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The concept of "ugly ungratefulness" is discussed in Islam, with hesitation and discomfort being used to avoid negative consequences. The use of hesitation and discomfort is emphasized as blessings for the body and for one's own health. The importance of gratitude and mindful health is also emphasized. The use of alcohol and sugar is discussed, along with the importance of learning to read and write ahead of one's health. The segment also touches on the negative impact of being in a certain position and the importance of gratitude.

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We talked today about ungratefulness. We talk about ungratefulness, which is also a disease of the heart. And like we said in the series that you have, like all diseases, you have that same person. He suffers from the flu virus, and he's mildly sick. When you find someone else, he suffers from that same virus, but it's terminal. It's it overpowers him, it's about to kill him. So some of these diseases, we might and all of us are here to be left without an exception all of us suffer from these diseases, either in a very small minute way, or in a very big way. When we see this we need to look and diagnose ourselves during this discussion. When we look at these facts and figures and we

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look at these areas and ideally, we should ask ourselves, do I fall in this boat? There is no one here to correct you. We are my beloved brother and sister in Islam. This is for you to diagnose yourself, for you to look at your own well being and since vinyl is my heart Saleem Alice vinyl Dionysus in lemon, Adobe Corbin Saleem, the only one who is successful on piano is the one who comes with a heart that is Saleem, meaning safe and sound and pure is our hearts ready for the scrutiny of kiama speak to myself first. Many of these things I look at and smile a lot I know I fall into this myself and each one of us need to make that introspection and as we said, while we're still alive,

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while there is still breath in our lungs which Alhamdulillah Allah was still through with October to Allah let us be better lit tomorrow will be better than today. Kill me of these diseases online sit me right for Allah has taken the Sahaba were the worst of people and a lot can change the arts to becoming the earlier that they were looking change all of us easily inshallah, if we really are sincere in that, let us talk about ungratefulness Allah says in Surah 17. In fact, Emily says, He believes is this and it's in the Quran.

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When Allah costs the belief out, when you refuse to make sure due to Adam, in fact, we said the very first sin of he believes was ignorance when he believed he was superior to Adam, and being ignorant alone was not the primary sin, but being proud and refusing to accept a lost command. Even when you were wrong, this was the critical sin. Then when finally it was confirmed that he was wrong. He said, to morality unknown, then surely I will come to the meaning insane outcome to Adam and his offspring, from before them in front of them and behind them and from the right and the left side. You are Allah is telling Allah you Allah shall not find most of them grateful, I will make it my

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job, that they will be ungrateful. This is a promise he believes gave to Allah before the item came to the dounia is I promised my job will be to make them ungrateful and you'll find Yala, the majority of them will be ungrateful. He believes his promise to Allah subhanaw taala so Allah says, called Mohammed Ouma madhura Get out, get lost Allah city police get out of Jannah reproached and expelled you are now expelled and cursed. Whoever follows you among them. I will surely full janam with you and with him. So this is a pact that he believes made with Allah, I will make them ungrateful

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and gratefulness In fact, in the Quran, when what is the term in Arabic to use? ungrateful we know Shakira is to give thanks sugar is to give his praise and thanks. What is the opposite of giving gratitude? It's Cooper, the term ungratefulness in the Quran is actually Cofer. cafaro. The verb cafaro refers to the farmer who shows the seed when he conceals or covers up the seeds of Guevara means to cover up something can be good or bad. Of course we talk about poofer this belief the opposite of a man out of Islam, the one who did this believes in Allah or conceals his belief in Allah denies Allah subhana wa tada is an is a major coup for but to deny the mercy of Allah. Allah

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also calls the Spoofer, a type of disbelief because you have this belief in the mercy and blessings of Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala says, first guru need to evaluate Oh my servants remember me? Come and I will remember you watch guru Li and be grateful to me while the Quran and do not commit Cofer cooperia refers to do not deny or be ungrateful to me. So just on that Gemma to Muslim in the fact that Allah describes ungratefulness as

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we know this keyword is the dangerous keyword. The other one is also dangerous, but this keyword is a lot more dangerous. When Allah uses the term Kufa anyway in the Quran, very, very dangerous. And Allah describes the one who is ungrateful that he's being ungrateful to Allah he's have the caffeine rune or the caffeine, not a disbeliever. We don't say hardage will will, you'll be in janam for eternity. No, we say that this when you ungrateful to Allah, you are an act you are in a state of denial of Allah. You are

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denying the existence when you deny His blessing.

