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Signs of the last hour
This lecture focuses on the major and minor sins of the last hour. It also includes descriptions of the Dajjal from authentic Ahadith.
This was foretold to us over 1400 years ago, and see how true it is!

Shaykh Hasan Ali takes us on a journey covering the signs leading up to the Last Hour.


AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the loss of profit and loss, the rise of the weight of the body, and the use of technology to control the body's condition. The conflict between religion and religion is also discussed, with the potential loss of control from the new president and the use of lasers to create war rooms. The implementation of Islam will eventually be the dominant religion, and the use of jet stream and the Holy Spirit will create war rooms. The predictions of Islam's actions and actions of the Prophet's followers are also discussed, including the use of time and the implementation of the operation War on the West. The speaker concludes with a brief advertisement for a book and a video advertisement for a book.
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When the profit and loss was mentioned, Shawn mentioned Syria that is also included in it. They'll sorry, Lebanon as well yes,

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there will be a group of there'll be an army that will come out to attack Maddie and to kill him and destroy him and to destroy the entire lava system, when they will come to a plain piece of land and this is a hadith of Bokhari Seda cannubi by Domino, when they will come to a plain piece of land, you will be a one of

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the first people and the last people have this huge army will be swallowed by the earth and all the munitions and weapons will also be taken in and I showed the alarm on a sheet on how she said yada, yada. What about the people that were forced to come up with them? And he said, You've also Alani Yachty una Alinea team, they will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment according to the intention that they went forward with. This will be the first attack on MADI but they will be taken on as soon as that happens. The Robertson rosmah has mentioned another rewire in line with the hammer. The hammer is a book of Hadith, which is authentic and and many there are many many authentic Hadees is

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to be found in the mud. Now you will find people today they think that this is it that the six books like Bukhari Muslim tid, media Buddha syedna magia, they are the most authentic books and besides that there are no other authentic books this is incorrect, this is not right.

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The reason why we say these are so high seated the reason why we say these are six authentic books is because of the volume, the volume is very, very big. These are the only six books you will find that have this the authenticity of them with the same volume with a large volume. You have many other authentic books of Hadith, which are small and the common people do not know about.

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And for instance,

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you got this one right in the Hamad you've got some others

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books of it. For instance, Mata Mata Malik, some scholars have considered multimatic to be more authentic than Mojave. Because some of the narrations in Mata the chains are higher than what Holly has collected altogether, although there are some one of the few weak idcc mata but the majority of the Hadith are actually very, very strong indeed. And the scholars before Buhari considered Mata to be the most authentic book after the Quran. And the reason why it's not in the six the famous six is because of its volume. It's a small book, very small book. But anyhow, the homage is one of these authentic was a lot of the hardest authentic few hobbies are Hassan, meaning with good change and a

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very few hobbies are weak here the profit and loss and he has said when this will happen to people we sunk into the earth.

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He says you want to hide this latter. sudwala Shang don't say anything bad about the people or the people of Syria because those people see him abdol in them there is the Abdullah, Abdullah, the Allah Allah the ones who are very close to Allah, when they will hear that this has happened, they will not rush to Makkah and they will give back to this person who is the melody they will give by our and now it will be known within the whole Muslim world that this surely is demanded because only adult will come and give the br to him as well.

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Before that there are some other signs how will we know that Maddie will come to Buffalo hasn't hasn't given us a certain date. But we know the problem has said this is a hadith of Bokhari Muslim nataka Mossad the last hour will not come hot

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rod and Javelin means up until the river of you friends that will dry up and it will leave behind a whole mountain full of gold. And another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Iseman said that he will be the hub of the earth between the earth beneath that river will vomit out a whole mountain full of gold, and people will run towards once that happens once the whole river has become dry, they will see a mountain of gold people will start fighting and the prophets of Allah said don't go because in every 100 people only only one person will come alive, back alive and 99 people will die. And every person will wish that they become that very person, which takes out the gold at the end. But the

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process of law has not said at the end, they will still be there often. They will still not be able to make sure sure who takes the gold in the end.

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There'll be certain fights. There'll be one great fight with this melody with the people of the

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there'll be the people of the Arabs there'll be a certain nation in the certain group of Arabs.

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That will fight him. After that he will fight the people of Iran, they will come to start to destroy him, but he will fight them. They will then after that, there is a very interesting Hadith.

