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rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord, light of the dunya and the Lord of the heavens and the earth, Most Merciful, most kind, whilst Allah subhanho wa Taala to have mercy upon us in this walk of Juma to accept from us our EBI that they'll accept the small that we do and have mercy on us for the indiscretions and our mistakes that we do for Allah's mercy encompasses all things. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala. To accept from us this walk of Juma will be a new a light that wipes away the sins of last week and the sins of the week to come. And for those major sins, we make Toba and also lovely stuffer. We also send our love our greetings and salutations to our beloved Nabil Mohammed

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Salah Salem, to his pure, perfect family, his companions and all of his own man till the end of time, Allah let us be of his own man in this dunya. And in the Akira. I mean, when hamdulillah Alhamdulillah. We continue with our series, the diseases of the heart. And over these past few weeks, we have discussed a number of issues, a number of topics that we said, each and every one of us needs to look into ourselves, and diagnose ourselves with these kinds of effects, that these issues that we discussed, might affect us in a small way, or in a big way. And for those of us that fall into these categories, this is for you and myself, first and foremost, to have an introspection

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and a discussion with Allah, that the heart is Allah says let me sow some seeds, the heart is between the fingers of Allah subhanaw taala. He changes it as he pleases, on guidance, almost guidance. And it is for us to improve and Allah subhanaw taala will facilitate for us the path of goodness. Today in sha Allah, we discuss a topic which is intrinsically attached to a man or a topic in an area that our heart that does not have this disease, it's a deficient heart, it's a heart that is sick, the absence of higher modesty, or shame. And as many discussions many, many words in English that tried to capture the meaning of higher that doesn't really truly encompass it. modesty,

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we'll call it for our our sake of discussion, we'll call it modesty higher

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in the Arabic language, it is derived actually from hyack, which comes from life, which comes from the essence of a person of its being. And in English, we say there are many words to describe this feeling, this emotion that we should have. It is modesty, it is self respect, it is self honor, it is to have bachelors who feel shame. So how do I capture this meaning, the meaning is if you really want to understand higher is that you are concerned in the way people see you physically, and how they view you how they view or the opinion of you. In other words, if we do sin, how many times maybe we've done something wrong, and our parents see or we are paid is walking on us that feeling

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of shy of we think of doing a sin and think of someone that you hold in respect, it might be your parents, it might be a teacher of yours might be a religious leader, how you'd hate for that person to see you in that state, that feeling that you have that feeling of shyness is higher, and the greater the feeling that you have of shyness, and the greater that you accompany in your heart with this. It's an it's a sign of a healthy heart. And the less and less you have this higher, where you no longer care or concerned how people see you or view you. You're no longer concerned or, or you're embarrassed about your bad conduct, then it's a heart that is diseased. So in order to describe this

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feeling of modesty, and some of us may feel we're talking about a feeling and emotion that for women, they should have this feeling not for men, no men and women the same. Yes, women have a higher degree, women should have even a higher degree of higher than men. But even men, men and women should have this feeling of I don't want to be seen doing something wrong. That's really to capture higher, I don't want to be seen being in inappropriate light or inappropriate conduct, the feeling of being uneasy or embarrassed or being exposed when one is doing inquiry conduct we all do commit sin. We all commit sin, but the difference between certain sins and being completely okay

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with it is higher.

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The allama described the difference one of the differences between insaan and animals is this feeling of higher. We know that on a basic level we are like animals and Allah has favored us and given us a consciousness above that of animals. above that of animals where we know right from wrong we conduct ourselves in a way above that of animals.

