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Essence Of Islam Episode 6 – Tawasul and intercession Part 3

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Out of the learning regime smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen said Mohammed. He was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala the creator and sustainer I should have a la ilaha illa LA I be witness that none has the rights of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us to grant us His mercy and His kindness to accept from us this walk of Juma all the good that we do during this time may be accepted by Allah. May Allah forgive us for the sins of last week and guide us the next week with a light from Zuma. And we see now greetings and salutations our love to our beloved Nabil Mohammed Salah they will send them to his perfect and pure family to his companions and to all those upon his a form his own mother follow his Sunnah until the end of time

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and will be amongst them amin Al Hamdulillah Alhamdulillah we continue our series, the series of the heat, and this is part seven in the series that we've been discussing with regards to Joe Hayden. And we said of course, that the most important aspect of the deen is the heat that it is the basis on which people will go to general Jana, everything else Allah subhanho wa Taala can forgive but with regards to hate, Allah does not compromise our does not forgive if any bit of their aid any act of worship is given to someone other than Him. And we see clearly that the purpose of the Quran the message of the Quran, and the reason why every NaVi was synced was for what to call the people and

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yeah, Buddha law, worship Allah alone, make sure that your worship is correct. And we said the series is for every single person to evaluate, is my worship, correct? Am I worshipping Allah in a manner which he preached in a manner which he is pleased with? Because he was not pleased with my worship, it could be shipped and is the one thing Allah does not forgive. We spoke about the importance of the heat and the dangers of Schick and we spoke about schilke that is commonly practiced and sometimes ignored by many Muslims. When we think of shear many people imagine schilke is just bowing to a statue that he should, or going and worshiping Jesus that issue types of ship,

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but they are the types of ship more that we are more exposed to that might we even fall into what he had to be luck. We spoke about superstition, and the belief in omens and false prophecies, we spoke about weighing that these are azima attachments for prediction. And this is from the Hadith refers to this is a way and it's a way of falling into Sheik ascribing power to certain objects or places of having been bad luck with certain date certain month being bad luck. This is a form a means of ship, and the means by which people fall into, into shape. We spoke about the extreme veneration of the graves of earlier and of pious people to make the graves a place of worship, which goes against

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the idea for the prophecies do not take my grave as a masala image in a place of ascribing divinity to the cemetery or to the graves, believing that the grave is a source of prediction that kickdown is predicted because of the earlier this is not correct. This is those allies the only one that predicts we should shoot is what when you give that which belongs to Allah to someone else, only Allah is the one that predicts not a string, not beads, not graves, not sand. These things or partners you're making with a loss protection, asking the date directly for assistance and help that they have the power to heal and to forgive. We see this is major shift.

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And we have to pause here with regards to the graves of Olia. Some people have asked me Are we saying that we shouldn't visit the gates of the Olia. We shouldn't visit graves at all. We should remove him not at all. Visiting the graves is part of our ibadah it's worship maybe so seldom see worship, visit the graves. A few weeks before he passed away in a solo seldom visited the Shahada at the Battle of a herd and he visited the cemetery at Bucky making dua for him. We said we make dua for the dead and not to the dead. We don't ask the dead for anything and

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the graves of a pious Olia without a doubt, these are places that must be respected and must be maintained and must be you know, it's part of our culture and our history. And we should know how Islam got here and we follow the example but we don't worship them. And I'm the best example is the difference between us and the Masada with regards to the ISA. We love him. We follow him. we revere him and his mother, but we don't worship Him. And we don't believe that the apostles Allah subhanaw taala the difference and this is must not be confused. It doesn't mean that if you don't worship

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The earlier that you don't respect them, we don't love them. Rather you are showing that this is the message and the teachings that worship belongs to Allah alone. And we said that the cemetery should not be a place of worship. The graveyard is not a place for Vicar. The messenger is a place of salah and the home. We spoke last week about tawassul, asking a dead person to ask for us. And we see the difference between the two. If you ask the person directly to forgive you, if you want to grease the ship.

