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The speakers discuss the process of performing the second pillar of the plan, which is the wall, and the four pillars of it, including Iran, the wall, and the road. They stress the physical demands of the office, including the use of a circle, the importance of proper safety measures, and the need for "has been" to avoid breaking "has been." They also discuss the concept of sexual contact and the use of "any" in the argument, as well as the importance of avoiding distraction during busy days and following rules. The segment also touches on the process of obtaining a license and reciting the words "has been killed" and "has been killed."

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glenstone regimes Willow Manor, Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa he was a big money my beloved brothers sisters in Islam salaam aleikum, wa library cattle, as they were doing was still here

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was lunch.

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You still eating them will continue eating, you're going to take a second helping the problem. I just want to get things going because I will want to be by a certain time one of us. So we've got about to do so. So how's the pace of the class? So far, so good. For those who have not attended classes before you learning you feel better? Okay, good. So what we covered so far, we discussed the story of NaVi Brahim, and a lot of it is going to be relevant now when we get to Hajj we spoke about some of the virtues that he awards, perhaps the things that motivate you why you should perform Hajj then we spoke about who Hydra is compulsory on who is required to perform Hajj you know, tangent

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about ability and inability. When we actually got into how to perform Hajj. We started with we said the four pillars of Amara or four pillars of

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Iran off site, and the thought must be done before the side then the four pillars of Hajj, same head on the left side. And

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when we spoke about the harem at length by now all of you know when we how the preconditions what are the prohibitions that he had on what happens if you commit the prohibition of Iran, you're comfortable that by now. So we're in Iran, we have now reached Mecca. And now we're going to perform the second pillar, which is the wall which is the off, bluff basically means to go in a circle and you will go off of the curb is to go around the Kaaba in a circle, seven times in an anti clockwise motion. So if you find yourself going in a direction and the rest of the room is going in a different direction, when you're going in the wrong direction. No matter is wrong. Okay? If you were

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to miss one step of the talk, your talk is incomplete. You need to go from the start to the finish off, right? So for example, the guy who makes the offices the Kaaba, and he goes, he goes around the Kaaba, Mashallah, okay, this is his thing. And he comes around the garden and he gets here and he leaves before going around the full circle, then he start off will be incomplete, and you will not have to go off, okay?

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In terms of, Okay, so that's just the picture, you will go anti clockwise seven times. And the beginning point of the talk is the black stone the corner. So if we have a picture, that's a picture of the cover, and you've got a picture on the cover of your book as well, the cover has four corners, like this is

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the front of the cover, but with the door, that's the front of the camera, the corner closest to the door is called the hedgerow, that's where the black stone is, okay, that black stone, when you have on the other side of the other two sides of the corner is with my ease. Then you have the back of the Kaaba and other two corners. The law side of the garga is within Kenya money, the Yemeni Kona and hadrosaurid she the last side of the Kaaba, you with me, you will start from the Blackstone. And you continue all the way back to the Blackstone, that one around, and you make seven of those rounds, seven of those rounds. Now, during the office pretty easy, right? Doing off is pretty easy.

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In terms of physically how to do it, you just go in a circle seven times, and the garbage is quite small. I mean the garbage basically the size of this room, you'd say, which means going around, it takes you very quickly. In fact, if the if it wasn't for a crowd, if I finish it off within 10 minutes, less than 10 minutes even very, very short, very easy to go around the garba complications with a couple of questions around tawaf the products or services to walk around the house, around the Kaaba is like soda, except that you can talk in the loft, but you can't talk during Sora. So if you need to talk, only talk if you need to, and if you talk to him only speak that which is good. So

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no whatsapps and Facebooking and selfies in the top of the unnecessary, but there are permissible if you need to talk you can get but don't have unnecessary conversations. Now what complicates this situation, this thing about the love is that when the professor says it is like Salah, meaning she wrote one of the rules of Salah is who is with you, and that's going to be a long discussion now, in terms of the love and types of Tov. You will encounter a number of talks, the laughs in new hedge and new slides actually it's in your notes in my slides. Types of you will have number one off when you arrive in Mecca. It will be coming tomorrow. Let's talk tomorrow.

