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  • A moment to introspect
  • Best Ramadhan of our lives
  • Hope and Fear
  • Greatest Gifts from Allah happen in Ramadhan
  • Practical Steps final reminder
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Allah tala rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu wassalam Allah should have been more discerning signum hamdulillah he was mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam cinematic Morford la who were the cattle in Alhamdulillah all placement Allah subhanaw taala Anisha Allah Allahu Allah will be looking at that man has the art of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada. We glorify Him and we praise Him and we thank him through all conditions and all situations, and we beseech Him for His mercy and His kindness. We send our love and greetings and salutations to our beloved Nabil Mohammed sallallahu sallam, this pious and pure family to his

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companions and all those who follow his son until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless the alma mater, Laura, Sanam Allah grant us to be steadfast in the soul of Nagisa, salam, Allah Spangler blisters Alma remove this calamity, this disease upon us, and Allah subhanaw taala grants all the hate and Baraka and goodness in the month of Ramadan. And when we return to a Lost Planet, Allah in goodness, amin while hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. For those of you who are, wherever you are in the world, you might already have been, you know, experiencing the month of Ramadan. This might be you know, Friday the 24th of April may be the first day of Ramadan for you, you might have been

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fasting today. Mr. Mubarak man Lost Planet Allah bless you and your family. And for those of us here in Cape Town, we are a matter of a few short moments away from the month of Ramadan, and we pray the last panel grant us to reach that month. We don't take it for granted that we might not even get the we get it and we all of us see the full extent of the month and obtain all the full blessings and the mercy of that month of Ramadan. I mean, when hamdulillah weatherable rubber band upon us what is the first to say inshallah today is a short hood burst small lots with both on the right what a small lecture we of course at home, performing the word solar, and just the Friday reminder. And a

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final Ramadan pep talk, if you will, one of the things we need to think about leading into the month of into the month of Ramadan. Not much in terms of, you know, fancy words, or big speeches, all we can do is be a bit of reflective and have a bit of introspection, as we prepare for the month of Ramadan. So just some thoughts from our side in sha Allah and when we hear from many of them, I show that by now looking at what's been happening the last month or two isolation effects of COVID-19 the world coming to a standstill. By now we should really realize this The purpose of this life and the nature of this life. This life is fleeting, this life is ever changing, and it will it will always

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disappear from us. Allah subhanaw taala says that this higher to dunya is a motto it is a deception, it is something that deceives us and it is Allah says another I live on Waldo, that it is just amusement and play. And that for for all of us, we spend so much of our times we look at how our minds have changed how our focus has changed. A few weeks ago, we were planning maybe our holidays planning about buying a new car or you know improving a new house. Those were our focuses today, our focus is pure, purely survival. Well, I have a job in a few weeks time, I'll make it easy for those who are going through financial difficulties. And I'll save these businesses and our economy. We are

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wanting your Allah is my health safe. And if I leave the house panela will I catch this disease, this dounia

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is one that we will never mean to stay here this was done. He was never meant to us, we realized that this is the reality of the Prophet peace be upon him. He says that the example of him and this dunya. And really the example of all of us in this dunya is that our traveler that comes to a shaded spot and he stays in that spot for a few moments. And then he leaves and he moves on again, then we're just in this way, just passing through this world, we're only travelers, that for many of us have had a lot of things that we've been focusing on the things that we've been working so hard and all our energy has been on is of only a passing temporary moment, most of us and the realities, we

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will not achieve those lofty goals and dreams that we want to achieve from a dunya perspective. And even if we are, you know, fortunate enough to get it, we do get that promotion we do get that wonderful house we get to travel the world whatever it might be. It can only be enjoyed for a few years. And ultimately everyone ends up in the cupboard. That is way the story ends for all of us the cupboard as we came in this lunia naked alone owning nothing we're in this dunya with our story, it's the same level we are no matter how wealthy we are, how strong we are, that is the inning of all of our all of our existence here on the dunya and therefore the purpose has never been for us to

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focus on this life rather it was a a testing ground. It was a place for us to prepare for the real life to prepare for that which is eternal. A place where ultimately all roads lead to Allah subhanho wa Taala and in the grand scheme of things in the big picture of things when we will we know we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala and we will be asked about our our insistence on the dunya it only

