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AI: Summary © The importance of hedging and the journey to achieve theContinues of Islam is a combination of physical and spiritual aspects of Islam, with guidance to make everyone the best person to be. hedges are a blessing for everyone, and they are important in protecting against evil behavior. hedges are a way to achieve hedges goals and can be rewarded. The success of hedges in bringing rewards and helping people achieve hedge goals is discussed, along with the importance of avoiding slavery and achieving hedge goals.
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I want to talk about the virtues of hygiene. So the virtues of Hajj in your book in your notes. So I following slides, in your course notes, we did the first one to three, the significance of Hajj, the lessons of Hajj, you can also take all this is around net spirituality, there's multiple dimensions to Islam and your journey, your journey, you need to get the rituals, correct. That's the most important. That's one on one, one on one is how to do the rituals. That's our focus today. But of course, and as we know, one Buddha making saraya and the man next to him is like even in the earth in terms of the sincerity in terms of what's inside. And that's the journey you guys need to take.

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And you have to have been preparing yourself from then until now. And until you get to Hajj to get to the point where you're spiritually in the right frame of mind, the rituals easy, the rituals, all of you should be doing exactly the same. There shouldn't be any difference. But the inside stuff, the spirituality, that is something that you need to work on, get the Eman levels up training, that will not happen by itself some people's heinola they've been preparing this for this journey. 25 years in the making already. When they get thrown when they get to the Kaaba, you'll see them breaking down in tears because they have been waiting for other people in parallel. We will we don't

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know how we get on our journey. Allah selects whatever you want. Some people didn't even think of it yesterday, and they find themselves in Mecca. And all of a sudden, so now they need to work on that spirituality. So all those things are, you know, that's the intro. We're getting to page number 13 the virtues of hedge by virtues. These are the things the why what is it in for me Allah? Why am I taking leave, I couldn't go to Apollo at the price of hedges right now you can have a very nice holiday at some Island and enjoy yourself, right? But you're doing this most of us we do things because we are obligated I do it just to get it have to do this, I have to do it. So I do it. This

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is the nature of Alabama, I mean that there's some goodness in it. I only wake up if it wasn't the fact that I had to. And no one wants to wake up for fudger. It's a very special people, hopefully we get the mean. But for most of us, it's a chore like washing the dishes that we just do to get done with it, which is like that for many of us. May Allah granted that it's more than that. And these are the virtues because Allah Yes, he commands you and you do it because he says you must do it. But he is also something for you that he wounds, the blessings in it. And we go through some of those things. So how them and this is in the slow. We're going through the slides. Some of them are not in

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front of the slides. Some of them are in your notes, but before the slides. So we remember we said NaVi Brahim, number one, why are you doing it because maybe you've already made this door and you are the combination of that door. A beautiful thing. Why are you doing all of this? Think of the toil and abeba he went through think of the toil is even harder when through and they say the hour they become people they don't have to they don't have to sacrifice the sons didn't have to build the Kaaba, they don't have to run looking for water, but they should just emulate us. So when you're doing this you must say I am following in the footsteps Palawan and I am actually that's why we all

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know this the Hadith that Allah selects a special group of people to keep up this ritual from the beaver and when he made this door until kiama, he selects specialty will always keep this ritual up and he has selected you and the rest of those invitees, melodrama judicially to fulfill this. So keep that in mind and allows us to have Ebrahim remember that we brought him into the middle of literally in the middle of nowhere. So mica is kind of if it wasn't for the Kaaba, there's nothing in Makkah, there's no wheel there. There's nothing the Mecca is really without the Kaaba, it would be nothing. And so a lot is what the finance Bill had to reject. And voila, Khalid amin, Tina mikuni

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fujinami Allah says to him, this is before Facebook and WhatsApp before we could put up a poster you can have a high gloss before anything. Allah says to me Brahim you call people to come here now that you both acaba Allah both did what now with only like 20 people in Mecca there's not many people yes, I bought this Majid Mashallah fantastic. What is the purpose of this? He says Allah says, and now tell the people to come here to make Hajj to make Hajj and

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even nosily commands me I do it and it will be fulfilled. I can understand how Allah says, Don't worry, they will come to you, they will come to this place, walking and on every mode of transportation every type of animal and every now we know even beyond animals, they will come to you from a reflection amok deep, distant place. In the middle of the middle of nowhere. They will come here, they will come. Don't you worry, you both

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didn't get to see this.

