Ramadan Debates 2016 – 05 20 vs 8 in Taraweh

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Confused about Taraweh? 8 or 20? Pray at the Masjid or Alone?
Which one is better and what’s right?

June 03, 2016

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Selected telawi 20 Iraq as a toy cars and navy Salalah solemnisation described him he never prayed more than 11 rocker. But when she said that they allow her she was trying to answer the question that presented to her about to describe the prayer of the Prophet. And she said that has an interest in no bullying don't ask how beautiful union in other words, they are so beautiful the process of them spend so much time in his salon having couture and it were a beautiful salon and with that it was not more than ever, like how would I shut up the Aloha unhappy it seems to be

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saying that in Abu Salah. The point was not the how many like as the prophet SAW Selim prayed, the point always is what kind what the quality of the prayer, not the quantity of the archives, the quality of each aka what's been reported in the declaration that they allow and in the beginning, when he gathered the Sahaba to pray together, they prayed 11 blacker or they allow under modern Sahaba there is other narration suggests that he added on later 22 and some narration even said

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3436 and the reason for this because he tried to increase the number of rockers so it will be shorter because Can you imagine the Sahaba used to finish salata, tarawih and the floor eventually, right before federal, so it's very, very long prayer to be divided to 11 o'clock. So aroma, divided to large a number to shorten the amount of standing in each and every locker that shows us that the numbers were not an issue because they understood from the prophets of Salaam statement Salatu layli, methanol, methanol, the night prayer or to rock to rock to rock out. So that's that's an open invitation for you as you pray as much as you want. Again, it's never is not about the numbers of

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Raka. It's about the quality of the record that you pray