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The speakers discuss the importance of finding ways to address issues without causing conflict, such as flexibility in addressing disagreements and avoiding double-standing. They also emphasize the need for practical knowledge and acceptance of one's opinion to avoid unnecessary conflict and balance between unity and not uniting with non Muslim individuals. The speakers also touch on the topic of regulation and hate, and suggest avoiding labels and not judge others' needs and feelings. They end with a reference to upcoming events and announcements.

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mandarake man hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah should have been more serene say Dena Mohammed Ali was appeared mine as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala was once again brought to us the house of Allah spinal data and ask Allah to grant us to feed and Baraka, an understanding and wisdom from that which we say whatever which is said of goodness from Allah subhana wa Taala whatever is said that incorrect is from myself and I ask Allah subhanaw taala and you forgive me for my shortcomings in sha Allah insha Allah today, if we reflect on the last seven days, incidences occurred, that makes us wonder as to the state and the the, the understanding and the wisdom and the hikma of the of the oma having a total RNA was seldom, in particular, something which made the headlines, the, the, the Paris

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shooting. inshallah we'll talk more about that next week. And then, of course, more relevant to us today is the, the response and the way in which Muslims interact with one another with regards to mold. And we find that we live in a time and an age where Muslims are unable to interact with those they disagree. There's not a discussion in Sharla today as to what is right and wrong, which sides we take. But as Muslims, we seem to struggle whether we are in the east or the west, how do we deal with those who see things differently to us? How do we interact with a disbeliever? Who doesn't agree to our our Sharia our ideology or our system of belief? How do we deal with the Muslim with

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inside of Islam that has a different understanding of Islam was a different matter was a different Akita with is a Shia with is a Salafi Wahhabi, a Sufi? How do we deal with one another? And how can we move forward in spite of our disagreements? And we see not just this past week, but we ask ourselves, How is it possible? How is it possible that Muslims are killing Muslims on a global scale, Muslims are killing schoolchildren in the name of Islam. Muslims are bombing hospitals and massage it in the name of Islam. However, we reach such a level when someone reads the Quran, and he makes salah and he makes dua and he prepares his email. And then he takes out a gun and shoots

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children and believe that this is the work of Allah subhanaw taala. However, we reach to such a level of backwardness and nothing can describe it better than Jia helliya. And ignorance because of our inability to tolerate and to disagree with a beautiful etiquette, and insha Allah, we hope that Allah subhanaw taala changes the heart of this oma, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us realize that we live in a time where you cannot avoid disagreement. It is part and parcel of what it means to be a Muslim. But when that disagreement leads to hatred, and to violence and to killing, and there's something wrong, there's something wrong with our understanding. So in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw

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taala blesses in this very controversial, very difficult cookbook,

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diversity, and having differences of opinion. So the first question that we may ask, why the problem is that we differ, we shouldn't have differences of opinion, we should all have one body of drama, we should have one mind, we should have one way of thinking we should do everything on the same page. But the problem is that we have differences and this is what results in violence, so we should remove our diversity. This is not the reality. Allah subhanho wa Taala. In his creation in the law of the universe, you would find the diversity and was even in the Sharia, you would find that there is room and scope for differences of opinion. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says very beautifully into

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a room and of the signs of a lot of the evidence that there is an Allah is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors. Indeed, in those signs that are science for those of knowledge. So Allah subhanaw taala says the fact that you are black and white, the fact that you have Indian and Malay and you have different cultures and customs, the fact that you come from different places in the world, and you have cold places and warm places. All of this shows you the vastness of the Creator. When you look at the vastness of the creation, you look at Allah says this is a sign of the Creator. And this is Allah subhanho wa Taala favors

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diversity and differences and Allah subhanho wa Taala it within a certain degree, Allah Subhana encourages diversity. That is why within the Sharia law Sharia does not come to remove certain customs and cultures. Those things which don't contradict with Islam, Islam confirms it. Maintain your identity, maintain your your African pneus your manliness you Indian is maintain that and

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With within the parameters of the deen the Sharia.

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And these differences that we find even within the Sharia. When we look at why do we have so many of my life? Why do we have so many different groups? Why does the one alum say yes the other alum says No, the other item says maybe other arguments I don't know. Why do we have so many differences of opinion?