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He will then fight the people of Rome. And now in the process of law, Simmons mentioned Rome, that is the Roman Empire It was very large before and this this room

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will now have a group of people who will make masala ha who will have a truce with the Muslim.

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In the humanities, a hadith number 1260 and 1262.

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Amina you will have a truth to the people of Rome unto mama do me Mara him until you both will then get together and run away from you. You will go and fight at people who will leave behind the mountains of behind the behind the people have grown, Fatone Sato You will then be helped by a lot more conducive to running to my you will have had health and lots of booty after meeting this this third Friday of last night as mentioned which which nation of which army will fight the Muslims and the Christians who have come together

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when they will come to a particular place called Mara de Tallulah. That's when one person amongst them amongst the Christians will say a lot about Sally, the Cross has become big victorious and because of the cross we have won this

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war and wherefore the Muslim and Muslim will say amongst them, but golly Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who has become dominant and he is the one who has given us the ability to fight this nation and to gain victory. When they will do this they will stop quarreling and then the Muslim will go and break the cross. And once he breaks the cross, the Christians will gather around that Muslim and they will kill the Muslims. And these other Muslims don't have any ammunitions anything with them so they will run away. Run to get some more help and when they will all come back together. The Prophet sallallaahu den said

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they will gather for a huge fight a very big fat This is the profit loss as the mountain bikes in history. They will gather together for and this is when Maddie will be amongst them. And Amanda will gather together with them.

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When they will gather the people of Rome is a Muslim very authentic it is the people of Rome say hello ban la vida Marina su boo Mina Mattila limbus and those people who have left our religion and become Muslims let us take them back. And the Muslims use Allah He surely not by Allah. Katana holophane Akuma Benihana How can we leave you with the people who are now become our brothers for your party you know when they will start fighting? When has he moved to LA to la vida. When they will start fighting they will have a fight for four days. And each day it will last from the morning right in the nighttime when they can't see anything or something then they will stop fighting and

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they will come back the next day to fight again and no one will win until the fourth day. The rest of law has not said this army will divide into three paths and azimo soon one third will run away and Allah will never forgive this one third ever. So if we any of us ever see this wall, please join that wall. Let us proceed forward become shaky but don't run away because Allah forgive these people.

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And another third will become Shaheed will become Marcus and the Brazil as I said after Russia and the law of that time they will be the best Martinez in front of Allah. Why use West Africa for solo and another third will become victorious and Allah will give them victory over these people. After that, they will go and conquer Constantin

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Constantinople, they will come to that and this will be the second one which will be in the history of the Muslims. And the process of the law has been said. At that time many see what will happen is when this group of Muslims will fight the Christians, many Christians will lock into Islam and they will they will come into stock they will become they will form the majority of the army there'll be a lot of Christians who have become numerous and they will form the majority of the army and then after they will go forward and conquer role.

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When they will do this they will actually come very close to the time of the job. And I just want to not give you a few things which will happen in the time of Matthew when medical start ruling. He will rule for for entire seven to nine years the US law says that between that it is less it will be seven it's at the most it will be nine years he will rule and in his time.

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A lot of wealth, and He will give people without even counting, it is the hardest Muslim, you have to learn.

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He will have

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this way. And then after that the great signs will start. Now one of the great signs that will start is from the job itself. The job has been explained by the professor last night, don't forget that all the profits of the previous owners, they have more than the people of the job that he might come out. And the job is known as the Antichrist by the Christian and the Prophet salallahu. Arizona has given us clear explanation of who this Messiah will become. And the prophecy last night I said, I will tell you one thing, which no other prophet has told them, and that is that he does not see the job is the judge will come out he will be he will be one eye.

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He will only have one ITC. And don't forget that you are your load is not one who has won the profit or loss and has told us the clear sign of the job. And we know he said definitely in this oma he will, because he hasn't come out from all the other new hologram to this day. And the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam has given us a good description. For instance, he has said that he will be from the Jews, he will be born from the Jews. And right now the people of Israel are waiting for this Promised Messiah, because they think once he comes, they will be the first person first people to follow him. And Roxanne Larson said that 70,000 Jews will gather with the gel as soon as he

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comes. That comes out.

