Mohammad Elshinawy – A Light from Another World – Jumuah 05.01.2020

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of guidance for the future is discussed, including the history of Islam and the need for people to be considerate. The cultural evolution of the world is also discussed, with a focus on being nice and not oppressive. The need for a guide to the roadmap and sharing experiences is emphasized, with a mention of military play and a surprise. There is a need for people to act with love and share experiences in a rewarding and inspiring way.
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In a company that has very little guidance we'll see now we'll see that in the

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future, when they

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should No, no, you have to eat a lot or you can actually get up, or should I not remember that I'm going to do what I need to do also.

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Yeah, you

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would love to play the game and go into the studio as before about immunity for the UFC for further funding as a

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manager to feel

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for the love and defeat

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of love Academy, or do you have a

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couple of law who will vote against the need for

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so that we prefer the first goes around the

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after personal life religion, and asking that we send his final species blessings upon us, Mr. Bob already sent them and reminding ourselves to deal with the tough ball of love to be conscious and dutiful, to a loss of agenda as best as we possibly can. Especially when we are in an unbroken line of money we revive and restore the tug of war that has begun to crumble, the RBA

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will begin

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by saying this is the month before I

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come into the Quran, knowing what you're supposed to walk away with is extremely important.

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And allow him to go and turn the lights on for you is a prerequisite is a requirement for you to actually get illuminated by this book.

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At the end of the show, our services even the prophets of Allah already uses what can then the campaign activity.

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And thus, by revealing this too, and this fashion, and those we have inspiring reveal to you a little way from our commandment in the law here is the spirit of Adam is called the spirit for a very obvious reason it gives life gives life to our hearts in sight to the world as he continues doing.

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And then Allah has a tendency to see morons that said they

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wouldn't believe you or someone who said them did not know you had no idea. He didn't say most of the time, you don't know what the book was better than you did not have the slightest idea what those words mean, you could never have come across it, you never came across anything like it. Nobody ever had the ability on your own. So come across guidance, this perfect this sound analysis complete this bolted. You had no idea what the book was whether the man nor woman would be was even the promise of the law.

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And this is huge to recognize that even the poorest parts of our province of Milan right at the center, the furious clients of mine in the province and the longer it goes

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before Allah says I'm so into our world before we can see this like we had no access to, I mean, some of us and you think about that the prophets of Allah it is indeed what he realize something's wrong with the world.

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And the most he could do as the most ideal human being ever was to separate himself from the world and to dedicate himself and devotion. However, he knew how the way that is left over from the remnants of our Abraham's worship, he went into a cave, the cave of Iraq, and he continued to just appeal to Allah for guidance. So he did not do exactly what he was looking for. He knew what he was running from. He knew that Allah some kind of guide that was it, the actual content substance of the guidance was not there. He could not get the details right in the Santosa nevertheless shared with the people he just said the best I can do separate from the people separate from listings. And then

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Allah azza wa jal says the Quran treat everything possible shows me this is what you're looking for. This is actually what you need. You see, human beings don't even know what they need. They may know they're looking for something that they find it then they realize it's not what I was looking for. They continue working until they actually discovered Allah's guidance that well this isn't about me at all.

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And if you think about the the practice of Allah says and guided by must permission to do so and so

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Only people until today, the lights don't get turned on for them until they find themselves in front of the school. There are so many people out there that see themselves and see it important to be nice people know that we are a volunteer Eurostars to everybody.

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Until the profanity, two minutes, got them to realize that I'm nice to everybody. And I'm overlooking the one that Trump problems or it's mandatory to be nice. I'm ignoring the one that I always insist is Sue, I'm disregarding him in my life. And so the variety has been revised in silico. And why you don't give it the people of America, it's very interesting how much the Orion tells its audience who Anwar is when it's first audience believe that leaders associated partners with him, because he didn't realize they needed a restoration almost three years ago, to realize how big of a crime that is to equal him with anyone. And then other people without the exact opposite.

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They see that being good with God synthetically government by Chroma ritual worshipping instead of the third, and they don't realize the lights off. How big of a crime is to hurt the illustration.

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To be oppressive to people, you're permitted to die. These are these are these are the sleeves. So how can you come off thinking you're close to him without that, and there's a lot going on overhead pain is broken up in some of our animals and broken the world through through the slides were all the dark corners compete slowest, where you could realize what it really looks like to live a life rights that you couldn't get on your own. Even if you were genuinely, even if it were the prophets of Allah Almighty consider themselves without his book.

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And it's instruct that preferred equilibrium for us between, for example, the rights of Allah just to follow that example forever, and the rights of this race to the point that I can log on right now.

