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A look at the noble position of women in Islam and its role in advancing women’s rights


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of oppression in the culture of the United States, including alcohol, drugs, and even violence. They emphasize the importance of being a good person and not just a good person in order to achieve goals. The segment also touches on the treatment of women in the past, including visa treatment and the use of women as weapons. The importance of acceptance and understanding of men and women in their religion is emphasized, along with the importance of finding a partner who is both beautiful and strong in relation to sex. The segment also touches on the secret of marriage, including the importance of finding a good partner and finding a good friend in the relationship.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah ashrafi mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali wasabia Jermaine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala our Creator, our sustainer a shadow Allah, ma I be witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah. And we see now greetings and salutations, beloved Nelly Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and his companions and all those who follow me soon until the end of time. I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us in this walk of Juma and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to granted this July be a means of expiation of our sins of last week, and may be a light that guides us in the week to come. We make a special to our last panel data for the oppressed people in Burma. The oppressed people throughout the world, Muslim

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or non Muslim, whatever faith creed or religion, whatever way they look, whatever color they are, um, Allah subhanho wa Taala save us from oppression and save the rich people of this dunya I mean, certainly my beloved brothers and sisters, oppression is the very worst of all sins, for infection, which is the worst sin is a form of oppression as you find in Swift to look man, we look man says to his son, that verily shirt is the greatest of all operations to oppress one another is the worst of sins. And on kiama the places reserved for the worst of sinners are those who commit to chick and oppression.

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There's so much oppression happening in the dunya. And remember, when I was younger, maybe you remember as well, they used to be in the hookah would make a llama suit one another Philistine, Allah help us in Palestine. And when it became the avani, Stan, and then it came Bosnia, and then it can sit here and he can, the list gets more and more and more each time, sadly, we living in times of difficulty and hardship. But while we still have young people that are learning and studying and growing, the dream of a better world continues as well. Today I want to continue talking about oppression, but not oppression that you find overseas oppression you find in other countries

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oppression that all of us might encounter or might even be guilty of. And there is oppression to our sisters. And I know we've passed August, and usually August is reserved for women's month. And it's not something we should be confined to to only a month it's something we should always discuss the plight of our sisters, and if you want to understand how important the issue of sisters are, just take this hadith into consideration. The very last advice Nabil salatu salam gave this oma, you asked what was the last baiyang NaVi Sonam gave? We're not talking about how much we know. We'll talk about the farewell sermon that wasn't the last Diane Nabisco someone passed away about three

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months after that. The very last goodbye he gave. He was too subtle are seldom too weak to even stand the set on his member. And he just said two things. A Sala sobre la Malacca a monochrome very last advice to his own my son Oh my Sahaba take care of your solar and your solar wama malakut a man Oh come and look after the things that you are in charge of meaning the people in your custody meaning look after Firstly, your women, your wives, your mothers, the females within your trust your children, your servants your slaves, look after them. And our Deen as complex and as complete as it is ultimately comes down to two things, though he worshipping Allah alone and be a good person. If

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you worship Allah alone, and you are a decent person with your fellow mankind, in sha Allah, Jenna is almost guaranteed. I mean, that's what our Deen comes down to. And the last thing that visa Salam advised us look after in particular the people you need to look after our sisters. And if we look at way sisters, and the position in society was in the past, and even till today, the front page of the cape times I believe it is, you'll find a sister with a female that was murdered, looking for her killer. You find from the history from the beginning of time until today and until the end of time, the our women will be an openness and a abused segment of our society. If we look at the days of

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javeria and this shows you what Islam was, so the theme and the topic of my football is Islam the feminist faith. If you could imagine Islam coming in the time of Jay Z, it was radical. It was radical, it was extreme. The Qureshi was so shocked at the lowest

