Muhammad West – Facing Exams and Tests

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the difficulties of life during COVID-19, emphasizing the importance of taking time to prepare and not letting things happen for free. They stress the need for faith and discipline in Islam, the importance of avoiding overwhelming feelings, and the importance of learning and achieving success. The speakers also emphasize the need for consistency and mindfulness in pursuing one's goals, and offer advice on how to alleviate anxiety during exams and overcome fear and anxiety. They emphasize the importance of finding ways to solve problems and finding creative solutions to solve problems.
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I was relying on a shutdown rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala scharffen, mousseline, satana Mohammed, Ali, he was mine. I will have brothers and sisters as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulilah bloemen always and forever We begin with the praise of a las panatela I should Allah ilaha illa Allah we have a witness that none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our greetings all of our Salutations, beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time. Now let's find out Allah

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blesses to be up on the tsunami, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in this life and he was companionship in the afterlife. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Allah Spano dialysis into milk the Baraka, Lady via email co Allah coalition co de la holla. Call moto Hialeah, Bella welcome au, Kumasi, Mama, Allah Subhana, Allah says that operates me into Allah subhanaw taala, in whose hands is all of creation, and that he is in control of all things, the one who created death and life as a test to see who of us will be the best in in our actions. Allah subhanaw taala tells us that life from the minute we are born until the minute we pass away, is going to be a test, sometimes the test comes in

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the form of hardship, sometimes the test comes in a form of ease, ultimately, we cannot stop the diesel, Allah subhanaw taala we cannot delay it, we cannot postpone it, we cannot avert it from us, we are experiencing it. And we want this is a new test begins today you're going through a hardship that is a test and when that hardship is relieved from it and then Subhanallah the comfort, the ease that follows is a new test. And almost pantalla says he does all of this, so as to see how we respond to these tests, who of us will be the best in conduct in facing these this and then Allah subhanaw taala or judge and reward in the AF era. That is that is the purpose of life this time of

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June the end of June, is historically at the time of exams, and many of our kids also in primary school, high school, those went varsity are going through a period of examination. And this time is a difficult time in normal circumstance. Of course, under the current circumstances, we feel for all our learners that this is going to be this is perhaps one of the most difficult periods that any learner has faced having missed so much of the academic year due to the Coronavirus and they have been learning on their own and now they are confronted with an examination that is very different to what they used to. And this lecture inshallah is words of advice for those who are taking the exams,

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and they this at the moment for the June examination period. But beyond our students, as I said, life is a test and people are going through different kinds of hardship myself personally and my team professionally, our financial year in so for us that our accountants here in this hour like our exams, and during this period, it becomes very stressful, it becomes very difficult. Ultimately it is how we conduct ourselves during this difficult period. It can bring out the worst in us what you know we can be better and rise above the taste and do whatever is in our ability insha Allah and put our faith in Allah subhanaw taala. And this is really, this is really what is required for us as a

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Muslim. How do we face these tests? And how do we overcome them? So what advices inshallah Can we give during this difficult road ahead? The first thing is always the beginning, as the professor Salam says, In normal Albania that we live actions will be will be judged by Allah subhanaw taala by the intention and the sincerity of that intention, as you go through difficulty. Many times this difficulty is not something that you impose upon yourself, those for us now, during this covid 19 experience, everything has been made more difficult. This is something out of our control. But we remind ourselves why we are doing this. So if you are a student, and you're studying for something,

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who are you going through this examination, remember that if you are doing it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, you are doing it for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala then this, this difficulty is an act of evader, and the more difficult it is the more Allah subhanaw taala rewards you, Allah subhanaw taala remember, He rewards unlike any other person or any other group, He rewards based on your effort, and He rewards based on how much you try in the life we live. No matter how hard you try, you don't get it you don't get an A for effort, you will only only the results that you do the output. That is what gets rewarded in the dunya. But Allah subhanaw taala in his famous in the

