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AI: Summary © The holy Bible provides signs that demonstrate the presence of Islam in the universe, including a flower in the sky, a symbol of Islam's presence in the universe, and symbols and signs. The potential for humans to create their own system and communicate with others through genetic engineering is discussed, along with the historical significance of Islam's teachings and use in various fields. The use of "whha ho ho" in English to describe the process of building a house, the creation of a flower, and the use of "whha ho ho" in Spanish to describe the process of creating a flower.
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And Hamdulillah He filled me back at me. Why not halfway by the opportunity was salat wa salam O Allah say you will be even more severe for us Javi was seldom at the Sleeman Cathedral on cathedra. Amana to follow the village gonna share it on your watch list Mila you're working on Iraq, the

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salary him I feel they will be I'm off we'll see him at the end. And now we'll help. So the prologue will assume

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my dear respected elders and brothers and last underwater

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in the universe, Allah has kept certain of these landmarks.

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Allah has kept certain of his signs. Allah has kept certain visible signs of is

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that when we see those signs, we remember Allah subhanahu wa taala we are attracted to Allah subhanho wa Taala we see the footprints, and we see the Presence of Allah subhanahu wa taala in those signs. So who judge and coming back from McIver karma, the greatest sign of Allah subhanho wa Taala perhaps in this earth is the Kaaba individual and anyone who has been there will tell you that when you go there and for the first time especially those who for the first time, see that carbine debate to love that just taken aback in or they just see the signs of Allah Tala in what is apparently from the worldly perspective, a square building, but how is it that that particular

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square buildings just reminds us of Allah Tala, you can just feel the presence and the greatness of Allah Tala from that particular sign, that landmark.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala in a similar manner and I would like to concentrate on that. In a similar manner Allah Tala escaped many other signs of Allah Tala in the universe which are scattered in the universe.

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Now, it is surprising that these particular signs Allah mentions it in the Quran.

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And Allah specifically asked us that to remember Allah by what I have created, but very few of us actually

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look at the signs to remember glorify and think about the greatness of Allah Tala. Now look at this verse which I recited in front of you Allah Allah says, serie him I act in our field.

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I will show you my signs in the universe in the horizons. I will show you my signs will be unfussy him I will show you my signs in your own body.

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I will show you my science in your own body have Diotima Jana until you are convinced that the Quran and Allah subhanahu wa taala is true.

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Now obviously the question how many of us look into the horizons look into ourselves to consider the greatness of Allah subhana wa Tada Allah Allah Allah has to come out okay here is dunya he is co director Allah Tala for a third period.

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Who Judge Ekrem Makarska wapas Hara who SMIS Surfaris Kaaba OB Tula disco Dacre Allah yada

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Lincoln, Allah gala fermata parama is dunya Kia traffic or hood app is admin

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can you not me there is sorry, the Shania victory we're gonna score Decker Eman liable hell admin here so they can call the guy who looks at these particular signs of Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I will show you my signs in the universe, that when Allah when they translated commentate on this iron, evening or die in his yard amongst the Obama he said, the universe means that different phenomena in this universe, like the heavens and earth, the moon, the stars

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is the day that night the wind, the thunder, the lightning, the storms, the plants and the trees, the mountains and the oceans. These are signs of Allah Tala, which Allah Tala refers to in the Holy Quran, I will show you my signs in the universe and in your own selves. Allah Allah says I will show you signs in your own self that will convince you that Allah Tala is true will convince you about the greatness in the presence and the existence of Allah. Allah Tala in surah. Yaseen says our urine inside one enough and upon our own will not fall for either or foreseeable movie. Don't human beings see that we create him from a drop of fluid, one drop of water and one drop of fluid that also have

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a fluid that if it comes out we have to make goosal It is now part we created you from that woman it and the fella coming to rob from my area not far. We created two from Justin them through the dust you come into a drop of sperm. And after creating you from a drop of sperm for either who

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you become Allah Diana's enemy,

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Chip Allah it panicky katri say galena panicky potresti parrocchia Fear Johanna up Allah Tala kesti Love bounty will you become someone who is an adversary to Allah subhanho wa Taala for either who have

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you become someone who who wants to debate with Allah ways Allah Don't you see how Allah Allah created will you still have the gall to see ways Allah to Allah, for either workers even when you become a nurse $100 adversary and enemy, the creation of a human being from water can only be the work of a being that has endless knowledge, power and wisdom. If anyone cannot see the Presence of Allah Tala in how Allah Tala has created you, then tell him to create a sell. Tell him to create a drop of blood. Tell him to create what Allah subhanahu wa taala has created from a drop of fluid from a drop of sperm. Yeah Allah, look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala has treated each and

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everything in our body. Researchers estimate that only from this one particular I you know you and I we look at things we just take things for granted.

