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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the ongoing battle between Islam and Islamist groups, including the shattering of sh matter and the physical and mental state of sh matter. It also touches on the meaning behind sh matter and its potential negative consequences, including its use to remodel people's weaknesses and move on to stronger points. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a new episode of the show.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was such a big Marine, and

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welcome back to another episode of the strangers. And in this episode, I wanted to share a very, very important piece of advice. And that is that the Muslim stranger needs to be aware of shame shaytaan and his traps. And so one must realize that there has been an ongoing battle since the beginning of time.

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And that is the enmity between a bliss shaitan. And, man, and so let us not get the story of our own father Adam Alayhis Salam,

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and how when Allah subhanahu Attallah created him with his own hands and honored him and preferred him over others. And how Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded a bliss among all the angels to make sujood to prostrate down to this creation of Allah and how IBLEES he refused, he refused out of ignorance and pry and so he said, on a high Romain, Conoco, Tony Minnaar Wahaca who mean tween, he said, I am better than him, I am better than Adam. You created me from fire, and you only created him from claim from the ground. And so Allah subhanahu Atana he cursed him, and he ordered him out of Jannah. So as a result, what did he say? How did IBLEES respond? Not by asking Allah for

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forgiveness? No, he said, Furby ma away 20 The Aqua who Daniela whom sweet Otto can muster cream, because you have caused me to go astray My Lord, I will stand in wait for them. I will stand on your straight path blocking them from following Your straight path to mela RT and Nahum. Member you need ID him warming healthy him? Why are you mad at him? One Shama Edie him? Well, addigy do accelero home *reen

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He said, Then, I will come to them from in front of them from behind them from their right from their left, and you will not find most of them grateful to you. And so this is the reality. This is the reality of the enmity between a bliss and mankind. And then after that, let us not forget how a bliss deceived our father and mother, Adam and his wife Hawa, and how he caused them to eat from that tree that they were forbidden to eat from the Allah forbade them from eating. And he tempted them. He tempted them, saying to them, that if you were to eat from this tree, you will live forever, or you will become angels. And so all of that was only because of his enmity for them. Not

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because he desired any good for them. No, because he hated them. He was envious of them. And he was their enemy. And so as a result, Adam and Hawa ate from that tree. And as a result, they disobeyed Allah. And as a result, Allah subhanahu wa Tada caused them to descend to this dunya. And so reminding us of this story, ALLAH SubhanA who at the hand, it says to us, you have any Adam, Allah calls upon us, as the children of Adam, trying to bring our minds back to that first day, bringing our attention to that day, in which Allah subhana wa Tada caused our father Adam, to descend to the earth. Allah says yeah, Benny Adam, lay

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have T Nicoma shaytaan Oh Children of Adam, do not call Shaitan to lead you astray. Do not allow him to tempt you. Come a Harada Abba ye come Meenal Jenna, don't let him do that. Don't let him tempt you in the same way as he caused your father and your mother to be removed from Jana Yun Zhi Orion whom alabaster Hoonah. What did he cause as a result of them eating from the tree, what happened was that your clothes vanished. This was a consequence of them eating from the tree. And so they didn't have any clothes, their private parts were exposed. And so Allah says, in who you're welcome, who our cubby loo, who mean how you do later on, he Iblees. And he's trying his followers, his soldiers,

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they see you from where you do not see them. And so this is the reality. This is the reality of the enmity between shaitan and mankind. It has been ongoing since the beginning of time, since the day Allah subhanho wa Taala created our father, Adam, it has said, and yes, of course he is our Father, because we all come from him. We don't come from apes, we don't come from monkeys. We all come from one human being one father, and that is Adam Alayhis Salam. So this is the reality. And so the war goes on

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this battle and the struggle, it goes on. And it will continue to go on until the last day until the day of judgment. And so if we were to comprehend this fact, we would come to the realization of our enemies, not only shaytaan not only his followers, not only his offspring, not only his descendants, not only his soldiers, from the jinn, but also his followers, and his soldiers from mankind. And so the shayateen are many, they are not only from among the jinn, but also there are Shayateen from among mankind. And so if we were to comprehend this fact, we would realize that our enemies from both the jinn and from mankind, they do not want us to remain upon the religion of Allah subhanahu

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Attallah. Rather, what do they want? They want us to abandon all of that. They want us to abandon it in its totality, so that there is no more distinction between us and them. Yes, this is the reality of their enmity for us. Don't become deluded, don't become this illusion into thinking that our enemy wants good for us. Don't think that when the Western powers and when the Western governments, they send their armies to fight and attack Muslims, killing innocent Muslim brothers and sisters don't think that when they say we are not at war with Islam, don't think that they are telling the truth. Rather, the reality is that they are at war with Islam. Why? Because they are the troops of