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Not be, we will not worry about, you know, if we have enough friends in the bank, if we have too many kilos on the scale, how many places and we visited in the world how many calls we have in the garage? The end of the day it comes down to how much did I worship Allah subhanaw taala? How close Am I in terms of my relationship with Allah? how sincere am I? How much does Allah subhanaw taala love me and how you know how many sins I have when I stand before Him. And so in the grand scheme of things, ultimately, it is our bladder that will will carry us on the Day of Judgment. And really similarly as we think about all the hardships in the dunya right now is not a place that that brings

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us happiness filled with its sadnesses and it's and it's why do you need stress, understand that there is another place where once we enter that place, when we feel the breeze of that place on our of our cheeks, and we smell it st when we enter into it, they will be no more sadness, there will be no more loss, there will be no more worries anymore. They will only be perpetual happiness and enjoyment, games and play and pleasure of it when eternal nature, palaces and all that we want and our heart's desire, being close to Allah, that place that place of gender, Allah subhanho wa Taala has opened up here in the month of Ramadan, it is accessible to all of us. And so in the grand

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scheme of things, and I'm alone, this 30 days, these 30 days are enough for us in sha Allah, to fix whatever is broken, to achieve to get closer to Allah to attain the agenda. Ramadan will be the thing on our scales that we need, like if we do it correctly and properly, that Allah subhanho wa Taala it will be a means by which we enter Jannah Mila and Subhan Allah the fact that we are young, as you know many of us are feeling a bit low and down we look at this month of Ramadan in the COVID-19 world and we should realize that Allah has favored us if those of us who who are yet to experience the month of Ramadan to experience this privilege from Allah subhanaw taala the fact that

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we can worship Him, we realize it is a privilege for many you know, we don't mean many of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala we haven't you know fully appreciated it until it is gone. For now. Now we realize how wonderful it was to enter the masjid for Joomla how amazing it was to stand for thoroughly in the masjid. And only when those months are taken only when those opportunities are taken away from us. Do we really appreciate those those blessings and similarly, how many Rama bonds have come and gone and we didn't fully appreciate it. It is usually the custom

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you know when the month of Ramadan begins, and I'm sure many of you do this, family members will come together and they will you know congratulate each other and they will think about this relative who was not here last year we will together we foster together when he started together. He or she is no longer with us they are in the cupboard. We will many times in the masjid we will stand before taraweeh animal so you know with so and so isn't the other chair that we will always be sitting on is now empty. He is now in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed him with another Ramadan. If you and I are alive and we appreciate and we achieve the full month of Ramadan, when Al

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Hamdulillah This is the greatest blessing that Allah subhanaw taala can give us better than any amount of gold and silver. This is the greatest privilege Allah has given me a new another opportunity another chance at getting Jana another chance of getting our sins forgiven. Another opportunity to attain him I mean that he would have have a successful Ramadan is to actually attain Allah subhana wa Taala to be close to him. And so congratulations to all of us Alhamdulillah that has this come to the month of Ramadan for us here we know it's not even Ramadan here, and we can't even take for granted we'll see multipolar, we played on last pangallo that we get there. And with

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the full knowledge that in the you know, the important aspect of our life is that this Ramadan, if we do it correctly, 30 days between you and Jenna, think of it like that, as we said today's GMR is really about getting our mind frame correct. That put it as a single focus in my mind in your mind between me and Jenna between me and that place of eternal happiness, or just these 30 days. I just need to do it quickly for these 30 days and please alone these 30 days and all of those things, all of that all the things in my life will come will be will be good what hamdulillah this Ramadan, undoubtably isn't unique Ramadan it's a different Ramadan, the thermal dawn in isolation and the

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lockdown during the covid 19 pandemic. Many people even today this morning. You know one of them shy has said to me, I just don't feel like like Ramadan. It just doesn't feel right. It feels weird. Many people have expressed the concern How am I going to how am I going to make taraweeh How am I going to do you know the things that made all the things that put me in a bad mood. Those things are gone now I needed those things to to really push myself and now I'm stuck. I'm feeling I feel depressed. I feel sad. That is one way of looking at it that yes monologue.

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was not set the budget disclosed we start was not said that we were not going to be standing together in Norway. Now last Pandora Forgive us, you know, he called us five times a day. Hey Allah, Salah come to the masjid. And

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we didn't answer them what I've been how many, how many of us are then after that came and went and we never answered the call of the manager. And now that the call is not being there must be disclosed or not, or the message is not allowing us to enter the magic, our hearts so easy that how sad is it for us. And perhaps it's also an opportunity to appreciate that which is which was lost. So then when it comes back and repeat comes back soon, we will take it with full hands and full opportunity. But while we feel sad to remember, and the belief is always, you know, this is the mindset of the believer, he always has hope. He always tries to look for a silver lining, and try to

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make the most of his situation that this could be spot on long as many people have said we look at this, look at the good side of this situation. This could be a gift from luck. It could be this one unique Ramadan. For all of us, no matter how old you are, you've never had the Ramadan Megabus. And we never know that being the loudest this the virus will be cured very soon. Next Ramadan, if we were so fortunate to have another one after this, we back to normal things will be as it was, and will never experience another Ramadan like this. So this would be a very, very unique Ramadan in our life. And it might be a gift from Allah, that he has allowed us to worship Him in a very personal

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manner, we now come to him in our own homes, one on one, no mom, no congregation, it's just you and Allah, you and your deeds, you and me, you know, each and every one of us just submitting to Allah in a very, very personal, a very, you know, simple, simple way in sha Allah, and this might be a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. And you know, the promise of sentences, the person was hope, and he thinks well of Allah. And that in itself is an act of worship. So let us tell ourselves that this was a gift from Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala wanted us to connect to him in this personal manner. And so this Ramadan, the timing of this virus, the timing of the lockdown, it was meant for us in

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the law, to draw to unlock closer in a unique way which we could never have achieved in the normal in the normal situation. And so as we enter the month of Ramadan for us, our mindset should always be one of hope and fear, hope for the best, but fear for the worst and prepare accordingly. We feel Ya Allah so we begin with the fear because when in the for the hope, we fear that the last panel data, is this, what we see of the world shutting down? Is this a consequence of our sins? Is this the encoding of your punishment of your F your anger, Allah says in Surah, and why the law asks the people why when the punishment came upon them when a group of people were punished and so on, who

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cannot? Who can say if this is not a punishment, seeing people buying, seeing businesses, collapsing world economies coming to a halt? How can we, you know, deny that this is not some kind of adapt? How, why when Allah says when we saw this punishment, did we not humble ourselves, they did not return to Allah. And if we don't allow ourselves Allah says in that moment, but their hearts became hard and as shaitan made it seem that the deeds were easy were attractive to them, which they were doing but if we do not wake up in with these kinds of reminders, this is a huge reminder, if this is not enough to shock the system, when what will shock the system. So if this is from a Wi Fi area,

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Allah This is your anger, this is the consequences of our of our sinful actions, then there is no greater time to extinguish that anger of Allah in this month of Ramadan, there is no greater time with the mercy of Allah is widespread, with a dose of janome are closed, we Allah subhanho wa Taala His forgiveness comes down like rain, think about Ramadan, like this rain that this this this, this cloud that

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flies over us any Chow was reigns of mercy of blessings. And if you want to achieve all that mercy and forgiveness, all we have to do is extend our hands and and it washes away all our sins, and I was thanks. So this is the opportunity that they are Allah we fear that we have angered you, we feel that we have been distant from you. We feel that we lived a life that you were not happy with. But this is the time for us to return to Allah subhanaw taala. We feel a lot that we squander this blessing that how many Ramadan's do we have left in us panela. This could be our last one, and yet allow many we know we've experienced so many of them. And we haven't achieved the full benefits we

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feel yet Allah that we will squander this, this opportunity that you have given us, but you don't be so granted the ability to achieve the full benefits of it. And then of course Subhanallah at the same time, we have hope in Allah subhanaw taala and the thing that gives us the best hope is to remember that Allah deeply genuinely desires for us good. He wants for us to pass this exam of life. Life is not easy to plan a lot. And a lot is us and sometimes we struggle with the teeth of Allah and we forget Allah but ultimately allow what's good for us. Allah wants us to to get to him and to succeed and get

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Agenda he wants every one of us to enter. Gentlemen the prophets of Salaam systra. Buddha, Allah Almighty sees himself. Allah says, Whatever comes with a good deed waiver does one good deed no matter how big or small, we will have, the person will have the reward of 10 times that length of it, or even more, if you give one ran in charity, the minimum Allah will give you in return is the reward 10 times more and even more meaning even the simplest of needs Allah subhanaw taala can reward you infinitely, you could do one small d there was a hadith of as a hobby, who just went out of his way to remove something from the road. And because of that, Allah loved it so much, that

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person got genital, even he got gender for that. So Allah can rewarding one deed that interview intergender Allah continues, whatever comes with an evil deed, we will come to the sun, Allah will only repay you the like of at one deed, you will only if he does, if he does hold you accountable, it will only be equal to that one deed or he will be forgiven or Allah subhanaw taala will even take it away, he will completely expand you. Wherever those close to me, Allah says, by the length of a hand, I will come close to him the length of an arm, whatever comes close to me the length of an arm, I will come close to him the length of a cube and even more than that, whatever comes to Allah

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walking, Allah will come to him running and whatever meets Allah with sins following the dunya. But he is sincere, he has not worship anyone besides Allah, then Allah will come to him with a world filled with forgiveness. This is your this is Allah subhana wa tada every test every opportunity, it is meant to draw closer to Him, that if we are far away, and we have maybe forgotten him, Allah is not forgotten us, that Allah subhana wa Taala wants us to come back to him. And we will take every opportunity while we were still alive, to grant us the ability to enter the general for those I mean, this is the month for us to reconnect to Allah, it is the month also that whatever we need,

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and whatever we desire of this dunya of the akhira is there for us. You know, when we look at the verses of fasting and many of you by now you've heard the verse of fasting, what is strange is in the middle of the verse of fasting, this is one I have it does not fit. Allah speaks about CRM and how to force when to force Linda right in the middle of those verses resist either just does not fit with it, what is it? What is the purpose of this idea? That is that is very famous, I will either say like a birdie and knee for inequality that when my servant asks you about me say to them I am near would you would rather die than that? I answer they do as when they call out to me. So that the

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the idea of Allah's closeness is put inside the verse of Ramadan saying that this is the opportunity to get close to Allah and it's also that Allah subhana wa tada answers every door. So whatever we need, what he was saying, We want forgiven, whatever desire of goodness we want. This is the month where Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving it out free of charge to ever once and this is the opportunity to make dua Allah to save us from this virus to save us. We have so many ways now our health, our parents, our jobs, this is the month we all we can do now is to make dua that is the only weapon we have, and no better time to make dua in this in this month of Ramadan. Ramadan is

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that month, where Allah gives out his greatest of gifts. It was in this month that he revealed the greatest blessing of the Quran. It was in this manner with the Prophet Allah subhanaw taala appointed Nabina Muhammad Salam as as a messenger, this was the man the way he chose those things to happen. If you look at the history of Islam, the greatest of victories, the conquest of Makkah, the victory of the Battle of either the conquest of Spain, Salahuddin defeating the Crusaders at Jerusalem, all of these things happen in the month of Ramadan. This is where Allah subhana wa tada gives like, he never ever gives up in the dunya I mean, it's panela in the market or the giving is

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even more. So whatever we need, this is the month so we have full hope Yeah, Allah, The opportunity is great. The opportunity to really achieve everything is is is at hand only 30 days between us and that success. So we think this, this emotion and the zeal and we take it and return it to a practical step. So final final bit of reminder for you and for me as we enter the month of Ramadan, we just start the month of Ramadan. First thing is to get our near sincere and to have a clear focus that this insha Allah Allah will be the best Ramadan we tell ourselves that yeah Allah This will be our best Ramadan that like no other Ramadan before we will excel and we will do more. And in the

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idea is there a lot let us attain taqwa our relationship with you. May we guarantee our place in general with every single person. Yeah, Allah. When we leave this month of Ramadan, may our place in Germany be secured my our sins be forgiven. This is our idea as we begin the month of Ramadan. We will approach this evening as if though this is our last Ramadan. We don't know how long and again

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realize that there is a pandemic outside who knows who will get this disease and who knows what will survive from this disease. Who knows if we will live another year things are so you know shaky take this this is the loss or Milan of your life I need to know myself I speak to myself. Firstly, this is the last Ramadan of my life I have 30 days Allah has given me one more shot to one last chance Allah you've given me one last opportunity. If I do this well I can get Jenna. So let us do this to the best of our ability. So work hard from day one, be consistent every single evening donate a night go by that we do not spend some time of in kilo of Quran and standing in Sala and making dua