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justice of Allah subhanaw taala he knows what hardships you go through. And he knows that if you're sincere, he will reward you and He will grant you success even if the output is not what you had hoped for. Ultimately, Allah subhanaw taala rewards the sincerity. And so when you sit down before you begin your studies and your preparation for your exams before you go through this difficult period, take a moment of self reflection, all of us so as I go through my own difficult period. Now, why am I going through this? Why am I doing this year in there is a reason behind it and there's a purpose behind it. We have an Amana we have a job, we have to fulfill our obligations. And this is

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for the sake of the greater good. So Allah subhanaw taala brings his assistance within the agency for our learners. You're going through maybe especially if the adversity, you're working towards a degree, you're working towards a qualification, you're going to use that initiative

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Love, where we used to build bridges, whether it is to cure diseases, with AIDS to teach people, whatever that qualification will lead to, it is something of benefit and you're on the path of Allah subhanaw taala you are like the Mujahid who strives for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So affirm your Nia and every single moment during this examination period during this difficult period, is really in the service of Allah Subhana Allah you are struggling and striving for the sake of Allah. Number two, we know that Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says when we get omega tawakkol, Allah if that will ever put his trust in Allah, whoever is sincere and puts his trust in Allah and puts

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his dependency and Allah that Allah says, For who a hospital, then he is enough, he is sufficient, Allah Subhana Allah is going to take care of you. If you put your faith in Allah, you will do we do everything that is on our, in our ability to do we do our part, and then we put our faith in Allah. When Allah says the results, leave it to him. That's his job, Allah subhanho wa Taala is responsible for the outcome, and he will be sufficient for those who turn to Allah in reliance. in difficult times we say that has when Allah when we say we put our, our dependency in Allah, and he is sufficient, and he's the best of those who grants assistance. And so in this difficult period, now,

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especially in the current environment, a lot of things are out of our control, a lot of things are unknown. Put your faith in Allah subhanaw taala, turn to Allah subhanaw taala and say, Allah, this is the you have brought this to us. And we put our dependency in you to get us through this difficult period. It is through this examination period. And then Allah subhanaw taala It's a promise from him, he says that he will suffice, you will be sufficient for him. Whatever the outcome, the outcome might be a positive outcome, the outcome might be from our perspective and negative outcome, but it is part of the of the plan of Allah subhanaw taala it might be something

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better in the long run. But of course, point number three was dependency on the tawakkol. As we know, as we said, so many times whether we are talking about disease, whether we talking about risk is everything is in a decree and the power of Allah subhanaw taala. But at the same time, there is a responsibility on us to tie our camel, Allah subhanaw taala does not want us to simply say we put our faith in Allah and we leave everything in his hands and then we sit and we become helpless. Rather Allah subhanaw taala has given us the means and the ability to get success. Allah has shown us away if you want to achieve wealth, you want to achieve prosperity in the steps that you need to

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follow to get that success. And so part of the workflow part of dependency and in a law is to take the means so as we say, to tie the camel to do what is required from our side to achieve the success. And so, for each and every one of us, if we want to succeed in our in our work, if we want to succeed during our studies, whatever in an emissary principle, Allah subhanaw taala has made it such that whatever you want to achieve of success in the dunya it will not come cheap and cannot come for free. Allah subhanaw taala does not give his blessings out free of charge Allah subhanaw taala wants us to put a little bit of effort from our side, and then inshallah success will come.

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Now if we look at especially knowledge and this is the one area as we repeated so many times over. It is perhaps the one blessing that Allah God's the most strictly in terms of if you want knowledge, then you're going to have to work the hardest, the money comes easier than knowledge, power might comes easier than knowledge but knowledge you have to sit and look, you know, sit with those books and struggle with it. And when Allah subhanaw taala will give you the reward and give you the the ability of the words and so to achieve success, especially in your exam period, or for me in my difficult period, it will require long hours of hard work, it will require commitment, it will

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require that we need to sacrifice certain enjoyment certain times of pleasure. And this is how life goes you go through these difficult periods of sacrifice. And then insha Allah tomorrow will come the weekend comes or the holiday comes and then we can take a break once again. This is how life goes as you go through this difficult period. Be committed and be steadfast and always look at the at the end goal don't look at this mountaineer alarm I need to climb this mountain. You know Put your head down and take the steps and believe firmly that insha Allah Allah will grant us to get through that and the combination of taking the means tying your camel and then putting the faith in

