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Essence Of Islam – Episode 7 – Superstitions and Wearing Amulets


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The importance of learning and knowledge in addressing hate towards Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for general mental health and general mental health. superstitions and negative outcomes can lead to negative outcomes, including harms and evil, and the need for everyone to know the right of Islam is emphasized. The importance of protecting oneself from supernatural dangers and miscalculations is emphasized, as well as the need for trust in one's parents for guidance. The segment ends with a recitation of a statement about the importance of trusting one's parents for guidance.

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Malema shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi mousseline say you know, Mohammed invited me here was iVh main, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa Tada, the most higher than was great La ilaha illAllah as a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, our Creator and sustainer but also lots of data to bless us in this walk of Juma except from us this evident that we do to forgive us philosophique sins and to grant this Juma be a light and a guidance for the week to come. We send our greetings and salutations to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, to his companions, and all those who follow his pseudonym until the end of time, may we be amongst them, I mean, for hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah. Over the past couple of weeks, we discussed

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with the discuss the importance of learning and knowledge. And we said that knowledge being the great have the greatest of blessings. And perhaps the second greatest blessing of all, is knowledge. But even above knowledge, the thing that is the highest and the highest,

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the highest level of success as the last 100 dimensions in a curriculum in the life of taqwa. And we know that the priority in Islam, the priority of life, is to hate this concept of the hate the oneness of Allah monotheism, it's important for us to remind ourselves about this. This is the fundamental of Islam. This is what the Quran is all about. And therefore, like we said, we like to do things in series here at what Islam will spend a couple of weeks discussing the hate. One of the brothers mentioned, the last series we did was, maybe it was 20 episodes long inshallah, this will not be that long. I know we did a series on politics about elections, and we went through from one

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president to the next to like, you know, so inshallah, we've done a series on that, we will not focus a little bit about the heat and as I said, that this is a priority in our life. The purpose of why we are here is still heat. Everything else is secondary. Everything is secondary. on piano, there's only two cues, the cue of the people have to heat and those who are not under Hayden's vanilla, we know the distillation of the one and the distillation of the other one, and abyssal sanlam. In fact, every single Nebbiolo Spanish in the Quran, I have seen every Nabhi with the message of La ilaha illa Allah and it cannot be so simple that we say la ilaha illa Allah and that's

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it know that this is the battle between inside and the police, between good and evil is the basis of the system. So we need to understand this in a little more detail, and a little more discussion.

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Allah subhana wa Tada. As he mentioned, in the Quran, the purpose of our life is to worship Him. And for some this might be an anticlimax, are we just here to make Vicar of Allah holy? Why do I work? Why do I get married? What is the purpose is all of this waste of time? No event of Allah encompasses your entire life. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to be connected to him always. And every decision we make is part of La ilaha illa Allah, if a decision, a job, a partner, a spouse, a country we go into all those things bring us closer to Allah things Elijah, and if it takes us away from Allah subhanaw taala then it is going against the purpose of creation. So it is about ibadah

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worship and consciousness of Allah taqwa of Allah. We said this, and we'll talk more about this inshallah, in weeks to come, the greatest lesson I can teach. The greatest thing I can say is what the NBA have said that the kalama La ilaha illAllah. What does it mean? And what does it mean? It does not mean that there is no God but Allah, it does not mean that there's one creator except Allah. This this is not the quick meaning of La ilaha illAllah. As I said, many, many times, the Jews believe in one Allah one creator, the Christians believe in one creator. The Hindus believe in one creator, a Hindu was here a few weeks ago, and she said, we also believe in one creator, why do

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you say that we come here, because believing in one creator is not enough. It is what do you worship? Who do you go to in times of need when you need something? And related to this topic today? When you are afraid superstition when you have you fear being harmed? Who do you turn to for protection? Where does power come from Benefit and harm comes from Islam's message is that how you know when I was 11 let it all power, all is all harm or good or bad is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and therefore, it makes no sense to worship anyone other than Allah. What you worship, who you ask in your times of need, who you go to for looking for sustenance, who you look