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Store. Yes, that's going to be taught. Then you will have a major talk of hedged off with the Father. Are you any communist off? Yes.

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awfully father, those are the two big dogs, you have another third dog which is being right at the end, when you leave Makkah off the height of the everything, the very, very last thing you do scoot off and that means Goodbye, the off with the off the hatch. So, usually you'd be out to be around the situation. If you delay awfully father to the end, you haven't made the Father, the last thing you do is the Father, you'll join them one thought, okay, you can do that, but usually do them separately. They're just awful. And it's one of the it's part of a compulsory thing which you must do is actually part of Hajj.

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So the top of the what we follow, which is the walk, the walk will be there. When you can make multiple cut offs. While you are the end. You don't need to head on foot off. So after you, Amara, you still going to be in Makkah for another two weeks. Yes, you can make as much stuff as you want without being in Iran. And remember, the word waiver makes it off makes to recognize you saving someone from genuine you now you can make any amount of dough off for this Uncle Uncle will share Mohammed with Alhamdulillah Yes, you'll make those tops, you can make as many, many as you want. Okay, so those are just Suna or optional thoughts and you're not in the state of Iran. Okay. The big

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one is, of course tawakoni Baba, let's go through some pictures of the Cabal wading

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through the slides, the offer on the house is as we said, like Sora. And this is where we're going to get into all discussion around Voodoo. So let's talk about the shadow root of power. This had he has been understood by the vast majority of the scholars or former guy basically, except for a tiny minority have understood that requires wood. And this opens a can of worms for a lot of reasons. Number one, it means the lady in her head cannot go off. Number two, it then also means we need to know what to do. What happens if it breaks during off. Do I continually have to I start from the beginning. These are all the kinds of questions that we're now going to explore. But the vast

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majority of scholars are of the opinion you need to do except for a tiny minority, and therefore we'll go with the majority and it's safer to have to do when you perform. Okay. Also, another thing with the profit of SR office like SATA, all the things required for SATA is going to be required for power for example, besides what do you need to have you are covered. Usually when we talk about older, we usually hammer the ladies and the older they're not covered here the mean at fault because a lot of times you find her arm going under the tummy and the navel is out or something and it's so high up that the knees open because we're not used to wearing a sarong Louis so just for me to watch

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out that you and sometimes more than that is open expose and is more than that cannot be unseen sometimes cannot be unseen, be very careful. So for the mean, be careful because if you're always exposed potentially could invalidate you off the sisters usually there's not a problem during the veto off. Okay. Right. So we mentioned that you perform seven circuits around the Kaaba, if you can walk you have to walk so if you're not if you have you don't feel like walking but you can you must stop impossible for you to do it sitting or riding only if you are unable to walk then you can use a wheelchair. Alright, the circuit of course. Now the theory questions around power do I need to do

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photo off? Yes you do. What happens if it breaks? Where do I start? And then of course what breaks my will do and now we're going to go into the big tangent of of what bricks you do. Because this is a crisis for you chef is in Shafi country we have a major crisis now so you know so again, reiterate I need to do when I perform follow up Yes, excellent. I can take who do I get to the Kaabah fantastic. Now I'm about to start my office will explain to you how to talk and my wife wants to hold my hand Can I hold her hand because if I hold her hand then by we do is that is broken? This is a big big issue for us now. So how do we get around this issue? Okay, now the minute you enter in

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the top you're going to find this anti and this person is going to push up against you and avoidable

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I've heard it now the one I want to Yes Ah that's the one I want to pick on. We will make hanafy will do now what do you do? Do you use masala in your water? Do you say no we do hanafy and we do and why is the Hanafi will do like such a super powerful will do and so we have you will lose weight in India Shall we will do is made in China. What's the deal? What is this issue? Yes.