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If only we can realize the complex nature of what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has created in this eye, the system of the eye the cornea etc. Researchers say that a human being can see 1 million shades of color. With this is 1 million shades of color. You don't have to go and look at the color shades of Prescott anyway. You want to go by pay to go and go and decrease you all the shades of Prescott color wildly differentiated one color, this I can see 1 million shades of color who created it, Allah didn't created only for you to enjoy without remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, look at our Allah subhana wa Taala has created things in this particular unit in this body, there

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are certain things that Allah Tala allows to grow to a certain extent

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and that they cannot preach and allow certain things to grow to a certain extent our eyelashes, our bones, our teeth,

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they grow to a certain extent, the head, the body, the head, the head, the beard doesn't grow to a certain extent it continues growing you have to cut it and you ask yourself who created this particular system that certain things grow to a certain extent and certain things do not grow to a certain extent? They are free to grow until you have to trim it up. Why is it like that? What am I have written that anything that grows which if it grows, it becomes unsightly, it becomes ugly, it becomes an inconvenience to you, unless Allah only allows it to grow to a certain extent. So can you imagine if Allah Tala has allowed us grow this eyelashes to grow more?

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As it is we have so many accidents would ever go accidents people wouldn't have been able to see. But this beard is a beauty in the adornment of a human being. And Latin allows you to grow the haze in adornment and settle allows you to grow suddenly Himayat in our field our family Wolfie unfussy I will show you my signs in your body attire

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until you realize it and that is true until you realize that you know Allah subhanho wa Taala is true human heart will be it for 7080 years without for three Who allowed you to do so. In between days no service, a golf 10,000 50,000 100,000 kilometres you know

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Have a one year we have to send it for service, the best of us. They see the Mercedes guys very good, very perfectly engineered. But even that perfectly engineered car, you have to send it to a service. This particular heart beats how many 1000 times a day, you don't send it for service, Allah Subhan until you abuse it, if Allah subhanaw taala allows it to, you know, send blood throughout the body, it is Allah subhanho wa Taala has put it put, the kidney will filter blood, it will be able to take the good blood from the body and send it out and filter out the bad blood, who gave the kidney a small piece of organ in our body who gave it the ability to be able to distinguish between that

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which is good. And then which is pretty good Tetyana

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Subhuti suffice to say, Michael,

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his newest go to underwater Mystica see Kai

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who didn't show it, how to be able to differentiate between the two, who gives the tongue the flexibility to form words. And then give us the ability to understand those words or Rockman halacha in son

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he created given you that the ability to be able to formulate words to be able to communicate to be able to understand and then Allah has given us the brain, Allah has given us the Internet to be able to understand they see this particular brain which Allah Tala has given you has got more complex circuitry than the best and the most technologically advanced computer. The greatest computer that we have, would not be able to compete with this particular brain and intellect that data has given you now this talk about artificial intelligence, but even artificial intelligence will not be able to call compete with the internet ALLAH SubhanA.

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Allah Allah tells you about all of this for you to remember that Allah then we look at you know, different things in the universe, what Allah Tala has created. Sometimes you look at the animal kingdom, and you think that these animals don't have any particular type of intellect. They don't have any particular type of feeling emotions, but look at what Allah subhanho wa Taala is created in the animal kingdom. They see the dolphin when it feels sick. I'm tempted Mr. Ortega, Dr. Cooper, or chapter two anywhere antibiotic Bautzen Martha it gives us antibiotic.

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They see when the dolphin becomes slightly sick, it goes to a particular rock in the reef.

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And it rubs its body against a particular rock. That particular rock has got an anti inflammatory properties. Now who taught that God dolphin in the middle of the ocean, in the in the depth of the ocean, to be able to go to a particular rock to rub itself against that particular rock because he's got an anti inflammatory type of you know properties. The blue whale is the biggest animal that Allah has created. The blue way, it will be received Neely way is also known as whaling the oral language it is the biggest creature Allah Tala has created in this word. The blue whale has got this tongue, the tongue of the blue whale is as big as one elephant. The tongue of a blue whale is as big

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as a hearty kebabs get your animals around. And it's hot, is as big as a car.

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It's hard is as big as a car. The blood vessels of the blue whale is such that you can swim through the blood vessels of a blue way. You can swim through it. And it's got a mouth which can accommodate 90 metric tons and tons of food. But although it got such a big mouth, look at how the goodness of Allah Tana works. It cannot swallow anything more than a ball. So it cannot swallow a big sharp or big fish. It can't amount it is so big, but it cannot swallow anything bigger than a beach ball. And you know how much this way eats the way eats 3600 kilo grams of grills a day.

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3600 cribs class is like a shoe. Right like a prod small shoe prod. Maybe the wheel is a Shafi this way you can eat pros. That way is eight tons of curls a day, 3600 kilo grams of carbs a day. The calf the small way which feeds on the blue whale drinks 400 liters

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Because of milk a day it needs a whole dairy farm to be able to feed one calf of a wave

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mama Minda button fill out the law and Allah is there is not a living creature but Allah Tala looks after its risk.