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But when someone loses his hire, that's when Allah says they kill an arm. But they have become like animals. In fact, they are worse than animals. Because the animal doesn't know any better. The animal doesn't know, to urinate in the road in front of others not a problem for him, but for incentive to do certain things. It's an it's an it's extremely embarrassing. And when you lose that sense of higher and embarrassment, it's a disease in the heart. So how important is this issue? How important should one have this that you feel bad when you do harm, and you don't want to be seen doing harm? Now, VESA Selim says, verily, modestly higher and Eamonn are interrelated. If one is

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taken away, the other one diminishes simultaneously. They are linked, higher and amount are linked. When modesty goes Eman, also leaves and when one has no Eman, then he has no he no longer has any modesty. Maybe so Solomon says every religion has a specific quality or characteristic. And the characteristic of Islam is its modesty, that when people see a Muslim, they must recognize that these people have a higher degree of self respect is a degree of honor. We don't just speak to them like we speak to anybody else. Look at the fear, like Subhanallah give an example again, you won't speak the same way. You speak to your friends when you speak to your grandmother, or your

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grandfather. Why? Because you respect this person greatly. The way you speak to your boss or your seniors is not the same way you speak to the juniors. Why? Because you respect that person. We as Muslims should give off that feeling that people don't want to be seen doing wrong in our company, because they will feel worse. swana love if the opposite is true, where Muslims have no respect for themselves, then it's a muscular then we have a problem. So the resources, the quality of this oma the thing that defines this oma is the modesty that the women and the men conduct themselves at a higher level of a higher level of consciousness, that people can recognize that these people have a

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higher level of sensibility. This is what this woman should be. Now vehcile salaam in a well known Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim Abu huraira mentioned several sources and said Eman has 60 or 70 branches between 60 and 70 branches of a man

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and the highest the pinnacle of Eman is what

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he loves, obviously the essence of Eman to worship none besides Allah and the lowest form of Eman is to take something harmful away from the road to see spondylolysis. If I can take it away, why not take it away to have some concern. And one of those branches of Eman is modesty is modesty and shyness as Love is a branch of Eman and never had it it says shyness leads to Eman modesty leads to Eman and Eman leads to jack. Now, as I said shyness is not perhaps the most appropriate term modesty or self respect or self or self worth is more of a good definition. modesty. Nevis also says does not bring anything except good. A person who has a modest outlook and as modesty as part of his

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conduct, he will respect himself and others will respect him and other good things will come to you if you hold yourself in this good conduct.

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One of the components are going to be what cost suicide billable costs one of the 10 problems Jenna, the man who brought Islam to Persia, on his deathbed, on his deathbed, he gave a naseeha to his son. And he said oh my son, you will never meet anyone more sincere towards you than me. Imagine a father on his deathbed trying to give his last bit of advice to his son said no one will give you two words then these words I'm giving you now when you want to make sada do we do properly then pray as if though you think that this will be your final Salah. Make sure that as if though molecule mode is standing there waiting for you to make a Salam Alikum and then it takes you so have that in your

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mind. Number two, beware of greed for it is a kin of poverty, only poor people. Poor people in the inside are greedy, they never feel rich. They never feel satisfied. They constantly looking for more. So he says greed is actually it actually means you are poor. And you should have a lack of interest in the dunya because it's an indication of richness that you feel satisfied Alhamdulillah This is enough for me. And then he says beware of doing or saying anything for which you will regret or have to apologize. And that is the essence of this idea that anything which you feel out that if others were to see you others were to know of this, you would have to apologize for it. Or you would

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feel regret or shame know that it is haram. That is your internal compass that this is right or wrong. But if if my parents knew or my boss knew or my children knew, I would feel so shy or ashamed. They know that it is hard on and if you if that

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boxes stick that no one would criticize me for this, then inshallah It is okay.