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Maybe salsa lamb teaches us that amongst the wisdoms and the reasons why Allah has created differences and have left things open to us, he has a mercy and a blessing to us. Now this also lumps isn't in the Hadith. Allies remain silent about certain things out of compassion for you, not foot foot, not because he forgot not out of forgetfulness. So don't seek off to them. So Allah subhanho wa Taala have left matters open to you to decide. And the classical example is the bunnies that are eating when I lost it to them, slaughter a cow. Allah did not tell them what color and what kind of cow if they slaughtered any cow Allah would have exempted, but the minute they started to

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inquire What color should this cow be? What what type of cow should it be? Now it became more specific, and then it became difficult for them to show to exactly the cow Allah subhanaw taala when Allah lift the metal open, you'd find in the Sharia, there are areas with Allah have applied the HD hide where we say there's no clear cut evidence. Now this also is telling us it's not that Allah forgot to provide laws within the Sharia in that regard, or that the sooner it is deliberately left out why, so that the oma can can facilitate and come up with a flexible solution. There isn't one answer to this problem that there are three, four or five answers, all of them are acceptable. So

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now visa Salim is telling us clearly that there are things within the Sharia, which are not fundamental. Those are not things that will make you a Muslim or non Muslim, but there are things leniency within the Sharia. And therefore we have space for differences. The Sharia has, in fact, both place for differences of opinion and flexibility. This is the beauty of Islam, the beauty of our Deen and once this is one of the first steps to reconciling differences is to understand that the Sharia is not something plainly black and white, that the Sharia encompasses a gray area, which allows differences of opinion within certain parameters opennebula gs, Allah have mercy on him who

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is not disease. He was one of the great philosophers of Islam. Some mentioned that he is the fifth rightly guided Khalifa, one of the great believers of the Omega dynasty. He came back and he reinforced Islam in a time when kingship and and the monarchy and the Sheila halifa went to a level of of opulence and an extravagance. He returned the falafel back to its origin Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, one of the grandsons of the Sahaba and he says, I am glad that the companions of the Nabi Muhammad wa sallam did not agree on everything. So even amongst Sahaba, the most learned and the most educated that you'd find differences of opinion, I shut down and say this is allowed. Even a bus

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will say it's not allowed, you'd find even matters in belief, even matters of belief, they would have difference of opinion. Didn't obese also lamb see Allah subhanaw taala on the Mirage? He says no, even a bus is yes, it's a theological debate, but they have differences of opinion. How do we reconcile this? How do we deal with this? disease tells us this is a good thing. Why? Because when you have differences of opinion, it makes things broader so that people can have more flexibility in the religion. The fact Allah lay these things out, so that we can be flexible, that we can take a certain law and apply it and then change the law when circumstances changes, the Sharia has built

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this flexibility. Another beautiful example of the hekman the wisdom of the law of old Mr. Malik, the Imam of the Maliki madhhab. He was the greatest Hadith scholar on the face of the earth in his time, the Imam of Medina.

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And for 40 years he compiled he's had his book The Morocco which is precedes Buhari and Muslim. In fact, it's one of the first books of Hadith being compiled. And all of his most of his headings you'd find in Buhari so we say why don't we use this book anymore? Because you'd find it all in Bukhari. The Golden Chain of Hadith is an Malik and nerfed. And even Omar, the Imam Malik heard from the servant of even Omar who heard even Omar Of course, it's a hobby. So just one person between Emma Malik and one of the Great's of hobbies, the son of Satan, Ahmed, one of the greatest collectors of Hadith. So, this is the golden chain. So Mr. Malik took 40 years to compile his book

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of Hadith. And with that his madhhab affic developed when his book was completed, the halifa of the time, came in touch with the book and he says, Malik, allow me Yeah, you know, you are the greatest scholar. You know, in my opinion, let me hang the pages of your mother on the

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Kaaba, and I will demand the oma to follow your method. This will be the official method of the oma. Abu hanifa came before Mr. Malik. In fact, the Hanafi madhhab was they, they were other great scholars. Mr. Malik says don't do this. Don't do that. Don't make my method the official method. So why don't we want unity one method? He says no, because there are some Sahaba that lived Medina, I only lived in Medina, and I interacted with the scholars of Medina, but they might have been Sahaba across the world, and this knowledge that they have preserved, which I don't have, which my mother doesn't have, and this will stifle academic discussion. If you do this, and you enforce my madhhab,