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But what about asking a person to ask a lot on my behalf? And we spoke at length last week about how this goes against the teachings of the prophet SAW Selim when he said once you die on us, you cannot make any further draw. Once you are in the grave. You cannot make the art for yourself. We know this once you die. Once I die once you die, you can no longer make a vida for yourself. How is it then that you make dua for others living?

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And we said that shield began through the veneration of pious sinks and looking to get closer to them. Remember, Abu Jamal Abu lahab believes in Allah but the idols they say these things are intercessors pseudotumor would actually for our na, our intercessors they asked a lot on our behalf and we only take them to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala and this worship, so we spoke about these things. Today inshallah we'll talk about shefa shefa, which is intercession. Another area which people get confused about shefa is an area which people get confused about. Shiva means to heal. We're not talking about Shiva. Shiva means to heal. Chef arise indecision. indecision means

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someone comes up and mediates on your behalf. So you've done something wrong, and someone comes and he stands in your favor, to be a witness or to be a supporter. Maybe if you give an example in the dunya you know you've done something wrong. Your boss is angry with you. So someone comes and speaks on your behalf to mitigate the anger to mitigate the judge his anger his penalty. So this school shefa and people have made shafa incorrectly they say and we know that because the prophets also lamb will intercede on behalf of his oma we know this and I will talk about the intersection of the provinces element link today inshallah, that because he Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has

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the right of intercession with a for ask him to intercede. We see our rasulillah intercede for me on piano yo rasulillah I big up to intercede This is incorrect. Because we have now and you will see we are given something which belongs to a lot of the lobby so seldom, the profits are seldom will intercede, but the right to allow intercession belongs to Allah.

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Allah is Mandela Yeshua in the lobby who can intercede Alice's nitrile courtesy except with my permission. So only Allah has the right to grant the permission of intercession and therefore only Allah can be asked for intercession to be done on you.

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Okay, so let's talk about this issue of shefa in detail.

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As I said, shefa means to mediate for someone else to gain some benefit, or would have some harm. And shefa can be two types shefa in the dunya, and shefa. The Acura naturally, our discussion is here about the author. But let's talk a bit about the dounia you need something you are in trouble or you need something so you have a connection, as they say, you have someone who can make it easy for you. Can you use this? Can you take the shortcut? Can you take someone to intercede on your behalf? It's permissible so long as the thing that you're doing is wrong, or is not usurping the rights of someone else? always like cheating.

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So for example, if you have this accused, and you know, the guy in front is how long for you to jump the queue? for no reason. What about all the people behind you? You can't take that kind of indecision or that intermediate intermediate in a nutshell, but this is like cheating and the provinces man harsh nfls Amina is a cheaters is not for me. You know the guy who you know is in charge of in the bank. He can't change the numbers in your favorites haraam. And then a good example of this kind of mediation which has had on wasn't the time of NaVi salado sell them in a well known had either sama, sama, sama the son of z, the adopted son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Osama

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who was called hibben nabee the Beloved of NaVi Mohammed Salim, Osama one of the last people's people to be alive or to see the Prophet alive. And Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about him. I you know, he tells the Sahaba a month a week or so before a month or so before he passes away. It tells us Sahaba you know that I that Zaid was very dear to me and was

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sama is suddenly very dear to me. These are the most beloved people to me. So sama everyone knew he had a special place in his heart the province of Fukushima.