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for in protection, that is Ivanka. That is what determines general Johanna. And we'll discuss some issues here that many of us fall into, which could be borderline shikaku

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Common in our community. So this is the reason this is what we're here for to understand that none should be worshipped except a lot. If you have that intact the day you die, the agenda becomes compulsory on

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the visa some gives us beautiful Heidi's tomorrow even Japanese is Jamar I love you so much. And I want to tell you something. Do you know what the right of Allah is on his creation? The right of the creation to Allah is that none should be worshipped except Allah. Then he asks, and oh my god, do you know what the right of creation is? On a loss of 100? Allah, Allah owes us something. What is that? But if you worship none besides Allah, when genda becomes compulsory on you on our last panel data, so why did you not tell the people that this great idea that if you don't come here, you guarantee gender episode says no, I was going to become lazy and flexed. But this is ultimately the

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thing, though, he will get into your agenda. And she requried Bella will forbid you from Jenna, it nullifies all your good deeds, and a type of *. And particularly when talking What is today's topic, today's topic is about supernatural harms and superstition. We didn't know it's Friday the 13th if you didn't know Hamdulillah, and there are some people that read into these things, some people that lead into these things as being unlucky or being

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bad for you as a bad omen, and this type of superstition, this feeling of paranoia and anxiety, it's a type of * and it could lead to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned this area is pseudo Zoomer. And it's an idea which we should live by. And it's an idea when you want to look at your life when you make a bad idea. Teach Yourself if I'm making sure we're not in this area. Maybe so. So love is told to tell his people Abuja,

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Abu lahab the Qureshi idol worshipers of Mecca Nabhi, so samis Toba Allah. And if you ask them, Allah saying that, if you ask a Buddha monk

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who created the heavens and the earth, you asked, Who do you ask the question you asked the Hindu, you asked the guy who worships his ancestors, you ask the guy the Arabs who worshipped idols, who created the sun, the moon, the heavens and the earth? Who would they say? They're not gonna say Jesus? They're not gonna say Rama. They're not gonna say the idols. They're gonna say Allah. Allah says they would surely say, Allah, the even the biggest machine on Earth, Abu Jamal, he said allocated the heavens and the earth, we all know this, this one creator, the machine, see darkness phenomena now the worst of the worst. They said, Allah created the heavens and the earth. Then Allah

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says to them, say ask them, then Have you considered what you invoke besides Allah? Have you thought about the things you make do add to the ones you go to for prediction? Who did they go to? They went to idols, that went to grades, they went to ancestors? You said Allah is the Creator, what would you go to? And would you make the art to besides Allah, then Allah gives them something to think about. say to them, if Allah intended to harm me, or the other they are your idols is Jesus or the ancestors? Can they remove this harm? If Allah the creator wanted to harm you? Can these can Jesus * them? Can? Can anyone prevent this harm? Or if Allah intended me mercy? Are they going to

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withhold the mercy of Allah? Say sufficient for me is Allah and Allah before is enough answers obviously no. But if Allah wants Good for you, nothing in the universe can stop that.

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Even the idol worshipers of Mecca could understand this, that if Allah wants to benefit you, but these idols want to harm you, can they be any power, even there to submit No, it alone was good for you. And the climate one harmful, you cannot prevent that harm, can or cannot, cannot harm you know, everything is the hands of Allah. So Allah says he has, you know, who has to be Allah, Allah is sufficient to me.