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And the Lord has said he is one by Dan fee album in Shannon right now this was by coming with Daddy. Daddy was a companion in the process of the last time who sailed on a journey. And his ship was was taken away by waves to an island which has never been to. And on this island. He saw the job as very long. He's a Muslim. And when he saw the job, after that, he came to the office last month and described him and he said I saw this huge person, very huge I've never seen in my life. And he was tied down by chains, huge chains. And he asked me daddy a few questions. He said, he said for instance has has the person who's going to become a profit by the day trees come out. I said yes,

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he's come out and one of his companions. Then he asked him he said has this particular river become drier? Has this particular place become like this? And he said yes or no to the answers he wanted. He said yes. Now my time is coming very near for me to come out and allow releasing money when it will be time.

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And he one of his descriptions of die that he's one of the greatest creatures he's ever seen. But But don't forget the degree of common person first and then later on, he would grow into this monstrous shape to be like men, but he will become very huge indeed. And the process of loss has said that he will be tall, taller than other people, but he will be short according to his own. With the country's wit he will seem to be short, and the prophets of Allah. Allah said he will have a broad forehead Karna Canada to us Allah is the Hadith of the Prophet Allah said arida. Now, he would have a huge or very wide collarbone.

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The Bruxelles must also say that you will be white color, but he will have a touch of redness like the Europeans, America seem anyone

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here from around

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the Rumson last month also said john Ross, he will have fuzzy hair, a lot of hair.

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But he said agilon Jabba the John's forehead will be playing because the hair in front of his just near his forehead will be flipped backwards. So you'll be able to see his forehead, and in one hand is approximately the Muslim he says it will be written between on his forehead, a car, Rock Cafe, and every movement who is a believer will read this whether they can read or not. Kathy

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said, so it doesn't matter whether we can read Arabic or not every person will see that sign or no notice straightaway that is a cartoon. But those believers who are weak will not be able to see this. The professor of law Isaiah has also said

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that he will be one who is whose shins will be apart from each other. If he stands together, see my shins are close together. His shins will be very apart so he'll have legs that are bent to one side so you'll have a gap between his shins when he stands up. Rob Salas has also said when he comes he will come on he said

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Mr. A donkey

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una de la between the two years of this donkey will be 14 arm's length of space. But the prophecy lesson Don't forget that he couldn't use words like jumbo jets or airplanes in his time. So these could be clear indications towards the child coming on something that he will use like a plane or something.

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He will also have interpreters with the margin and

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he will have interpreters who will know every single language and the Jews that will follow the movie from us perhaps

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Anyhow, these are some of the descriptions of the challenge Allah will continue tomorrow. But

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remember that the gel would have two eyes and not one eye only his right eye will be blind and although his left eye he will see with it, it will be defected. Also the length between the two years of his donkeys 44 zero 40 arm lens and not 14, one four.

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He pointed to the eastern side and he said, the job will come from this part of the world from this side he will he will emerge. And another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu methoden. In the Hamad, one of the Hadith says, we find that the Prophet sallallahu said mean out of the nucala ha ha son from an earth or from a land that is called horizon. And if you look on the map, you will find her Asana is just west of Afghanistan.

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And that's the place where the gel will first come out. Now the professor of law has said that the 60 year when when the Muslims will will fight alongside Maddie the seventh year, the jar will come out

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the the gel will actually be the person who will cause the most fitna the most corruption on the earth. And he's fit and I really ranges from a wide wide range because for instance,

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he will be able to order the command the earth and the command commanding of the earth by commanding the earth to stop giving it fruits or giving his crops and he will point at the sky and he will be able to stop it from raining. Now, like I told you before, these things could be from the things which the which today technology is developing, because now they're finding methods of

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controlling the weather. And by 2050, they, they think they will be able to control tornadoes and hurricanes by stopping stopping that from washing parts of the world. And the way they think they'll do it is by spreading a certain chemical across the sea or the ocean, that will keep the vapor of the ocean down so that the winds cannot pick it up and cause the hurricane. And they're trying to do this now we don't know Allahu Allah, Allah will give give the child the real power to do this, or he will have this technology at hand, which by which he will do this,

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he will come to a certain land and he will he will tell them ask them to believe that He is the God when they will deny, then he will leave that entire land by leaving a drought behind by ordering the earth to stop giving its crops or its fruits out.

