Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 199C Tafsir Al-Qasas 9-13

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of comfort for women, particularly those with children who have potential for sources of happiness and comfort. The segment also touches on the difficulties of keeping secret and the need for focus and mindful expression. The importance of trusting God's promises and faith in him is emphasized, along with the need for faith in sister's actions. The segment ends with a discussion of the "slackman" and the importance of being mindful of one's stress to avoid overwhelming emotions and distraction.], [The segment discusses the importance of trusting God's promises and faith in him for protecting women and their bodies. The speaker emphasizes the need for faith and trust in him to avoid distraction and avoid overwhelming emotions. The segment also touches on the concept of a "slackman" and the importance of being mindful of one's stress to avoid distraction. The segment ends with a discussion of the "slackman" and the importance of trusting God's promises.]]
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So in these verses we learn about fit our owns oppression against the Bani Israel you what his plan was, and that was to eradicate the Bani Israel to control them to oppress them. And Allah subhanaw taala had a completely different plan, and that was to bring power to those who have been oppressed, to make them the leaders and not those who are subdued, to make them free and not those who are imprisoned. Now, we see over here that the whole plan of the freedom of Bani Israel, how they were rescued, began with the act of a woman. And who was this woman who was this lady the mother off? Musa alayhis salaam, that how she was told to not just let her baby be slaughtered, but rather hide

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him as much as possible. And then when she's afraid for his life, she should put him in the river. And she should rely upon Allah and believe in His promises, because Allah has promised to keep this boy safe and also make him amongst the messengers. Now we see that the mother of Musar listen, I'm had she kept her baby with herself what would happen, the baby would have been killed sooner or later because that is what fit our own head decided. And the best way of preserving her child was to give her child to, to who to Allah subhanahu wa taala. Then we see over here that when she put the baby in the river, the baby this is baby Musa Arnica Santa, he ended up where in the house of fit

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around. And how is it that he ended up over there, that from the river, it was the family of our own, that picked him up that found him and that picked him up. And when they picked him up, that is where the downfall of fit our own and Herman and their Junoon began. And Allah says that Ken will hardly eat they were deliberate sinners, and remember that the word hotline is used for a person who is at fault, a person who is in error, and these people for their own people, they were sinners, they were disobedient, meaning they were deserving of this outcome, which outcome that they suffer from a huge decline. They were guilty, because if you think about it, what is it that frown was

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doing? He was having children killed, and is killing children, not a crime. Is it not a crime? It is a crime. Likewise, he had basically enslaved the Bani Israel. He had restricted them in an open air prison, as they say, because the Bani Israel had no freedom. Right? They had no freedom. Even over their lives, they had no control. Imagine if a woman's child is pulled away from her and slaughtered not even this much freedom. So this is also a crime. So Allah subhanaw taala punished fit our own and his people because of the crimes that they were committing Kano Hockley in there were sinful. Now what happened when ferons family picked up the baby. Of course, when they saw the baby, they

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recognized Him to be from the bunny slightly, because even when a child is really young, you can tell from which ethnicity the child is, right? And over here, we see that because of this great social divide that existed in this nation or in this place, people were very quick in distinguishing between others that who is from us and who is from the others. So immediately they recognize that this baby was who he was from the Bani Israel. So for our own he wanted that the baby should be slaughtered. But what happened in anumber nine, Allah says, we'll call it and she said, who said Imre to frown, the wife of frown? The wife of frown, she said, koala triennially Wellock COLA to

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coolness from Quran I have I, meaning this child is so beautiful that he is a coolness for my eyes, coolness from my eyes, meaning a source of comfort of the eye for me, meaning the moment I look at this baby, I feel delighted. And it's amazing how you will find even the most grumpiest people I mean a person who could be in a very grumpy mood. When they see the face of a child what happens to them? A smile comes, isn't it? I noticed this a lot because whenever I go out, I like to actually have my children with me. Because when people look at me, you know, all of a sudden they're like, oh my god, Muslim woman, whatever is going on in their head, but with the children from me, the

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attention goes to the children, right? So it happens that when you look at the face of a child, any child period, you know, it is a source of comfort. Now Musa SNM Allah Subhana Allah says about him, or what I do, I lay my head better meaning that I cast on you love from me, meaning Musa Salam was especially lovable, meaning you

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was just very attractive as a child, you could not help but love him and just draw and be drawn towards him. So the wife of Iran when she saw the baby, she said, Hello, finally. I mean, I love to even look at this child. He's a source of comfort for me. We're lucky. And for you waiting as if she's saying, Come on, don't you think he's cute? Don't you think he's adorable? I love looking at this baby. But come on, you also liked his child, don't you admit it fit around. So taller to finally Wallach. And this also means that he will be a source of comfort for me and for you.

