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The speakers discuss various topics including a hike, trip to Iran, and a presentation on a project. They emphasize the importance of planning ahead and provide detailed information about the schedule. The speakers also emphasize the importance of staying until the end of the day and avoiding mistakes. They recommend staying until the end of the day to avoid getting out of Iran and recommend spending time in the country before starting a new project. The speakers also mention a course on hygiene and encourage viewers to check out the book and subscribe to their channel.

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So now we're going to start the hike. Right So following our our quick our reminder, we've gone to Medina the day we leave Medina we do our pre heroine rituals, we know what that is. Yes, at the McCart Rebecca Loma de Vega Loma ormrod Oh like an interest Iran for the sake of Amara then I leave once I'm in the state of Iran What do I say the Televisa Baker love mother Baker Baker actually can memorize that will say that all the way till we get to Makkah when we get to Makkah we'll go to our rooms open your bags we'll settle down maybe just maybe take a look so in the state of Voodoo will not go to the home at the harem is initially first now we decide we're going to make a model now.

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Obviously as we saw to the top this will be obviously the NEA goes out saying you don't have to say NO WAY too often, you know in your mind I'm making them off. Right so it's odd you in the state of Iran, you get to the Gabba Bismillah Allahu Akbar and you started on one all the way make whatever do as you want at the end of the last corner, Robin vinyasa and you repeat seven times you will maintain you do if you broke you will do you leave take we do and start from the beginning particularly when you finish your thought off right at the end again Bismillah Allahu Akbar and now you will go behind the macabre him to rock as kuliah Catherine Corolla had mcdouall dua bring some

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some go to site. As you walk in this

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is in your notes, you get on to suffer face to gather, la la la la la, la, la, la la la la la la liga, La Liga La Liga done, suffer all the way tomorrow in the middle of the night. So the mean that you get tomorrow on top of Marwa same La Ilaha Illa all the way back and forth 1234567. In effect, Marwa for the main, you will have a cut for the sisters you wait to get to the hotel, take of yourself your husband's you trim your hair and you will be outside the ponytail and you're out of your arm and hamdulillah now you're at home. And either you make another O'Meara if you want you just go to sada you make the walk up to you you go shopping, whatever you want to do when you're out

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of the sacred harem. Now you remain another two weeks or so in Makkah. And wait I think you will notice in your WhatsApp, this is a notes that is not in my slides and I can't put this on a summary timeline this will be sent to you as well. Somebody's timeline in terms of dates, okay, I've asked them to printed out another list of the printing is going to come. It's just a summary of the hedge. The hedge is five or six days, five or six days, maybe if you want to make a list, make out somebody at the bank. Let's make it somebody at the bank. So you're going to have 123456 columns, these columns, okay, it's making some money at the bank. inshallah you will bring the

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Ah, that's okay. But it's very unclear if this is better for you guys. Right you do your own summary. So make six columns. column number one is day number eight, the eighth of the ledger. So we are now in which month? Sure, well, next month is going to be the key idea. And in the last month is Elijah. We are not sure exactly which date the DJ is going to be because there's a lot of moon fighting with Mr. lepen. Right. Now we'll have lots of moon woods, the sojourn happened, the eighth of the hedger whichever day that is, is the beginning of Hajj, day number eight of MONTH number 12. The eighth of the ledger. This day is called the day of terror. We're not going to name this day,

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all you do is just make it smooth. You will enter a ROM on this day of the project. And when you go to me now that's all you do and spend the day mean nothing specific nothing it's to prep yourself. So before this you were in Makkah was easier you into the home. And when you went to Milan and you sleep in Milan, the next day is the ninth of the hedger Unix column. Now, this is the most important day this is

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on this day, by the time you will be in alpha and you want to be at alpha time. Okay, I'll go through all procedures give you the summary. So you know when we go to them details, you understand what we're talking about the number nine the dev alpha from the word you in alpha up until you in alpha from the rental market. I mean often you will go to Mr. diva, and you will stay there until fudger with no rituals on alpha, there is no jamara there's no office nothing will talk about what you do and what you do instead we'll talk about that. day number 10 is what the the day of delivery, right the day of eat. But for you hedges, no Labyrinth you very difficult in fact that day number 10

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is the busiest day. Otherwise the most important day number nine, but the number 10 is the busiest days the most tiring day fudger on the day number 10. You still should be ideally it was 34 that's the ideal situation but that's not going to happen usually. On day number 10 of the budget. You go to Mina, you do five things on the number of things or five things I do. I felt acaba I slaughter my sheep, I cut to shave my head in this way

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This is the order that is the perfect order. I then go to Makkah and make the wofully father, I sigh and I come back before my pelting. jamara obviously happens in Mena cutting and shaving happens in Mena shooting the animal happens in Mena and then of course from Mena you go to Makkah, and you perform, Saba and sorry and you backed by money, that's the number 10 the number 1112 and 13. These are the days of the shooting. day number 11. Now you Beckett Mina, and you sleep at midnight, and you'll be the sleep you wake up budget, you still have the budget you wake up, no problem, nothing you doing off the door, you go pelt, all three Jamaat on day number 10 you just felt that one