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That Islam was bringing saying you giving rights to women like this like that soon you'll give the animals the rights and indeed animals will also given the rights what kind of what was it like living as a woman in jania? Allah subhana wa tada to tell these people yeah you will Latina amen Oh people if you have a man lie 134 Nisa Quran it is haram for you to inherit women against the world meaning back in the days of Jamia not the good old days, the bad old days, if your brother passed away, and he lived a life along with his camels and his property, his wives would come to you in inheritance. She'd never seen the matter. She was property and you inherited the property. This was

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normal. This was the day to day goings of janelia a lottery win if you can't do that Param Panama. Allah says in the Quran, that when they meaning the men of Jamia were given the news that the wife gave birth to a child, a female child, the faces would become dark and angry and sad inside, and he must decide what I obey the shame of having a daughter, or would I be a real man and bury her alive? This was this the way women were treated in the days of Jay Z. We're not even talking about property and rights and voting. She had no say she was as the camels were a commodity to be bought and sold. In fact, it was common knowledge that people would barter their daughters would sell the daughters

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would give their daughters as gifts. And this was an only specific to the people of Jamelia. Don't ever think that you say that we're the Arabs. We as the Judeo Christians or the Indians, or the different races were better you find in the Bible still today. Versus like in Exodus that says this is in the Bible today. In Exodus, it says that if a father sells his daughter as a slave, she should not run away. And that's her place her father sold as a slave and she should remain and not be set free.

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In Deuteronomy, it says that if a man rapes a virgin woman, go, what's his punishment, in Islamic needs to be executed? From the biblical law? His punishment is that now he needs to marry her. And he must pay the father for damages. Why could you use the property? You smashed the car now it's your car. Why is the concept is property. This is the Bible you find in Leviticus. It says that if a woman is in her maintenance in a hide everything she sits on everything she touches, that entire area becomes nudges. And if you as a man touch her for the entire day, you will notice and you need to do so different to our Sharia. The prophets of Salaam is lying under the covers with one of his

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wives maimunah Salama, and she gets up and she walks away. Rasulullah says Hey, what's happening where you going? We cuddling. We enjoying ourselves. tcrs Lola I got my head.

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Any held in the same blanket with her? Ayesha would say that when I had my high libido, Sam would put his head in my lap and recite Quran just to show that this is something of a last creation of hamdulillah. Right? And if some may say, Well, that's the Old Testament, New Testament is slightly more enlightened. And it is, you find even in the words like in Timothy, where it's written, that a man or a woman should never have the ability or authority over a man and should never teach him She must be submissive and quiet. Why? Because man was man was not deceived, whereas women were deceived, and they are the sinners, or they ate from the apple, they ate from the tree and they are

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sinners, they invented sin. And in Corinthians, it says, that, you know, we talk about the issue of hijab, the Bible says in Corinthians, if a woman doesn't cover he or she should shave your hair off, she should shave it off shaver he off, which doesn't want to wait, hijab? Why? Why must you wear hijab for the Bible? Because she should cover herself and she shouldn't have like the man to show his glory because we are created in the image of God we are she was created from men, which is the biblical view very different to Islam. So what does Islam say? And in this book by inshallah, we look at Islam and women on a number of levels. In terms of the Judeo Christian religion, you'd find

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that a woman is seen as deficient in her creation, meaning in the sight of Allah from day one, she was defective when she came off the factory line.

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Islam is very different. Islam says,

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woman Aya t on Haleakala coming

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into school ala nabina, Muhammad Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says of the signs of a law if you want to know I exist, Allah says if you want to see my greatness and my power, look at the spouses I created for you. Look at the wives of the

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When you look at this amazing feeling that you have this powerful feeling of love and mercy and tranquility, which cannot be replicated, with anything, it's more powerful than any other feeling that feeling of bond and connection between husband and wife. Allah says that's a sign that I exist something bigger than you, oh insan that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, never ever when he calls the deeds, whether it be from a man or a woman to be lost, that everyone will be equal in the sight of Allah. And now vehcile salam says, Allah does not look at Suvarnabhumi does not look at your forms, your color, your bank account, the car you drive with you male or female. But Allah looks at what's

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in the heart, what's inside the heart. That is what's going to count with a male or female, you will find the highest places of gender reserved for men and women and the lowest places in Jana mela predictors for men and women as well, from the Islamic perspective, and it's very important for us, gentlemen, you take this as a common knowledge, we know that Allah is not unfair, and unbiased, or was not sexist in his view of people. But this is not the norm in other faiths. In our religion, in our faith, we have this principle Allah says, in a Chroma come in de la kakum, that ultimately the only level of superiority, the only one who is above the next one is on the basis of taqwa only God

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consciousness is what separates beta from the risks. And if you look at the issue of and this goes back to the fundamental belief of, for example, Christianity, that says that woman invented sin, she was deceived by shape on she ate from the tree. And then she deceived Adam, and therefore for us, male women are the big temptation, meaning shape and can deceive us, but women can deceive us, and she was deceived by shape on this is different to our account, every ayah in the Quran that speaks about Adam and Eve, you would find unless it says waka Houma, the two of them, were that leg woman, and the two of them were deceived, and the two of them were expelled and the two of them were

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forgiven. Allah does not say who it first to second, together, they together they ate, but in fact, in one ayah, Allah does say, we'll also add that Adam disobeyed his meaning the blame in that ayah appears to be more Nabhi Adam and Hawa, possibly eight first, but it doesn't matter, because Allah forgave them both. Were so massive, it's a huge thing in our religion, that in the queue on kiama, there is no VIP for me. There's not going to be a cue males or females with sisters and sisters in the back end meaning for them No, they will be standing equally in the sight of Allah. In terms of the Sharia, and this is where Islam gets hammered a lot. And it's important for you as young people

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who will be taking this Deen forward and you interact with non Muslims to show the progressive thinking about Deen. You know, in the Encyclopedia Britannica, it says the rights of women were always, you know, held ransom by men throughout the ages. It was only in the late 19th century 1887 or so. The married woman's act in Europe, which allowed women a married woman when she gets married before 1887 when a woman got married, the husband took control of her wealth and a property Why? Because she was seen as a child. She needs to be taken care of. She can't deal with money and businesses and properties. She She doesn't have the mental capacity. This was the view up until 1887

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only vainly the low costs, but if a woman wants to buy and sell her property, she can do so without her husband's permission. And only in the 19th the 20th century 1912 1917 we're talking about like 100 years ago, guys 100 years ago where women allowed to vote.

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That's, you know, how recent in the Western world has come you know, with the laws and the thinking in Islam from day one from the very beginning. Allah subhanho wa Taala said that for women is a she and her right in terms of her property and her wealth. Then what is hers is hers and will it remain hers when she was first inherited in Jamia Allah subhanho wa Taala made an inheritance compulsory for her Shahada. Masha was a master of inheritance. We can tell you some more, but inheritance is really you know, for Islam. A lot put this in the Quran. Allah did not say how many records to make for the answer. But he said how much she is the daughter and the wife and the mother must get from

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the past where she was inherited a lot put down every single fraction in the Quran, which our female should get. She has the right to vote and to choose her leadership that Allah says that the prophets of Salaam if the believing women come to you and they want to pledge allegiance to you, they want to support you

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Take the pledge that they have a right to choose which leader they would like to follow. When they have the rights as we sit in terms of marriage, her property will always be hers. Her wealth is hers her mother is hers, she has the right to choose her husband, Heidi, professor says do not marry your daughter's off without the permission of your daughter.

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She you need to ask and you need to tell her Would you like to marry XYZ or if she chooses somebody we should not stop her from getting married. But this is something which is her right and that she's she can choose her own partner in the past this was his like lightyears ahead guys, this is like, you know, you know, extremely radical views 1500 years in jania.

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The prophet SAW Selim also advise freedom of movement, the prophecies, do not forbid your women from coming to the Maasai, from the mosques. Don't stop them if they want to. It's better for them to make Salah at home if they would like but if they want to attend the masjid don't stop them from coming to the masjid she's free. And in fact, it was the tradition that the females as they would perform Salah behind them in it was not upstairs or downstairs. The sisters would performance the law behind them in and when the Salah was done then abishola Hotel the main remain seated with the sisters leave first and then the men can leave. Don't stop them if they want to come to the masjid,

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then Ibiza Salaam also made it compulsory and not compulsory, but really the Huck that education should be for all you're very fortunate to take a side note here. You're very, very fortunate to be in this McCombs place of learning. very fortunate. Knowledge is power. You know, just as you have laws in physics, you have gravity. You know, it's a law in physics. You have electromagnetism, it's a law in physics. Knowledge is a low and a low with a law, that the one who is learned will always be superior to the one who is not learned. That is why only after Allah taught Nabhi Adam, did this angels mix US based on his knowledge, he knew what the angels didn't know. So he's superior.

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Knowledge is power, and alone will always favor the learned over those who are not learned whether they're Muslim or not. And if we're you being here, in the opportunity to better yourself to Excel to climb the ladder with Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's a great honor and trust, take it with both your hands. Learn as much as you can. Don't waste your time. Therefore this great man and this great gift of learning is free and is offered in the Sharia both equally to men and women that both men and women should learn. Do you know how we came about this? Remember this puppet? When did it come with an abyssal Salaam built a pulpit? How did he give goodbye? Did you have something like this?

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Then Elisa Salaam used to give Hooda standing against a tree It was a tree in the ministry This is the merging of the two pieces in the Medina machine. Number one, you would stand against a tree and you would give food by standing standing by the tree eventually, as the Gemma got bigger and more people embraced Islam. The sufu of the men became more and more and more and what happened to the sisters. They got pushed further and further further away. There was no microphone obviously. So this is one of the sisters stood up is it Yasuda la sala Salaam

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we can't hear you anymore. We assistance are so far behind. We can't even hear you anymore. Give me permission. I would like to build you a member a pulpit. So you can stand up and you can elevate your voice so we can see you as well. Now this also is a good idea. And the first member the member of Rasulullah saw Salaam was made by the servant of this lady a sister she bought the member and then she also said yasumasa salam give us a day in the week we it's exclusively for the sisters We would also like to interact with you directly and he agreed to that Why? Because the server right? How do we have massages that don't allow the sisters to come to the machine. So he bought this

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member just to complete the story because the beautiful story when the member came and a piece of salon performed that first hook back and he ascended the pulpit and that's why we do the ascension of the pulpit every Friday in emulation of the sooner a string sound was heard in some weird sound was at the mercy even was checking the phone says me.

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And the sound came from the tree. It was making the sound of a child crying was like wailing, weeping nagging. Whenever he saw something came to it, then a visa system has three purposes one was the first 300 or 303 and you were sure who was the head is

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it made it to three comma five. And it was split something to the three and the Sahaba etc to the three Don't cry. Um, no, I'm gonna just be standing over there. But in sha Allah. You will be with me in Jana, who you will be a three of one of my trees in the gardens of Jana, and the narrations

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mentioned soon after the death of the prophets of Salaam, the city also died. And they buried their tree one of the themes of the prophecy engine as Moses was full, and they all heard this headed. Point is the sister was the one that asked to have the member she has the right to pursue her education. We can't stop her. In terms of divorce, Allah has given us a means by which he can exit her religion. This is impossible in the Jewish faith, a woman that is in some faith, even Christianity whose Catholicism main column and get divorced.

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Women were given a way of exiting the faith easily not hard. A lady comes to the prophets of Salaam and she says Yasuda wa sallam, I want to complain about my husband's brother lawn. So hobby. Sabbath is a hobby. He says, I don't complain that he's a bad man or a bad Muslim. He's a good man. He's a good Muslim is a good husband. I just don't like him. And I don't want to be with him. And I don't like the person I am when I'm with him. Can I divorce him? And the professor says yes, you can. And it'll take would you take better she asked the Prophet asked the lady so seldom would you return the Muhammad he gave you a garden in terms of charity Do you want to give it back? So she said I'll give

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it back to him he can take his garden. So the Prophet said to take your garden and divorce are simple. We don't force people into marriages, they don't want male or female. This is the guys this is like a revolutionary in terms of 1500 years ago ajeeb didn't find this and other religions, and you will not find a religion that has a greater influence by females. How many Sahabi eyeshadow Yolanda perhaps one third of our Deen is taken from Russia. The most half the Quran first copy was in the hands of half saw the original master copy of the Quran was in the house of Casa de la. And so many of our great scholars that we take, if you look at the story, Imam Shafi Eman Buhari, Mr.

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Muslim of when Mr. Malik, Mr. Mohammed in Hamburg, the inspiration in their lives were the females, the mothers, they were raised by single mothers, single mothers, not the fathers, they will breeze by single mothers, and many of them are teachers who are female, our Dean, we don't look at gender. If a lady comes with a fatawa. And our knowledge is better than us, we submit to her as Omar Abdullah would go to hafsa. For fatawa, we go to whether the most learned is a female Alhamdulillah we learn from them as well, in terms of knowledge is equal. And then the last area of my discussion is in terms of how so in the sight of Allah, she's equal, not the same. There's a difference between

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being the same and being equal. She's equal in terms of a status as men, she can excel will go down in terms of her rights in the Sharia, she has rights equal to mean in certain regards. And she's equal in terms of the law in terms of our relationship, and this is why it's important Allah subhanho wa Taala has said to us as men and women how we should live with one another.

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Why should we not be married to fear this many times in the football when you when you get married? I mean, I mean, right? Part of coming to varsity is finding that spouse, right. Right.

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laughing and I mean, right, and inshallah, you know, some of the biggest decisions of your life will be made this next to 30 years, what degree what profession, what partner, you're going to love, your your life is going to be decided in these 510 years. I mean, the last the next 235 years, depending on how long it takes you for your degree, right? In sha Allah, it's only like 34 years longer than that, but you will choose your partner and Allah sees why she wouldn't have been tomorrow and live with them in kindness. live with him, in goodness, love with him equally in equitable terms. Both sides need to be need to be looking after one another in that I mentioned to the room where Allah

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says women are Yachty and of the signs that I am Allah, I gave you your partner. Allah says the reason why I gave you a partner letus who knew Elijah, that you may find tranquility and peace with each other, that you should not that this lady, you've married her not to make her life more difficult. You bring peace in her life, and she brings peace in your life. And then Allah says rajala Vinod Kumar, Rama and Allah is the secret ingredient in marriage. Famous, you know, this famous waiting joke, the secret to successful marriage remains a secret, right? That's the famous joke. But in this ayah Allah gives the secret. He says rajala he I am the one who places in this

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marriage, my wife and Rama who is my wife, who's Rama, these two women, my wife and Rama. My what is deep passion at the heart Love.

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intense love I was I am the one that puts that now what in your relationship for all the reasons you got married and all the things that attract you to one another. That brings about Nevada. And then Allah says and in addition to tranquility, number one, you get married to

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Make each other's lives easier. With my what is attraction is Love is a fiction, we should also be Rama and mercy. Why? For the bad days for the things you don't like in your partner, but in the very worst of days in your marriage, they should still be respect and key and concern. If you married her because she was the most beautiful girl in town and you walked around hand in hand because of a beauty 50 years later, when she's old and wrinkled, you will still work hand in hand with her to the clinic. This is how Allah says you get married. And the objective of marriage for example, in this way we usually interact with with women is we don't have guys we don't have this close to give to

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your pot. The objective of us is that we work hand in hand to gender, and our partner is the one who will help us this is the meaning of that had if you've completed half your deen you found a good pious woman, a good pious husband, half your deen is now completed meaning this person will encourage you so you or the other party in this deal together you walked agenda and we know that even in agenda one you know you only get to go to the agenda that you've earned through your deeds. You only need X amount of Salah so you can't go to the people of gadget because you didn't get the but if your wife Excel and you get in the lift in Jenna and the angel says Ahmed you're only going

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to gender number two, but since the you in the penthouse she can take you with her upstairs in the penthouse is community of property in terms of rewards.

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professor says the greatest gift you could have the old dunya is a treasure. But the greatest matar the greatest delight you could have is finding someone that is a good woman. And when you look at her, you feel happy just looking at her you feel happy. This is the relationship the dean bowls, and I ended up with this Heidi, when we think of piety and Taekwondo only have

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we imagined Shama big beard, gray beard, long film in the masjid five times a day, dad, dude, fasting liquor, liquor, liquor, that's valuable, right? That's how early Protestants is know, the best of you that's part of being a wedding. That's one way of getting closer to Allah. But in the famous Hadith, and abbyson says, the best of you have in terms of a man, the man who has the strongest man is the one who is the best, as the best character in how he deals with his neighbors, his friends, his colleagues, his enemies, he is a good person, we need useful people, that's the best person and the best of them, meaning the base of the base, is how he deals with his wife was

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good to his wife, why it's easy to be a nice guy in public. When you were alone at home, tell me about it. When the kids are crying, three o'clock in the morning, it's hard to be a nice person to the lady next to you. That's when the frustration comes out. If you can still be a good, nice person, to your wife, when no one sees you, then this is the highest level of a man. That is to imagine that is the base of the base, the proficiencies that's what it takes. That's what it is. You know, we have this famous Hadith where the prophets of Salaam says the biggest test and fitna, I left behind from the male's of my oma is

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at Facebook, out women, right? Women is the biggest test and trial is the biggest fitness for men is women. And usually we understand this how do we picture that lady is you know, very revealing outfit. That's the fit that we're talking about? No, not the ladies outside that type of fitness. But the bigger fitness of the sisters that you will find your sisters, your wives on piano. When I was gonna ask you, do you fulfill the heart of this lady? You can't go to Jenna until you have passed the test of this lady. Will you say cobuild Tunica. On the day of your liquor, you're not saying I accept her. You're saying I accept the Amana that I am hopefully that I will look after her

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and care for her and respond to her happiness or sadness or emotional well being is in my hands. That's the fitna that you must be worried about. That's the exam we must ask between you and Jenna is going to be your wife standing me.

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And it could be on her account that your intergender you didn't make much solder which you will who hasn't been going to intergender and on her account you made much smaller, much faster and much charity. But you go to janam because you abused that's the oppression that we need to worry about. Is Burma city is important. But all of us can be oppressors and all of us mela protect could wake up on the day of pm with the oppressors with fear around how did I appreciate Allah? How did I oppress anyone? I wasn't in the government. How did I please anyone? No. You didn't look after the amount of your wife and the people when mother caught a man whom those who your right hand positions meaning

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those that you were supposed to take care of. So we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us in our relationships. Allah keeps us in the state of piety and taqwa in all

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states and wolfies Melo grant all of us to have the best of spouses are benevolent. amenas wodgina, Adrianna kurata and agenda limiter Tina Mama, Allah grant us the best of husbands and wives and children with the coolness of our eyes now Lord grant you success in Sharma in your studies may be a continuous you always be an all of us be on a process of learning never ends. May Allah grant the future to be better lit tomorrow we better than it is today. And may we when we leave this dunya leave it in a better place than we found. I mean, we're sort of lost right now Mohammed Ali, Osama serene and humbler Vladimir sokola hate so much for inviting me Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

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