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Okay, and why why would they differ? Isn't that what do we do and which we do this and I don't think I want to explain this issue to you. Now, I want to explain this issue of Shafi Hanafi will do is no such thing as a chef he will do no such thing as a hanafy will do. It's just a debate between scholars in terms of what invalidates your will do. So what breaks you will do let's go revise we do Salah what breaks when you

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We do need to we need to do broken windows you will do break summary anything that parses out the to the academic moolah excuse me, the front and the back passages anything that comes with a solid liquid to guess whether it is clean or unclean, whether it is water whether it is otherwise right anything that passes out to those areas will require at least we'll do it might even require right number two, if any Natasha exits the body from any other area and adjust to being stool and urine. Blood is a gray area of blood of height of course is nothing but normal bleeding gray area insha. Allah nosebleeds don't think we do. You don't need to produce a lot, but it's not just urine and

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stool. And of course it might exert your body from another part, someone that's quite sick might use a stoma bag so it comes out that you need to do if you lose consciousness at any point you will lose broken you fall asleep, you find medication, whatever it might be intoxicants this will break you into touching the sexual organ directly with your hand right if you touch the sexual organ, you know touching it with desire without desire you just touch it with your hand then it will break you will do anything to meet strangely enough breaks you

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Okay, what is the deal about touching members of the opposite sex is

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right I will explain to you the different views and then we'll see how we get to understand this. Right so the scholars have discussed what about touching members of the opposite sex even if she's my wife, obviously you mean by our lives in non non married is even worse, but my son as well. But what does this mean for my widow bcrp mother quite strict Shafi mother in its truest form says that every single touch whether by accident whether with desire, with the Yukiko with the she smacks you, if there's a physical touch with you is broken. How do we say no? Why? What brings this discussion goes back to an ayah in the Quran. Oh, you will believe when you rise to perform Sora watch your

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faces and your arms up into the elbows and wipe your head and wash your feet to the ankles. And if you were in the state of Java, the purify yourself means also. But if you're still on a journey, or you have come from the place of leave, meaning you went to the toilet, or Lamaze to manisa or you have come in contact or you have touched a woman and do not find water they perform. Okay, so this ayah Allah says and if you have touched a woman, then you need to perform in to purify yourself. What does touch women mean? The whole debate goes down to understanding the word touch. That's the essence of this argument. The Shafi method says touch nice touch. What does that mean? That is this

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touch physical contact the food if you touch a woman, you need to purify yourself you think we do.

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However, madhhab says no touch here means intercourse, it means intercourse actually, it means to have intercourse I was in a nicer also if you have intercourse with a wife with a woman, then you need to go hustle and hanafis now they provide further powerful evidence. They give the hadith of Ayesha why she says the prophets of Salaam she tells them if you then have recently kissed one of his wives on his way to the masjid and he did not perform with a kiss on the lips and he made salah and so then if you see I think you're talking about yourself and teacher smell right? me Kiss me. So on my lips so the prophets of Salaam kissed his wife and they made sada and he did not perform.

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Also, I should say these are also so small and I would lie cross and he would make sure that the cross will make digest and I'll be sleeping and then as he would go, he might be to be in front of him. And when I would go into studio he would like pinch me likely and I need to pull my feet back anyway.

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And then when he went back up so he would touch a wire and solder you know, touch her and she would then pull up this hadith is 100% sorry, everyone agrees even the Sharpies agree with him. So it quite clearly shows that touching just like that will not break you do the touching this ayah means intercourse or do we agree with the hanafis now is the evidence is the evidence. So the question is if I touch my wife, does that invalidate my widow? You've got the evidence that is given. Okay, so you understand the HANA Filipina? Now the chef is counter that Oh, okay. Okay, okay. So you say only intercourse ratio. So if I hold my wife's hand put Hanafi madhhab will it break my window? If I hug

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if I kiss her by French so this is on my lap and we make out when are you going to say breaks my understand now the chef is rebuttal on that how much touching must happen before it breaks you do you think only intercourse happens a lot of stuff can happen before intercourse. And you says I'm going to fondling all these things is basically saying yes, so long as nothing is discharged. remember anything comes out any weakness comes out due to sexual desire to detach it then only breaks you do I separate out the you agree with me. So we have two extreme views. One view is in