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jemalloc day number 11 you would tell all three jemalloc of the door, we're going to go through the summer you don't want either way, this is somebody we're going to go through the detail, I'm going to give you that so you can have something to map out the number 11 you pelt all three jemalloc and you go back to your Mina Mina as a cab unit in Belgium, you come back that's all you do one minute on number 11 number 12 as number 11 off the road, you've got all three jamara now you either exit Mina before Maverick and leave and you're done. You go back to Makkah go to Asia you finish or if you want to stay you will continue another night. Allah says in the Quran, those of you want to

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leave early may leave early. Those who want to stay for six days, it is much better for you to stay for the Six Day, stay for another day. And once again, you can do all three Jamaat on day number 13. We will talk about when these but I'm giving you the ideal scenario. This is when the work comes in. We'll talk about before and after witness my timeframe. Okay, so off to do it as often as a while the word time basically, you felt again on the 13th day, you felt all three jamara and then you basically leave meaning of the Peltier tomorrow to leave. If on the 12th day you're not out of Mena by Monday, you must stay the night if you stuck in Mena you stay in Mena and that you're done with

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such an awful weather and you come back out. Okay, so now let's give this in more detail. Let's start. day number eight, the day of Korea. We are you right now you finish your ma the day number eight, if I'm not mistaken, so just we are on day number eight is around the 13th of August. Now when do you foresee yourself getting to Makkah around the 18th 19th of July is right. How is the 10th of August. So you've got two three weeks, whatever it might be in Makkah, you're not in Iran, you fill up that time with Ebola, you prepare yourself physically, mentally, spiritually for Hajj. Okay. Now many of you would probably be the first 10 days of hygiene Azizi is usually the package or

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in Makkah, it doesn't matter you've been Makkah was easier. The day of the hijab, you wake up, you perform fudger Salah you have breakfast now you will into the state of Iran. You will repeat the ritual you did in Medina, the pre harem ritual, who so you've got perfume on macura katsunobu and then interested lobby, Coloma bacolod Mahajan, I intend to go into the state of Iran for Hajj I'm serving as easier right in my hotel. Now the group will take you to Mina Mina is a camp sustains, you will find a place to settle down the Hajj operator will tell you what to take how much luggage you must take. If you're gonna spend a few days in Mena, they will tell you what to take what not to

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take, you know, so then you go to Mina. All you do in Mena to follow the sooner in the in the perfect scenario, you will get there before the word oh by the word Amina. You will make the word

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Muslim is shy and budget five walks on Mina. The fall we will make to shorten without joining you'll make it into it two to three shy to budgeting budget, you will do the same enough. There will be no split. Even if the Gema is Amina you will not pass any jemalloc this day. So this whole day is a big day. In fact, this day whole day is not even a sort of pillar of hedge or even a word about the effective use of the whole day. It goes straight to alpha it's fine. Fine, it's sooner than it isn't good. But I mean there are people that come late they get the amount of time and some people go straight to alpha does not harm your hedge but it obviously does not do funding the sooner you spin

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those five walks in Mena You with me? So you spend the whole day meaning you know what to do in a day number eight that you wake up the number nine fudges where you were studying Mina we got up in a project now off the budget, the bus will leave will take you from Nina to arafa and just for you to understand hygiene is like a conveyor belt you have MK on the one in Makkah leads into Mena and in between the middle is easier basically as he gets close to me, in fact as easy Amina touching each other so the MENA leads all the way into Mustafa Mustafa leads all the way to the one end, and Marcos on the other end. We're not talking much I think this whole thing is a few kilometers not too

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long. I mean, if it's not touched on, you probably can drive from one into the other in not even half an hour to get back in. Listen off an hour. It's really really short. Guys. We are talking about big things.

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Like, you know, walking from the promenade down, you know, before we even get out by that cell hatch process, but of course the cows makes it a complication. So now we're back on the day number nine, you woke up way in. Are you in the surgery home? Yes. Now you will leave me now of the budget of the breakfast it will be in Sharla. And you will go from Mina to arafa. That is awesome. He left Mina and he got to alpha before the word and he stopped and he stood outside. You don't have to do this. But he did this to make a point to show some. He waited until the sun had passed, meaning the daughters walk came in, and then he stepped into and he performed he made a football. He gave a

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sermon, a very famous sermon, and he performed the word and asserted together in a duel to rock us and he made acid immediately together Assalamu alaikum Salaam Alaikum below jumped up a lot of good karma and they made us together inside alpha indoors worked. They will be usually the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia will give a good back listen to it great if not, no problem. Now from the words what until mockery this is. This is the holiest day moment on the face of the earth even holier perhaps and later to call that this is for you. The perhaps you might only get one out of five in your whole life. This is how you This is how Jesus depended on alpha this is what makes it black such your

