Muhammad West – Qiyamah and the End Times #28

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the cultural and cultural expectations of Jana Anna, including her wearing of dresses and hair, her wearing of a dress, and her belief that men and women are the same. They also touch on the use of "has been met" in WhatsApp messages and the return of Jana to Ghana. The segment ends with a discussion of the upcoming dERO event, where women will be seen wearing traditional hats and dresses. They also discuss the importance of women being the most important part of the dERO process and the importance of sharing experiences and bounty to others.
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Alameen wa Salatu was Salam Ala Moana serene Sadie. Now Muhammad in early your Sofia Jemaine, my beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr Alikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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I hope you will well, and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, the 28th night of Ramadan Subhan Allah. And as we should always remember that, even the even nights these are opportunity that he could be related to each other. And we should strive as hard as we strive in the odd nights we should do in the evening nights as well. And this could be the last even night, we don't know if we'll get like number 30. And so in sha Allah, if we haven't, as an Elisa says, enamel are malleable, how a team that Allah judges the deeds, how it ends. Allah will judge us the way we in our life. So if the Ramadan so far has been so good, we missed a few days we haven't been so dedicated in on a high note

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and Allah subhanaw taala in His mercy, you will take the best of your time in Ramadan, and then inshallah that he will will come for that. So in the for the high note, we maybe have two nights to this night and tomorrow, if we're lucky, maybe three, but most likely only two. And so make every moment of these last two nights count from Allah grant us to live to see another Ramadan. I mean, but don't take it for granted. The second issue to discuss before we begin with tonight's talk is the issue of fitrah Zakah to fitter. And what is the counterfeiter the cattle fitter is as the word mentioned, Zakka it's an obligation on every single person, every single Muslim needs to pay as a

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cotton fitted, so long as you have enough food for the day or eat. So if you don't have enough for yourself to eat on aid, then you don't have to pay to filter but everybody else which means even the rich, even the poor, everybody should give fitrah and they are different

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measurements as the NABI Salam he said a measurement of dates and or measurement of cheese or measurement of yogurt, whatever it is, and as you know, those things cost different amounts. And that's why don't be surprised when you see the MJC is fitrah is I don't know what is the indices which are 73 and 7373 Rand you find the Germans Phaedra, 52 grand whatever it might be, it is that even the rich or the poor in defeater, so, if you Inshallah, are not by the means, choose the lowest one and give something to someone to eat on the day for eat, and it is also permissible for you to receive Phaedra. So if you are in that position, where you are in need, you may receive fitrah and

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you may get fitter and the reward for giving Zagato fitter is that all the imperfections, all the

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you know, mistakes during Ramadan gets polished out before it is presented to Allah subhanaw taala and you have to give this fitrah before the Imam performs Salah on aid. So if LeBron or Eid is on Saturday before the Imam makes Eid Salah you must have already distributed your Phaedra to the poor. So that takes some time. Philia is a different story philia can be given any time this is a penalty for those no penalty for a penance for those who are unable to fast and will never be able to fast the old or the permanently ill they will never be able to fast they will pay a failure but if you are sick and you can fast again you make the day up including the pregnant lady and the

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breastfeeding lady. She must inshallah make up the day as well. Well hamdulillah any questions on scatterometer Ophelia? Any questions?

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Well, hamdulillah now we get back to our series. Yesterday we began with what it's like interlink Jana, and what the environment of Jana is like the way the the temperature of Jana well as we can imagine, will be always perfect. But there will be a breeze and whenever it touches you, you become more beautiful. And there will be light in Jannah without a sun in the moon because the light will emanate from the Throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they will be mornings and evenings even though the people of Jana will never sleep, they will be occupied with fun things as Allah says in surah Yaseen they sugar the job is to have fun, and every day will be something new for them to

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enjoy. And if they're not having fun exploring visiting new parts of Jannah then they will be reclining and they will be resting and relaxing. And they will be talking to each other. And spending time thinking about the days of old and thinking about how Allah subhanaw taala has favored them, there will be food and drink and as we mentioned, that Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the joys of dunya because that's the only thing we can understand with Jana though the real Jana is what you cannot comprehend and even fathom. So in dunya what do we like to do when we having fun? We like to be with our friends and family. We'd like to talk we'd like to drink and relax. And so Subhanallah

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these are the things Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran but that is the basic part of Jana. And as we said Han Allah one beautiful thing, if you look throughout all societies, almost without exception, look at the rich people within those societies. What is What are the dimensions look like? It has a swimming pool, it has trees, so it is something in our DNA in our fitrah that this is what beauty is in the gardens under

