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Historical Background

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The host of a hedge course discusses the importance of hedge for shaping one's mind and achieving spirituality. The course covers hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge,

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Brothers and sisters in STEM Solomonic library cattle?

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How y'all doing?

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Most of you will find these One, two seats open. Okay. So let me start by introductions Welcome to Islam, I'm Ahmed waste of you know me, you don't know every man with this machine. And this hedge course, it's a bit of a short course Crash Course not that you had to crash and burn, but we hope inshallah, that this is going to put together the most essential parts of your hedge. And we can summarize it as much as we can to give you the absolute essential parts. And before I want you to look at our program at the beginning, if we go to the program then from, of course, so we're starting opposite. Now, I'm going to do a bit of a first hour so the introduction

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and the background hatch hedges deeply symbolic. And we'll talk about the virtues and the importance of hygiene, this is really spirituality. This is to get you in the right frame of mind of why you perform Hajj. It all begins with the why the NEA is not just some words that you say it's why to explain why you spending so much money going all the way you know halfway around the world without any underwear for you at the mean, and going in a circle running up and down throwing seven stones Am I doing all of this? What does it all mean? You can tell your colleagues, your co workers explain to them why you need to take three to five weeks of leave and explain to them what the significance

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of this hydroswing about two hours going into the front office team Augustine, so of the tiebreak up until off the door, the most important part of the course, which is the how to perform hajj and the flick of Hajj, the rituals of Hajj this is you know how you get a recipe of how to make a cake, you have to follow this recipe to the tee. This is something which you have to get 100% quick, the rituals of hygiene is essential. You don't want to have you know, spend so much money travel all the way, then all this prepaid for five years for everything. And when you get there, you don't know how to follow the rules of Hajj, it's very, very important. And we will take a lot of time. In fact,

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that is the core of this course, there are jewels of hedge. And if any questions that you have, we can go back and have a lot of q&a. And if we have time, if we have time, then we will go into the the secondary things of hedge, for example, zero places, it's also important we've put together to us because we in South Africa, we like to have a GitHub with everything. Now show me out what to do to make it so that we put that together for you. And we had some background information. But that is secondary. If we get to it and come to life, we don't get to it, then you can obviously read up in the books. And of course you can always make contact with me. Any questions before we start? We just

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jump into it. I always say I have one rule. Okay, one rule, you must follow the rules. My one rule is interact with me please. I don't like that awkward silence. You know, we I work they give you certain colors depending on your personality, um, sunshine yellow, and sunshine yellow people, we don't like silence, we suffer from FOMO. So I need interaction I need you to you know, find a way to have something and say something. And yes, I want you guys to have a good time. It is a Saturday, CDs business. But you know, it's a Saturday and I want you guys to follow any questions before we begin. Okay, I will alternate between slides and your notes, the slides will be seen to you

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inshallah, if you need them, we will email this to you, if you want them and a lot of information in the slides. But the way we put the book together, this is sort of your GitHub that you're going to be able to walk around with. So it doesn't have all the bands in here, all the information, what the Sharpies and the Hanafi say and all you don't need to know all that you need to know this is your go to book so that is why it's small and compact. And before I will alternate between the two, and I will flag with this important information for you to know right, so let's begin

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the most important lesson I can give you the most important lesson anyone can give you what is Islam all about as a Muslim? What is Islam all about? You've read the Quran hopefully now Ramadan, from cover to cover, what is the purpose of creation? Why have we been put here on the dunya to to worship Allah right? If you open the Quran from the beginning and to the end, it speaks about a lot of things about taking hoodoo and you know how to look after your wife and fighting jihad. It speaks about lots of things, but the very very first thing and the very very last thing of the Quran, it is La la la la, la la la la me. This is you know, you started from vtvt Islam 101 What does La ilaha

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illAllah comm

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This is the one opinion see this we're gonna have different matter here. We don't know Don't feel shy to have different opinions here today in the class just in the class in the majority

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Your old movies I would the Indian movies, you can say this is my opinion. Once you leave your movie certificate expires, and you can't use it on WhatsApp, right while you're on social media. So, La ilaha illAllah was me there is no deity other than Allah. What is the TV even more complicated? simplistically, what makes Islam unique? What your religion my religion is all about. all of humanity. Besides, for very few atheists believe in an ultimate supreme creator, they believe in one creator without getting into the terminology of Allah. Lord, use the word creator, you ask a Jew, a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, you believe in a creator? They will say yes. Is he one, they'll say Yes,