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And then he will oh this go to the sky not to give any rein and that will also happen. So he will have a great he will have great powers by Allah subhanho wa Taala and Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said when he will order it the first time, one third will stop and then a second day he will order it again another third will stop and he will tell the nation that you do not believe me, then this will be your outcome that you will die with starvation. And the profit and loss must also said that the job will have with him fire and water on one side he will have fire and on the other side he will have water and he will call people to enter the water which he has. Now in

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100 cities explained like these this fire this water is on either side will be the size of mountains. Now we don't know how it will be another met. There are many things which people couldn't understand. But then we found that during this period where things have have become more clear to us, and we have developed in science and technology we found that these things are very easy to take place. And this this will be one of them. We don't know how he will do this. This could be virtual reality that he will trick and fool people to see that there's there's there's something there. I mean they even developing now, certain lasers that will stop sound. So you can actually be in a

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disco club in the future. And there'll be there'll be the sound just

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Just outside this laser beam, and this one little beam will, will surround you. And no sound at all will come even though it will be very, very loud indeed. And if you just go outside there into the into where the people are maybe dancing, or maybe there's a lot of sound there, you'll hear it. Whereas on the table where this laser beam is, is surrounded, you won't hear it. So the jail could actually have this in his time, and use this to show people that there's fire, and there's water. But the province of the law has been said,

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Well, I'm a lady or NASA Houma phenomenon.

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As for the water, which the jail has, in reality, this water is not water, it's a fire which will burn people. And the process, Larson said, As for the fire, which he has, is not fire, it's actually water. And then he said, If any of you if any other catolica minicom, if any of you find the job and him

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presenting to you water and fire, then jumped into the fire, because that will be cool and tender. And that will be water. And only the true believers will be able to do this and this is a hadith of Muslim and Buhari

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and the prophets, the last morsel has said read out the villa in the shaitan regime, and read the first first ayah to the first verses of surah Kahf. And this will also prevent him from having power upon you.

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He will also have many, many idea he uncovered it meaning wondrous powers which people will find fascinating. For instance, there's a famous Hadith when he will, he will split a boy in half, and then he will walk in between and this is a hadith of Muslim, where this person this man will come out boy or man is different in different words, it will come out and then he will say that I am going to meet this person who has come out and claims to be a prophet and when his men will drag him to the job the job say Who is your load a new semi load is Allah and he said do you think you'll notice allow him to watch me watch me put you to death and then bring you back to life again and the

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jail will just point his finger out and then spit spit this person in half and walk between the two parts Katia time and after that my akula who confessed the veto Emma then he will say stand and the person will join back together the two parts will join back together and the person will become alive again. And then he will say now tell me who the Lord and then this person will say Mr. Ratan Sheikha, I have not increased, but more inside that you are truly did the job, because my prophet has told me that you will do this and then the person will read the first 10 is of surah Kahf and Allah subhanaw taala will protect this person from the influence or the dangers of the job.

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And once this will happen, this will be the This will be the last person he will do to and when that person says that I can see on your forehead cafaro written that's when the person was shorter to all the other believers that I am the last person he will do this for in a hula you follow

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us no one else the gel will be able to do this because he will be the only one who will crack on to break this. This magic of the gel with the javelin and we don't know Allah Allah, it could be lasers which they will invent in the future. Allahu Allah, we don't know. But this is left to the knowledge of Allah and all we can say is that this is true for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. At that time, Allah subhanaw taala will send

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Isa Allah His Salah when this will happen. Now there's another Hadith wherein the professor law has been said when the jelly roll around the earth, He will be very fast. And he will not leave any single space on the earth. Not even a single space on the earth he will meet almost everyone. And there's one Hadith although it's not that authentic, it says that only 12,000 people in the entire world world will be saved from his from his dangers. Otherwise everyone else will come in front of him and they will meet meet the job. They will have a meeting with the job. And it says in one hadith of Muslim Caliphate is that Bharat Hooray, he will leave behind him a cloud of smoke when he

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goes now this is truly an indication towards Allahu Allah and it could be an indication towards using these jets or using these planes because that leaves a cloud of smoke behind or we could be using any other item which has fuel in it and he will burn the fuel and because of that he will leave this behind him. So the province of Alaska has given us these signs.