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And on upon Allah, those who put the people of Tohoku they put the trust in Allah completely. They feel safe and secure in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala that is, of the highest level of taqwa the highest level of Eman is when you completely fearless in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala when you realize that there's nothing to fear in this dunya at least not not none that can harm you or benefit you chip Allah. If I'm good with a low and hamdulillah then all is good in my life. So superstition

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can lead to major shift and having superstitious belief believe in unseen harms and dangers. Bad luck, bad omens. It's a type of ship, not the kind of ship that will exit you from Islam you don't become caffeine. And we don't make subtle changes on you know, but it's a weak a severe weakness in your Eman, a severe weakness in email. So that is also mentioned as Heidi is narrated by a beloved Mr. Wood that the prophet SAW said the hero, meaning bad omens is a type of ship that to have believed in bad omens is a form of *can

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Heidi comes in without wood. So there are so many bad omens that people believe in today. As I said, People ascribe unluckiness or bad or evil or some misfortune to a date Friday the 13th

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the month have suffered in the past and on today's vinyl law, people say we can't get married in a month have suffered and suffered is unlucky man. So many of these things. We you might look on the list and say, Oh, yes, I know one of these two things. I have some people that mentioned this before. For some of you it might seem like strange but funny. And that reality is it's ridiculous. But there are people today that have come to me and spoken to me and said you want to get married. But the month of software is not the unlucky month right? Check we're not supposed to get married suffers panela there's no such thing as an unlucky month or a bad month, we bad day to a bad time.

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There are only normal times and the times, which all adds additional Baraka and goodness for each other. But there's no such thing as a time It allows made unlucky.

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certain numbers people believe has good luck and bad luck. 76 has no power in goodness, there's no such thing as a certain number as benefit or harm. We don't believe in numbers. In fact, numerology if you look at the science, so we're not supposed to know this. But in certain in the language of the gym, if you look at what the spells and the magicians use it refer to these numbers and symbols. These kinds of beliefs are attached more to jinn and witchcraft. There is nothing to do with Islam. We don't believe in numbers and in symbols, that the Arabs In fact, the word that they are comes from The Omen believing in bad omens with birth is what I asked him called oopah iroko. Malcolm,

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what is this bah, bah, it is refers to omens in birds, so the atoms that would go out of the house, and if they saw a certain type of bird, so that bird is bad luck, and they would go back into home, close the doors hide under the bed until they felt the bed like disappeared. This was so prevalent every the Arabs all of them did this. Even the wisest and the brilliance of Sahaba in the past is jallat into them, they had no guidance and they lived by this. So Allah mentioned these bad omens that you believe that certain animals have bad connotations to them a black cat, or a certain sound, it means something bad. All of this is superstition, and could lead to shift where the biller

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today still and these are things that I find, and I've come across a Muslim story, they're out of scope where you have to be law, Muslim, still open the horoscope page and read it. Many will say just for fun, is a hadith that says whoever goes to a fortune teller just going to him and listening to what he says for 40 days that he would have your Salah is now invalid 40 days, this is the same, the same punishment for the one who drinks hammer, just listening to him. And if you believe him, you've come up with copper. Then you have this belief that Mohammed salsa lamb, don't even open the horoscope. Don't even look at that horoscope. It's a me it's one of the minor forms of shift to go

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to a fortune teller, it is a major shift to believe in him stand the point here to read it horoscope

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minor form of shear to believe any major shear, and we see a minor shear is worse than a major.

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Minor shear is worse with unpop. With the major sins under the FTM. We have to be left to make CFO but for those things to be done. without knowledge, we did not mean to see our last final data. So forgive us till today I find people they will say that the marriage must be the name that we select or the marriage is dependent on the whim of the stars. The stars need to align a certain way. Some of you are nodding your heads meaning I've come across this. I know personally, people have said this. We shouldn't get married this month because the stars are aligned. Oh yeah, the villa says gentle backward thinking Subhanallah the stars have no power. The stars that and just to show you

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the height of the heat that Neville Salaam did, the day the prophets was the son passed away what happened on the day, there was the eclipse the sun, when doc obviously the Sahaba foot two and two together. And this is now the sun and the moon and the stars. They travel in the orbits, nothing on the dounia affects them. Look at the scientific, you know, besides the dean side of things from a scientific perspective, that what happens in space, nothing on earth is affected. We are not we don't determine that and there's no link between the two stars have no power. So don't ever base your decisions on the positions of the stars. Names being unlucky. I've heard this before. But

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someone said you know I gave a name to my son and he was sick for many, many months and then a pious person, quote unquote, said that this name is unlucky. If you change the name to something else it would be it would bring Baraka in his life. Definitely there are evil names you're not supposed to give your names your kids names like a police officer is haram.

