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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The return of Islam has been a sense of calming and happiness, with the return of Islam being a sign of Islam's loyalty to the people. The importance of remembering words and actions to avoid mistakes and mistakes is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness in light of the current crisis. The history of abuse and the use of "has been a pleasure" to describe the experience of the speaker's life is also discussed, along with the importance of forgiveness in light of the need for everyone to receive forgiveness. The return of Islam has been a sense of calming and happiness, with the hope that it brings peace and happiness to people.
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I will be lying mushy Donna rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen signum humming Allah Allah He Sofia's mine. I will have brothers and sisters in Islam saramonic more more Hebrew katsu and hamdulillah blood amin always and we will begin with the praise of a Lost Planet Allah insha Allah Allah, Allah may be witnessed that none has the right of worship besides the last panel dialer and we send our love and greetings circular with Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family to his harbor and to his all those followers soon until the end of time that was pantalla places to be amongst them, I mean on

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in LA or in LA Raji own Subhan Allah I don't think ever have I written, messaged, spoken these phrases this phrase, as much as I have in the last few few days. In nalgonda, you're in a raggio and surely from Allah do we belong and surely Allah We will return. This is the statement we know that law tells us that asako to masiva whenever MC by a calamity, with a someone that passes away with at someone that is ill will be some bad news. Anything that we receive various discomforting, we should say these words that will lead is this to Allah that we belong we belong to Allah, and to Allah is our return. And the one who says that we don't just say this, to show our contentment with Allah

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subhanaw taala, to show our sovereign and our patients with the decree. But this is also meant to make us feel comfort, it is also meant to bring us happiness, to bring us peace, to bring us a sense of calmness in our, in our hardship. And it is for us to remember that especially in times of death, and this person has difficulties that one can go through times of death. your loved one hasn't died, in the sense of they've disappeared, they've passed on, they've actually returned to our last panel dialogue, and all of us are going to return to our last panel dialogue is like that. Those birds that go out, you know, the bird master leads the birds go out in the morning, and then he calls them

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back in the evening, and they return to Him. And so for all of us, we are bound to return to Allah subhanaw taala and we belong to Allah meaning in this way we that is our natural place to be with him and we will be comfortable and we would be happy returning to Allah subhanaw taala Allah, the Prophet says, or even loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him. And Subhana Allah part of we know that when you meeting Allah means you need to die. And so I share the Allah Allah said, Rasul Allah, but we all dislike to die, none of us, you know, Salah, we would love to meet Allah, but none of us want to die. And so the promises from them says, it is not what you are thinking. But when

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this approaches the believer, and he's given the news of Allah's pleasure, and Allah's honor, then nothing will be dear to him. They know what lies ahead of him. And so he loves to meet Allah and Allah loves to meet him, and Susquehanna law, what an absolutely stunning as that for many of our relatives, that in those moments before they passed away, they were shown, this is where you're going, they were showing, this is what is waiting for you. And they were told to Pamela and the Angel of Death said to them, that Allah is excited a law would love to meet you. And so when that person and it's a decision in the they see what is waiting for them, and they know what is on this

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side of the dunya then they leave willingly the soul leaves the bodies are dragged out and the soul leaves as well. Now we need to think of that moment. And mama grant it for all of us that we have a long life look on blissful long life. But when that moment comes in is a moment where we do not look back, and we leave this dunya because we are excited to meet our ob and Allah subhanaw taala is happy to meet us. And so going back to Allah subhanaw taala should give us this comfort. And we ask them, What do you think about when we think of Allah? What is it that we feel? And when we imagine that our loved ones are with Allah? What does that you know, who is Allah, and so many times, we

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know of almost power and is mighty and we know that we shouldn't transgressing, we should be fearful of Allah subhanaw taala. But we always need to remind ourselves about the most important things about his mercy and His kindness and his compassion. And we've spoken about this before, but we remind ourselves that when ally introduces himself in

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Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Oh, Praise be to Allah, the Lord would have all of creation, who is E Ar Rahman AR Rahim, the first thing Allah wants us to know and to remember that he is infinitely endlessly merciful, that his essence you know, the most important attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, the most outstanding quality of Allah subhanaw taala is not his mind and his power and his knowledge. Rather it is his his mercy and His kindness, that his mercy or man is the one who is merciful to all of creation, even Iblees receives of Allah's mercy and Alice K. And Rahim Is that the one that we

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When he acts whenever he does something, he only acts with mercy, even when it looks like a calamity. From our perspective, we think that is something very bad. But actually it is a mercy and Rama from a wasp or Nadella. And our aim is that a very special mercy which Allah keeps for the good people. And as we said, The Rahim comes from the home, which is the womb the uterus, because the uterus, why? Because the mother's uterus is perhaps the most loving thing on earth, because it protects in case for that baby from all directions. And so it is in the Hadith Allah, I stick in his name, Rahim from the uterus because he protects and covers and looks after all of creation, from all

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directions with love. He is a lot of food and have a fire the one who forgives and protects the one who shields us from our mistakes. Whenever we make a mistake. There's a consequence to that. But he is the one that blocks off the consequences of our mistakes. He's the one who removes wipes out completely nullifies whatever mistakes we've made if we turn to Him, and ask Him to forgive us. Not only does he forgive, but he expunges as if it never existed. He is at the web, the one that whenever we come to him, even if we've forgotten about him for years, decades, we haven't made sola and we are now spiraling gray. We're now on our deathbed. And now we want to come back to Allah. Dr.

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Webb, the door is never closed, he will always return to you, no matter how long it's been how many times we've turned away from him, but he is always ready to turn back to us if we turn to him is Allah thief Latif is the one that is most loving and his most gentle, the one that is subtle, and many times our Latif is paid up with hobby remaining a hobby, the one who is awake, the one who knows everything and is not so what lies with this, the combination is shelf, an old one knows everything that is happening in your life, the sadness of your heart, the difficulties you're going through, he knows that which you are experiencing. And he's also a Latif meaning is very loving and

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gentle and kind and soft. When he deals with his creation. He is unworthy, extremely loving, extremely caring and compassionate to to his creation. And he's an Halim the forbearing, meaning no matter how many times we transgress against him, he doesn't hold grudges, he is not the one that looks to be vengeful, and to be angry and to punish. rather he lets things go without any limit, there is no limit to his forgiveness. And he's no limit to how you know his his capacity to to forgive that his who his or her name, or these names are not just names, these, these are names that Allah has given himself. We didn't give all of those names, he gave himself those names, to show us

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a quality from Allah subhanaw taala. We know in the Quran, when Allah describes him himself. None of us has seen a last panel that I haven't spoken to him, but we speak to him but he is we haven't heard Allah subhanaw taala The only way we know of Allah is through the Quran and the Sunnah. And so Allah wants us to know who he is. And so so many is when Allah says, say the clay announced to my slaves, that truly I Allah am the most forgiving, the evil, forgiving and the Most Merciful. And whatever you do, always remember that you will find your rob a merciful and kind of Allah says in the Quran, your Lord has prescribed for himself. Allah has made it compulsory like himself, that

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whoever it makes a mistake or ever since, and they are out of ignorance. He didn't know any better. And we have the repaints and he does good deeds, when surely Allah subhanaw taala will forgive him and Allah is merciful, meaning Allah is saying, Allah doesn't look at this, no matter how big how many, if you if you return to Him in in repentance, then he guarantee it's a promise from Allah subhanaw taala that he will forgive. Allah says, we know that beautiful verses rosamma

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say to my Liberty living sort of one hour bousema tatami Rahmatullah la se to the center, say to the bad ones, for amongst my servants, do not ever despair and lose hope in the mercy of love and he will always forgive even if you gave up on yourself, even if you say Allah, I have been so negligent in my team, I have heard so many people we can like how am I going to go to Allah says you don't lose hope in me that your sins can never come close to the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala if you come back to a lot if I come back to Allah subhanaw taala will find a lot really be willing to accept us. We know that beautiful Hadith when we talk the Prophet is trying to explain it gives an analogy. He

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said that if Allah's mercy were to be divided into 100 pieces, you know, into portions, then one portion of our laws 100 portions of mercy was seen to this earth and all the mercy in all whether a mother with a child even the animal, you know, the mummy cat looking after the kittens, all of that mercy from the beginning of time until the end of time. This is only a portion of that 1% and the 99 is with Allah subhanaw taala The 99 is the last pile

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That your mercy that your parents give you the mercy you have for your children. No one has more mercy that does not compete to the mercy of Allah has has for us Allah. Allah says when

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in the Hadith the Prophet says, When Allah decreed when he created creation, he can be made a pledge with himself. Allah made a promise with himself. And he wrote it down in his book made a law with himself, that his mercy will always reveal when his anger but his mercy will always be the most the biggest above his anger span Allah and Allah subhanho dialysis we know in the Quran on either side, like a body or knee for inequality, but if we want to know if my son if ever we ask about a law, then we should know he is Korean, meaning he is already near, and he responds that you are the one who asks of him. So wherever you are in the world, whatever situation you're in, whatever sadness

