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Hadeeth 2 – Part 1

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while early he was so happy woman when

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we finished with Hadith one one hamdulillah in Allah melburnians Let's go on to Hadith. This Hadith is called how distributed alehissalaam If anyone asks you about how this drill you mentioned is

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very important Howdy.

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Howdy sociability. And Amara radi Allahu anhu ADA. This is a hadith on the authority of Mr. Also called he said, Bane Mr. Nando de Lucia Nanda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. adata young. When we were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day, this was in the masjid, not outside as many people think. What happened? He said, If tala Elena Rajan. A man emerged before us and tala is used when something is great is colossal as opposed to utter and for example, in Arabic, where would you hear Allah? tala al bedroo when the Prophet sallahu wa sallam came to Medina they said tala al bedroom that famous Nasheed, I'm sure you all know and also to lower ashrams to

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lower ashrams it's called sunrise. It's called to lower chumps, because the rising of the sun is a great event. So I'm out of rhodiola Anna Look at his eloquent he said his Bala, Alena Raja, some things began to happen. And he described him this man was shady Dubai ldcs, extremely white garments. Shed he was aware the shower, jet black hair, la, la Arthur have suffered. The traces of travel were not apparent on him. When I added for whom I had, not none of us knew him. I'm always amazed by this man. And don't forget who Mr. Delano is. This man had for us all his photos.

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Yes, he had foresight, he'll be able to look at you and tell you your whole background history. So panela he had that Amara Delano. You can't sneak something past Mr. Amato Batticaloa he was on the ball. And this was something that the club had those called fossa, foresight, insight, the ability to read someone's face.

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Yes, you can learn it. Some people have it better than others. But you can learn it. It was mentioned that a member sheffy traveled to seek this knowledge of alpha rasa. And it was common in the in that time, it was mentioned that Abdullah Abu salah and one of the Jews, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came to Medina, this man Abdullah said he was studying the prophets face and he said but Allah, this is not the face of Allah. So he had that for us, among many others, sir Mr. Barasa yet is amazed by this man who is this man?

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For rasa

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it's foresight, insight, the ability to read someone's face, someone to read Look at your face, and now know the type of person you are. truthful liar, Joker worshipper, things like that they'll be able to tell you about yourself so Panama.

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So he said none of us knew him had jealous alien Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said before him this sitting was the sitting of a lift the rush Why couldn't you in the prayer when you were saying at the higher to the law, so he came in he sat down like that. As you can see when you're in the prayer at the higher to law, let's call the lift the rush and that's how we sat

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had jealous Elon Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first the rock bottom he is two knees inadequate a place these two knees as I showed you, in front of and at the knees of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well wildlife cafe he left the date and he placed his two palms. The calf here is called the permits why in slang, say through black cough. I'm going to give you a slap because it's from here the cuff literally the calf is the pub. So he placed his two palms on the two thighs of the Prophet on his own. That's what we're going to discuss inshallah, to Allah. So the difference of opinion, whose flies that he places hands on, and then he said, Yeah, Mohammed, Mohammed bedni and

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Islam Tell me about Islam. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and Islam and Tasha de la ilaha illallah wa Muhammad Rasul Allah to testify. There is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, but to claim a solid, establish the prayer, but to desica and to give the seeker what a sama Ramadan, and to fast the month of Ramadan, but to her jailbait, and to perform pilgrimage in his tatata la Sevilla, if you have an ability if you have the ability to

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also ducked. This man said, You have spoken the truth. So I'm on set for agnello we were amazed by this Yes, Allah who will also do the asks him and then he affirms In other words, why is he asking them usually you don't ask if you know the answer.

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Call so he said a bit nanny Lee man. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied and don't mean a biller he or mela equity he wanted to be here What a silly well yeoman's effort. He managed to believe in Allah and His angels and his books, and his messengers, and the last day, what took me a bit of fodder and to believe in God, what's that?

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Yeah, fate, Divine Decree, Destiny, Hira, he was sorry. It's good and evil consequences thereof. Allah Sadat, he said, You have spoken the truth. So then he asked another question for a bit and he said, Tell me about your son. He said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and darboux de la Hakka and Nikita to worship Allah as though you see him. That's the ultimate form of Imam. It's called the Zen when you worship Allah as though you see him upon law.

