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Shirk in grave worship

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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operates being to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful, the most kind, La ilaha illAllah of a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada they are knowing the wise to him we belong to Him we come from and to Him we will return was the last panel data to bless us in this walk of Juma and to forgive all our sins we've committed in this past week and Allah except our eBay debt and our doors do as this this tomorrow what I mean, and we send out greetings and salutations our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the most perfect of creations to him and his family, his companions and all those who follow his suit until the end of

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time. Yeah, a lot It has been from amongst them, I mean Alhamdulillah we continue our series on to heat and we see the essence of Islam is this concept of the heat. That is what this religion is all about. That is the difference between Jana and Jana. The difference between success and failure, the reason why Allah has created us as Allah mentioned, as we mentioned last week, Allah subhanho wa Taala says he has not created us except that we should make a better and worship Him. And we explained over the past few weeks, the concept of ibadah is not just coming to the masjid, not just forcing Ramadan but our entire life is divided everything we do, we do it for the sake of Allah

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subhana wa tada to get closer to him to draw near to Him. And we see the beautiful way to look at your life is to live your life as if though Allah as you can see a lot and if you can't see Allah and we won't see a line this dunya they know Allah is looking at you. And if you live your life like that you will see a lot in Jenna. That is our objective I mean that all of us see Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, let us see you one of the punishments that Allah mentions in the Quran, and rapi him yo mighty lemma jus boon that they will be Mahjoub, they will be barred from seeing a law on kiama the dis those who disbelieve macik they will never even see Allah subhana wa Tada. That's a punishment

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in itself. And we learned last week who Allah subhana wa Taala is and his mercy, his kindness, His goodness to us. All of this is to focus us on Allah subhanaw taala and to worship Him.

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Now we talk today in sha Allah about the opposite of the hate, the opposite of the hate. And that issue, we're here to build. A cover will cover the biggest of the big sins, the most major of major sins, the worst of sins, is Schick and it is the opposite, as we said, of the heat and shield, it nullifies your toe hate completely, one drop of shark, one act of shark, the person who dies with just a little bit of shield in his heart, or in his actions, then he is barred from gender altogether, all of his though heat disappears from Allah protect us from this. And we said, Imagine this, if your life the purpose of your life is

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to worship Allah to draw near to Allah. And she nullifies that, then by doing this thing, it destroys your purpose of existence, one form of schilke. It destroys everything that you build your life on. And I said, and of the dangers of Schick. We won't mention all of them, but some of the dangers of shift just to remind us about why the sin is so evil, and so, so bad. As I said, number one, it is the biggest and the most major Olson's, it is even worse than murder. It is worse than Xena, Shrek is the worst sin that one can do. It removes one completely from Islam. The one who can achieve is no longer a Muslim, no longer a believer.

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It forbids you from ever entering Jana Subhana Allah and condemns a person to eternity in Jannah. We said the murderer, he might have an opportunity to come out of Jannah The one who commit Zina a lot and forgive him an agenda. And in fact that had if we mentioned last week, that a lot of promises no matter what sin you have done, if on kiama even if you didn't repent for the sin, you committed Zina and merge and whatever it might be, you didn't repeat you come to a monkey ama, he will either forgive you directly and into you to Jenna, or he will punish you for a time in janam and then into you to Jenna, but even the murderer eventually vs though he will intergender but the machinery

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Kiwanuka macik and he dies on that will never ever intergender eternity in Jana. This is the one thing Allah says don't do. And then you can go to Jenna one thing don't do this and you can eat agenda.

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And Allah says all the good deeds you can be the basis of people

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And this the best example of this is Abu Talib, the man who raised the prophets of Salaam who protected Nabeel Salaam. He died on Sheikh and Allah says to Nabeel Salaam you do not make even do after him after he died in Nicoletta demon.

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The prophet SAW Selim, you do not give Hidayat to the ones you love. He committed chick and you know he committed to cheat again He died on that house you can't even make dua for him.

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The man who raised the prophets of Salaam who protected him Why was she a lifetime of good was nullified by one act of ship one bit of *, all your good deeds are lost. And as we see that even we cannot even make dua for that person who died on ship Hello, forgive them conduits SubhanAllah. So, in that context, we said this is the greatest topic and the most dangerous thing that one has to understand in your life. Some genoise I know we come and we doze off a company like a nice relaxing moment. But this topic, you can't doze off on this. This is the difference between Jenna and Jenna eternity. This is the difference between success and failure eternally, your eternal salvation

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depends on understanding this. So what is should? Most people you ask them what they should? They will say it is to believe in another god.