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Another Hadith. Another wise man says beware of what you may have to apologize for, and wait and be aware, be weary of what you might feel ashamed of being mentioned for the only thing you have to apologize for is a sin. And the only thing which you might feel ashamed of is an ugly action. So think about your actions and ask, would I have to apologize for this? Would I feel ashamed if it became common knowledge? If so, then leave it. This is our internal compass. I mean, not many, say nominal de Alon, he speaks to a beta one is the beta one says Teach me Islam. And cinema says Islam is to be witnessed the witness that is not worthy of worship besides Allah, and Mohammed Salim is

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the sort of soul to establish some sada to pay Zakah to perform the Hajj and fasting Ramadan. And he doesn't want to say all the things about her arm and head on and you must dress appropriately and eat appropriately and interactive. So he gives one line which encompasses everything. So be open and do not be secretive, and be way of doing anything that you would feel ashamed of anything that he's ugly that you feel shamed or shameful for doing. No, it's against Islam, a lot both in this internal compass, where you feel bad for something which is haram. But back to Muslim in

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a time comes when you have committed or seen or exposed to so much ugliness, that you no longer feel bad. And that's when the horse has reached a tipping point. And while most of us all of us included, even if we haven't done the harm, we are so surrounded by it, that it doesn't affect us anymore. So our compass internally is broken. That by this Heidi, if we say that if you feel shame, you feel shy about it or ashamed. We know what is haram. Today, we can commit sin, we walk in the road as we wish, act as we wish and we won't feel bad. In fact, we don't mind for anyone to see us like that. That shyness has been totally removed from our hearts. This is a very, very sick heart. And this is

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unfortunately except for the few of us that still feel difficulty when they open the door and they see what's out there. And they feel like inside they're being torn apart. That person's highest still intact. For the rest of us, myself included. We see her arm passing as they have the day and it no longer even makes us feel bad anymore. There is something broken inside our hearts, all of us who have a lot to fix us and to heal us of our hearts. How do we know when this compass is broken? When our higher has reached such a low level? How, for example, not feeling bad when you're doing her arm anymore? You don't feel regret or shame or sadness anymore. Not worrying anymore. What

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people tend to do it openly not being affected when you see her arm around, not being feeling any kind of shame before when we were younger. If we saw something wrong and our parents were the we would feel awkward. We don't feel that awkward feeling anymore. Not being in and it affects you in other areas of your body. When your Eman is low, you'd find it affects you SATA SATA becomes difficult. Allah says that Salah is Kabir is difficult, except for those who have who, whose heart is okay His heart is attached to Allah. But when I saw that becomes a burden, it that five minutes of Salah feels like an hour, then there's something wrong when you find it impossible to cry, even

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though you're the most moving it up agenda, but you can't shed a tear anymore. When we're unable to do our eBay debt.

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with ease, then it's a sign that there's a sickness in our heart and how, if not all of us will last and protect us have this disease.

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Today we live in a time where there is a war and we live in a region of the Western world where there's a war against higher modesty, modesty is something bad. But if a woman dresses modestly, she's an enemy or she goes against Western standards. That it is better. It is seen more appropriate when you look at our magazines when we look at the things that we should aspire to be like is to have less and less modesty. modesty is something which is seen as a bad, bad quality in the world we live in and all around us. We are going to have people or influences and pushing us and our children to let go of our higher and higher is this very subtle thing that even if you don't do heroin,

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you're not the one dressed inappropriately. You're not the one speaking ugly and loudly. But when you hear it constantly, you don't feel bad about it being seen in front of you or being shown in front of you. And why are they well I don't belong before you would also do it. That is the danger of your higher being lost your innocence being lost. Even if you don't do the sin because you're surrounded by it. It disappears altogether. destroying our sense of higher energy

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You know Subhan Allah, one of the first things he believes did to mislead our mother and father Adam, and how welcome salatu salam was to remove the higher once they ate from the tree and the prediction from Allah was gone that Allah Subhan said the ebony Adam left in an Akuma Shantanu come away come with agenda Oh Children of Adam did not cheat on seduce you as equals your parents to go forth from gender and he took off from them they're all the clothing of innocence that he makes make it known the shame might expose the hour and a shame to one another. So one of the first steps shaytan did and the first thing he does he attacks you hire you hire is like your internal self

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defense mechanism. This barometer that tells you this is wrong I don't like it. I can't do this like this. I can't speak like this. I can't be in this company. If that thing is gone, then it's very dangerous thing you are without any protection out any you know as you said antivirus is gone. And this what shaytaan removes first he tries to attack us in our young age he continues to bombard us to the point where the heart becomes oblivious May Allah protect us.

