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AI: Summary © The Quran is the greatest medical book in the world, and it is the first book in Arabic language. The title is a symbol for the greatest medical book and is the first book in the Arabic language. The title is used to express pride and desire, and learning it is crucial for understanding it. The Quran is a powerful message that everyone can read and write, and it has been a powerful source of inspiration for the writing industry. The title of the book is "the" that is used in English and is not a "talk" that is used in other cultures."
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We live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in my early he also had very remain a beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and forever we begin with the praise and the things of Allah Masha Allah Allahu Allah, Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and our greetings salutations to our beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious in his pure family to his companions, and all those are following sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala

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blesses to be amongst them, Amin well hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we start a new series in sha Allah a series which we have done before and it's something which is good to remind ourselves. And this is around the miracles of the Quran, or the greatest miracle that Allah has sent down is the miracle of the Quran. And whether it will the one of the reasons why we've chosen this topic, if you following the news, you would have seen the in Sweden there's a bit of a uproar, because a Iraqi immigrant who was of a Christian background is not a Muslim or ex Muslim, wanted to make a display of what he thought of the Quran. And on the day of Eid, outside of the masjid, he took the Quran and he

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disagreed with the Quran, he tore it up and rubbed issues with it and then burnt it. And obviously in the countries that he comes from the western land, we know the double standards that if you if you insult the Quran, or you burn the Quran, then it's freedom of speech. But if you burn a flag that has a rainbow, then you are homophobic. If you burn a flag with a star on it, and an Israeli flag, you're anti semitic, but this is the reality we live in. Now, when our conversation is not around. What do we do about that issue? We make the out May Allah guide them to Islam, Allah guide them. And we think we give sugar to Allah that Allah has guided us through Islam, the end of the

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day, no one is going to be asked, you're not going to be asked about that person's belief with this belief. It's only your belief, my belief that it's going to match on the Deaf karma. But the real question is,

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as much as we love the Quran, and we attach of the Quran, if we were asked,

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if we were asked, Is this book truly from the Lord of the universe, the Creator of all things? Is this book really? From the All Knowing? The all wise? Can we prove it to you? Do you feel comfortable if your co workers asked you in a very open conversation? Show me evidence that this is a book from from your Creator. And this is the channel the series will take us a few weeks to get through. And when we ask Allah to grant us guidance and Tofik so when we talk about miracles, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that he has always sent signs Allah doesn't use the word in Arabic the word for medical is Marchesa, Lord Jesus. Allah never uses the word Marchesa, when he speaks about

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miracles. So when Allah says that we gave to Nabi Musa nine signs are yet I'll use the word if he doesn't use the word Marchesa, because a medical is almost to, to entertain or fascinate you also this entertainment. I'm giving you evidence of mankind so that you may believe I'm giving you a sign to guide you. And so Allah says I gave to Nabi Musa nine Ayat nine signs. And in the Quran, Allah says that when Allah ever speaks about a verse of the Quran, he calls it an iron, meaning that this book is a sign and it's a miracle, and it is the greatest miracle. And so how do we prove that? How do we prove that the Quran is a miracle? And how do we feel comfortable? So first question is, what

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is a medical and how it is so our series objective is, is the Quran a medical? Not only is the medical, is it the greatest medical that Allah has revealed? Is it greater than Nabi Musa opening the Red Sea by Allah's command? Is it greater than Nabi Isa resurrecting the dead by Allah's command? Because we attain we we affirm that this is the greatest miracle of all the ayat Allah has sent. So what is a miracle? And I want you to keep this definition in mind, you're going to be the judge. I'm trying to make the case and you need to make the judge

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you'd be the judge. A miracle is any event or occurrence that does not conform with the natural law? It is something extraordinary, something that cannot be explained scientifically, something that cannot be replicated. So if someone says, this is a miracle, it means that it is goes beyond normal exponent. It is supernatural. So I'm we are asking, Oh Allah, you claim that the Quran is a miracle. Is the Quran really supernatural?

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Can the Quran be replicated? Can the Quran be?

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You have Subhanallah we've got artificial intelligence, we've got millions and millions of authors and poets, can they can they come together and produce something similar to the Quran? So let's see, the Quran needs to make the case for itself. So does the Quran meet the challenge? And we'll look at the Quran from at multiple levels. Today Inshallah, we're going to start off with the Quran from a literary literary background as a book of literature, if we will, all studying

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literature, not from a religious perspective, we take Shakespeare, we take the Quran, we take, Charlie in the chocolate factory, we put all these books together, and we say, how do they compare? You take my grade five essay that I wrote about my grandmother, we put all of it together. How does this compare, as a book of literature? purely as a book of literature, not a book of religion, a book of theology, a book of morality, purely as a book of literature? Does the Quran stand out as being something special? So of course the we have millions of books in the Arabic language, and millions and millions of books beyond the Arabic language, where does the Quran stack up amongst

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them purely as a book of literature?

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The first thing to note, and this automatically makes it special is that the Quran is the very, very first book in the Arabic language. It is the oldest book in the Arabic language, no author, no poet, before the Quran, wrote a book, The Arabs were not the people that wrote many things. Yes, we have writings, we have poet poems written we have contracts, but a book if you ask what is the first ever book in the Arabic language, the Quran is number one, which means what the author whoever the author is, we leave that unknown for now could not copy from anybody else.

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The author of the Quran did not have something before it to replicate or to inspire or to, to steal from the Quran is completely unique on its own. It's the first

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it is also if you if and and of course unfortunately, we are not experts in Arabic, and most of us who have never understood spoke the understand the Arabic language. But if you look at the Quran now from a literary perspective, the the amount of Arabic and there are many non Muslim Arabs. There are many non Muslims who speak Arabic as a first language in Egypt. In Iraq, many like this man is a non Muslim Arab.

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And they will affirm even with a dislike for Islam, even with the hatred for Islam, they will say without a doubt, the Quran is very eloquent. The Quran is of its of the highest form of the Arabic language. It is a style which is unparalleled. There was no author, no poet who wrote something that can compare with the Quran from a poetic perspective. And that is why when encircle Madatha when Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the verses of Surah, Kalam revealed the verse of the Quran, the main poet of Arabia, the main poet of Makkah.

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Hadith and Willie's father and Mahira Hadid Molly, the great harlot, Molly's dad

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worried and worried. He was the main poet of Bucha when the Quran was presented to him and they asked him the question I asked him you the poet, you the Shakespeare, you tell us what this is, and he was dumbfounded, Rizzuto nativity, and he was thinking and you're spacing and he was confused, what is this, because this is of the highest level of eloquence, it is poetry, which cannot be matched till today. If you want to study Arabic as a language, you will have to study the Quran, go to UniSA go to you go whatever university you want to go to, you will study the Quran as part of your curriculum. Now not to compete, but you're not going to study the Bible as part of your

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curriculum in the English language. Because from a literature perspective, it's not one of the books that stands out. It's not Shakespeare, whereas the Quran is

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really my father. It is the highest form of poetry in the Arabic language according to the Arabs. And until now. 2023 If you want to study Arabic, you must study the Quran as part of your curriculum, because of its style because of its method yet,

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when you open the Quran, even though university professors are studying it to three year olds, five year olds can read the Quran and they can understand very, very easily Kulu Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad let me read what I'm what I'm the Aquila when I had very simple

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the Quran is able to be understood and read by the youngest of two

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and 10 years later.

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The middle of

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But this was deliberate word usage that is changed. Why? Because every word in the Quran is, is chosen from Rotblat. I mean, you can study this as we said we can we can read this as children and not understand it. When you analyze this, at the PhD level, you find these gems that's panela. I didn't even see another classic example, which is historically correct.