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he's the only one controlling the universe. In the African folklore, they'll say the one who controls nature. One there's one, there's only one of you. Yes, Islam says the Christians believe in one creator, but who do they worship? They worship when things are rough and tough return to Jesus right now via Islam, the Hindus, they have a plethora of many, many deities, objects of worship, idols, statues, cows, whatever it might be, when a person is in trouble. Where does he go for prediction? When he looks for guidance? Where does he find the guidance? This is all worship. Now Islam says the only one worthy of worship is that same creator, nobody else has the right of

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worship. And this is a very, very mind shifting thing. No religion on earth besides for Islam, only worships that creator and the Jews very close to that as well only worships that theater alone. Everything is based on that. And unless

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you do that I have not placed you men I've created men and Jean Jean and men, except that you should worship me. This is the reason of life. The reason why I am here you are here. Yes, we should be good people to each other. We should be good fathers mothers, we go to work all of that. But all of that is secondary. Ultimately, there's going to be one question when we reach a lot of their pm. What did you worship and how do you worship? Hajj is the combination of this thing. It fulfils. It's the ultimate symbolic showing of my worship to Allah alone. Worship is also as we're going to come to know not just a ritualistic, it's not just, it's not just what you do in the masjid, it is of

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course your entire life is divided. So everything is divided. And of course, one of the biggest symbols of the VEDA is is Hajj, okay. That's the most important point. Because vanilla, you're not going to worship the Kaaba, you're not worshiping if ever, if ever, someone could fall into sin, it would be basically a marker, you bow towards a black box, you go around the circle, right? So we'll talk about, we'll talk about this inshallah, let's talk about the history of the cover. So that's the number one lesson of your life on kiama. There are two cues I want you to join. Now I want you to join them. The only thing between the two cues will be one question, what did you worship? If it

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was a lot alone, then you're in the safe queue? Then there's a discussion about if you go to join them how long it would be, but as for the one who committed chittick almost France's eternity in January, we will do not worry your entire life is not an who you appear before a lot. Because one is committed chick, what are examples of shake, obviously bowing to someone besides Allah making some besides Allah going to a shrine, going to a comma and asking for assistance without equal protection, a string, these things are all forms of ship, dangerous, dangerous, one that inshallah now we move on and you'll see where this fits in the next question. The next thing is, you'll be

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doing a lot of ritualistic things. Where does this come from? It all comes down to the history of the Kaaba and the rituals of nebby Ibrahim.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala when he created our father Adam,

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he created with the same objective you're going to the dunya your objective is to worship me. And then Allah had designated when was the probable

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windows recoverable

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even before the item now because Allah subhanaw taala sees in elevating Woody Allen as Larry Burkett and Baraka lean alameen Allah says, the very first place that I have designated as a place of worship, the first Masjid on Earth was a mecca. And of course, we don't have beaver on him. We built the Kaaba, but before that we brought him there were many, many Muslims and they fought the Kaaba predates humanity. The Kaaba is before we were even the gym, you know, within a business within the serrana marriage. He saw a place which is mentioned the Quran abating Mahmoud Mahmoud, which is mentioned in the Quran, it is the harem of the angels so at the highest summit the highest level

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these are maka Aqaba with angels come and they can only enter this Masjid one day in the life so that those open in the morning 70,000 angels are lit in and when they leave, they can never ever return and tomorrow a new batch of 70,000 so don't feel bad even though

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Angels, so they also have a quota system, and they wait their whole life to one day. And this is the harem of the angels, which is directly parallel to the harem on Earth, which is the Kaaba. So Allah had designated the displace this little patch of Earth, this is going to be the most sacred place in terms of worship. And this is way many generations that worship that accompany and then the splits have become forgotten. The splits have become forgotten over time. And not to get into we can't do a long story from NaVi Adam through NaVi new people began worshipping others besides a lot of Linux people, the very first people to worship statues, worship comics, basically, and mean Allah

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destroyed in the first people to be destroyed. And then humanity continued and a cycle of creation and destruction, until Allah sent the father of monotheism even in other religions, the man who lives this concept of worshiping one God. Now Ebrahim appears when he comes, and he revives monotheism. And in fact, it's mentioned and it's panela, we say, if you look at him is perhaps the most revered personality on Earth, Jews, Muslims, Christians, revere Abraham, as the Father, really the patriarch of all these religions, and also the Abrahamic faiths, even the Hindus, they have the standard brahmans which is comes from Ibrahim Ibrahim to the father of the he'd love to go through