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Allah subhanaw taala and he knows best he's insane. He knows who we are. And I'm not saying that we are ungrateful but Allah Subhana Allah in an instant will insane Li Robbie he like a nude that will insert to his robe is extremely ungrateful and unjust. That you wrong. You are we are wrong to Allah. So Allah saying in an incentive there'll be like a nude that you owe insane to me. You are extremely ungrateful. We're in the who Allah licola Shaheed and you are insane yourself. You are witness to that. You be testimony if I asked you are you grateful to me? Do you give sugar to what I give you? You'll say no. Insulin in general Allah saying all of us. We don't give Allah his view

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what Allah subhana wa tada deserves, we forget Allah subhana wa Tada. We're in the Hobbit. Hi, Lila Shetty and inside you are extremely in love and intensely a love of the blessings and the goodness of the dunya but you are not grateful when I give that to you.

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In our ungratefulness to Allah subhanho wa Taala and how many of us fall into this bucket? I know sometimes I fall into this bucket as well. Allah Subhana Allah says we're either invested in Santa duro that Danna Legion v. Allah says and when affliction touches man when we go through calamity and hardship, when we call out to Allah, either lying down or sitting on our sides or sitting or standing, we are sincere, we big to Allah and we cried to Allah. Allah I'm not feeling well yeah, Allah financially, things are bad. We are sincere to Allah, we remember Allah in times of distress, we all know that. But when we remove Allah says, when we removed from him, he's affliction, we take

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the calamity away, we give back his health we get he stole his wealth, he continues in disobedience, as if he had never called out to us to remove an affliction attached to when we forget Allah subhanho wa Taala. Many of us how many of us will be more pious to Allah, in times of adversity, than in times of goodness, that when things are going well, we don't make the Salah anymore. We don't make those long to us anymore. We don't cry to a lot. So in a way you are saying Yeah, Allah when you afflict us with calamity when we return to you, and sometimes an affliction, a calamity, is in some ways, we don't make dua for it. We don't say a loving calamity on us. No, we don't say that.

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But sometimes a calamity is a blessing. Alice is another place in liquid and we sometimes give you taste the small punishment, so that you may be averted the big punishment, so that wakes you up. But we don't want to be we don't want to be slaves like this year, Allah, we want to love Allah and praise Him and thank him good times, and bad times. And the more good he gives us, the more we are thankful, that's what we want to do. But Allah is by and large, when you come to me in times of difficulty, you come to me when you're 1718, about to die, but you forgot me in the youth, you forgot me in your good times, in the wealthy times, you forgot about me, you didn't think of the

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poor. But now when tables have turned on, you are poor. Now you asked me and said even when I give it to you, you forget and you go back to your old ways. All of us were the biller. We all fall in this category, Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. Another ayah, Allah says, If I truly incentivize you to account for how you truly are, if I was if I was just in terms of I give you what you deserve, and you got what you deserved, the punishment would be so bad, not a single living thing would exist on this earth. That's how bad that punishment would be. If I was truly technical with you, I gave you what you deserve. But Allah withholds and he gives us an O and select. And

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that's why in our old age, before we pass away, many of us, we will go through, will have a wake up in our consciousness, we might go through some diseases and ailments. And then we see the brother making the soda and he spends most of his times in a bag that does not take him away, all of a sudden, this is a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. But like we said, We ask Allah to grant Shiva to all those who are ill, we don't make dua for sickness and disease. We also do Allah, let us be pure without that kind of calamity. Allah says, and when we still favor on men, he turns aside and he behaves proudly. And when evil afflicts him, then he is despairing, and he comes back. So when

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someone is given, he forgets, we started, Jerusalem invaded, we all started, we entered this dunya was nothing to our account, nothing to our name, owning nothing, not even able to move. Someone has to carry us and spine alone, we will leave in the exact same state, someone will have to carry us to our grave. Everything that was given and is given, and so much Allah has given to us. It's only on loan and by lease, and he will take it away and give to somebody else. And the question is, what did you do with those blessings while it was in your hand and your power, but how many of us, we feel a sense of self worth. I achieved this I