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And Allah continues really remember he sees you him and his tribe from where you cannot see them the GNC acid we don't see them. Really a lot of advances we have made the devil's predicting friends for those who do not believe

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not feeling shame in Buhari, maybe so solemn is repulsive sit by a boo boo much, much older lon, among the reasons is among the words of the earlier ambia meaning that this is a message which every now be sent to these people now because I'm telling you something, every single Nabhi from it until I have said that still. And it's so is it is so relevant to our people today. If you feel no shame, then do as you wish the LMS for what does this mean? If you don't feel shame, you'll end up doing whatever you want. When you don't belong the key you no longer care about how I'm viewed or what will be said or how a lot of things of me, if that feeling is gone Hamas, then you can do anything.

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You're capable of doing anything and we see people and we read in the newspaper, how can we ever be let you rape your grandmother? How is it possible that fitrev is still there. But when you've reached a certain level of lack of higher, you'll even do that. Nothing stops you. So maybe some says that once you hire has diminished to such a point, you will end up doing anything and everything and it won't bother you anymore. And we are moving to a time and this is one of the signs of tiama will move to a time when this will be so commonplace. Another another another interpretation of this. The other side is that if you don't feel shame, then insha Allah, if your

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heart is good and clean, then it's a good thing. And then you can do this thing. But we are on the other side more dangerous that we don't feel shame, because we're not bothered by it anymore. Allah subhanho wa Taala now, the prophets are some tells us in a hadith amongst the things that is a demonstration of lack of shame. And husbands need to be wary of this. Maybe some sees in a Muslim, one of the most evil of the people to Allah on the day of piano will be the man who has intercourse with his wife. And then he publicizes the secrets, elicit known what he did not Subhanallah what he did the night before what his wife was had, in fact, he is going to get rewarded for that, but not

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being shy to even show this good thing. So what about a bad thing. And sometimes people speak inappropriately about the wives, there is no feeling of jealousy or feeling of protectiveness over their wives or their daughters. And it's one of the worst things one can do is to speak your secrets with your wife What about the harm that you do, and to split those secrets where you have to be left?

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Now Lisa Solomon says

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that if you are bad, and you commit sin, at least have the level of higher if your your level of hire wasn't strong enough to keep you from doing sin, then at least you should have that minimum level that you don't want to send to be known that other businesses refrain from all these shameful actions that Allah has forbidden and if one of you is tried and you are tested by it and you fall into it and you commit the sin, the lithium conceal them as Allah has concealed him for him. Allah hasn't made it open so why do you expose yourself now when once vinyl and this is like the basic the lowest level of a man that one commits sin and you don't want it to become out you rather keep it

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hidden? When that is gone, and you send openly then it's a big wish killer that people today we see they commit harm openly not only the committed openly but they take pictures of it and they say it for the dounia to see and the proud of it. Look where I was what I did, and we like it. We

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literally click like, are you

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Willa, this is a disease of our time, a disease that we're in

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that and swannanoa you find people further even worse than that. And this goes to the level of pride, where he justifies it with the dean, who says, It's haram for me to be here. What about this or that? When you no longer feel regret or remorse, and you can send so openly, then Subhan Allah know that the man is so low, the heart is very sick, and we ask Allah for forgiveness and guidance.