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the story, but I'm just gonna summarize quickly and most of you know the story already. You all heard this from nanny, you know, the left, Nabi Rahim he is born in Iraq. His father, Azhar is the idol Maker of the city, they worship idols, and people will come to so they're not going to be doing this as a problem. I'm in love with this woman. And, you know, I want to marry her. But she's not even like, what what are you with me? Can you make me a special idol that I can worship? I can pray to, and it will be the heart of this girl. Okay, so how does it look? You know, it looks like this makes it like that. So then you take down specifications of the idol, and you start building them in

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a young boy, you would sit in his father's workshop, and you see this half made idle on the flow line, the end mean, tomorrow is polished and sitting in the center of town at the parade, and everyone is worshiping it. This doesn't make sense to me. How is it that something might dead mean? You are asking this thing for help and assistance, you know, give me like, give me this helped my relatives give me this, it didn't make sense to you. And so we know the long story, they would have a special temple with all the major idols were cooking, and the city had a day of eat, they went out and they had a picnic. And Abraham says is not feeling well. And so he was the only man only person

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in the city. And so then he goes into he sneaks into the temple, and he starts digging through the axe and he fixes the idols, I'm going to break you. Why don't you do? Why don't you are the gods that can bring the rain, you're the gods that can stop earthquakes, why don't defend yourself, and obviously, I don't respond. And so he breaks the idols one by one, and he leaves the axe around the big idol, the main idol, when the people come back, and look what happened to our gods who did this to our temples who vandalized this temples. And, and of course, this is this one person that we know speaks about the idols and he's made some some funny comments about them his legacy, but on him. And

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so they coordinate Abraham and he said, Can you do this Ibrahim? Did you break these idols of ours? So this is why you're asking me. This is the guy with x, the big idol, he's got the murder weapon, ask him, ask him. He's got the murder weapon. So they said, How can you ask idol? He can speak. He can listen, he can't say anything

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to you, then why are you worshiping the thing?

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Like what do you mean worshiping the thing? So they couldn't respond to him. And so the entire city basically threw his own dead by the fire to burn the sky. And Allah subhana wa tada made him and at that point, and so he left the city and the only two people that you know, could understand what he was saying, was his young cousin, lute Naboo Teresa, and a young girl Tara, who would marry and so the three of them are traveling, and he was preaching the message that Allah has ordained made him a prophet, giving him guidance. And this beautiful passage in the Quran that summarizes Allah says in the Quran, many, many places. Why we talk about NaVi Brahim, because it's a massive link between our

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oma and V Brahim. And it's a big link between our rituals, our rituals, we do it in emulation of Aviva in his life is what we do symbolically, we follow his life, so that Allah says in the Quran, so now Viva is a beautiful passage, we need a different machine, different people that worship different things. So he comes and of course, he spoke the idol worshipers. And when it comes to a group of people and they worshipping the stars, and he says, Okay, I'm going to worship the stars with you, right? Then he says, Wait, but the moon is bigger than the stars. I can't worship something smaller.

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Later, so must be the moon, the new moon disappeared. And he says, I don't like to worship something like that disappears, so and then he sees the sun. Well, the sun is even bigger. So I worship the sun, the sun worshippers make sense in the sun. If the sun sits in really God, you know God is gone now you can worship him now is missing, we have to just wait until the sun reappears. So he says, all these things I have rejected as my god are other I worship the maker of these things. And then he

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he says, the one that made me I worship him, and he's the one that feeds me, and the one that gives me drink. And when I'm sick, he's the one I asked for cure. And when I die, the one I'm going back to that one is my, he's my God, and he's the one I worship. So this is him. And he's preaching this message. He travels to Egypt and long story about basically the king of Egypt, wanting to Melissa and a lot predicted her. And so the king of Egypt seen this lady away, basically every time he wants you to come near her, the king of Egypt, she would make a dua, and you would have epilepsy, you would collapse the king. And so after trying three, four times to rape her, you realize we'll do

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some bigger powers with this lady. So he said to the gods, you brought me a witch, like a gin? How could you bring me this lady send her away, and this man had seen her way and give her one of the gifts or whatever she wants. And he was a slave, go hotjar Take her with you, and leave. I don't want to be near this lady. And so LeBron leaves Egypt and he settles in Palestine and he settles in Palestine, in Jerusalem. And they he's preaching and he gets followers that we lose leaves in the volute has his own city, Sodom, Sodom and Gomorrah basically, a story for another day, there's a clause that's more akin to the marriage clause.

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What not to do in marriage, right, then

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he, he settles now in Palestine, and humans are they married, but never even realizes he's getting old. And he fears my legacy that this that I'm teaching people now that I'll follow a small photo is not a lot. And he's one door and his dream is Yala. Many, many, many of the doors of the Quran are actually useless

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at uni Hashanah, that one

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have been at the company.