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Let Dr. Liu who she said Do not kill him, do not kill him, I saw a young fine perhaps that he will benefit us. Meaning if we look after this child and keep him he will be a source of happiness for us a source of delight for us. And if we raise him, you never know he might be of benefit to us. Or Nikita who Allah, we can take him meaning we can adopt him as a child, he can be our child. Allah says we're homeless alone. And they did not perceive they had no idea about Allah's plan about what was going on. Now, what do we see over here? It is said that the wife of her own she did not have any children of her own. It has said, Allah who are them, even if she had children, Allah knows

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best. But even if a woman has children, okay, when she sees an innocent child, her heart is drawn towards the child. All right. And why is it that a woman I mean, she'll have one child, why is she ready to have another one and then another one, and then another one? Right? It's amazing. Why? Because women, they have this thing within them this love for children. And we see that the wife of her own because of that, she wanted to keep Musa alayhis salam, and fit our own, he actually agreed.

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He actually agreed. Think about it for our own wanting to kill this baby. But because of what his wife told him, what happened, he changed his mind from killing EUSA. He came down to adopting musasa as his own son, as his own child, he was ready to do that. What changed over here? What is it that changed his mind? It was his wife. And we see over here that the way she's expressing her feelings, right? It's all about her and them together. Right? I like him, you like him? He's a source of comfort for me and for you. Maybe he will benefit both of us. You know, this child will complete us, He will bring comfort to us. All right. Now, you see women, they have a lot of strength. Okay? And

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what is that strength? They're convincing power. And if a woman uses the strength that Allah subhanaw taala has given her, then she can convince a man like fit our own also mean think about it? Is there any more arrogant person than Pharaoh? Any more arrogant than him? No way, any more oppressive than him and rude and selfish than him? Because many women, they say, Oh, my husband has a different case. You know, he's totally different. And it's sad that many women will actually think like that about their husbands or say such things about their husbands, that he's very selfish, or he's very arrogant. He doesn't care about me, and blah, blah, blah, and so on and so forth. But what

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do we see over here that the wife, often our own, manages to convince frown to do something that frown has never done, you know, he's making an exception here that he's never made before. He's making an exception over here. Now, a woman strength is what is misunderstood to be her weakness. And what is that? It is her emotions. All right, her expressing her feelings, her desires, even shedding some tears. You know, there is no harm in that. You see, many women, they think that if we express our feelings, we are showing our weakness, right? I have to be strong. I have to be just like a man, because we are like a bad copy of a man. So I have to be like a man. And because of that

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I cannot express my feelings. I have to show that I don't need him. And I don't need anybody. I don't need children. You know, I'm fine the way I am. And inside, she's upset. She's crying in the night. She's crying. She's unhappy. We see that expressing. You know, when a woman expresses her desires and her wishes before her husband, this is not a weakness. Because when a woman will tell her husband about what she wants, right without telling him how and when none of that. When she's telling him about what she wants.

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She's giving him the opportunity to feel accomplished. How that here will give her something that she needs right here will provide her something that she needs. And as a result when he will give her, how will he feel? I'm the best man.

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You understand? I'm the best. Men are just like that. They just need to feel accomplished. Like I'm the boss. Okay, don't get me wrong over here, don't think that I am against women's rights and all of that, no, we have the rights of men, and we have the rights of women in our religion. And it's the best balance that is there. And we see that in the name of feminism or or whatever, we have forgotten our own reality, and we have forgotten the reality of men. We try to ignore the psychology of men and we ignore the psychology of women. We see over here that the wife of at our own is just telling her husband about what she wants, I want this and you think for our own doesn't want to feel

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like a man

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in his family. Of course he wants to. Right Fidel wants to be acknowledged, as the one who is powerful as the one who has authority as the one who is providing as the one who's taking care of his family. He wants to have that feeling. So this is why she says, You spare the life of this child because I want him.

