Nilima Asks – In Bhavishya Purana 50 of the Prophesy is not Fulfilled by Muhammad (pbuh)

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AI: Summary © The Phryah Par-3 lake in India is linked to the prophecy of God, and the meaning of "vanish" is not clear from the title. The title also includes various interpretations of "has been wrong" meaning "has been wrong" and "monster's meaning." The title ends with the word "monster's meaning."
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Good evening, sir. I'm a lecturer by profession and also a research scholar in Islam and comparative studies. May I know your name, please, I'm nearly Mom, I respect your great enlightenment sir, but I have a small qualification to be made like, let us go back to the publisher Khurana par three country, RTI, three and slow cars five to eight. Before going to this, I would just like to mention that maybe you already know because every prophet who comes in the name of God will fulfill the prophecy which is made for him. So any profit who fulfills 50% of that prophecy is not qualified to be a prophet. I mean, this is a simple logical thing. So now coming back to the publisher Khurana,

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you talked about the Malaysia leader saying that he is none other than Muhammad, okay. Now, I accept the first half of the thing of the sloka you said but the second 50% which is still ignored. Now, Sir, let me tell you, Malaysia the word meaning lakeisha it is derived from Sanskrit dictionary, I mean the meaning and the meaning means non Aryan or sinner or wicked person, these are the three different meanings given to the word Malaysia. So, according to this, can Muhammad be a sinner or a wicked person, the second part is the second condition of the prophecy is that he will belong to McChrystal and in Sanskrit, land of death, because Maru is I mean it is derived from Sanskrit mu mu

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is death and definitely is does not quoting to the land of Arabia, because it is a barren land or it is a battlefield. And next, coming to the third point of faith, this prophecy also mentions that that nature leader will take bath in pancha gavia and in river Ganges and it is a common truth we know that Ganges means Ganga river and we all know that Ganga is not in Arabia but it is in India. It is a universal fact. And coming to the taking bath in pancha Kavya the meaning of pancha. Kava is five products of cow and the products of Kava is milk curds, Ki urine Gowda. And now sir, coming to this part exclusively, this prophecy must be fulfilled by Muhammad, wherein if you show me at least

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single reference from Quran wherein Muhammad has taken, but in either in all these five products, that is milk curds, ghee, urine, and cowdung, I'm ready to accept Islam today. Thank you, sir. Sister has rightly said that, if the prophecy that you give a more than 50% is not fulfilled, then the prophecy is wrong. I agree with your sister. I agree with you. And I will answer all your three queries. Let's see whether they accept Islam or not today.

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That's a different thing that you may not agree with the truth. I will speak to you. I agree with you, Malaysia. I agree with you all your three definitions. Malaysia, one of the meaning is non Aryan meaning a foreigner, one of the meaning is sinner, one is a wicked person. That's the reason like the Hindus they call the Muslims as Malaysia when they say that they mean actually wicked and sinner, but the other meaning is also foreign. As far as when I speak when I quote from any scripture, while quoting and while teaching the meaning. It's not necessary that if the word has got four meanings, then more than two meanings should be correct. No, even if one is correct, the

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meaning is right. For example, the Quran says that don't have pig. Today if you open the dictionary, one of the slang meanings for pig is a cop means a policeman. So one meaning is pig.

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The other meaning is a policeman, but natural the Koran and the Bible. And the Bible says in the book of Leviticus chapter 11, verse number seven and eight in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 14, verse number eight, and the book of Isaiah chapter number 65, verse number two and five. When it says don't ask pig, it doesn't mean don't have a policeman.

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If you're a student of comparative religion, if there are 10 meanings, even if one is correct, you have to choose the right one to maybe correct three may be correct all 10 may be correct, but even if one is correct out of 10 it can fulfill the prophecy. So you're I agree with you, Sister malecha does mean non Aryan to Indian it will be a foreigner. And I said in my speech when I translated a Malaysia means a foreigner. Now you want to go in the wrong way and say Malaysia means wicked here. That is a misunderstanding sister.

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If you say the Bible says in the

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Answers don't have a policeman that means you're not a student of comparative religion, you are a no voice, if any of the meaning fulfill the prophecy, one more thing, if there is a doubt, there are 10 points I mentioned, all the others can be refuted. Your second meaning myristyl, one of the Maru Stella to agree Mara means that but the other meaning of Maru spell in Sanskrit is a sandy track. You go back to the dictionary today and open in our Islamic Research Foundation. We have a Sanskrit dictionary, also sister.

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I'm a student of comparative religion, I do agree one is a place of death, the other is a Sunday track. So why are you taking the wrong meaning? That means you're going out of the way so if you see the permutation and combination, all the other points are mentioned 100% correct. You're also you have to choose the right meaning. So one of the meanings of marusan means a Sunday track or a desert.

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Coming to the third question, and you accepting Islam inshallah.

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The third question that I mentioned in the prophecy that Prophet Muhammad Salah Salam took a bath in the punch curve in the Ganges. Now here we analyze that when we say in the Hindu terminology, when you say bath in the punch garb in the Ganges, it means to purify. One means actually dip yourself in the Ganges, which I don't expect, the Prophet came and dipped himself in the Ganges, it means to purify, I did not give the explanation because the lecture is very long, I can speak on the topic for the full day. I did not give details of everything I can speak on each prophecy for another few minutes, even for us together. So you're having a bath in the punch girl means purify. So depending

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upon the context, it doesn't mean a physical bath. And even if you physically have a bath, in the punch gum in the Ganges, not necessary, you will be purified. It is the philosophy of the Hinduism. So here when the prophecy says that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him had a bath in the puntogov, it doesn't mean he came here in the Ganges, it means that he was purified by Almighty God, and we believe that all the prophets of God, all whether it be Moses, Jesus Christ, peace be upon them and Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, all of them assume they were innocent, they were pure. So all the prophets of God of Almighty God which he sent down, all of them we consider to be innocent, to

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be Muslim to be pure. So this answers the question and I hope inshallah will accept Islam sister.

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I would just like to throw some light the sister dastardly question three questions. And that reminds me that my daughter who had come last she had said the song Don't talk to me about moment, you know,

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peace be upon him. And the coordinator said, Please pay attention to the word what she's saying. And if you heard the words carefully, it's the spirit of masala Salaam that once more masala solemn was going, he finds a companion of the stranger. She starts speaking against the Prophet, or the Prophet Mama, Salah Sam is a bad person, don't talk to me. She's telling mama Salah some that person doesn't know the person is talking to she tells to the stranger. That person on the road that Prophet Muhammad is bad, don't listen to Hey, me causes disharmony. He teaches only about one God, blah, blah, blah. That's what my daughter was saying in that song. Later on, but she says, oh, you're a

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very good person. But I'm wondering you don't listen to that man. Muhammad, peace be upon him. He's a rogue knows Billa. He's a very bad person knows Bella, and so on and so forth. But she says you're a very good person. You're so kind You're so loving. Please man her name.

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Then she says, pardon. What did you say? Am I correct? Your name is Mama.

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eyeshadow lai lai la shawanda Mama, Allah.

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So when the traveler realizes that this person is truly Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. I've heard from other people that he's the wrong person. This person is so good. She said he accept Islam. So our dear sister when she posed so many questions again, I thought it reminded me of my daughter when she was narrating the fear of the prophet in that song, the person the travel attacking

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Islam attacking the Prophet masala Salaam. But when she comes to know the truth, she says the Shahada so inshallah our dear sisters will say the Shahada. And I really ask Allah about an open heart.