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This millions in my account and this amazing thing came from me. Alex Rhino, Darla can take it away in a moment. So this is how ungrateful is insane when I give him and when he has it when he behaves proudly and arrogantly I give him blessings and he uses those blessings against me. He uses it to oppress others. He used it to harm others, the blessing I gave him for free. I didn't ask him for any interest, I just gave it to him. All the favors of Allah so Allah begins to tell us all the favors he gave us. Allah says warmer becoming a Muslim Femina Allah

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and what is of blessing and good things you have is from Allah. So if you close your eyes and you say, what are the things you love the most? Allah says, No, that is from me. You got nothing from anybody other than me. I, Allah is the one that gave each and every one of us everything one island, you know, they asked this young person as the chef, I want to disobey Allah. So he said, no problem. This obey Allah, but don't use his his time, and his body and his health and his wealth that he gave you. If you're going to dis obey, you're going to go against someone, they don't use his blessings are his gifts, you use someone else's stuff. This formula, Everything I have is molars. Now, I'm

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grateful that he gives it to you, now you want to misuse it. They don't use all those blessings. So Allah says everything that you have, everything is from me, I gave it to you free of charge, without any interest. I gave it to you, as a test. How will you use it when you return it back? And it will come back to Allah, it will go back to Allah. Allah Subhana, Allah says, and he gave you a concern from all you asked of him, everything that you asked, and that inside needs us, I give it to you, I've given it to you. And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could not immune enumerate them, you would not be able to count all those favors, if you were to make a list. What are the

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things I love? What are the things if Allah took them away, it would hurt me. If you took away my wealth, my health, my family, my job, my friends, my knowledge, all those things, you end up Yala, there's a list I can no longer continue. And also I can offer that to you basically for free. So Allah says you cannot begin to count the favors of Allah indeed mankind in Santa leather lumen, Farah

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Zulu, Cooper are saying that he is most unjust, he's an oppressor. And he is cafaro meaning ungrateful, oppressing Who? Allah subhanaw taala. And obviously we call a praise Allah, what is meant here, we don't give Allah His right. When you take someone's rights, you've replaced him. So Allah says, You've taken my right and justly, and you have not given me the deal that I am owed. I've given you my pots, Allah says, You didn't ask me, but I gave you your health and your wealth. And I've given you so much that you didn't even ask how many of us if we say, but I may do ask for these things. How many of us did we make do after our site, for our strength for health, when it was

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given to us, for our parents who may do off was paid, he got those things free of charge. So I gave you without you even asking it to me. You don't give and respond. Even though Allah calls us we don't respond. And we forget him. Only in the time of adversity, maybe the fortunate ones come back. And if we begin to just reflect many of us, we look and say, well, hamdulillah Yes, I am grateful. But there's so much I don't have and there's so many who have more than me. So you have a lot of the ungrateful list. Right on top. I mean, I'm not the billionaire that has so much to be You should be grateful. First, I'm just here at the bottom. Sometimes we feel that we are just ordinary or average

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for a large part of life. You look at the reality, you have really hit the jackpot you and I

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do we know that half the world's population, over 3 billion people live on 1000 Rand a month. It's like $2 a day less than that. If you earn more than 1000 Rand a month, then you are better than 50% of the dunya. Think of it like that, that you are above average,

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above average. So when you say I am poor.

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The definition if you earn less than 1000 Rand and you can see as I'm poor, I'm below the average. This is the magette half the world's population statistically earns less than 1000 Rand a month if you earn more than that. Well hamdulillah you are better than the most above 50% 25,000 people die due to poverty, starvation, dying because you have nothing to eat. 2 million people a year 25,000 a day 25,000 today people are going to die because they just don't have something to eat. Or if you accidentally pocket could have been averted could have been averted. 2 million people a year die because of diseases which easily to prevent we could have easily prevented them. It just required to

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see a little bit of the wealth to give that person

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Two three grand a day that would, that would have saved 2 million lives. One in nine people are undernourished on dystonia. They don't have enough to eat swallow for us, we struggle because we eat too much. Whereas there are people who are dying because they don't have enough to eat. This is not to make us feel guilty about what we have, but at the very least Alhamdulillah what I have, yeah, Allah you could have put me in that boat. And many of these peoples vilela better than us in terms of moral conduct, in terms of the relationship with Allah. Some of them are even maybe more grateful to Allah than us. These are hamdulillah Allah,

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Allah, Allah, May Allah increase them. As I said, I saw a video of these children picking up in Syria, grains of you know, bread on the floor, and said, crumbs, our meal. So the presenter asked, What would you like to say to the Muslim Ummah, so they said, My Allah increase you in your goodness, well, hamdulillah we're not complaining, and I'll give you even more.