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And they are named for the good Abdullah be civilized, man, but there's no such thing as an unlucky name. And it's permissible and impermissible names. I smile I get I've asked around people give me some old wives tale

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at your company with this belief that you can't cut your nails at night, some some cultures or customers believe that some are smiling again, meaning that they're familiar with this. No such thing, cutting your nails or cutting your hair in the dark Pinilla. Maybe in the past they said it's not wise to use scissors when you can't see, maybe that was the reason when I didn't have lights and electricity. I agree with that. But in terms of cutting your nails at night, no nothing at all. Please, you should cut your nails and cut and shave and all those things. It was a night or day well hamdulillah The only prohibition about catching nails is when you're in the state of your home. And

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in the first 10 days of the hijab, the is a Sharia law in the first 10 days of elijah. If you want to slaughter, then you don't trim your nails and cut your hair. Why? Because you are emulating the judge on Hajj. This body is not used utilized belongs to Allah, I can't take from it without his permission.

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Another chef mentioned this I don't know if anyone practice sounds like craziness. But in Ramadan, people keep a glass of water for the deceased souls that traveling in Ramadan. as witnesses come from

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the dead Do not leave the barossa they are those who have been punished and if they, you know, ask Allah to have mercy on them. They've been punished, they can't leave that punishment. And there are those who are being rewarded. If they're being rewarded. They won't want to leave that they would come to the dounia the dead souls Do not leave and to know what happens in the barossa as I mentioned in February, a course on piano and the events of the grave will will be explained in detail inshallah I believe that when someone passes away, you should close the murders. Nothing was to do with Islam. This is actually pagan belief that the soul where does this come from? That they

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believe this murderer captured your soul. So when the guy dies, if the murderer is open, he'll be stuck in the middle.

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And I'll complete complete ignorance. no reason not to open the mirrors. In fact, in fact some asks, Is it permissible to use mirrors? Maybe so seldom use mirrors? For what reason to groom himself? No problem mirrors are permissible. So closing the mirrors for any reason? No, no issue and breaking a mirror will bring bad luck lash How is this gonna bring bad luck how Swan Allah is gonna punish you because you broke a mother in law, maybe your mother will give you a hiding but besides that, seven years bad luck No way. This is a Western thing. horseshoe horseshoe brings good luck and a rabbit's foot nothing at all, nothing at all, no such objects were being good luck. SubhanAllah even if you

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had the black stone of Chicago in your house, you will not bring you good luck. There is no Baraka in objects we don't believe this is not our appeal that we believe Baraka and I'm not saying this Satan only said that with a normal metal off and remember they just came from idol worship stones of any you know, dangerous for him. So when he saw that a visa from kissing the Blackstone, there isn't this kind of shiraki so he said I know has the last word say normally speaking you are just a stone you cannot harm me or benefit me. I only kiss you because Mohammed Salim kissed you the Baraka sort of kissing it is because you fall in the suit of Mohammed Salah. That's the only reason the stone

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itself No, no, does not benefit you harm you. The benefit is following the sooner.