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Now on the earth he will

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he will be at Jordan. He will go to places like Jordan to clearly mentioned the hadith of Hakeem. And the jolly will continue to go until he comes to Medina and when he's gone all around the earth. He will go

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Medina Naka and we say to his companions, let's now conquer this place of Medina. But he will. As soon as he comes to Medina, he will see on every corner, every mountain every single Valley he will find angels standing there, waiting to kill him if he does step inside Medina and he will have no way of getting access to Medina.

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He will stay on the earth for a long time, it has said it's a dimension in certain ahaadeeth that he will stay for 40 days. Now these 40 days some orlimar have said that the brother in law has actually meant 40 years. But there's one hadith of Muslim where the jarls days have been described by the prophet sallallahu wasallam as

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Johann kasana of these 40 days, one of these 40 days will be an entire

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while yonaka sharena day will be a month while Monica Juma and the day will be a week, Messiah, yummy, yummy come and the rest of his days remaining will be the same as your days and the Prophet sallallahu. His companions asked jasola what we do what should we do in that day, when is when when it seems to be a year and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that they asked me about the prayers and the prophets Lawson said up to Lula who kodra make sure that you you make an estimation of when you pray time is normally start. And according to that estimation, you must pray in that day, that seems to be a whole year. Now, he will continue to do all this.

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And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has given us certain things by which we can prevent ourselves from falling into the dangers of the job. And one of them is to read surah Kahf and that's the 18th chapter of the Holy Quran. And if anyone can't do that, then at least read the 10 first verses of surah Kahf. And if anyone reads that Prophet Allah said he it will save us from the fitness the corruption and the dangers of the job. When he said Allah, his salatu salam will now come into the earth. By this time Maddie would have come out with his army to go and fight

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the job, but then on their way when they will be in Palestine

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or diminish them Damascus. That's where Isa alayhi salatu salam will come down at the time of fragile and he will meet them at this mosque when Maddie will theories Allah Islam he will say come forward and lead the prayers and Isa who say no, you lead the prayers and he will play only one prayer behind Maddie and after that he will become the Imam of the meat of the entire believers. And the prophets of Lawson has said in a hadith

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of Bokhari and Muslim when levena cvrd surely he says I take an oath in the Lord who holds my soul like you she cannot Indian Zhi camino Narayan soon, if the time is coming for the son of Mary, who is Jesus to come down amongst you hackerman other than fake serial, thanks to the saline, he'll be one who will judge fairly and he will be the one who will come to break the cross, where to look in z and he will get rid of all the swans on the earth where the judges are jizya and he will be the one that will deal with tax. And also, there'll be so much wealth in his time that people will stop accepting it. Now. He's Allah His salon salon has been described by the prophet sallallahu wasallam

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as a man, in a hadith of Abu Dawood Ilhan Omar Omar via his color will be between red and white. And also he has said razza who were in LA Musa boo boo lol his hair seems to be wet always, even though no redness has has touched it. Even though it's dry, it would seem that he's just wet, he's just come out of the bathroom or something just hot above. That's how it will seem. And the last lesson said when he saw him in Mirage, that's exactly how he he saw him.

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And the forces that allow him said that he will come and he will be the one who will kill the job. And they will meet at a particular place near that area where the jobs will come with his entire force. Now there's one particular Hadees that mentioned them both leaping into the air. And then

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the jobs strike at Lisa lay salon honorees ally Sullivan strike at the job and the job will miss Annalise ally salon will heat the job. Now this is fascinating that they both will, Emily says that they both will leap into the air. And that seems to be to maybe planes going towards each other because you can't have two horse leaping and flying halfway in the air. And this was something which the early Muslims had difficulties understanding but it's very

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easy for us to understand now, that these things can can really happen. Anyhow, when he will kill the job hlsl will kill him. After that straightaway, another fitna will arise, another tribulation will arise on the earth. And this will be the coming of the Jewish Jewish nation which Allah has created. They are like dwarves, the rocks, Lawson has explained them that he's given the features there is will be huge. They'll be doors, but the ears will reach the ground. And they will have very sharp teeth, their canine will be very sharp, and they will be hairy. And their color will be reddish. And they will be from the summer Lama has said that they started the process of asthma said

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their eyes will be small.