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Well, we're not going to complain a lot. And they said, if we can, we can test patients with Lyme disease or like a five year old girl and boy say we are patient with Allah, we are not going to be angry with Allah. And we hope that Allah gives whoever he gave even more, and let them be happy and grateful as well. But hamdulillah so our favors for us here in South Africa. How many of us have said myself included? Yeah, Allah Alhamdulillah for my Eman Alhamdulillah that you brought me to the masjid today, we know that we are one two, maybe 3% of the population Muslims. You are in the top 3% 2% that Allah has opened your heart to Islam, free of charge, basically, without persecution and

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not any problem. But you were given an access to Jenna basically, at birth.

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We know the Sahaba had to fight for it, the MBI to die for it for us. Well, Hamdulillah, Allah gave it free of charge, and he could have given it to somebody else, but he's selected. So that's why brothers or sisters know that in last week's lecture when I said you might feel what can I do? Who am I? You are special because Allah selected you for a reason. He gave you a man and he died for that reason. So that you can do something with it, that you are the best. You're supposed to be the we're supposed to be the base because he selected of the 100% of people. He said this 2% will be the special I'll give them a man and Islam.

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How many of us have said Alhamdulillah I am making salute to you and not to an idol or to one of the creations of Allah I can go directly to you your Allah subhana wa tada home whenever I have said that.

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Our health and we know all of us get sick, we can remember the times we're in hospital that will be very sick. You know, two years ago, three years ago, we remember but how many days of health do we remember? Can we count the days we've been healthy, we can count the days that we've been sick, like maybe a tube when he was in extreme sickness. And his wife said, and he lost his kids. He lost his wealth. He lost his ability to walk, he lost his ability to move. He was so sick, no one even wanted to come near him. All he could do was move his tongue. And his wife said still you're not going to be like upset with Allah. So he said, you know, Allah had given me 5060 years of health now has

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given me seven years of sickness and I become obsessed with Allah. I wasn't upset with Allah for 60 years when he gave what I wanted. But now when things aren't going my way now to cut my ties with Allah, Allah, we should have this mindset of nebbia you hear Allah, the bad times this remove at Allah, but we won't be upset with you ungrateful because we know what you have given us in the good times, our wealth and our family. Sometimes we complain a lot about our families and Allah subhanaw taala. Forgive us, what would we do? What would we do if we lost a child or someone that we love? irreplaceable? wealth is replaceable, you lose it, you can make it back pain and can be replaced. A

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child can be replaced these things that are irreplaceable who watches over them, we're not there to see to them every single night and day. Lots of $100 over the mela keep them safe. And that put us through the TCL don't teach us by taking away if one of them was taken away. What? What sadness would we feel? So at the same time, we should have that same amount of gratitude when it's there for us. So yeah, Allah, I can't thank you enough for the family that you get the parents, the wife, the kids that you've given us, Allah only grant us goodness, all of us all our kids and family, how sad we feel if our kids fall into sickness, we have to be lemons guidance to keep us safe. So we should

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thank Allah when things are good, hunky dory, when things are not bad, then we should thank Allah subhanho wa Taala we sit about the wealth that many of us we live well, well above the average of the studio. They are the majority of the people who do not live in worse positions than most of us here. Our freedom. And we see Muslims in Muslim countries unable to practice Islam. You can come here in the middle of the day, the middle of the working day and practice freely. No one has ever seen one stone come and what that freedom comes in Amana comes a responsibility. Our education we said this already when we spoke about ignorance that you want to destroy someone take away his

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knowledge and if you have

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The ability to read and write remember Sahaba. themselves could not read or write it. How sad is it that the one who can't read or write or is blind or the biller will have more heart terms of the Quran with with a monkey with a man who is poor, will have more charity than us that are wealthier. What excuse will we have to Allah on the day? May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings? So how do we give thanks to Allah? How do I give sugar to you, your Allah, Allah subhana wa tada says, and whoever is grateful, remember, he's only grateful for the benefit of his own self. Allah does not increase by our sugar at all. Allah is a law, and he does not benefit by your hand. And he doesn't