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then you've created and you've removed flexibility. This is the understanding of the great scholars. This is the wisdom within which they worked and the parameters and the frame of mind. And there's so many examples within our history of dealing with differences. How did the Sahaba deal with differences Sahaba did not have one heart and one mind. they differed with one another. The scholars, the Olia the greatest of people, they definitely disagreed. This one said this is acceptable. The other students haram totally haram How can you say that? Right? They differ, but how do they differ with one another? Among Sahaba? For example, if and this is the example of, of where

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Yes, I Chateau de la Anna, at a difference of opinion to even Omar to two great scholars from answers rojava once it is haraam once it is halal. So they came to Russia and they said you have said that this issue is haram. But even Omar said it's okay. Right? It refers to the Wailing of the dead, right, the Wailing of the dead. So even omens opinion, there's a hadith which says that when people cry for the deceased, the deceased is punished in the grave for that when the women and the main whale the moment the deceased is being punished. So even almost as a hadith which I collected from Naruto Salah, which says the person in the grave is punished for the Wailing of those who are

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living, I showed audiences that this doesn't make sense. The Quran says that you cannot be burdened with a sense of someone else. How can I be punished with a sentence that I didn't do? So I disagree with

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people shocked, I should say is one thing. Even Omar says something else a serious matter. So they told I shut up the law. But even Omar says this, he disagrees with you. So she said maybe maybe you didn't hear the answer. Maybe he didn't understand the issue. She made excuses to that he's a great Island. You know, this is his opinion. it's acceptable. But this is my opinion, this is what I've taken. They did not weigh they even disagreed and said, You know, I believe I'm right. They did not attack or demean or put down or insult the opponent. They see that the scope that this hobby is coming with honey is coming with an evidence but I'm also coming with an evidence and I feel my

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evidence is stronger, but he does have a leg to stand on. This was the attitude of the Sahaba even in the times of fitna when there was war between Sahaba fighting, but unfortunately it was unavoidable that conflict the two sides, both sides had opinions that are valid. Now these are some confirm that both sides of these time will come when two great parties have my own mobile fights, that one will be closer to the truth meaning both are untruth. But one has a strong opinion we know that it's a natural deal. And so when the outside not only should we not call this group fighting us that they are the kuffaar panel, how can I call them poofer? They are brothers are they not been

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monastics yada yada lon? So how can you call them when ethics none of the qualities of Nirvana is in them. But there are brothers who went beyond the limits, but even when they would fight jihad against one another, and sometimes result in killing them perform Genesis Allah on each other and they will make dua for one another. This was the level of understanding of Sahaba

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they did not attack one another personally, or attack the man or the inside this belongs to Allah. We disagree on certain issues, and sometimes we need to stick to our guns, but this does not have to lead to hatred. This was the understanding of Sahaba another very beautiful example of understanding and dealing with disagreement. We know within the Shafi method for fighter Salah, the coolant you go to Makkah you find this no coolant right what's going on? right this is particularly to the shaft you might have only the shaft is Imam Shafi came to the conclusion that you need to perform the coup note in the budget Sala then he went to Iraq and he stopped performing the coup notice what's going

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on. This is no I still believe the coolant is should be done in Sala not swannack followed. It's better to have the coolant in Sala Salah is still intact if we don't do the coolant. So I've lifted out why out of respect for the Imam of this place. buzu Abu hanifa I've come to a place with his hanafis and he's mentally strong and his opinion is known. I'm not going to come and rock the boat. I have my opinion I still hold my opinion. I still believe it's true. But I respect the Imam even after he had passed away and if I passed away

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Respect for the Imam of this place. Shafi is the student who Malik and his mother differs from that of his family. Even Ramadan humble is the student of Imam Shafi. And his method is different from his teacher. Yet they loved one another and said that he's the greatest scholar I've ever met. But I disagree with him on this matter and that matter, this is the level of understanding why, because they understood that the Sharia creates a framework with multiple opinions are accepted. We it's not just black and white, yes or no right and wrong, I am right and therefore you must be wrong. No, I can be right. And you can be right. Another person may be right. In fact, we might all be right. Or

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we might even all be wrong, there might be some other evidence out there. It's well known amongst the automa that they would say that I based my mother on this idea. But if you find another Hadith, then that is my method, not this Hadith, but I only apply what knowledge I have, and they always maintain like human knowledge, that my knowledge is only limited. I don't say I have all the information. So my judgment might be fluid. This is the caliber of the greatest of scholars in Islam. What about our scholars today and where we are today?