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So a lady stole. She's a rich, wealthy, prominent, influential lady she stole and the quarter so the penalty is high and must be removed. This is the penalty of the Sharia. This is how can we cut off the hand of this she's allowed to do lady she's a big lady in the community we can't do this. Ask Osama to speak to that Ibiza salam to relax the law so the onto sama to make shefa i a mixture for our for her. And also sign alive because Osama is beloved to the Nabina VSAN felt a soft spot for sama. sama came and spoke to the NaVi salsa lamp on behalf of this lady jasola. You know, don't practice the law on her but break the laws for her because she's a special lady. And a visa cinema

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happened became so upset that the vein that he would have here on his forehead would throw up and he would he became very upset with Osama and he says yo sama? Do you know that the people before us they were destroyed because of something like this, when the rich and the famous and the powerful, committed sin in the government did not punish them. But when the lay man on the street, he committed a sin, then the law was strict on them, then they would punish them according to the law. So a law he even if Fatima the daughter of Muhammad had to steal, I would remove a hand that the law is no favorites in this religion. The law is applied equally to rich and poor, to the to the to the

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Sahaba and the big Sahaba and the small Sahaba. Even the family of the prophet SAW Selim is bound by the law. So this kind of indecision is haram. You cannot intercede in something which is haram. But if it's something permissible, no problem, someone can help another brother out, no problem Alhamdulillah in the dunya. But our discussion in terms of the heat is with regards to the intercession of the archelon

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meaning, who's going to stand up for you on piano, against against Allah but in front of Allah on your behalf.

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All of us, except the very special few will be will have to stand before Allah and have to answer for our deeds. And we'll be in a courtroom, like the courtroom, we are good and our bad will be shown to us at that moment in time.

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Before After Allah sentences us for our deeds, Allah will permit others to intercede on our behalf. shafa is part of our belief. And this this discuss this, the intercession of the Sahara are many there are many, there are many stages of intercession. But we can broadly split into session into two categories I'm talking in Afro. So if you think about as an indecision, two types, dunya and akhira, then the era is further split into two types. The grand Obi mahkamah Mahmoud, the special intercession of the prophets of Salaam and the general intercession on piano. So let's talk about a common bad mood or the grand intercession of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam the great intercession in

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the long Hadees that we know that when kiama occurs, many people will be resurrected out of this out of the grave, all of insanity is addicted. This period between resurrection and judgment is a long period. And it's the most difficult period on piano. The only punishment at that time we will be the son growth low and people will stand like this. For Allah alone knows how many last but how long this will be to such an extent that the people will become agitated and frustrated. And they will be in such desperation that they will ask the MBR to ask a lot to begin kiama they want the judgment to start that

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way I mean us, Allah protect us, us. Right, we will all be the and this is the point when the NBR themselves will say we are too scared. You haven't seen a lot like this. We know the long Hadees they will go to Nevada and say Adam Elisa Salaam, your father, Allah created you with his hands, you have a special place with Allah speak to a lot. And maybe Adam will say I committed the sin I ate from the tree. And I have never seen my Rob as angry as he is today. I've never seen a line of state like that. Now I've seen I've seen myself myself. I can't think of you my children. I only concerned about myself, but go to you. And the people want to know you know and ask him that. Yeah, new Allah

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salatu salam, you are the very first messenger Singh to sign up the first Prophet, but the first messenger Synced by Allah. Obviously you have a high place with Allah speak to Allah and let me know I will say that I had one special day. Allah gave me a special deal out to us. What do I do with it? I destroyed my people with a dog. I'm a dog ah by people, and you'll feel I can't stand before la FC FC. Go to Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam and Ebrahim. Your Halima

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law you are the beloved friend of a law. You are you have a special place with a law Abraham, will you speak to Allah and the people around him will say I have never seen my Rob as angry as he is today. And I told three lies in my life and a lie. They're not lies, but they were half truths. When they asked him who broke the idols. So he said as the big one, when they asked him come and worship with us, he said, me suck him, I'm sick. I don't want to worship with you. And when the king asked about before he was going to execute him, Who is this lady, meaning his wife. He said, it's my sister, not my wife. So he said those three lies I'm too scared to stand before Allah with those