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and making Vicar of Allah asking Him for His forgiveness. Every night's an opportunity the loss of 100 Allah selects people that will mean for Jan them and who knows moment maybe our names on that list that Allah forgives that amnesty is given given out to people, let us not be of those that missed out that we don't get our sins expanded. So work hard every single every single day in this in the month of Ramadan. have a clear plan of action. When are you going to do what's let you you know, do all the bother during the day. Now is the time to leave behind our sons and our distractions. We've spent maybe a few weeks now binge watching things on TV, those things can go you

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know on pause at least for 30 days now, all our focus every free time must be on Allah subhanaw taala if as we enter the month of Ramadan, we know of the things that stops us from getting his forgiveness is if we have family members or people we've heard before the month begins before Shabbat ends, pick up that phone and apologize and be the bigger person for the sake of Allah. Be the bigger person you know that? Yeah, Allah I want your blessing and mercy and forgiveness. So I will forgive, sit right those mistakes into this month clean on a good good footing. And then of course remember, it's not just about yourself and myself. Rather, even though we are we are social

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distancing. This is the month within abyssal Salam was more charitable and more generous. We cannot worship Allah. Only by focusing on ourselves. We cannot worship Allah, you know, comfortable in our homes and our neighbors, our colleagues, our family members are starving and are struggling. This is the time to share. Remember, whatever you have in your bank account, it will be taken from you the day you die. So now is the opportunity to share as much as you can with those less fortunate Allah subhanaw taala, in a way has blessed us that he created a crisis so that we can attain our agenda by supporting each other. So be generous. Mate, let us get through this hardship together. We worship

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Allah through being good people and she and I spend a lot just, every time we feel a bit lazy, every time we feel a bit tired, we feel we don't want to make Salah we want to just restore, we want to do some kind of some, we want to return to a habit we shouldn't be doing remember it's only 30 days 30 days between you in general through those 30 days between eternal happiness eternal joy for 30 days to get to that that Peace and mercy from Allah just these 30 days in dilemma Allah grant us the ability to really really push ourselves this month of Ramadan I end up with a with a message from myself in the committee of Muslim grand Islam and but just imagine the entire organization

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the highlight for us has always been you know, you joining Ramadan with us. In fact most months, most of them are bonds I wouldn't even come home I would just you know break my father in the masjid and many of the committee members would be there they would assist many of the community members would be their handler one of the benefits is I'll actually be spending the month with the with the family

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but we will sorely missed being in the masjid and not being together not being able to perform a thorough work together and so all we can do is we can pray for you and your family all the best over this month of Ramadan

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This is a test for each and every one of us do a challenge early you know the Ramadan challenge how much we can do I pray that all of us passes with flying colors that on the day of even though you know we won't see it but my that that you know when that list comes out will pass and fail to make all of us have passed the month of Ramadan We miss you physically but you we can of course keep we keep you in our doors and please keep us in your doors and of course you can always stay connected with us and be part of the good that we do. Our social welfare team in particular the very busy light of the COVID-19 every day they feed people now more than ever so you know let your your your

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your money as well earn your agenda support the cup of soup program and our social welfare team. I will inshallah Allah allows me to do so I'll continue to share my lectures what would have been my our Ramadan, but always lecture will continue to share it. So the idea is at the end of your market appeal you break your fast you make your market Uppsala, you spend some time with your family, what Avishai comes in you perform Isha and then you try to make a week as we said, whether you're reciting from the Quran, whether you just reciting the verses, you know spinning

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hour an hour and a half as you would have in the masjid spend that time on the masala and then inshallah in the evening we'll share a lecture, the lecture series didn't this month it will be the heart of the Quran, which is Surah Yaseen will give the Tafseer of that surah many of us will be reciting surah Yaseen, and this is the sort of as many of us know or comfortable with many people will be reciting this during fallaway they'll be good for the first time to fully understand it, we'll do our best inshallah we still want to have as a customer, Ronald Islam, having our quizzes will continue to do that. And so we keep will make the best of the situation. So we keep you in our

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doors and we hope for the best for you keep us in yours, and my inshallah we see each other soon be vanilla. I have a blister the Ramadan and all the heat and Baraka likes it from you from us. I mean, there's like a heat it was so alive and then what's selling well, from Nairobi land, I mean, I said I want a comberford library.