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need our hand. But he Allah says it is for your own well being in the dunya and akhira, that you are grateful. So how do we show gratefulness, gratitude? Allah mentioned on three levels. Number one, the gratitude of the heart is a mindset where you recognize Everything I have is from you, Allah, and everything that I have can be taken away from you, by you, yeah, Allah, and you can give it to somebody else. But you've given it to me Alhamdulillah you need to be praised. That's why at least 17 times a day brothers you say Alhamdulillah horrible. And I mean, first thing when you begin your law before I ask for anything more, before I say anything further, I begin by saying, you know,

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Allah will present to you your law, which you've given me 17 times a day we say that, then the sound of the tongue and the to true form of gratitude is when we use the Dharma, we ask how do you give sugar? Yes, you can make liquor. But the best way of giving gratitude to Allah is to use that which he gave you in the manner he wants it to be used. So Allah says,

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indeed, the yearning and the sight and the heart about all these things, you will be quizzed on pm. every blessing allows me to ask you I gave you sight that someone else I didn't give sight What do you use your eyes for? I gave you health and someone else wasn't strong and healthy. What did you use your helpful I gave you well what did you use that wealth I gave you remember? It's unknown what's the return? I was invested these things in you what is the return to Allah? What benefits have you done?

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The two way of sugar is to say you've given me a lot this blessing How do I use it for your sake for your purpose? The base of the base of the ones who use every blessing for LASIK wingspan Allah we don't want you know, we want to get the but if we can't get the latest, at least use the bare minimum. But let's do enough that Allah subhanaw taala says, okay, you are You've done enough. Look at how the Beatles mindset was one day the Prophet cinnabar dances. I was walking in the middle of the day. Now if you want o'clock, two o'clock in Medina, that's like walking two o'clock at night here in South Africa. Two o'clock, one o'clock the afternoon in Medina. It's super hot. Everyone is

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sleeping. It's kalola it's siesta. Everyone sleeps that time this was the norm even in terms of an obesity problem. But say nobody's walking around at like in the middle of the, you know, as we said, the middle of the night is walking around, and he bumps into Satan armor and say normalcy. What are you doing awake this time of day? You should be sleeping. It's so hot. And so you know, boxing. You know, what could bring a man out to his house at this time except hunger. I'm so hungry. I can't sleep. And I say Normally, I have the same problem. And they find Mr. Lamb, meeting them and he says I have the same problem. Like the three of you. I'm also so hungry, and I can't even sleep. So it's

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in Elisa Lam. ubelong sorry, the great companion house. He took the newbies in when it came to Medina. Great Sahaba you used to have a custom we would save keep some of the food aside for the visa asylum. And even whenever he visited, he would have something for the visa asylum. And if then a visa seldom did not visit him. He would give that food in charity but he always kept a meal a plate. So the visa Salaam said look who keeps me food. Let's go to him. in Abuja, you saw the three of them at the door is it's fine Allah, wonderful, wonderful guests that we make like a banquet. And he said, I'm going to give each of he picked some dates from his day three, and he slaughtered a

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goat. And that is to say don't slaughter a goat that gives milk. So he slaughtered a very small young goat. And he told his wife break somebody. So the prophets of Salaam Abu Bakr and Omar Abdullah and him and they had this meal. And when they were done, they began to cry. And he said, Allah, He This is such a great blessing. This meal is such a great name. And Allah is going to specifically ask each of us on tiama what do you do that meal I gave you. Look how hungry you were. I fixed that hunger. How do you respond? So Nabisco said, begin by saying Bismillah when you enter Alhamdulillah small things is enough for law. Who doesn't want you to feed him? But Allah wants you

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to recognize it came from him. Now that meal that maybe some head, I promise you the meals that we have today are better than that each day.