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didn't get to see this. We get to see this. We get to see this miracle happening. Every single place on Earth. Someone will come every country on Earth. They will be the year in year out. Maybe Brian gave the call and we are responding. That's why you say love Baker love mother bake. What does love mean love bake means like so for example, if I say

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like I'm giving a local syllabic mean present, and it's

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I'm here, it means I'm pretension. So you're saying I'm on sitting like bacon here I'm coming and coming I'm, I'm obeying, because you are responding to what Allah says come for Hajj. So using the big law, legal, I'm answering, I'm answering Allah, I am coming. I am obeying the school non stop using Amish obedience upon bacolod means thought and thought obedience upon obedience to Allah. Now makes the big sounds like you understand a lot more power to it. Allah gave that cool through NaVi Rahim and you responded, let's talk about some of the virtues of Hajj, some of the virtues of hedge, the profits are gonna sit above a loss than a lump which deed is the best? What is the best I can do

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is have a look for the best. And how do I be the best Muslim? How do I get the highest place in general? So the property is the basis amount below and is missing, you need to have a man is the best thing that you could do. Then ask what next? What's the next big thing, the purpose of this Jihad fighting in the feasibility law, that this is the base the the most difficult thing you can do is fighting in jihad, not what is after that. And so the prophecies and hygiene mob rule, the base deed you can do off the jihad, basically it will give you the most rewards, it will give you the highest of rewards is an accepted hedge meaning on the day of karma. If you have one accepted hedge

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the weight of that thing of hedge, nothing bigger than their own Jihad and Eman itself. Of course, demand is not a tangible thing. But this is really the biggest deed that you could do. Outside of jihad is hedging abroad and accepted hedge panel. Think of that, as the messenger of a lot said, Whoever performs high touch important yet performs which means to do the rituals quickly past the basics you will all do and does not have sexual relations. There's no sexual playing during hij. No does not a lot of us, I would love to sukawati dad, he does not commit any kind of small sins. He avoids those small sins, and he avoids arguing and bear talking because these are the things that

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happen in hajj, no one comes to hygiene steals don't come to Hajj and you know, does certain kinds of medicines. But what kind of happens in hedge is looking around talking some gossiping these things arguing are your mother Buddhists, your that might shift by mowlana us? No, no, no, these things are positive. You avoid these things. You perform hajj, you don't have any sexual relations with your partner, you do not have you do not do the minuses of all of the big sins. And you don't argue with people you do those three things when he returns home from home, free of all the sins as the day his mother gave birth to completely free of innocence. Everything on that negative side,

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some of us vinylon in your age 5060 years, all those sins were wiped out. Now span of life. If we were told without dates, you just do this five, six days of rituals and your entire bond you're Sharia compliant bond? Of course, we're not talking with Reba bond you should have had that to begin with. But you're Sharia compliant bond, all your debts, everything you owe, is wiped out completely swannanoa How would we make our hedge a blessing every single account I have against you, everything you said you looked at you did, it was wrong. I wipe it out big stuff on hand, big stuff on pianos panel to scales. If the right hand scale is heavier, in the left hand scale, you have succeeded you

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intergender you will avoid your number. You just need to get that scale on the right hand side more than the left hand side, you have a golden opportunity to wipe out everything on that left hand scale, no matter how big or small that sin is, no matter how frequent that sin is. This five days, six days, it is not more than six days at maximum six days, five or six days. And you do it quickly even businesses without arguing without looking at harm doing harm and no sexual stuff. Then all your sins are wiped out. Sounds doable, right? As a big opportunities for analog and it begins now What are you making? Do I Allah give me the ability to do it? I mean,

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continue the proficiency

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of Allah. We consider Jihad so you know Ayesha spaniel, and this is the idea. So basically, you basically told the base Did you can use jihad, but we sisters we don't make Jihad isn't that unfair? That they will get Jihad it'll go to Jenna through Jabba, we don't get to do jihad. So she said we consider Jihad as the base deed. Should we not then go Fujairah as sisters can also then go for jazz monologue without amavasya So Michelle said the best she had for you women is hedge. So for sisters, in fact, the number one deed you can do for you there's nothing better basically the hedge because while you're on hydro actually me Jade, you are like the person who's fighting feasibility law. And

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I'll say these are the only guys on earth today, our systems on hygiene model

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of substance only, army Mujahideen and the food system.