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Examples of our higher has left us

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we can just need to think of one generation or two generations if you are, you know, 50 think of the time of your parents or your grandparents of your grandma. I think of your grandma, I think of my grandmother, the person that probably have the most sort of, you know, wouldn't want to see me in in the wrong light, the way we dress. And for us men, the way our wives and our daughters do this before, before the women used to, they would we were the younger cousins, they would you know, dress when they meet the elders, they would weigh that scarf, even if it disappears when they out of the company, the scarf would be around the neck and be gone. Today, there is not even scarf around the

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neck, and we can speak to the Imam, we can speak to the mowlana we can speak to the eldest of the eldest without any scarf and not feel any shyness anymore. And we're here to be even the Imam the molana doesn't feel himself annaleigh that this is wrong. We knows it's wrong. But that feeling of this is inappropriate has gone left us It affects even the one who doesn't do it. But it's become a norm. Before if you saw someone not dressed properly as a Muslim, now it's the norm. If a woman walks complete hijab face clothes, she is the outsider. This one is strange. With this one, she's odd. Oh yeah, the biller that we don't mind being seen in places of her arm before, that, if you did

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her arm thing, you went to her own place. You didn't want anybody to know. But now we don't mind letting people know that we're there and even worse, we do it in front of our parents even worse, our parents will take us droppers, they they will buy tickets, they'll go with us they are here to build concerts, okay. We're not discussing about is mixing, music haram drinking that's a different discussion. But a Muslim is level of higher should not allow him to be in the company of Haram is haram should stop it. And if he doesn't stop it with his hand, you should speak out and say this is wrong. You shouldn't be drinking, you shouldn't be doing this. And if he's not doing that his heart

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should hate it so much. You may go I don't want to be in this company. That's why I restaurant that sells alcohol. A Muslim should never be in the Little League, the halal food all that Muslims should not be in the company of Haram. And if we don't feel bad about being in the company of Allah being Allah being insulted like this, we don't feel bad about that things panela we have a problem. But then we have a problem. Why are the biller and of the signs of pm absences, hi, I will leave are so completely that people will commit Zina in the middle of the road, and people walk past them. And no one will say anything, we will still have a discussion like anything else. And these two people

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having zero. And the best, most pious men will come to these people and say, you know, it just makes Xena around the corner so we don't see you, it's a little bit better. That's the level of how our higher will diminish as a sign of gamma. And when that level comes, when, as we mentioned, one of the previous slides, the previous lectures with a level comes when the bystanders, the rest of us who don't come at the center, when we don't see anything bad by this evil anymore. That's when the other becomes justified. And Allah says Allah, these people, justified for them to be destroyed, to withhold the rain, to give them drought, to sinned enemies against them and take the lands for

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dictators to overpower them. For Thailand rules to steal from them. When these things happen overseas, these kind of adapts earthquakes to happen. tsunamis to happen, where you have the magnificent protectors, both for the center, and the one who witnesses it and no longer feels bad mela protectors.

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The one who alleges will not be forgiven.

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Now, VSA says all of my own mo will be forgiven, Allah will have mercy on everyone except those who sin openly. And it's a part of sending so what what does he mean by sending openly sending openly includes when you do a sin at night or behind closed doors, and Allah didn't expose you, he didn't bring it to light he kept it hidden or protected you with that he saw also and he didn't do anything or did not let it be known. When he goes and exposes his own son. He tells people I can do this and Oh, he shows a picture here I was here and I plan on doing the center that's and

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so Allah covered up for you you expose yourself in other words to say Allah I send and I don't care that I sent such a person who says they now exempt from the forgiveness and listening

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See disturber when they get to kiama, that son is not under the forgiveness of Allah, because you didn't care if you didn't make Toba and think about this again, if speaking about the sin you did last night, takes away the chance of forgiveness. Then what about committing the sin in front of your friends in front of everybody live? And then knocking out see this is that and that's why we said when we get to this level of responses, if the believer commits a sin, a black spot appears on his heart. And if he paints and gives up and seeks Toba, his heart isn't cleansed Allah subhana wa tada re purifies his heart, but he does more of that sin than the spot increases until it covers the

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heart completely. That is what he was telling us the tough seat of this iron kettle bell Iran Allah coup de Marana is like a Rasta recovering that at this point when you reach that level of sin. We no longer see what you do. You don't feel bad to do harm. You don't feel guilty anymore. You don't make Toba for it anymore. And you don't mind others to see it. And you don't mind people to know that you committed harm. Even your parents even the molana of the ship you don't worry about it anymore. When you have that level of honor. Your heart has been arrested completely over kettlebell Iran, Allah glooby him for what they have done, the hearts have been completely blackened over the last four

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things that they have done. Our last panelist is my love protectors

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covering up your faults, so this is a question. Yeah, someone says. So if he commits essentially, you know, cover up and hide is part of you imagine if you've done something wrong, you cover up your faults, someone's October.