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For example, this one that we brought him

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was actually an amoeba he used to grant me the reason David and grant the offspring, he brought his dog so he makes to iccr a lot become old, become gray, I deeply wish to have a descendant I wish to have a son that will follow in my footsteps that will not for the sake of being a dad. But for the sake of continuing this message to teach people about you worshiping you assume that you will inspire solder could not have a child and so that we brought him with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. He made it harder. In second life story. We are going to go into the discussion. This a second lives are permissible except in Cape Town, or certainly in my household. That's where

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the fiber was given to me, but the topic for another day. So he married hajah alayhis. Salam, the gay great many, many generations of Salaam comes from hardship. And so he marries her and Allah blesses them with a sudden smile, side note in his house. Now my listeners, what does this mean?

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gibril smile. This means Allah basically myka in Allah and ismat means to hear. So NaVi Brahim after like 50 6070 years of very important point to take care of the man who did all of the things we can do after so long for the sun. And finally, when Allah gives him a son, he says, I'm going to name this my Allah. Allah answered my dua. That's what his name is Masha. Allah heard and answered my dua.

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When Allah nan allottee says ambia our thesis in a very symbolic way, not the same like vim than the artists literally, with the things they love with the things that they fear the most.

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Right, the Messiah is running away from him by selling yoga to the one that you fear the most. Go to Pharaoh, Nabi Yaqoob, loves the use of the most and so Allah separates the two of them in terms of a greater purpose for us to learn through the lives. So the V Brahim and is now with this lovely voicemail the apple of his eye. And so Allah says student of Abraham, you will take his money, you will take your wife hotjar you will go to a place in the middle of nowhere, I will give you the coordinates and your GPS you go there when you get there for further instructions. So now before I even takes our journey to go on a journey is basically a few months old, maybe five six months old,

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still unable to talk a walk and so he gets to this place maca and at that time maka there was absolutely nothing, not even. Not even like a lot of work but like there was absolutely nothing in my career. And he gets to this value, not knowing what to do. And then Allah says leave them leave her job leave is mine.

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You go back to Palestine, someone asked me about this because in the Bible actually, it says that. And this of course, rivalry between the bunnies or even adults, these are basically cousins, the descendants of Israel, the descendants of newbies have been brought in second son Welcome, this rivalry between them. And of course, religion has become further on that. And in the Old Testament, the ultimate Testament is man, he was a bad boy. And so, you know, didn't like him so much. We sent him away, in the baby all the way, then you can't think of the MB of Allah with the only thing that normal father would do this. The only reason he would leave his family V is because of a command

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from Allah. And there's a beautiful Ayah which shows you that this is something very difficult to do whenever you put on him so often, even on him, I take it harder, often it's my camel, he gets on the camel, and he goes away. And Roger says Ebrahim, like, what's going on? What are you doing? Why are you leaving us here? And he doesn't say anything. He doesn't even look at it. He just keeps walking. And he she keeps asking, and she says, Is this a command that has been given to you by Allah? And you're doing it because Allah said so? Yes. Okay. He says, I'm satisfied. This is the last decree when I put myself in Allah zanzi will not fail. As soon as Rahim goes behind a you, we couldn't see

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him. He was being strong. And now he breaks down and cries and he's pulling pieces. And he says, I've been sculpted into reality. Ladies,

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I have as you commanded, lift a part of my family, in a valley close to your sacred house, empty, nothing, not even close. Not even anything I've lived in the so that they may worship You, they may mix further. And so Allah, you have not allowed me to stay here and after them. So since some people to come and help them and inclined to turn provide for them, and grant them fruits, so that they may be grateful to help them Yala. I've lived in in UK, and so now i'd be breaking leaves. You mix this door, and he goes, and he actually sits near the middle of nowhere. And as time goes by the woods that she came with runs up, the baby begins to scream and cry, milk dries up, and now she begins to

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panic. Basically, the sun beats down on them. newborn baby, he is going through dehydration, and she is she is completely completely afraid. So now maca, you'll get to know unlike Medina, maka is he of us. And inside Valley is the Kaaba, basically sort of little hills around. And so now when she looks around to find nothing in this valley, she runs to the closest Hill, little hill to mountain. This place is called Safa. So she runs up on the sofa, looking for water is mainly screaming all of you know, when a child screams we these are both a baby cry, you know, there's like an alarm that goes off in us. And so she's panicking. I mean, you Can any of you on, you know, you had kids, you know