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Allah that Allah subhanaw taala will assist me will get me through this difficult period, then that is dependency Allah This is what our call means. I mean as Allah said, for what hospital when he is sufficient, he'll be enough for you when you go through this difficult period while we're going through this hardship, so we make our do our we are in our hearts We are sincere and we put our dependency in Allah as we go through the journey as we climbing the mountain. Remember, no matter where we are or how difficult the situation is, Allah has given each and every one of us a very special gift. And that is the gift of the idea that when we raise our hands Allah subhanaw taala

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will respond Allah subhanaw taala promises that he will respond as a

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verses in the Quran way. There's like a body a need for in the corrib. Eg without a dive at the end, when my servant also Muhammad Salam about me when I tell them I am near, I'm always near I've always been near I've never I'm not far away from them. And I answer the invocation I answer the DA for the one who calls out whoever calls out to me, Allah promises, he will grant you an answer. Allah subhanho wa Taala will answer that door in a way that sometimes sometimes he gives you exactly as you had asked, sometimes Allah gives you something better or different to that which you ask in his wisdom. And just a special side note here, a reminder of how to make dough. And the best times to

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make dough. So maybe, you know, as you're sitting down with your books, and things become a bit difficult, there are special times that you need to take a break to focus on your dog. So there are things that you need to do I need to do in this difficult period I need to work hard. But as as we know that there are things even out of our control and that is where we ask for the assistance of Allah subhanaw taala that is we make that special time especially in difficulty. This is when you make that Do you know hardships of the blessings of the good things of hardships, it brings us closer to Allah sometimes you know the taste of ease and comfort and holidays and and you know an

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enjoyment that takes us away from Allah even though we're going through a good time, it takes us away from Allah, many of us panelo we know that it is through examinations, it's through sickness that we return to Allah subhanaw taala into and so use this time to connect to Allah of the best times to make dua is between the Iran and the karma of Salah. So even though you know we're not in the masjid, that time is still Mubarak time you hear the mother makes anon maybe said a few minutes of the hour and then you stand up with your family and make the karma and you make it up. Also, as we know that before the sleep when you are making the tashahhud at the end of Salah before you say

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assalamu aleikum wa Salaam Alaikum after you made the Salawat that special time that OBS also allowed us to make many different devices and so there's a very, very powerful time just before you in your Salah. And also just after your in your Salah of you say your Allah and the Sunnah. This is the time to make to make the art. The da tahajjud imageshack Farah from the law says that no one who makes the 100 Solanas the last third of the night, especially when you're in the state of sujood. So you have new sajida, bowing to Allah, prostrating before Allah. Last night of the night, no one sees you you are alone in your room, and you making to him, I'm sure if he says that it is like that

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arrow that never misses the two out of the 100. It never ever misses its target. And so many people's follow, they will tell you that when they were going through a specific, you know, a very difficult time. And they made that effort to wake up during that period. And they may do during that time. Allah subhanho wa Taala responded to the DA it is a it is a time that Allah subhanaw taala responds, and of course the etiquette for those of us as you're going through the difficult period, how do we make the largest reminder that you have to obviously ensure we are completing our followed so far, all in all those obligations, we do that first, avoid as much as we can have sent an email

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to us how do we begin We begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioning a las pantallas names, his attributes glorifying him, thanking him for what he has given us a blessings, sending Salawat on the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then asking Allah subhanaw taala for what it is that you need, mentioning the difficulty of mentioning that you're frustrated that you are struggling that you are that you are going through difficulty. So you know, as we go through this difficult period, I you know, I know let's model in the next week, the weeks to come there will be some very low periods during this model make it easy for us. And I asked you to make dua for me as well. But when we go