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Now we see over here that Allah subhanaw taala created a means of protecting Musa alayhis salam how Musa cinema is in the house of Iran. And Allah protects Musa al Islam in the house of Iran. How?

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How? Through the wife of from the feelings that she has, for Musar de Sena. This is similar to how the Prophet salallahu Salam, Allah protected him also in Makkah, in Makkah, where he lived amongst his enemies, how was it that Allah shielded him protected him through a booklet of Latoya who was not a Muslim, but because of his love and care, concern that he had for Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he protected him he shielded him.

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So what's the lesson over here? That the one whom Allah protects and he is saved, even in the mouth of the enemy,

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even in the midst of the enemy? Why? Because he has Allah's protection. Now what happened? Musan Islam was safe. But what about the mother of musante Sinha? What else Baha and it became full do heart of all me Musa the mother of Musa. How did it become fair? You are empty, fat raw lane. A frothy DeLeeuw what is dull a bucket a container and a flow meaning He overturned it. Now when you turn a bucket upside down, what's going to happen?

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It's going to become empty. Right? Even if it was full with water, it's all out now. Now when it's all out, the state of the bucket is failure.

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All right, when you have poured all the water out of the bucket, what is the state of the bucket? Farrell.

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So fat is is basically vacant, empty, like drained.

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So the heart of omy Musa was empty became empty, empty of what of all else but the thought of Musa all that occupied her mind. All that occupied, her heart was only who Musar listener. And this is what happens to a person who is in housing in grief, that a person cannot care about how much they have slept or how much they have not slept, what they have eaten or what they have not eaten, what they're wearing or what they're not wearing, right? They cannot care about anything except what they are sad about. Just think of a mother who has lost her child who does not know where her child is to think about what she's going to go through. Will us be helpful to me Musa father in law, her heart

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became empty drain she could only think about Musa she couldn't think about anything else in indeed Canada. She was near La tubidy. Shortly she would disclose to buddy from EBITDA, Manitoba Duna, right to reveal to disclose. So in Canada, let tubidy be he have him with him, meaning she almost disclosed

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him him as in Musar listener, meaning his matter his affair. What does it mean by that? That she was so worried and concerned that it was difficult for her to hide her feelings. She was at the verge of disclosing up about what she had done with musante Sinha, tell me something. When you're sad and you're trying to hide your feelings,

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you can do a pretty good job until a certain point.

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What happens then you're just sitting and you're like, you're staring into nothing and somebody says you Okay?

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All right. Are you okay? When your heart is fine of everything else, except for what you're concerned about? That concern is pretty obvious on your face, isn't it? And sometimes, it doesn't just come on your fears. It comes on your mouth. Also, that you cannot help but tell somebody, share your feelings with someone. Share your worries and your fears with someone. This is why it's so difficult to keep secrets, isn't it? Because as long as you have a secret, it's like you're hiding something. It's difficult to keep it you want to disclose it. Now over here, the mother of Musa alayhis salam she also wanted to tell those who were around her that she had put her baby in a box

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and the box was in the river. Now where's that box? And perhaps this is referring to that when Musa Alison and was taken by the Faroe Islands family. And she learned about this that my child is in the house of her own. Just imagine her fears. My child is in the house of their own, he's going to be killed in no time.

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So in this state, she was about to lose herself. She was about to let this out that that child was actually hers. Would there be a problem if she let this out?

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What would that problem be?

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For sure. Musa would be killed for sure. Because in her own would know that this was a trick to save this Israeli child. Right? So in cabo la Toby Devi. So what is it that calmed her heart calmed her fears and enabled her to keep the secret with herself and not disclose it? Lola? If not on that, Roberto. Anna, we bound fast. We tied firmly Isla Calbee her on her heart for about one hour from the route. Roberto. Roberto. What is it about me? Roberto basically is to tie up to fasten rebuttal Haley's to keep horses ready, how that they are trained, and then they are tied, so that as soon as someone wants to come and ride a horse, they can just come in. Right the horse right up till calm.

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Because over here Rabbana Isla cobia we tied over her heart. What does it mean? Tied over her heart ruptal called is to have confidence to have focus to be unswayed by emotions to be unswayed by emotions.

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You see, when you're worried when you're worried? Can you focus on anything?