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Even though clay you may Allah have mercy upon him, one of the great scholars of Islam, he says, pointing out the many distractions and things that cause us to go astray. He says that in this dunya the servant is tried and tested by many things. He is tried by his Shaohua by lustful desires, and he is tried by his evil inclining knifes, his soul that always inclines towards evil and towards fulfilling its evil desires. And also, he is tried by his deceiving shaitan. So every single one of us has a Corinne has a shaitan that is attached to us, that commands us to commit evil that commands us to disobey Allah Subhana. Who, what to Allah. He goes on to say his careens, his devil

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companions, and also what he sees around him in the dunya. All of this is a test for him, causes him to go astray. He says, in such a situation, his patience runs out. And so this is why he goes astray. And so the tests of

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radon are great. The tests of shaitan of Iblees and his soldiers, his followers from the Djinn and from mankind are great. And so they deceive the hearts of mankind. They deceive the mind the feelings of men in an aggressive battle that has a roaring sounds that has foot soldiers that has horses that are all brought for combat. And so Allah describes this when he says in Surah Al Assad What steps is many satellites I mean whom be so Tika well actually the highlight him behind Lika wa Raji Lika wa Shari, come fill and while he will, oh, lad, why the whom wanna Yeah, you do Homer shaitan Illa Hurrah. Allah says commanding IBLEES deceive them, deceive whoever you can from among

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them with what with your voice, and also them with your horses, and your foot soldiers. And become a partner with them in their wealth, and in their children and what and promise them and then Allah says, but shaitan does not promise them anything except delusion. We'll take a quick break and be right back as Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Stories of glory

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from a habitual stammer to a spectacular array, I couldn't even confidently say his name

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could not even dream of speaking in front of 25 people

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by the will of Allah

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By binding several millions of his fans driven 10s of 1000s to turn falsehood to ashes and accept the truth

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is Dr. Zakir Naik in every man passionate dying his passion data, his dream piece in every hope infused with a blazing flame of the unstoppable

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conferred an honor with multiple international awards for his dava endeavors worldwide.

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Looking into your

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CV as labor I

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think I'm gonna go nowhere else for just

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doctors Arkin, Mark in line chairman of the IRF Educational Trust and president of the Islamic Research Foundation

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This wedding hidden truth creates false propaganda, meaning, chaos, disorder and turmoil in our lives and the world order.

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But is there anyone with courage and wisdom?

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What is the truth and who has the courage to act?

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Because it's your right to know the truth.

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Watch truth prevail and lies PERISH IN TRUTH exposed by Dr. Zakir Naik next on Peace TV.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back. And one thing for us to realize is

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Is that shaitan when He comes to us? Where does he focus? Where does he aim act? He aims at our weaknesses, he comes for our weaknesses. And that is what he crops us in. And so we can say here, that if shaitan was expelled, if IBLEES was expelled out of Jannah, due to his envy, then we could say that Adam Alayhis Salam was expelled from Jana, because of his desire, and his greed to eternally stay in Jannah, as has been stated, by some scholars, and so, we see that what caused our father Adam Alayhis Salam and his wife to be removed from Jana was that shaitan came and attacked a weakness of his, and that was his desire, his desire to remain alive forever. Because shaitan told

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him that this tree, you see this tree here that Allah has forbidding you to eat from, if you were to eat from it, the reason why you have been forbidden to eat from it is because if you were to eat from it, you will live forever, you will never die. And so Adam alayhis, salam, his desire to live forever. This came in, and he forgot about the Command of Allah, His prohibition to remain away from this tree.

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And so today,

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which I thought comes to you, he does not come to you, at one of your strong points. That's not how he starts. So he doesn't come to you, knowing that you're a believer, knowing that you are a Muslim, knowing that you are a stranger, he doesn't come to you to try to shake the very foundations of the religion that are deeply stemmed in your heart. He doesn't come and make you don't ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. From the beginning, no, he comes at your weak points, he looks for your weak points. And that is what he tempts you with. So he knows that, for example, you are attracted to women. He knows that this is your weak point. And so he exposes women to you, he comes to you. And although you usually

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lower your gaze, he whispers to you. There's no harm if I look at that woman,

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or he comes to others.