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Before we talk about religious differences, we take the topic of molad inshallah, later on in the discussion, we look at personal differences, where people fight if, if it was permissible for us to differ, it would be permissible in the matters of Deen when we become angry and disagree, for Dini issues, personal issues, personal matters, have a far less bearing in the sight of Allah. You're allowed to be angry for the sake of Allah, you're allowed to fight for the sake of Allah, but you're not allowed to be angry and fight and harm one another for personal reasons. So personal grudges. This one said that about me or this one didn't speak to me properly. This is something which there

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is no excuse for, and there's so much Hadith and is which speak to the all of us who are in Sun. All of us are in Sun amongst the Sahaba amongst the greatness of God. In fact, amongst an abyssal Solomon, his wives, you found the arts didn't always match. There were times of you know, when they were angry when they even argued with one another. When Abu Bakar on the line was requested to come in and mediate between Russia and abyssal salami the two greatest of people, so in turn will constantly have disagreement with one another. But Allah subhanho wa Taala advises that we should fight this thing. Fight the reasons that result in Discord. So Allah Subhana Allah says to us, and

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this applies to anyone and some of us at this moment, we might have someone in our mind, our parents, our kids, our siblings, we don't talk to because of personal matters, a friend we cut off because of personal grudges. If this applies to you, then listen to these ayat and Howdy, Allah Subhana. Allah says, and obey Allah and His messenger and do not dispute with one another list, you lose your courage and your strength and be patient. Surely Allah is with those who are sabi rune sabihin. Right? So Allah is telling us one of the reasons this is a direct answer. Why is the online the stated is, it's because you are disagreeing with what Allah says, The minute you disagree, and

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you dispute an argue and fight with one another, you will lose your courage and you will lose your strength. You are 1.6 billion people, but you cannot defend a small piece of land, again, 6 million people 1.6 billion, one third of the world's population, yet you're inferior to a few million. Why? Because you disagree. I was giving the clear answer. And if you are in the right ally saying now this also says

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that the when we talk about sealing family ties, you know joining family ties. Now basically it's not joining Family Ties is not where you are good to the relative that is good to you know, join joining Family Ties is trying to mend bridges with a family member that is bad to you. That is building bonds. That is what Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking about. That is why Allah says and have patience, sometimes you would be justified in being upset. You were the one that was cheated and wrong. But have patience for the greater good of patience to bring about communal benefits, family benefits, do not dispute and fight even though you have the right to dispute, but put that

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aside if you can, so that you may take that you can keep unity. Now visa Salaam says Shall I not tell you something that is better than the status of voluntary fasting and I shouldn't have fasting and sadhana salah and Sunnah charity what is even better than that is hubristic Nutella zero sudo Allah, he said, reconciling in a case of discord in a case where there's disagreement for the evil of disagreement and arguing and discord is the shaver and it is the shaver and I don't say that it shaves the hair but it shows

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Religious commitment. It destroys your Eman. So when someone with two people or a family is in the midst of an you know, unplugged this code this one doesn't speak to that one. This neighbor doesn't speak to that neighbor, this Hadji or this person in the community doesn't speak to that Buta Allah. So now besides me say that this is eating away at your Eman And if you remove this, you come forward and you the bigger man. So you know what I asked my, let's put this behind us. Now we saw something that is better than fasting and salah and charity, voluntary fasting and salah and charity, that look to this first, Nabi Salam says that you should try your best to reconcile between parties that

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are fighting. He is not a liar who seeks to reconcile between between people and says good things. So we find maybe this Buddha is not speaking to that one. So we say, you know, let's tell this one, you know that Buddha mentioned you and he said you such a good person said well lying even though he didn't say it, we we just told a white lie. And we tell that you know that Buddha says you used to be good friends, you wishes you can meet up once again, maybe you should get together really he said that even if he didn't say that. Now, it is permissible to Hadith Buhari, that this is not a lie, is one of the few cases relying on telling a half truth is good. Why? Because the reconciles between

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two people.

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Now visa Salam further says it is not permissible for a Muslim to forsake his brother, meaning I don't speak to you anymore. I cut myself off from you to forsake his brother for more than three days. Each of them turning away when they meet, they don't want to greet one another. When they see each other. The one goes in that door, the one goes in that door for three reasons Allah gives you three days to fix the bridges. And if you don't do that, then both of you are insane. And then of course, the best person amongst them is the one that steps forward and says, make me mad. You know, forgive me I was wrong. I take the blame. Let's just move forward. This is something that we find

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very difficult today. Very difficult for us to do as in son. But we have a three day limit. When you understand this, that you cannot hate someone for more than three days. If you can get to that level that you'd never get to the point where you kill someone because he has a different opinion to you in Islam.

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Now visa Salam further says the gates of gender are opened on Monday and Thursday and this is why he fosse Nagisa, Salah mana Monday and Thursday. And everyone who does not come a chick will be forgiven Allah God's mercy on those days. For those who don't come a chick, except a man who has had an argument with his brother, and he said, the mercy will be seated, wait, wait for those two, until they reconcile, wait for them until they reconcile wait for them until they reconcile. So the mercy you're not only is it the shaver, this feud between you and someone else, not only is it eating away at your good deeds, it is depriving you of the mercy of Allah. Why is things not going well, in my

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business, in my family, in my home? Why is your brother that you're not speaking to your blood brother you're not speaking to for 2030 years? This is the reason? Why am I saying that this is a Muslim. In other Hadith, Nabi Salam is telling for the one that it brings about reconciliation. I guarantee you a place in Ghana, for the one who gives up arguing, even if he's right, so even though you are right, if you feel though, you're right of arguing, I guarantee you a place in general, if you're able to do that to say, you know what, you wronged me, or I'm not gonna make an issue. I'm not going to fight you for that. These are personal differences. We're allies basically saying to

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you find a way to bury the hatchet. Even if you are right, find a way to put your pride in your pocket and say, You know what, I make math right, this is personal issues, when it comes to religious issues is much more complicated. Why? Because we cannot simply say, you know, you are right, and I'm right. In certain cases, it's okay to be

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Muslim, it's okay to be this and accommodate. You know, you cannot say we agree to disagree that your religion and my religion is equal. No, Islam doesn't allow this. So at a certain level in within the Sharia, we need to stand up what is true? If it's more difficult, how do I maintain my opinion that is true. But also I need to compromise a love with those who disagree with me, how do I find the balance? And this is where the scholars have written books about the adapt of the law, the etiquette of disagreement. So we take a practical situation, a practical issue like mullet, on the one side you have the one that is not allowed, not permissible. And he's got these evidence and is

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proof. On the other side, you have the brother that says, I come because I love the NaVi sauce alum. He's also got a good Nia, how do we apply? I have two brothers now, they don't see eye to eye on this issue. So what do you do? How do you come to a common ground The first thing is

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When it comes to the matters of the dean, and you want to have an opinion and you want to put forward that opinion, it must be done with sound knowledge. You cannot simply say, I feel my shift said, this is not permissible in Islam. But when it comes to religious issues, you can have your opinion everyone's entitled to his opinion. But the minute you want to enforce your opinion and others, it must be done with knowledge. So Allah says, Oh, you will believe it, Allah obey Allah and obey the messenger and obey and those in authority and authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, if you have a disagreement, and particularly with regards to Deen refer to Allah and the

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messenger, if you should believe in Allah, and the last day, that is the best way and the best results. So if you have an opinion, and you're passionate about your opinion, you can't just put forward your opinion, blindly, bring Hadith, and ayah. And if you don't have a HUD, even if it's your responsibility to remain silent, and not force your issue, until you have knowledge, so many people, unfortunately, the J Hill, the when they speak about the allameh mentioned about the person who has no knowledge, the J Hill, who knows he's doesn't have knowledge is okay. The dangerous person is the one who doesn't have knowledge and thinks he has knowledge and been harmed others. So

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many people, they read an article or listen to a lecture online, and they automatically think they understand the issue from A to Z. And they can blanket everyone as looked at the end. Or they can blanket everyone as those who don't love Nabeel Salam. On what basis I read one, I read one Hadith, I listened to one lecture. So I have the knowledge. And I can pause to come on everybody with the knowledge, even Malik 40 years to compile his book for two years to compile this book. And then he says, I don't know if this is the best. Panama we are we today, we want to enforce our Islamic opinion. And we asked what have you really studied, he only went to madrasa up to grade seven.

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Panama This is even in academic secular terms, you're illiterate in terms of that. So this is one of the issues we are debating with one another on matters that we have no knowledge, and it's best thing to keep silent. The second reason why you find disagreement, and this is particularly among scholars, extremism, and dealing in absolutes, who says those who are extreme are doomed. And even three times those who are extreme are doomed. What do we mean by extremism? Where you believe I am right? And only I am right? My opinion is correct, and everybody else is wrong. That is only Yes. And if you disagree with me, then you're either macdaddy or you're a coffee or you're monolithic.

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This is

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where you believe that my evidence solely is correct. And no one else has a right to have any discussion in this matter. This is one of the reasons How can someone kill children? How do you kill someone in the name of Islamic child in the name of Islam, extremism? They don't agree to my understanding of the dean. And I of course, I'm correct, which means he must be wrong, and therefore, his blood becomes halaal. This, in fact, is one of the qualities of the average. The qualities, one of the six that Nabisco spoke about explicitly, he said a time will come where a group of people will play better it would appear that this is even better than USADA, also ABA, they

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would be deeply religious, but they would have no understanding of the deen and they would kill the Muslims and spear the non Muslims. This is the quality of the average. Today you find most of these extremist Mischief Makers. No knowledge young young men never studied the deen in depth. Yet they are the first to declare takfiri the scholars were very scared to use the word takfeer or to use the word simply of Buddha and pass judgment. Only the judge had the authority to do that. Today, people are quick to say I am right and the rest of you are wrong. And my evidence is quick. This is extremism. We are unable to identify that there are more than one answers to the situation. Another

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easy way in which for cause us to fall into into bloodshed and warfare and killing is to simply throw around labels. Allah Subhana says clearly Oh, you have believed LED, not one group of people, ridicule make fun of another group of people. Perhaps those people you're making fun of are better than you and let not a group of women ridicule another group of women perhaps they may be better than them and Do not insult one another and do not call each other by offensive nicknames and titles and labels. Why? Because it's easy to say let's just hate this Wahhabi. Well, this is hate the Shia or the Sufi easy to say that but to say hate the salon making men this person who stands in tahajud

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this person who gives charity, I should hate him. Now it's difficult, but the minute you see that title in front of

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You and it's easy to hate someone you take away all his humanity. You take away his he man, you take away any ounce of what you see a believer, but you say this person that you're eating, do you know you force every Monday and Tuesday, and he makes Salah in JAMA and he gives his charity and he pays his aka and he's up at night in tahajjud neutralize behind Allah, even though I still think he's wrong on this issue. Maybe he's better in the sight of Allah than me. What did I do? I have to insult him. I can disagree with him. Yes. But to hate him panel, maybe Allah loves him more than he loves me. So I was telling you that this labels is so easily thrown around this, these labels are

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something so simple that we throw around.

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Do not think too highly of yourself.

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Don't think that you are the best. Don't think that your opinion is the only opinion how many scholars they believe that I am right and every one must be wrong. And this is one of the No matter how convinced you are of your opinion, no matter how sure you are that you know I am right. I've looked at the evidence 100 times, build within yourself this feeling that maybe maybe I might be wrong. Maybe there's some knowledge out there. I don't have maybe there's a piece missing in the puzzle. This was the quality of Sahaba say nama rhodiola and comes to a fan. He says, tell me am I one of the monastics you know who the monastic in the monastic pool are? And I may be on that list.

00:31:27--> 00:32:08

He wasn't even sure about his own Eman. Am I even a true believer? Today? We want to say I'm the most learned alum in the world. Of course I am right? Why I study two, three years in in Lumo. In the universities, of course, I'm the alum, no surprises you don't, don't claim yourself to be pure. Allah is the one who he knows based with fearful of Allah. Again, this is the quality of the Hawaii bridge. They believe that they were right, and everyone else is wrong. And that they had this religious, religious arrogance about them, that everyone else is inferior to us. And once you are inferior, it means nothing for me to kill you, or to blame you or to hate you or to ostracize you.

00:32:08--> 00:32:13

This is one of the one of the things that we spoke about the qualities of the sixth.

00:32:14--> 00:32:51

We should also be able to put things in perspective. So yes, we can debate until we're blue in the face about mold. I don't want to attend. Yes, I want to attend no problem. But when a bigger issue arises, you must be able to say okay, we put this aside Now we deal with the big issue. example of this is mowing the lawn the great Sahabi you of course was fighting with Satan early in the times of the fitna. When the Roman Empire saw the Muslims fighting, they started to get ready the army so now's the time to recapture the lands of Palestine and Syria. When cinemavilla realized the Romans are preparing to invade the Muslim lands, he wrote a letter to the emperor of Rome. He says, well,

00:32:51--> 00:33:26

law II, if you send one soldier onto our soil, I will immediately give my pledge to my brother Ali, I will make him the halifa and together we'll fight you why he realized that even though I believe I'm on the hook, and I disagree with Ali rhodiola and I believe that this big issues in the set we're fighting, but at times, we need to put things in perspective. And so yes, we can fight about you know, where do you put your hands and what they need and is molded without not. But then there are other issues which which need to take priority, and we shouldn't let these smaller issues divide us that we break down the huge issues.