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Can you know you're constantly distracted by your worries? Isn't it? Like for example, a person could be driving even. And if they're worried about what's going on at home? Or what they have to do or the exam that's coming up? Can they focus on driving even know they cannot write stress overall? What does it do to us? What does it do to us?

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If you are worried and stressed out about something?

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Yes, you are fighting above everything else. And you are only thinking about what is causing you stress. But because of that stress and worry, can you focus on anything? No, you can't. People may be talking to you but you're distracted. Right? You're basically distracted. You cannot enjoy dinner you cannot enjoy even the TV show that you're watching. You cannot enjoy the work that you apparently love. You can't enjoy it.

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So over here we see Rob to Talib is to have that focus. And that calmness, that that strength in the heart, that you're all together, you're not falling apart. Everything in your life is not falling apart. So Lola batana Isla cobia and this is something that we should ask Allah subhanaw taala for that, Oh Allah, You tie my heart firmly. In times of grief in times of sadness in times of worry, that when I cannot handle my own situation, I cannot even handle myself. You. You help me you keep me together. Later cool.

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When I saw that she would be mean meaning of those who believe, wasn't already a believer. She was already a believer. But this experience made her stronger. In her Iman, this experience of giving her child in the protection of Allah subhanaw taala and keeping the secret, you know, for the sake of Allah and not letting it out, relying completely on Allah subhanaw taala this is something that increased her in her faith.

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Now, this is clearly shows that this was not an easy experience for the mother of Musa. It wasn't easy. It was very difficult, emotionally draining.

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But Allah says Lita akuna minal Momineen as a result she was of the believers, meaning she was of those stronger in faith. Yes, this is the result of turmoil. This is the result of stressful situations that if we have gone through them properly, if we have really succeeded in the tests that Allah has put us in, then what will the result be? Stronger in faith, closer to Allah subhanaw taala little corner middle movement in what colicky Oh tea and she said to his sister, oh, the he his sister whose sister

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the sister off Musa meanie when she put him in the river. Okay, when she first put him in the river, she told the sister of Musa Asli he, you follow him to see from their letters of salt, salt, or say a puzzle is to follow to go after someone to be in their footsteps follow the track. So closely he follow Him meaning watch where he ends up. See where the baby ends up. Meaning as you see the box or basket whatever it was moving in the river, watch where it goes. So what happened for bussola to be he for basalt, so she saw meaning she observed she watched be with him meeting him for bussola Biggie meaning the sister of Musa kept watching him. I'm Joe Lubin, from a juniper Juniper meaning

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distance from the root letters gene noon, but what does jump mean? Site

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All right, jump literally is the site and from this is the word juniper. So gentle meaning one on the side one that is a way one that is at a distance. Okay, Genova is also used for a person who is in the state of major impurity, right? Meaning they are far from the state of purity. So in order to press on it, they don't just need will do they also need a they also need a Molson right? Because they are far from the state of the Hata will do alone is not going to do it. You understand? So I'm Donovan philosophy will be here on YouTube and she watched him from a distance Okay, well whom layup Scharoun wild day perceived not who did not perceive fit our own and his people his family, they

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didn't realize that they were being watched by who by a little girl all right. And this also shows that she was just watching him you know, without them realizing that she was watching them you know, just she was she was just going about her normal self without really sitting and watching like that just what this is right many women have a habit of doing this that they'll just go in the living room as if I'm just cleaning up really cleaning up No, you're just you're checking what a person is doing on the iPad and what the other person is doing on the computer especially the mothers right? You know what I'm talking about? So for both of us here on gentleman whom Leila Sharon so the family

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have their own had no idea that this girl was watching them. Now what happened as she's watching them What does she see that now the baby is safe? Musa SNM is safe, but a baby What does he need?

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food and sleep right and to change change your diapers basically these are the three basic needs of a child and of course love and attention. Alright, so what happened? Well how long that delay he and we had forbidden on him forbidden on him forbidden as an made impossible okay? How long that delay he on Masada Salam, it was forbidden in the sense that he was prevented from a model their model there is a plural off modal layer. Modal there and who is modal there. Remember we read this word earlier?

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That modal there is the woman who is nursing a child, a wet nurse over here moldy refers to a wet nurse meaning a woman who would nurse him. So how long that I lay Hill model. They're all wet nurses, all women who could possibly

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li nurse moussaka Sana, he was prevented from them, meaning he would not nurse from any woman.