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through these difficult periods, and you get so frustrated and overwhelmed, that is the time when you really want to masala and you put your head down and say Allah I don't know what the answer is, I don't know where to go, I don't know what to do, please assist me and be even the Lama the decree of Allah subhanaw taala He will make a way out for you He will make a way out for us. And so make dua insha Allah I mentioned mentioned what you're going through, and and and be sincere in the dua and of course make to offer one another. So don't forget that you have, you know, colleagues that are going through the same difficulty that you have fellow students that are also sitting in that

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same exam, and it might be that some people are going through even more difficulties than you are. And so make do, not just for yourself, but name the people that are in your closet, you know, who are struggling, there might be someone that is struggling, you know, in a specific area, you know, math, maybe it's not his, his forte or her forte, maybe to offer her make to offer him because when you make to offer one another when the angels make to offer you and of course, very, very importantly, our parents, our parents panela as they say that even though they cannot write the exams with us, but they feel like they're going through the exam period with us and they stress even

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more than us. And if they could, they would write the exams for us and study for us and assist us but they can't do this. This is a burden that they cannot carry, but they have to watch on the sidelines. But parents remember that one thing that you can do is that you can make

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To offer you for your sons and your daughters during this time period. And of course, the duty of the parent is very, very much the job to do of the period is very, very Mr. Gibbins panel up. Again, if I take it from my own experience, as panel, I've written so many exams. During my life, it's quite strange that I haven't, you know, written exam in some time now, but how many exams where you don't realize how you can't imagine how I got through that exam. And you can only be through the grace of Allah and maybe the daughter of a parent or grandparent that, you know, you didn't wake up for the tahajjud. But your grandmother woke up with the hijab, and she may do for you, and

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Subhanallah that exam became easy through that. And so continue to make the make to our supplicate before the exam, during the exam, and even after the exam, sometimes you feel like yeah, I wrote such a terrible paper, I even leave questions blank. And again, SWAT a lot of this is something from my own experience, there are times when you just really had a bad a bad day during the exam period. And the results, you know, come out, you know, amazingly, you can't understand how this is possible. And that is through they do even after the exam, you make to Allah subhanaw taala can assist even after the fact, if you can, if you if you by the means, it is also a good time to give charity to

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give sadaqa and solokha doesn't only mean that you have to give money, maybe, you know, make a few loaves or you know, buy a few loaves of bread and give charity to some poor people that shows you Allah subhanaw taala. While I'm going through my difficulty, and I'm asking you for help, I know there are other people that have a difficulty. And so I am trying to alleviate the difficulty. So you alleviate my difficulty. Just we know that story of Nabi Musa alayhis salam, when he came to the town of Medina, and he had absolutely nothing. And we found those two sisters were were not able to water the sheep. And so he wanted the sheep for them. And when he sat back into the law, I asked you

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for any assistance you can give me I have nothing, I don't have a home, I don't have a job, I have no way to go, just help me. And then Allah subhanaw taala answered his door, because he did some small act of kindness to someone else. And so Allah subhanaw taala responded to his dog, as we're going through this difficult time. And through any difficulty with any sickness, whether it is poverty, whether it is exams, marriage, whatever it might be, and things become difficult and overwhelming. Don't become despondent, don't don't despair, we are always an aroma of optimism. And the Prophet Solomon reminds us as you're going through this period, that your difficulty is not

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going to be unanswered Allah subhanaw taala. We know that Allah says the Prophet Allah says that no fatigue, knows no tiredness and Subhanallah how many how many hours of of fatigue Are you going to feel when you're studying through the night, no disease those of us who are sick Malaga, Shiva, or sadness, or, or sorrow or hurt or the stress or panic, whatever happens to you, whatever hardship befalls a believer, even if it's a prick, a small thing, like you bump your toe if you prick your finger, Allah subhanaw taala removes a son from you unless panda purifies you. So this exam period, for me this year impeded at Hamdulillah, it might be a blessing, it's a blessing in disguise, that

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after two months of struggle and and and hardship, you come out, you know, Alhamdulillah purified of your sons, you some son that is with you is removed through that, and Allah subhanho obviously gave you better and so that it shows you the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that when he sees we are going through hardship, Allah subhanaw taala responds if we if we are patient through it, then it is it is good for us and Allah, Allah gives us something better in that and we are special to us to make during the times of anxiety. So many students of course they suffer from anxiety, they get panic and they get stressed out. Listen to other prophets, Allah says that the DA is Allahumma Salah

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Allah there is no ease in lemma alto Salah except that which you make easy, we're under the shadow has not either as a healer. And if you please you ease or you make easy that which is difficult. So make this to Allah. And if you can't say it in Arabic, then make it in English I hear a lot there is no easy, nothing becomes easy except which you make easy and if you wish and even easier while you're decree then you will make easy that which is difficult. And so we decided this to our especially in times of anxiety that Allah either removes the feeling of anxiety, yes, the exam will disappear, is the mountain you still have to climb it, but you can climb it not with feeling

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anxious, not panicking. And that you can say you know it's panela this is this is the way we should approach a difficult thing we do everything in our power will make our dog and then at the end we leave it in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala then of course touched your ability put your your trust not only in Allah but also in yourself that Allah subhanaw taala says law you can live long enough sin allows Allah does not charge a soul except that which is in his ability to do if you're in a classroom or you're part of whichever year it is. The exam is not beyond your ability. You might feel it's fine a lot I'm not prepared and that is why you're going to study and prepare

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yourself. But remember it is not beyond your capacity. You will not be in that class if you're not able to to meet it.

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Objectives. And so trusting yourself that you are there for a reason that you are, be optimistic, Allah subhanaw taala has brought you there, and that you will insha Allah, when you do your part and you put your faith in Allah, you will overcome this difficulty. And also keep in mind that exams come to an end, year end comes to an end, these hardships, these difficult periods, they come to an end and afterwards, the East follows and as we know, Allah is fighting them. And also you saw in the manual, you saw the valley with hardship is ease with hardship policy surely is easy, you will find the ease, you'll find the assistance of Allah even in the most difficult of periods. So don't become

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overwhelmed, don't become so overwhelmed by stress, that you become helpless, that you become paralyzed. In two act, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to still be productive, and to be optimistic that insha Allah even spinal off some of us maybe with too optimistic, you know, we don't open the book, and then the night before the exam, we think we're going to, we're going to cram an entire term in one evening, come to life with that optimistic Alhamdulillah you know, keep it optimism with you. But no matter. You know, sometimes we feel the the the battle is, is it's a hopeless battle, there's no way to win it, never feel that way. Even if you have half an hour before

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the exam. Alhamdulillah take whatever you can use that period of use what you have, use the situation that you have to the best of your ability, make your dua and insha, Allah you will succeed. And then of course, remember, remember to give thanks very many times we look at our situation, and we become despondent, it will become stressful, but in that situation Allah has put us in is actually a blessing. Alhamdulillah you know, I as I said, this is the most difficult period of my career, my job this time of year is very, very difficult, I'll make it easy for us, but Alhamdulillah I have a job Alhamdulillah I'm able to work and there are many people who are not able

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to work and so for us to complain, it's very ungrateful to Allah subhanaw taala similarly, for you to complain that I have this exam, I have to go through this this hardship, the how many people are unable to study, they wish they were in your shoes, that they could have the chance to study. And at the end of my studies, if I succeed, I get a qualification, you know, really my life can can can can begin and I can become productive member of society, I can become independent and stay on my own two feet, so Alhamdulillah look at your your situation not as a as a calamity or some kind of punishment for las panatela. Rather, it is a blessing that Allah has given us. And sometimes that blessing

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comes with certain sacrifices that we need to make. And so we make sure Alhamdulillah Allah that you have brought us through this difficult time you've brought us to the cervical time, and that you've allowed us to be this in this way. There are many people that would love to trade with us, or they have even much more of a challenge than we have some we give sugar to Allah subhanaw taala even in our difficulties, and of course after the test, when we when you make to especially use you not make a bargain with Allah subhanaw taala. But you mentioned to Allah insha Allah at the end of this difficulty, we will won't be forgetful. We won't be like those people. As you'll find in the Quran,