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If you've stolen from somebody, then yes, you have an obligation to return that which was stolen before the Toba is received before a level grant to the Toba you need to give back that which has taken reef you know repair the damage you've done. But if the damage cannot be repaired, or is a way for you to repay and give back you don't confess to anyone except our last parameter.

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You don't have to come to the Imam and tell him I did x y&z don't do that not even with the Imam. keep it hidden. Make your towboats between you and Allah cover up your faults. This is the sooner

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we can

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cover up some Sahaba Of course, they went to the Bissell salon Why? They wanted the hut. They wanted the punishment purification. Now we don't live in a Muslim society. You can't go and say, you know what I drank Hummer Lakshmi, or is SAP slash me at times. Right? So if you don't know how to keep it quiet, and make Toba to Allah subhanaw taala. And if you see someone else commit sin, speak to that person, and don't need anybody No, no responses who ever cover covers a fault of a Muslim, Allah will cover his faults on the Day of Resurrection. Today, we try to expose one another.

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We try to let people know and to remove the higher of someone else, the honor and the self respect. We try to take it away from them. If we cover up the mistakes, the faults and again a side note here, someone says you know I'm in

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accounting background, I am a police officer. I know that my Muslim brother next door is selling drugs. Why cover up for him? No. Because you it's better for him that you make him stop doing his heroin. better for him that you save him from his heroin.

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But if the matter is finished and done, he made the eastover he's not doing the sun anymore. He paid his price. He returned whatever was meant to be returned. Leave it. Don't say Subhana Allah. You want to get married to this guy. You know how it was five years ago? Leave that. Five years from now you might have become the only other law leave that you don't want others to judge you like that? Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Judgment is only with a law. We are not here to judge each other. We don't know the good and the bad someone does in the dark of the night. Man might look pious. Don't know what he does at night. person may look bad in the street. Don't know what they do at night. Good deeds. We're not here to judge anyone. We're not here to look. And we don't hate the sinner. We hate the sin. Sister isn't this properly? The brother we're here to how many of us who have analog before we used to if people drank was only a few people's a Muslim they drink very few. Now today, Muslims have to make excuses and our non Muslim friends will say, but why did you drink? Sulaiman drinks? Why did you want to

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come to the party? how mad is the he's drinking? I don't understand is a permissible impermissible. How many of us as Muslims, we feel bad for other Muslims. We they make us embarrassed

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but we're not there to judge and to look down

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Anybody, we hate the sin and we say, brother, this thing that you're doing is haram.

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And I only say this to you out of the love I have for you, and the concern I have for the Ummah, you might be better than me. And I want you to correct me when you see I commit sin and say this, what you're doing is wrong.

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And we take that as a naseeha of love, but we don't judge, but at the same time, we don't keep quiet. And we don't expose. And if you truly love somebody,

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you give him a car and you make dua for him. That's the level if you love somebody, if you don't really care about somebody, you'll see Allah predictive guide him, predicting forgive him, even if he doesn't want to stop you. You make him stop, that is through love and through concern.

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And of Allah's mercy, look at a loss of mercy to the believer. And may Allah put us in this category. Allow respects our modesty so much, that if you're a believer and you respected your modesty, you committed sin, but you kept it quiet. Allah won't even expose you on camera. So the believer will be brought close to Allah will say, I will question you privately. I'm not going to question you publicly in front of your parents, front of your children, all the things you did, between me and you only the believer will be more close to each other up until he conceals him Allah conceals him and makes him confess his sins. So I'll also tell me all your sins, and then he will

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confess them and Allah will say he duty and then you won't know all the sins Allah will say, but you remember that sin such a sin in such a sin? Men will say yes, I admit it, I did it. The Lord Allah will say, I concealed it for you in the dunya. And I forgive you in an era today.