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The king of the king of Egypt is Pharaoh, we all know this fit around is the king of Egypt. And throughout the story of Nabi Musa, it is nabi Musa and frown, now be useful for a Salam. Now the use of was before Nabi Musa, and he was in Egypt, and he was dealing with a king of Egypt. Allah never uses the term Pharaoh. In the story. If you look at go read Surah Yusuf, there is a king in Egypt, it's a king, but I'll never use the word Pharaoh. Pharaoh is always the Malik the king. Why? We know now he studied creed, that the term fit around Pharaoh was a title that only came much later in the Egyptian history. It was only a later title that was chosen. So the kings had many titles.

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Originally, they always call the ruler of Egypt, King Malik like anyone else, but later on he became frown. And so that is why the time of no use of he was always called King and the time going to be Musa he's called frown. And that is why you don't find the mixture of these words in the two stories SubhanAllah. Again, chance luck, coincidence. So we see the Quran.

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If you summarize a lot of these, these points, the Quran is unique. No poet from the time of Nabi Salam, until now has been able to replicate it is no and there are many non Muslim poets who have tried. There are many false prophets that have tried to produce likeness of the Quran. They've done it, they've done the attempts, no one knows where it is gone.

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obscure, it cannot be classified into one type of poetry. No other book resembles it. The theme And subhanAllah what is also amazing of the Quran, you can see the theme of the Quran changes when the Hijra occurred.

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So you should all know the Quran has sewers that were revealed before the era and sewers to reveal after the era. The sewers before the Hegira is dealing with a community who are non Muslim mostly. So Allah is talking to them about belief in Allah. Allah is talking to him about piano. Also, I'm going to talk to you about how to use the toilet and how to get married. They have bigger issues to worry about. They don't believe in Allah. So the sewers that were mucky muck and if you read this, so if you go to the beginning of the index, you see are the surah is a murky Surah when you read the English you realize there's very little laws in the there's no kick in the butt the minute the

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Hegira happened, and we now have a Muslim community. Automatically the surah has a very legal the long suit as the beginning of the Khurana or Madani. But back to Frank, the beginning of the most half the first surah in the Quran,

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are actually the latest sutras, in terms of revelation and they are Madani. So there you will find a lot of it all laws about inheritance about date about Talaq allowed marriage. So Subhanallah, the same author was talking about one subject matter, the minute the situation changes, now the content changes completely. And you don't even see the difference. It is seamless.

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Imagine the book another VM two years in, if you read a book of law, I think after five minutes, only the more boring paperwork of accounting, you will fall asleep. The Surahs in the Madani phase, or legal get it's written in poetic form. It's a legal chapter, but it's in poetic form that told today you studied as poetry.

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All of this

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was completely oral.

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I want you to think about that. If you were to ask if you were asked to write an essay, but you can't write it down. You need to present it and we will write down the words

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you can you couldn't write something you know in your pocket, memorize it and then present xataka a presentation you're giving you are asked a question and many times in the Quran you've heard this well yes Aluna aka when we asked I don't know what is it been? And they asked you Oh Muhammad, where's Luna annual Mahi the asked about hide whereas a luna kind of a healer they ask you about the moon immediately. Allah said tell them now the idea came down. No chance this is a spontaneous on the spot at that moment. Oral transmission. How would you proceed

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sent an essay about whatever subject matter in an oral presentation without ever having a chance to write a draft yet, in the first go the first attempt, there are no mistakes. No, it is completely error free. No one has picked up the Quran and said, Here's a grammatical mistake, here's a mistake and you use that inconsistency, completely error free, flawless no second attempt. That's why you'd find in all other books, they will tell you it's the second edition the third edition, Quran doesn't have two three editions, there's been no revision no group of scholars have come and said you know, there was a mistake here when you think there's there's been no revision no additions, no

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subtractions from the Quran.

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So I'll ask every time you put this in your mind, what are the book has done this? What are the books in human history as achieved this kind of, of prominence what or the book has was was able to be given in an auto transmission of the highest poetry in the highest manner? With a perfect you do you worse the word word usage and never ever been revised?