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He called them he knows that they are addicted to drugs, or they're addicted to smoking. And these people have abandoned all of that for the sake of Allah, and they have become strangers. So what does he do? He comes to that weak point. And that person indulges in those sins, then he moves on to the other, stronger points. And so that's why we previously mentioned that the shoe will have the doubts that come to the minds of a Muslim. They only come through the door of a shallot from lustful desires, once a person has lowered his guard, and allowed Shaitan to come in, to tempt him with his Chawan his natural desires, and those desires stem from his soul once he allows Shaitan to come and

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attack him there. And then once shaitan is done with that shaitan moves on to the Shewhart the doubts about the very foundations of the deen. Also, false hopes, deceiving hopes and arrogance are sharp weapons of shaitan. And so Allah subhanahu Attallah tells us describing him Yeah, you do him well, human need him. Well now yeah, you do Homer che Pano Illa Hurrah. He promises them, and he arouses desire in them. But shaitan does not promise them except, except delusions. And so this is the reality. Don't think that these desires that you are being tempted to indulge yourself in, don't think that true happiness is in fulfilling those desires? No. The reality is, is that shaitan is

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deluding you. He's deceiving you into thinking that this is the happy life, but the reality is that he is only lying to you. And that's why on the day of judgment, He will come and he will disassociate himself from you. He will say that don't blame me rather blame yourself when the Muslim disobeyed Him and ignores him. He moves on. Then when they moved to Medina shaitan came to him and when

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Jihad was proclaimed. Shaitan came to him and said, Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't go out for jihad, you're gonna kill yourself, don't you want to enjoy yourself in this dunya. And so the true believer, he ignores him, and goes out and achieves and attains the true happiness, and that is the true happiness of a shahada of martyrdom. And so shaitan is a clear and open enemy to us. But yet most of us have taken him as a close ally. Even though Allah says Walter who who to watch a Shaitan in a hula coma, who will move in, do not follow the footsteps or shaitan for verily, he is an open enemy to you, and yet we still follow him. And he causes man to go astray. But the question is, does

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he have control over us? Allah subhana who were to Hannah says, Call Rob be Bhima Hawaii Tony, Luiza Yunnan nella whom Phil Oro, one over we are now home, a Gemma hain, il iba Giacomin Humann Lucullus. When Allah tells us what a bliss had said, he said, Because you have caused me to go astray, Oh Allah, I will beautify for them their actions in the dunya and I will cause all of them to go astray except you are believing slaying your sincere slaves. Then Allah says, fall ahead as free raw tuna hallelujah Mr. Clean, Allah La says this is my straight path. And then what does Allah say in a baddie laser laka Allah Himself dawn in Manitoba, aka mean whom Allah when Allah says that, indeed

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my slaves, you have no authority over them, except those who follow you from among those who have gone astray. Adela also says what correlates shaitan lemma kudu, el amor in Allah wa Docomo adhoc, on the Day of Judgment, after the affair has been established, and there is no more room to go back to the dunya shaitan will come and he will say that Allah, He promised you the true promise. And I promised you for love to come and I abandoned you. I promised you but I abandoned you. I betrayed you. One I can Alia highly commensal. Don, ill, and how to come first job Tom Lee. And I had no authority over you. I had no control no power over you. Except all I did was I invited you. I called

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you. And what did you do? You answered my call fell outta Lu Mooney, Waterloo and Fusa calm. So on this day, do not blame me. Do not accuse me. Don't put any blame on me. Rather, blame your own selves.

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And so we say after all this, that there is actually hope at the end of the tunnel. And so it's not game over, like many people think shaytaan overpowers them, and they think that it will there's no way out. Their desires are overwhelming, and that there is no way out. We say no, there is a way out. Yes, a bliss is a huge enemy. There is no greater enemy in this dunya compared to a bliss, and he has so many troops, so many weapons of mass destruction, not killing lives, but rather exploding and destroying hearts. And so we say that just like Allah subhana Hutan have created a bliss as a huge and great and powerful enemy, such that people will think that there is no escape from him. We

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say that Allah has also made a huge and great way of refuge, a place where the slave of Allah can go for protection from that great enemy. Whoever is protected in that fort. In that protection, there is no way that any arrow no way that any weapon of shaitan can touch him or harm him. And that is what Allah alluded to when he said, we're in Nyanza, what Amina shaytani Hassan first is the biller in who sent me Johanna Halim. Allah says that if shaitan comes to you and tempts you with something distracts you and tempts you, then what do you do? First is the biller seek protection with who with Allah, for he is the author hearing, and the most knowledgeable in Alladhina taco, either Messiah

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whom are evil min ash shaytani Tada Kuru for either who moves zero

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And Allah goes on to say, Verily those who fear Allah, if something of shaitan afflicts them, they remember they wake up and they see the reality. Whenever you are tempted by shaitan don't think that it is hopeless. Remember Allah seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala as a result, you will be able to be protected from shaitan and his whisperings and his temptations besides that, do all that wish the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has advised us in protecting ourselves from shaitan such as reciting certain verses of the Quran and reciting certain car at various times with these in sha Allah Who to Hana we will be protected from this great enemy of ours. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to protect us all the believing men and believing women and all you strangers out there from shaitan and his whisperings, that having been said, we come to the end of this episode, and we will see you all on another episode of the strangers Subhan Allah who will be Hamrick ash had a La ilaha illa and Sophie Rocha what a tubal earache was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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merci new to made me from those who love you