Wael Ibrahim – Salvation in Christianity and Islam #1

Wael Ibrahim
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why are we doing this? Why are we holding tonight.

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And I just want to explain a little bit about the spirit in which for joining us.

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One thing that we don't want to do, and you see this a lot in our in the media is have a, a head to head

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discussion, because that divides right, and we want to do is have a hand in hand discussion. Because that brings us together,

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we want to have a discussion that is going to be on a friendship, or building bridges between us. And

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we're neighbors, we have our church here, we have the Islamic college just across the road. We're about building friendships here in our neighborhood. So that's what it's about. It's not about causing divisions and having a debate. So this is not a debate. This is just listening to each other, to hear what we believe on the subject of salvation.

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So just know that the second point I want to make is, we know that our faith has different belief systems, right, we have some we have differences. But one thing that is far worse than having differences is having misunderstood differences. And I think if we have that, then we base our decisions and our judgment of each other, on misunderstandings, rather than on the truth. So what tonight is about is taking that word, misunderstanding, or misunderstood differences out of those two words, we don't want to have misunderstood meanings of what we're talking about, we want to know where we are with each other in the truth.

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So that's, that's the spirit, I guess, which we're doing this tonight.

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So the subject itself, is salvation, as I've already mentioned. And the word like that can mean different things to different people.

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And I'm going to use an analogy that's quite suitable for today. I think, having had the freedom to that.

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If you talk to someone about free,

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then they generally know what you're talking about. But if somebody was talking to me about the free,

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I would expect to ramble not, you know, a

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ball. Exactly. That's right. So there's obviously different different understandings of that. And if I watch the AFL, I would go immediately that, you know, there's handball everywhere, you're all disqualified. Right?

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So there's, obviously different rules, a different understanding of what those two sports are. And in similar way, there might be a different understanding of what some function is.

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Now, salvation, I think, something that we can agree and common to start off with, is added in something good.

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We know that in the in the sounds, it's mentioned 39 times.

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I'll just give a few examples. Not going to be full of them.

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But in Psalm 35, it says, Mr. Salah will rejoice in the Lord and delight in his salvation.

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Psalm 62. Truly, He is my rock, and my salvation. He is my fortress, and I will never be shaken.

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And that also says I wouldn't wait for your salvation. I long for your salvation. It is something for us to longing for it is something.

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So I'm looking forward to a good night tonight to find more truth about salvation.

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Now, the format we're going to take tonight is that, like I said, it's not a divide. We're going to give each side 20 minutes to explain the definition and meaning of salvation. And then we're going to give each side 10 minutes to ask the other question as well.

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So all of that will take about an hour. And then after that, we'll have some refreshments. And we'll have your break out for refreshments, refreshments will be in the back.

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And then we'll ask everyone to after those 20 minutes, just to come back in here.

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Please come in here within those 20 minutes. Otherwise it's gonna be hard for us all to get you back in here. We are just conscious of time tonight as well. We got

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gonna drag it out to lunch?

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And then we're going to have in here a question time. So I'm gonna have that 10 minutes, not a lot of time. But the way we're going to handle questions is that we're going to have you text in the questions to a mobile number.

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Can you bring that mobile number up, Jessica? All right.

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If you have questions, and you can start this process straight away, if you want any questions, text your questions to that number that you see on the back. And we may not be able to, unfortunately, if we have too many questions, through all of the questions, I hope you understand. And above all, try to in those 10 minutes, however, the questions that we get

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we will close the question collating about 10 minutes before we get back in because we also want to have a chance to be able to review them so that we can, can then ask the questions

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with within those 10 minutes, that we have to basically possibly reduce the list to enough questions that we can cover in 10 minutes.

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Apart from now, basically, till we have our refreshments and 10 minutes into the refreshments, feel free to ask your questions, or texting them in, and then we'll collect them all together. And then during question time, I'm basically gonna be asking

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the questions.

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Well, with that, I'd like to just start the evening with a prayer.

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And then I'll introduce you to,

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to our speakers.

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So Lord, I just want to pray tonight,

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that we learn more about you. And we learn more about the truth or about some patient, which is something that is so good.

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We read about it in the Psalms, read about it. And we want to thank you for, for your salvation. For it to thank you for what you have provided. We want to thank you for everyone who came here tonight. I just pray that

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would bless us. We're all here today that you will pass us privacy, the name Jesus. And then

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all right.

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Let me introduce Renea.

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Radio. underclass force, is married to Marguerite and has three beautiful children. He is blessed.

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He's the pastor here at this church at Florida Church of Christ. And

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Rainier honors God by dedicating his life to serve the community. Right here. Regulus

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Rainier is committed to build bridges of friendship between the church

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and faith. Communities representative as local community are working collaboratively collaboratively with the Providence school in southern river.

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And he's the campus pastor

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Rania has actively studied the Bible, and has a master's degree in divinity and theology. Welcome.

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Good evening, everyone.

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I always say that when we are here, right now, when we look at one another, and we feel quite foreign, right, I see a little bit of grouping. So it just means very hard to actually talk about and get really engagement because part of what we want to do is not just talk, we want to really engage. So I'm gonna get two minutes and you've got to walk across and just introduce yourself to someone that you have not met tonight. So give me two minutes get up and just saying and if it's even better, just stay closer. So you've got at least becoming introduce ourselves.

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Also, thank you so much. And if you can just feel free to suppose. Look, the wonderful thing is when we talk about salvation, I think about eternity and thinking about spending time together. What a great way of actually just you know, once we introduce yourself to someone, there is the first step to what Alibaba live is one of the core parts of salvation and that is relationship and that is connection. And that means that is I've interrupted. So tonight, it is such a great opportunity to be with you tonight. And I just got to have a look at we've gotten a really fancy we've got a clock off the back there.

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I can actually read so I can stick to my time.

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Soon as I said I was going to have one pointed fingers and stuff. But so for us here tonight and considering the topic of salvation a for me, one of the great things is I just want to share but my heart coming together. And I think if my brother Well, I remember you were sitting more or less there about five years ago, when that the reason we are here tonight was a couple of years ago we in Thornley, we are such a high multicultural community. And I had one of my ladies come and she said, I wish I could actually invite one of the neighbors in for coffee. That was how hard is it but I don't want anything I don't want to do. I didn't know what to do, that sparked this whole thing. And

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and I know that, while the guys that night came and we said Look, why don't we learn off each other. And this is what we are doing. So part of our heart here tonight before you know as we start, as we welcome you, as you know, the words that I have in my mind is the invitation that you know that was extended as it's come to me all you are weary and burdened, and I will give you a race. And one of the things I find that our heart is for us tonight it comes out of salvation and relationship is that there is peace and there is rest. There is a transformation. And I believe I am convinced that if we follow this pathway of meeting together like this, there is an opportunity for us to break

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walls, build bridges, and transform this community in which we live. So that the people around us can notice and see how blessed we are. Because through relationship, walls are broken down. Trust is developed. And I don't know about you, but that's the kind of formally or community I want to live in. So that is basically my heart. Even this morning, my wife was fortunate to graduate and I could smile because the the topic that he was the one guy raised and call it building bridges. And this is what we are here for. That's part of my heart. That's part of what we do. So to give you a bit of a scope also for tonight on a topic of salvation to queue and I know that the topic of salvation is a

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big word. And it means quite a bit of different things to few people. But one of the great things of this is for me, when I consider that question, as you know is how can we have an internal relationship with God, our Creator, the one that have made us and into eternity and be considered to be have access to his presence? So in short, one of the things I want to consider for us tonight is how do we get right with God? How do we spend time? How do we gain access into the presence of God?

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So the words that I want to use for us tonight is just two key phrases is called justice and mercy. So for me personally out of this whole thing is is that there's the word justice and mercy when I think about God, our Father or Heydo, thinking about salvation, you read throughout it, there's that word, and there's two parts of it. There's there's justice and mercy, I think about who God is. And denied is going to expand on that way. There's one verse that I don't notice in Psalm a five words is justice and mercy made to get the kids together. And I want to use that as an example to explain how we as Christians, have a personal God, who has used the Son Jesus Christ so that we can have

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that salvation. It was amazing to recognize that, but allow me just a few things of characteristics about who God is. And I think one of the great things that if we look at what we have in common, is the fact that we all believe in one God right? We believe that this thou God, who has created us is greater is thoughts on on our thoughts, His ways or not? How wise He is perfect in being, He is eternal. We also believe that the way that he has created us and why that creation is there also is that in the Free Will has allowed for the enemy, Satan,

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whose whole objective is to do bring awaits in relationship. The thing that Satan hates most is when people regardless of their faith, or religion or views or culture can get along. And so what we are doing here is we are also in a combat together breaking those things and for that I commend you, as we build this relationship.

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A couple of characteristics of God to me personally. Now also can I just say that even when I believe that will be the same review is, as I explain our core understanding of salvation, there is different nuances and different people for different so in Christianity, certain people sit in groups, Michael

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If different things about so I'm trying to get to the essence of what we believe in terms of that, can I just say one thing for me personally, that stands out for, you know, when I think about salvation I read, especially if I read the Old Testament, I read the Psalms is the personal nature of God, something that is really when he said that, oh, we'll be a father to you, and you will be My sons and daughters. To be that is such a beautiful picture of a God who reaches out, you know, he's not just far and distant. For us. Salvation in salvation is also very personal. And then one of the other things is I think of kindness. When I think of salvation, He said, He has shown kindness by

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giving us rain from heaven and crops in the season. Now, one of the characteristics of this kindness of God is that He learned reign over those who believe in Him and those who don't eat feeds those who believe in Him and those who don't, which is such an amazing characteristic. The other one is also Invitational, every senator is invited to know Jesus to receive that eternal life. So this this incredible invitation. And what we are going to do tonight is just consider how does us as people they gain access to salvation, or it tyrannical and internal relationship with God? How can we be made right with God? And firstly, if we can summarize it in one word, is love. So love that sits and

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I'll explain that how that sits with the justice and mercy for God so loved the world. And you have to know that when we talk about God, in this writer, he was Jewish in nature, something must be incredible hack that has happened his life that he said, For God so loved the world, that he created his son. So for me, for us as far as Christians, right at this point, I can say that we believe that Jesus, and I think the Quran was a visa is a key to our salvation, is the key point for us to gain that relationship with with our Heavenly Father, let me explain to you interesting enough is, is that when you look at the name of Jesus, in Hebrew, it means Yeshua, it literally means salvation,

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which I think is really amazing. And then when you start reading it, if you know why we read scripture, you see how, if you think of that as our salvation and you read Exodus ride through when Moses was speaking, and he said, The Lord has become my salvation, you start asking yourself, what are they? What is this salvation pointing to? And throughout, when you see the writers, and there's different books over these many, many years, who wrote and everything that they are saying, points to this question about salvation? How are we forgiven this some great way David wrote, he said, you know, you're late, you know, we are part of, you know, we've seen your wrath. We've seen all these

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things, because there is this injustice. And it brings us right about the question is like, what separated us then from God? Why are we here tonight? And why are we struggling to find that final answer, so to speak. So let me just remind ourselves that in this space, that we believe in one everlasting God is eternal, and equally hated Adam and Eve, he grew headed human beings, like human being, and we are in agreement that each one of us has a unique soul, right? There is no two of us one of you, right? Even if you have twins, you are still unique. There is a unique code that is in there as well. We are making every soul is defined unique in nature. And this is really important

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for us to know, as we approach this whole concept of, of, of salvation, because if we believe that there are your souls, like in some other ways, is that they can drive or do different things. We know that it's the minis. But what makes this so personal is that God, our Father has counted every soul that has been created, every soul that is created in his wife that is in need of salvation, has an opportunity. How does that happen? Well, for salvation to for us to really understand is the fact that we are broken.

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And I think you would agree that if we look at the world right now,

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it is really broken.

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We see walls, we see poverty, we see anger, we see road rage, you see so many of those things and it saddens us and even at home, in my own brokenness, sometimes with the best of my intentions, and I think of us as husbands.

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We still don't get a ride with a loss. We still broken. And that brings us to that question is that what happened and if we can ride back there was a time where there was no broken

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Just after God created Adam and Eve, and that were in the garden, there was this absolute perfection. And there was this open relationship God, Genesis tells us that God walked in a garden. And he had the relationship with Adam and Eve like you and I like, Well, * on a brother, we would have this conversation.