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If a person can reach that, that's all the horseshoe you need. A lot of people ask how do I attain horseshoe in Sala that's how, imagine you are standing before Allah. Even if you don't understand the Quran, you don't understand what you're saying. Just to imagine that that's enough for you to have kosher,

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ignorant claim said the lab the banner the Lamb of different slavery of Allah stands before Allah in two situations multiphone beignet he for Salah. The first is in the prayer in this world. Well, mostly one being a de Omen karma. And the second is on the Day of Judgment. There are only two times my sisters we stand before Allah the master this world in the prayer and the next in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment. So even will claim said for men on my behalf filmography Oh well, when I lay Hill motif and who makes the first ending good and upright, Allah will make the second standing good and upright. If you want your standing on the day of judgment to be good

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standing of uprightness, and make sure your Salah is good, it's upright. All the people that are give solid priority that pray late and I pray at all. Last time Allah protect us so make yourself a good that's when you stand before a lot. Imagine that. In other words, when you're standing in solidarity think you're standing here in Liverpool in my note, when you stand up for the solder, you're not standing in your home anymore, you know standing in that message you know standing in the medicals you're out of this world. Imagine you're standing before Allah, how different will the celeb be? Because we don't think that a lot of people they're not really concentrating in the sauna.

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He said. So this is an anti Buddha law hack and Nicola failed them tekota Rahu in Iraq, although you can't see him, surely Allah sees you all so he asked. He said, forbidden and he said, Tell me about the cell. What's the

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this the hour in other words, the day of judgment.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men must all are unhappy our lm Amina said the one asking no is not more than the asker the questioner? In other words, you and I don't know if the best of men and the best of angels don't know whether their judgment is how can anyone else who's beneath him to win status claim to have knowledge of When did they have just one look? Anyone who says they know is a liar straight up. They say they know that that doesn't mean a liar. soothsayer can cause them. No one knows when the dev does mean is except Allah azza wa jal and this is proof so he said in that case for a bit neon Mr. rottie had told me about its signs and among them the

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professor La Jolla, Selim said, and Delhi the AMA Torah better the Emma slave girl will give birth to her master when terryl hoefer de la la la la, la, la la la la luna Phil Bunyan, and that you see the unclothed barefooted shepherds of sheep competing in the building of lofty structures and upon Allah Don't we have that today?

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Dubai and Saudi and others you Pinilla. You have these these men who are literally the shepherds of sheep, they bear for it. They're not wearing much clothing and they're competing in building lufti structures when they have vast deserts go that way why going up? How many things difficult on yourself so patola rG then almost Centro de la unwholesome mentality then he left and talofa is to leave quickly, not the habit database to go not necessarily quickly in panaca is to go quickly. And it came from what banca Tonka is a gunshot to separate something quickly. That's where the word polar came from polar to separate something with speed. Because literally when you say anti deutlich

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if a person said that to his wife, Hola, literally immediately. They have separated literally right then and there. And that's why the brothers have to be careful. If they say Auntie tarlac in Arabic, they know the meaning. They know what it means and they intended to say it. Divorce has taken place even if they didn't intend

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so thumbin Tanaka. He left quickly for lobbies to

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Lee Norman said I stayed there for a while. Another narration says for labby family and he stayed the prophet SAW Selim for a while animal him, they stayed there for a while. So makkasan the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Jamar, Mr. Attorney, Manny said, Do you know who that questioner is? Notice he called in the questioner. He didn't say, Roger, the man, the individual he said the question we're gonna get to that in a moment why? Call to I said Allahu wa sallahu Allah Allah and His Messenger know best and that other that other be fine many times the Sahaba even though they know the answer, they'll say Allah and His Messenger know best not I don't know the answer. Let me give

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you the answer and act like a show pony show off their knowledge in front of everyone know even if they didn't know the answer out of Adam say Allah and His Messenger know best.

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All for in who GB that was gibreel that was the bill that man's upon law imagine I'm on his face when he said that because imagine that was the billiard when shocked. He said Adele come your limo. Come Dina come. He came to teach you your religion. raha Muslim, this was a hadith narrated by Muslim

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next page. Of course we don't need to go through the translation. We just did the

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background. Now that word background doesn't mean why jabril Elisa Lam came to give this hadith. It says in the background, that two men came to Abdullah abnormal, the son of Ramadan caught up one day and they complained about the other year, the sect who denied Qatar and among them the head was my battle to honey. This man denied called outright so these two men came and they complained. So I'm narrated this hadith. In other words, this is not the background. I don't agree with that word background. It's more Subbable reweighted Hadith. Which means the reason why Abdullah nama narrated the Hadith, the reason for the duration of this hadith.

