Habib Bobat – The Fiqh Of Intimacy Part 1 – Introduction

Habib Bobat
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Fear of intimacy intimacy

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please note the segment is intended for a mature audience listener discretion is advised

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your understanding to the marriage program on radio Islam international and it's time for our fifth of intimacy. Today we'll be doing the introduction to the segment and inshallah we'll be enlightening our listeners with regards to the show a perspective in these matters. Now, many people would like to bring their intimate life in accordance to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. However, the shyness becomes a barrier and they are unable to educate themselves. And many people go about doing things with their own little understanding or with them, misunderstanding that they have. So I've decided to share the Islamic perspective to share with you the correct method of doing

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things. And we have to understand that Islam is a complete way of life. Islam is a complete religion, it is a perfect religion, that covers every aspect of a believers life. So Allah subhanaw taala, the creator and the Master of the Universe designed and molded human being and he took into account the needs of human being. So he understood Okay, nutrition is an important need of a human being and therefore Allah subhanaw taala provided detailed laws in terms of nutrition, what is halal, what is haram? What to eat, what not to eat? Likewise, Allah subhanaw taala understood the need of money matters. And so Allah subhanaw taala provided detailed laws to transact in a certain

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way is permissible to transact in that manner is impermissible to take Riba is haram etc, etc. Likewise, Allah subhanaw taala took the need of the intimacy so intimacy also forms part of the human need. And Allah did not shy away from addressing these issues. And therefore Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam was sent as a guide to humanity, and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam just as he taught us how to do business, just as he taught us how to conduct our lives, in terms of our social circles. Likewise, the prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam has also given us guidance with regards to our intimate matters. Now, Islam has covered every angle, Islam is covered. taharah Islam

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is covered Salah Islam is covered business Islam is covered inheritance. Islam is covered in marriage. And at the same time, Islam has also covered intimacy and that is why it forms part of our religion. It is part of our ibid also, and we find it all ama in the past have also dedicated specific chapters in specific books in this regard. You find a * alone by Mr. mahasarakham Talalay speaks about intimacy in his book, we find a tip number three by ignoring your mojo Zia. He has also dedicated chapters to intimacy. We find a movie by Edna Kodama Rahim, Allah tala, he has also covered this aspect in his book, or a Shara to Nisa by Imam nessa Rahim Allah Tada. The point

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is that it forms part of our makeup. That's the introduction to the whole topic. And we also have to understand that there's a lot of misconception out there a lot of misunderstanding out there, a lot of people are doing wrong things. And also there are many people who are shying away from doing certain things, thinking that it is impermissible thinking that it is haram, whereas it is totally halal. And likewise the other way around also, and at the same time, we have to understand that this is a need of a human being, he's either going to fulfill it according to the law of a law, or either he's going to fulfill it to the little understanding that he has. And that understanding can come

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from the internet, or from the Western culture, which could be highly problematic at times. So to to understand the old method, we need to understand that Islam is a practical religion, it hasn't shied away from any aspect of a human beings life. So we need to understand this in that light. I also understand at the same time that many people are sensitive about such matters. But we must understand that shyness and sensitivity should be exercised in its correct place. The Sahaba came to the Prophet of Allah and they asked him explicit questions. Both the men and the women, that we women would come to the Prophet of Allah and ask our Prophet of Allah in so and so's situation, what

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do we do and the Prophet of Allah would give them guidance. So yes, our shyness is there. Yes, sensitivity will be maintained, but we must understand that that should be in its proper place. Learning about such matters is not against religious propriety. It is it is worth

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In accordance of our sooner, and we should understand it in that regard in sha Allah and we must also take into account that the internet is replete with such wrong information. So we rather provide the proper guidance instead of leaving our children or people who are married to the mercy of the net, or the mercy of the Western culture. So that's the introduction to the segment. And in this segment, I wish to cover important aspects starting from preparation for play, actual play after play. When we're talking about hygiene we'll be talking about personnel matters, we'll be talking about rights when it comes to intimacy whose right is it and how much etc all this will be

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covered in the segment of a we will be taking queries via email or WhatsApp. And that is h babat. at Radio Islam dot zero j or oh seven triple 218384 that's the segment and that's what we'll be covering in this program inshallah, more in the following program to come

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