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To believe that Jesus is a law or the son of Allah. Yes, that's one type of * or to worship idols. And they will say we don't worship maybe Isa. We don't worship idols, so I'm safe and free from shoot, you know, Nabina Brahim Elisa to Salaam, the father of the heat in the Quran, he makes the dua to Allah save me and my children of his heart and maybe even save us from worshipping idols and committing Sheikh. If Nabhi Brahim felt scared he might fall into Sheikh Spangler we are swear we and abyssal Salaam says the thing I feel most for my oma is the ship that goes unnoticed. The believeable losses and circle cough. Let me tell you the most The Biggest Loser on kiama is the one

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who did good deeds in this life. And he thought he's doing good and he comes to qiyamah in realize he came with a shoe and he goes to john Weaver

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Can we really feel safe that we're not falling into ship. So what is ship ship linguistically in Arabic I sharika for example, is a company or a partnership sharika. She is to get a partner with something else taking something as a partner.

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And in the Islamic context, when we talk about chick, it is to give Allah a partner and equal a companion

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in something which is exclusively his for some things, it belongs to Allah alone, he cannot have a partner. So when you make an equal arrival with Allah in something which is exclusively his, you have committed cheating.

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For example, what what do I mean by giving what is exclusively belong to Allah, what belongs to Allah, exclusively, or what should be given to Allah alone and to no one else.

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And the categories of this, broadly speaking, there are three ways people come up three ways people give things to others besides Allah, which nullifies the Islam number one, in the gods ship and lordship of Allah, and this video, what I mean is people who believe that there are two creators, or their two powers in the universe, there are two sources of, of serenity of divinity and very few religions. In fact, none of the major religions believe in this. The Muslims, the Hindus, the Jews, the Christians, they all believe that there is one ultimate creator, even the Hindus with all the deities they worship, if you ask them, How many creators are the meaning how many ultimate gods are

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they they'll say this one?

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Christians will say it's one we believe in eternity. But we believe in one God in three parts. The Muslims, the African pagan religions that worship ancestors, they will say if you ask them, How many creators are they they will say one creator, Abu Jamal, Allah says in the Quran, the one they worship idols? Have you asked him how many creators who created the heavens and the earth? What does Abuja house answer? Not hubel and lathan ooza. He said, Allah is the one who in fact use the term of VA is the creator of the universe. He believed in Allah. He believed in Allah Buddha, Allah subhana wa. So what did he do? How did he come? He believed in one creator, because very few, as I said,

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believe in more than one God, creator alone, very, very few religions have this. The second type of share

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is when you give one of us names or unique attributes to someone other than Allah, you ascribe to a creation of Allah, things which belong to Allah alone, like saying that this person knows the unseen. He knows the future.

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And we find people who do that.

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We say that

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He has powers and abilities which don't belong to him but he caused the rain to come down or through him, through him, blessings or harm was came to us. We spoke about superstition a few weeks ago, that through these birds or this black cat, or misfortune fell befell me that is in the hands of a law that is a type of * going to a magician, and he can tell you the future fortune teller, the future belongs to Allah, no one knows the future. So this is when we give some of the power of Allah or his names to someone other than Him, you've committed mentorship.

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But the most common form of sheet that people fall into even the Muslims, even those who say la ilaha illAllah and this is the shear which every night we came to fight was worshiping something other than Allah, that when we give any drop of ibadah to someone other than Allah, we have committed major Sheikh nullifies to Islam, Jana, fraternities, Panama.

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And the law says that this is really the essence of the Quran. I always make this analogy you have you know, 10 seconds 15 seconds you want to lift with a non Muslim, and he asks you what is your religion all about? How is it different to my religion? We believe in one God you believe in one God, our religion tells us to be good people your religion says Be a good person, how am I any different to religion? We say the difference is when Allah says, what are the basnet equally mattina sulan I sinned, Allah said we seem to every nation a messenger to say what what was the mission and a near Buddha law worship Allah alone, which study Buddhahood and avoid all forms of worship other

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than his, that our religion is based on this La ilaha illAllah these four words is the difference between Jana and Jana. This for these four words, the most simple of phrases, and you know, even the great Mufti on this earth, the biggest Mufti, if you find out with Google, you ask him, What does La Ilaha Illa mean? The first thing that comes up is wrong, that there is no god except God. Doesn't make sense. There's no god except God. That's not what La ilaha illAllah means. So what is our religion all about you telling your friend in the left our religion is that while we all believe that this one creator,

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our religion goes a step further and says, No one should be worshipped? No one should be asked. No one should be feared. No one should be revered and a Skype divinity except him. You believe in one God but yet you worship Jesus. You believe in one God yet you worship the idols Buddha, you believe in one God but you worship statues, you believe in one God but you worship the ancestors. That's the difference between us and you. That's the difference between my religion and your religion, that the religion of Islam is based on no worship should be given to anyone other than Allah. So what does this Kadima mean? As I said, La ilaha illa Allah does not mean that there is no god except God or

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that God is one every person on earth majority of them believe this, that is God is one, but they don't believe the Kadima. A Buddha believed that there is no god except God. There is no creator except Allah Buddha who believe this, but what he did not believe. He did not believe that this creator alone should be worshipped. So this Kadima and the word in this in this phrase, La La Ilaha. The dangerous word in that phrase is

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that there is no ILA except a law. Now, if you look at the English, they will say there's no god except Allah, Almighty God. So Allah and Allah is two different things. Allah and Allah is two different things. Allah is God the Creator, so we think there is no ILA except Allah. So what is the word Illa mean? Illa means deity, deity. A deity is something that which is worshipped, that which receives a vida, that which is turned to into our and salah and zero, and could all think of all kinds of worship. If it's given to anyone that thing is a deity. So what are the deities in this dunya Jesus is a deity. Maria is a deity, those things these are things to worship, the ancestors or

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worship, the idols are worshipped. The comets are worshipped all these are deities. Allah is saying there should be no deity except me. There should be no deity except Allah subhanaw taala you understand what this religion is not all about that none should be worshipped do not is deserving of ibadah except a loss behind Oh Tada. So in the Muslim will say, I don't worship anyone besides Allah, so I'm safe from here. I only worship Allah I only make sada for him. How is it possible that you say I worship others in Allah? So let's talk about Linux. It's gonna be a bit controversial now, because we're going to talk about ways in which as Muslim people unknowingly for intership and this

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is, as I say, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, this is what he feels for his oma. He said, I feel more for my own mother's hidden ship that we don't know. Then

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how many of my people will fall into shear without knowing it and they come on pm and they find it nice

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It's too late to handle.

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So how have Muslims I talk about Muslims now how have people in Islam and continue to commit change without knowing that they're doing so? in the next couple of weeks inshallah, we'll discuss types of ships

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that are relevant to us. And number one we're going to talk about inshallah is the veneration, the excessive veneration of pious predecessors. The worshipping or extreme praise to the point of view of pious predecessors meaning of prophets and Ibiza, Nebuchadnezzar Salaam of the way the family of the prophets of Allah, people have gone to extreme of eema arms or Olia of graves of Olia of ancestors, people have worshipped and praised pious people. This is actually the root of ship. This actually began

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the first people to be destroyed by Allah. Were, the people have never knew Elisa.

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Before never No, no generation was destroyed. Most people Allah drowned them. They were the very first people a lot destroyed all the other sins of the price nations and he was murdered and Xena in them. Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed it and gave them a chance for Toba and Allah insha Allah pardon them as will not be new people, they did something new. And they went overboard over the story then what did they do? They were the first people to come and check the very first people to worship something besides Allah. How did they do it? In surah, to know the surah of Nabina. Allah mentions that Nabina have said or callooh Lateran

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that you're gonna be making dua to is against these people he gave up on these people. So he may do ISIS, yeah, Allah, they will not leave the last year that word comes again, they will not leave the gods the deity they will not leave the objects of worship forever. They're not going to leave it here Allah what are the Runa and they will not leave what then what else one, what are

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the Yama my people they will not leave the false deities they false objects of worship, and they will not leave what and swag and Yahoo booth and yeah oh kanessa what is these words? These are names of idols. Allah mentions the five idols and then the newest people worship. So how is it we ask that people went from the heat to worshipping idols? How do you get to that? How do you wake up one day? You build an idol and then you worship it? You ask it? Oh, what OSHA helped me assist me heal me. My wife can't have kids heal her. The rain hasn't come here yet What? Please bring us the rain. How did they do that? What happened?

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Even a bus and the prophet SAW Selim mentioned that even a bas Rahim Allah has knowledge of Tafseer he gives the Tafseer of this ayah he said these five idols were five pious people, they were five only. And when those five people died,

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the people felt you know, spagnola, this pious Imam, the sheriff, he died, you know, shaytan came to them and said, Why don't you build structures on the graves and build statues to remember them? So that when you look at the statue, you committing sin and you look at the statue, remember Subhanallah I remember him what I remember is teaching. So now you come right and you start making dua to Allah. Then shaytan told him, why don't you go to the graves of these pious people and you go and you make Vicar of a lovely mix Allah to Allah v. But because you in the company, you think of Allah and you'll become more pious and generation of the generation children. So the parents go into

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the graves of these pious people believing that this is where Baraka is, and with with as time went by, she can see it's so difficult going to the cemetery, why don't you build a statue so you can look at it and put the statue in your house? So they saw and as it's mentioned, that one generation so the parents are they standing before the statue worshiping Allah this guy standing standing before the statue, anything? Yeah, well hear me. I'm very sick. I've cancer you may Allah, but these kids do this worshipping the idol, that the idol is the means of cure, and the next generation just as the idol, no not then it went from a what through you ask Allah when Allah was forgotten, and it

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became a word you hear me? Yes, what you give me this. And this is how they came with the chip. They venerated pious people to the extent where they started worshipping Allah. And this methodology of shaitaan does not stop. He does it again. And again, same thing. Now he said, I said was Sam and Abby. He was praised beyond beyond his level by his followers, to the point where they worshipped him. And now they say, well, you have to be like, he's the son of Allah, and they worship him and his mother.

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You understand that this methodology happens again and again and again. So the, the way in which she entered this dunya, the way she thought broadsheet, this earth was through the veneration that

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Excessive veneration of pious figures, and building on the graves and putting pictures of them in your houses and figurines of them as idols, and then believing these things bring Baraka and what time you forget Allah completely like a Buddha Hall and worship the idol alone. Understand, and how many of us are we close to that already?

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NaVi Salatu was Salam in Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, right, this hadith comes in both

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the mother wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and this was close to when the prophet of my part was about to pass away. He was sitting there at his bed, and she was speaking to soda was also a wife of an obese also alum now, so they're an AMA, they both made the majority of the senior ever senior was a Christian country. They went there, and they came back. And so they were talking about what they saw in at the senior. And they said, you know, remember that Cathedral, how big it was? And how amazing how beautiful was that Cathedral, the church we saw in the senior, and the prophets also says to them, that these people who bought those cathedrals are of the worst suffocation. Why

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are we saying when a righteous man we pious synced among them dies, they build a place of worship on his grave, and set up all kinds of pictures and statues? They are the worst of all creations before Allah. Why? Because they worship this is the beginning of *. So Omnibus might be so salami saying this, that when a pious person dies, and they both shines on the graves, and people go to next era of that shrine, that this is the worst of things, and this is should I mentioned this before, that, sadly, the biggest hedge on earth is not to Makkah. It's the way to Karbala, the shrine of

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the biggest hedge on Earth. 10 million people go to the shrine of Hussein to make the art to proceed, rahimullah to ask him to make the offer on his grave to bow before his grave. So Panama.

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This is a major ship. No, two ways about it. There is also another Hadith in Bukhari Muslim Nevelson says,

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and this is what what on his deathbed, he's dying. He's dying. And obviously what he sees in on his deathbed is is a serious, he had a high fever, the prophet SAW Allah and therefore he had a wet cloth on his face. But yet, when Suharto around him, he took a moment to take the scruff of his face and he said, a loss curse we upon the Jews and the Christians for taking the graves of the prophets as places of worship. Be we don't take my grave as a place of worship after me. Don't make me a comment that you worship. Don't come and worship my grave I came to teach you La Ilaha Illa worship Allah when things are difficult, and you feel under stress and you feel life is hard and the rain is

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upcoming worship Allah The one who brings rain and the one who gives I have no power. No Navy has any power. No Angel has any power besides Allah. So worship Allah don't directly

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be way of those who preceded before you. They used to make the prophets graves into places of worship, and I forbid you to do so. Of the, you know, a few days like five days less than a week before the Prophet was passed away. On this law on these last sermons he made the statement, some might say and this is a side note on the slides. What about the magic number we go now in the grave of the Prophet asylums in the masjid, because we mentioned the Sahaba never ever built, then abbyson passed away in his house. His house was a part of the masjid later generations did this. And the Imams the scholars, Imam Shafi and those great scholars, they see that this should not be part of

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the masjid. Either. The kings and emperors did what they liked. So we don't go too much in number week, to worship the grave of the prophets of Salaam. Similarly, we don't go to market to worship the Kaaba, who worship Allah. And we ask Allah and we don't turn to the prophet of his grave and make dua if you ever visited the prophets of his gave, you would find that his grave is to your left and the tip lies to you, right? So you greet the prophets of Salaam and when you want to make dua, you turn to face the Qibla and make dua, the direction of the eyes the Qibla not the grave of the prophets of Salaam. But you find people and I was they, they put letters in the grave and avviso

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solemn letters to him. Yasuda Allah helped me assist me Yasuda Allah bless me Give me this is all acts of ship. So what is the ruling about visiting graves? Can I visit the grave or not? Can we go to the massage? Can we go to the dargahs Can we visit the graves or not yes or no

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prehab preventing these people and speaking out about grave worship that the first form of Shin is this building on the graves visiting the graves making you know worship at the graves.

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Visiting the graves comes into three types. They initially there's a hadith and avviso salaam for the Sahaba from from

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Go into any cemetery.

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The Sahaba were not even allowed to visit the parents were passed away. Why? Why was it haram to visit graves because they were new in Islam. They were new into Islam. And the graves were places where idols were and people used to worship the graves, they used to worship the ancestors. So Abu Bakr and Omar and all the Sahaba in Ibiza Salaam made it hard for them to worship, visit the graves at the Sahaba he said I'm to see that you're going to go Come and get the cemetery, don't even go to the cemetery because your mommy your daddy know your pants, then we'll change the rule and he said, We it was forbidden for you, but now it's permissible, and go and visit the graves. Why? Because it

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reminds you of the era. So if anyone goes to the cemetery, for the purpose of humbling yourself, and remembering that this is where you're going to come tomorrow, that I might be lying here tomorrow, this is permissible, and you'll be rewarded in that. So we visit the Grateful hamdulillah possible not only permissible, it's provided you're worshiping Allah by visiting the cemetery. However, when you go to the cemetery, all you do is you bury this Do you believe the deceased you say the people of the cemetery we sinned Salaam on you and soon inshallah we'll be amongst you and when we make dua for them not to them yeah, Allah help them have mercy on my grandmother Have mercy under the St.

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fitline. Yeah, Allah have mercy and since Salam on the prophets of Salaam in Abu Bakr and Omar is the basis of people get we don't ask them, we make dua for them. Yeah, we'll help them.

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The second type of worship the second type of visiting the very first type permissible only for the purpose of remembering the after the second type of visitation of the graves, which is haram and it's an innovation, not chill, but a bit of an innovation. When you go to make a specific record at the cemetery, you believe that the cemetery is a place of blessing and Baraka, that if I make a solid, they allows me to be more accepting of it, that if I make Vicar V, then Allah is going to answer my door more than if I make if I make a, if I make a ritual at the, at the grave of a saint. Now I was going to accept my daughters, no evidence for this.

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The graves are not places of worship. In fact, the Hadith says, Do not make your homes like a graveyard. Why a graveyard is not a place of worship before don't make your houses empty of worship. The Sahaba never went to the grave of the prophets of Salaam and made a do it. We still talk to Allah right? So even if you go to the cemetery, to ask Allah and you make dua to Allah and you make salam to Allah, but you believe the cemetery is a barbaric place that you know as a more accepted, this is an innovation goes against the dean, and it is amazing since it's not cheap, though. not cheap, but a major, major reason to believe the stones of the graves of the Olia is blizzards. While

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no we don't believe in stones. We don't believe that, you know, and people come to me and they say, you know, I'm not feeling well. I have a problem in my life. I feel that these supernatural powers affecting me, can I isn't this special because I can make at the karma or something, or why we kept the last third of the night and make dua to Allah subhanaw taala. Come to the mercy demonstrate is the place of

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your own way no one sees you that's the place of evader, not the cemetery. It's not the place of evader. The last type of visitation and this is the worst is the one who goes to the cemetery for the purpose of worshipping the dead person asking, saying, Yeah, bukata Gilani, Dr. rasulillah salam, bless me, heal me, assist me. This is a major shift for Akbar that nullifies your Islam and take someone where you have to be left handed them. This is the danger. And part of our weakness in Eman is that we attach our hope to things other than Allah subhanaw taala that we feel things other than Allah, and we believe and this is the natural inclination of insight, we want something

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tangible. We want to hold something and look at something when we worship. Allah says worship Me, I'm for iniquity. We said that last week, that when the bird asked you or Mohammed was about me say that I am here and I answered the door, you don't need to go any way you can be in your bed lying down and you can make the kind of a learn ask Allah, you don't need to go to a special place. There are special places from the sooner we know, like the Hara maka like the day of alpha on alpha, now Allah sanctified those places that if you make the RV Alaskan except it doesn't mean the places only if you take the sand out of our home it's going to predict you know, it's that time like the time of

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Ramadan is only the last third of the night is holy. If you make two are in that time.

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And the final point to consider that she Allah does not look at the intention. Every single person who can mature they believe they doing good. They believe I'm going and I'm worshiping and asking Ibiza

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Asking the prophets of Salaam How can this be bad? I'm not watching TV or committing haram or committing Zina or doing evil. I'm making worship I'm making Vicar. No intention, Allah does not look at the intention. If it should be cheap for you as a biller, and we buy not worshiping a saint, and not worshiping Ibiza, it's not that we don't love you. We will say we are the first love Nabi sallallahu sallam, and we love love Isa, like all the ambia and you cannot be a Muslim if you don't love Nagisa. But we don't say that you can worship Him. We don't say you can ask him. We don't say that he's a son of Allah subhanaw taala. Similarly, we don't say the saints as we love the saints,

00:30:41--> 00:31:21

that we are Muslim by the grace of Allah and today if it had not been the only other thing to our country, we would not be sitting here. And every moment that we're sitting here, worshiping Allah quickly, they are being rewarded with 300 years of reward is going to them. There was no put on in this place until they came and they taught us the Quran. So they're getting the reward. But similarly, we love them, we follow them, we don't worship Him, and they themselves did not go to graves to worship and sisters or saints, they themselves did not do that. If we love them, then follow the example. We cannot take away from the statue. And it does not benefit them to build

00:31:21--> 00:32:02

statues in the image to build shrines upon the graves to beautify the graves with chandeliers and with carpets, how does this benefit the man in the grave and he does not even show respect to him, but rather give that money to charity in his name that benefits him. So my beloved brothers and sisters, we as I said, we love the earlier and we ventilate the earlier through following the example but do not go excessive as it says do not be exceed like other religions became extreme. Love me. Follow the Sunnah. But worship Allah alone, as I say, never considered that last sermon, who ever worship when the prophet SAW passed away and Sahaba didn't believe he died? What did he say

00:32:02--> 00:32:30

his famous words who ever worship Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam they know Muhammad has is the is dead. The professor has died. Don't do anything. But if a worship of love and remember, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah is always alive, but he's the one that we worship. So May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. As a matter of I offended anyone. So my intention but as I said this is the difference between success and failure. Don't take this with you

00:32:31--> 00:32:37

don't don't put yourself in a situation we Jenna and Jana Miss in the in the scale independence.

00:32:38--> 00:33:15

No one has ever said even those that say you can bow to a grave that you can bow to the same. Even they will say if you make dua to Allah and so it's okay nothing wrong. They will say it's not as good but it's permissible. You cannot go to jahannam for worshiping Allah alone. Be safe. Don't take the risk with your deen whenever you have difficulty Raise your hands and that's enough yaquina law that's going to be sufficient for you. So now that grant is still hate that we preserve it and protect it, but we come to Alanna de Fiamma with that Kadima on our books, you will intergender inshallah, me for so Latina Mohammed

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Al Hamdulillah Vladimir Solomonic

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Can you please move forward please this folder gifts and standards close to one another possible