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which rivers flow this is where we were born, as the animal is set out, as we said was created in the Jannah. And so it is our fitrah that that is what is beautiful, the leafy suburbs are always going to cost more than the concrete jungle. You know, whatever opportunity you get used to run away on some island or in the wilderness to be in the amongst the nature and that's where you feel at peace because that is where we belong. So we spoke about the food of Jana and the

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the weather of Jana Anna, let's talk about the people of Jana. What will we look like when we enter Jannah? Remember, everything of Jana was prepared for the Muslim for the believer, you are the VIP, you are the special guest. All this around is just the for your entertainment and your amusement and your enjoyment. So already your body needs to be upgraded. And so the person when they enter Jannah How old will they be a very famous Hadith that this was humor. Old lady Kim's gonna be Salam. She said, Yeah, rasool Allah will I enter Jana, and there'll be some says, Don't you know, there are no old ladies and Jana, so she began to cry. No old ladies and gentlemen. So is it No, no, no, you will

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enter Jana, but you will be young at your prime and you will be 33 years old. And so it is well known that every single person which whichever age you died, if you died a child or you died, an old person, every single person would be at 33 when they enter Jannah. And you will be we will be on the form we will Allah had created the item. So now the item is Saddam, he is was created as a human being in its true form. We are just a, a fake imitation of what we should look like. And so you will only see yourself in its true form. When you enter Jannah and a very interesting Hadith, there'll be some sense that you will enter Jannah without any hair on your body, completely smooth and no beard

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Subhanallah so beard is only for the dunya there'll be no beard it's the Hadith says there'll be no you will know facially definitely for the ladies, no beards, but for the men as well. No beards. And, And subhanAllah you would be as an emphasis on the, at the height of nubby Adam, maybe Adam was extremely tall, many many meters tall, you will be on the height of Nabi Adam, and the age of the ESA, which is 33 years old. When you enter Jannah and SubhanAllah. You as I mentioned yesterday, there would be no bodily functions in terms of going to the toilet, becoming tired, becoming old, becoming sick, becoming sad, your body will always be at its prime and your body will always be

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healthy and strong. And as we said, every day you begin to become more and more beautiful when you look away from your wife and then you look at it again a few moments later, she has become more beautiful and you have become more beautiful. The clothing of Jana And subhanAllah I know it's not on the slides, but how can Allah subhanaw taala describe the clothing Allah takes the most expensive things in the dunya so can gold and silver and platinum and say these are the things that you would be decorating yourself but just to give you an understanding that these are Salam when he was quite powerful and prominent, the king of Bahrain, the king of Bahrain, gifted the NABI Salam, a Juba, now

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imagine one king giving an the king was a Muslim, so you can think to give the Rasool salah, he gave a fantastic spectacular Juba. So when he came to Medina, and then obviously put it on the Sahaba were like mesmerized, they've never felt material like that they made like the love around you. They were touching it. And then I used to sell them. He was shocked at them. He says are you amazed at this thing that I'm when Wallah he the main deal of soldering wires no soldering, well it was a great so hobby when he died the troubleshoot the problem is is the main deal meaning the toilet paper that indeed is the tissue paper of soldering wire is better than this. If you could see what

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is engender, this thing would be nothing would be worthless to you. And so it gives you an indication the kind of clothing the kind of materials the kind of pictures that people have Jana will be dressed up all the time with new garments all the time. Now, when I asked and we should ask what is your idea of Jana? When I went to school, the goal the sister put up her hand when I have to wear hijab in Jana and her Jana is I don't have to wear hijab, that's all I want. What do you want? I don't want to wear hijab. So what do you think? Will they be hijab in Jana? Duke is no Duke is Han Allah, there is no Dookie is there's no Salah there's none of that the all of us were Han Allah.

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Yes, it's good, but it's for the dunya in Jana, there's no limitations. Yes, there will be a level of modesty of course. But there is no dress code. There is no limitations. Like we said yesterday, they will be Hummer alcohol to drink, but it will have none of the negative side effects. You will have all the things in the dunya which you could not have the hadith is very famous and it says Whoever drinks hammer in the dunya will not taste the hammer in Jannah. But if you want to preserve yourself then in Jannah you live without restrictions. So yes, any outfit and any style that you want will be the clothing of the people of Jana. And not only on the outside will they be made

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beautiful but on the inside as the enemies as enemies as Allah says in the Quran, there'll be no hatred or resentment in their hearts and they will be as one person they would be entering Jannah as if they are one

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We all have one heart completely always on the same page, always loving each other.