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Koi John will go goin son he just went to my excuse me daddy

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400 litres of milk a small cup greens. Can you imagine ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada respected wellness and that Allah tells us salary him is enough.

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I will show you my signs in the universe and in yourself to realize that Allah has greatness. Let me give you now on that and you know there is this particular aspect of the greatness then on the other hand, they are small animals look at our Allah subhanho wa Taala has created them. You know, one beautiful example is that of the bee because Allah makes mention of it in the parameter. And now these two three verses in the Quran, Allah Tala tells us about the big O Hara, aka Elon and interfering mineralogy Valley

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Wamena szegedi Or me Maya are insured for mk halimun Police Amara first rookies to hold her up because Rula Look at this beautiful West just think about this. Allah gives the B three commands. Allah Talon dweller a monkey

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Shatkin Makiko team Ahmadiyah first he told you tell him that where you must build your house where you must build your hive, build your hive in a place which is ever heights in a mountain or in a high place because a high place is free from pollution. So first Allah Tala told me go and build a house in your mountains Ohara Bukola nahi Mila Jabari Toyota in the in the mountains are in a high place. Then Allah Tala told him to make it is hive in a particular way. The hive of n the house of a bee the hive is EXO Jonathan excellent visit Alpha getting right XO journal right, it's eight h h h eight angles, eight through eight angles. If it was it was it was a ball in a circle it would not

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have been able to accommodate and to store the beat the honey. It's only that it's got eight squares, eight squares, eight angles that is able to store the honey. Then Allah Tala told it to a policeman police camera going suck the data of the flowers. So Allah Tala told the big three things. And Allah uses the word wha hoo ha, I give you ye of the year the word doesn't mean what he likes out of when he came upon. But Allah Tala inspired the beat to do three things. And then when it takes from the nectar of the flowers, you know, it is amazing that it takes 60 million flowers nectars to make five kilos of honey. The bee has to take the nectar of 60 million flowers to make

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five kg of honey or 6 billion flowers to make one jar of honey to take that honey you ready to buy from someone. And you didn't even think that Allah Tala told the bee to do that. And after taking the 6 million flowers, the nectar is of 6 million flowers. It creates one jar of honey, you took the honey you bought the honey you didn't think of.

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That is the bigness of the way, the largeness of the way. Now let me give an example of a small bird. The small bird, the hummingbird bird is 4.5 grams. It migrates from a particular place and goes across the Gulf of Mexico.

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And because it cannot swim, when it goes across the Gulf of Mexico, it can stop that 4.5 grams of a hummingbird bird, sometimes traveling non stop for 20 hours.

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There is a bird known as a battery.

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It migrates for 11,000 kilometres without stopping

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to 11,000 kilometres without stopping. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the field this summer was you will walk the laughing lady wouldn't have the

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Verily the creation of the heavens and earth and in the changing of the days and nights, the hayati there is science for people of intellect. Allah subhanho wa Taala conquered this amino acid Mankey the FleetMon or Dino Rokita Diliman ayat, the Shania can

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Scalia and Latinos Quran Allah to Allah Tala

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we had the rune and they are supposed to reflect upon Allah subhanho wa Taala is greatness Abdullah in a person the Allah was called as a shepherd. It doesn't want the creation of compulsory as we've mentioned in physiologica. He says to contemplate and meditate on the greatness of Allah by seeing the footprint of Allah for a little while, is better than Ibaadat a fortnight. Let me repeat it again. And Adana Kim Medallia score taker under dalla Cuyamaca or al Allah, Allah Allah, but I want to keep right over water.

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is better than one whole night of murder Subhanallah and why does it matter that being one of this why does it matter to us all this for us to remember under the inner years of Corona Allah Yama for kurodo What drew me him to remember Allah subhanahu wa taala Allah subhanho wa Taala has got all of these things that Allah Tala has created. In this we find the greatness of Allah Tada as Monty bulan demon in the heights of the skies, in the in the stability of the earth despite it being drowned in the majestic the author of the mountain tops in the beauty of the flowers in the in the brightness of the day and in the darkness of the light.

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Oh you will be in Don't you see in jail Allahu alayhi wa ala sir muda o n o human beings if Allah Tala were to create the night perpetually till the day you have Carmen who would give you the brightness of the day. Could you write to me in Jan Allahu Allah.

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If Allah Tala were to create and the day forever Manila when availa T Combi lady who besides a letter would have given you the darkness of the night for you to be able to be rest okay him in IoTivity sama what will be your Runa Alia for whom and

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let me conclude with this Allah Tala complains

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Oh Allah shikaka Kidney Shania is dunya men are Cusco. Dacre therapy lack Allah says afflict.

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There are so many signs of Allah who see it and you are still neglectful of Allah to Allah. How can we be neglectful of Allah Tala. When Allah Allah has showed us so many of his signs? May Allah Tala give us a topic of remembering Allah with every moment when we see the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala