Muhammad Al Bizry – Narrative Stories in Quran

Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The importance of narrative stories in the century before the rise of Islam is highlighted, including the use of words like "outside" and "outside the point" in stories and the significance of the Bible in shaping science. The importance of shaping stories to reflect the natural and spiritual causes of one's work is emphasized, as it is a way to hold onto spirituality and repeat it. The history of Islam and the use of language in sharia and religion is also discussed, highlighting the diversity and depth of the language and the importance of shaping stories to reflect the person they are speaking to.
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Okay, that's it. So 31 is only one objective really. We're up to the final chapter of the book,

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narrative stories in the Quran

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this Mullah of hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah about up to page 128 narrative stories in the Quran. This is basically the final chapter. Firstly, the chef goes on to mention what are narrative stories. Then he goes on to mention the three types of narrative stories, and then the purpose behind them. And because there's a lot to cover here, I'm just going to basically read the main headings and that will give you an idea of all of those points. And then finally, we'll look into an Israeli at the narrations from middle Israel and the ruling on using them. And he goes on to mention Misha and Halima in their approach you know, some use them more than others Some were very

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strict in their approach Some said we don't use any and we look at the balanced approach of Alison and Gemma in that regard inshallah tada and also the ruling on going to Al Khattab foreknowledge sometimes you find Muslims doing this is actually not allowed. Not allowed to ask a Muslim you're not allowed to ask a non Muslim about Islam not allowed to ask them to teach you or give you a foot when you found this today. Unfortunately, you know, a non Muslims teaching Muslims, if not our best said no, it shouldn't be the other way around. They should be asking you never defined the profile hustler to slam with this hobby going up to the Jews and the Christians asking them things about

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Islam. Rather, the opposite was true back then because they had as for today, there's this in alula, opposite as have become so low that now non Muslims are teaching us our religion. We're in there in universities taking notes.

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That's, that's the opposite now. And muhammara narrative stories in the Quran. The word stories, narrative stories in Arabic is sauce is another word that costs the sauce and puzzles. What's the difference? puzzles are stories that are

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true factual always the sauce may be true may not be true. But the difference was using the clan sauce National apostolica Santa Clauses so to use so therefore, our sauce always true, whereas the sauce may be fictional may not be fact, maybe factional. Maybe fiction, maybe fact one of the two

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may be true may not be true. And the word because the word also escaped from the singular, which is casa. Casa is a story. And this word came from Casa casa, cough salt as it says that. And the word Casa is a verb to indicate the cup but also means to follow up at the table. Because that's how a story is it follows up and starts with the introduction. It gives you the characters and goes into a setting and the next chapter right to Tableau which is to follow on one thing to another. So that's what this is. And that's like when you cut something because also in Arabic also with the cut, right you cut bit by bit bit by bit here. See how the connection between Asa and Casa which is the cut and

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also to follow up? Because that's how you cut right slowly but surely. Yes. Question? nerves. So that's where that's the connection between the word costs pasta and pizza.

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And he goes on to say that the narrative stories in the Quran are the most truthful. Number one woman us document Allaha de de nada i a woman, US documented Latina, who is more truthful in speech than Allah the most truthful, but the Quran isn't just the most truthful. The best it goes on to mention National nakasu Alec Arsenal faasos the is harder to use the is harder to use of war losses, these are the best of stories. So the stories of the Quran you can attribute two things to them. Number one, the most truthful and number two, the most, the best as well, because something can be truthful, but not necessarily the best. Not really the most exciting. Yeah, brothers say look, I

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went to Westfield today and had an ice cream cone.

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Great now Mashallah, what's so exciting about that? It's truthful, right? That's the most excitement is had all weekend. I went to Westfield and I had an ice cream cone.

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I sat down. And I did I went to come with a bank. I did some banking. After that went to Medicare and I filled out a form great was stopped boring me already. The point is, it's a true story. Not the best story. And a person can have an interesting story. But it's not true. It's full of lies. For example, Harry Potter too big hit nail, right? And others, it's all based on magic and so on and so forth. So therefore, the career combines the best of both the most truthful and the best and the most interesting, what hamdulillah and we already took this in the Tafseer of surah Yusuf where Allah azza wa jal goes straight into the story. What if Allah used to fully be straight

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When you submit to His father, yeah Betty Indira to add Ashura Coca Cola. It only said you didn't tell him about the dream off the bat. It doesn't go it doesn't waffle doesn't go around into boring details like perhaps the Bible does. And other books, it doesn't say he woke up in his pajamas. And then he went downstairs and he wasn't sure what it was going to eat, what is going to eat for breakfast? Was it gonna have Cocoa Puffs or Froot Loops, doesn't go to mention those things, there's no need for it. The Quran is guidance, it just gives you that which is important for you go out and straight to the point when hamdulillah to hit home, the fact that you need full stop.