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You will not enter Jannah alone. Now Alhamdulillah one of the beautiful things of Jana and the only example that I can find is the issue of being in good company and having a good family. So if you are Masha Allah, you met us six, you were very clever. You married a pious wife, even though you were not so pious, but she's the one making the budget and making Salam hamdulillah now you get to Jana, and she must go to genital fear DOS, where as you are the neighbor of the guy who comes in last what's going to happen now? How are you going to sort this out? So we know in Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, into paradise you and your wives in happiness in enjoyment and Allah says

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intergender genital organ which they shall into those who acted righteously for amongst the fathers and the wives and their offspring. And so Allah subhanaw taala in His mercy, He will look at the family and he will take the best of them and he will upgrade the entire family to with the best of them was so you know if you buy two tickets when he has a business class and economy there's no upgrade you're the one goes to the and the other one goes you know in Jannah Alhamdulillah you will be upgraded to live with your family members. According to the Janna which the best of them achieved what hamdulillah and this is the only example that I know of where you will get a free upgrade in

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Jana. So Al Hamdulillah this is to you kept you helped each other in the dunya to get there. And so and that's why in when you have unica when you have Tunica, we don't have this concept of death to your pot. The idea of the Nikka is that you say cobuild to and you end your Happily Ever After is your walk hand in hand in Jana together because you work together to get Jana and so you will be together partners in Jana will hamdulillah now what of those who are not married, one of those who are not married, then abuse will Salam season the Hadith that nobody enters Jana single.

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Everybody will be paid will be partnered up with somebody, a person who maybe never got married in the dunya a lady a sister, she never had a husband before you enter Jannah just as they distribute your homes, you will also be paired up with a perfect partner for yourself, either from amongst the believers amongst the Muslims, the people in the Jana, or amongst the special creations of Jana, and yes, indeed, this is what many of the main ones here the special creations of Jana, the Hold on, I mean, the maidens of Jana, sidenote, so we ask, are the some of the things for men and women? When we talk about the food of Jana, and we talk about the width of Jana? Is it gender specific? No, it's

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for everybody. And so it's understood when Allah speaks about the boundaries of Jana, he also includes the sisters in it, you will have whatever you want. So Allah mentions in Jana, that they are these amazing ladies of Jana, for the men they will be married to them and similarly for the ladies they will also have inshallah something which they want. And so

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many of us sometimes these this stigma, your religion speaks about enjoyment and there'll be sexual * in Jannah Subhan Allah just like we did not drink haram alcohol in the dunya just as we remain chaste in the dunya Allah will allow us to enjoy something in the era which is beautiful and pure and clean. And so Allah subhanaw taala speaks about these lovely ladies of Jana, and they and Allah calls him and who remain what is Hodor II mean? Who who means it's the eyes will the maidens with big lovely eyes, the with sharp contrast, And subhanAllah this is how this is the most modest way of describing beauty. Allah is going to describe other body parts the ladies with a big this is

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going to mention that that's not from the Quran is perfection. But when you describe the beauty of the eyes, even in that you can see the modesty of the Quran. So Allah describes these these ladies, the eyes are large, and it's captivating. Allah says in the Quran, with Wahoo named Ken I'm 30 Maknoon that they have these wide lovely eyes like pearls, which in themselves they are a jewel in the limb with Tatiana Mufasa will be the Mukdahan are going to be the winners successful Hi, Heather ECOA and Alba. They will be in gardens and grape yards Wakaba Taraba and they will have maidens of equal age and they will be voluptuous maidens fee Hina Casilla to thermophilum yet mizuna, insulin

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cobbler what John that you will have these ladies who never ever came close to any other man, this person will be exclusive for you. This role will be completely yours and she would have been made just for you or if it's the male version of it made just for you system for being a Ravi Kumar to cut the man can Hoonah Leah Kuta well Marjon she is like a pearl a Ruby. And then the salah mentions in the, in the Hadith that this these holes are in that if she were to look down to the dunya when the entire world will be illuminated with her newer and that if she were to split into the oceans, all of it would become sweet

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And if just one piece of her garment would fall to the dunya it will be valued more than anything in existence. Allah mentions the Hold on in as

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that they are the eyes are restraining what does it mean these ladies with beautiful eyes but up subdued the eyes are restraining why? Because she is in Ghana and surrounded by the beautiful things in Ghana. But the only thing that she wants is her husband. There is nothing in Ghana that captures her I like her husband. And so the Hadith mentions that she will say that if she were to show her face, it will shine it will outshine the heavens and the earth. And she would say to the she would say Praise be to Allah Who created you for me. She is more excited to see you Subhan Allah because she's waiting and as she is now created, she is shown this is your husband or as I said the female