00:33:28--> 00:34:05

Another problem that we have as brothers when we fight with one another, we judge the knee so quickly. Now visa says I was not seen Allah did not send me to open the chest and to judge what's in the heart so easily is to say, Why does he do this? You know, maybe you know he doesn't love them to be so so that's why he doesn't come promoted. Why does he come promoted now he worships gonna be solo. Right? Why does he say is halal? Why is this and that? You know, he wants to be proud and boastful and he wants to make we judge the needs of the men. I see his name on the list. Oh, you must be a macdaddy Oh, you must be a Wahhabi just because his name is on a pamphlet. You've judged

00:34:05--> 00:34:42

the man in his heart Nabhi so seldom even says I didn't wasn't seen to judge what's in the heart. have the ability to think good have the NEA says why don't how can the brother say this? It's so upside down what he's saying. Maybe had some good evidence I don't know. On the issue particularly to mold you find your some brothers that don't come to the masjid. out of love wannabes also love because they feel that part of the sooner wait what what stops you from coming? is near is based on Laguna Beach. On the other hand, you find the man who comes to the masjid. Why are you coming to the masjid brother? beside him do this. I want to hear about Rasul Allah. I want to make Salawat and

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

obeso Salah why because I love him. I also love NaVi so Salah, both of you have loved wanna be so solemn. Why can't you see that? Beyond the differences the Nia is the same. The love inside the art is the same. Don't judge the Nia don't say he is a this and that. Hey, maybe

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

He makes a sin a clear sin. So that sin is haram. But we still believe he might even be a better believer than me. Even in error, he can be better than universalism says about two judges, the one who applies his mind and comes to the correct conclusion to rewards for him. But the judge that applies his mind and comes to the incorrect conclusion. What's it for him? jahannam Holly didn't know that judge. He gets one reward. But he made the mistake Yasuda law, why should he get the reward? No, because he's an intention was good. And he applied himself and he searched for the truth. But Allah did not open the truth for him. So even if the man is wrong, even if it's

00:35:38--> 00:36:20

confirmed, he's wrong, you're right. They still goodness in is wrong. Allah silletti Woods employees wrong, hostility, woodsy who is wrong? And at the worst Allah subhanho wa Taala has provided leniency in errors. So why are we so determined to push someone down that we disagree with? Now this also reminds us of the valley of the mercy to the Omar Mohamed Salah, the Allies forgiven the mistakes they done? They did unintentionally, they mistakes and when they made something forget fully, they forgot to do something and they did that. And that which they have been forced to do under duress they were forced to do it. So Allah makes these excuses for you. And you would want

00:36:20--> 00:36:30

these excuses for yourself on piano, that you are unable to apply this to someone else with regards to the deen. So the final advice, Allah subhanaw taala gives us

00:36:31--> 00:37:13

and hold firmly on to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. That we can disagree. And we can have our individual opinions and we can be different. We can be black and white. And we can follow our different methods and our different imams No problem, but we should be united as believers. And the priority is the unity of man. This is where and the fundamental issues on which unites genovesa salam says, do not hate one another and do not envy one another and do not turn away and make hajer and repel one another. But be slaves of all be Oh slaves of Allah brothers to one another. Maybe something is besieging you and me. He's asking you and me be brothers to one

00:37:13--> 00:37:55

another. This is Allah Subhana Allah pulls us in Aminullah that you are brothers in the sight of Allah insha Allah Next week, we'll continue on the theme of disagreement. How do we find the balance of not uniting or not fighting with a non Muslim? We disagree on fundamental issues. How can we still find unity inshallah there'll be a discussion in the weeks to come. Once again a few short quick announcements. Any one wishes wishes to email me can email me my personal email or you can put your suggestion in the suggestion box. I will see Wroclaw says I apologize was supposed to start last week. It will start inshallah this Tuesday evening from 7pm insha Allah the life of NaVi

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