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Any kind of touching with an accidental without the desire, it's just a bump, it will break you. Have you seen the view is only intercourse breaks, you will do salons, nothing comes out. And if you have the mannequins and humble is in the middle, and I say well, can we not find the middle ground here? Let's say any touching of a sexual nature touching with the intention of a sexual nature, this will break you do. So if I'm holding my hand, okay, but the minute we are, I'm caressing my hand, then maybe it will break through can we sort of settle on that? And that's where the majority of kind of settle the federal compromised position? Do you understand the context of this debate? Who's

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the safer of the three opinions? Which view is safest to restrict the safest right? Let's definitely stick this in terms of evidence. And I must be honest here, I believe the 100 thieves have the strongest view here. But even I say I don't see even the evidence of the middle group is the majority that sees even touching with desire, so long as nothing comes out. Why would they? Because they mean kissing on the lips. Surely that is a amorous kind of touch on kissing on the lips. Clearly that is not just platonic. Right? That's not the way we teach the mean you know when we say something to them, and he didn't break us we do. So what does this mean for you? Because we now in

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practical life, what does this mean for you? If you're Shafi you've always been doing this don't change your opinion now because it's safer continue doing that continue living with that because it's safer, it's better but when you get to a situation like that, where it's physically impossible, physically impossible to uphold the Chaffee opinion now we understand that they need to maybe we defer to the middle opinions, we can touch so long as not done with sexual desire. So if we hope in the dialog don't touch your wife with sexual desire and you should be fine you will do would be fine. All right, let's just clarify this issue. Now. Now you know why is 100 feet deep it all goes

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down to understanding the word touch and also just to make it known of the format that Imam Shafi is the greatest when it comes to language. He is a master of all the four of them. He was a basically a professor in Arabic language, poetry, so he knows how to interpret words adds more nuances to this debate. Okay, so very difficult to Hanafi humbly Maliki Shafi, but somebody, those are the three opinions. So my advice to you continue on your Shafi lifestyle, which is better, safer is best. And if you get to top situation, then defer to the humbling Maliki view. Okay, that's what we would say. And if you can avoid that, you of course avoid it but understand that there's leeway in this matter.

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Things that do not break you do things that do not break you do touching NASA does not break you do so when will you ever touch NASA changing a nappy? Clean the baby so long as you don't touch the private part of the baby, the baby piece on you does not protect you, okay? vomiting doesn't break you becoming naked, does not break your will. If I change my clothes and take we do now committing sin technically does not break you will do. But of course, you know, Mike is there for you, sir.

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If you see this is now we're getting to the thing about swapping over MacGyver entering a bit of a tangent here, we should follow him at the end. If you are not initiated, you're not someone that is a scholar. So then you're like, you know, let's make it in terms of doctors, you should have a GP that you go to and you that's my GP, and you think he's advice. And you shouldn't be diagnosing yourself by going to Google don't do that. Same with my diet, don't do that. Don't go and look at it eat up and try. Unless you're a formal student, you busy studying medicine, or you become you know, you now you can actually look at the evidence if you are going to change out of necessity, like now,

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you are now I only change once you understood the method completely without going into all the tangent because if we were to open that debate, should you do your whole hip hop up, you know, every single issue of we do not becomes a problem. And just on the issue. Again, the shafia is the liberal one, they only do this image of himself, then a visa on himself, never ever did this. He wiped his entire heat, the nature of the debate is goes down to a bar. The whole argument is a bar in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says one sample wipe, be ruchika wipe with your head. What is this bar mean? The majority says that bar just ignore it means wipe your head you wipe your holy, which has

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no bar means part of your head. Now how much is a part? It is this front part is a part of this whole thing goes down to real scholarly debate. But imagine if he himself you ever saw him take me Do you would make me do like this. That's how to do so that she that is the correct way of thinking we do. But he's saying the minimum required part is that this is compulsory and that he should not it's a very nuanced debate. So we're not going to get into those kind of discussions just for information if you are going to start doing I would recommend you change the way you think we do. Right like that. That's not going to be something to do every single time of his life. His whole

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life decided to do even for the ladies with damn pants, not weight weight and white threw up on you across. So no, no, I don't think you have to know all those discussions. I hope it

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You understand this issue now? I'm going to give you a gift, the golden rule. The Golden Rule makes your life easier with the dice. This will make your life so much better. How many times do you ask yourself? Do I have to do with Don't ever do that? I just frequently do I don't know.

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And you don't have a conversation with the Father who do not follow Islam, what pillar of Hajj Islam. My Akiyama depends on I don't know. Now, how do you navigate that? In Islam, the golden rule is certainty is not removed by doubt. So if you're ever in a situation, ask yourself, What am I certain certain of this? Throw it down? Okay. So I had to do for the time comes, I break my routine, I break my rule, what is certain? And what is doubtful that I break my rule, throw the doubt away. So you based on uncertainty, so I have to do even if you broke, you would when you completely forgot? It's fine. You basically, if you remember, afterwards, then you need to delete take with a

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new mixer. But if you're not sure, and you remain doubtful, you base it on certainty is the same. I know. am I fooling around on my fourth round? I know I did see. So I'm certain of three. Number four is the question mark. So we throw away number four, and we work on three. Okay, so we do the same if you show you Ed we do you're doubtful about breaking we do. Don't worry continuous if though you had to do okay, what if I genuinely now I took the Hanafi opinion. But that's you know that but still liberals might be doing this for one of the other ways of breaking my rule in the top. What do I do now? What do I do now? Because now the majority of the scholars have said you need to perform we do

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so now I need to go into deeper foods. Okay, now you need to leave your toe off make who do come back and yours another big debate? Do I start from the beginning? Do I start the round from the beginning? Do I continue to summarize, I'm in the middle of round number four. Round number four, halfway, I broke my will do. Everyone says oh big unit, like we do now. Now we come back? Do I start from the beginning? Do I start around full from the beginning? You I start in the middle? We'll start from the point I stopped a lot of debate, no clear guidance. This Hadith is no illiquid. And to work with my view. In the view of the stick the view by summarize who says these things. The

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Shafi humbleness is the difference between the HANA fees and the Sharpies. They all they all split the split. This is a 5050 split here. The safer view is you start from the beginning, and the evidence seems to be stronger here. Why? good solid? Would you think we do a continuing lifting we saw from beginning from the beginning and other reasons is the office extra, there is no evidence you need really strong evidence to suggest that you need to continue to the Shafi opinions is continued around from the beginning. That's the Shafi opinion. Yeah, again, the Shafi opinion is the linear one, practically, how does this make my life better? If you're doing a lovely father, at

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least and you break you do I suggest you start over, if you're doing any of those three thoughts.

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If you broke, you would do in the top, they could do and restart you talk over for those three, you're doing a sunako off this flexibility. Now, we maybe take the Shafi opinion and continue what you think we do and continue really would like to go out and come back is more difficult than actually starting over. Okay, I hope I explained that quite clearly. If you also break your toe off for any reason for an extended period for no legitimate reason, interrupting that off. And this is the judgment what is long, it's very long, like I went and I made off in round number three, I have a buffet breakfast. And so when I the neck, I can't come back, I continually start over. But what if

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I'm in the top and the smaller than those who saw a need to make Sora and in that case, you just continue where you left off. So what is the defining line of what is a long break sometimes some people need to this sometimes somebody to glass of water, you can have a glass of

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what is the capital of judgment, use some judgment here, use a judgment, but don't have extended periods of of your thought of being disconnected. Okay, questions on top will actually explain how to make the off we're going to explain how to make your visa all the shoe debris things fall off. Okay. So now we understand the nuances of Shafi. hanafy will do we understand what brake shoe will do we understand what must happen why. Now how do I make it easy is

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again, same thing number one is it's an odd notion wasn't sinful. Number two, as we said, the ayah does not say whether it's strange and strange any woman so if your Shafi will break you will definitely

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be one break you do the majority says if you touch a woman by accident with desire, how that's possible, but I mean, you know the accidental but you've got the hours, then you do have to protect we do over again. Okay, how do you perform? Very simple, as we said, you go around seven times around the curb. You begin at the Blackstone, you will and this is on page, page 19. You stand facing the Blackstone and you will raise your right hand and you'll say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, with Rita Malala was required one time you will greet the club

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You greeting the smilla Allahu Akbar. It's like a tag directly Hara masala you saw when you go around the Kaaba, there is no special to be made in. The Kaaba has four sides, side 123 there is no special you can make behind Allah hamdulillah you can recycle, you can scroll our head you can make dua in English you can make this beef you can ask Allah Allah let management become calm right yeah. You know, whatever you want to do whatever you do then when you get to the law side, only the law side these two opportunities right to do is robina dooney Hashanah escena joaquina de la stop the resulting in

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Santa Ana de robina the whole time as you're going through that back Park between the Kenya money and the Blackstone robina As for the other sides of your liking your choosing you decide that when you get back you finish around one you get to the Blackstone lock but again you will go down 234567 when you get to your seventh one again this will dial you in they actually greet the Blackstone eight times, eight times and that you have done and dusted. Okay, as you see if you broke off like for salon, you come back make sure you don't go ahead of where you stopped because it means you have skipped an area maybe you want to just make sure okay, I'm gonna stop at the corner and already

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started the corner just to be safe. Okay, it is some you can read up on the demo jogging is impossible to jog because of the crowds and opening the right shoulder. The only time you open the right shoulder over the main systems you never even like shoulder right. The only time he opens his right shoulder is at the top of O'Mara when you start to throw off. Otherwise you never even opened it. I told some people they should have the right shoulder open. This is only for the toe off at the beginning of Morocco offer to inter Marcos okay. And there's a reason why maybe if we have time at the end of the class will explain why that is the reason for that. But it's as soon as it's not a

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big issue. Yeah, off the top. You will then go stand at the McCormick brown in what's closest possible Nakama. Ibrahim is just in front of the doors of the Kaaba just in front of the doors of the Kaaba is this McCall? This is Rena Viva him, he made Sala he standing place. Again, there is no significance of that stone in May. In fact that gloss probably from China. That box itself was not made any way to China. So don't think anything of it is no Baraka in that thing. The Baraka is to stand in that area and make two workers. Now the mechanical arm is so close to the Kaaba, that the toe off consumes. Go all the way back out of the please do not make sure that you kill yourself

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stand behind the Macaulay Brahim as close as you can out of that off, and then you make two records of the off label admin. First, aka second aka

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you can make do it in some ways in which the job time and place to make two are also lower if you need one. Drink sometimes and you move on to the CIA. Any questions on top? This is the graveyard sessions of the year you're digesting Fatima. This is why I told you before an exam don't eat because this is what happens to you. You digest and your brain stops working. Yes.

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The Rican Yamani originally in the time with an obese alum, that section the lucania manager, the Blackstone was on the original foundation of the stones itself, the rest of the cabinet wasn't and so that part the purpose of them actually touched for Baraka, the Leukemia money, and that's why that section is open. So again, today the stones have been changed. The stones don't exist anymore, but we do it after emulation of the sooner so then we don't kiss the Leukemia money, you only kiss the black stone, if you possibly can, your money you make with your right hand you touch it, this Baraka in touching that part. So the Kaaba, as we said, how the issue of Baraka you extract Baraka

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by following the sooner the Blackstone, you extract it by kissing the rock in your mind, you extract it by rubbing it Zamzam, you extract it by drinking it, okay. That's how you extract the Baraka out of these things. Now moving on to the site, we're almost done with O'Meara and then we can start with Hutch.

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I thought it was gonna happen. The site is you standing in front of the Kaaba, the side it faces the doors, so the doors and the sides are basically opposite each other. So if you are now you've done with off I want to know where is the side look with the doors of the cabinet and the side will be the side the side and the doors are opposite each other. So now you will walk towards the side as you walk towards the sky. This is on your page 23 you will decide this is the correctness of our

00:29:41--> 00:29:59

email this is really suffer no matter what of the SHA symbols of a law so even wants to perform hydromorphone, you may make use of these symbols This is could you recite this ayah as you reach towards safa and marwah, safa and marwah. Remember these were the heels which are just ran looking for water those

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

Heels a long time gone. So they when I was in the harem, and they've obviously become much smaller, a little bit of an incline now like a bit of a ramp, in fact, these levels of sign now, if you go on the floor above that, you know the roof flow is even above the mountain top. So what you do is you will climb, climb, you will go up on them on suffer, and that's where you begin suffer and the site requires you to go seven rounds between suffering or war. Now what is around for suffering marva is suffer, suffer marijuana and murder Welbeck is at one round. No, it's too so unlike the tawaf suffer tomorrow is one round. Marois to suffer is too. So let's count where you're going to end up. Safa.

00:30:43--> 00:31:27

Marwah, 1234567 you will end up on marijuana if you end up on suffer you made a mistake. Right You will end your site at Marwa. How do I make site very easy sigh as I said it's like a passage so far one side model on the other side. The important bit you need to know is before the round begins. So first you go on to Safar you will say in our model of dementia if you're walking you're walking you get onto sofa you're now at sofa you go up on the incline a little bit. Now you face the cabinet the cabinet will be Now pay attention and this is on page 23 and this is one of the two hours you need to memorize. You will face the cover and you will see La Ilaha Illa la chica will call him up when

00:31:27--> 00:31:30

you meet with a crescendo de la la la vida.

00:31:33--> 00:31:48

What is the SWAMI c'est la ilaha illa Allah is the law is none worthy of worship besides the one the only luxury, he has no partners that will move to Him belongs all of creation, while all praises for him.

00:31:50--> 00:31:56

And he has power and dominion over all things. La ilaha illa Allah Allah has none worthy of worship besides Him.

00:31:57--> 00:31:58

And just

00:31:59--> 00:32:19

unjust Eduardo, he fulfilled his promise when NASA and he supported the slave was a man that has defeated all the enemies all by himself. So you face the Kaaba, you recite this victory right in Arabic then you make a dua our law helped me assist me grant me whatever Do you want then you decide this victory again.

00:32:21--> 00:32:30

You decide that second time then you make another one our law helped me assist me Forgive me guide me whatever English and you decide the third time the a la la la,

00:32:31--> 00:33:12

la, la, la la la la la. Okay, you understand now besides that we could do we could do our Vicar renewed leave suffer. And now you work towards tomorrow what you say during the sign up to you, there's no hiding there's no specific to awful between the side you can either recycle you can make it to an English you can make a specific vinyl you can think of hamdulillah for all my blessings and stuff fill up all my sins, you whatever you need to do also between Safa and Marwa, you will see there are two green lights are shown in the middle of software model actually close to the sofa. There are two green lights when you get those green lights you'll see the main star jogging ladies

00:33:12--> 00:33:49

you will jog the main saw jogging why harder Actually, she that was the remember these are two hills. That part they mentioned was the valley and when she went into the valley, she couldn't see his mind. So she ran to get out just to make sure he's okay. And so when she got into that little depression, she would run in and out. So we still continue that sooner following her sooner and actually jogging although the sisters Don't joke, the main joke, it's it's recommended. You don't have to do it. If it's crowded, don't do it. If you will family, don't do it. Don't run away from them. You will do that. So you will go from suffer tomorrow. You say whatever you need to say in

00:33:49--> 00:33:53

terms of dollars you get tomorrow. Repeat as you did suffer

00:33:55--> 00:33:59

a lot. De La Cienega and all that de la Vicar.