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This is the Reddit in which book so Hey, Muslim, what do you notice? The last time that we took in ml ml v net?

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is also the first Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari What do you notice about that Hadith and this Hadith, and the order of the 40 ahaadeeth? The Alabama Now we put them in? What do you notice

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this had is that we're taking this to Brazil is the first hadith of

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Sahih Muslim. The Hadith that we took last week in the Mallanna banette is the first hadith of Bokhari, what do you notice?

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It came first on both occasions, first in both books, so he had Buhari and so hey Muslim respectively, showing us the wisdom of Allah Minogue the first two Hadith he placed in his 40, a hadith where the first available query, and the first letter Muslim respectively is upon Allah, showing us his vast knowledge and his wisdom in the placement of these two a hadith. So absorbed. Now I'm gonna read this because this hadith talks about God, these people do not call them. So the point of these narration was this. So let's go to the next page, the lessons of this Hadith, what are some of the lessons that we can derive? namely, the etiquettes ethics adapt of seeking

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knowledge, namely, some, what can you learn from this? How do you then how you should seek knowledge?

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Yes, to be close to your teacher. And of course, this will be for female teachers and female students and male teachers and male students.

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What else?

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Asking questions one of the greatest ways to gain knowledge, if not best was asked, how did you gain so much knowledge at a young age because by the time he was a teenager, he was a scholar, or scholar. So he was asked, How did you get so much knowledge? And he said, Billy said in so old, were called being a coal with a tongue that would always ask questions and inquisitive tongue and a heart that will comprehend. So asking questions, one of the greatest ways to gain knowledge what else etiquettes of this hadith. Being clean, making sure you come for example, you want to seek knowledge, you are clean, respectable, making sure you looking tidy. And of course you are following

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the Islamic dress code dress code. What else?

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Yes, showing us the we said that we're in the masjid. That's where you find really handy. llave sources and the gatherings of knowledge are and of course signals from the right source. Don't go to people of innovation and so forth to seek knowledge from them. Mohammed mousseline said, This knowledge is the dean. So be careful who you take, you know, Trump.

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And as you can see, they're continuing in your notes. The method of seeking knowledge is via questions. Now there are etiquettes to asking questions. Don't ask me one question. Then you see the shift flustered. You see the teacher

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He's just, he's had enough. Also don't ask questions. If the teacher looks like they're in a hurry. Allah Malik said, I refuse to answer questions while I'm out in the street, or while I'm standing or while I'm walking, because he wants to give the ahaadeeth they arrived, he wants to make sure he gives justice to those answers. A lot of brothers do this, especially, of course, because as soon as they see the shift, the golf term and the shocks walking out, and they're busy and looks like he has to go somewhere and asking him a question, he may give an answer, he didn't really give you justice. So make sure that you don't put the shape in that position or the teacher in that position. And

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don't ask him a little questions. Also, if you do happen to call, first question you should ask is

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correct. Are you busy? Is this an appropriate time? If they say no, a lot of the times, especially when I used to call tshabalala, I asked him Schiff. And I had the wrong one. So is it a good time? Is it No, it's not? Okay. That's it. And he's honest with me, and I appreciate that. He said, I'm very busy now. Sorry, call later. That's good. And that way, he won't give me a rushed answer. And therefore I'll inshallah get the right knowledge. That's very important. And that's why the scholars would say, the quality and his the quality.

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The judge, he's not allowed to give a factor. If he's hungry, thirsty, or has to go to the bathroom?

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Not allowed. He's thinking about that meal is gonna have you that's the ruling, I gotta go. So you can't give an answer. If this is the quality. This is the conditions of Islam, showing us how precise and dusty was upon law in ensuring that everything was authentic. So those are some of the etiquettes Also make sure your questions are meaningful, meaningful, don't ask questions, just to get a laugh out of everyone. And just to see the reaction of the show, a lot of brothers do this with Jeff phase, for example, they asked him questions that they know he's just gonna explode on. For example, they'll ask Jeff, what's the ruling on makeup?