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Allah mentions a group of people that when they were stuck on the ship, and the ship was tossing and turning in the storm, they said yeah, Allah if you save us, and if you assist us, when we come to the land would be better. And the minute Allah saved them took them out of the distress, they completely forgot our last panel that they forgot that that conversation that they were in the state of Allah, make that near the Allah if you want me to pass this exam, if you want me to get through this, this difficult period, I will be a better person. And that which I'm you know, you bless me with, if you bless me with knowledge, if I get my degree spinalonga Allah bless all of you to

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qualify, I will use it for good, and I will, I will make use of that success to honor you Alhamdulillah in your service, when you say that panela in this entire process becomes an act of ebeid a final general tips that we can give from the sooner you know, the Nagisa solemn is always a means of inspiration for all of us on what when we look at the process of life, he changed the world, and he changed the world, you know, from a position that seemed impossible. If we look at the seat of the professor and the way he began, in the middle of nowhere, not having an army not having much support. And to when he passed away 23 years after his his dow began, he had achieved

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everything that he had set out to achieve. And we learned from the tsunamis also know how to approach a difficult task, whether it is for example, the Battle of the trench, the situation seemed impossible. You know, if you looked at the probability of the Muslims surviving seemed like there was no chance that they were going to survive. What did they do? They sat down, they had a meeting, they decided on the best course of action. So we strategized, we thought about it, and then they did what it was in their ability to do, they dug a trench, and they patrol the trench and then they live the rest of the, you know, the outcome in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. So we learned from the

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resource on a methodology of how to approach the physical tasks. The first thing that we do is, we start early and we'll be consistent so when you're studying for your exam, begin early strategize. Have a plan.

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And I can tell you as well from from someone who as I said, has been through exams, especially someone that has Alhamdulillah, I've studied my entire accounting studies from the beginning to the end through through UniSA. And for those of us who are UniSA students, you know, just being working with administration of UniSA is a test in itself. Alhamdulillah we've learned patience through them, Allah bless them for granting us that knowledge. But as panela having to study on your own, and having to plan your own study routine, this is a is a lesson on itself. So you look at how many days do I have before the next exam? Which subjects do I take priority, you know, there's certain

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subjects we know you're strong at other subject, which is a bit more difficult. And so you start and you plan your steps, you know, your ability, how many hours I can sit with it with a textbook before I need a break. And so it is about being consistent and sticking to that plan upfront, every strategy and then sticking to that plan. And of course, you prioritize the big ones, the important areas, you know, which chapters are the big ones, which chapters are most likely to come into the exam, prioritize those areas of your tasks, if we look at the results on them, as well, when you will tackle a big project. And this is part of, you know, to 2020 management philosophy, and you

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learn this in the most advanced studies, motivational speakers will tell you, you take an impossibly big task, a task that you feel is impossible, I can't climb the mountain, you break it down into little manageable chunks, I can take one stone at a time. And when you break it down, how many stones Do I need to carry before I you know, I complete the entire mountain. And this is exactly what the nebulous alum did, he broke down an impossible task in small manageable pieces. And he delegated and he used, you know, we achieve one milestone at a time. And before long, you will see Alhamdulillah Allah, after two, three days of following this process I've already covered so much,

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it will give you the strength to finish the entire task. And then you know, of course, you need to take your break, rely on your support structures. Turn to your parents, your friends, your peers, it is also good to take a small break. So the different people require, you know that they just your mind cannot constantly be in a in that stressful mode. And it's not healthy for you. And at some point, it's not even productive anymore. At some point, you know, sitting more another hour or two with your textbooks might be counterproductive, of course, and usually we should maybe not to generalize, but maybe perhaps the sisters, they get stressed out and they it might be

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counterproductive for them to sit a bit longer than some other some some of us maybe maybe the boys for us pile after one hour you feel I've reached that limit. Now I need to take another two three hour break and play some games known as panel is not for you. But for that student who who will be studying the whole day. And they are beginning to panic for them, maybe they should take a break. Maybe this, take a take a jog, go

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watch something that is permissible, read a book, whatever it might be to take your mind off at that task. When you come back, you feel fresh, you'll feel better Alhamdulillah you know, even with us that in our job when we go through this difficult period, we depend heavily on our support base meaning we as a team, and we need those you know, when it comes to meal time, for example, we take that hour, hour break we laugh, we do something light hearted, take your mind off the task. And so when you when you re get into it, you fresher and you're able to focus and you're able to do something, something easier. And so remain positive, as we said, and always use Allah subhanaw taala

00:28:31 --> 00:29:07

as your source of strength, your source of inspiration, whenever you go through difficulty, remember to turn to Allah subhanaw taala. And then lastly, the last point before I conclude, as we as we know that this is a very difficult period, not just the exam period that you're going through whatever it is, being the COVID-19 experience makes it even more difficult. And it's apparent a lot in sha Allah when we have this this lecture again exams in December by Heaven, we pray that all this has come to an end that our hamdullah life has come back to normal. But you will learn a lot from this experience, almost, I would say savor this experience. This is going to be an exam unlike any other

00:29:07 --> 00:29:41

exam. For me, this is a year in an audit, unlike any other audit, I'm going to be at home most of the period, you know, how am I going to manage and we take this opportunity as a learning opportunity. This is going to be a chance for you to to learn the strength of of self study and solving things on your own and motivating yourself. These are skills that will serve you very well throughout your life. throughout your life, you're going to find periods where you're going to be stuck all on your own and you need to solve that problem from within. And these are sort of career skills to take this as a career skill in your job when you you know, when you graduate. One of the

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

big areas of if you look at the what the scientists are saying what are the experts are saying of the skills of the future things that really will you know be successful for you in your future is to learn the ability to motivate yourself to solve problems on your own. The answers are out there, but how are you in your case

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

How you find those answers? Let is really the challenge of being a professional. If you were in the normal class environment, you didn't understand a chapter, most likely you'd go to your lecturer you'd ask him or her and she'll give you the answer. It is more rewarding. If you have a difficulty and you struggle with it, and you search for the answer, and then you find the answer, that answer will stay with you forever. And someone myself who as I said, studied most of my my studies through UniSA, we didn't have a lecturer to turn to, you learn the ability to solve problems on your own. And once you learn this, this neck during your studies, when you go to your career one day, it is a

00:30:37 --> 00:31:17

very marketable, highly respected skill to solve a problem because you're not always going to have a lecturer to turn to, to solve the problem for you. You're going to learn during this period, the use of technology, finding creative ways to solve things. Alhamdulillah Allah span has made us a very strong resilient creation, that when we go through difficulty, we can adapt. And through that we can really get to learn new things. And so take this opportunity as a chance to embrace this change, that when you go through this challenge, it will make you more skilled in other areas, maybe it would affect our marks, and not in the way that we would like because you know things are difficult,

00:31:17 --> 00:31:49

but you will learn another a different skill set that you wouldn't have learned before. And these things are going to be very beneficial for you in your career going forward. So all hamdulillah We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless all of us during this difficult period and Allah make it easy for us. I look around you and myself success in this difficult time we keep each other in our in our doors, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us prosperity from Allah subhanaw taala bring us through this hardship and when through prosperity May Allah grant us to to remember him in comfort and in ease. And when we do everything, what do we do it when we did for the sake of a lot in our

00:31:49 --> 00:32:21

careers or studies, whatever it is that we do, it is for the pleasure and the success in the after ultimately various the ultimate exam when we stand before las panatela How did we face these difficulties as Allah says, To test us who are the best of us in our actions, when things of difficulty Allah grant is the ability to be the best and to respond in the best possible way in a way that is pleasing to Him. For that is the ultimate success, the pleasure of Allah. We all have the pleasure of Allah Allah grant as general Philadelphia. I mean cyclohydrolase Allah Sina Muhammad Ali was happy Osamu serene hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

  • Sincerity in intention
  • Trust in Allah
  • Taking the means
  • Duá – the greatest gift
  • Do not become despondent
  • Remember to give thanks
  • General exam tips from the Sunnah
  • What covid has taught us
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