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height depends on this and your life depends on Hajj, not your life. You're our hero. This five hours perhaps the most important five hours of your life, the deaf kiama this week comes down to what do you do and there's no general there's no top there's not even solar. Solar has been shifted with done with solar. What do you think this whole time is? Full? It is just it is you one on one with the last panel Donna, you having a private conversation, whatever you need one desire, fear every This is really how to prepare yourself. If you cannot sit for five hours on your own making dua, you're going to find out the challenging, you must basically find yourself a corner which you

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ceramic down which you water, whatever you need, and just make do I

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think and prepare yourself think of what to do as a minimum. Now there's a lot of us we're not going to go through them. But the inception of the book was recommended to us to us come from the Quran for wealth, sustenance, health, forgiveness, this the things that you should always make do. But you know, besides what you need, it doesn't have to be in Arabic. In fact, briefly make dua in your own language. Make up for yourself, your family, your friends, neighbors colleagues, the oma always remember the manual. In fact, the teacher quickly automate the way the methodology of you take with you, you face the Qibla you begin by praising Allah, like the fact he has a very good way of making

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dua, you begin by praise Allah, I want to begin by praising or thanking all the things he's given you spend some time glorifying him, he's the master and the Majesty the King of kings, you make plays a lot. And thank him for the good, all the blessings he's given you. Once you've done that, now ask Allah for what you need and once and ask Allah, you know, like a child or superior, you know, children are like you in a candy store. And the child wants this thing. How do they ask with tears and cry and they big and scream not to that extent, but that's basically make them like a five year old to Allah subhanaw taala. And when you are done, and you think of all the mistakes, you

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think of all the wrongs and you think of agenda that you want. Now the things that motivate you have that in your mind, that is where it all comes down to a conversation will lie. This is the closest thing that dunia you can get to a lot this season, literally like you're standing before line Allah says, What would you like to speak to me you have that private audience? The problem is is Allah Himself does things in a manner which he fits his majesty to the people of arafah on the day one, he comes to them. He's an alpha in a way which you can understand. For you. This appointment you have a diary appointment. Imagine you know we have the diary of the CEO, the president of the country is on

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our mind you if you've been selected for Hajj, you've got this diary, with a lot on that day. Of all the six 7 billion people on earth you have been selected. So make the door please is in another joke. Remember, last year we did this course. But we want you to remember us in the door as well. Please remember us in the door. That's the best gift you can give us remember us each of our families as well. So then you make dua and you will continue making to remember you made absolutely. So you will go from about one o'clock all the way down to roughly just off an hour before mercury. As the sun is getting low half an hour before sunset. You actually stand up and you go outside so

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you will think maybe go outside into the a and raise your hands up Don't be so seldom did this. He raised his hands up and he said besieging. The laws often are begging Yala, please, please, please accept please your help, whatever it might be. You make dua that is it.

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When the sun begins to sit, it hits the bison, the walk of the hoof is finished.

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And you will wait until the sun sets. And then obviously you will leave with your group. And the prophecies are not recommended at this point in time to actually take it easy leave easily and you will leave out of

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and then you'll go to study for is optimal. You will get too much data. It might even take you a few hours to get there. This is very tiring little journey from alpha is very close. But if you the people that walk if you can walk, walk, it's easier. It's better. It's evening. It's cool. You've also been sitting down. Now if you get on a bus you might sit for another five, six hours. And when you get to Mr. Alpha was that if it has nothing, it is like the parade. It is just an open Tomic buses will park and if you're able to you'll get out and you'll sleep on the ground. Before you sleep. You ever made money money shy? You make money very shy together at Mr. Alpha. initialize,

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walk in the water be shy. Okay. You with me following me? with us? delaford is a bit of a complication. Just a side note here. If a person comes late to alpha, what is the ruling if you come to us there was a man who came to alpha off the mothership. The prophecy is fine. If you come off the mothership, then you have until the next morning. So who is okay? So there's two of us. one out of five is the person who gets the formatting. If you get the before man, even just by five minutes, then you have to leave off tomorrow. And then I got to alpha yokoo ended at Maverick for the guy who gets the automatic keys and poof, we'll go up into the state of Virginia, but he hasn't been able to

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get the thing, but each of us are gonna happen to any of you. You'll get a lot of fun before the word one word, you'll have the full extent of your offer. Okay? It means that if all you do all you do is you make a wish I wish I took us that's it you make with that as well. And that's it. You can sleep maybe some sick and he woke up the next morning. That's all you do at Mr. Alpha. Now with Metallica. There is a new ones here. The wife of the professor lump soda or mother soda. She was a big woman I she tells us she was a big woman she was an old woman. And so she asked them to be so solemn towards the end of the night so maybe two to three o'clock the morning. She said can I leave

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early? Why? Because I want to leave the crowd and begin before anyone else can I leave? And the professor Lam gave us permission and she left again what I like is a story so I she says so there are also permission I'm going to be enable permission. And I have been like you know the kind of cheeky girl that I was I said no, I'm not gonna take this I'm gonna and she's actually have gotten so much easier. I shouldn't have been so blessed than I should have gone with her because the Prophet allowed the women, the children and those who are with them to go early. So you're allowed to leave early before 5g so the sooner is to stay and make 5g in Metallica. That's the sooner that

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is really excellent if you can do that if you're a young couple you have the ability to follow the Sooners you're not going to get another opportunity to really do it like that. If you can't and you want to leave and look the crowds are big and you also don't be alone cheap in the group is going to know where you're going then don't you're gonna get lost and was that effectively when people get lost because there's nothing they have demarcation is that if at all looks the same so be very careful use that if it's just a row of buses that all at the same time. So just be careful don't get lost at Metallica. So much data base to leave off the ledger. If you cannot and you want to leave

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early, you can leave early how early May you leave off the 12th of the half of the night after which was 12 o'clock then you can leave it doesn't mean you must stay very big difference when you get to the days especially the days especially axes you must you must spend off the night Amina was delicacies you can leave by the night you can eat even if you spend five seconds you will study for so long. It's after 12 o'clock. You will you understand the difference. You don't have to spend off the night that was that if there was any for period beginning the Li exit it begins after 12 o'clock. Now because of this vanilla, some of it and nothing some of it in fact not even the Shafi

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mother there are some scholars who have like in this case become well known and I don't know why that people think Mustapha itself is optional. They skip Metallica completely some people skip altogether. If you do this was Delica is accorded the safest opinion. It is a YG back if you skip one of the YG back of Hajj, you need to pay a penalty which is this notation. You don't have a choice. You need to show to achieve so much that if I don't skip Metallica, if you have to pass through but not because of your own fault, because the bus look if you in the bus, you have no choice then it wasn't your fault. But remember, we said if you do a mistake, even if it's not

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deliberate, no sin, but you still have to do a penalty. So if you pass through Metallica and you leave before is if somebody is coming, if you leave Metallica before 12 o'clock, then you should pay a penalty. That's the safest opinion. My opinion. You'll find as I say no, no, no reason somebody even said you don't even wanna okay.

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Okay, remind me when the victim was 35

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When you leave out of

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what you're doing

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and sleep it was in a state of Georgia who's gonna settle budget we're also going to settle budget and then a few of us few few

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very few of us later she stayed on budget, but it was a difficult to handle Ah, and you don't want to put yourself in undue risk. So some will leave at 12 off the 12 and some will leave during the night and some will leave after five

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years another gray controversial area pay very close attention.

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The number 10

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what do you do? Remind me what you do and the number 10 in fact the number 10 This is the most crucial for discussion. What do you do on day number 10

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right sorry.

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And how many things you don't dynamic

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how many things you don't need number 10.

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So I want you all to know the five things we didn't put you know the five things you need to tell Aqaba ways acaba situated in Mena, and you get slaughtered, this is done for you. So you have to worry about slaughtering it's going to be done for you. Then you're going to have to shave your head.

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This is all in Mina. Well, you can cut and shave your head mark as well. No problem. But this is in Mina. When you go to Mecca, to perform the law for the father, which is a pillar of Hajj, and cy which is part of Hajj, and you need to be back the evenings of the days of the week. remember the night number 11 begins at Maverick, understand, you're right number 11 begins at Mahara. So you need to be back. Ideally, you want to be back in minute by minute, so you can spend the night demeanor not the number five, all of this, we didn't have to do all these things. When did he do these things?

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In day number three, day number 10. They have Ed windy do these five things

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in the day? Yes, he did.

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He did all of this off the budget. Now someone that leaves me now was delivered 12 o'clock.

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They get to mean at two o'clock the morning before budget? Can they really start doing the stuff before? I understand the controversial question. You know,

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can I pal pajama rod? In fact, some people go straight from is that if I

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can I make all these things?

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Here's the question here. And you know what majority of your colleagues will tell you you can do it. And many of the groups that do do it.

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I'm giving you what I've researched this and I've looked at them as

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some have said pelting before

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they are okay. Let me let me rephrase it like this. We know there'll be some did all these rituals often of the future.

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There is no upper in this lower timeframe. You don't have to if you don't do it by market, it's fine. You can make the awfully father up until without a father all these things you can do up until the belting of jam A lot can happen until the next morning, you have 24 hours. So there's no upper limit of how late You can do it. The question is, how early Can I do it? There is no evidence to suggest you can do before 5g. I have not found evidence. You find many books, many and in Cape Town as well mini moto Fs, they do it before 5g. I have no evidence to if anyone can give me an evidence. You know, even you finding

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a feeder movie. That's a fantastic, wonderful, amazing book, you find him that says you might do it before budget. I have not found an evidence for that. And I don't want to teach you something that you do. And there's no evidence for that before fudger. Especially if which is you know, if you do something before the problem, you get to alpha before alpha, what's the use?

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Okay, right, this one opinions is, and this is the vast majority all these rituals, you cannot do until after fudger. The other side of the coin says Well, what's the point in the sisters leaving early if they end up? It's like you leaving a house early to avoid the traffic jam. And then you stop in the middle of the road. You wait for the traffic to come to the nuclear joint. Why did we do all of the sleep? Why did they say leave early you leave early so you can finish early? Yes. So make sense. And with the crowds now if it was difficult for soda 1400 years ago, now it's crazy, even meaner. So why not make life easy? how somebody might have some MC you can help people budget. I

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have again, I'll take this under consideration. I would not do any of this before budget. That's just my opinion. Your motto may say something else. So if you leave early, what does that mean for you? You either go to Mina and you sleep relax, until you even can go to your betas easier. You can even go if you have a house in Makkah, you can go to your hotel room. Remember you're

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still in your head all the way sitting home and now off the charger. You need to do all the rituals. These five rituals can be done in any order. These five rituals can be done in a day.

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Order the order I gave you jamara corbon shave the off site is the order that an IV system did and of course the fact that he did in that order is the most meritorious best like extra bonus points but Americans going to be sorted all I did go off first. Amanda I did say first that could have been first let me see if Allah hires everyone that came to this do and don't worry, nobody no issue it's fine. So the order doesn't matter too much. So you could ideally go from 35 all the way to market sleeping hotel and in shower you in Iran, you go and you perform off of the budget, you'll get maybe eat so you know you don't make eat soda but the people who will be making pizza, you could do that

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but try not to do this before fudger actually not before I should say before before sunrise, not all of this off the sunrise office a lot. They should have clarified off they should have actually okay. And it's something to think about talk to your group, your operator, you might find that they have different opinions here again, this is something that you need to take into consideration. So okay, you will help Gemma rot, you will slaughter you will shave you will throw off and you will say now when you exit the harem exiting Iran. Pay close attention to this Iran for hijas two levels of exiting you have exit level one and exit level two. Level One of Iran is to do three of the five any

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three of the five and you've exited Iran level one. What does that mean? It means everything is permissible for you now except intercourse you can wear normal clothes you can wear perfume, you can change you can test you can do all of it. You can choose when you exit complete exit is when you do all five of the five any three of the five and you've exited from level one, only five of the five is so the results are not what he did look at what he did off the shock he got to me now. He felt a general Aqaba the big camera when he slaughtered himself 63 sheep with his own hand and say nearly slaughtered the remaining 3700 sheep when he had his head shaved he ate from the meat he hustled he

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took off his clothing and he put a new clothing he put perfume what level ihraam Is he out of level one he only three of the five then was new clothes new clothes for the finish pair of clothes proper clothes on the wrong clothes and perfume then went to Makkah and he made the offer limits I came back to Mina for the evening and Slovenia. That is the ideal fantastic very very difficult to achieve but that is what that'll be first price usually you will be find yourself in a different situation you'll fall in take it as your ship is done for you ship is done for you just counted as it's done today I understand you actually get a message to say your ship is done Yes No. I'm not

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sure some of the messages that you ship as we could

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just take the exam because you never gonna know when they slow down usually those are the tools that you do. We said the beginning point is after you shut off the interview how long What if I get stuck in traffic and you know things get so long? What is the latest I can do these things you have we saved for the slaughter the sheep has done for you. Shaving of the easy that is any way you can do anyone can calculate anyway. So you don't have to worry about that. belting acaba, you have until the next morning so for example, you want to skip a kebab. You want to go straight to Makkah make the often sigh and you come back the 19th Amina Titus to do it before Maverick at least but if

00:28:21--> 00:28:58

you're not in goes beyond you haven't budgeted the next morning because of crowns okay of felting Acaba and then the waffle father and sigh you can actually make side before the off remember the former you can't do it for Hodgkin. So you get to the halloumi check all the office big, I'm gonna make ciphers. The lady in her head, she can do all of this except off. She can tell Gemma rocks, you can do everything besides the office, the father. And some people, as I said, Don't make the shortcuts. They actually they don't make the offer the father because you can delay it. So they leave it until the end when they make the data and then make it with one year without any follow up.

00:28:58--> 00:29:18

But remember, you're still in the ROM until you've done five of the five you suddenly have intercourse at that point. Y'all have just got to be careful. Be careful. Okay. What we haven't discussed is belting of Jama rock and your stones. How many? If you stay the full quarter? How many stones will you need? Let's count how many jamara do we throw on day number one on day number 10. They have.

00:29:19--> 00:29:26

We throw one jamala which is how many stones seven. Seven days after she communist Yamato began to throw

00:29:27--> 00:29:59

all three how many stones to throw 321 so we stay for three days. 21 times three is 63 plus your seven for Aqaba. 70. So the maximum you will need is 70. The maximum you need is 70 but maybe you wanna take some more weight you get the stones, people are under the impression it must be from was Delica than a business owner. He got some stones brought to you at Masonic you can get them in Mena as well. And maybe the eighth day is a good day to get stones. The eighth day of the is the first day of May now you're doing nothing and you can open them under the carpet.

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

They still send political ad stones. Yes on 34 you can collect stones as well click the stones to bring them down but collect stones. No, it's only the stone. How big is a stone? Like basically like a like a jelly bean like a speckled egg? That's the size of people like they even smaller than the big seed. Right? That's what the size of a stone should be. jamara layer three jamara remember the jamara symbolize shavonne right this shaytan is not the please. That is just a stone. It's just a wall. You'll see how it looks now. It's basically a wall like this a lot. Yeah, it looks like that. This is basic like a Bible is a big Bible. There are three jamara the first one Remember how I said

00:30:42--> 00:30:55

you got maka Mina was the alpha alpha. The Jamaat are close to the end of Mena close to Makkah. The Jamaat are close to the end of Mena close to Makkah.

00:30:56--> 00:31:09

The jamara that is closest to Makkah is acaba. So basically, when you get to the Jamaat on the number team, you will pause one jamara will be completely empty. If you throw stones at the only one the salon jamara

00:31:11--> 00:31:37

you will pass the second Jamaat be empty your paws the third one acaba. So make a mental note this one here is acaba, the one that even is throwing this October, that's the one you throw on the day of eat the days of the Ninja, how do you throw it, you take the stone in your right hand between your finger, your thumb and your index finger and you will say Bismillahi Allahu Akbar and each of you will say

00:31:38--> 00:32:20

seven times a lot of work but you must throw each stone separately you can't say seven or seven can't do that. You must throw them individually and so long as it is viable inside of a little one thing. If it's inside pointing each other It's fine. You'll find that if one side of it is congested, just go around the back you find it's quite empty. Okay, for tall people just watch out. If you're in the front you might get it please do not throw shoes, umbrellas chairs that are jumping inside and start hitting the wall as we see some people do Don't lose your cool at the camera. Right. So you will count the jammer art October on the 10th of the hedger. So you have up until the

00:32:20--> 00:32:57

next morning to Belgium to Aqaba on the 10th day your animal is floated for you You're shaving continually will happen anytime this countless barbers you must decide when you want to do a father inside you must decide when you want to do it ideally as a seed you want to be back in Mina by mother so now you in Mina, Margaret time and you know so maybe what some people said, You know I'm so broken because otherwise intensity was alpha you might have been walking in stuck in traffic and you're so tired that you just went like but some people didn't go the whole day. It happens. They go off the charger. They go to the beta they sleep right and they come back to Mina before they felt

00:32:57--> 00:33:33

Acaba and now they want to go and make the law, it's fine, you can do that. You allowed to leave Mina in the night to make the off inside, but you must try to spend at least half the 19 minutes account. If it's 12 hours, I need to spend six hours in Milan. Unless you get stuck beyond your control. It's fine. But if you're outside of Mena without a valid reason, the evenings the nights, especially they live in like the 12th night, you're not in Mina for half of the night. When you need to pay a penalty dependent on Jamaat you can deputize someone to throw jammer out for you. So if the wife says you know I'm so tired I don't want to go throw jamara I can't you know you physically

00:33:33--> 00:33:56

can't do it you injured you can give your stones to someone else and they can help for you so how they would do it they will help the first Gemma rocks for myself and then I'll tell my wife about the second jemalloc myself and I don't have to count 123 and come back to my wife first myself then at the same time a lot about my wife stones. I do the same at number two same at number three right this is on the days of eating healthy yes

00:34:01--> 00:34:39

yes, the sequence Very good question the sequence in fact there's a big sooner that is missed out here. The sequence of jamara you have to start with the small one and inward acaba have to start with 123 you will end up with aka always don't talk about go back so don't get confused on the 10th of the tree. The teens they are punch that they have eat you will only talk about you'll find two German outstanding empty no one standing. You will just go acaba on the days of the sheet you'll see all three gelato busy, you must always start with the first one, I mean the middle one and and in fact, the sooner you felt gemera number one, you stand to one side and you make a long blah, then

00:34:39--> 00:34:48

you felt jemalloc number two stand to one side and make it long blah, blah, blah. And that's the sooner we miss this too long to actually

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

know any, any any dollar we don't know what exactly the approximate cost with any da is about just intersect between the first Camerata 150 meters and the second 120 meters this way interesting. So it's not available.

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

existence we're talking about right is a picture of jamara that's the old gemilut now it's a lot bigger Chimera has grown many bigger it is much bigger now shape one is bigger now. So that is because of to make your life easier you don't need to do for smelting jamara You don't need to do for shaving you don't need to do for slaughtering your sheep none of this is needed you only need to do photo off so let's remind me again from the day of this photo of the alpha model where we get to go off to alpha hamdulillah and what are we going to do it was alpha make Sara shine muddy basically right and by now we should have collected our stones of CBD sounds maybe collect more than that at

00:35:37--> 00:36:11

whatever it might be in case you do stones whatever you end up throwing someone else by mistake. Right? Are you in Iran and then in Missouri For how long will you stay in study for further if possible, but if you need to leave early, what's the earliest you can leave off the 12th right now this is way different people do different things. One group might walk to Makkah one group might walk to the painting Mina and sleep at the team one group might do all the stuff slaughtered by my father they finish with all Hodge they make the offer without basically a lot of them you know you have to decide what you're going to do now ideally you want to start ideally what time you leave

00:36:11--> 00:36:24

Mustafa ideally of the budget, basically my budget you leave you basically by the time you get to me now it will be Santa the sun organism. So the shock now the day of eating all you need to know is what are the five things we're going to do on the day of eat?

00:36:25--> 00:36:27

belt acaba jacoba

00:36:28--> 00:37:11

slaughter sheep for the main shade for the latest calculate after you've done these three what happens now you claim pollution you're out of minor Iran now what was the sooner what nobody's gonna do after this of the these three? He did? What in whistle, perfume nucleaus. And then he went to Makkah, and then he made the offers and inside, if you do the audit differently is the problem. No problem. If you delay, what is the latest you can delay in terms of pelting right if you don't get to Aqaba try to finish at least by Margaret but it goes up until fudger if you didn't put them too often. sigh How long do you have? Basically until you live you have up until the day you live How

00:37:11--> 00:37:26

much do you lay back to South Africa? You can delay performance awfully far right until the end basically until the end of the Asia like when a another two weeks but I mean no one stays that long. So you can wait until the crowds you can choose which day The crowd is light and then you go Yes.

00:37:28--> 00:37:30

You are in economic storage. Remember you suddenly had on

00:37:31--> 00:38:08

your beanie. Remember, you'd have been out of mine a harem. Remember you pelted acaba, you floated, you shaved so you can renew clothing. If you can survive for two weeks without having intercourse, then you should be fine. Well not recommended. Not recommended. Of course you want to get out of Iran ASAP. This is a sweetener. But yes. If you haven't done if you are still in Iran, just remember that. Remember, I say it again. You have not done if either you're you're wearing normal clothes, you're wearing perfume, but you're studying Islam if you have intercourse now you're just about it. Be very, very careful. Okay, then, if everything goes well, I'm backing me now. What time? What

00:38:08--> 00:38:12

time? Am I back in Mena by sunset? And how long does it stay in Mena?

00:38:14--> 00:38:19

At least off the night but stay the whole night. Obviously the sooner now if people say can I go to my bacon as you can be back off the night?

00:38:20--> 00:38:32

mean it's not so bad. Mena is not so bad for young people. Don't take shortcuts. This is again, it's only five six days of your life of your whole life. Stay the whole night.

00:38:33--> 00:38:37

Then when you wake up the next morning What do you do for Germany?

00:38:38--> 00:39:13

What time do you tell jamara of the world please do not talk before so while you might find some people going before the world there is no time limit as to when you can in the Peltier pelting content from the wall yes automatically but you can continue capital budgeting in the next morning but there's no one that has said felting before was a while it's okay that you can fall off the mountain it was okay. But so don't extend don't go too early. rather go too late. But I think now pelting of generosity is very structured. You get taken as a group and you get taken as a group. Why because the jamala usually was really stampedes. So not to be safe. Each group is given an allocated

00:39:13--> 00:39:45

time go with a group but if your group goes I don't think so. But if they were to go before a while, have a discussion very nicely that argue have a discussion. So I feel uncomfortable belting because a while Can I Can we do something? So say whatever you're doing, I'm not sure you correct. But I feel comfortable. I'd like to belt off this alone. Is it possible that I can join up with another group? You know, whatever it might be belting. We said you can deputize someone to do it for you. Yes. Excellent. Fantastic. So now, the number 11 All you do is what do you do the data may live in order to spell thing and you make your Salah in the walk to the full maturity to all the old

00:39:45--> 00:40:00

hydrofluoric acid records the old only out of items that if you join them, the others you actually make it in a one off to the first day especially the night night number 12. What must you do this night after you do the first day the first day of cultivation

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

What must you do that night? We must you be you still in Mena? Yes, you stay in Mena, you spend a second night in Mindanao, this will be the second night that you're staying in Mena. Again, same story you need to spend at least 50% of the night in Mena. 5g is the next morning you make 5g. What do you do now, though the word relax whatever make you buy there, because you already out of the home by now surely you should have been out of Iran by now, unless you haven't done the photo yet. But by this time, you completely utterly wrong. Again, I don't recommend this, please don't do this. You could theoretically have intercourse at this point in time, but because you're completely

00:40:31--> 00:40:46

utterly wrong, the days especially but controlled yourself, please, then you will now belt a second time on the 12th of the hedger of the zoa. And what must you do now? What happens now after you finish pelting all three jamara what option do you have?

00:40:47--> 00:40:54

You can leave Mina immediately now all stay and if you undecided How long do you have until to make this decision?

00:40:55--> 00:41:29

by market if you haven't made your choice by market and you stuck in Mena what would you do? You have to stay that night. Now you staying that night? What happens when the next day you felt a third time as well as the third time each time you call? Remember that number one, long? Felt number two long? Felt number three, each day you will do that procedure? What if I don't spin on it, I leave me and I go to my vaginas easier, then you have you need to pay it up. Like everything else is one of the compulsory things of Hodge spinning, and it means that you have to pay a penalty for that, what if I didn't tell the German for some reason, I didn't feel like melting down at all. Well, you pay a

00:41:29--> 00:41:41

penalty of theta. Now, last last final point, before we conclude, inshallah, when you've done all of these things, everything of Hajj is complete, the only thing left for you to do is a final cut off.

