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AI: Summary © The importance of renewing one's faith in Islam is highlighted, as it is the religion of all, not just one individual. The need for people to confirm their faith is emphasized, and the importance of acceptance and learning and embracing Islam is emphasized. The church's stance on the topic is also emphasized, and people are urged to hold accountable for their actions and not commit suicide.
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little bit. And and for those who are here, see, Muslims come from everywhere, every walk of life and every every ethnicity and every color and every language and you name it, you have it here. And there's a lot of the people who actually adopted Islam as as as their faith. You know, they were not born Muslim I, myself I was born that way I didn't choose it did happen to be that way. But I think it's a good opportunity for all of us actually, to renew our faith. So every time there's someone and we probably have, once or twice a week, we have someone who, who adopts Islam and take it as their faith. And it's a good opportunity for us, even those who are born to renew our faith because

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we need this right. It's as we know, we always talk our heart to heart, our hearts get to get stained from from life and the material things that we have. And when your neuro faith, you're polishing that heart that that piece of metal that we have, right, and you want it to be shiny, and so so it reflects the light of Allah subhanaw taala of God. So so just a little brief introduction about about Islam.

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So, Islam actually is, we believe that Islam, as a word means, linguistically means the total submission, this is what the word means. But it became the name of this religion that we have. And we believe that Islam is the religion of truth, that religion of all prophets of everyone. And we believe that the first prophet that was sent to us is, as as Adam, we call him, Adam, right? And He's the first man on earth. And he was also a prophet, and he was sent with this religion, which is the unity of Allah, and the unity of God. This is what we believe, and all and Allah, our God has been communicating with people through prophets, starting from Adam, going through all the if you're

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if you're coming from from from a Christian background, then you would know all the biblical prophets named them, all of them, right, from Adam and Noah and Eunice and Joseph Youssef and Joseph, and Moses, and Jesus, ending up with the Prophet Muhammad, we bless others and we believe he's the last he's the seal of all prophets. There's no prophet after, and he was sent to all mankind. So number one is the concept of God and Islam. We believe that Allah, that's his name, that's his name, is unlike his creation. He's not a man. He's outside his creation. He's not inside his creation. Allah has created this world with the physics and the laws and all that and it doesn't

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apply to him. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't have a beginning doesn't have an end. And he's continuous, we cannot fathom because our brains are not created a new way to fathom the concept of God is all knowing he's all he's all powerful. He can he merely Allah, Allah merely wills it and happens, doesn't need doesn't need any any any, any intermediary between between him and his creation. So as a concept of Allah, and he created us for a reason. He created us because we love He loves us. So we can live with this live 60 7080 years be good. And then after that, we believe that after you die, you meet him. And then when you meet him, he's going to judge you. And he's going to

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Okay, well, you've been connard been doing well, there's these are okay, you have a lot of good deeds. Good. You go. You go to, to, to to heaven. Right. So that's the first article of faith that you believe in Allah and God, that he's one. He's not three. He's not 10. He's not incarnate in anything. He's just separate than than and unlike any of his creation. And that Allah God has been, has been communicating with us through prophets, we have to believe it. All prophets turn from Adam to the Prophet Muhammad, including Jesus, we believe Jesus is a man, we don't believe he's part of God, we don't even don't believe he's son. He's part we don't believe he's God incarnate. We don't

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believe in that. Because Because we believe that Allah Subhana Allah doesn't need anyone to die for anyone sins, you sin, you you are held responsible, right? We don't believe that I have to take someone and crucified Him or kill him in order so someone else can can get get get redemption. We don't believe that that we believe that Jesus was was one of the mightiest messengers of God. You have to You're not Muslim, if you don't believe in the Prophet Jesus, right? And all prophets, so we believe in them. In the Quran, in our book of faith, which will give you a copy sha Allah.

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There's 2425 24 mentioned by name, but Allah has told us that there's so many others that we didn't mention their names. They're not there. They're not mentioned we believe in them. Allah sent them we believe in them. And also less power to Allah has been has been revealing scriptures. Prophets have been sent with messages and scriptures. And those prophets that were sent are sent with two things. Number one, the Creed and the fate which is the same always the unity of Allah. Never Allah subhanaw taala doesn't change his mind. He reveals to Moses one thing and to Jesus one thing and the Prophet Muhammad want that. No, it's always the same. And the second thing, the shadow the law

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All the law could differ depending on the sicknesses of the people at that time. Right? At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, they have certain sicknesses that they need that people need that that needs to be treated. The Prophet Jesus that was that and Moses the same thing, every Prophet was sent in time where they had their social sicknesses. There's certain issues, social issues that need to be that need to be treated and decreed. Excuse me, the the laws could change according to that, but the faith doesn't. So the Scriptures we believe that are that the book path that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad is the Quran, and we believe is preserved in the Start entirety. Not one dot

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not one word, not one, not one vowel sound is, has has been changed for 1400, while now almost

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1400 50, almost right. So ears. And also we believe that that the Injeel, in the Gospel of Jesus that was given to the Prophet Isa, that's his name. And also the Torah that was revealed to to to to Prophet Moses and all prophets had some sort of Scripture that was revealed. And even if it wasn't preserved, we believe in the original that was sent. Now people change it over time, okay, we can accept that. But we believe we believe in God, we believe in His Prophet and his scripture, and then you believe that there's going to be a judgement day because you have to, we all have to be held responsible and accountable for what we do. Right? You cannot live like that. There's no way that

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someone would, would would commit so many sins, I don't want to name names, but so many sins are killed so many people, and they commit suicide, they get away with it, it just, it's not theirs. That's not fair. We believe that at some point, they will be held responsible. On the Day of Judgment, there's going to there's going to be your good days and bad days will will will be weighed. And if you if your good deeds are heavier than your good, that's it, you did your best and you're in this life.

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So, these are these are the things and also we believe in, in the unseen. So part of the creed of us that we believe the unseen Allah soprano is not only created the scene, which we only see well, you only proceed proceed with our, with our vision, and we hear with our ears, no, but Allah has created other things that we don't see the angels and and all these worlds and, and and the unseen. We call them Arabic leap. Right? Something we don't see. But you believe in it. If God said He created it, yes, we believe in it.

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So this, these are the articles of faith to has someone explained this to you in this way. Okay, so you're so so and then after you have you have accepted this, and this is Iman, which called Faith, this is the art this is what you believe, if you understand that, you know, roughly understand now now now we I started this by saying well, we don't we believe in God, we know his attributes, we know his names. Now, can you fathom 100%? No. And you're not required to? You're not required to because you're not creating than what you just believe in him. And then and then and then when you meet him, you'll know what Allah subhanaw taala. Like, Allah subhanaw taala kept that beautiful

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thing. Not here. Because otherwise, if we all see him that we all become believers, right? If you see it, you believe it. But that's the beauty of it. That's called, you know, we say leap of faith, this is it. This is it, the shift that we're seeing the earlier this, this hopper that there's no scientific proof of, of God, yeah, there's no proof. But there's so many evidence that points towards the Presence of Allah and His creation. And Allah did this on purpose. Because you you need to

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this is Faith otherwise would have been just clear knowledge. You see the sun, No one denies the presence of the sun because everyone can see it. Right? But Allah has kept himself hidden from us. So so so so so when you believe you believe it's a faith, it's not only observation, and so these are the things so so if you're okay with that, and you're have under you understand your heart is comfortable, and you accept that this by heart, then the next step is to actually to embrace it is to, is to declare your shahada, the word shahada and his testimony of faith. Now you can do it by yourself. You don't have to do it in front of a congregation, but you do it in front of them. That

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is customary to do it in front of a congregation so people can know. Because there's other things that could could be, you know, built on that. And then we can go over that in the future. Do you have any questions about this? Okay, so if so, now that you were to I will say it in Arabic, and I don't know how much knowledge in Arabic you have. I'm not going to try to hypnotize you with it. Don't worry about it. I'll translate what it is in English right away. So the word the testimony of faith, which we will all say with him, sha Allah so we can renew our faith is, do

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Allah ilaha

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IL Allah, that in the translation of this is I bear witness that,

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that there's no deity

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worthy of worship, or the abortion except Allah except Allah, what I shall do

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and now Mohammedan

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And then and then and Muhammadan rasul Allah.

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And I bear witness that, that Muhammad I've ever witnessed that Muhammad is his prophet and messenger is the Prophet.

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And that's it. Welcome to this big font allawah. So this is one of his, and I always say this this is

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you might feel it or not, I don't know. But this is the best day of your life. This is it. Because because the profit our profit, there's a lot of narrations of the Prophet Muhammad. And one at one of the Hadith one of the narrations, he says Islam we are Jubal Maka Blau that embracing Islam will erase everything before that. So now you're like a baby Clean Slate though so now we now we you're better than us actually. Because now you're you're clean Sol Sol Sol and I pray Allah subhanaw taala for you to solidify your faith and to keep you keep you solid in it. And the first thing that one of the most important things and embracing this lamp is knowledge you have to learn you have to and we

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have here a lot of activities. There's a lot of

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a lot of

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classes between you know certain times of prayer and all that do you have friends or yeah so we'll we'll talk to them to teach you how to do prayer inshallah.

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to eat lunch just clear.

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That's even better. It gives you even a better deal. That couldn't be yes, of course. Of course. If

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you're right, you're right. You're right. You're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. Yes.

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Yes, you're right. You're right. So so so what they're trying to say is that sometimes even even your bad deeds will turn into good deeds. But the point being is that you're you have a new start, you have fresh start and this is an advantage, a big advantage now the first shot. And then and then Islam is not only by the way, it's not only an

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act of worship, it's also

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it's also a lifestyle and there's a lot of

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and it's not only your relationship with Allah with God, but also your relationship with people it reflects who you are and what we're all about. So I think I think we'll stop here won't we want to do a hot that because I don't want to get too much of people's time. But this is a great opportunity. It was very, it was my honor really to do this. Thank you very much. Was the Lulla Have you been OCD number hundreds