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What makes the Quran perhaps if you were to purely look at it from a linguistic perspective, the most influential book in a language is that in no other language, I want you to wake up a little bit for this one is a deep, every language evolves, it changes.

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Some languages even disappear. Latin, for example, was the language of the world disappeared, no one uses it becomes obsolete. And you've all studied Shakespeare. When your kids hear Shakespeare, so what language is this guy talking? So this is English is English. So the same English I know why? Why did it change because languages evolve. The only language on Earth that has not evolved is Arabic. It is static, it is crystallized, no other language on earth has remained static like Arabic. Why? Because of the Quran. Because as the language evolves, and changes, the books become less and less understandable, like Shakespeare, now we can understand it. And I give you an example

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of the Bible. So this is an English Bible 1000 years ago, you can't understand a single word I mean, but it's English, it's not a different language, you can't understand it at all. So you go as time goes on, it becomes more understandable the words become the English becomes more understandable. Right? So now if you start reading it, now you can understand what this what this refers to. So why is Arabic the only language that is unchanging, unmoving, it is still, the Arabic that you have today is the same Arabic 1400 years ago, the Adam can pick up the Quran, and he reads it and he understands that Shakespeare was only four or 500 years ago, and you hardly can understand what is

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being said, the Quran is 1500 years old, yet it's still understandable. Because the Quran came down, and it almost and when we could say it's subdued the Arabic language, Arabic, you will not change, you will not move away from the Quran, it will always remain attached to the Quran. And so, again, we ask has ever Has there ever been an author that wrote a book that was so powerful that the entire language remained unchanged? Is there any language on Earth, Mandarin Spanish, French way, the greatest author in that language because every every language has its great authors, wrote a book so powerful, that the language couldn't change, Shakespeare couldn't do it. No other author did it. But

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this Quran did it. So the influence the Quran has on Arabic, whether you're Muslim or non Muslim, you have to accept whether you like it or not, whether you want to burn the Quran or not. This guy from Iraq isn't whether he likes it or not, you need to concede that without a doubt this is the most important book in Arabic language is the Quran where whoever wrote it, it is the most important book in the Arabic language. And then you look at the influence Arabic had on the world. So many words, like in English, will be is based on Arabic language. So the Quran has influenced all the languages of the world. Now we put all this together. Our question is, is this a miracle? Is this

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amazing? So number one, we summarize the first book, in the language never to be copied. It is the highest form of poetry that you still studying in the university. It caused the entire Arabic language to remain unchanged to remain static. Its its message, whether it's law with a theology, it's in poetic high level of poetry that everybody could understand. It was completely oral, without any error without any addition. And they say a man who could not read or write, compile this book, a man who never wrote anything in his life, who never read a single book in his life, produce the greatest book in the Arabic language. That is a miracle.

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If you can, if it did not come from Allah subhanho wa taala. Then show me this great poet, this great author that wrote the Quran, and they can't. So this is part one of the series. Inshallah, next week, we'll continue

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knew what the scientific miracles and perhaps is more something which we can relate to discoveries that we find in the Quran, that surely was impossible to have known 1500 years ago. May Allah Subhan Allah grant us the love of the Quran, grant us to follow it, Allah grant us to always be to make it the light of our hearts and our guidance. I mean, a few announcements quick one, our AGM the annual general meeting of the masjid is Wednesday the 12th of July, it will be at Burano house but also for those who quantity and physically you can attend via zoom and please inshallah if you're part of this and you oppose them as those who attend those who listen online you're a part of our Jamar for

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the well being of the masjid whatever is positive inshallah you let us know we can continue whatever needs to be fixed we can fix it, but show your interest so your concern you part of the masjid attend the AGM if you can and if you confiscating please join us online there's ocular hate it was Allah say no Mohammed was at least I'm listening. I'm glad I'm glad I mean, cinematic martial law, but