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That's not gonna be the case for you but someone that passes away, unhedged, it's actually past the person died fees have been like a martyr basically how lucky those people are, you know, we don't want to hear any tragedy in melodrama. This has no one passes away. No one, there's no calamities or catastrophes. But some of the person that goes the vice maybe of a natural who's on Hajj is really the last chosen person to be a shareholder in Vizio. Like that one day, I mean, but this one of sisters while you are the ECB, you are actually a soldier in the path of Allah subhanaw taala. Why because there's a degree of difficulty more for the system, you'll get to know the rules are

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specific, this is the certain things or hate which makes it a little more complicated. Therefore the reward for you is more than that for the men and gender equality. Sisters, you actually have a bitter, bitter reward in the mean because it is a bit more difficult for you. Even a boss or the alarm, basically the young cousin of who said them, he says the Prophet of Allah Salam came across the caravan and Rouhani asked the people in the caravan we are they from the replied, they were Muslim. So they asked, Who are you? He said, I am the messenger of Allah. So a lady lifted up a boy and asked him would this child because they haven't performed Hajj with a permanent visa says yes,

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and he will have the vote. So basically, the person who has not yet McCullough forget to this, if they perform hajj, you can get the full reward of Hajj, but you still have to do a hatches to compulsory Hajj. Right. So Allah Subhana Allah has even given the award. If you have a mind anyone going to hide you with a child? That used to be the case today? We know what it takes the children are hydro, it doesn't really happen very often. But finally, if you're a minor, and if you may be doing some hygiene, what's new compositing, you still have that you would have Hutch on the FTM and your parents get the reward as well. So there's a big reward for little kids but of course Pinilla

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we know about this stuff. But the what is the process of Solomon said I came to the Prophet Salaam and the lady comes to the VESA lemma and she says, My father is a very old man. Now spondylitis number five, and this decides to do the problem is in honor of His Holiness, the in the in the harem, and he's on a camel, and within behind him, his father, his other cousin, young men, and Alfonso sees this lady comes he and she comes to ask the question, and he says while she was so cute, so pretty nice.

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On the camel, anything wrong, and he sees this lady in the next theater.

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As the lady are scared of Sula, my dad is an old man, and he can't even sit on a camel. Can I make her jammies be off and while the ladies are asking the prophecies that father and he just turns his face away, and affordances I put my face again I looked again, and the property and the face away. Again, if you say oh animal, you're unhedged.

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Behave yourself just

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don't look and keeps looking straight away. So this lady's asking the question, and so the president says to her, if you're dead, can I perform hiji cannot perform Hajj on his behalf. So the Prophet says yes, you can perform hajj and Omar on behalf of your father, he wasn't able to do so. But first you must do so for yourself, you know on the plane, when when all the lights about to crash? What do they say first put your mask on yourself and then help someone else. So first, you have to perform hydrate yourself, you must have been you did the obligation for yourself. Now you can perform Hajj on someone that didn't have the opportunity nanny or some grandparents and never got the opportunity

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to perform hydrazone because of them, someone can perform Hajj on the behalf of the Buddle Hajj, you can make actually they get the reward of that so it is permissible. Another lady says My father died he didn't perform Hajj What else can we do? And so the prophets of Salaam says if he had a date, he had hit would you perform play that date on a behalf? And so she said of course I would of course I performed that day. And so the prophet SAW some seeds, in that case Allah it is more befitting to be to be paid, we take a short break in shallow just to stretch the legs and then we will continue inshallah 510 minute break inshallah, from you Ibrahim your lineage you under the sun and it has to

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do with that. So I'm not only going to give you a son, I'm going to make you the father of all ambia. So every single Nabhi that we know of that followed was from the lineage of NaVi Brahim of the Navy Rahim Allah gave up the smile he gave me a second son from sada so I will give sada also the chief we have a son from his hockey and abeokuta abeokuta had an abusive and 12 sense that the use of his lineage Moosa hirundo, a man all of the mental Nagisa and non obese man inside no ambia until Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Sana v Brahim got all of this and as Allah says, In the Quran, Allah mentions you and me Allah says everyone is competing to take ownership of Ibrahim everyone

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wants to bring in for themselves, the Jews, the Muslims, the Christians. So Allah says the closest people that resembles Ibrahim are those followers with him in a beaver Einstein these people and this navy and this woman, this oma and Ebrahim are the same. We resemble Nabil Brahim, like

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No other people. So your non Muslim colleague asked you about this. You said you know the student Abraham said yes. You know he sacrificed his son. Yes, we know we know something that Bible is a story like that. We know. So we are going to do all of that on hijos actually linked Ibrahim, this is what we are doing. We are emulating him this oma continues to reveal him in that we continued on the virtues of hygiene. And this is the birth of the virtues of hygiene. We said the next slide hadith of gibreel. So the prophets of Salaam says there's a long Hadith, the hadith of God, we had a piece of me sitting in the mosque and the Sahaba there was 70 Sahaba was quite a big day by and, and

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they also think an image that invokes a strange man that's a normal is the man who in that he was sitting there one day and in walks a strange man, extremely beautiful white clothing, and extremely dark, a good looking guy. And even this guy, because he's not from Medina even knows everybody. He's not from Medina, and he doesn't look like the travelers coming from outside. He doesn't look like a traveler, and he walks into the crowd, the audience, and he doesn't sit at the back like you're supposed to, if you come late, you walked right in front and he sits in front of them. So close to the knees are like touching.

