn't

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walk on

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Mina letter has drawn up the

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older version

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are you now that God will

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be your hour to step on Salah gemas am Darlene

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Oh DRBD law

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you get your Babila

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Rubin Report is

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Minari Roby doonas Zilla Allah ina Ankita done.

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Bolsover had to be held

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to 11

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