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And this this is a clear explanation that these people actually living near China. And tabari tabari, who's the interpreter of the of the seat has actually quoted him now about his

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his his quotation that these people will be from a place near

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near what I've just mentioned, near Russia. And this is, this is amazing, really, because the Wall of China is that Allahu Allah is there going to be anywhere near the

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other Bhaijaan is one of them. One of the places which is mentioned by the first sitting alcoholic, I don't know how authentic This is, there's no there's no center, there's nothing mentioned. But nobody has mentioned this underneath the seat of this. And some scholars have actually made a location by the Caspian Sea, towards the towards the north eastern side.

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Or around the dot See, they'll be the place where your judgment jujur actually hidden. And they've been trapped by Zulu cannon was Alexander the Great, who was a follower of the faith of Islam and Islam of the past. And I explained to you the other day, and he's actually mentioned in the Holy Quran, how he will come down and he will, how he came down came to their place. And he actually blocked them off in a in between a valley and he made it down which which they cannot either cross over neither make a hole through

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with either via Java, Robbie, the Quran says when the promise of the Lord will come, that's when they will be able to get out. Now there's another Hadith where the prophets of Allah has has given us details of how these people will come out from here. And it's mentioned in one Hadith that these people is a hadith of Timothy, that these people are actually eating away the rocks.

00:32:47--> 00:32:54

Beneath, beneath where they've been trapped, and they would eat they eat every day until they come to the surface of the cave.

00:32:55--> 00:33:19

wherever they're trapped, the valley, obviously is blocked all around. And then right when they've got only a small amount left, they say oh, we'll finish the rest tomorrow, and they go back. And when they go back when they come the next day, they find that it's exactly the same. So they continue to buy their way through by the way through until one day the profit and loss has said

00:33:20--> 00:34:03

they will say harden insha Allah, tomorrow by the will of Allah, we will finish this off when they will say inshallah, the next day they will come and they will find it exactly like they've left it the last day the previous day. For Luna who will do not enough, they will break the remaining part either way through and then they will come out. And the Quran actually mentioned min Cooley had a VNC Loon from every single small part of Valley or hole, they will come out and they will cause so much corruption near. As soon as they come out. There's a seed that they will pass. And the first first yajima Jews will take a suck from the sea. And as they go bust as they go pass as a kobus

00:34:03--> 00:34:46

before the last dude has come out come out because this whole nation is just like us, we humans as a whole nation of them, before the last one has come out the entire sea would have been finished. That's how much they will drink and they will have such a stench that people will die because of their stench, no one will be able to fight them. And the reason is Ron and his people at that time, they will go and climb a mountain and there is our salon we make pray to allow our lightsabers from these this particular nation and they will continue to go around they're killing everything and eating every fruit on the earth and every crop damaging it as they go along until they will ruin the

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

entire world. Once they ruin the entire world. They will they will come to a particular mountain alone project as allies and among the believers on that mountain they will not find that 19 but they will go to particular another notch and they will say now we've destroyed

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

The people of the earth. Now let's fight the people of the sky. And they will take an hour shoot it into the air, or once they shoot it into into the air, that's when Allah will send a storm

00:35:13--> 00:35:56

that will destroy these people with very strong wind that will kill all of them. And he will send birds, which will come and take their bodies because the bodies smell some ways that the Muslims can come down. So the birds will clip their bodies up or throw them into the sea. And once they do that his allies will come down and live with the people who live live approximately, maybe seven years approximately, he will marry he will have children. And then after that you'll be buried where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is where the Rasul Allah is buried. There's, there's one grave of Abu Bakar radi Allahu one grave of Omar or the other one on either side. And there's one empty space.

00:35:56--> 00:36:36

And that's where he saw a salon will come and he will be buried. Anyhow, after this, there will be the next time when he says that someone has gone from the earth, each one Don't forget will come faster than the last. The next one will be when there will be three whole days and nights. No sun at all. The sun won't come out. The early in the morning, the people will come out to go to work. But they will say wait on, it's only nine o'clock and it's dark. So they'll go back in maybe the clocks wrong. On the news. This says that the sun hasn't risen today. And then they will wait wait wait until the children who want to go to school or truly want to go out to start crying. And the women

00:36:36--> 00:36:44

will start wailing alongside with them. And everyone will come out in a state of frustration and they will come to profit and loss and I said that's when they will come to the mosque.

00:36:45--> 00:37:12

But then Allah has mentioned clearly in the Quran, that when this happens, Lion furnace and Emmanuel takuna monotonous job, no one can believe after this. That's the last day when or just before the sun comes out is the last day when people will be able to believe in Allah and in the day judgment. And if they haven't believed yet, it will be finished. There's no more time. And anyone who hasn't done Toba yet, the total will not be accepted.