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in the street outside? And of course, you know, the chef's response is gonna go off. I just want to see his response. brothers do that. Sure. What's the ruling on the one who doesn't pray? Oh, it's not going off? 123 they already know the answer. But if you're asking to teach the people around you as Sabrina Lisa lamb did great, but you're not asking to get in a joke out of everyone and to get a laugh out of everyone. We have to ensure our questions are meaningful. And the scholars also said, half the answer is based on the question. In other words, ensure the question is clear. Ensure the question is concise. If you give a few details, then you're only going to get the answers based on

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those few details. If you want a detailed answer, then of course if you can provide more details there so

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if you had a question, sister just write it down and then we'll take it in the q&a.

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asking good questions. next paragraph will result in better learning as well as teaching.

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As we said, sometimes the question is teaching others like Debian or SLM and then there's the quote of ignore biases we mentioned earlier. One of the great scholars who was young at the time, he gained knowledge via an inquisitive tongue. And in many a hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself the greatest teacher would ask questions to engage listeners to get them involved. You find all great teachers do that they ask questions very important even at school the teachers will ask even though the question is a simple one, what's one plus one again all the kids to just to get them involved sometimes they falling asleep they're not paying attention to get them involved

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for example, that you say and who found that Australia again

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the Aboriginal people right now oh crap that not Captain Cook Of course. Though he though he first for example. So the teacher will ask questions to get them involved and you find this new code and as you can see there in your notes, there are over 1200 questions and look what an Allah does so because I love course has the most wisdom he's literally grabbing our attention engaging the listeners Give me an example of a question in the Quran

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yes woman a document Korea correct. But

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if Allah is the bro put an

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lm taraka follow rabuka bsiv are 811 you can we will be in hell attack diesel, Russia, etc. So you find these questions? The person who's listening, okay, they don't know the answer. If they do they want to know Okay, give me more information. So it engages them, it engages them.

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Now the notes go into Kadar. But as you can see other in the Hadith came away in the Hadith. So in your notes, it doesn't go on to mention what is Islam and all the details of Eman before which is called So what we'll do from

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next week inshallah, we're going to start from what is Islam? What is Islam and we're going to take the definition of Islam, and we're going to go up to what other is, and then we're going to continue with the notes. I'm not sure why the author didn't include that. But perhaps because of the next Hadith the next Hadith had the three he talks about woonona Islam Allah humps, Islam was built

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Upon five pillars, so perhaps that's where he goes into detail, but we're going to quickly skim over that. Now for homework.

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Homework is optional, of course. But I'd love to hear your answers.

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Someone will say to you to be a perfect Muslim, all you have to do is the five pillars of Islam.

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Allah, you either from the moderates,

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and you say, Where do you this from? They said when jabril asked the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, what is Islam? What did he say? Islam is those five pillars, and Tasha Allah, Allah, Allah,

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famous Allah, etc. What's your way of refuting that? That's your homework, give me an answer or two. In fact, you don't have to go far you can use the same Hadith to refute them. Some people say, look, Jihad and leaving of rebel leaving of Xena and enjoying good, forbidding evil niqab. That's all you don't need that stuff. To be perfect Muslim. You just have to do the five pillars. Because the Prophet said, when he was asked, What is Islam? He said those five things? In other words, that's all you need? How would you refute that? That's your homework.

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How do you refute

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that those who say Islam is only underlined only the five pillars

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that will use this hadith as evidence

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that is in the hot seat. In fact, of course, there were other answers but you don't have to go too far. If you can use the Hadith to refute that's even better. It will tell me is it no person of innovation comes with an innovation trying to use the Quran and Hadith except that I use that same same Hadith to refute them with it. So basically use that same piece of evidence and turn it back on them up to his knowledge, and that's what you inshallah, in the future will be able to do.

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Totally 10 Yes. 10 minutes for q&a. Yes, system.

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Okay, divorce.

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When a person says you're divorced to their spouse, or by the way, it's the husband to the wife. The wife doesn't hold dollar. She holds the ability for an Hello, which is female instigated divorce and that's different, and a person it's better for them to get a lawyer many times than to get divorced. Is it my best and hola is up to 20 times if you wish 20

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the it's not as strict hola is not as strict as divorce divorce. As we know at Paula cammarata Allah said divorce is twice after the third one. That is it. So bollock now is in the hands of the men, we've established that. If he says, You are divorced, there's two types of ways he can dissolve a clean, clean way says you are divorced. And there's kienet other types of wordings that are unclear that ambiguous, sorry, and Kenya.