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And so the man says this is his own Mohammed Salim Tell me what is Islam, what is Islam. And the purposes of Islam is five things basically, to declare verbally that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and that I am the messenger of Allah. To perform the solid five solders to failures occur to false in the month of Ramadan and to perform hajj, if you're able to do so many studies are below those who have the ability to perform Hajj. So the man said so that you told the truth correct. So this

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kind of person asked me a question and this is correct. What can I add up is this and then the man says, okay, Mohammed, tell me some more solemn, what is a man what is faith? And so the promise is faith Eman is to believe and to be lacking in a lot of other equity. Angels to be in the books of Allah will surely he and the messenger Allah will fit. And the last day that that is life after this, and color and destiny, the good and the bad they have is from Allah subhana wa tada six things you believe. And this is the man show, the man says, encrypted all the truth. And again, the Sahaba what kind of person asked a question like that? Then the men of the apostles are not? What is not

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who is an amputation? What is a sign means perfection. So the first question is, well, what is the basic Muslim? In three levels? standard Muslim, you perform your five pillars you believe your six pillars of a man, the man is eternal? six things you believe you can't see it? You can't touch it? How do I know I have a man when it manifests in the five pillars. If you do the five things, the five pillars of Islam, you falsely Go and hide, you mix up your Sokka then what hamdulillah you have a man that is a entry level Muslim, a pillar as we're going to get to know if a pillar is missing from something it cannot stand. It does not you can't call it a house anymore. If he doesn't have a

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roof is a cold house anymore. Meaning if you don't have one of these five pillars, you don't have Islam, basically. So the prophecies, that is the basic and every person must have to enter this religion. When jabril gave it away, this man the stranger, he says, tell me, what is his son? So that's the basic, what is the pinnacle? So the problem is his son is to love and to worship Allah, as if you saw him with your eyes. How would you make solder if we would see a lot?

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How would we interact with people? If we saw Allah every day we looked up and we saw Allah and we saw gentlemen and gentlemen, reward and punishment, how would we live our lives ranallo would not commit any sin will be perfectly focused, if we saw a lot. And before then promises and of course, if you cannot see a lot of responses, then remember, Allah sees you, at the very least we should remember a lot see, because in this dunya, we can't see a lot and jabril said correct answers correct. And when he said, Now tell me when is the day of chiama give me a date, give me a time when it's gonna happen. So the purpose of this is neither the one asking the question nor the one being

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asked neither you only have I mean, we don't know when it's going to be, oh, only Allah knows when kiama will be. So the answer is correct. But is the some signs that you can tell me what are the signs of piano. So the process of the signs is when the slave will give birth to a master. And when they have an origin when those who have no clothes, no shoes, meaning the baby ones, the desert people will start competing at our own competing with each other in building tall buildings. When you see these two signs, the AMA is close. Both these signs have come and gone. Number one, slavery is finished already of what it means to give birth to the Masters, many of the believers of Islam,

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the moms were slaves. Now what Islam brought which is something new, that if a man has a slave woman and he had * with her, and she got pregnant, and that child is his child, and he is that child is equal like all these other children like his children, his wives, and most of the hollyford of Islam, most of the Holocaust and Islam. Yes, they had wives and ex slave women. That's a different discussion for different time, but they had slave women and usually the slave

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Women have given birth first before the wife. And so the sons of the caliphs of Islam, majority most of them, the moms who slave women. So the woman is a slave, but she gives birth to the king, the most powerful man on earth. And of course, she gets elevated. Obviously, not the slave anymore. So prophecies when you see this happening, and this happened, then he is close. And secondly, we will see the Arabs in particular compete in building very tall buildings, one wants to beat the other one, it seems as if though, the princes of Arabia or the Middle East, they know this height, even they want to I will bring piano tomorrow I'll bring another taller one. Right now, there's a

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competition between gender and Dubai in building the tallest buildings in the world. So probably when you see this piano is close, so the man says, correct. And then he got up, and he walked away. And so the prophet SAW the astonishment on the faces of the Sahaba. And he said, Do you want to know who that was? Was it was that so the Prophet says, that is gibreel he has come to teach you your religion. And so they jumped up and wait outside and they said, disappeared, man was gone, not even footsteps on the sand, gone and was gone. This was Jubilee. This Hadith is called the hadith of gibreel. It gives you the absolute essentials of Islam. And what I linked to the Savannah line, what

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I want you to everyone needs motivation. You've different people are motivated by different things. Maybe you have a personal audit you want to make maybe it's a lifelong dream to see the Kaaba, maybe it's the fear of jahannam. For me, what motivates me what I think about when you know, the last 10 nights when you push yourself to worship a lot more, what goes through your mind when you want out of, and you need to sit the front door until Monday and make dua and this is the most important five hours of your life on piano. Those five hours will be the most important five hours of your life. Your whole life comes down to those five hours. And you need that extra emphasis different people

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will start mentally psyching yourself up for me, what sets me up in this Heidi, the basics is the basics. And here's our hammer, like we get the basics and we intergender are hamdulillah even if we enter the parking lot of Jana, even if I get to be in the squatter camps of Jana, I will be happy when hamdullah we'll all be happy. But it's more to gentlemen, obviously levels. Now, Julio alluded to a higher level, cul de sac, a journey where you live in your life as if though, you can see a lot. That's the dream. That's how we live our life. Our life is all about trying to do something. If Allah was here, what would I want to know the question is, what would Jesus do? This one we should

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all say what would what did

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he say? What did right what would I do if Allah was here? And he saw me? How would I respond? How would I make Sora now your own life if you live like that, I'm living to meet Allah. This is the objective. So my dream My motivation. As always say the student if you followed my lectures even a few times at my favorite Heidi to the people we know kiama is on a Friday, the difficulty questioning people being dragged to janam the The sun is long, long story Kiana. And then the scales will be weighed and family life we are lucky we get our deeds in our right hand. The scale is heavier on the right side, we need to cross the zero everyone, even the good pupils go over this

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thin line over jahannam down these gentlemen, we cross over you don't know. And then you make it on the other side. Alhamdulillah you're in a group with people and you're not walking and finally you intergender you get to indigena and it says flydumps gamma so Saturday in general. Can you imagine the partying that goes on on that Saturday, that weekend? And in general is time to Jenna even though time is infinite? There's no in the still days and nights and so you will have Saturday and Sunday and swannanoa you know when you go to a hotel and now you've been taken by the angels tour and you now get to see your your parasites and you won't be alone you will Efrain so maybe you know

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think of your best friend that you would call a chick who

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you know whatever it might be and you or whatever it might be and there's so much we can talk about Jana and Miss Hannah you perform Hajj you thinking of all those things, different people have a different things in general. And so now you're enjoying yourself every day there's something new there's something great is something fantastic to see in every single day. And then the days go on now comes to the next new winning journal for one week. And it's Friday again, and all of a sudden the second edition

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and there's gonna be Joomla now in general, there's no sorta you know, swannanoa when I explain your agenda is I say any questions about gender system puts up a is the hijab in general, is no hijab in general, well angry. No hijab in general, and subsistence. Are you smiling? In general, there's no such thing as hijab. There's no such thing as sada is no such thing as false. There's no such thing as Hajj. But now a lot of these are Juma and Jenna shimanami done with this thing. Juma is this thing that I had to go through every week and be put to sleep by this amount, right? Why am I searching Django for Joomla Joomla in general, and all the people of Jenga need to come to this

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Joomla and ways you're not going to be held gentlemen

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suburbs, the highest place of gentlemen school general. This is the base agenda. agenda is a garden. So the agenda gardens like suburbs, the highest suburb, the Clifton, the bishop school, whatever it is, is general Philadelphia. So the purpose of this, there are only four things which Allah created with his hands, his own hand made by Allah, Allah doesn't make things with his hands, he just is couldn't be and gbu came into existence, the heavens and the earth be there for things Allah made with his hand handmade, the throne Allah the pin of destiny, maybe Adam Allah physically made Adam with his two hands it all says in the Quran be Mahara to be at a my two hands. And this Jenna, Jenna

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to fill those every detail, Allah Himself decorated? Can we imagine what this place looks like? We can't imagine. Now, not all of us will get the, of course the most exclusive club. But now if you want to be invited to gentle filters, to a valley way above this general is nothing above it above it is the throne of Allah The only thing higher than that is the throne of Allah. And so the people who will now this is we my favorite Hadees Hadees is so we all the people of john f kennedy, on this Friday, and we sit in this valley, and we look up and we see the throne of Allah I imagine the first time we experienced this, some of you maybe the some people didn't even the others had it before, so

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we're not gonna wait to expect and now this

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was gonna keep

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happening. And now we are sitting there quietly waiting, and we will hear a voice. And this is the voice of a blog. And he will say oh people have Jenna, how have you found my channel? How is my channel to your liking that any complaints anyone has a concern anyone wants something more than give you the people of

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everything is also please ask more of me. I want to give you a project demo so asked me and we'll say our desires, our imagination is exhausted. I have asked and I've gotten I have run out of ideas to ask now. So Allah will say I want to give you more and Allah will give us things that we imagination could not have. We couldn't have put you on this. How about this thing you didn't think about? You didn't know a steak can be done like this. You didn't know this. You know the style and so people will get then a low off the influences our desires are completely meet. Allah will say when they give you more. So in the Quran, Allah says for them for the people who worship Allah. They

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get Jana while moseyed, they get Jenna and the extra, the more than Jenna, what can be more than Jenna. So Allah says, I want to give you the extra. And what is that the Allah. So Allah says, I'm going to give you something that no creation has experienced before you, no one has experienced this before you. Now at this point, were talking to Allah. And he was responding and there was a veil of light. Allah says, firstly, you will get my pleasure, my blessing, my pleasure, that I'll always be happy with you till eternity, Never will I be unhappy with your people agenda. And Allah will then remove the veil. And you'll get to see a lot directly no one has ever experienced the soft even on

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the ceramic Raj, no one has seen a lot directly. This is exclusively for the people of Gen Nana Friday. Now this is why you spend all that money for five days in the middle of a desert, to do all these hard things. You go through your life as if you can see Allah. So then one day, we will see Allah, that is my motivation. Maybe the food agenda is your motivation. Maybe the main objective is a shopping market in general as well. There is a wind that it blows on you, you become more beautiful. But for me, this is of course the highest level of Jenga, this is the highest thing and it's for everybody. And therefore you're spinning and doing all this to achieve that. Right? That is

00:28:49 --> 00:29:30

what we hope for. So keep that in mind that this is for my meeting with you when they allow. This is what I do when you're maybe when you're feeling tired when you have to just push yourself. Maybe that's the motivation whatever it might be. Questions on the on the video awesome. Video one video one means like uncultured guy from the desert. It comes from Ibiza, Swami says I'm a Muslim. What must I do? So the prophecies you must know the five pillars of Islam. Say that is the kalama Sora, Sokka, Ramadan and Hajj so it says okay, I will do these five. I won't do anything more than that. Not one thing, not one extra not no six days of one, no sweeter. None of those things I will do this

00:29:30 --> 00:29:59

five. But I won't do less than that. I will do this five. I promise I'll do it but nothing more, nothing less. And the man leaves. So promises. You see this guy? If he's telling the truth, you will do it. Nothing more, nothing less is guaranteed. His journey is guaranteed. So this is a guaranteed place. This five basics has been one of the scary Hadith, the Prophet Moses. Whoever possesses the provisions is not the financial money and amount that will take him to reach the house of Allah whoever has the

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

Financially physically the ability to perform hajj, but does not do it for a reason. And he dies when it does not matter if he dies a Jew or a Christian or Muslim, because Allah sees and proclaim that uncommon on every person is Hajj, meaning a person who dies without performing hajj without any reason, properly saying he died as if there is a non Muslim, I suppose the purpose of Hajj very important, right, very scary, very scary and hamdulillah therefore, when you are the you've completed this obligation, when you said hamdulillah for me, my lifetime, I'm done. I have done this thing. I have ticked that box off with Allah subhanaw taala. Right, the prophecy forms Hajj

00:30:36 --> 00:31:23

muhaddith. The Prophet peace be upon him, said the one who performs Hajj and O'Meara it removes the sin, like fire removes impurities from from gold, and the promises will ever once his provisions to be increased your risk to be increased performance much more as you can. And another very interesting hypothesis, who ever wants his revision and his life to be extended? Now we obviously believe at birth. Everyone has an expiration date. Right? Everybody has an expired by the due date is put out. But in fact this can be extended your life can be extended. One of the things that extends your life is hedge. Whoever wants the hardest who ever once seemed to be removed and his

00:31:23 --> 00:32:05

provisions and his life to be extended. Then let him perform as much Hajj and Umrah as possible resources are hajima Brewer that you ever get a hardship that is accepted by a lot. There is nobody would compensate you with this no thing luck can give you exceptional nothing equates to that except for between 100 tomorrow because certainly between hydropneumatic increases the lifespan as we said and it removes poverty and it removes some like fire removes impurities from from metal the overperforming the month of Ramadan. Okay, we passed that now unfortunately is like performing the hajj or the Hadith says no pogrom sees the title via the baker Lama bake. But whatever is right and

00:32:05 --> 00:32:48

obvious lifts of stones and trees. Sand will say the title bear with him to the extent of the earth as you are on your journey. Even before you get to hatch, you're already on Hajj. We know even walking to the masjid, every step you take to the masjid. Allah removes one son and he raises you up one day Raja Raja means one Janna to the next level, like knotel levels, each step you take upgrades you from business class, first class, first class plus every step you take to the masjid. Now every step you take to Makkah mentioned on Hajj that is happening, how many millions of snips we have to walk from here to the home, that is everything, always removing some and upgrading it to a new, a

00:32:48 --> 00:33:26

new level of proficiencies whoever makes the luff seven times and they often start off please took us off the top that he would for him is like freeing a slave. And in the past, we don't have slavery now. Marriage does not constitute slavery. That in the past, if you freed a slave, the greatest charity you could do is to free a slave, say the person free from slavery. What is the reward for being a slave? It's like a get out of jail free card or get out of jail free card. So a person who committed sin and now unfortunately he was going to janam not that he comes to cheat but he has some sentences. Now you must do some time in Jannah. If you see the slave, Allah says as you feed someone

00:33:26 --> 00:34:04

from slavery, Allah flees a body of yours from Jana. So you know how people have life sentences. Each freaking slave is like you say, a life sentence being removed. Right now we don't have slavery to free anymore. But to make to get a compensation for that tawaf and to record of it you get one get out of jail, free card, one, get a genuine free card every time you do that. It's Panama, right? So make as much as you can have this. You don't have to be in Harlem to make the stuff off. So just any sunako off and into lockers, and you get the suit, Jarvis mela, be pleased with him say that the Messenger of Allah said, the water of Zamzam served for the purpose of which was drunk, meaning

00:34:04 --> 00:34:42

whatever you intend your needs before you drink, make any I'm drinking this for what? Allah will give you the thing. I mean, even a bad smell. Oh please with him. Since the misuse of the base Walton Earth is the word of Zamzam. It serves as food for hunger and the cure for diseases. So it's very good to bring some time for someone that is no longer on Shiva, for those who have a disease, right? Samsung is a medicine. One prayer the prophecies, one sutra, in my image in Medina, is better than 1000 solar anywhere else on earth except the harm of Mecca, because one pre net one is 100,000 times 100 times 100,000 times better and 1000 times better. What does this mean? How much money

00:34:42 --> 00:34:46

would we get for solar? The professor says the two records are

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

not compulsory to records the sooner the two records first is better in the sight of Allah, then having this dunia with all these goals and solving stages to be if you are the king of this world.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:46

And you saw that you would you get for the two lockers, you would envy that men were two lockers. That's the sooner of structure. So what about the father of the Virgin prophecy? One sada individual How long is 100,000 soldiers, one soldier in America under 1000 times it's vanilla, that reward is enhanced every day. Think about it says even though I've made $100,000 when I make the 100,000 mcribs that's the word I was giving you so much every word you'll be giving, you'll be obtaining on this journey will be obtaining on this journey. As you said the most important thing about hedge is that this is perhaps the most important 556 days of your life. It is now we summarize all this

00:35:46 --> 00:36:24

summarize all the rewards number one, it frees you from all sins he completed obligation which completes you Islam all of us. Perform sada we force we give soccer but we maybe haven't performed yet there is still a box we've not ticked with Allah. But if we die and we don't haven't fulfilled this, there is a problem. And we don't have an excuse that it's a problem. So when you've completed and hamdulillah your Islam is complete meaning your ticket to Jannah is complete. I have done my part to Allah, you can argue it on kiama you will have this in your name, I have that Hajj and it's accepted. Now a lot of promises you will go to gentlemen, that's vanilla as you are the if the Salah

00:36:24 --> 00:37:03

in Harlem 100,000 times better while you are the unhide your lifespan is being increased your risk is being increased as you drinking some your diseases being cured. As you're standing on the day of arafah the closest people in the universe to a lot of the people are not able to do as they are making it the most Mr. Job, every tawaf you mix behind a law that this is the holiest place on Earth. As you perform Salah as you see behind the camera in Africa, you're getting a freedom from janam every every thought you make even to Dhaka frees you from Ghana, every step you take was elevating you in rank in terms of your agenda. The ladies you are Mujahideen FISA de la while you're

00:37:03 --> 00:37:10

standing the so the rewards does it is it is it worth the package that you paid? It was it

00:37:11 --> 00:37:14

does it feel a little bit better now that when you have to pay that that amount?

00:37:15 --> 00:37:41

Right? Yes, you could have gone to the Maldives, you could have gone to Bali and you've taken in you made that decision. I hope you've made you feel that you've made the decision that you've made the right decisions panela these are just some of the virtues and the rewards of Hajj The best thing you can possibly do is that of Hajj, or hamdulillah. Any questions before we move on to the thick part of the course yes of the

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00:37:49 --> 00:38:33

yes. So he only made one high school he could only make one hatch could only make one hatch. So for his whole life, maka was under control by the Muslims and they wouldn't allow to perform hedge so they weren't allowed to inter market and then only the first year that maka was under the Muslim control. And now he was allowed to perform hedge that here. The problem is, so the the person passes away in the 11th year of each other before hedge even the Hong Kong massacre in the basically the ninth year of Iraq, they could perform Hajj. So the NMC this year I'm not gonna go on Hajj, because the people are still the non the Hajj, the non Muslims also performing hajj, remain to be brought to