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This is a funny one. There is a belief that menstruating women are unlucky, or that they hold off the angels Don't come near menstruating women when she says I wish to surround myself then by menstruating women, the angel of death would never come near me. Right. This is completely wrong and Savonarola, you find people they forbid the menstruating woman to greet her husband when he passes away when he's about to be made a decision so he can't come near the meat. This is completely wrong. completely wrong. That in fact is showing you this the beauty of the deen the prophets of Salaam was lying in cuddling with his wife maimunah

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our mother maimunah Yolanda, and she got out of bed and she went to sit one side and this is like what happened? So she said no, I got my hide. So he said so come live again next to me and they're in one blanket show that this height thing is not that she's nasty. So impure as some cultures believe where she brings bad luck or misfortune. This is all gel and you know incorrect belief, salt I find I found that in the Indian culture, the Malay culture, the Western culture, even African culture shift for me, that's so there is some belief attached to it, that you can't if something happens if you drop the salt and throw it over your shoulder, or you need to put salt on your house

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if there's some supernatural problems. One shift from from Uganda see in our culture, if you go and borrow salt from the neighbor, you mustn't say can you lend me some salt? You must say can you lend me the other kind of sugar for example, because if you take salt from our house, it brings misfortune now so was believed to be like magic. Why? Because you can preserve things we put salt on something he doesn't know if you put a piece of meat with salt on it. And another piece of meat at zero without any salt, the one without salt

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Gonna go off quicker. So believe in order of evil spirits. This is Gerald we know now that it has it takes out the water and the water brings about germs and things like that salt has no power except to make the brioni nice or not nice like this the only thing it's the only thing don't ever believe animal objects and things like that has power and so many of you are smiling, finding it funny. Others are nodding. Viola. Yes, I've heard maybe my nanny said that. rahimullah she didn't know any better. taqwa is with Allah subhana wa Tada. But now we are learning but something which is very applicable to us

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that are always as emits black beads babies born you put a black bead with draw some triangle on the forehead of the babies. I've seen this in our culture in our places. Why? To protect us the house has this little triangle a little thing on your on your door. It could be something to do these things predict or not

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weighing anything for prediction. The scholars are unanimous or formidable unanimous to weigh in the thing for prediction. That is not only Quranic I 100% Quran is completely forbidden, and it's a type of ship.

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As for weighing something with code, and in its vast majority of the scholars like 90% of the scholars say it is not permissible. And just think about it. Your bookshelf has 100 code ons via your phone has all the different code hands on it. This one I have I too could see things going to protect you. How does it make sense if that I too could see in the corner of the house didn't protect you? What is going to protect you then obviously your whole bookshelf of neurons that seed all of it they today's recorded on your phone? Why will that not protect you? Because some spiritual leader tied it up? No. Where does this come from? If I think just something to think about if we

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didn't always you put the offer on me Is it more protection and you find people will say the style is only valid for one year like antivirus you need to update it after one year. Come back to me after the year and I'll update your data which is coming from

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now visa salaams

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now visa Sallam decided a group of people 10 of them came to give the pledge to enter into Islam and he took the end of nine of them and one he didn't take his hand and the Sahaba asked why what why don't you accept these Islam? So he said this man is wearing like

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a string or an amulet to protect him from harmful spirits or the evil eye all that and he once he removed it and said now you can enter into Islam in this hadith and that being said, Whoever with an annual an amulet has committed to

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winning these things and think about it again. You have Why is the ship cause dependence on Allah? Is he better to put your trust in Allah is he better but now you haven't put your trust when in danger our law protect me from the beliefs you put your trust in the towel we in the azima this thing is going to protect me that I feel that this bad omens on me let me put some more of the Star Wars on put it on my car on my house on my kids ways the dependence on our law. Yes, the Quran definitely can protect you we know this had to be decisive. I wouldn't be Kalamata machete Mahara. I seek refuge in Allah through the Quran to protect this hadith the pieces are made for hustling for

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saying the Quran can predict you without a doubt how by reciting it. You can carry it in your hand all you want. So I'm going to predict you once you recite it. This is a form of prediction. So if you want the Quran to protect you place in your house in your car, read it, read it on yourself, this will protect you. Now the Hadees with regards to two emulates a man was weighing a, a piece of metal on his arm and asked him What is this? So he said yeah, this was a limb that I weighed this to protect me from old age, right? So now vehcile Sallam said take that off, because this thing is not going to protect you from old age weaknesses or diseases it's only going to make you worse and if

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you die waiting listening you will not be successful meaning oxygen. So the Sahaba would find people with any kind of string or beads or pearls or not ridiculous of things for prediction or shells, seashells and they will take these things and they will recycle them and say that these people are committing a type of ship. It will be things which you trust in Allah subhanaw taala and one law he will not your life I've seen myself when you open that doorway not one I have put it in the I have seen a tower we I swear a lot. I've seen a tower we when I look what was inside this year, fifth year, he believes he actually won. That's what was in the tower prediction through Jean.