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Better than that. And I recently realized Allah is going to ask me about this. And how am I going to respond? Another form as we said, the best way of giving sugar to use that which Allah has given you, in his sake and for his cause. Another way of showing gratitude is not wasting time Allah, Allah gives you something that someone else doesn't have, and you throw it away

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the height of ingratitude. Now this also says to one Sahar, beside, what is this extravagance you're sticking with you? You're wasting water? so satisfying Allah can I be extravagant in whoo in Nevada for Allah sake, I'm wasting what this is what law? Can this is the even wasting we do? So now this was it? Yes. Even in we do. Even if you were smoking we do at the river. That can still be wasteful. Now it's upon Allah when we take we do we know, we just hear on the radio people are that this drought that, you know, so many farms are going bankrupt that there are people struggling through the drought and other parts of the world, they're dying, yet we flush and we throw water down the

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toilet like nothing. panela people look at the budgets I tell you, non Muslims look at the masters and they see how much of what people are wasting, trying to learn something we need to think about. And we spoke about the service of Salah another way of wasting a blessing in a businessman says there are five things use them before they're gone because you will lose them. Use your youth before you become old. When you analyze your youth. What did I do with my youth? What benefit did I use my youth because I'm going to get old with your things I can't do. But if I spent all of my youth in the disobedience of Allah on things wasting, not for the sake of Allah, you can never get it back.

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So for our younger brothers and sisters, let me see use your youth before you become old, and your health before you become sick. your free time before you become busy. Your wealth before you become poor, and your life before you die. Those are blessings which are temporary blessings, all of them. You'll get them for a period and they'll be gone. use them wisely. Use them how many old people will say I wish I could go back and I could do better. I can't do it now. I wish I was strong enough to stand in that job. But I can't I wish I was strong enough and male last one predicted a time will come when we can't force anymore. So wish I had the strength to foster again, myself included.

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Melissa panda will give us the resources to blessings which go wasted many good health and free time you have a holiday and swana law instead of using that free time to do something beneficial. We need to go down

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other forms of ingratitude.

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And this is a dangerous idea. And we need to speak about dangerous Heidi. Now visa Salam said our shown jahannam and I never saw anything more terrifying the agenda that nobody says who said this right? Not me and the system sit and I saw the majority of the people of gender being poor people and the majority of the people of Jana being women. So that we female Sahaba. The female companions in Why else was asylum? Why is the majority of the women people have janam females? So that being said, Because you are ungrateful. So is it to Allah? Are we ungrateful to Allah? So he said, No, you're ungrateful to your companions being your husbands? Why? Because he spins and he does so much

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to make your life comfortable, and he gives you a treat you well, but the one day he slips up. When you say I have never seen any goodness from you. You're the worst of the worst. That's phenomenal brother smiles it's

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we get it a lot that night when the Imam talks and the sisters listen to mowlana Listen, why don't you listen the best of us visitors when

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we talk about this something for us, being an the point of this Hadith, you can be ungrateful to Allah by being ungrateful to his creation, being ungrateful to your husband, to your wife, to your parents, to your children, to your employers, or your employees, you can be ungrateful to the kindness of other people is being ungrateful to Allah Who says whoever does not thank others has not thanked Allah. But I spend you know, hours making vigorous vinyl every day. How can

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you didn't you went through to the one who you didn't appreciate the one who did good to you, to you. And ask yourself, how many good people do we have in our lives that make our life easier? That's one ally come home and they come to the table is laid, things are good Alhamdulillah the kids are sorted out Alhamdulillah our teachers who teach our kids that struggle with them, our doctors that heal us when we're sick by the grace of Allah

00:29:34--> 00:29:59

Subhana Allah how many people should we at least Thank you now to us? Should we at least Thank you Now it was because that which we pay them and sometimes we paid them a lot, but if they got the giving return is more, right that Muscovy you gave your wife isn't really the what she's worth, like, I'm sure. I'm sure she's worth a lot more than that. And similarly, the Muscovy she gave the husband which was nothing, we are worth more than that as well. Well, hamdulillah support of being ungrateful to Allah

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

He's being ungrateful to the blessings of others that they give a thank people and have a habit of not being so seldom thanked others and viola, what did he give us? He took nothing in return. So giving thanks of the ways of doing it is shaping the charity sharing the blessings, using that blessings for good charity. So when the female companions heard this, that nurses and said you're ungrateful. How did they do? What did they do? Immediately, they took off the jewelry, and they put it in blouse cloak, they said, this is the bit one of the best ways of showing gratitude is to give charity to say, yeah, Allah, you've given me so much. Half of it is enough the other someone else

00:30:38--> 00:30:46

could have. That's the height of sugar to Allah subhanaw taala. But if you've given me something, I appreciate it. Someone else should also get this joy.