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three lies. Now I've seen I've seen go to NaVi Moosa. That'd be Muslim, say go to NaVi Isa, maybe Isa will say go to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we all know this hadith. And then prophets all Salaam told us that every NaVi has this special law, who use it against these people. Nabhi moose Nabi Sulaiman used to control basically the gene and the wind and all that that was his daughter. So the Sahaba osnovy Sal sallam, what is your dua that you've been given? Every NaVi is a special draw a draw that won't be rejected? What is your draw? So the prophet SAW Selim says, I have not used it yet. I'm keeping it for qiyamah at this point in time, when the people will be so it not only the

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Muslims but all of humanity will be in the worst of desperation. They will go to the prophets of Salaam and say you speak to Allah. And we never saw Salaam will go to the Muhammad Muhammad which we make do after that on the Mohammed Rashid

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and grant him insignia Allah grant and Avi SOS lm, the maqam al Mahmoud, the position of praise. So there's a place under the throne of Allah COVID mahkamah Mahmoud, a place where no one can come without permission.

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Now visa Salama thankies do our and he will then go to that place the Macau Mahmoud, Allah will permit him to come there. And now visas will fall in sujood. And you'll begin to praise Allah and worship Allah for how long Allah Allah knows. And Allah will teach you the Prophet sallahu wa sallam names and do hours and vicars that he never knew before special kind of car that he will make while he's in sujood. And then Allah will say, yeah, Mohammed, raise your head and ask, I will give you what you want the intercede. I will accept your intercession. I give you permission to intercede now, and maybe so someone will say, merci my mama, mama. Every other NaVi said no, I've seen I've

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seen myself myself. prophets instances my mama Maya Allah make it easy for my mama. So then Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept the intercession of Nobita Salaam. And what is the result of this indecision? Number one, it will begin the questioning, meaning this standing for Allah, Allah knows how long under the sun being, you know, with the sun low upon our heads, Allah protect us this standing of madness, Allah will then begin kiama This is the first thing before us. And this will benefit everyone and some scholars have even said this point is even worse than Jana. Some scholars have even said, and then Allah will begin piano. Also the prophets of Salaam, obvious indecisions is

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that he will intercede and ask the agenda be open, so generous doors are closed, and no one can enter agenda before the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So he will make a special lagenda be opened and made some of my alma go to Agenda without being Christian, and the profitable except that 70,000 of his oma will intergender before questioning. And this is very special for you and we only know of one man in that group being Akasha, the Sahaba of the Alon ukash Sahabi he's in that 70,000 we don't know of anybody else besides Akasha but all the Alon agenda will be opened and the people of gentlemen will be allowed to enter it. There will be some people who are 5050 now visa, some says,

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My my intercession will especially basically help the people with major sins. And to understand this concept of loss is each in touch Danny boo Kava,

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Kava Martin, who is me if you avoid the major sins, that Allah will forgive you minuses if you come to Allah on kiama with only minuses a little wipe them away and entombed agenda directly, no Jana, but as for those who come to Allah with major sins, and you didn't make Toba in the dunya and Allah didn't forgive you in the dunya. Now you at the discretion of Allah, he can either forgive them and say go to jail, I forgive you. Or Allah can assign a penalty for the murder. You did the Zina, you did the Hummer, you drank the drugs you took X amount of punishment in Jana, the Salah you missed X amount of punishment in Jana Nabisco, to seed for these people. And some of them they will have a

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penalty of Jannah then Allah will accept the intercession and enter them into Jenna. Not all of them. Some of them some will be sent to Jana but Allah through the intercession of the prophets, Allah is Allah

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will shorten that penalty. It's even with a hadith that says even the kuffaar will benefit in janam Abu Talib, the uncle of the prophets of Salaam is penalty in Ghana will be made easier through the intercession of NaVi salatu salam, and some people who will go to Johanna for very long. Now visa will continue to intercede on baby off until Allah removes all of them from jahannam. A nice long Hadith. In Bukhari, you find it this is the summarized spot, the prophets of Salaam will come to Allah back and forth at least four times for the people of janam. Well, lol will say, fine young man, I accept your decision. Look to those in jahannam, who have the weight of a grain, a seed of a

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man in the heart, take them out. And then Allah will say, look for those who have half a grain look for those who have a mustard seed. Look for those who have an atom's weight of a man who did no good deeds, but the only thing they didn't do look at this, that Allah subhanaw taala will take them out one by one through the intercession of the prophets of Salaam. And at the end Allah will say,

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Allah will say, oh Lord nevison will ask Allah give me permission to bring out of john all those who said La ilaha illa Allah and Allah will say, by my might, and My majesty and my supremecy and my greatness, I will certainly bring out of jahannam all those who said La ilaha illa Allah. Again, look at the importance of tawheed those who did not come a chick, no matter what sin they did, eventually Allah will forgive them and take them out, so long as they have that Allah Illallah that they worship none besides Allah, don't put this issue of worship at the risk. Don't make a

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go into litski vida doubtful ibadah Some scholars say it's permissible. Don't put yourself in that as everyone who worships Allah correctly will exit Jana, everyone from this hadith in behati.

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I told the group of students over the weekend Alhamdulillah in South Africa we have a good thing that we try this in general food, we don't want to have doubtful food stick without food. We don't have contaminated food. don't contaminate your ibadah don't take the risk that this thing might be shared. It might be better i'd avoid those things and ask Allah directly because this hadith once again show is Allah says everyone who said La ilaha illa Allah and did not corrupted which ship will exit Jana. So this is the intersection of the prophets of Salaam. The special intercession we only one man will be given that meaning Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, then there are others who will

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be granted intercession and this is quite interesting, something we might not know something new, you might learn, they will be general imposition on kiama. Allah will allow some to intercede that is not going to be so Salaam, Allah will allow others to speak up. So this man will stand before Allah. And Allah will judge this man and then also know who's going to intercede on this man stepped forward anyone who wants to defend this man. So Allah says welcome in mannequin semi wotty that took me that took Nisha to Lucia Lombardi.

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And Allah says, and there are many countless angels in the summer, whose intercession will avail nothing except of all of the Allah has given permission for when he rolls and he is pleased with meaning the angels are making cefa on us, the angels are interceding Yeah, Allah forgive them, forgive them, forgive them. And for some people, Allah will say, I will accept you to intercede on behalf of this man, but that's what that men don't need to see for you. I reject that indecision.

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I said, the permission of intercession is with Allah. So Allah can say, go ahead, intercede. All I can say no intercession for this person. So the angels will intercede and we no special kind of people have the reward of the reward of the good deeds they did. Allah will grant them the right of intercession, the martyrs will be able to intercede on behalf of the families, the half of the Quran. 10 people of his family is a Hadeeth.

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Premium children who die before they are more colophons of the most difficult things for parents to go through. When a child passes away. When a child passes away before they will cut it off. Obviously, those children are in Jenna, but they will come before a law and they will cling on to the parents and besieging a lot dragging the parents and not letting go until Allah allows the child to take those parents to Jenna. So anyone who's lost the child, one of the in fact one of the tabea in winter Sahabi and said I've lost two sons Don't you know ahaadeeth which will suffer this loss. So he gave him this hadith that your children will come on piano and they will drag you to Jannah so

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this is one of the people went out to intercede. We know that your Salah your fasting and your Quran will intercede your good deeds will come and intercede on your behalf

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and even with the Muslim as we say the normal Muslim will have the right to intercede Look at this beautiful Hadith

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The prophet SAW Selim says, There is no slave who dies and 40 min 40 people who do not commit initiative again this concept of shilka showed so important, he does not 40 so this man dies and 40 people who have not committed to chick make janaza salah and him, Allah will allow these 40 people to intercede for him on piano, to either listen his punishment or to take him out an intimate agenda. That's why the first scholars say the first people the first judgment you will get is on the dounia when we die, the first people to judge other people of the dunya before the arbiter, your judge before piano, depending on your Genesis, Allah how you treated the people. And if you were a

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good person in sha Allah, you see that massive janazah people only have good things to say for you. It's already a good indication of what's to come, that when a person has a big janazah, with good people standing behind him, making Salah for him making, asking Allah to Allah for him. It's a good indication of his place in general in sha Allah, therefore the scholars say, choose your friends in mind as to who will stand behind me when I die.