00:34:00--> 00:34:43

Vicar back down to Safar again, same repeat again. And you do this all the time until you get to the last miroir at the last miroir You don't say that they say only do this six times the beginning of each round. When you get to Marwa you stop you don't say to you and then you exit your eardrum. How do you execute your home for the main base to shave the entire head shave for the sisters you basically pull your hair back into a ponytail and you turn like a centimeter to have the ponytail for the main you shave your head or you have a cut he cut is not 123 that's what if I did that you went to the barber Pakistan even charge you 15 and you said that's what he can buy. Right? You're

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

gonna say no cut my hair properly, right? So you need to go for a cut. It needs to be shortened all over. I mean, this is not you, you just from your ponytail. It is basically shave navitas alumnado Allah except from those of us who shaved so the Sahaba the techniques What about us and then I use my dragon and the

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Bless those who shave the end he said a third time and bless those who shave their ammunition. And for those who shoot in the software, you mean way better to shave your head except for those of you making tomato. Remember tomato guys you will finish an ombre and in two weeks you can have a Hutch. So in this case you choose the new E and shave or leave the shave fudge poster when you shave up what we do silly we turn our head and we say I'm going to cut my out now to get follows all the way around. When I go to the barber and shave my head when did you exit the home? When you get it, you cut your hair and you got to shave for no reason. You shaved up for no reason. You need to actually

00:35:40--> 00:36:06

go to the barber and say shave with a blade. Shaving number one with the machine is not shaving. Shaving with a blade. That's what I mean. And that usually you obviously want to do at the barber sisters of course do not take your scarf off and cut up in the harem. Wait until you're outside around for about 1015 minutes in your husband even if it hasn't been easy, how long you can soak it up. And for the main someone else no one can cut you is permissible. Any questions on that?

00:36:09--> 00:36:12

Nothing wrong to shave twice but you won't be usually they will not you know you're here.

00:36:15--> 00:36:53

The sooner is a habit and shave the knee and then the shave during depending on timelines how long you've got, if you've got like a, you got like two months, some people come early and they go long. Right? I mean, they would actually. So the Sharpies again I'm not gonna go into the old debate of how much I cut the shaft you say three Hayes safest again is to have a cut. So even when you're shooting up shaving, of course is everything he cut heavy. You don't want to be in that situation. question why what's so symbolism? Let's look symbolism. We spoke about symbolism of the tawaf, what's the symbolism of the site? What do you think was the mindset of Alger which actually ran up

00:36:53--> 00:37:29

and down? Now we of course not running for the life of our son, it's our own salvation, like running away from them. This is to run towards Allah's mercy and forgiveness this what goes through your mind? What am I chasing of the Why? When else do we shave a machete or anywhere else do you can you think of with shaving of the happens? As a newborn baby? It's symbolic of a new life when you shave it off. It's a brand new person it's like taking the wrapper off the packaging of and this is symbolic when I finished my camera and I exited my prom all my sins have been that life is left behind that's the symbolism of trimming and shaping the yes sir

00:37:33--> 00:37:42

I see the the Take me into a ponytail and they turn like a few centimeters often that's enough they don't do another cut you don't cut your image and cut your hair short Yes sir.

00:37:45--> 00:37:58

contract your only but some you can't get your only different not but someone who is economic he better go to the Bible. Just go to the ball. There are many barbers in the area at the heart of the barbers very close by so you don't have to worry about that.

00:38:01--> 00:38:15

Now when I'm saying it is better for someone outside of Iran to cut your hair, but it's permissible for someone in Iran, there's nothing to say someone in Iran cannot cut you He is permissible. Okay. So this is of course only America you

00:38:16--> 00:38:24

don't ask another lady next to him or your husband. Don't ask the motto. You know the hydrothermal operator and he says no problem.

00:38:26--> 00:38:26


00:38:28--> 00:38:28

don't do that.

00:38:29--> 00:38:35

I'm the lessor that is done with the camera. And that is the bulk of the hedge.