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version, this will be your wife and they are waiting. When are you coming? Mata? Mata it? When will you come in sha Allah to be with me? Because for all of eternity, this is the partner that Allah has has bestowed upon the whole team. Now one might ask what about my dunya? Wife? Subhan Allah? How do we compete? How do we compete them? And we should not think it's strange because the Sahaba yet Masha Allah, they were very open to asking these questions. So the one of those, the sahabi had asked them to be Salam, very clearly, who is better, who will be more beautiful, the whole name, or the women of the dunya. And so the visa Salam clearly said, they, the whole team are basically like

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servants of Ghana, they are created the to entertain, and for the people of Ghana to enjoy, but you are the VIPs. And so the likeness of the old on aim to the lady who came through the dunya is like the inside of the garment to the outside. The inside is really Darwin claim, because he describes it the inside of any clothes is, you know, play you really walk outside with your clothes back to front, outside the inside out. But the ladies of the dunya will be like that Subhanallah and that is because of what she had done in terms of earning Jana she earned her place in Ghana. And so Subhanallah that is the enjoyment and as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions, you cannot enjoy

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something all by yourself. Even Jana is not enough, all alone. And that is why every single person will be together with a wife and a husband, with a family and with the Friends of the greatest blessings of Jana is how the people of Jana would congregate with one another and they will have banquets and they will have parties and they will remember about life that they used to love and they'll talk about the days of old and they will Subhanallah you know, have entertainment with one another. And so this is one of the greatest things of Jana is the companionship of the people of Jana. But of course as I mentioned, that is not the ultimate success of Jana. The ultimate success

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of Jana is to be in the companionship of Allah subhanho wa Taala What greater joy? What greater bounty can they be, than to have a personal connection with Allah Allah mean? What greater honor an ISA can it be to have conversations with Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, if looking at the whole rain, will eclipse the entire universe? If we're looking at just the homes of Jana would leave us mesmerized for four years for decades? What would it be like to speak and to look at Allah directly? And we imagine that Subhan Allah and inshallah we'll talk about the great bounty of Jana being in the companionship with Allah subhanho wa Taala insha Allah may Allah grant us that Gregory would not

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Allah grant us to enjoy all the bounties and the pleasures of Jana, most of all to be in the companionship and close to Allah subhanho wa Taala I believe so to gelada just announcement Alhamdulillah

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our EDA is confirmed as we said for the Saturday inshallah with dependent or Sunday and we will be part of the program as well. And so we encourage all those who are from the budget that join in the IT guy and this is the great sunnah, that everybody comes and has eat together. And we appeal to everybody who can can afford to get together as a family and cook a pot of food and Maharajah and this is one of the best ways of showing sugar to Allah subhanho wa Taala is we are going to feed somebody on the day of Eid. And so for those who would like to purchase a pot of food or get together as a team, you know WhatsApp, I'm sure you are an admin of something in WhatsApp. So one of

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your groups in WhatsApp say guys, I'm the admin I'm suggesting we have a Maharaja and maybe 10 of us we get together three and at the end each well hamdulillah what an amazing way to start off your eat. What a wonderful way of ending your Ramadan by feeding hungry people. And then tonight's question

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how many rivers flow from genital photos in the Hadith? It says they are for that inhibition. So there are four of us but Jana to fill those has more than that. But for for the purpose of Hadith, he mentioned that there are four primary livers in Jannah and something I failed to mention. The chief of the rivers of Jana is

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I'll co author that's why and it will begin from when I was home.

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So he would be a co author which is the main river of Jannah it will be his river And subhanAllah it will be that river that we drink on the day of Kiama in his companionship I mean right the question of this evening I didn't choose because I'm not sure what it is. The beautiful maidens from Jana are called horo aim genital aim hotel Jana General hadham Okay, so easy one inshallah. And then we look for we didn't sort them out

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some wrong ones. What does that mean the wrong ones. Oh, those who didn't get to the right

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okay, crow, white.

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Masha Allah.

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Masha, Iqra white, okay, and sister Shamima Jassim

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not ya

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know, decision you wanna

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look China champion.

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Just sort of Shana.

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She left already

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you can choose a special price around 23.

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Number 23.

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Zima No.

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Gnosis the Sahaba if we don't get the system in

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Sakina small Sakina mashallah, okay, so, luckily, she goes so much. So Allah said now Muhammad will be standard sending hundreds of anatomy

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