00:30:48--> 00:31:25

fasting. Allah says in the Quran, one of the reasons for Ramadan Dushku that you become grateful that Allah needs to sometimes we only appreciate something when it's gone. So Allah doesn't take away our health and our food, it doesn't make us stop, he says, just stay a few hours without it. So when you get it, you remind yourself how good it is. That's why also Allah says, Don't go to aspirin and wife during the day. So when night comes now, you look a lot more beautiful is something different, same wife, same husband, but now you see each other in a different light. So we need to remind ourselves sometimes of how good we have it. Sometimes we need to take it a little back and

00:31:25--> 00:32:07

see if I didn't have this, how difficult would my life be? The Daily occur? One of the easiest things that we should do as associates make that purchase of the 33 times vinyl 33 times on hamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar, not only is that a sign of sugar, but Allah subhanho wa Taala removes all the minuses of the day. Now this was a very simple divider, that my mama, let's neglect. So that took us between fudger off the sunrise and before the sun is at noon, maybe some says each and every one of you has to pay a tax basically, for the joints in your body, let alone the health just the joints in your body and the over 200 joints. You must pay a tax for each one of them. What

00:32:07--> 00:32:10

is the price you would pay a lot for good health? How much do you pay Allah,

00:32:12--> 00:32:22

Allah anything for good health, if I'm sick, I'd give everything to be saved to be healthy. Allah doesn't need that just make two records or two records between sunrise and

00:32:23--> 00:33:00

and so on. And this is your form of sugar to Allah. Looking don't look at what others have and you don't have or other we know that adapt is look at what someone else doesn't have. But I have this person doesn't have a car. Yes, I look at this, you know the the big shot, he's got the Ferrari as I wish I had that. When you look at the man, he doesn't have legs. This is why the law, I shouldn't say anything. Well, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. I got legs, at least I can do without that. But I can't do without these things. That's the idea of the Muslim. That's the adapt of the Sahaba. And to have patience and sugar in adversity, to be patient is one thing, but the some of the greats of the

00:33:00--> 00:33:42

greats, they are even thankful to Allah in a diversity they say Allah Alhamdulillah I can still make sugar to you Alhamdulillah You're giving me this, it could be worse than that. And as we said, the last thing that you could, if you can't give sugar, then at least don't abuse the blessings of Allah. How ungrateful you are Allah sight you've given me for free. I look at her arm with the wealth you've given me. I use it to purchase her arm, the body you given I destroy it with her arm. That is the height of ingratitude. So if you are not going to if we're not going to give sugar thanks to Allah, at least don't abuse it. At least it will be our excuses. Allah, Allah at least,

00:33:42--> 00:33:47

you know, I didn't go out and spend in charity, but my money was hard. I can say that.

00:33:48--> 00:34:26

I didn't go out and use these hands to build masajid but I didn't use these hands for evil and inshallah we hope that will be enough to safeguard us and that he would Allah you know Allah subhana wa tada has the system when he gives you now you're thankful you've put the ball you've served. Yeah, I've done my part now. What return unless Vonda doesn't leave it like that. He always outdoes you. So Allah says, if you are grateful, why should Allah punish you? Then? Why would you need to go to gentlemen, if you are thankful and if you believe and Allah is appreciating and knowing that when you give sugar to me, I appreciate it and I will not punish you, I will reward you and on top of

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

that, Allah Subhana Allah says, what a shocker to me Allah as he didn't come and remember that if you are grateful, I will surely as he then I will increase you even more. You give sugar to Allah for wealth. Allah says I'm going to give you more sugar to give us give you more. That's that's the way of Allah subhana wa Tada. That's the way of Allah subhana wa Tada. If you give sugar he gives more analysis but if you're ungrateful, they know my punishment is severe, but the other side, the other side of the coin, so we ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive us for shortcomings. We know we are alone.

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

We don't use all these blessings as we should we misuse them and we abuse them. May Allah subhanho wa Taala rectify us. May we use his blessings in his sake and for his purpose in a manner which he approves of us ALLAH forgive our shortcomings for loss Mercy is wide and vast and without limit. May Allah guide our hearts and kill us of the disease of the other have been added to the Hulu bada bada Daytona will have Berlin and Milan kurama in

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Salalah signum hamadryad

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in sha Allah no further announcements, just our classes on Tuesday between Mozilla Penny shy the Sierra and the biography of the life of Mr. Mr. Salim. Please join us now.