00:31:37--> 00:31:38

You kept it quiet.

00:31:40--> 00:31:48

You kept it quiet. Even if you didn't make Toba at the very least of Hi, Sal, I don't want everyone to know I do it privately. So listen, I forgive you the simple kiama

00:31:49--> 00:32:29

when Allah He Allah will close up his record of good deeds, and as meaning his bad deeds and it will be closed and you'll be forgiven. And as for the kuffar and those will be for those are the ones who allow a level call them publicly, and the curse of Allah is upon the wrongdoers and Allah will those who serve openly, Allah will criticize them openly and let everyone in I mean, see, this is what this guy did. This is what he did. Allah protect this funnel. All of us, we all have shameful things that we've done. All of us, none of us are exempted so many things we can count, we would hate for people that we know to come out, our wives, our children, our you know our colleagues for them to

00:32:29--> 00:33:06

see what we have done. It's only between you and Allah subhanaw taala have that level of higher, we keep it hidden, we keep it hidden. And hamdulillah if you reach that level of higher, will you too afraid to let the rest of the world see, when we sell something reminds you advise you to be shy of a law in the same way that you shy of a pious person amongst your community. And even the past if people didn't want the Imam or the Medina to see them not wearing the scarf, or they smoking or they doing something or listening to news, whatever thing that was was was inappropriate. They wouldn't want the Imam to see I don't know if it's still the case today. Number one more than I said, so I

00:33:06--> 00:33:34

don't know when we were younger, if the mowlana walked past and we had some music and we put it off. But today if I see people I know that I've paused they wave to me and the music is loud and bleeding and they don't feel bad anymore. So now business is how you feel to conduct yourself as if though the most pious man in the world is looking at you. But remember, Allah is more deserving, that you should feel shy of him. The law sees you and that's that is part of taqwa.

00:33:35--> 00:33:58

A clean, safe, secure hard is one that is conscious. Allah sees me all the time. I can't say this. I can't look at this. I can't do this. I can't do this business dealing even though no one will find out. Even though source won't find out Allah knows. Right Allah knows. That is. That is taqwa. The thing that taqwa is the thing that prevents you from harm when you own

00:34:00--> 00:34:36

the thing that prevents you from abusing your wife and children when no one else sees you, that is taqwa only taco stops you then seven people we know the idea of seven people under the leadership of law, what do they have in common? that nothing stuck in her arm except the fear of Allah. They were alone they could come and Xena No one said no. I fear Allah taqwa. The ruler he had no one to answer to but he was free and just stuck with the young person who could have sinned as he wanted. But he said in his youth, I tried to obey Allah taqwa. So we ask Allah for that level of our hearts to Allah return the higher that even if we're doing this and we're all doing Cinzia Allah to forgive us

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

to make us feel regret and guilt and remorse so much that we stopped doing it and to get to the level where we see her arm, that we can't sit idly in its company, that at the very least will say we will separate ourselves from the environment of harm, if not, actually we should be speaking out against it. And these always hoped you might loosely mean what was one of the characteristics of this this

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Dean of hours is why you still have Bristol hamdulillah the doors of general open and the doors of mercy are open and the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the and it is bigger. One of the things of shaitaan he will remind you of all your sins and say now you want to come to Allah and Allah knows all your sins now you want to come? Yes, while you chiffon, you didn't ask forgiveness, we will ask Allah for forgiveness, because his mercy is bigger than our sins. Allah subhana wa levena either farofa those when they commit an immorality, an ugly deed a you know, usually facha is like a sexual conduct a filthy, embarrassing deed. All over them. Oh, they committed. They could be