00:37:14--> 00:37:18

And it is in the Quran in chapter number six verse number 158.

00:37:19--> 00:37:25

Once this will happen, after three days and three nights, the sun will come out from the west instead of the East.

00:37:26--> 00:37:41

And once it comes out from the west, it will go halfway. And then after that, it will go back back as normal towards the west. So come from the west, go to the middle and then back towards the towards the west, and then it will rotate by its normal circle circles and its rotation.

00:37:42--> 00:37:44

The fifth one of the major is

00:37:46--> 00:38:05

the coming out of an animal a particular animal will come out from the earth and this has been mentioned the Holy Quran surah two naml which is the 27th chapter, verse number 82. And Allah said that we will take a an animal out of the earth that will talk to people and tell us about our signs. The next one is Doohan

00:38:07--> 00:38:08

is a great, huge

00:38:09--> 00:38:13

puff of smoke that will surround the earth.

00:38:14--> 00:38:38

And with that smoke, there will be a wind, a very light wind that will come out. And this light wind will catch every believer that will be living on the earth. And because of that light wind, every believer, or most of the believers on the earth will tend to die out they will die and they will die with a man. But before this happened just before this happens.

00:38:40--> 00:38:49

The Muslims of that time that Dini will slowly go by past it will go away. And the Prophet Lawson's has said this in a hadith of even a major

00:38:52--> 00:39:33

issue. So just like the color of the cloth is light and every time you wash it the same way Islam will become lighter and lighter. People have no faith in the religion slowly, slowly as time goes by. Angela rose last month said hotter Lady nasiha mala salaat until people will not know what is prayer, watching what is praying, what is fasting, what are moussaka mean? Was was Kobani was loitering, people will forget everything. And that's when the time will come when Allah will lift the Koran. And the people will wake up in the morning and they will say wait on the there's something that I used to remember last night, the hearts of those who memorize the Quran will say,

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

Come to us crochet and ice remember something forgotten I seem to have forgotten what is what is it? They'll go to the shells, take the Quran and go to the blank pages. And the whole Quran will be lifted from the earth. So before this before the destruction of the earth, and before the entire destruction of these believers the Quran had been gone and the prophets lost another sign he said a major sign will be the destruction of the Kaaba

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

And he stood once and he said Can he Anzu as if I can see that I'll be seeing you and He will come to break the curb and he will be short person, black in color blue eyes, and he will have very thick shins and he will break the Kaaba stone by stone, and then throw it into the sea. And once that happens, the Islam will go out of Makkah and the next one will be three different major earthquakes on the earth. One that one the profit and loss method is a hadiza Muslim hostel meal sorry three major swallowing when the earth was swallow an entire whole piece of land and his people and everything inside. And first of all, some said costume will mushy one will be in the East will have

00:40:51--> 00:40:57

to be Muslim one will be in the West will have to be Jazeera. And one will be in the Arabian Peninsula.

00:40:59--> 00:41:19

And the one of the last one, which I want to mention here the prophets Allah has said is of a fire that will break out and this fire will be a fire which no one can distinguish. It'd be such a huge fire coming from the eastern side, it will surround the earth so all people will have to run and the process allows them said in a Hadith of

00:41:21--> 00:41:24

the who gentlemen have to sail into Sierra Sierra,

00:41:25--> 00:41:35

just like a fast camel goes goes by this this fire will will run along and chase people chase people towards sharm Syria. And as we will run

00:41:37--> 00:42:23

this fire will will continue to burn in the day and run along when the night comes to stop. It will be burning but it will stop and people will sleep. And once they wake up, that's when the fire will start again the law to run again. And to be too high to bow to tequila high sukau. This fire will stop when they sleep in the day or in the night. And it will continue to burn country but no one was able to extinguish until all the people come actually near the place of Sham and Sham in the like I said yesterday. Sham is not just theory of today it's many other countries besides it. And once that happens on these people, the day of judgment will come upon these people. And that's when the the

00:42:23--> 00:42:36

the whole movie blown and we'll see that one day. But anyhow, the whole purpose of say no this is for us to ponder and think about the last day and to increase our Eman by listening to the Prophet salallahu asylums speeches.