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Ask yourself what kind of person do I want to have generis, Allah made me I want that meant to make Genesis Allah for me, the man who false will give charity I want you to be at my janazah be his friend. I don't want that meant to be at my janazah for XYZ Don't be his friend. Also in every salatu salam says,

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By Allah, by the one in whose hand my soul is meaning by Allah, none of you can be more insistent in asking Allah to restore his rights against his opponent than the believers will ask a lot on the Day of Resurrection for the brothers who are in the fire now because this is the people who will argue with Allah the Most on piano who will argue with Allah the Most meaning the believers on account of the brothers and they will say I will load we fasted and they fast I step man in Jana, I know him used to fast with me, and we perform Hajj together, maybe the group you went with Hajj to give at Allah you rewarding me for Hajj, but that brother also went on Hajj and he will plead on behalf of

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the brother on karma and Allah and the responses. No one will earth will be more persistent in this kind of men. And it will be a level say to this man. So bring out those whom you recognize from john, I'm looking john, do you see anyone that you know was a good person taking him out of jahannam take them out of them and it is forbidden for them to be to burn them. So they will bring out many people and look at the most beautiful thing and Allah will say so what is the conclusion of intercession? prophet has interceded. The angels of interceded your good deeds of interceded the martyrs and the father of interceded, your children have interceded. Now your friends in the dunya

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have interceded after all of that intercession, not alone will save the angels of interceded and the profits of interseeded. And the believers of interseeded, there is nothing left to intercede, except the Most Merciful of those who show mercy meaning it's my turn now. Then he Allah will seize a handful from the fire and bring the fourth from its people who have never did anything good. I'll take out people so bad, they did every sin did nothing of good deeds, or they didn't come and shake and Allah will take them out of Jannah. And then when that happens, and janome is closed, where you have to be loved, Allah protect us closed forever. No one is getting out of debt and Allah protect

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us. So this is the idea of intercession on piano. And to summarize this, as I said, you have two types, the intercession of the dunya the indecision in the euro. In the afternoon, you will have the great intercession of the prophets of Salaam and then you'll have the general intercession of anyone else have those who are law permits? How do we obtain indecision? Now, this is the real crux of our talk. How do I get the prophet to intercede for me? How do I get the angels to intercede for me? How do I get the profile and the Shahada? Firstly, via shahidul behalf right then you say right, obviously that's that surprise number one, but you get intercession not about asking the intercessor

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not asking God to intercede for me not asking the man in the copper UI hospital Quran put me on your list of 10 people not asking the Prophet jasola intercede for me. We know how to get the profits in decision is that you are off to the oven. And look at this. If you look at this to our Who are we asking? Are we asking the visa Salam O Allah you say Ola, humara bajada de Otama Ola load of this whole meaning that the rock of this and so we are asking you yeah Allah asked me

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and the Lord of the established Allah meaning the lord of Allah, Allah Allah, the one to whom Iran and Salah belongs to who doesn't belong to Allah alone, Allah we ask you to Mohammed Allah you give permission to Mohammed Salim give him the MCO Allah. Allah wa salatu wa for the law we asked him two things. Yeah, Allah give Mohammed says Allah, wa sila and for the ILA and the MA Kami Mahmoud Isla de vida and grantee

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Position of Mahmud matcom So what are these two things? We'll see you on for the lineup to ladies right? What sila and for Lila

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so you asked me Allah, Lord of Salah, Lord of the earth and given a visa salam wa sila and for Lila and granting the Mahmoud Allah the water the place of intercession, we spoke about the Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud, we spoke about this issue. As for vasila. And for the law, this is the highest level of your dose, maybe substances in January a levels the number one level is fear those that level and that hadn't been mentioned a few weeks ago, that Allah says there are four things I created with my hand the pin the arsh item and as fulfill those Allah planted the trees and fuel those were these own hands in a manner which be footsies majesty, meaning Allah Himself interior