00:35:43--> 00:35:59

wrong themselves. They harmed others in themselves, they harm themselves. They could law they immediately remember Liberty minded Oh yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala I committed wrong for stock photo, and they seek forgiveness for the sins didn't obey Him or

00:36:00--> 00:36:39

Allah and Allah says that who will forgive your sins except Allah, what I'm used to, and they will do not persist the time to stop doing what they did have haraam will, whom you're alone and they know they try me away I committed the sin. When you do that Allah Subhana Allah He can just McFerrin I promise them they deserve the reward is forgiveness mirabai him from the Lord with genetic integrity metathetical and hardhearted interfere. And I promised him I give them agenda for eternity. They get Jen, what did they do? They committed the sin I was talking about the earlier this is the one who committed fascia and glulam, the one who was inappropriate committed the Zener

00:36:39--> 00:36:50

and he did the zoom, but he remembered a lot and made it stiffer for him and he tried his best to stop it. For him. Allah says I promised him mellifera forgiveness. And I promised him Jenna, when

00:36:51--> 00:37:32

Emily and the most excellent of rewards I give to those who do righteousness. So I asked Allah subhana wa tada to forgive us all the sins that we did, the worst of it and the smallest of it to Allah forgive us and have mercy on us. And Allah keep our hearts Let it be healed of its sicknesses that have been added to the Illumina data data will not let our hearts become SQL disease or deviated off Do you granted us a man and he died? Mira Dunker, Rama and grant a Salah from you in the hub You are the one that bestows and you are the base of those will be so insha Allah we have a lot to accept from us the small words and I hope I did not offend anybody and I said all of us are

00:37:32--> 00:37:48

in the same boat will make dua for one another and we have concerned for ourselves and our own Maya Allah, let's be bitter. I mean, inshallah, that inshallah we continue next week with Part Eight of the disease of the heart inshallah we'll discuss anger as one of the diseases of the heart. And we remind the blood Sisters of the mothership on Tuesday evenings

00:37:50--> 00:38:18

you're welcome to join in our class Sera, no extra cost or hamdullah. Please attend at discussing the Battle of word. And oh, yes, the slides, you can get the slides from the office and even the audio will have the lights available at the office, bring a USB and our website has now also been launched. You can download the slides and the slides and the audio from the website inshallah. berhanu.org. I believe that's our website. Right. So inshallah, please, we just recently launched so anyone that's interested you're welcome to come. Now I have a

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I have an announcement here. Water project Darrell Islam is a car Fund.

00:38:26--> 00:39:02

The darussalam relief fund in in COVID. Okay. That in launched a water project a gift of life, people in the northern cape have been badly affected by the drought and are facing severe water restrictions. 1000s of people are in need of drinking water, bottled water will be delivered to the drought stricken areas, we delivered 10,000 times five liters of water to Lotus Fontaine on Saturday, the 12th of March and hamdullah each person per household was supplied with two times five liters of water that's 10 liters each, which will hopefully last each person for two weeks in Sharla our next destination will be brandvlei further up in the northern cape inshallah one person so if

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you want to buy to buy 10 liters of water 15 and 20 liters of water for families, 130 liters 150 and just on this, there was a prostitute we know the Hadeeth she was a prostitute committed Zina openly didn't care. But Allah forgave all her sins. Why? Because it was a hot day and she was thirsty she went to well and she drank and then she saw a dog also thirsty when obviously can't get to the well. So she took a shoe and scooped up the water and gave the dog water softener resources. This lady she did the sin but Allah who gave all her sins because of giving a dog that was thirsty, some water so if you give a family, some water for the make you give that May Allah give this that you forgive all

00:39:43--> 00:39:58

my sins Allah, Allah is capable of doing such things. So if you're interested, these are these are envelopes for the telephone is available. Please donate generously, Malaspina, dynamic easy the plight of those who have difficulty I mean, are Salalah satana Mohammed Ali Salaam

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