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you find yourself in, you might feel that you're alone, you might be isolated. In some hospital oligarchy fact, you are not alone. Allah says, I am corrib I am near I am with you. And if you make dua, I will forget I will answer that door in a way which may be it's not you don't get exactly what you wanted. But Allah subhanaw taala will always respond to that you are in some way, sometimes even better, and that which you are asking, and linked to this, we know the prophet or Salaam says that Allah, Allah is extremely caring and generous. Allah subhanaw taala is the most generous and therefore he feels a sense of you know, he would be shy, that when you raise your hands to him, that

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he does not respond to me if we leave it empty and disappointed. This is not a last panel dial, any single every single person, no matter who you are, when you raise those hands to Allah subhanaw taala he will put something inside those hands, he will respond to that to us. We can understand when men how Allah subhana wa Taala works on his own timeframe. But Allah subhanaw taala is guaranteed that he does not ever listen to algo and answered another way to know who is Allah and so today we're talking about if I'm going to return to Allah today, tomorrow, in in many, many years time be in the lab. And I would love for that return. Who is this old one that I'm going back to?

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One wonderful way to get to know Allah subhanaw taala is to understand the speech of Allah there are few Hadith a type of genre of Heidi who is called the Hadith good See, Hadith good see is a hadith where Allah Himself speaks so that ivsa salam is narrating what Allah himself says, okay? And so on this hadith what Allah speaks, Allah says, I am as my servant thinks of me, I am as you think of me, I am with so if you think I am merciful and kind, you will find me like that. If you are happy to meet a lot, then you will find a loss pantalla like that. And then Allah says, I am with my servant, when he mentions me whenever you mentioned Allah that I am with him, and if he makes mention of me

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to himself, if we make Vicar and we remember a lot internally, that alarm makes mention of us by name with himself. And if we make mention of a lot in an assembly in a company, we speak about Allah to one another. When Allah says he makes mention of your name, my name is Han Allah in an assembly better than that which which assembly amongst the angels, Allah announces your name. When you make Vicar of Allah, Allah announces your name. My servant is remembering me, my servant displeasing me to the angels. And then Allah says, and if he if the servant draws near to Allah assured distance, then I Allah comes close to him. And if you come looking to Allah, when Allah comes with a speed to

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use pattern, lock and unlock comes to you, Ronnie Subhan, Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah says, another Hadith. The Prophet says, Allah, Allah as abundant angels, who travel all around the dunya, seeking out gatherings of wicker places of goodness, and they sit in those gatherings with it's a class whether you are reciting Quran all by yourself, whether you're making Salah, you are never alone, when you're making a good deal, or all of the angels sit, and they watch you and they and they make to offer you and they fold the wings or the humility for for us when we do those good deeds. And then when we're done, they depart. Now Allah wants the angels leave and return to the summer might

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be fly up, when Allah asks them a lot. And he says, He is and Allah is most knowing they ask the question, but of course Allah is all manageable, he knows the answer. And so he asked the angels From where have you come, where did you come from? And the angels respond. We came from such and such a servant on the dunya we came off the visiting Fatima while we were in the house, and they

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and they were having a lot. So what were they doing? And so they will the angels will say they will glorifying you, they said Subhana Allah, they exalted you, they say, Allahu Akbar, they praised you, and they were witnessing and they declared that nun has the right to be worshipped beside you that you know, the law and they thank you and they praise you and hamdulillah and they asked of you

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Few favors they were making to our to your Allah. And so then I'm gonna ask them, and what did they ask of me? What was it that they asked? And so the angels say, yeah Allah, they ask you that you enter them into Jana. And so then Allah says to their angels, but have they ever seen my gender have even seen it? They're asking for it, but they haven't even ever seen it. And the animals they know. Yeah, well, they haven't. And so then I look at the statement Allah says to the angels in a rhetorical way, and how would it be if they even got to see it? How you can be selling the angels? Can you imagine how they would make do? Even so my my agenda When

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the angels will say Allah, they also asked for your prediction. And he also from what are they asked for my prediction, they will see from January or Allah? And then I'll ask the angels have they seen gentlemen? And the angel said no, you have ever seen Jen? And so he insists to the angels. Now can you imagine how they would make dua? How would they ask me if they even soldier and then Allah says, and the angels asked him the angels continue? Yeah, Allah, they ask you for forgiveness. And they offer the sense of they've done they want you to forgive them a lot. And then the professor and says, Allah says, I have forgiven them, already hearted that done, they asked of me, so I forgiven

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them. And I bestowed upon them whatever they asked them whatever flavor they wanted, whether the dunya agenda, then I have already given it to them, and I will go on to them protection, whatever they asked me for protection, they will have that. They said, Oh ALLAH and I listened to her look at this is the end of it. Now the angels also your love, you've given them forgiveness and protection, and you promise them gender, but Allah, I want to inform and of course, Allah knows this, that such and such a person so they will these people, they'll make the vicar but then there was the sinner, we just came by and pass by and listen for a little bit, you know, on his phone, he's listened to

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some lecture, you know, passingly it wasn't even consciously passingly he just came and he was just there for a moment. And then he participated. And so then Allah says to the angels, and to him also to this person also include him, I have given him my forgiveness, even those who pass by, they will not be deprived, they shall not suffer meaning they will not be deprived of this goodness, just by listening for a few minutes panela they will also receive of this promise of forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and and you know what, we're not sure we shouldn't think of this as something external. As we are listening now as we are talking and discussing Allah subhanaw taala this is

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happening right now the angels are around us. And they take this message to Allah subhanaw taala as well make it to Allah, forgive us for our sins, protect us from the fire of Jana, and grant us Janet MLS problem except I mean, a lot and another beautiful Hadith Guzzi. Allah says, the servant of mind committed a sin. Allah says, My servant commits a sin. And then he, he says, Oh Allah, after the sin he feels the most. And he says, Allah forgive my sin, forgive me, Allah. When he sins again, and back and forth. The Hadith repeated a three of many, many times over this, the person commits a sin and then he comes back to Allah, Allah forgive me, and then he goes back and he commits a sin. And

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then Allah says, My servant has committed a sin. And he knows but he acknowledges in spite of the sin, He acknowledges, he has a lord who forgives his sins, and the law that punishes for those sins. And so by you acknowledging that I knew, you know, asking for forgiveness, irrespective of how many times you've made to the sun, listen to this word, Allah says, so do what you wish and I have already forgiven you, so long as you ask for their forgiveness. The promise of forgiveness is the so long as you return to Allah, He will return to you the the point of this hadith was, it doesn't matter how many times you repeat the sun, how many times you fall in the same hole. Allah doesn't

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get tired of giving, so long as you acknowledge you come back, and you ask for that forgiveness. The prophets of Solomon is beautiful. How do you believe repeated so many times the prophecies Allah says, oh, son of Adam, as long as you call upon me, and put your hope in me, then I have forgiven you for what you have done. And I will not mind forgiving you, I will not get tired of forgiving you, oh, son of Adam, if your sons were to reach the clouds of the sky, and then you ask them to fall for my forgiveness, I will forgive you, oh, son of Adam, if your sins were to fold the world, and then you meet me in the day of karma, but you have not committed initiatic that I will bring

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with most of you a forgiveness equal to finding the world to extinguish partner to wipe out those sins. This is one last part of our lives. This is why our ob is in another hurry. goodship almost fancies, all my servants, I have full burden operation for myself, and I've made it so therefore I've made a forgetful burden for you. So do not oppress one another, all my servants all of you will astray except for those who see guidance of me and I shall guide you except those who have guided so seek guidance from me and I will guide you, all my servants all of you are hungry, and all of you are naked, except for those who

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Seek to Oh, who I feed, and who I close, so seek food and clothing from me, and I shall feed you, and I shall clothe you, oh my servant, you send by night and you send by date, but I and I forgive all sons. So ask forgiveness of me, and I shall forgive you, all my servants, you will not attain harming me, you will never attain harming me, and you will never be able to benefit me, you will not be able to increase me, even if the best of you for the first time you in the last time you were had the most perfect of souls, and this poll was perfect of hearts, none of you would increase a law in the least. And if all of you the first review in the last review, and the world most wicked of

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hearts, you will not diminish Allah, you will not harm Allah in the least. So when he says, Allah says, Oh, my servants, or all of you together, all of you, the humans of the gene, and all of you were together in one place, and all of you were to ask me everything that you wanted, and I gave you everything that you wanted, it will not decrease my kingdom, as much as a needle decreases the ocean when it pulls out that drop, all my servants it is but your deeds, Allah says it is but your deeds that I will reward you for, and I will reconnu I will judge you and reward you for so we will find the good with him praise Allah, and he will find anything blameworthy when it is found himself.

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And Subhana Allah before returning to Allah, of course, it's something scary, it is something that we fear something that we are worried about, but to understand we are returning to Allah subhanaw taala, who has done everything for us to enter jamna and is willing to forgive every sin and how he forgives fine, a lot, not a big process. Just ask Allah forgive me yourself for the law and be reliable forgive. We have so many Hadith so many examples of how people were saved by Allah subhanaw taala for very small B that they have done. We know last week we spoke what the man would be darker 99 scrolls 99 books of sun as far as the eye can see. But the only thing he didn't do was he in

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those books, there was no shift. I didn't worship anyone besides you Allah. And so Allah who gave all his sins on the left gamma in another Hadith and epistles and says, a man will stand before Allah whose account is empty. He has put nothing good in his account, no good deeds on his account, except the only thing that can be found on that scale was that he was a wealthy man, and someone was in need. It lent some money. And so he didn't treat him harshly. He basically let him off easy. And so Allah will look at that deed and Allah will say, I am more worthy than you of being generous, I'm more worthy of you the meeting something go and so Allah will say, let him go, and it will be will

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be for you. And so how do you think Allah, we know the idea of the prostitutes from a lady sooner night and they do all these haraam? But she saw that thirsty dog and she gave the thirsty logs on water. And so Allah Look at her mercy, and Allah have mercy is more worthy than her mercy. And so Allah forgive all lessons and into her into into Jenna, we know that Hadith with that lady was holding her son and she thought he was so the child had died, and she was hugging the child with such intensity and so much love. And the Prophet looked at her and he said to the Sahaba, do you ever think that this lady that this mother, and think for yourself, do you everything that your mom,

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your dad could ever throw you as a baby in Jannah into a fire? Never would our mothers do that. And so the prophets will says, And Allah subhanaw taala is more merciful than this mother is to her child more merciful than your mother is to you. And therefore Allah is more reluctant to put anyone in Jasmine than our own parents. Subhana Allah, beautiful Heidi's another beautiful Hadith, that mean shows you the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala on the day of kamma from the deaf gamma we know of the people of gentlemen of the Muslims will be judged and Allah will say now into Jana, but you need to cross over Johanna and Allah part of kiama every single person has to cross over janam over that

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ciroc that very thin, gay like bridge and people will go quickly and some will go slowly and some will stumble. And the Prophet says the last person will be dragged over. Then when those now the Hadith we get to once the believers have crossed over the breach the promises and says, You believe as those who pass and cross over the bridge will be the most intense of people ever, in debating and arguing ever. With whom with Allah subhanaw taala so those people once they realize they cross the bridge they save they're not going to join them. Now they're going to argue with Allah subhanaw taala for the federal brothers on the day of karma, and no one has been more intense in arguing the

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in these people must know what a wonderful thing. Once we cross that bridge analogous to cross the bridge. We will now look at one another and see if all our family members or friends have made it. We'll look and we will look if someone so here ever and if there is someone missing, if anyone is missing, we will then complain to Allah and look at this we will say to Allah, Oh Allah our brother. They used to

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Swallow with us. They used to fast with us, we don't used to FOSS with us. And they used to like hide with us and they used to do good deeds with us. And then our last panel will say, basically just on your own testimony, when go and if you find him they in janam will take him out of Jannah. And Allah will say, and go in there and Allah will protect those people they won't get hurt, in whose heart you find faith equal to a queen, if you find anyone in Jannah, whereas a man equal to a queen then take him out of Jerusalem. And Allah subhanaw taala will then say, if you find someone in any jahannam, whose Eman is equal to an atom, an atom is weight of a man if you recognize the

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understanding the videos, if you recognize someone in general, anyone that you know that in any good deeds, one or any good deed, the smallest of good deeds and atoms weight of good, then take him out of Jerusalem and the Sahaba, whom engineers halevi recites, if you don't believe me, that Allah will take people out of janome for just doing the smallest of good deeds, when he reads the IR, Allah says in the Quran, surely, Allah does not harm does not wrong does not ill three, Allah does not wrong, anyone, even the weight of an atom or does not do any injustice. But if he finds a good deed, when he doubles and multiplies endlessly, if you do once an hour doesn't give you more punishment,

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even if he gives it or he only gives what is equal to it, but if you do a good deed that Allah multiplies every good deed to an infinite number. And so, when when and this pile This is the point of the Hadith now, so after every single person that was good, was saved, and every other person waiting to jahannam and Fitch, the relatives and people that they knew every single person was an atom's weight of good was taken out. The only people in janome now are people that really had next to nothing on less than an atom, atoms weight of good. I will almost plant that I will say that the the angels interceded, the angels have asked for mercy and the prophets have asked for mercy and the

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believers have now interceded The only thing left now is for the urahara him in the Most Merciful of mercy, to intercede I mean in a manner which was almost majesty, Allah will Allah will take a handful of those people in Japan. Now as well. These are people that have undergone yet not a single person could vouch for them. There wasn't a single goodness in them. And unless panadol will take them out of Jerusalem and forgive them and into them into jamna. had even Buhari had even in Buhari, what is also beautiful young. You know, in Genesis, you hear a lot of people talk about the deceased and they talk the good deeds, they did this insha Allah is a testimony for them, versus like the

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people on kiama they will vouch for this person, yeah, Allah, whatever he's done is done. But this person has done something good to me, I recognize the goodness, and that will count so much. And so we speak well of the deed will make to offer the deed because our testimony counts a lot in the eyes of Allah Subhana Allah. And so all of these things ultimately in the Leela, you were in Lady raggio. And ultimately, the end of the road for all of us, is with Allah subhanaw taala and what is what is it going to be like, when you and I meet Allah subhanaw taala. And we will know we know from the Koran, that there is nothing better than meeting Allah Spano tala, the best thing would be to go

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back to him the ultimate the pinnacle of happiness is with him. And I said this so many times, perhaps my most favorite Hadith, that when the people of Jana, after they've enjoyed Jana, and they've experienced them, and they laughing in their palaces and there's no worries anymore, then on Fridays, they will be called together, every single, every single person, even the weakest of people have emailed every single person, even that person was vanilla had less than atoms, weight of good deeds will come on the day of Joomla and they will assemble and then Allah will speak to each and every one of us and ask them ask more of me What more do you want, oh, people have done that. And

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then Allah will say to the people of Ghana, I shall give you something better in all of this in Jana. My pleasure and the fact that I am pleased with you the fact that I, Allah will greet him with a Salaam and then of course Allah will Allah give them that thing which is uncomfortable, when he will remove the barrier, light to the veil of light, the mask of light between us and him will be removed, and we'll get to see the face of Allah subhanaw taala This is what we all want. And so this is what we will hope for, and this is what it means to return to Allah, our relatives, they are with Allah subhanaw taala in this manner. And then the last Hadith, beautiful Hadith, hadith of Allah

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laughing, Allah laughing, laughing at someone in the spirit. Why is Allah laughing at someone in the spirit? The Prophet Hassan says that Allah laughs at the person who is in the spirit of his servants, knowing that soon you'll be relieved. Allah looks at us, you know the spirit and our misery and we crying and of sadness, and we feel almost hopeless and we are, you know, broken inside my laughs because he can see just tomorrow or the day after a very, very soon, you will be happy very, very soon, your misery will come to an end either spam of your sick. Log onto shifa.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

In life, nothing Mulligan even Schieffer, then all your sins are forgiven. And then you return to Allah and you engender or the person has passed away and he's in Jannah or we are sad and we I'm feeling very, very unhappy and our loved one is the agenda. So Allah is loving because of our display we can see the just around the corner when he's coming. We can't see it yet, but almost probably knows what he's coming around the corner. And so Allah laughs and a one of this hobby abou resin. He said, Yeah, rasulillah there's a lot it involved, that our Lord love. And so the promises Yes, our Lord loves. And when Abu Racine said, After that I will never ever feel sad. And I will

00:30:37 --> 00:31:13

never feel hopeless of goodness. When I know my load is a load that loves Allah is our Lord, and that he loves me when he smiles and that he's happy for us. And Allah wants to see us in goodness. And Allah wants to see that you know, doesn't want us to be helpless. And we should turn to Him in times of hardship and make the dua with full conviction that he will answer this to our and to him ultimately is our return my love for have mercy upon us and give us our grant as she fathers who are ill or bless us in this time to come. May Allah make life easy for all of us. Those who are going through difficulties Allah grant them sobre condom something better. Those who have passed away my

00:31:13 --> 00:31:28

look around them genital Fidel's Amala. Grant all of us to return to Him in the most beautiful manner. May Allah love to meet us and may we love to meet Allah spirit Allah, as I call the hate or some loss in the Mohammed Ali was happy with me Salaam Alaikum

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