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decorated the agenda and the highest place of fear those is what Sealand for the law like the the the the as we say the Clifton of the bishop scores of those is what Sealand for Lila and nevison says, Only one man will get V and I hope it will be me. So make dua that Allah Kitzmiller v. So part of nevison getting the even what Allah's mercy and he's great he was Professor Salah, what also helps him is that you are of me and you to give him the final look at this. But we are making the ayah Allah putting Hamas a solemn day and then let him intercede for us on pm beautiful that Nevis and we know inshallah, if anyone deserves it, it will be him. And we believe we said that even

00:31:31--> 00:31:53

though we won't get the will get to visit that place on Joomla when all the people of Jenna will go to this place under the arch of Allah and Allah will show himself to the people of Jenna. So to conclude our concluding remarks on this lecture in terms of shafa we believe in shafa and categorically proven per the Quran and the Sunnah, we believe that there are those who can intercede with Allah. But

00:31:54--> 00:32:36

intercession will not save the people of shirak. Even the people of Shem even visa Salam will not save Abu Talib. because of the sheer again shows you No one can speak to Allah with regards to the machine. We don't we can't make draw for them once they die, stay away from it just shows you again and again. The dangers of shirk, and none can intercede except a loss permission of the rights of a law is he can give intercession only to those who may once and you can only get into session by asking ALLAH and not the intercessor very important. We ask Allah Allah give me to be included in the intercession of the prophets of the angel of the angels of the pious people that may be included

00:32:36--> 00:32:39

the Allah only you can put my name on that list. And

00:32:40--> 00:33:21

to grant intercession belongs to Allah alone and to ask someone other than Allah for intercession is an act of sheer luck. So avoid it in sha Allah and seek to the sooner by making your dua after the event, and don't even miss out to do after we are done. Because you don't want to be left out when the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and pm is just a few announcements. We continue with our CLR it's about just before seven o'clock about quarter to sixth quarter to seven until Uppsala on Tuesday evenings. And then we have a wonderful course coming up starting the the seventh of March. So Tuesday evenings from off the mothership on Tuesday evening. So we have our Sierra

00:33:21--> 00:33:58

class before Maverick and after Maverick we have a class closer than a garment. It's with regards to the marriage course. April is coming up a lot of public holidays, a lot of weddings coming up. People have asked Can you give us a marriage crash course we don't intend to crash by that course. But insha Allah, it's open to both many people and people who would like to get married, thinking, you know, how do you select a spouse? How did the Prophet live as a medic as a married man? What are the laws, the rights of the wife, the rights of the husband? What do we do when there's conflict? What about intimacy as a jurisdiction, you're in sha Allah, but all welcome. And it will be held at

00:33:58--> 00:34:36

our mostly school at the bronze house nursery school, just around the corner. And that box of pomegranates they please take one it's from the nursery school. There are trees there that are older than the school over 100 years. And it based fruits panel is one man with a seat in the until today is getting a very nice cover. Because of that poem against to take it's free of charge. But that's where the course will be presented by Monash and myself in sha Allah and then another announcement. This is for if you know anyone in Johannesburg on the 11th and 12th of March with a course on the prophets of Salaam. From birth to the two days you can learn all about the Nagisa Salah, what he

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

looked like what his favorite foods were, how he spent his day. How was he as a husband, it's called a Mustafa. It's an international course, anyone who's in Johannesburg or you know, was in Johannesburg, please, you know, you're welcome to join us at the vets University. So the 11th and 12th of March it's open to the capetonians if you're willing to travel with me all the way they in sha Allah, please spread the word and in any comments or anything you'd like to discuss.

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With [email protected] sokola hate or some a lot I say no Mohammed Ali wasabi Salam Salam ala rasulillah Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh