The Prophetic Etiquette of Greeting People #shorts

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Epoxy eyes where basically you're super glued eyes and you can really scare a person like that. But sticky eyes is you paying attention to person who's talking, right? And as we know the profits of Eliasson I'm used to not only look at the person who's talking but turn his body towards them as well. Sometimes when

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someone's saying Salaam and a group of people, they'll go.

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Okay, so like, if there's two people here, right? They'll say salaam to the first person. And by the time they say Suriname, they're looking at the second person. They're like, so I'm gonna go and here's the second part. So I want to go

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somewhere. So the not a single person did they face and say salaam properly too. Usually when the person gets to me and I see them doing that, I just dropped my hand and their hand goes

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and then they stop and then they look, I'm like, Look, if you're gonna say sit down, you know, look at me and say it from your heart. If you don't want to do that, then just sit down. Alright, so do it. Like you mean it's not like you're in a soccer game. Good game game. Good game.