Dealing With Death In Family

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of mourning a death in a family and how it is allowed in Islam. They share their experience of mourning for four months and months, and how it is important to act when someone is heartbroken. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of counting days for mourning and how it is a process to get out of the cycle.
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Recently we had a death in our family in that Illa una radiological, and I was asked about a DA

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or waiting period is the mourning period for the wife of the deceased husband. Allah directs us in the Quran.

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One levena Yuda one phone, call my other Munna as one job, wire them guna as watching down on both Nami I'm forcing about a shooting one Russian or

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so in red, the wife should mourn in the home of her husband's house. She should dress casually not dress up like for a party. I shared this concept of red though with someone and they said to me, like she should act when somebody is heartbroken. I said, You know what? I never thought of it like that. But I think you're right. It got me curious. What's the wisdom of a woman mourning for four months and days? Here's what I found. I love how in Islam, we're not forced to go against our mental health. For example, look at how Islam accepts that there will be times when we're angry and want to cut somebody off. Now cutting people off is haram and that we're allowed to do it for three days,

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not a day more. When somebody dies, we're heartbroken. Islam doesn't tell us, hey, suck it up and stop that. Don't you know that this is all written? No. Islam accepts that the heart grieves and we're heartbroken. So take that time to mourn three days for the family and for months, 10 days for the wife. Islam, however, doesn't just leave us morning forever with no guidance. Allah gives us the time and then guides us out there and means to count I eat to count the days of mourning. That's the key word count the days and hamdulillah Fardeen that understands our nature is that we're emotional humans we grieve Yes. And then the time to come out of grieving ends. Islam allows us the grieving

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guides us towards it in fact, and then guide this out. Our dean is awesome and hamdulillah take a moment now and appreciate that awesomeness. This I'm gonna shoot Eve mind off for you is to see you succeed at the highest level