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And therefore he goes on to mention that they are the most beneficial. And that's why they have said about sudo to use of that has over

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can remember 1000 has over 1000 benefits, who said that

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it will take over him Allah surah Yusuf has over 1000 benefits, Allahu Akbar, amazing. So they're the most beneficial, the benefits you can extract and for those who were in hospital Juma a couple of weeks ago, we talked about their Buddha, Allah His solemn. And for those even were here when we did it, that the whole football was based on only two ads from server to server. But the lessons we extracted and really it even cut it short. It was really even a summarized version. And that lecture is now online, the only way and that was even a shorter version of any of that lick of that topic. But just to sort of to submit a a 10 and 11 the lessons we extracted the the worship of the word Ali

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Salaam, we looked at the blessings and was given him and what does that what do we learn from that he used to work? What does that teach us? And he was a king and a prophet SubhanAllah.

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So therefore, it shall I'm looking forward to you to see lessons for the assessment center. Looking forward. So make sure you, you get start from now it's due next term beenleigh I'm really looking forward to it.

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Well, I don't want it to be a it's a ripoff from another lecture. Yeah, word for word, you just, you know, no, no problem listening to other lectures. And that's fine. It's part of your research, but add your own style, you know, research look at other books of the year. So that's what I want. Yes.

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No, no, no, it's true. It's not a speech. It's a lesson. So however you want to give you a lesson is up to you. You can use the board you can give it as a speech you can sit down, it's a lesson. If it was a speech on restricted it to you're restricted to speaking, like standing up, that is

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fine. Five minutes. Yeah, it has to be longer because it's the seed.

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Oh, yeah, not minimum, five minutes, minimum, five minutes. But not longer than I really no longer than seven. Because if you Anna sit for a half hour lecture for every person. When finished, I think five to seven. You know, I just want I want to and that's also a skill for you to be able to summarize topics, you know, you don't have to do the whole surah

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you can just choose one sorta one IRR in Afghan agriculture, although we did that as one an hour lecture. In fact, we actually gave a whole seminar on the ions. Yeah, and see why See? So there's a lot you can talk about.

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Or do you think seven minutes is enough? Or should we get 10 minutes? minimum five?

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Yeah, minimum five, I think maximum seven so yeah, just even if you want to just focus on a theme you have to mention it's up to you how you want to give it you know, like I said, think outside the square maybe you want to do to sit in a bus like this bus his opinions on every single idea in this tool. Wow. Maybe you want to do the tabbing only give me something different you know something something interesting that you may not necessarily see out there I don't want you just to stand up and read for me because here anyone can do that. And as students we want to teach you also research and next time Sharla Yeah, so started next time I'm giving you notice from now to get ready the

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assessment notice will be emailed to

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you may want to do a touch see more of a tipsy lesson from the Ross me or the script. That's something that's interesting. So back to vertical law has has a few lessons on that. But a lot of the lessons are in Arabic, the miraculous nature of the script how the Quran was written. Maybe you want to focus on linguistic maybe want to focus on numerical and show how you know the beta of the numerical has come in, like was his name in America? Her own?

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Yeah, that's right. I

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like him. Right, the guy who was a beloved apostate and eventually left Islam, and he got executed for that. Good riddance. The point is, the point is, you may want to give that the the Buddha from that. But what is true from the miracle miracles because they do exist. They do exist.

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My comment

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is in America, what else what

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all over the country, the land of filth

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Elmo him. So continuing on back to reality, page 129. He goes on then the show goes on to mention the three types of causes in the Quran. The three types of causes in the Quran number one those pertaining to the prophets and messengers and the experiences they had with the people, believers and disbelievers.

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Number two stories about individuals or groups who were not prophets and messengers, like

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Look, man at least allows us humble calf,

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Maria mala, salaam, Islam, as per the most correct opinion she was not a prophet. However, you do have some early Matrimandir sooner like in Niger saying she was an obeah however, as we've already explained in Quran, she wasn't and others so therefore first prophets and messengers, second type those who about those who were not prophets and messengers, and a little older So hey, look, man, Ali Salam was not a prophet, rather can Abdullah Saleh and he was a righteous slave.

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And the third type is narratives of the people and circumstances during the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam circumstances that surrounded him alley sort of slim, like the slant of Ayesha, which we're going to take today and zero like us hobble or

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sorry, like closer to, but like what are the like, as a excetera

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and Abu lahab, etc. So those are the three types the first we said job,

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position and be almost any good. Second, those were not profit messengers like Look, man, Miriam, good third circumstances surrounding Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, etc. Then he goes on to mention quite comprehensively to medical law, the wisdoms and virtues behind the stories of Panama and he basically nails it here. He goes on to mention seven main subheadings seven main reasons and wisdoms behind stories. And there and then I would say that this sort of story is a Sam is a Sam is like an arrow for the hearts. What does that mean? An arrow for the heart. This is one of the ways you can affect people's hearts by mentioning a story. So therefore you have the the hope that one day or

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less than one day, it's very important that perhaps on the main ways, among the effective ways to, to draw people's attention is to start with a story. Grab them like that, start with the story and then mention its lessons and so forth and even end with the story. And you find this as usually stories, people remember them as opposed to everything that you said, you know, you know, during the hot weather, it wasn't perhaps a story. So stories are a great way to extract lessons and also to affect people's hearts and also to for people to remember, particularly incidents. So what are the wisdoms number one? It clearly illustrates stories in the Quran show a lot of wisdom in the

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information that the stories contained. That's number one.

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Number two,

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it shows a loss complete justice and fairness in his punishment of the evildoers, the benign the belies and the noise of Islam. Number three, it also shows allows with jealous favors and his mercy to the believers how we save them from the oppressors of the past. It gives hope to the believers, you see, so it shows you many things, how Allah destroyed the evildoers and Allah saved the believers. Number four,

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the stories were used to console the Prophet sallallahu sallam, because he was also afflicted with many trials during his time so as to soften the heart of the profile he saw too slow to show him Look, you weren't the only one who was afflicted other prophets and messengers also first trials and calamities. So that was another wisdom number five they encourage the believers in regards to the amount of faith that keeps them steadfast in here about gender it motivates you to write you may be having a bad day Loki man, he about agenda you heard about the other line, right, it really picks you up I'm sure things in particular at so that's the purpose to keep the believers steadfast, Lino

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sabitha before either kalasa the Quran was revealed piecemeal, to keep the prophets hostile but that also goes for us Shabaab. Therefore the Quran is one of the most powerful ways to to keep you steadfast, this is very important post Ramadan.

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The allistic person Ramadan is very important. One of the greatest ways is why the Quran and that's why the Quran was built in piecemeal as opposed to just in a single hit. Think of it when you're exercising, you know to do weights once a year, it's not as beneficial. Sure, how do you keep the pecs firm?

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constant Yeah, three four times a week ask the boy Xia masala. So that's how you keep the pics firm. Well, how do you keep that which is in the pic firmer? Haha. constant reminders. You say that's why the Canon was real piecemeal constantly.

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Six. Why the Quran contains many stories is that the narrations within the Quran also serve as a warning to the disbelievers. So you can use that in your diet to warn them of the people of old who disbelieved in belied the messengers. And seven they confirm the mission of prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Why? Because these are news of the hype the unseen that the Arab did not know at all. They barely knew Moosa Isola Hema salatu salam barely learn details about hybrid calf Maryam Jonas, Adam didn't know any of that. So this only further testifies to the truthfulness of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So then the show goes on to mention the repetition in these

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stories, why would allow us to repeat particular stories? Why is on the front page on page 134 of this chapter.

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Number one, I'll repeat a story because it shows the importance of the story. Now sometimes a story is very important, you repeat it constantly, because of its significance and so forth. And therefore sometimes Shabaab a chef might repeat a particular topic on the member, he might repeat a particular topic or a theme. And it's because of it's important. Remember, last week, we took Hades 23 of albino and the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam mentioned particular deeds.

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And in the end, he goes on to mention kulu nazjatar to every person goes out, sets off in the morning, why, for burial nafsa to sell himself

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to either save his neck or to destroy it. In other words, this is a parable for a person who is going to save himself from the fire or be destroyed by the fire. And how do you save yourself doing those deeds that are mentioned in the Hadees? And what were they prayer sadhaka Vicar

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and therefore, those deeds are very comprehensive. And that's why a lot of Tuesday night lectures for example, Mia, hilltop revolve around those topics. Sometimes brothers complain more Come on man is talking about Day of Judgment again. Yeah, because it's a very comprehensive topic. It's very important. It's mentioned in the Quran. Yes. You know, you can't get on the board and talk about the effect of inheritance laws. Come on. That's not that's not from the wisdom that wasn't the purpose of the hood.

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Unless for example, you maybe want to mention the wisdom, the importance of it, yeah, you touch upon it, but to go deep into those, those four classroom settings. So therefore, that's why particular topics are usually spoken about all the time because of the importance of mic wasn't locked in. And this is something that we all know that recorded and repeated many things a lot because of its importance. Our Deen is about repetition my brother's our Dean so therefore, that's why we have his watch why with the eyes how long

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so it's not about bringing something new to bear repetition. So therefore, this is a very important concept. And repeating the stories also emphasize and instills them in the hearts of the people. When you constantly say something to someone they're remembering that I forget the psyche children don't listen to you like they're not to you already the camera don't have to tell you he keeps saying the same thing. Same thing. Don't come in the house with modern issues don't come in the house don't step on the curb with you constantly repeat the same thing over and over. Why to instill it in their heart and mind. So therefore a lot that does this a lot to instill those particular

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topics in our hearts. And that's why the Quran was described as metalia that which is constantly repeated to affect the heart.

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Now one brother, he said to his mom, mom, how can you always telling me the same thing over and over? She said, because when I speak to you and listen to 5% and the next time is another 5% and then 5% so all these five percents add up to 100% eventually inshallah and finally you listen to me. Well, that's true, an extra day right mom? All right.

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Third reason why concepts and stories are repeated in the Quran in consideration for those addressed by the Quran is shown with regards to the time period and condition. Because of this, you find conciseness and a harsher style and the stories within Megazord as opposed to many ones. So, depending on the time and place, a particular theme may be addressed, but in a different style.

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So add, further details are added depending on the people so if you find mechi could add is more hotshot because addressing the kuffaar but then similar idea to be revealed about or hidden madonie but most of the depending on the style of the people and its approach. Number four, why repeat stories, because the eloquent it shows the eloquence of the Quran is shown in the stories, how they integrated in a certain way. And then the same story is narrated again, but in a different way, highlighting different aspects, the power law according and appropriate to the people, and that shows you the Bulava and the eloquence of the Quran. The story of Mossad is then repeated constantly

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in the Quran. Yeah, every time it comes it has a different style. And that goes on to the final point. This also shows you the truthfulness of the Quran. Because the revelation was 23 years and you find stories are repeated constantly over 23 years yet none of them contradict so panela 23 years. You may lie You may say something that's not truthful.

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Then the next day you asked about it, you give a different story The next day literally This was 23 years worth 23 years. Yet none of those stories ever contradict none of them. And so detail like sorta to you remember use of it Sam historie is mentioned in the most detail from beginning to end. And it's the only sort of that he's mentioning. Now the Prophet has. Now the prophet in the Quran has the beginning to end in one complete story in so much detail. The profiling sort of Salaam was asked about Yusuf Ali Salaam, the Jews asked him to test him is he truly a prophet to see? And to Panama, the Quran came down and it mentioned everything in so much detail certainly adds to the

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truthfulness of the Quran. And finally, the Israel Elliot, very important, the term Israel Elliot refers to the information and durations reported from Israel from the Jews, or the Christians, but the majority are from the hood. Because the word Israel means as we said, yahoo yahoo. So the children of Yahoo have the children of Israel so therefore these generations when he Israeli ad, it's mainly to do with banning Israel from the Jews, but also at times from the Christians and we'll give examples are short.

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And this is Roy Elliot, are categorized into three

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number one, and I'll summarize it for you. Number one, are those that Islam has accepted and affirm the truthfulness that's the first a Jew came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as narrated by episode and this is another Buhari and this juicer to the Prophet that Allah will grasp the heavens in the earth in his hands, yarmulke and the Prophet laughed does De Lima Kala had any idea who did he he laughed out of confirmation for what he said this red line.

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And he said he restarted the war, my father in law Hakata he went out to Germany and Comdata who Yeoman Tamati was some way to motivate you to be a meaning. So the Prophet rusada desire that law actually does state they didn't estimate a law with a true estimation. They didn't. They didn't give justice to a loss estimation. And on the death resurrection allows general grasp the entire earth the heavens and the earth into his hands literally rolled up in his right. So therefore, that's the first type us Israeli at that Islam has confirmed that's the first second type is sort of alien that the Quran and Sunnah have rejected. For example, there are many in the Bible today that say that law

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talisa lam committed * with his daughters of the villa. How can a prophet of Allah do this? And that no, Halle Salaam got so drunk, he literally lost his mind that he lay in his tent naked. This is in the Bible tonight. Feels like the owner approached the pastor of a cold pasta. macaroni

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Oh, how do you say that's what I'm saying? Yeah, priest asks, Why is this? He says

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to show the humanists about their role models, because you're supposed to be role models. You know, if I knew that a particular Sheriff or religious leader had interest with his daughters, I'm not gonna learn anything from him.

00:23:22 --> 00:23:44

Are you going to? And he said no, I want so how can God send these role models and they do such disgusting acts no in Islam, and they do that why? He didn't tell me this but I know why they do that. They try to degrade all the profits to raise a salary set to put him on a pedestal Sasa he wasn't like that, see what they don't? That's what I did. And you find something, there's always something negative mentioned about every prophet in the Bible, except that

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they done that on purpose. So of course, this is something that the Quran and Sunnah have rejected, and has clearly shown that this is a lie.

00:23:53 --> 00:24:33

And an example is what the chef says, is that this is another Buhari also the narration of Jeb Delano Delano or Dylan Homer, that the Jew sets. This is a misconception they had that if you have intimate relations with your wife from the back, still meaning from the vaginal passage, but the position you're from the back, and you have * with your wife through the vaginal passage, but from the back position. They said, No, you shouldn't do that, because the child will come out cockeyed. And this is something that goes against we know this is wrong. This is something that is actually wrong. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam Of course, allows which will of course result is sort

00:24:33 --> 00:25:00

of Baccarat nice outcome, how to knuckle to how to come and measure them. Unless you know your women are cultivation for you. And it's beautiful words from Allah look at the adverb of Allah. Allah said that your women your water cultivation for you. So approach your health, your cultivation from any way you wish as long as it's why the vaginal passage any position is allowed. And upon look at the language allow us to refer to that

00:25:00 --> 00:25:39

area of the woman, the private part of the woman as a health activist, a cultivation instead of using another foul word, for example, or saying followed, for example, in the Quran, you might find it in the language of Adam. But look at the words aloud with us. Why? Because just as you plant seeds, you cultivate them into the earth and it gives you fruits. Likewise, when the seed of the man from his fluid is put into the woman, it's literally like a seed that produce the fruit of a child. What a beautiful parable, and therefore you see the language in the Quran. It's of the highest, not just the eloquence and miraculous nature, but filled with other Bennati wrong manners and respect.

00:25:39 --> 00:26:16

Allah azza wa jal, he could speak in any way he wishes, and no one can say anything. He's the Lord of the universe. If Allah azza wa jal wanted to say *, he could have said it. But look at the other Bella's teaching us at the when you speak to people use nice words, tender words, the results abusive language and insulting curses. When allowed, which I wanted to say, to refute the Jews and to refute the Christians, about Isa and Maria Malema Salaam, allows regional said Ghana yakko lannett poem they both used to eat food, what is the one playing here

00:26:17 --> 00:26:43

to go to the toilet, but what doesn't say that, but a lot of them say they both go into the toilet, because this is this is respect these are the beautiful terms how lawyers will use this language or law says they both used to eat food that is it as implied because when a third eventually you have to go to the bathroom you have to excrete that. So therefore, this shows you my dear brothers that when we speak as well when we speak use nice terms and think of what you say before you say.

00:26:45 --> 00:26:55

So this is something that was of course a typical to the truth. Therefore the Quran and Sunnah clearly went against what the Jews would say, in regards to how you approach your wife.

00:26:56 --> 00:27:15

But of course, we approach we never approach via the back passage that's how long but this is not referring to that. So the first type that which the Quran and Sunnah affirms second I wish the Quran and Sunnah negates, but there's a third type of Israel Elliot, in which we neither negate or affirm. Without reject, neither do we believe.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:20

And this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

00:27:22 --> 00:28:02

led to soco Al Kitab one or two can be boom, don't believe and look it up. However, don't disbelieve what they say Why? Because you could disbelieve and reject something as truthful. And you can also believe something that's false. So therefore, when it comes to something that's it's neither 100% confirmed by the Quran and Sunnah. And it's not something that is clearly goes against our soul. Something clearly goes against our principles like should consult with Yeah, we say 100% we reject it. But it's something that's in between that we don't reject, and we don't accept. And that's what the prophet sallallahu Sallam would say at the bottom there of that page. On page 137 believer

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preach about me, even if it's one eight or one Hadith, we had this one Benny Israel Illa Allah hi Raj, and the right from the stories of Israel without a problem, no problem with this.

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Woman Karbala with Amazon affiliate.

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So that's the end of the Hadith. And we've already taken what that means in the past.

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So therefore, this is the way of the seller if they would actually include Israel yet in the books of Tafseer. However, some of the contemporary mufa sitting, they wouldn't be strict and they go against using his throat Elliot, however, there's no need for the strictness there's no need for this to shut down. And also known as the middle way between both extremes. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said had the swan Venezuela Well, I have no problem in writing, however, don't believe and don't reject. An example of that would be when

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Miriam and omonoia, they were sisters, the mother of a son and the mother of yahia. Those sisters and I believe we already mentioned this in the C class when

00:29:10 --> 00:29:25

Mary mother has Salaam so her sister, she said, Are you pregnant? And she says, Yes, I am pregnant. And she says what Antica Delica Maria, what about you? Are you pregnant? She said, Yes, I am. In the two sisters talking. You're pregnant. Are you pregnant? Yes. All right, Mashallah.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:36

She said, Well, I feel this is now the mother of USA, I feel what is in my belly prostrating to that which is in your belly. So panela

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and I was the subject of respect because the angels also commanded the Prostrate to Adam out of respect wasn't the frustration out of worship. So the mother is saying I feel what is in my belly prostrating to that which is your belly. That's when they hug each other and begins to cry. So this is a story from Ben Israel is from the Israel aliette. And we don't reject and we don't accept but we narrate it. You can read it and you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:13

This is from the Israeli at, but has no real effect on our Sharia has no real effect on it doesn't change Hong Kong, right doesn't change anything from the Sharia or particular acts of worship. So it's a story that was mentioned, and therefore you can write from it.

00:30:19 --> 00:30:56

And then the shift as most of what has been reported from this type of narrations will contain no real benefit in the religion such as the report about the exact color of the dog of the people of the cave, and other civil issues. Now very important as for asking the People of the Book Kitab Jews and Christians about something of Dean of religion is impermissible and highlight impermissible Haram, not allowed. Based on the Hadith found in Muslim, Allah Mohammed, the jabber, Abdullah, heard the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said do not ask the people of the book about anything for there will not be able to guide you rather than misguide you.

00:30:57 --> 00:31:03

And why would you do that? When you have the Quran, its ultimate guidance. And of course, that includes the sooner

00:31:04 --> 00:31:41

and that's what the prophet sallallahu wasallam said, If Musashi Salaam was alive today, you have no choice but to follow me. And that's why even though I best had some beautiful words here with my amazing what he said, a bass Alhambra back to Jamaica and said, Muslims How can you ask the people of the book about something while your book that Allah revealed to your prophet which has the most recent information? That's number one, most recent information it was just revealed the latest latest version? Yeah. Nice addition. So he got an iPhone six, you know, why go to iPhone four? Why not the latest Okay, stick to the latest. So the Quran is the most recent and hasn't been distorted.

00:31:42 --> 00:31:54

So why would you go to other books, when other other books have been corrupted, beautiful wordweb the best any ads? Allah has informed you that the People of the Book have replaced from the book that Allah has given them with others, of course.

00:31:55 --> 00:32:30

And I've changed it with their own head saying how them and handler they said this is from Allah, white again, a small price, Allah homestand. He said, on the other hand, there is nothing from what has come to you of knowledge that would prohibit you from asking them know about Allah, a man from them should be asking you about what is real to you. So the other way around, that should be coming to you for answers. They should be taking notes at your feet, not the other way around. The beautiful words by Bernard besser does not need to go to the for for answers on Dean from dunya take the good and leave the bad, no problem. But then are the Billa.

00:32:34 --> 00:32:38

So what's the position regarding the Israel Elliot? He goes on to mention

00:32:39 --> 00:32:40

four different opinions.

00:32:41 --> 00:33:19

Four different approaches for different positions on using this Australia. The first they said, this is now what authority does. And he's succeeded in Jared tafsir of Atari. He uses his throat earlier. But what he does you actually add the training duration in there for you. He leaves it up to you didn't that delete responsibility of himself and this is so Panama shows you from his taqwa and also his wisdom. So he mentioned the Israel Elliot. He wouldn't just mention the mutton but he mentioned the senate as well. Why don't leave it up to you, you go and verify whether it's true or false, or whatever the case may be. He left it for you to judge. That's one position at one way of approaching

00:33:19 --> 00:33:58

the soil yet, which is the other may have mentioned that this is something which is noble. And that's why Tafseer of Barry Silbert is the best. Remember when we took the seed it's actually considered by the runner better than a caffeine but it because he was more suited to the layman. And the skull also covers everyone well, optometry is more for the scholarly and the educated than those with knowledge. But it's actually considered the best book of the field. So that you can put a tick there no problem. Number two, others often write the soil yet yet most often mentioned them without the chains of transmission such as above a V and the scholar of Islam scheffel Islam himself in

00:33:58 --> 00:34:35

potamia said that is more concise than a therapist have said. But it took care to safeguard it from fabricated Hadith and innovated option. So basically said this is also something which was good as well. So no problem in mentioning it without the chain so you can even put a tick there. However the best is number three is you can highlight as the best most balanced approach according to Anderson or Jamal and that was the way we've looked at here last month, Li Li so he goes on to say other scholars have said and the right many of these Israel Eliot and follow some of them up by mentioning the weakness and indicating those who have been rejected. And one scholar from this group is

00:34:35 --> 00:35:00

indicated and that's why you find the panel. The indica theorists book on the seed field Quran alim became so popular and such an acceptance in the oma because of his approach. It's very comprehensive. It's very simplified, and it goes from the federal court and Bill cram is there in the crown with the Quran explaining the Quran with the sooner it takes you on those methodological steps and also is very balanced with

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

He mentioned this earlier to say this is weak, this is accepted, this is rejected. So he lays it all out for you. And that's why when brothers have asked me, What is one of the best ways to approach stuff said, If I want to eventually maybe delve into it further, just follow it because he did, he lays it out for you done all the hard work for you. So that is the best, however, and the fourth. So the first three you can give a tick, however, the fourth is something that we don't accept, going to extremes in denying the Israeli ad and never mentioned anything from them. You know, some you have some hot comerciais from Allah, Allah, why go to destroy the Earth? And we've already got the

00:35:32 --> 00:35:52

answer. Yeah, that's true. We've got the answers. But the prophet himself said, Have this lab in Israel, no problem in writing them. Of course, that does become your foundation, the Quran as soon as your foundation but there's no problem adding them occasionally in the writing. So he said this is now going into extremes and an example of that is the Tafseer of the Quran by Mohammed Rashid Rudolph.

00:35:53 --> 00:35:55

And with that, we conclude

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Congratulations, you've completed the book but hamdulillah feels good to finish isn't it? Good to finish a book? How many times do people you know read a book first few chapters they put on the shelf never to be picked up again. So so very important that when you start something you finish it but that's not the only poor thing? Well, just finishing random I said a job fam h lm Mecca family tabula rasa hotmelt kita make you make it soon understanding the book and not just completing the book. So we ask allows you to have the most time to grant us deeper understanding of our soul effective see in order the sciences, and most importantly, to bless us with implementation of what

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we learn. Because success in the hereafter Shabaab is not about what you had.

00:36:41 --> 00:36:42

It's what you did with what you had.

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Welcome to Santa

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Monica, Mohammed Ignacio De La La Land and stuff. Wanted to work. Let's do sirona and we'll end the night shortly.

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Just having

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done all the hard work for you, advocacy,

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