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dangerous stuff with people. So protect yourself is one of the dangers of superstition and constantly feeling bad luck and it's always on me as I see this type of *. Why? Because you no longer feel that that ease of connection a lot. You've taken the power of remember good and bad comes

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Allah Michelle Reema hallak, from the evil witch you have created a look at the police engine, allocated germs and all these things. When you ascribe harm to someone other than Allah, it's like you're ascribing goodness to someone other than a lighter type of ship. Therefore No need to feel afraid. except Allah subhanaw taala don't fear anyone do anything. Fear Allah subhana wa tada and it takes away your dependency. And trust in Allah. If you make your Salah and you made you occur, and you recited Yeah, Allah protect me. If you believe that Allah is the president and Allah heard you and accepted you, you would feel safe, but the fact that you don't feel safe, meaning it's like

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doubting Allah subhanaw taala you understand this thing? Understand this thing when we put our money in the bank Alhamdulillah we have no fear that that managing disappear. It's a no fear. Similarly, we should have we should have greater trust that if I made the two hours Allah, Allah my face are in the hands of Allah now he will look out for me.

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And the more you fear, the more paranoia you have. It fulfills the thing you're afraid of. You believe that things are gonna misfortune is gonna fool you. And many times people say I went to the fortune teller, he told me I'm going to lose my job and and a year later I lost my job. Why? Because you're constantly paranoid and fearful everything at work you were you brought it upon yourself as a result said this thing that the guy was weighing it will actually only make your situation worse, because you actually bring about betting on yourself. Now without a doubt jack Muslim and I must mention that there are different types of dangers. We know basic dangerous, crime, violence fire you

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don't say I trust Allah, Allah protect me like a breakaway, but on human you put your hand in the fire, you're gonna burn. Allah has created cause and effect, that there are things Allah has made known if you do this, it can harm you. Taco doesn't mean you don't take the precaution to tie your camel. If you leave your car unlocked to be stolen, you tie your camel, but we talking about supernatural harms all these such things as supernatural evil is the is the such thing as magic, the such thing as evil eye and has a hole in the Quran. So how do we protect ourselves from these things, just as you protect yourself from normal arms and dangers, there are ways to protect

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yourself correctly from supernatural dangers. Number one, we still hate a lot. So I'm going to protect you for competition.

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It goes without saying and if you want a lot of protection, then you need to go to Allah alone. And the few people that go to and you know, and just this week or two now about now but within the last couple of weeks, someone came to me with Gene problems again, no deal gene problems. And you find people tell you to make this go away. You slaughter a chicken or a cat or something at the crema to add to the ancestors, your problems will go away. Yes. Why? Because gene has come to protect you gene have taken away your disease at the exchange of what? Jana, Jana for Eva. So these things work. But these things destroy your Eman. On the other side. The prediction is through a loss of 100 data

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through tawheed. And people have these problems. It's a phenomenon that I find is growing. To protect yourself from hazard and envy and it exists people can look at you even unintentionally and that can mask misfortune on you is from the Quran. I mean I mean certainly has seen either hazard or law protect me from the hazard of the one where others intervene is hot. How do I protect myself the greatest prediction of the last three calls, recite them up to sorta recite them thrice before you go sleep blowing your hands and wipe over your body. Now recency is to predict your own shavon will not be in a house with Surah Baqarah is recited, if you find your house feels uneasy. These things

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happen Allah protect us. The prediction the cure for that play, recycle because you can have the fudger those who already play on the audio. You moved into a new house, you don't know what was being done of shield or even in that house. It's sort of Baccarat play for three, four days, three days off the budget. let it play loud in the house. Insha Allah put your trust in Allah hi to proceed, as we know from the hadith of Abu huraira and sudo in Buhari that whoever recites it could see before he goes to sleep, no harm can happen to him. Allah will protect him from that, that these are the remedies we take. And as I mentioned, it's special.