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when a child is screaming, and this is a serious cry. It's not like naughty crying. This is like this is I'm dying, I need help. So she's panicking and she runs onto the first Hill suffer. And she looks around cools around no one. And then she runs down the hill to the Hill in the distance. And she runs up Marwa looks around conceding thing and runs back to suffer. And she does this seven times beginning to Lean Belly light. So anyone must think and we will revise this redo the site, what was going through her mind what was the kind of panic and when she reaches for the sixth time, she sees a strange man standing over a sun. And when she comes rushing towards a boy who says and

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the stranger kicks onto the ground and stomped to the seal and out bubbles, water and the stranger leaves and Sahaja you know because he's wearing the water will disappear again. She makes into a little pond. He dammed up she put the rocks around it. And so the water stays there. And this is a booster one of them's going amazing something I saw myself. The one of them's on some of the biggest construction in the world is around the Kaaba, the biggest buildings on earth today and they go deep down in the ground new and he knows construction you actually got the bigger the building, the deeper down you need to go and the more they dig, they don't find any river or anything leading and

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this is just a few meters, literally a few 100 meters. But even kilometres we're talking just a stone's throw away from the Kaaba, and there's no water source in that area. Yet for 10,000 years or more. This well of Zamzam continues to produce water and you don't need to see this now anymore that close it up but in the past you could actually see the well. So when you look down you see this hole and water is coming in from the sides. In fact there are three like channels where the water comes in. Each channel is not Zamzam. If you take water from this pot neck pot, it only becomes in that way it mixes together. And what's amazing, the more you extract from this well, the flow the rate of

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water gushing increases, it increases and if you

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Stop pulling the water, it reaches a level it stops, the flow just stops when it reaches that level. And the more you extract, the faster the flow goes to maintain that level is amazing. Uh, well, we know wells dry up. We know that Panama and later to Qatar, you have at least 5 million people two and a half million in two and a half million Medina, there's water being pumped taken from Marcus Medina and behind Allah, this continues to flow continues to flow, one of the miracles of the miracles of Allah that is still alive is still the total that we don't have. So Salaam in his time, 1004 years

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was alive and well. And they continued all through the ages until now until the end of time. And in fact it may Allah have mercy on the mother is married, if she just lived. She didn't try to make it into a dam, it wouldn't be a well, if it was of course, not like the Nile has been flowing for 1000s and 1000s of years, they would have been a salmon Salmon River, it would have been flowing until the end of time, but she made it into a dam. And so a lot made it into a well. Okay. Awesome. So then, yes.

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That's angels, video,

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Angel God. And so she has water, she feeds the child, the Hadees, you come to know, the processing system is whatever you eat substitute to anything, water substitutes for food, and wildlife, similar life knowledge of the student telling you from, you know, the only air and dreams that are sometimes really true, the something I experienced. Personally, I gave a goodbye once about Sahaba things a lady with happiness, he had one of those companions. And you know, why do you give a good back, you get to see who is interested in Islam. I mean, I can see now I was interested in

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this guy, and he's like in tears. It wasn't a very profound, like, cry worthy, right? But he's like, chunking this not into?

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You know, so then afterwards, I get to speak to this uncle and I say, you know,

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I'm not that good, but like, what's up? And so he says, You know what he had to send this to this Boise is my son and you just, you know, as you speaking, I feel through that my son, and it's just like this boy, something miraculous happened with him. So this is my son was born with like a kidney problem. And the doctors basically said, you will need a kidney transplant and nothing we can do we just manage the disease. Okay, six months ago, we went to Makkah fukumura. And this boy is six, seven years old. And I said to him, they you know, if you drink some salmon you make do I was gonna kill you. Now we say that As parents, we know it in the mind, but the heart is not fully convinced.

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But the autistic child believes fully. And so he says

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drinking liters and liters of them go to the toilet, but you know, I let him and he was just drinking making that molecule me, we came back from the humara history can't explain it gone. Diseases gone. Of course, it doesn't mean everyone who's sick will be killed from that. But they all saw me I mean, this is a story one student I know personally and I say Look, my son is cured can explain why because he believes this has made the draw and

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he like makes you do whatever you want from it. I want help. I want a cure I want sustenance, Allah blesses you through the drinking of zombies is really powerful. Obviously, miraculous water is a miracle here. So drink as much as you can. When you on the back to Islam even harder. So now they have water. And with time, birds start to settle because birds know what is water. And because birds it'll be a tribe of Arabs,

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Arab, but it will become an atom so the people of the desert of the Arabs. So this Bedouin tribe, they see these birds and they know where these birds are this water. And so they come to Makkah, and they see this woman and this child and they say you can see here as well. So you see this owl Cheetah well with you, and we can live together. And so this is the first group of long story basically of people who settle in Makkah, then Allah allows the Libra in go and visit your family. So now Ibrahim goes back after could be months could be even longer a lot on how long these Libra gets to go back to his wife and son. And it's my you cannot walk and the Libra him returns to him.

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And maybe Brahim says, Allah says what if but what Nellie Brahim McConnell Beatty electric Misha invited

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me to a place to do. And Allah says and then we designated for Iran in the sight of my house saying this Ada Ibrahim, this is way you're going to build something called acaba. But I didn't know anything about the Kaaba. So this is where you build my house at my house. And of course Allah doesn't live in a house. But in every machine in fact, everything belongs to Allah. But this is going to be the focal point of my worship, for whom that should be sure that none can be worshipped besides me and purify this place for those who make the off for you basically, for call me those who stand in Sala world Cancer Institute

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

Nabil Brahim is not commanded with a smile in both the Kaaba and also

00:30:06--> 00:30:06


00:30:08--> 00:30:46

Similarly, as an AVI Brahim and building the Kaaba together dead father and son, what a wonderful do it yourself, you know, the daddy son moment together, they bought the car the video comes down and it gives them basically they didn't have data to show me. So what do you believe we'll do is we'll tell Ibrahim though the rock of the size the shape bring it like a jigsaw puzzle they will put it together and so they would have the structure without any motor being put together and it's like that stuck together. And there was one section missing. It required one milestone and that's known as growth from Jenna and this is the what we call known as the Blackstone huddle. So the Blackstone

00:30:47--> 00:31:00

at the time it was it was white initially but it's turned black is turned black and if you look at just a lot of side notes here after they finish build the cover the Navy with me made this to our which is such a powerful guy which we all know

00:31:02--> 00:31:25

him except from us we finished Mashallah we finished, we finished made our move on Yala, extending it we've done the work but now we need to make dua to Allah except from us because the deed is not accepted and what is the point? Allah except in the country we live you know a new year everything that we do so yeah Allah except from us. And the V Rahim continued it continued maintenance in the Quran. continues he made another

00:31:28--> 00:31:29

Muslim eeny laka

00:31:31--> 00:31:33

laka well, arena man as you can.

00:31:35--> 00:31:35


00:31:37--> 00:32:23

you are an uncertain people like me to draw on to you. Libra, he now he builds to cover even additional standards from us. You are the one that hears everything and sees what we have done. Our law make us me and my family and my son, a Muslim family, those who submit to you and from our descendants with us. We're a family of Muslims a nation of Muslims. We're Idina Manasa Khanna, now you know the monastics what's monastic you hear this word Manasa goes with Hajj, monastic means ritual, ritual, basically monastic means rituals. So he says our law and lit our rituals become manifest make it become practice our rituals that we do, now keep going right so Allah He or make

00:32:23--> 00:32:30

dua within free people, it may be a nation that continues to follow our rituals. And Allah accepted that you are because he bought the Kaaba.

00:32:31--> 00:33:14

And now Allah says every single year I will see millions to fulfill this law even on him from all corners of the world. They will they will make Hajj what to buy and Allah forgive us in the candelabra him. Robin Allah Fie Masuda Mimi is limited. moto is a key in the candidacies in Hakeem. And anyway another special da our la seen in this people in this area, the NaVi special NaVi and of course it's the unseasonably Mohammed thermocellum power of veto power these doors every single one of these doors are law folded. You didn't get to see the immediate, but it came after a very long time Allah gave him his story would continue either before the building of the cabinet or just off

00:33:14--> 00:33:57

the building of the cabinet. Now he brought him as a dream and the dream of the MBR to mbse dream it's true it's from Allah subhanaw taala and he sees his dream that he needs to sacrifice is mine. I have to show to my son that I've been longing for so long. I finally get the son that I was leaving in the desert. Finally Allah can visit him we have this father son moment we both acaba Now listen up Apple comm delay Allah thank you for the time. I want you to kill him. Yeah, Allah. Yeah, what is this? So now Viva MCs is married as well. So you know, this is yeah boonie that oh my son, I see in my dream that I am I have to sacrifice you. What do you think I should do is in the Quran. The Quran

00:33:57--> 00:34:17

says reason. And the reason why he knows is that is an IV there is a very special man. He says if this is the command of Allah, do what you Lotus commanded in sha Allah, I'll try to be patient so that he brought in 67, and he can't do this in Armenia. So he leaves Mecca, and he goes to a area outside of Makkah called Mina. Mina takes the obese male and as his