00:38:33 --> 00:39:08

the sea, and the Arabs continued. And then they add a chip in the hedge. And that's another side that we won't get. We can't get into it. But everything we do, there was an opposite hedge that was being done at the same time, they would come with the idols and they will say that Baker lahoma Baker Baker shakalaka illa sharekhan luck, they would say yeah, Allah there is no company is no partner with you except the idols which you chose. So we say La sharika you have no partners at all to be opposite to them while they make the Taliban the Muslim Italia. So the one hedge was a kind of a strange kind of hedge, we must match together because I don't want to perform Hajj this year,

00:39:09 --> 00:39:18

because they will also make hedge naked and all those things. Then the next year, the 10th year of the era, when Islam now became strong and most people were in Islam they visited this year.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:59

And when you perform these Hajj, Two, Three months later, he passed away to show you Let's run along. If you have recently two hedges, we'll all feel the need to make to that if you will out of his mercy. Allah only allow them to live one year to make one Hajj and then he completed his mission when he gave it beautiful. In fact, I have a little macromolecular convenient today the mission is complete. I came to teach you and that is also a beautiful thing to show of the last great events of his life was much higher hedge is the combination. It is the ultimate victory. You go through your own life. Fasting charity, not looking at her own Fighting, fighting, fighting and when you need

00:40:00 --> 00:40:30

This this like the cherry on the cake is the hedge that now you are perfect you Islam is almost perfected through the ritual and edited one is enough. One is enough yet sometimes you make it when we're young and we still have a lot of Life to Live some people you know it's one of the hogenom ready for my for my mode but in reality you are ready to meet Allah now. The man who comes out of hygiene is accepted he's ready to meet Allah now is you know is complete, complete believer. So yesterday so Salam only had opportunity to make one Hajj, how many numerous did you make

00:40:31 --> 00:40:46

for you made for MREs? Allah made for one of our gonna go into that there's a long, long discussion 104 cameras in his life formula. So he did follow up in making one after the other. So he didn't make formulas in his life. It's just

00:40:47 --> 00:40:48


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00:40:51 --> 00:41:04

Yeah. So remember, so even you, if you let's say you perform one hedge, and your favorite hedge wasn't the base, then you made another one. And that was the base. There's two things here, there's an obligation and this reward.

00:41:05 --> 00:41:44

You only have one obligation. So if you don't do the obligation, you'll be punished. If we don't perform sada will be punished. But there will be some people performance, Allah, and all they do is they won't be punished. In the complete obligation, there is no reward because the Salah is not a great quality. And there are those who not only will not be punished, but they actually get rewarded for that. And those who get rewarded more and more and more. So each had you do you just need one to scratch out obligations and of those who have defaulted. But now that he would no matter how many hedges you make, you get more you would so each module every would maybe 2014 hedge deposit that he

00:41:44 --> 00:42:19

would have generated in January 2019 hedge what do I get? Of course not wanting to give you a base agenda, he needs to upgrade you need to give you more rewards, everything Allah Subhana Allah you know, at the end of the day, people ask about gentlemen, you know, listen to my Juma token agenda. There was a guy that asked me he was a hiker, he likes to hike on the mountains. And he said, Jenna sounds kind of boring, relaxing and lounging. You know, some people have beach holidays and they want to just relax. I don't do anything. That's boring. I want to explore this agenda sounds like a beach holiday. We just relaxing. We like to hike in Jana. So Allah says they will be doing things of

00:42:19 --> 00:42:57

entertainment as a hobby. What I found in generic form, but there's so many fruits in general, I want to form but I get to form and yes, you'll get to form now for me personally, I said, hiking every day is like sounds like an adaptogen for me if I to hike every single day, right? But for some people hiking everyday, a new mountain new Hill is like his agenda. There will be something new for you. Don't ever worry about the reward. people worry about you do the good deed, almost final data will never you will give you more than you expected. We will be surprised Yes. There are people that will be surprised. I didn't know about the SR, Allah way the sun come from a wife who completely

00:42:57 --> 00:43:29

forgot, but will be even more surprised by the woods. I caught Yeah, I just did this. I'm getting all of this as you would, as Allah says in the office as you give a charity date, Allah takes that date, and he plants it and he grows into a tree into something amazing. And then you get the reward of the theme. But then you would have the date with the tree come from. This is how Allah multiplies that you would never ever feel like I was going to show change when it comes to the world. You just do. The more you do, the more you do, the more you would you get it answered your question. All right. Fantastic.

Virtues of Hajj

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