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And the dedication that is required in our lawn.

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The same way we're supposed to be dedicated so much of the usual recitation of the Quran was supposed to be just as dedicated to serving the poor and feeding those who are accepted, the fast and the feed, the fast and the recitation of the Scripture and the surface of humanity. When you think about humanity's death, and the death of human mitigating, you're locked up in it and solitude, advisors worship even better and so a lot of our listeners would say Viet MCFD Hagerty FV for me to walk out in daycare the lives of my brother, if I completed this need for him, I fulfilled it entirely. 100 believe he is here to meet them to make ends meet and this was to the mindset and

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this is the meaning for every single parents 1000 More than any other restaurant that could they get together, which is a great act of worship by itself in this messy industry question he said for an entire month.

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That's why our best selling we love it.

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And listen to this final iteration about this issue Vatican's own diplomatically rocked the world. And we need to become once again a reflection of that it's normal to revive that,

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that when you're cycling around and become the most generous living with more recognizing a loved one, or recognizing frustration, that's an undertaking it said he said that's the reason why he was the most generous some of our second Promobot because he recycled the most parabola. They are they have to be in parallel or else something is gravely wrong. So if not our best is once again to get in the masjid and we saw a man with sadness and his reasoning was wrong. He said, You know, I just don't have the money to pay back the debt in our person. Should I speak up for you? Notice I didn't say

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every intention. He said No, there's nothing that I could go and speak to the guy to give you a little commentary from a speaking for you if you want to suddenly dominance in athletics. So now best practice sandals walked out of the mess with ISOFIX Whoa, whoa, you don't know what you're doing. You're never forgot. We were never together.

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He said if our best friend back towards the masjid. And he said I heard from the companion of history that occupy your history books on Sunday. He said the narrator says and even unless his eyes welled up with theories, and he said without even planning and it wasn't very long ago that he forces

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that for us to walk out onto the surface of our brothers is better for us than to take up the jacket to use those reverie via our to catch on mobile this sort of is such an such an extended portfolio.

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I'm about to be about a sugar daddy, that's a little sad to hear that question, I have to remember that I'm happy to do whatever you want. So

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there's something also very beautiful about the end of the scale. Allah says, We made this format alight by which we guide whoever we wish up our sleeves, Laura, NFTE men in the chat, we're going to be ready. But then Allah says, somebody that should take your attention, if we're paying attention, when you look at attempting it as the new Strapping, and, you know, robot surgeon, the guide to the straight path.

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There's something a little bit off here, from our expectations.

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We died with this book.

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And then Allah says, You guide to the straight back. So who is the one that ducks I never know if it's important what the I

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have her have study. But there's two types of guidance. But I never noticed that there is a I never, I never caught my attention before. Only Allah to get someone to embrace this guidance. That's one type of guy who is still in the offering in the province.

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But the prophets of the mud where it was said that offers the guidance of conveying of the sharing of teaching. That's why it says at the end of the session, and you can guide people and move guide to the back, kind of like a phrase, we have an English expression, you can see horse to water, you can't make a drink, the problem setup is $1 Absolutely a guide to the pet, as to actually adopt with that, that is only for Eliza, you showed them the glory of this theme, the perfect nature of this theme. And to be very honest, and recommend will be extra honest, oh my god, that is what it really says that this lesson becomes a place where people will recognize the greatness and see and that in

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all aspects considered involves the delivery of health service the religious front and serves the humanitarian front if you vote, we have to upgrade people in this message by every measure. So that as we said earlier, they need to realize all this is what I was looking for. I wasn't even knowing that I was looking at this till they actually land on

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and that is something that requires the full package to be available to be assisting people to come in to find out what they actually need more than the solidarity and maybe even the the financial assistance and the sense of community they need something bigger, they need something that can substitute and serve them for longer and better with all of that in mind. May Allah make us like our prophets of Allah or any of us who guide to the street pack in the fullest sense of the word show people getting access to the comprehensive nature of this theme that serves humanity on every front may allow us to live experience understand and live by the last minute from

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a loved one or

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a loved one or for men are a lot more familiar with

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hola Miami,

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Eugenia Sahara has an accent. This is

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a surprise

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among them I think the quality level quality of words which are being said to me among them

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a model was sort of someone saw a model whereby we were better than that. Now we'll see that really now the feedback of gradual fina a lot has celebrated with this survey that we have set the ones that we think are you

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I will set up the military to play games and venture out

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one more slowly, which is what I have absolutely no idea for some of them will send them Obamacare. I mean I'm from the product.

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