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Any woman and Maral there is also the singular of the word medulla and Mueller is the place of suckling meaning the breast. So how come now legal model there are men cobbled before, meaning no matter who will try to nurse him, it didn't work. He wouldn't take anyone's milk. Before as in before he was returned to his mother. So what happened? They were desperate to feed him. Just understand, just imagine the scene the chaos that has been Have you ever seen a baby crying? Have you ever seen a baby crying and the mother for some reason is not there? Alright, what happens one person tries to burp the baby, another person tries to distract the baby. Another person puts the

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finger in the mouth, or gives a binky or something, you know, something or the other to keep the child to stop the child from crying, but doesn't work. It doesn't work. Now imagine one woman after the other. The baby has refused. And if a baby refuses, for example, a bottle you cannot feed you can't force feed a baby. You cannot force feed a baby. It's impossible. I remember my daughter. I tried feeding her rice cereal. Okay. It was such a bad failure on my part. Such a bad failure. I mean, I'm putting it in her mouth. And she's, she's spitting it out spitting it out. I was like, is there some way of just inserting it in her mouth? No way I

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failed miserably. And she never had my cereal. I think she just didn't like the texture or the taste. I don't know what it was, but she just didn't like it. And that's when I understood that you cannot force feed a child. And if a child is hungry,

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and that baby is not eating either. What do you want just any solution? Just give me anything. So what happened when the sister saw the family of her own panicking? For college? She said hello look, I'm Shall I tell you, Shall I inform you do LU from we have done this word earlier? Also, Shall I direct you with the LEL is evidence and then evidence leads you directs you to a conclusion. Right? So I do look on should I direct you Allah upon actually biting the people of a house meeting? Shall I tell you about a family? Yuck. Faloona who? They will look after him. They will be responsible for him from the word ki Fila Keefe Allah is to look after right to be the guardian of someone like the

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criada son was the Kafeel of Meriam. So yeah, if you don't know who they will look after this baby la calm for you. Because clearly you're not capable of looking after this baby. Right? You haven't been able to look after this baby. So you need somebody else's help. And I can tell you about a family that can do that for you. While home and they love you for him now soon ones were sincere meaning they're very nice people, they will take very good care of him and they will not fall short in his care. Now, if someone is given this offer, what would they say?

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Sure. And that's exactly what the family have had our own set short. Follow the dinner who so what happened? The sister she didn't say that it's going to be my mother. It's going to be the mother of this baby. She said I know a very nice family. This lady she'll be very good. You can trust them. So what happened? Musa alayhis salam was now returned to his mother follow the donor who Isla me he rather than now who we restored him, we returned him to his mother. So what does this mean that the entire nursing period, Musa alayhis salaam was with his mother? The mother was with her baby, meaning the mother and child were together. How were they together? Either she came to the palace,

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or he was brought to her in her house. Right? Allahu Allah. Now it was well known that Musa al Hassan was Israeli. He was from the Bani Israel because of his physical features. Right now he was adopted by fit our own and now he's being nursed by an Israeli woman.

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You understand?

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What a mixed identity you know what I mean? Like he was such a good mix of both sides.

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You understand? He was founded Bani Israel adopted by Fidel own and now he's being looked after by an Israeli family. You understand? So he was someone who had links on both sides.

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Okay, the camera I knew her Okay, so that the camera it would be cooled. It would be content. I knew her her eyes, whose eyes the eyes of the mother meaning oh me move.

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so that when she would nurse her own baby, imagine the delight she would experience by seeing him while at the horizon, and that she would not grieve, meaning anymore. She would not grieve anymore because up until this point was she grieving

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greatly, while he thought Lemma and so that she would know and that indeed word Allah The Promise of Allah it has happened. It is true it is real. Allah definitely fulfilled his promises. Because what was she instructed? You do this and this send this to your child and what will happen? Well at the Hafi wallet that has any inner rod do II Leakey first promise was that we are going to return him to you. And the second promise was that we're going to make him amongst the messengers. So over here was a promise fulfilled the first promise was the baby returned to her. Yes, he was returned to her. So Allah fulfilled the promise he made her. But she had to place her entire trust in him. Well, I

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can throw him lair, Allah moon, but most of them do not know meaning most of the people do not know that Allah certainly fulfilled his promises. So what happens because of this ignorance, they do not believe in His promises, and they do not rely upon him. Now what do we see over here, within a very short time the promise was fulfilled. And if you think about it, the mother of Musa she was told earlier, ie, you nurse him, she nursed him, and then she put him in the box in the river. Right? And Musallam ends up in the house of fit around over there. He doesn't take the milk of anybody at all. Right? And then he is brought to his own mother. Right? So how long do you think the baby was

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separated from the mother? How long was the separation? Just the separation between two nurse things?