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And there was a point and that is so important for us to know that a key part of salvation talks about freewill. And God has created him and they had this relationship and he told them, Look, this is the space you have, but you're not allowed to have from a tree of good and evil.

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Why is that so important? Now, there's not another thing about good and evil is, or the tree. If it wasn't there, Adam and Eve would have been trapped. And that's one thing that stands out in for us in salvation is that God never forces himself upon he always has given the opportunity he wants us, what if Adam and Eve asked us to choose him to follow him. And if he didn't put a tree up, they were trapped. And the same way when he created angels. And that's where Satan was an angel. And they also had the opportunity, they were also given the free will. And that's how it when when Satan chose to disobey. He was thrust out of heaven because he rebelled. And that's why we have the spice of

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brokenness. And so on the scene, we have seitan that came in. And unfortunately, in that one moment, we saw Adam and Eve be tempted. And they had one moment, just one moment when they had this conversation with Satan, and they chose to disobey God. And in that moment, and it may sound like a simple thing I don't know about you, and I blocked fruit for many, many trees. But in that moment, it was not about the fruit it was what it resembled, meaning that they were choosing to follow the own way, right in God's. And in that very moment, this chasm has appeared between God and people, because remember, God is perfect in his nature, we agree that he's an eternal being. I'm changed

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in that moment. What is now James's man has been separated by their Centipede, do they trespass? And the way that we look at this is like, how do we then get back? That has been the just one of the great things we believe is God is so perfect, that in his white, well, he had no need to bring us back. Because he's perfect. And we have seen the challenges. Of course, I don't know about you. But sometimes when I grew up, I fall down. You know, like, this is a, you know, I can understand God created the justice system. It's like accounting, you can't cook the books. You know, what happens if you cook the books, you get in trouble. And so God has created a system in which right is right

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and wrong is wrong. So he can't dishonor that to himself that will make him wrong to himself. But the challenge is, isn't it unfair? That you think it's unfair? How many of you disobey God by eating that fruit of the tree? I didn't, I wasn't there.

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But yet, how did I get part of this and this brokenness, and I had it explained to me and I think that is such a beautiful picture is so beautiful picture, it explains it is even though I wasn't there, it's like having, let's say I have I have a gambling father, a drink, Father, someone who gambled it away.

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I wasn't the one to gamble. But imagine he does everything away, and he does goes away and he dies. And all of a sudden, I'm left with that debt.

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That has to be repaid.

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And that gets passed on from one generation to the other. So the debt that we still have that we owe God disables us because that debt is not being paid. That first guy hasn't paid it. And you know what, you can't just put it right. Imagine a judge the way I see it is like imagine, you have a judge, and you go to the judge, and you say, hey, you know, my mate, like that guy stole my car. And then I said, okay, yeah, he goes to jail for 10 years. That's fine. You will go okay, yep, that's one but then one of the other Mikey's might come in also Stella McCartney, he goes free.

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What would you say?

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I'll be upset. And so God has the system of fairness that has to be repaid. And we the pizza that I'm painting, the way that that is really, my God, amazing to me in this moment and looking about salvation is that there's nothing in what I can do, that can make me look or feel like my god think better of different of me. I have fallen short of His glory, His glory is amazing. I love the way this is my thoughts are higher than yours. You can't be compared to me.

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And then in this moment, God had a moment where you can I can either engage or disengage. And that's when we say God so loved the world that He sent His Son. And this is one of the great things that

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oath of office. And I think in the Quran, it also say there was the

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Jesus birth through the miracle, it's a miracle birth, and the miraculous birth, there was no, there wasn't miraculous could see follow the Holy Spirit.

00:25:15 --> 00:25:37

And then in this picture is God actively engaging in this world, because this is the reality is no one deserves an eternal relationship with God. And that sounds really sad to say, because I'm really bad. If I look at why even the best of my best is never ever going to be good enough for God, I can't work my way back into heaven.

00:25:39 --> 00:26:15

Our father could ignore it, or he could engage. And because he loved us so much he sent his son. And what Jesus did when he came to, was not just to do the miracles of the work, that was part of what he was doing. But his big moment. And this became a big key turning point for the way that we as Christians experienced salvation was that he, on that moment, remember all that debt has been paid like it's been passed on, and there is no human who can ever pass it on. And it's just this, this, this, this generational death,

00:26:17 --> 00:26:33

he took all that on his shoulders. Because when Jesus was born, we believe as with the miracle, he was conceived by God, and therefore we believe that He is the Son of God. So what we needed was a human to be able to pay for a human.

00:26:35 --> 00:26:51

Because an angel cannot repay that way. It can't be that as a human, for a human. And we have established this no human that could pay for a human. However, in this moment, God has found a way in which he could send his son who became a perfect human, sinless,

00:26:53 --> 00:27:19

who is able not just as human to take on the sin of the human, but as God to take on the enemy on history on history. And he could pay the full price of all this in that was of this whole world. And that's amazing. We believe that he paid every debt, that was outstanding. I don't know if you've ever paid your car off. You know, that moment, when you pay it off, and you go, it's done.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:22

That's what Jesus did.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:47

And so, when we read mercy and justice, I love the way that the psalmist even though Jesus wasn't there, what he was doing is he was talking with justice and mercy meats, it was saying how the Lord of Justice and the love of God was able to meet. And we believe as Christians that those do the justice of God, and the mercy of God met at the foot of the cross.

00:27:48 --> 00:27:51

And we believed that when Jesus died, and he rose again,

00:27:52 --> 00:28:11

there was some, it was so important I, that one of the key parts in that moment is even Jesus as the Son of God made himself vulnerable. So when he wasn't across when he died, he had no control. whatsoever he was in the he was in, he is a rendered 100% into the hands of the Father.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:51

And this is why we are building trust, that was an absolute trust. And then when he rose again, we see that God in His perfect nature, who is just unfair, extended that mercy, that salvation to our set of we might have peace today. So that we might have assurance to that because that or we might have that knowing that what God has done 2000 years ago, is available to us, it's available to each and every one, it is extended to the whole world. And in that moment, what Jesus wanted is for us not to bring our works or our pride

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and to bring them sin of shortform and he paid it in full.

00:28:59 --> 00:29:02

And that my friends, is the core of our salvation.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:07

Why would the time perfect with one minute to spare?

00:29:21 --> 00:29:24

If you have any questions, like I said before,

00:29:25 --> 00:29:29

and text is just a beer. We're free to text those questions in any time.

00:29:31 --> 00:29:36

Now I'd like to introduce to you while who is going to be our next speaker.

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while the program

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is there to Fatima and has two beautiful children

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fears list.

00:29:52 --> 00:29:56

Well, it's also the founder of the aware Academy

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platform dedicated to helping you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:07

Those who are struggling with an Agra fee addiction. He is a keen student of Islam

00:30:08 --> 00:30:14

and comparative literature and comparative religion and is the author of several books.

00:30:16 --> 00:30:32

And all this stars is the author of change motivational system to break free from undesirable habits. Another book called beaten 50 Plus trades of hurt and his latest work is titled aware.

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Find out who

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you are without *.

00:30:38 --> 00:30:51

Weil is a certified master life coach and is currently a student counselor at the Australian Islamic College in Perth with a bachelor degree in Islamic Studies.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa ala cattlemen, peace, mercy and blessings of Almighty God be on all of you. And once again, thank you so much Renier for the beautiful arrangement, still looking forward to the food to see to make a complete judgment on

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see the food.

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Great, appreciate that. And truly, our relationship, my family, Arrhenius family, also, we've been genuinely in touch with each other to levy for one one cause and that's bring bring the community together to understand each other from our really vague perspective. So if I wanted to know something about Christianity, I don't need to go to a Muslim to teach me about Christianity. The Christians are around the corner. If I have doubts, I would ask further. If I'm not convinced, I would simply say I'm not convinced, right. And similarly, the same thing we all we often meet, we always ask each other about our faith, we clarify things, really a lot. And I hope that this event

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would bring us even closer to understand or the most important, I think, if not the most important topic in our existence, and that is, at the end of this journey. At the end of life's journey, where we're gonna go.

00:32:24 --> 00:33:10

Everyone wants to that salvation. So what it is for the Muslims, this is the discussion so I will now my agenda for the talk will be like revolving around four areas pretty solid defined few terminologies related to salvation according to Islam. Believe me, I prepared beautiful slides for you, but we couldn't show it on the big screen. So while we do we have the videos, perhaps we can insert those slides in the editing and then we share it around. I will also talk about the our view on the original sin, Adam and Eve and their stories and their connection to salvation. I will also clarify one of the most misunderstood or one of the most common misconceptions that Christians have

00:33:10 --> 00:33:51

regarding salvation in Islam. And finally, I will talk about how we as Muslims attain or how people in general attain salvation according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and of course, according to the Quran, first of all, for Muslims and for Christians, I believe the opposite of salvation is hellfire. So you want it to be very clear. I know that sometimes we mentioned the word Hellfire if you're a bit uncomfortable, uncomfortable. You always wanted to eat a good news, which is fine. But guess what, there are also bad news that we need to know about so that we can avoid it. So the opposite of salvation is hellfire. I listed only four verses in the Bible

00:33:51 --> 00:34:40

for verses in the Quran. But since we all agree that Hellfire exists, and it's part of the package, then that's fine. We don't have to call them they will appear on the slides. Now let me take you to the definitions that I wanted to highlight regarding salvation in Islam. The first word I wanted to mention for Muslims salvation is around forgiveness. As a mighty brother, when you mentioned that we all fall short we all commit mistakes and we keep continuously fall into errors, intentionally or otherwise. So Monferrato the Arabic word and hopefully Today we'll teach them fewer records before we leave, month filler, and there are plenty of other words means forgiveness in the Arabic

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

language, but this is the most common one mouthful comes from the another word which is attributed to the Name of Allah, the name of God Almighty, and he's characteristic Allahu Allah far, which means the most forgiving, the oft forgiving. For example, this this or this verse,

00:35:00 --> 00:35:47

In the Quran, God Almighty says that Allah subhana, Allah Almighty promised those who believe and do righteous action. So in Islam, in order for you to attain salvation, you have to have faith in God Almighty Who created you, but he has to also work according to his standards. You can't just live live your life, according to your own whims and desires. You have to live and worship Him and do everything in this existence in this dunya in this life, according to his own plan, not according to us. So those who believe and do righteous deeds, what was the promise here, forgiveness from all your sins and great rewards on the Day of Judgment? So this one of the verse in Islam explaining

00:35:47 --> 00:36:12

forgiveness that explains salvation. In brief, there is another word mentioned also in the Quran in reference to the same thing, and it is, it means salvation itself in Nigeria, that's the Arabic word and this is Musa Moses, the Prophet Moses was talking to his people telling them, all my people, how is it that I have invited you to salvation while you are inviting me to hellfire.

00:36:13 --> 00:37:02

So Moses was Moses was talking to his people telling them that I'm inviting you to that which will help you escape, or skip and fire and end up in a better place. But rather you're invited me to have fun and the word being used here is an agenda or salvation. The third word I wanted to highlight that was the most common one that is the ultimate reward after death, and that is genuine. Genuine means paradise, loosely translated as paradise. So there are basically three steps for us for anyone to attain salvation. Number one, God Almighty erasing your past sins, whatever mistakes that you have committed, and this is up to his standards, rather really Renier mentioned about God's justice

00:37:02 --> 00:37:48

and God's love. Also in Islam, I'm not sure brother Milan Xia. I checked every morning in the assembly at my school, the names and attributes of God Almighty, and how many of of those we have in Islam lovers? In about 99. Actually, there are more than that, but the most common ones are 99. One of them is Al Hakim, and hockey means the most wise so sometimes God Almighty will act in certain ways that we will never be able to comprehend or understand. So God Almighty may erase your sins without a need of anything or any sacrifice. And we can't ask God why it happened. You forgive this person or let go of that or punish this we can't we are not in any moral position to actually put

00:37:48 --> 00:38:34

God Almighty to judgment. So first erasing the sins second salvation from hellfire, what I have learned, may Allah protect us all? And thirdly, admission to Jannah or to paradise? And what is Janna? And what excites the Muslim the most is actually this thing. What makes Muslim go through trials and tribulations and go through * and while they are living here is actually waiting for this moment, gentlemen, Paradise. Why is it so exciting for Muslims because the Prophet described Jana as fear bad I know wrong. In gender there are that which no eyes have ever seen. No use I've ever heard and never crosses human imagination. That's what we were looking for. So when people come

00:38:34 --> 00:39:17

and ask you that all Muslims when they go to Ghana, they will have women and enjoy you know, sexual relationships say hey, in Jana, there are that which no eyes I've ever seen. So even * itself, even woman themselves, everything would be of different, completely different dimension. So so that's why that's why Muslims may struggle a lot throughout their lives on the hope of attaining salvation by by saying salvation you're referring to Jana, or the ultimate reward. And that's the Unity basically, when we unite with not only with Allah Almighty, our Creator, but also the prophets and companions and the righteous people before us. Second point I wanted to highlight is our

00:39:17 --> 00:39:36

understanding or view of the concept of the original sin? This is the terminology which brother Renier corrected me or I think we had a very, very big discussion there perhaps even that terms is you guys don't use here, right? If I'm not mistaken, maybe correct the original sin.

00:39:37 --> 00:39:59

Here we didn't you can discuss it. But some some some Christians, perhaps they have different views of the original sin. In as brother Renea discussed about how Adam and Eve sinned against God and as a result, we all inherited that nature of sin. In Islam, we believe in the original goodness of mankind. We believe that every single human being

00:40:00 --> 00:40:20

was created sinless without any history of sin, because God Almighty made it very clear that every person will bear his own sin. So if you've committed a mistake that's on you. And in Islam you have also up to a certain level of age when we reach to the age of puberty, then God Almighty start counting your actions.

00:40:21 --> 00:40:34

When you reach the age of maturity, you now you understand what you're doing. Now you can evaluate your own actions, then God will want you and hold you accountable. Prior to that when you're an infant if you die,

00:40:35 --> 00:41:15

there is no blame on you anymore because you haven't done anything wrong. So we don't really believe in the original sin. We believe that Adam and Eve sinned against God in the Garden. As a brother union explained it is in the Bible, it is in the Quran, although there are slight differences. But these differences make all the big other differences. For example, God Almighty, in the air mentioned the story of Adam and Eve when the earth when he ate from this forbidden fruit, they realize the mistakes and when they realize that mistake, they made a DUA, or they made a supplication which was inspired by God himself, for the Lord called Adam. Mineral rugby can imagine

00:41:15 --> 00:42:04

fertile valley in our water. Well Rahim that Adam received few words, few words of remorse and repentance from God Almighty, then God Almighty accepted his repentance he and his wife in so we believe that the sins were raised right then God didn't wait for many, many years to come to save us from our from the sins of Adam and Eve. Government. You already forgave Adam and Eve on the spot. What they have said, what have they said? Or banners Alana? fusina. Oh, god, oh, Lord, we have wronged ourselves. So when you sin, actually, you're not harming God in any way or shape. You're not diminishing from his dominion from his kingdom from his greatness. We can't compare ourselves to God

00:42:04 --> 00:42:25

Almighty at all. So what have they said? Oh, God, we have wronged ourselves. And that's exactly what happened when we are when we fall into error. I don't know which time to follow. Actually, I can see 0000 25 And then a Friday, I'm not sure what my following of time. Are you guys? Can you remind me, you can have a bad night? Let's start over.

00:42:28 --> 00:42:42

Let's just remind me in a minute. So oh, God, we all know ourselves. This is exactly what we do. When we when you do anything against God Almighty. We are not harming harming ourselves, we're causing damage to our own souls.

00:42:44 --> 00:43:28

And if you don't forgive us, if you don't have mercy upon us, if you don't pardon us, we will be the losers. These were the words that were inspired by God to Adam. And as a result, they were forgiving right then. Now the third point I wanted to address is the misconception. I have interacted with so many Christians in the past, I think nearly 20 years now, whether there were certain debates or discussions of that sort with my very, very deep Christian friends from Hong Kong, especially where I lived most of my, you know, educational life. And one misconception that always comes whenever we're talking about salvation, that you guys are like the Jews, the Jews have to do something in

00:43:28 --> 00:44:13

order to earn their salvation, you have to work for your salvation. This is absolutely wrong. According to our own teachings, we are not saved as Muslims by our actions. No one ever taught us to that we will be saved because of our prayers. No one ever told us that if we give charity we will be saved. Yes, there are rewards for every good action. Yes, we can't hide that. There are rewards for every good action that you perform. But these actions will never ever save you. What is the evidence the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon to mention there is none amongst you, whose deeds alone would lead him to salvation. So the Companions who heard as the as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,

00:44:13 --> 00:44:19

even you or Azula, even you all messenger God. He says, Even me,

00:44:20 --> 00:44:48

unless God showers me rubs me with His mercy and forgiveness, so we are not saved by our actions. We are saved by God's grace, God's mercy and God's forgiveness. That's the only thing that will lead us to salvation. The Prophet Muhammad also peace be upon him narrated to us a story of a man who worshipped God for how long can can you get something useful? 500 teams,

00:44:49 --> 00:44:59

a man worshipped God for 500 years. And he's predicting he's telling us what will happen on the Day of Judgment. So on the Day of Judgment, God Almighty will bring his angels

00:45:00 --> 00:45:22

is to drive this man to paradise to gentleman. And on the way the man will brag about his actions, he says, I have earned Jana with my actions. 500 years of worship man, can you compete with this man, sincere worship to God 500 years. And when God heard him saying that, he said, What bring him back to me.

00:45:24 --> 00:45:35

And he weighed allah God Almighty, He weighed those 500 years of worship against one of the blessings that God had created for this man and that is his eyesight.

00:45:37 --> 00:46:26

And God opened that vision for the man to see that even those 500 years of worship can never be over can never overweight, the one favor of Allah he had given and that is the eyesight. And as a result, the man said, or the man big actually for God's mercy. And as a result, this man was admitted to paradise not because of the 500 years of worship, but with God's mercy and hoping that one day in sha Allah God Almighty, God willing, we will all be saved through His mercy and forgiveness. Now the final point inshallah is how can we attain salvation now in Islam? A few things are four things usually the conditions for this salvation to be attained to be given to be granted to be gifted.

00:46:26 --> 00:46:37

Number one out I'll mention the four words because I want you to memorize them Sharla four words and I write them to the best of my ability quit admit commit a min Bucha

00:46:39 --> 00:47:12

so number one quit quit the wrong once you realize that what you're doing is wrong is haram we call it haram or prohibited or forbidden something that God Almighty said don't do even if we don't understand sometimes why we shouldn't do such and such drinking alcohol we Muslims we don't we don't go and list down the diseases and the unhealthy outcome of drinking and we don't even bother about what is the harm that alcohol may cause sufficient for us that God said what

00:47:13 --> 00:47:30

don't drink it don't come even near it. God didn't say only don't drink it. He said what a normal Hummer almost zero as normal and so racism and I'm a vegetarian who is you tell me movies? What? Don't even come closer for us Muslim sufficient not to drink because God Almighty said so.

00:47:31 --> 00:48:11

No illicit relationship, no adultery. Notice that we don't ask why. It doesn't matter. So long as she's not your wife. He can't touch but the point is, Muslims don't need to know reasons for abandoning what God Almighty already prohibited. So if you've done the wrong, and you want it to go back to God Almighty to earn your salvation, number one, quit the sin. Number two, admit that you were wrong to God through what through worship through prayers through what we call supplication crying to God Almighty to forgive us asking for His forgiveness. Number three, commit never to go back again. Otherwise, your repentance is not sincere.

00:48:13 --> 00:48:15

You repent today and tomorrow do the same thing again. What's the point?

00:48:17 --> 00:48:24

So quit the sin. admit your mistakes to God Almighty, not to anyone not to a human being not to anybody only to God Almighty.

00:48:25 --> 00:49:07

Who's closer to you as as recorded in the Quran than your jugular vein. That's how close God to us. Yeah. And number three, commit never to do it again. And number four, and men and men is in reference to repairing the damage with other individuals so they are sins related to other human beings. If you harmed someone, you need to amend what you have damaged before God may show mercy and forgive you. So this is basically in a nutshell, I hope that I've done well with the time and I intended to make it as short and straight to the point as possible, so that we can give more time actually for questions and answer but thank you so much for your patience and I'll see you I think

00:49:07 --> 00:49:10

after the delicious food

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