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Cali Mattila.

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minshall Lima Allah, I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from all the evils that Allah has created. That's the only do that he said this to our, on your kids for yourself and have faith in that to end

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that we are optimism. Now, VESA sanlam was optimistic in all times, we should not live our life fearful and doubtful. This is not part of the maze of the parts of a Muslim

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We believe ultimately we'll go back to Allah. That's why even in the most difficult times in our life, which is when someone dies, we say, in Allah, He will anylogic. Ultimately all of this is going to disappear. And we go back to Allah. And if we love Allah, and we want to be with a lot, and that should bring us contentment. Now, this also says, Whoever ever lead superstition, stop him from making a decision taking a job buying something because he superstitious, he feels the envy of others, then this is a type of *. Don't let superstition dictate your life. See, Bismillah kutako. If it's a good decision, go for it and put your trust in a law. And the laws had this had

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this behind the law is known as the hadith of Akasha. Very well famous, well known Hadith.

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Maybe so Salaam, spoke to the Sahaba one day, and he told them on piano, from my alma, they will be 70,000 people from this oma who are special, they will get to go to Jana. Before the questioning. Now we believe all of us must be questioned. But there'll be 70,000 people, Zuma who won't even be questioned, Allah will say you go to Jenna, before I even question you, you go straight to Jenna 70,000 people, highly high people that the greatest VIPs. So then we lift and the Sahaba began to discuss who are the 70,000 people? What did they do to get the directory would Some said, you know, it's so hard because we are the best? Other said, No, it can't be us. Why? Because we made sure in

00:31:31--> 00:32:09

the past this ALLAH forgive that. But that stain is on our names. Maybe it's our children. They were born into Islam from the beginning, by the companions, and they never come with the children. So they are the base of the base. Now visa some came out. And he said this 70,000. And if you want to be of they make a lot of them. I mean, let us try. It doesn't mean only for Sahaba nevison says that 70,000 They are the ones who do not perform or appear. And we'll talk about that now. They don't believe in superstition and bad omens, and they don't use tattoos and posterizing burning for prediction. So what are these, and they put the trust in Allah completely. If they have that kind of

00:32:09--> 00:32:50

taco, those people intergender without even being questioned. I must mention one of these three things. Number one, they don't believe in superstition, bad luck, bad omens. Nothing like that doesn't affect them. In the past, people used to get to themselves or burn themselves as a form of prediction. hamdullah we don't do this anymore. But similarly weighing things, amulets in this category, and then lupia meaning you ask someone to mantra your house or decide. It's permissible, so long as it's only good and permissible, but it's better for you to decide yourself. And therefore the one who still goes to spiritual healer is you putting your trust in that man for help. You don't

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believe my Quran is enough. But my doula is sufficient. So this takes away from the perfection of your taqwa. But the person we help recites what happens to the law, this is the end they put the trust in Allah. We 70,000 people, they won't even be questioned on piano legal citizen. May Allah grant us to be from amongst them. Why is this called the hadith of Akasha was one Sahabi said Yasuda Allah let me be of that 70,000 you will be of him. And that's his name is Akasha It was hard at school to have these Okasha Alexander's to be with CATIA in the queue. I mean,

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we continued our senior class this coming Tuesday seven o'clock until the mothership insha Allah please join us we hope to conclude the sealer now when the last five years of the life of the prophets of Salaam hopefully before I move on, we will conclude the life in the biography of Muhammad Salah any questions or comments with [email protected] Hello, hi, Mohammed Ali. Salaam Salaam

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Salaam Alaikum.