00:34:19--> 00:34:59

chicken appears to be brought in, and he says Ibrahim, This is madness. You killing your son, this cannot be correct. And so Ibrahim picks up seven stones and he throws a chicken she tournaments and then she appears to the moment and he says Roger, first he marries you then he leaves here and the second wife is gazzara and now he wants to take the one thing that you have your son How can you do this? Take this line and run away and she picks up seven stones and she throws a chip on and then she appears to smile and says Your dad is going to kill you leave runaway How can you allow him to do this and the boy little boy picks up the seven stones and he throws the sheath on his belt

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

rejection of a pawn. And when he takes his money to certain places of sacrifices we look good or bad happens in Mena, because avatar in the world only operates about a weekend off 10 days because avatar in the world, no cheap suited only 10 days in Mena, and so he takes them to a certain place, and he puts the minimum goes down, like in a sujood motion, he can't look he raises the axe and he's about to you know, strike and Allah says stop Ibrahim your portfolio pass. It's a test. I tested you with that which you love the most. And don't throw to your son. Instead, I'd send you a special sheet from Jenna, snow to the sheep enjoy. And this will be virtuals that will be followed by you,

00:35:42--> 00:36:11

by your family until the end of time. And this is behind a lot. Every ritual you do is symbolic. And everything goes back to the story. You must think about the mind sick of the person who did it when Archer was running up and down in southern Morocco looking for water for her child when he brings or sacrifice the thing that you love the most choose me above that. That's what we think we could ban when you reject shavon shavon in London, the jemalloc is when people go crazy. See people go crazy jemalloc j

00:36:12--> 00:36:52

champion literally fighting, God is gone. It's rejection of shape on inside of you throwing it out there, that I reject you. Everything you call me towards I reject you. Even though what you're saying is beautiful, what you say I want to take on what he's calling us to is what we want. We reject that. All these things and of course, symbolism of the law. For sure, we don't know the exact reason but I mean symbolic nature, the law. Somebody needs to find a law. Everything if you look in the universe, from the atom until the biggest things in the universe, it revolves around a nucleus into it, its motion is it's fixed to a center no matter where you go. The something which pulls me

00:36:52--> 00:37:04

the center, a lot of data is out center. You know the angels, some of them make the wall they you know, circle it on the throne of Allah subhanho data. This is symbolic of that. Side note here isn't the

00:37:05--> 00:37:50

devil's advocate to the man who broke idols, the man who took you away from thing of worshipping objects, he is the one that bolts a structure with people must worship and people fall in tribute and people bow to this thing and people go around in a circle is ultimately the same of what other people are doing. Because even the idol worshippers Abuja houses I know that I worship this idol. I know but I don't believe this thing created me. This thing is symbolic. The Hindu will tell you it's symbolic what I'm doing it's got nothing to do. I don't believe this thing is the makeup creator sustainer is the same You and I are doing is not the same question. Judge we're going to go around

00:37:50--> 00:37:52

the Kaaba would like to answer this.

00:37:54--> 00:37:57

Oh, didn't say that. It's not is is that?

00:37:58--> 00:38:00

Okay, is the Qibla and I also know

00:38:03--> 00:38:18

Okay, so the first thing that was in order to create unity, but does that answer the question? If someone says Your job is what did I say? The most important lesson is not magic. Do not worship someone besides on last year you are bowing to black box.

00:38:20--> 00:39:05

Getting the point okay, the Kaabah as we said the difference between us and maybe the idol worshiper is if I am worshipping this idol helped me idol right when I move the idol year, I will tell you, and if I move the idol back, I will place the idol if the cover was removed, that is to keep the stones and say normal deal and say normal experiences video. So normally, these people that will idol worshipers before, before Islam, the idol worshipers and therefore, when signalman sued in the basis of him kissing, the only part of the carpet, you kiss is no other part. It's hard to kiss any other part of the character. There's no purpose to it. And in fact, the stones vinyl of the stones

00:39:05--> 00:39:12

and the stones of the carpet has been built in the book many many times over. In fact, the carpet you see now if I included

00:39:13--> 00:39:50

the cup as it is now is wrong. It's not how it should be included completely wrong. And we'll talk about that now. But normally, the lender would see maybe some keys to Blackstone and he coming from a background of idol worship, the nervous when you see people kissing stones and throwing stones. So he goes to the cup and he says, I know you're just a stone. I know you don't have any power to help me or benefit me You have no powers. So I only kiss you because I showed you the evaluator is to follow the sooner you know the better is it three days because the sooner he did it, and that's why I do it on eat morning I eat dates. Why not? Because it's my claim. Now Swan I can have anything in

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

the dunya right but now if they try to follow the tsunamis just to follow in his footsteps, so I kiss you because I touched the Leukemia. Monica touched you very soon.

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

Acaba, even if you took the black stone and put in your coffee prediction, they will still feel your cost vanilla and you might even come in doing that it will not protect you in the least. You know, for 20 years, a group of people came to Harlem, they vandalized the Harlem they killed the judge. They took the black stone to Bahrain. Now

00:40:19--> 00:40:55

we can change behind. We didn't go to Bahrain for Hajj, because we see the Kava is just a direction. It is not itself an object of worship, that tomorrow we'll have some Allah. And it has happened in the history, the Kaaba burned down many times to collapse. There was a time there was no copies of time when they were rebuilding the Kaaba, it was no cover. So people face the cover in Sora. And they would go around that area in terms of thoughts, because we don't worship that structure. It is a direction that we worship. And as I see the cover as easy is not correct. What do I mean by that?

00:40:58--> 00:41:00

Was rectangular, not

00:41:01--> 00:41:38

squeezing the cabinet, the moment is squeezed. And you know, and we'll get to this when we look at the cabinet. It's got the semi circular thing you're familiar with the grouchy here is the curl to the original is made of the Hatim school that I've had in mind. You see what the Kaaba and you see this is the carrier, this is the door, you've got the semicircular thing on the side. So on your course notes, that's the front the basically behind that is where you will have the semicircular thing, What is this thing? Why is this grouchy? Basically the time when a business owner before he became an ad, the Quraysh wants to rebuild the car because it burns and collapse and flood came and

00:41:38--> 00:42:17

he got severely damaged, the car basically collapsed. So the Qureshi wants to rebuild it. And they wanted to take only clean money, even though he understood I can't bold the Kaaba with interest money. I can't go and hide your money. What's the point? So they said, We will only get donations of money that is pure money, had our money, and they had limited funds of Holloman. So they bought the cover, and then they ran out of funds. So they said, you know, okay, when we get more money, we'll complete the project. But for now, we just put a crouching here to show this is still the cover, but it's working, what's the space, it's coming. But this is part of the original foundation. And so

00:42:17--> 00:42:48

they rebuilt the cover. We know the story that they were the one stone that was still from the original structure, the black stone still from the Libra in Stein, they will about to fight one another who gets to put it back in me. And he got to so intense moment with all the tribes, all the Buddhists, and I must do it. I'm the chief and they're about to pull the sword out and fight one another, to have the honor putting the Blackstone and once in a while you guys wait, wait, wait, this fight over this. Whoever comes into the door, let him decide what we should do. So in the Visa Center before he became an FBI, he walks into the room, he just happened to walk in the middle. The

00:42:48--> 00:43:25

one we love and we trust. I mean, you decide what we should do, we must put the black stone in. And so he said all of the big booties get together, all of you come together. Let's put the black stone in the towel. We all carry together to the Kaaba and I will put him and so they accepted this and averted a bit of a civil war. And so this was the cabin and in abyssal Salah many years later, when he conquers Makkah, it tells Ayesha you know, the capital you have now is incomplete, liquidation never finished the job. And how the original capital should have looked it should be extended to increase included cloud area. Plus, they should be a secondary in the back. They should be doing the

00:43:25--> 00:44:02

front and doing the back. And people should be allowed to go through and make sure that inside this is how the Viva looked like. But he said so I said oh, you're not going to change it. He said No, I'm not. You know, imagine the first thing I do when I conquer Makkah. First thing we're going to do we demolish the Kaaba. What would this do to the people you know, you'll see the people are still new Islam they still don't have the wisdom we still you know, they're not fully as Muslim so we leave it like that. And Mr. Salim never got the chance to actually complete it. And it has Yes, there were times when actually got booked properly got diverted incorrectly until back and forth,

00:44:02--> 00:44:39

back and forth. It happened a few times until Mr. Mallika Maliki Madhavi says leave it as is equal to stay like this as it is. And so it is like it is in this incorrect structure. And what was the one benefit of it as it is now It allows every single person opportunity to make Salah imagawa because we make sure that in the crouchie area in Hatim you actually in Nicaragua, you can soon to make two records in the cover. And that's you can make photos so that your photos are accepted. And also please when you make the off you will talk about this. Don't take a shortcut through that thing. Because you must make the walk around the cabin not through the cover. So that is part of the

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

garba Okay, so that we got the backstory of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. And this will of course, be very important once we get to the rituals of hijo de facto just the intro. Any questions? Any questions? so far? So good. That's the easy part. Right? We all this is the stuff we all already know. We all know okay.