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So if he says you are divorced in Arabic, as we said, empty toilet and the toilet, then this is clearly divorce, clearly, even if he didn't intend. Now, if he says it in another language is difference of opinion. If he says it in a language that she doesn't understand, that's Kenya.

00:23:19--> 00:23:28

That's not clean. But if it's the language that they do understand, some scholars said divorce has taken place. Some said no. It seems it hasn't.

00:23:29--> 00:23:40

Definitely the Arabic antibiotic and he understands what he's saying. But we said if he's a river, he doesn't know what talech means. He wants to say you are a student anti violence is an anti tala divorce hasn't taken place.

00:23:49--> 00:23:53

Hold on his intentions, falls on him not, you know, so goes back to him.

00:23:54--> 00:24:04

Now, the question is, there are other forms of divorce where he says, Go back to mother's house. Now, if he says that, go back to your parents. Now the intention has a role to play.

00:24:06--> 00:24:22

That's right. If they intended go to your mother's go to your father's go to your parents, if he intended divorces divorce, if they said go to your parents, meaning I need a break from you for a couple of days. That's not divorce. But we said if a person clearly says you're divorced, even if they didn't intend even if they didn't intend it's divorce.

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the way you can give a an example to make it clearer, while the example is the example of a teacher and two students. This teacher has been teaching student a student B the whole life and they know student aids

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always passes the exams. Always. Student B always flunks everything lazy, never does the homework never studies.

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It's time for exams. The teacher has the exams, they haven't done the test yet, before the teacher gave the exams, the teacher wrote somewhere in the book, student aid

00:25:24--> 00:25:25

is going to pass

00:25:26--> 00:25:41

and student B, because I know this student is going to fail for sure. Then the test papers are handed out. And what happens? Student a passes student B fails, did the teacher force them to pass and fail? Absolutely not.

00:25:43--> 00:26:07

Because that teacher is well versed, the teacher has a lot of knowledge and experience with the students, they know who's going to pass who's going to fail. So Mark was with Allah when the lead method was, of course, the most knowledgeable, he knows exactly what we're going to do. It doesn't need to wait to see for the result, or that person going to go to Hellfire or not, I don't know, who's going to Hellfire, who's gonna done that he recorded about we don't know what Allah recorded, therefore we strive, but we're not forced.

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There are things that can change your color, based on your acts of worship. And what when you do do it, like the professor Lawrence and him said that da, da da, literally hits back water. So there could be harm coming your way you make drought and pushes it back. But that was already recorded in a local food, that's the highest level, that's a preserved tablet with a lot of new that that harm was gonna come and a lot of new that you will get to make Dra. And so I'll let Tyler recorded that would happen and recorded that you that harm was going to be removed from you. So there's different types of products. There's a low harm iPhone, the preserved tablet, everything's recorded. And then

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there's, of course, a duck did I send away the other, and this attack do me the daily father. And what is recorded, for example, in the other is the night of relative color. That's why you're encouraged to make a lot of drama, because that's when things are recorded, your wealth, your risk, your family, who's going to die, who's going to live who's going to be born, that's recorded on layer two other Therefore, by making that if harm was going to come to you, that other will be pushed back, that harm will be pushed back. Now, Haida shuddered if you realize when I translated that I said, evil and good consequences thereof, meaning Allah when he decreased something, it's

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always good.

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Allah's actions are not bad. All of them are good, but it's a consequences that may be evil in regards to us, not for Allah. For example, Allah decrease sickness to you and I sickness is bad, you don't want to get sick. But Allah when he the act of his decreeing is good, because by getting sick, what happens?

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You can turn to Allah. You can also have your sins removed, it's a purification that's why when someone's sick, you say to hold on inshallah. Therefore, the act, Allah's actions are always 100%. Good. Always,

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always hack me, even if we don't see and that's why I encourage you to listen to this lecture. It's called why bad things happen. I delivered this lecture.

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If you type it on YouTube, why bad things happen and you type in my surname you, but I delivered this because a lot of people doubt Why does bad things happen? Why does Why is Allah create war and sickness and death?

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It's seven minutes, eight minutes, I believe. Yeah. And then there's part two, it's called handling hardships. So it's connected.

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Yes. Now we're gonna start CLR Yes, that we're gonna start seeing now and then we'll leave another 10 minutes for q&a.