00:41:42--> 00:42:17

You will not be around anymore. So what you do is the day you leave, so you say I'm gonna leave off to the word leaving so between the witnesses, go to the huddle, make sure you don't make me Shut up, make it off, go home, you shouldn't be doing anything else in Makkah, basically, you're by then you should have been done packing if you don't go don't do any shopping if you need to eat Eat along the way whatever it might be as soon as best as you can make your toe awkward without the final thing you do before you leave if you do too often without and you end up being stuck beyond your control no problem. But if you performed a walk with us and then you sit down and go do some shopping and

00:42:17--> 00:42:21

now I'm going to go make soda and I'm going to zero that then you have to do another movie that

00:42:22--> 00:42:59

you must there are some people that delay WIDA and the psi up until the end I mean they delay the father when you supposedly father and so when which they think but they went You know what? It's so difficult to get from Mina to Makkah so I'm going to do my father What would you say is permissible and they leave the site also now if they make a father with with us Nia and then they make the side they need to make another reader this reader is the last thing you need to do so you have to first make site and then make it awful if Allah and without with one you don't do the shortcuts. I don't want to teach you the shortcuts just do them if practically you get stuck.

00:43:00--> 00:43:35

absolute last thing to the best of your ability in Makkah and the majority of you I believe the Shafi opinion that if you don't do that, you have to pay them for that. And what that you have is complete complete. Damn antarabangsa man complete, complete, complete. I mean, I'll accept from you from us. I will grant you a hedgehog boo, boo mala right for you this journey for you. lovelies, that what we have done here. I hope this clarified a lot of hij and we learned a lot for those of you who have never been on hygiene hygiene courses anyone This is a very very first class you're doing you feel comfortable you know how to do hygiene now. Any questions?

00:43:42--> 00:43:45

How do you greet me nicer person by the way? No.

00:43:47--> 00:43:57

No, there's no greeting of any you don't greet or you don't greet me not only we die as you get in the car. You only get the car that's the only greeting no other greeting upcoming is

00:44:05--> 00:44:26

that's fine. Remember the eighth day of care the eighth day the day in Mena? That's a pretty big day. So some people some people they go straight to alpha and they skip even meaner completely that old days or sooner they meaning what do I do you don't pay a dime you don't pay anything. You just lose out the sooner of meaner but you can do that you can get out of early.

00:44:31--> 00:44:31


00:44:34--> 00:44:59

know if you get too early. Okay. Now the reason why you waited this is a technical thing. The courage, the courage, they did not go to alpha. They had a special place outside of alpha where they said look we the people of NACA we make out of is the rest of you 40 centers you need to go to alpha but we also only artiphys outside of the home area. So we stay inside. And so they the school he went to see ways that I'm going to do and he actually waited in the place until just before the

00:45:00--> 00:45:06

While and when someone came in he went into alpha, but it was more to show them something is that soon enough for you to stand outside? And then go in?

00:45:07--> 00:45:41

Yes, you can go off the budget. Yes. Any questions? Is there any additional feedback forms that we know no feedback forms but you can send the email please let us know in terms of the first time I can do it in the mosque. This is the first time we we have done this crash course a few times. But we obviously want to improve all the time. Let us know how you found the experience because now we can improve. If you've left your details, we haven't lifted please leave it so you can get the audio the audio will send maybe tomorrow this evening or tomorrow, the whole audio inshallah it might be broken up into pieces and all the slides and the notes that we showed on the soft copy what was on

00:45:41--> 00:46:18

here you will get that as for the video that might take some time might be quite some time first before we get the video online. any last comments questions? If you want my email, I believe it is on the page number two which Mohamad gmail.com so if you have any lingering questions, something pops in your mind you didn't something wasn't clear, you can look into it there's a lot of in the notes so one quick go through the notes. What we didn't talk about in the notes there's a lot of misconceptions or mistakes, go through the mistakes look at what people mistakes they did don't do those mistakes, obviously. Right So for each step, we've documented people that they believe that

00:46:18--> 00:46:55

they do this all those mistakes. Also at the back of the book, there are some zero places some zero places and it's just for your perusal you can come to the internet then you have special to us to offer the seek to offer the period as soon as from the Quran and the prophets of Allah so if you want a special for sick for parents for children, these are the two hours which are recommended again you can read from the book if you want on hijama or you can learn memorize the Arabic or you can save in English as well if you have any further questions you want you can contact me You can WhatsApp me You can email me if there's anything that I fallen short and please make me mouth but I

00:46:55--> 00:47:30

don't see any of you you know please from myself and from the masjid and from the team here a lot of hard work in the sea to bathe and Fatima them I mean of the team that did the catering we all wish you a Haji McCool Hydra brought to me accepted hedge now what make the journey easier and make it successful when you return back as your mother's had given birth to you made this count in your skills of goodness when you complete your pillar of hedge. May this be the means that gets us gets you into January? And may we all get to be there as well. May we all make hutches well once again, and please at the very least remember to ask us and our families to circle thank you so much shukran

00:47:31--> 00:47:33

salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Have one

00:47:34--> 00:47:35

of one of one