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You understand just to nursing a woman imagine she nurses her child. And then she goes for an hour or two and then she comes back and she nurses her child again. I mean that hour or two? Yes, it's heavy, difficult. But look up. This time in between. It's so short. Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled his promise so quickly, so quickly. But this entire time she had to keep the secret and not disclose it to anybody at all.

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So over here, we see, well, Lita lemma, Anwar de la Hui, hello.

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And this is something that we need to know also, that the Promise of Allah is true. We must believe in Allah's promises. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Allah says, that I am to my slave as he thinks of me.

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I am as my servant thinks I am. I am to my slave as he thinks of me, meaning I do for him whatever he thinks I can do for him, you understand? So? Only Musa placed her trust in Allah that Allah will protect my child? Did Allah protect her child? Yes, he did.

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This is believing in Allah's promise. So always think positively about Allah and receive a positive response from him. Be hopeful in Allah and you will not be disappointed.

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And remember that Allah's promises are for those who actually believe in Allah, believe in Allah meaning believed that he is true to his promise. In Allah Allah sniffled me out, meaning those who have faith in Allah, in a hadith we learned the prophets of Allah as Adam said, there are 14 good qualities. And the highest of them is giving a milk goat meaning a goat that gives milk meaning giving that as a gift or as a charity to somebody. You understand. Like for example, one is that you give somebody some dates, okay? They'll eat them and throw the pizza away. But the best is that you give somebody something that is a source of constant benefit for them. The prophets of Allah said,

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I'm said, If anyone acts upon any of these qualities, okay, meaning any of these virtuous deeds, any of these good deeds, he does them, hoping for a loves reward with firm confidence that he will get it then Allah will make him enter Jannah there's a hadith in Bukhari.

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So it's not just about performing a good deed. It's about performing it, doing it with this faith and confidence, that the reward Allah has promised me for sure I will get it for sure Allah will give it Allah will not betray

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AMI Allah who will not disappoint me, I am doing this for him and for sure he will reward me

00:35:06 --> 00:35:30

because I am making myself sincere to him. I am giving off my money for his cause I am giving my time I am praying I am reciting the Quran I am embarking on this good cause for Allah and I have conviction that he will reward me then what will happen? What's the recompense for this? It's only Jana nothing less than Jana.

00:35:32 --> 00:35:34

Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

00:35:37 --> 00:35:39

well all that to

00:35:42 --> 00:35:42


00:35:45 --> 00:35:46


00:36:09 --> 00:36:11

what else baffled

00:36:12 --> 00:36:15

me Musa the law

00:36:17 --> 00:36:22

that lead to better DB Lola

00:36:24 --> 00:36:26

being heard it Akun I mean

00:36:29 --> 00:36:38

we're all of the mostly the bustle wants to be on June who

00:36:40 --> 00:36:44

is home well how to run

00:36:45 --> 00:36:49

not all behind me. Babu from Paulette

00:36:52 --> 00:36:53

a call at

00:36:54 --> 00:37:00

local Mala G a call on our

00:37:05 --> 00:37:05


00:37:10 --> 00:37:11

mean can you tell

00:37:17 --> 00:37:20

them long you have one

00:37:23 --> 00:37:27

long helpful one can

00:37:33 --> 00:37:41

Allah says what I can cut a home layer the moon most people do not know that Allah's promises are true. Ask yourself Do I know

00:37:42 --> 00:38:23

you know this is why the some of the scholars they would make the other Oh Allah make me of the Khalil servants of Yours, meaning those servants of Yours which are few. So somebody asked that why? What kind of door is this said because majority of the people do not believe majority of the people do not have faith majority of the people are such and such. This has mentioned in the Quran over here also majority of the people do not know and it's the few servants that are grateful. All right. So he was making the rod that oh Allah make me amongst those few servants of Yours that make me grateful make me of those who know who believe

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